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My Wife's Biggest Mistake

byDanielle l. Richards


Chapter one

My wife of twenty years was really starting to weird me out. Over the last year she had started to treat me a lot different than usual but then I guess I was acting a lot different as well. I don't know what had gotten in to me but gradually I had taken over all the household duties and I found real enjoyment in it. Unlike other work I had done in the past this allowed for instant gratification in the gleaming, sparkling clean surfaces all over the house or the compliments of a dinner or even the place settings at the dining room table. I found myself bursting with pride over these small things and I would go out of my way to make sure that all was perfect for my lovely wife when she got home from work. I would always meet her at the front door with a drink so that she could unwind and enjoy her upcoming meal without the added baggage of her day. She always had a smile for me and a hug and a kiss was all the payment that I required. Well, the sex afterward was really nice too but that also had taken on a different flavor lately. Not that I am complaining mind you, as I really enjoy the rush of my wife having multiple orgasms before I even entered her. Some times I never even got that far as eating her out had become very erotic for me and I would find myself getting my jollies giving her pleasure. Of course she never complained either as she was getting more enjoyment now then she ever got before. That made me happy too and I went around afterwards with quite the buzz on. If you were to ask me I would have a real tough time pinpointing the exact time in our relationship when things started to get weird. I guess that it was so gradual and neither of us really minded the changes so it probably went un-noticed for some time. I still had my at home computer company and I had quite a few customers to whom I contracted out my services to. I had always had a rapport with computers and seemed to be able to talk to them in their own language. Needless to say, my consulting firm never lacked for business and I was making an incredible living. It was not done on purpose but most of the money I made from the business went into an old personal chequeing account in my name that I had before I married Alice. Since I transferred a goodly sum each month to our joint account nobody seemed to care and we always had enough to do anything we wished. Alice was a high powered Lawyer that had made partner this year and She brought home quite a considerable amount of bacon herself. We lived well but not overly well. We ate healthy and sensibly, belonged to a health club that kept us in good shape, and took regular holidays to far off exotic destinations. All in all an idyllic life-style. It was a good thing that I was called upon less and less to satisfy her in the traditional way because much to my horror I would rarely even be able to get an erection. So okay, I was nearing the forty year mark and I have heard that some men go through some pretty bizarre stuff sexually so perhaps my little, ( and I mean little….. I t had shrunk to about my pre-adolescent size), problem wasn't as bad as it could be. I was definitely going to go and see my doctor as soon as possible. These thoughts were driven from my mind though when, while having my shower after our latest love making session discovered some new problems. As I was soaping up I noticed just how sensitive my chest had got and after rinsing off the soap I was shaken to find that I had the beginnings of a pair of respectable breasts. Yes, Breasts! Naturally I freaked! My scream brought my wife running into the bathroom. "What is it? What is wrong?" she asked looking around for a burglar or something. "Alice!" I screamed "Look at these" frantically I was pointing to my newest chest development as tears streamed down my face.

"Oh! For heaven's sakes David, That can happen to men as they get older. God! Buck up! It is not the end of the world!"

"Really?" I had no idea that this was a normal development and I started to breathe a little easier. "Will they go away eventually?"

"Probably not dear, but I think you look just darling with tits" She was fondling them by this time and her touch was eliciting all sorts of really intense sensations. Very nice intense sensations and I am afraid that my head fell back bonelessly and I moaned with sexual fervor as she quickly brought me to my knees as I shook all over. I have NEVER felt anything like that before. I had totally lost control and suffered a total meltdown. Alice was grinning at me from ear to ear as I finally came back to earth and looked up into her face. "That was unbelievable Alice. Is it always that good? Is that what you feel when I fondle you?"

"Of course, David, I am happy that you have just experienced your first girly orgasm. Not to worry, there will be many more! Just you wait until some young stud sends you into oblivion!"

"Huh! What are you saying Alice, I would never let a man touch me. Eeeeewwwww! That is so gross, why would you say anything like that?

"Well sweetheart, I have noticed that you can't even get a hard on for me any more and your loving to me, while very nice, is like that of a women. I have never wanted to say anything before because I didn't want to upset or embarrass you but you have been taking on the flavor of my girlfriend now for some time and while I love you very much I really need a man in my bed. So would you mind terribly moving your stuff to the guest bedroom?"

"Alice! Are you serious? Do you really want me to bow out now and let you get it on with some studly young guy simply because, for some unknown reason, I have difficulty getting an erection?"

"Of course dear, don't you think that I deserve some proper man on woman loving? Since you are unable to provide that to me shouldn't I be allowed to get it where ever I can? I would think that you would understand this. I am not trying to be mean but do you think that you have a single redeeming male attribute left. I am sorry but I am not a lesbian and love with you is just that, Lesbian love. I just can't do it any more. Have pity on me darling. I need sex!


As the enormity of her words sunk to the very core of my being tears started to run totally unchecked down my cheeks and I shook with emotion as I turned, totally dejected, to start my move to the guest bedroom. It is a good thing that I didn't see her huge smile of victory or I would have started to put two and two together and come up with something stinky in Denmark! As it was, being so sunk in abject sadness, I wouldn't have noticed anything to save my life! It took a couple of trips to move all my stuff down to the other bedroom and Alice never even tried to help me. It would appear that she had already dismissed me from her life and was getting ready to start her new life sans me. I could not believe how cavalier she was over the whole thing. It was as though the last twenty years had never happened and I was of no import to her at all. If anything, I reasoned, I was probably going to be an embarrassment to her, especially if I ever found her with any man in our house, and knowing me I would only start crying again. God! I cried at the drop of a hat these days. I really had to get in to see the doctor. I was in the master bedroom picking up the last of my stuff and was picking out some pictures that I wanted to keep when I came across a picture of me and Rebekka, A client of mine, in a restaurant. I could vaguely remember the instance. Rebekka Jameson had just signed a huge contract with my company and in the flush of the moment I had kissed her hand. So there I was, smiling, with her smiling at me, as I kissed her hand. Wow! Someone could easily have gotten the wrong impression from that picture as it looked like we were much more that business acquaintances and one could be forgiven thinking that we were at the very least good friends. What was Alice doing with this picture and why was that picture been taken anyway? I got a cold feeling in my gut as I couldn't come with a single reason for the pictures existence. I grabbed it and looked for more like it and was frightened to find twenty more of me and Rebekka in various poses that could all be misconstrued as friendly. What the hell was going on? I had a feeling that I better get to the bottom of this and soon. Taking another look through her drawer I made sure that I had them all and then I made a beeline for my new room. I licked the door and put a chair under the doorknob to keep unwanted visitors out then I went to the phone and called Rebekka. She wasn't home so I left her my cell phone number and asked her to call as soon as she got this message as it was of the highest importance. Then I sat an stewed over the implication of the photos. Three hours later my cell phone chirped and answering it was gratified to hear Rebekka on the line. "Rebekka, that God you called back! We have a very nasty situation and I feel we should meet somewhere very private and out of the way. I begged her to come as I assured her that this was no pathetic ruse to get her into bed. "GOD! Rebekka I am sorry but you are not even my type and while I appreciate you on a business level I could never see you on anything but a platonic level." If this hurt her feelings then I was very sorry but we HAD to meet and SOON!

I heard her chuckle and say that her ego would survive and she would meet me at Black's Bistro in about twenty minutes. I quickly dressed in as casual an attire as I could get away with at Black's Bistro and took off to meet Rebekka totally unaware that several eyes were watching my every move. A half hour later I was ensconced with Rebekka in a booth as far from prying eyes as we could get. "My thanks for coming Rebekka, I think that someone is about to blackmail me and maybe you so I thought that you might like to get a handle on it before it got out of hand." I showed her the pictures and told her where I had found them. Then I told her what had just happened between my wife and I and how I thought that they may be linked. I know, Paranoid! But if you really are being set up or persecuted than it isn't paranoia is it? Rebekka looked over all the pictures and agreed that even though they depicted totally innocent situations they could be misconstrued and taken totally out of context which could prove to be embarrassing to both of them. What neither of us could understand was why my wife Alice had these in her nightstand. It was getting rather bizarre and then someone wormed their way to our table and took a couple of pictures, blinding us with the flash, and then just disappeared. "What the fuck was that? Rebekka yelled. "Jesus Christ Rebekka, we have just been set up. By who and why I haven't got a clue but I am sure that it won't take long to find out as I was sure that the squeeze was about to be put on. I just couldn't shake the idea that my dear loving wife had something to do with this and I mentioned this to Rebekka. "You know David, you may be right, and I hate to tell this to you but you are looking quite feminine now. I had trouble recognizing you when we met tonight and if you hadn't taken matters into your own hands I would never had known it was you. So how long has this been going on?" "I am not sure Rebekka, things are very confused and chaotic for me right now but I think that we should try to get the upper hand as quickly as possible if it's possible" I added glumly. She smiled, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and said" Not to worry love, their picking on the wrong people" So let me keep these photo's for a while so that I can find out when, where and how these were taken. You go back home as if nothing has happened and let me look into this. Oh! Don't freak out if you see me at your place in the next couple of days as I have to see your wife and sound her out on these pictures since they were in her night table!" Maybe I can get her to slip and give the game away. Okay? Don't worry I won't let anything bad happen to you okay? Keep the faith baby!"

I had to chuckle at her outrageous good humor, gave her a hug and a cheek kiss, paid the bill and went home. Well as much home as it was now. I would also have to get a hold of my lawyer and start divorce proceedings as soon as I could. If my wife truly didn't love me any more I saw no reason why I should support her anymore and this was MY house. It was handed down to me by my grandmother and grandfather. Alice may not remember but she signed a document that stated that she had no claim to the house and that because it was a family heirloom it could not be sold. The house would never enter into any divorce as communal property because of that document and I had the original in my safe deposit box at my bank. So Bye! Bye! To twenty years of my life. I just couldn't believe the unfairness of it all and cried myself into a fitful sleep that was filled with black yucky nightmares that kept me waking up practically every hour on the hour. It had to be the worst night in my life!



Chapter two

After tossing and turning all night I got up and drew myself a nice hot steamy bath. I poured bath beads and lavender bath salts in for mountains of sweet smelling suds. I slid into the bath with a sigh of contentment as I felt the heat work the pain out of my sore back and shoulders. The pleasant aroma of the bath beads and salts relaxed me and I felt human for the first time in days. Looking down at my body I was shocked to see two points sticking up out of the water and suds. Those twin peaks reminded me of the time when Alice and I would bathe together during our newlywed stage and I would pounce on them in mock catlike war and smother them with kisses, nips, and a complete tongue lashing to her squeals of pleasure. Now here I was looking down at my own peaks. God! I was turning into a girl! What really scared me was that I didn't feel too bad about it. Almost as if it was a good thing and not the marriage wrecker that it was. Again I found my self crying piteously with no one to comfort me in my darkest hour. The thought of suicide flashed through my mind but I quickly dismissed that as I was too much of a coward and I hated pain. Everyone knew that I had a very low threshold of pain and I usually would find any way around any potential painful situations. This, I was sure, would be my undoing some day, but I knew of no one who actually would want to harm me. I had lived my life in a do unto others as you would have them do unto you state and I never had intentionally hurt anyone. I should be fairly safe then I thought.

I finally dragged myself from the tub. Boy! That was hard to do sometimes. I dried off and dusted myself with the powder I found on the counter and was heading to get dressed when I realized what I had just done. Smelling myself and feeling how soft and nice I felt I shrugged my shoulders and thought what the heck, if it feels good, do it! It was just another feminine brick in the wall.


I had just finished getting dressed in a pair of Bermuda shorts and a polo shirt when there was a knock on my door. Answering the door I found Alice standing there looking like she had just eaten a very sour lemon.

"Why, don't you smell nice dearie. Did you enjoy your bath?"

"Yes thank you Alice. What do I owe the pleasure of your company this morning?"

"Well Danielle, I just think that that is such a darling name for you now don't you sweetie? Any way I was wondering if you found any photos of you and a woman last night when you were moving stuff around. If you did, I would really like to get them back, please, as they remind me of when you were man enough to cheat on me with her. You know, even with all the money I spent on private detectives they could never find out who she was. So I was wondering that since that could never happen again given your state now, if you could let me know who it was that you found more interesting than Me.!"

"Good God Alice! Is that what you thought? That I could cheat on you? Never in a million years would I have even thought of that. Especially with Rebekka! She is married for one thing and the chairperson of one of the biggest multinationals around. Neither of us would be able to weather the bad press from that! Wait a minute! Do you mean to tell me that that is why I have been changing lately? My God Alice! What have you done?"

"Oh sure, put on the' I'm so innocent' routine, like I would believe that. I have photographic proof you bastard and yes I am responsible for you turning into a woman. There is no way back for you now as you have enough hormones in you to bring thirty teenagers through puberty. Just look at yourself! You can't weigh more than ninety pounds soaking wet and how tall are you? Maybe five foot four tops. You always had a pretty face and had a girl's body just waiting to happen. Well all you need now is a vagina and you would be there. How's that you cheating bastard!"

"Oh! Alice. I never cheated on you. Rebekka is just a business acquaintance; we hardly even know each other on a personal level."

"Oh! How innocent. I know that you just saw her yesterday at that restaurant. I have pictures to prove it."

"Well of course, Alice, I had to show her those photo's and warn her that someone might be trying to blackmail us. She was quite interested and told me not to worry because she was going to get to the bottom of it all. Knowing her in the business sense that I do I pity the poor slob that tries to blackmail her? She will have their balls for bookends! I can hardly wait!" But what really bothered us, Alice, is what you were doing with those photo's and why were they taken. Boy! I don't think I have ever seen Rebekka so mad. I remember her loosing out on a deal once because someone from her organization betrayed her. Phew! Not a pretty sight! They found most of him in the bay but there were pieces in every restaurant that he owned or frequented. Quite grisly actually! I sure wouldn't want to get her pissed off at me. Then again I have always dealt with all my business people with respect and honesty. You know that about me….. Why oh why would you ever even think that I would cheat on you. You know how much I loved you!"

"What do you mean loved? Why are you taking in the Past tense?'

"Well Christ Alice! Why do you think? You have admitted to feminizing me just because you thought I was cheating on you. You never even asked me about it! Why is that? We have always been able to talk about anything and give each other our honest opinions but now all of a sudden you don't want to talk to me. Why?" Did you think that I could show you the error of your ways and invalidate what you were doing to me! God! That's pathetic Alice, really pathetic!"

"I want those pictures, Danielle, and I want them right now!"

"Well I'm sorry Alice but I don't have them anymore. I gave them to Rebekka so that she could find out where they came from and who took them. I pity that poor asshole when she finds them!"

"WHAT!' Alice screamed then ran downstairs. I heard the front door slam and her car revved up and squealed down the driveway.

I went to the kitchen and made myself a light repast, washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen then went to the den to phone Rebekka.

"Hi Rebekka, How are things? I just had an interesting conversation with my ex-wife to be. She totally freaked out when I told her that I had given those photos to you. She seamed to have the idea that I would still have them. I am glad that I gave them to you though as I certainly didn't like the look in her eyes. For some reason she feels that you and I were a number and that I was cheating on her so that is why she feminized me. Yep! That's right she admitted it and said it doesn't matter any more as I am fully cooked now, what ever that means! Can you imagine? What a sick and twisted mind to do what she did to me. You want to know what is really bizarre though. I think I like it! I think I am going to like being a woman, as long as I get to live long enough to enjoy it!"

"Oh! David, I am so sorry for you. I feel that it is partly my fault somehow by being in those pictures with you. I know that is silly but I feel bad anyway! Let me know if you ever need any help as a woman and I'll be there with bells on, okay?"

"Thank you Rebekka! It warms my heart to know that you are there for me. Well, I should let you get back to your detective work, and I should phone my lawyer to get the divorce rolling. So take care and I'll talk to you later, bye!"

"Wait David, you are going to call your lawyer now? Shouldn't you wait until you know more?"

"No Rebekka, I don't think so. Alice pretty much came right out and said that she hates me and is glad she changed me into a girl so I guess one could surmise from that that our marriage is quite over!" I laughed dryly.

"Oh poor David! I am so sorry! I'll talk to you later okay? You be extra careful around that bitch of a wife of yours and always make sure you have two exits to safety Okay? "

"Sure Rebekka, good advice! Oh! By the way my ex came up with a new name for me and I kinda like it. My new Femme name is Danielle. Cute huh? Well take care. Talk to you later, Bye!"

I hung up the phone and then I called my lawyer. After explaining everything to him, my current body had to be explained twice, but he assured me that not only would he get the divorce in the works but that he would apply for a restraining order to keep her away from me and the house. I thought that that would be great and asked him to get on that as soon as he could! He also said that he would get a change of name going and get my documents to reflect my new status. He was a good friend and quite the competent lawyer and I knew that I could rely on him to do what he said he would do. I felt much better now.

With everything taken care of I found that I had a lot of excess energy so I cleaned the house from top to bottom. While in the basement I came across a new door to a new room. It was locked up tight and had no windows or peepholes that I could find. I looked around for a key and briefly thought about breaking the door down but decided to get Alice to tell me what it was. After all she had put all her cards on the table and since I was unable to convince her that I had done nothing wrong I guess we were at an impasse and until we went our separate ways would have to put up with each other! I did how ever actually find a key that would fit the lock but I heard noises upstairs so I hid the key on my person and went up to see who was here.

Well my ex-wife was there with a man, and a huge fellow he was too. I was sure that he would be the one satisfying her now and I actually wished him luck because if he didn't measure up to Alice's requirements he was in danger of becoming like me. I am afraid that elicited a giggle from me and both turned around and saw me.

"So what's so funny you little pansy!

Well what a creep! I took back all my pity and prayed that he wouldn't measure up. Then I could have a couple of laughs at his expense." Well there Studly, I was just imagining you as how you would look after the Ms. Here got tired of you and I am afraid that the hairy legs threw me!" I giggled again louder.

"Danielle! That will be enough of that" Alice demanded but I saw her lip quirk in a smile."

God knows why I did it but I was feeling pretty good about everything as all was about to be over soon and I decided to have some fun so I placed one finger under my chin and curtseyed to Alice while saying" Of course, Madam, I am sorry for the outburst" Would you and your studly friend like a drink?"

"Why thank you Danielle that would be lovely. Bruce, what would you like to drink?"

"Uh! A scotch and seven please."

"I'll have my usual please Danielle"

I curtseyed again." Right away Madam!"

Well this was a hoot! Deciding to have even more fun I found some Seconal in the medicine cabinet and ground up about six and put them into Brucey's drink. Oooooh! I was a baaaaaaad girl!

Taking the drinks into the den and placing them on the sideboard I went and let them know where they were and hied myself off to my room. I could hardly wait! He! Hehehehe!!!!!


Half and hour later I went down to the den and peering in had to laugh! There was a naked Alice under an equally naked Bruce who was snoring away and pinning Alice down to the couch. He must have weighed in at around three hundred pounds if he was an ounce. There was absolutely no way that Alice could move let alone get the leverage to get Bruce off of her. Now this was a Kodak moment if there ever was one and I ran upstairs to get my digital camera. One again back in the den I creeped quietly to a good vantage point, set up the camera to take video, turned it on and then sauntered in as if I just arrived. Letting out a shocked gasp as I saw the two non- performing seals and then I just couldn't hold it in any more and I broke out into a very cathartic guffaw and the more she tried to hide the harder and louder I laughed! It was priceless!


"Well my dear ex-wife you seem to have picked out a real winner to replace me. He does make an excellent blanket though doesn't he?"

"Get him off me" she whispered.

"What was that?"

"Please get him off me, I can barely breathe!"

"Gee! I don't know. You are the bitch that did this to me for no reason other than your need for power. You know full well that I never cheated on you. That was just a pretense to feminize me and humiliate me by bringing other men home to fuck you. So you see I am on to you so why should I help you?"

"You bitch! Get me out of this!"

"I'm a bitch? Well okay! I guess I am now. But you made me so you should have to put up with me. Ha Ha!"

"Oh! Please Danielle! Get me out of this and I'll owe you one…… Please I feel Faint!"

"Oh! Crap! I just know that I will regret this. You are going to owe me more that one sweetie!' With that I grabbed hold of Bruce and pulled with all my strength. Slowly, oh so slowly he moved and then Alice was in a position to help and Poor Bruce flew to the floor with a satisfying thud I can assure you. I smiled down at Alice and told her "Good one! He really flew there for a second but he landed so badly! "

Alice actually smiled up at me over that one!

I went and gathered up my camera and went back upstairs to my room, locked the door and put a chair under the doorknob to give me further security. I downloaded the video I just made and sent a copy to Rebekka. I knew that she would get a kick out of it! Yes I know! I'm a bitch…… But it is so much fun! One never knows when ones number is up so you got to have as much fun as you can while you can.



Chapter Three

I decided to lay down for a little bit and as I placed my head down on my pillow I heard a very strange sound. Part buzz and part hiss! Wow! I thought, a snake on drugs. I giggled, then I giggled at the fact that I just giggled! I was really getting into this girl stuff! I had no idea why but I didn't have any worries about becoming a girl. I think that I was waiting for it to be finally over so that I could get on with living my new life. I looked under my pillow and found nothing, then as I was putting the pillow back down something shifted inside the pillow. Reaching inside the pillow case I discovered a very strange object. It looked like a small transistor radio. Do you remember those? Anyway I held it up to my right ear as that was my best one and my cutest I thought! This exacted another giggle! I just loved it, I was now allowed, no, expected to be silly and I reveled in it. I was going to have so much fun. I almost went to tell Alice thank you for turning me into a girl but then, thankfully, a cold blast of reason hit me and I continued with my examination of the radio thingy. Thingy! Wow I had to watch that! I didn't want to become a bimbo even though I had such beautiful blonde hair that reached right down to the small of my back. Wait a minute……. How fast does hair grow? I'll have to check into that. Fingernails too I thought, as mine were nicely shaped and reached beyond my fingers by about half an inch. I had not noticed any problem with either my hair or my long nails so I just forgot about them. No problem, no worry, simple as that, and I was definitely a simple girl. Wait! That came out wrong! I am not simple; I have a PHD for God's sake and a MBA! What was going on here? Holy Fuck! (Please forgive my French but…..) I was being BRAINWASHED somehow! I looked down suspiciously at the thingy in my hand and then smashed it to the floor. I got some small satisfaction at seeing it explode in a shower of bits and pieces. Oh Crap! Now that was stupid! How am I going to know what it was saying now? Well Duh! Danielle, I said to myself, let's just let it finish the job and then ? No, what I did was spontaneous but the correct thing to do. I could still find the transmitter and deduce from that what was being pumped into my brain. I would imagine that that device was to thank for how easily I slipped into the role of a girl. It taught me how to dress, how to use makeup, and a veritable plethora of girly info to allow me to be perfect. I would imagine that the device was used first to make me into a girl mentally and then once that was accomplished it would have been used to make me subservient to someone. Most likely that bitch ex-wife of mine. Ooooooooooooh! When this was over I would be there to induct her into the payback club of the month and I would magnanimously pay all her dues for her. Well except the ones that I felt she should really pay herself. Ha! Hey! Has anyone realized that I have my brain back and I seem to be functioning on other than a bimbo wavelength? Hurrah! Oh yea, just me here! Well it was good tidings anyway! So, on my list of things to do tomorrow: let's see, slap ex-wife, and look for transmitter. (Check master bedroom and attic) I was not too sure about distance it could transmit but from the size of the receiver it couldn't be much. That was about it for tomorrow, didn't want to over do it ya know! Besides I had the laundry to do and the silver-wear was a mess. I know, I didn't have to do any of that stuff now but I wanted to. I really enjoyed doing that stuff, it made me feel good and useful. I liked those feelings and would probably always like those feelings. I can remember having the same thoughts when I was a man so being a woman had nothing to do with it except now I could do all that without having any wiseass saying how sweet I was for doing that for my hubby! Oh yea! There were always those people. They were everywhere and made life miserable for those of us who were more gentile.

I must have drifted off for a bit as the clock radio was blasting out music from the eighties and it was dark outside. I felt refreshed however and ready to fight my weight in dust bunnies! I had a quick shower; taking care not to wet my hair as I knew that it would take hours to dry my beautiful mop. I took time to check if I needed to shave anywhere. Odd, I did not have to shave anywhere! I felt that I was missing something here. I tried to go over the last couple of months but could not pin point any discrepancies in the sequence of my life. I couldn't recall anything that had been done to me, like hair removal with electrolysis, or possibly breast implants, and what about my pierced ears? My hair had to have been done professionally and my nails too! It was so weird because I could not remember ever going to a hair salon or to a place that did electrolysis, but obviously these things were done. Now of course the brain cleaning that I had been going through could have just simply told me not to notice these things. It could have been six months ago or even last year and I guess that if I really wanted to know I could go to a medical hypno-therapist and get them to delve into the past. I had been idly rubbing my vagina as I thought these thoughts. Now I bolted upright with a screech as I realized what I had been toying with. Quickly removing my clothes I stepped in front of the full length mirror that was on my closet door and saw the whole me for the first time. I was gorgeous! I had hair down to my ass and it was perfect hair reaching an ass to die for. I had perfect thirty-six "C" cup breasts, a perfect figure (I later was measured at 36-21-36) and a face that the goddess had smiled on with a long swan-like neck and look down, way down, yep that vagina was mine! I hesitantly felt down past a perfect abdomen and reached nirvana! As I neared my opening my nipples sprang to attention and got so hard I thought they would pop off my chest and I noticed a very warm feeling in my stomach. I also started to get quite wet down there and the closer I got the harder my nipples got, the warmer my stomach got and I started to drip on the carpet. My GOD! It was real! How was this possible? My mind boggled because there were no rational answers. Of course I loved it, I mean who wouldn't. Here I was a man just, I don't know any more how long ago, but now I was a real woman. It was a miracle, an incredible miracle and I for one was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Looking at my face in the mirror I noticed that I looked a lot like my mother and a bit like my sister. Oh yea! I also was no older than maybe twenty-one, this was incredible, and this was fantastic, this was…… a dream! It had to be a dream! I did not want to ever wake up! Then there was a knock on my door and everything stayed the same. The knock came again and I asked" Who is it?" my voice was that of an angel. "It's me, Alice, can we talk? We need to talk Danielle. So that meant that this was not a dream! I laughed out loud with joy and then realized that Alice had no idea why I was so happy so I said "Sorry Alice, but I just heard the funniest thing on the radio. What do you think we need to talk about Alice?"

"What happened to your voice?"

"I'm not sure Alice but isn't it glorious?"

"Sure, I guess. Listen Danielle, I am having a little get together tonight but the caterers are not able to stay and serve and this is very important to my career so I am asking you if you could please be the maid for tonight. I know that there is no love lost between us and you blame me for your gender problems, but I need you! I really need you to do this for me, please! I am sure that you probably don't see it my way but over a year ago I started with bringing out the woman in you and she is perfect. You are perfect. I really feel that I did you a big favor by turning you into a woman. I mean, you are a happier person now. Don't you realize that? Check it out for yourself and you will see for yourself that I am right. I liberated you. Of course that was not my intent at the time. I wanted to make you as miserable as I was but something happened and you blossomed into the gorgeous creature you are now. You are right too! I did a lot of soul searching and I came to the conclusion that you were right. You don't have it in you to cheat on anything let alone your marriage vows and I realize how stupid I have been but it is too late now, you have been changed into a wonderful, vivacious, and gorgeous female. I don't think there are many normal girls in the world who are as perfect as you are. I do so hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me my incredible stupidity. So if you be my maid tonight I will be your maid whenever you need me, how about that "Quid pro quo".

I know what you all out there are thinking……. Don't trust her! I normally would agree. I know she is a lawyer and has the gift of gab to make the jury see things her way. There was absolutely no reason to trust her, but that in itself is why I did. "Please give me a couple of minutes to think Alice, okay?

"Oh! Sure Danielle, I'll be down in the den."

I got dressed but promised myself I would continue the exploration later. Going downstairs was scary as I didn't know who was down there nor did I know what the prevalent attitude toward me was. I was taking a big chance but hoped that they needed me enough to bury the hatchet. Preferably not in me! I reached the den, poked my head in cautiously, and was relieved to see only Alice. I walked the rest of the way in and told Alice that I was ready to play her maid if she still wished me to! "You are a fantastic Human being! I have to be your public enemy number one but you are willing to leave the safety of your room and come to my aid. I feel my love for you jumping quantum levels but I know deep down that you will find forgiveness toward me to be an insurmountable problem. I hope, of course, that you can do it some day as I would love to become at least your very best friend. I can not thank you enough Danielle. OH!I'm so insensitive, that was my name for you. Do you have a name that you prefer?

"Actually no Alice, Danielle is a lovely name and I like it. I think I am a Danielle and you couldn't have picked a better name."

"Oh that is wonderful. Come on and I show you the uniform you will wear tonight. I hope you like it as I think it is quite sexy and should elicit a few erections tonight. You know how lawyers are!" She led me to her office and laid out on the sofa was a dream French Maid uniform complete with a white satin corset and what appeared to be real silk under things. This could be very niceI thought to myself. I mean who hasn't had a fantasy about a French Maid? "Oh! My goodness Alice, it is adorable! I think I will enjoy being the maid tonight. I think we may fulfill a few other fantasies tonight! He! he!

"I will require your help to get into the corset though."

"Of course, Danielle. It would be my pleasure!"

So with her help I got the corset on, settled it around my torso, connected the busk and let Alice tighten the laces. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, then again I had such a tiny waist now and this corset would only bring it down two inches tops. It felt marvelous and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I looked, if possible, even more sexy, and as we added the various parts of the uniform I became sexier and sexier and I was having trouble keeping my thoughts pure as I looked into the mirror. Alice was having just as much trouble keeping her hands to herself. Soon I was ready and looked every inch the French Maid. I turned to Alice and said with an accent dripping with Frenchness, "Will there be anything else Mademoiselle?" "No, I think that will be all Fifi!" I curtseyed and said "Thank you, Madam. I will be in the kitchen until your guests arrive and then I will assist them until it is supper time. By your leave?" I curtseyed again and left for the kitchen. I was going to have a blast. This uniform was just way too sexy but I adored it! I was going to get one of these for myself to use on those dark and dreary nights that needed livening up in the late winter. Once in the kitchen I checked on the food and all appeared to be fine and everything was cooked to perfection. Alice was going to make a very favorable impression on her bosses that was for sure. I wished her luck then caught myself. Did I really mean that? Yes I did. I guess I had forgiven her the atrocities that she had visited upon me. After all I sure didn't mind the end result. Are you kidding, I rebuked myself, You LOVE the end result. Who knew that I secretly desired to be a woman? Heck, even I didn't know but here I was, a woman with a capital W and I never have felt better about myself. I was dancing on clouds. Probably number nine! Looking at the clock over the stove I saw that Alice's guests should be arriving soon so I sashayed out to the foyer to welcome all to Alice's party. The door bell rang and I answered the door opening it up wide to welcome them in. As it was bright outside it took a few seconds for the eyes to adjust and see who had arrived. I was shocked to see my Lawyer and his wife. I questioned him with my eyes but he appeared to not know who I was. Puzzled I took their jackets and coats and hung them in the closet by the front door. Then I showed them into the house and left them with their hostess as I went back to the door for the next guests. After about an hour the entire guest list had arrived and I hurried back to the kitchen to check on the meal and was surprised again when I saw that the kitchen had a full staff. Where had they come from? The chef turned to me and asked if the guests had arrived and when I answered in the affirmative he directed me out to the living room to serve drinks and to keep the guests happy. This last statement puzzled me but I went out to the living room and started to take drink orders from the guests. Was it my imagination or did not one soul know or figure out who I was! This was extremely weird., but I was too busy at the moment to try to figure it out! I finally had a chance to get my lawyer off to the side where we could not be seen by any of the other guest. I think that he must have misinterpreted my reasons for getting him alone as he immediately grabbed my ass and started to kiss me passionately. I hissed at him to stop and he did but apparently he was very puzzled as he told me that he had been told that the maid was very accommodating. I asked him who had told him this and when he said the hostess things started to come together. So dear Alice wasn't quite finished fucking with my head eh! I told him who I was and then spent the next ten minutes trying to prove it. Finally I had to tell him things that only he and I would know. Finally he said," My God David, is that really you in there. Oh God! I kissed you." He made spitting sounds. "Oh come on it's not that bad! I have been told that I am quite good at kissing! Take a real close look Ian; I am completely a woman now. It started out about a year ago with Alice slowly but surely feminizing me with out me even realizing it. Talk about embarrassing! I really don't mind being a girl; actually I am having the time of my life. It's great! No, the embarrassing part is that Alice could do this without any one catching on. So tell me Ian, what are you and your wife doing here tonight? I didn't think that you and Alice knew each other and why haven't you served her with the divorce papers yet. You know I am counting on you to be in my corner but if you are in Alice's corner then I would think that to be a conflict of interest and would have to ask you to cease and desist being my attorney! So what is it to be Ian?

"David I'm shocked to hear you say something like that to me. We have been best friends for almost thirty years. You should know that I am in your corner as your friend first and as your attorney second and I always have your best interest at heart. As for being here we were invited to be at this shindig as there was to be an incredible announcement later and Alice wanted all of her and David's friends under the same roof at the same time to witness the auspicious event. Whatever it is Alice is playing it close to her chest and I don't think any one is in the know! Besides I couldn't pass up the opportunity to give your ex-wife this!" He held up the divorce papers and I laughed and gave him a big hug and a kiss on his cheek. I don't know why but it seemed to be the proper thing to do at the moment. Of course his wife didn't think so as she came around the corner just in time to see that French Hussy make a move on Her man! She walked right up to me and before either Ian or I could say a thing she gave me such a slap. It rocked me and sent me into the wall. Stunned for the moment I tried to come around as Ian tried to make Angelique understand what was going on. When I finally was back at least ninety percent Ian had succeeded in convincing his wife that one: I was really David and Two: That that kiss and hug were quite innocent. I chirped in with my two cents worth and assured her that there were no romantic connection between me and her husband and I apologized for making her think otherwise. That did the trick and she forgave us, but then got down to the nity-gritty about what was really going on and what was the real reason for this party. She had gotten the intuitive flash that Alice was showcasing me every chance she got and made sure to let people know, most obliquely, that I was available for more than drink service and that they had only to ask. "Why that bitch! " I exclaimed. "What more can she do to me that she hasn't already done?" "Well," said Angelique." She could really embarrass you in front of your bosses and co-workers if she got you to inadvertently have sex with someone and then let everyone know who you really were. Not only would she hurt you but whoever was sucked into her disgusting plans would also be ruined, nothing like a good old homosexual act to really put the skids to your career." "But Angelique she couldn't do that. I could have sex with any man here tonight and they would be having sex with a real girl. I know it is hard to believe but somewhere through all of her deceit and devious plans a miracle happened and I am now and somehow always have been a real woman. Look at this!" I proceeded to show her my most feminine aspect and I forgot about Ian, until he hit the carpet in a dead faint. I looked at Angelique and she looked at me and we broke out laughing uproariously. We both got down and slapped Ian's cheeks gently until he started to come around. "I can't believe you showed that in public. God Danielle don't you have any shame?"

"Apparently not Ian, because I didn't even think that what I did was wrong. I mean really Ian I was showing your wife. What the hell were you looking at? God what a pervert! Is he always this perverted Angelique?"

"Perverted…….Perverted, Me? I think not! I just have a healthy inquisitive mind. Thank you very much"

I am sorry Ian I shouldn't tease you but I seem to possess a pixie sense of humor and I will do the oddest things for a laugh! I can assure you, being around me sure wouldn't be dull. I laughed heartily and both Ian and Angelique had a good belly laugh too. "Well" I sighed "On with the show I guess. What should we do now?

You could go in there and say what a good piece of ass I was and Angelique could say that I eat out a mean pussy at the same time as I swallow a man whole. Do you think that would get all those perverts in there going? Or would that be too much and raise suspicions? I must admit to not having much experience in subterfuge!"

"I guess that that is one of the things I have always liked about you David. You are as honest as the day is long and I hope you never change!"

"I promise" I said as I gave both of them a big hug. There were tears in my eyes. "So should I just go back in there and serve a few drinks and wait for Alice to spring her trap. We both know that her trap has no teeth in it any more!" "Yes that is an excellent idea. We can go mix and try to find out whom else here is in the know and you just go be the French Maid. By the way you do the Maid perfectly and if you need to make a few extra bucks Angelique and I could hire you to do a few parties for us!" Ian's wife didn't seem to like that suggestion though and gave Ian a good shot to his arm. Owww! What was that for? I was being on the up and up with that. Can you imagine how successful our parties would be with Danielle here doing the French Maid! Wow! I mean people would pay us to come to our party! "He ducked as Angelique swung again and he went back to the party laughing with his wife in hot pursuit!

The French Maid reappeared at the party and the drinks started to flow copiously again and all appeared to be going well.

Now I wasn't sure what Alice was up to but when I had the chance I quickly ducked upstairs to my room and looked in my purse for any kind of I.D. If this miracle was a general all around good fill in then I should have some thing with my name etc. on it. I stuck pay dirt when I found a little change purse that had plastic sleeves for various cards. I found out that I had a Visa, MasterCard, library card, driver's license, and a social security card all in the name of Danielle Leanne Reynolds. I couldn't believe it. I was real! Well this should put the kybosh on any schemes that Alice had. I just could not understand why she had to keep going and try to hurt me. It made no sense to me as she had already made sure that I was no longer a part of her life. Why go on and on? I was definitely missing something. Then again I never could understand her. She had it built with her great job, a live in housekeeper,

A steady sexual diet, and someone who would have done anything for her at her beck and call. Why would any sane person destroy that? Maybe that was it, Alice was insane! Well the night wasn't quite over yet and I was curious what she had up her sleeve! I went back downstairs and continued to fill drinks and fend off amorous advances. Then out of the blue Alice approached me and I thought here it comes! "Danielle I must thank you for doing such a great job. All my friends think you are super. I even got a few proposals for you to work some of their parties. Would you be interested in that? " She was talking to me like I was a nine year old! "You could make some serious coin and it wouldn't be that hard for you to pick up on." A light popped on then as all became clear. She thought that that insidious little device had made me into a sex starved Bimbo and that I would jump at the chance. Well let's see what her reaction would be if I accepted and if I did so as quite the little sexy Bimbo!

"Oh Madam, could I? I think that would be so keen! Some of your friends are really sexy. I would just Love to work them over, I mean suck them off, no I mean work for them. Oh yes! I would like that very much" I could see Alice's smile stretch from one ear to the other as she thought she finally had me. Motioning to one group in particular she waved them over and let them know the good news as I just stood there simpering while staring at the men's crotches and licking my lips a lot. I noticed quite a few of those crotches suddenly sporting some interesting packages and without meaning to I really liked my lips. I then chastised myself, 'Get a grip girl!' You are not a promiscuous little slut! You are a French Maid Slut! Ha !Ha! Just kidding dear readers! I thought that I had played my role pretty good and now it was time to drop the other shoe, but before I could say anything Alice was clinking her glass with a small spoon to get everyone's attention. As the room quieted down I realized that this was it! Here come whatever foul deed she had up her sleeve. I hoped that my friends wouldn't attack her or anything. I stood to one side and grabbed my ID to make short work out of any fantasy that Alice had. I was sorry that she had pushed so much and there was no way that one of us wasn't getting bloody over this and I was fairly sure it wasn't going to be me. Just to be on the safe side I sidled up to the men that had high hopes of having their own Bimbo Maid and I let them know in no uncertain terms what I thought of them personally and where I thought there parentage had sprung from and I left them and their spouses with there jaws on the floor. How could a little Bimbo Slut like me have learned such a variety of colorful phrases and deliciously flavored words de jour!

I am sure that they would be smarting from the tongue lashing I gave them for some time and I thought that they deserved no less. Meanwhile Alice had everyone's attention and was starting to speak. "Thank you one and all for gracing my home with your presence. I certainly hope you enjoyed the good food, drinks and company. I also would like to thank my husband for making tonight such a success. He has tirelessly served the food, made sure that everyone had plenty to drink and I am sure that many of you sampled his other wares throughout the evening. I understand that he gives the best head in the state. I would hope that you join me in thanking him for a most enjoyable evening! She turned around to introduce me I'm sure but I wasn't there. I was with Ian and Angelique in the Master bedroom waiting for the shit to hit the fan and laughing. Alice had painted herself into a corner that anyone else would have had a tough time doing. She did it with ease and I wanted her to reap her rewards and accolades all by herself. In the mean time I had taken off the French Maid uniform with some regret but Ian promised that I could wear it anytime at his place. That earned him another punch in the arm. That was going to be sore in the morning! I was getting redressed in a filmy little thing that would make sure that anybody could see my womanly charms. The blouse was shear enough to see my bra if I was wearing one. As it was my breasts were on display and the prominent nipples and areola were there for the touching! The Capri pants I wore were painted on and my sex was easily recognizable for what it was and if I got hot I was sure that the moisture would further the recognition of what was there! I was ready to bury Alice and I was taking this very seriously and personally as she had tried to destroy me. I would take no prisoners. Looking over to Ian and Angelique I received the thumbs up sign and told to 'rock 'em girl'! They would wait up here for me and if needed could also come down and rescue me as well as telling the world what Alice had tried to do! Downstairs I went and walking into the living room I caused many premature ejaculations I am sure but that wasn't on my mind just at this time. I walked up to Alice and enquired of her in very cultured tone if that was all she needed me for tonight and if so could I get my cheque and I would leave. Alice just sputtered at me for a few seconds than trying to repair her evening said to everyone. "Here he is now. Well David, you made quite the impression on everyone tonight. How do you feel about that?"

I looked at her like she had just crawled out from under o rock as I said loud enough for all to hear." Madam I' m afraid I do not have a clue what you are talking about. You really should go over with me any changes in my services that you require. My apology everyone. I am sure I do not know what is going on here. I was just hired to cater the party. I am sorry if any of you were given false hopes as to my availability. I can assure you that I have only the highest of morals and would not have worked here this evening if I had known what your Hostess had in mind fro me. I can assure you also that the proper officials will be made aware of the degradation that this lady had hoped to heap on me for reasons that I am sure only make sense to her. As you can see I am not this David person that she is trying to foist off on you and I have all the identification to prove who I am if anyone wishes to see it! There was a clamoring from the group as several people wanted to know what Alice was up to. One couple came over to me and apologized for the rest in the room for such horrendous behavior! Then they calmly asked to see any proof that I had and I showed them all of it. They were more than satisfied and after giving Alice a look that should have caused her to shrivel up and die on the spot took their leave and thanked me for a wonderful party, much to the chagrin and disgust of Alice. Why is it that some people never take the hint that they have lost and to bow out gracefully while they can with dignity. I do not understand such people and apparently Alice was one of them. She kept trying to vindicate her self with each group or couple that was leaving and only managed to make a complete idiot of herself. I almost felt sorry for her as she was pretty much shamed by those left to write me out a cheque for eleven hundred dollars. Then to add insult to misery one of the remaining high end lawyers offered to cash that cheque for me and proceeded to give me eleven hundred dollars out of a wallet that appeared to have at least four times that amount left. I signed the cheque and Alice tried one more time to screw me by getting them to check the signature. When I was able to offer two cards with my signature on them that matched my signature on the cheque perfectly Alice finally slunk away and the rest of the guests left, each thanking me for a lovely party as I handed each their coat or wrap and wished them a safe journey home. Soon the house was quiet and I couldn't find Alice anywhere. I went upstairs and found Ian and Angelique still in the Master bedroom but I decided to let them have their privacy and left them to enjoy each other. I went to my bedroom and closed and locked the door and placed the chair under the doorknob again for the added security so that I could sleep even when I knew that there was an insane person somewhere in the house!



Chapter Four

After a wonderful, deep, and undisturbed sleep my batteries were fully charged and I felt that I was ready to tackle the last and totally vile hurtle. Alice had to be defused and hopefully sent somewhere where she could receive the appropriate therapy to return her to a semblance of sanity. I, for one, did not hold out too much hope for that as I had had to live with her lately and I had seen, at point blank range, the insane things that she had done and what she was yet capable of doing. Let's face it; your average psychopath would have puked over what Alice did without a qualm. Her total lack of conscience scared the crap out of me. Civilized behavior was veneer thin at the best of times. Lose the ability to feel bad and the fear of recrimination and you had an Alice. They could even name a new psychological trauma after her. "THE ALICE SYNDROM" Well, not quite the notoriety the she was after, but in her frame of mind it might be appealing. Who knows, I for one no longer have a clue as to what is going on in Alice's alleged mind.

After doing the morning necessities and getting dressed in casual attire I removed the barricades from my door, unlocked it, and cautiously open it to peer carefully up and down the hallway. All appeared to be clear and quiet so I ventured forth from the safety of my room and checked out the other rooms to see if anyone else was upstairs. Coming to the Master bedroom I had to stifle a chuckle as I remembered the two love birds in there last night. Well they had left apparently and had straightened up the room very well. I wouldn't be able to tell that anyone had even been in there and if I didn't know that they had indeed been there I couldn't have known. Well you know what I mean! Sheesh! I was going bimboish again? Arghhh!


The upstairs was as empty as it was clean so I headed downstairs. The Kitchen was clear and I stayed long enough to make some toast and coffee and sat to enjoy my breakfast. The whole house was eerily quiet. I was used to at least something in the background even muzak, but this was rather unnerving and I found myself getting skittish and jumpy! Well the sooner I found Alice and escorted her to her new rubber room the sooner I could get on with the rest of my new life. The downstairs was equally clean as it was empty. You would never believe that a party had been held here last night. It must have cost Alice (and me too I suppose.) quite a lot of lucre to get this much done in such a short time. All that was left to check was the laundry and storage rooms downstairs in the basement. I should check out that weird new room as well. Who knew what was in there? Although it was probably Alice's dungeon of a thousand and one delights, yea, for her maybe but certainly not for her victims. I knowI was putting the cart before the horse without really knowing what was really in there. But I knew Alice better than anyone now and I really believed that she was capable of anything twisted and nasty!


Downstairs I went with some trepidation I will freely admit but all appeared to fine. The laundry room actually had laundry washing and also a load drying. Well someone sure was busy today. It could very well be the caterers from last night finishing up. The storage room also was clear so all I had left to search was the new room. Walking around to the doorway I was reaching down my cleavage to get the key I had found when I noticed that the door was unlocked and slightly ajar. With alarm bells and whistles going off in my head I cautiously opened the door enough to see inside. It was quite dark and I had to wait for my eyes to adapt to the lower light level that was been given through the open door when I spied two lumps on the floor trussed up like Christmas turkeys! Holy Shit! (Sorry!) It was Angelique and Ian! I rushed in with out a thought for my own personal safety and rolled first Angelique over and attacked her restraints. Her eyes fluttered open, saw me and then relaxed as she saw her savior. I had unbound her and was starting on Ian when I heard Alice's frosty voice from the doorway. "That will be just about enough from you, you stupid bitch! I have had enough of your interference in my plans. You have two seconds to stop what you are doing and stand up very, very slowly or your girlfriend there with get a new eye in the front of her forehead! I stopped what I was doing, naturally, and stood up as slowly as I could. There was no need to antagonize the psycho and maybe if all was done to her satisfaction she might relax enough to allow one of us to put her out of our misery! I turned around to see her but with the basement lights behind her she was silhouetted in what looked like a cloak of light. Under any other circumstances it would have cool to look at but this certainly wasn't one of them. I could see her gun though and noticed that she seemed quite comfortable with it in her hand. She must have noticed my appraisal. "Yes dear, sweet, Danielle, I am very good with this so don't try anything stupid or on second thought go ahead, do something stupid. I would just love to have an excuse to shoot you. You have ruined everything I have worked for these last five years. Five very long years of planning, doing without, and living with you for nothing! I just do not under stand how you could know just what to say and do to maximize the damage you did, But I expect to know by tonight. Oh! Yes! I expect that you three will shed all the light I need to exact my revenge on who was responsible." I started to say something but she cut me off with a wave of her gun." No, not yet Danielle, I will need to know that what you say to me is the truth and there is only one way to achieve that!" she pointed to contraption behind me and I almost fainted as I recognized the device from my history books on torture. She couldn't be serious! That was barbaric, cruel, and I didn't know that it was still practiced. "You there, red! Come over here and take this and put it into your young friend's neck! " She handed Angelique an ampoule and watched as she approached me with tears in her eyes. "I am so sorry Danielle, Please forgive me!" I gazed into her eyes and assured her that she was not the one at fault and that she too was a victim of the Looney tunes with the gun. Alice snorted out a laugh! "Looney-tunes is it, Ha! Ha! Quite funny bitch, but you will not be laughing soon!" Angelique had reached me and pushed the ampoule against my neck and I felt the drugs enter my system in a hot nauseating rush! Just a few seconds were all it took and I entered La La Land for, what, the sixth time this weekend? I wondered if that was a record as I felt my new body crumple to the ground.

**********Darkness! Nothingness!**********

A sound first, a scrabbling sound. Oh just great! Rats or worse. It could be Alice's. I tried to laugh but two things stopped me. One: I could hardly breathe and two: I was in a lot of pain. I hate pain! I have always done practically anything to avoid pain! Now it was everywhere and I couldn't escape it! My arms were painfully drawn into the small of my back and affixed there somehow. My legs were being pushed apart by a spreader bar and there was something alive up my vagina and butt! I was wearing something that was squeezing the life out of me with never a second's respite. My mouth was being distended painfully by a very large something locked in and my tongue had no strength to even begin to push it out. I couldn't feel anything pushing up on my back so I was either floating on some liquid or I was suspended. My bet was on suspension as I could not smell anything wet! Although how I could differentiate any smells in here was a small miracle as the place reeked of stale sweat, vomit. And things I couldn't put a name to except vile! Now, to add insult to injury, those lively things in me decided to get it together and I found my self getting aroused by their ministrations. Try as I could to ignore the stimulation I couldn't. Don't forget, this body of mine was brand new and I had not yet had the chance or the inclination to experiment with it yet. Now however, those insidious devices were pulsating in the most delightful way and I found my pelvis moving up and down to the rhythm and beat set by those wonderful, delicious, little monsters as I felt a building up of something that threatened to carry me away to never-never land. The crescendo built and built and I could hear someone screaming and screaming then I exploded! With a cacophony of strident yet beautiful lights and sounds I felt a tsunami of pleasure reach out from my tummy and head in every direction searing my nerve ends with a pleasure that I had never felt before as crescendo after crescendo crashed upon the shores of my new reality. This was the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced and I never wanted it to stop! I could still feel my body jerk and sway as little after shocks rocked me! Holy Guacamole! I was totally spent and yet at the same time I was revitalized and ready to go again! What a paradox! No wonder women were so hard to understand!

"Did you love that or what little one?" Oh shit! It was Alice and I just knew that she had seen the whole thing. "How would you like that to happen all the time, twenty-four/seven. I bet you would go insane in under twelve hours! But not to worry, you little bitch, pleasure is not the way I am sending you out into the cosmos. No! No! No! You are going to suffer and suffer until you beg me to kill you. I won't though! I want you to feel pain till you die from it! I hate you so much I wish I had even more pain to give you but this is the most painful device I have! Oh! I have nastier ones that could break your bones and rupture your skin but not allow you to bleed to death and get away from me that easy. Wait a minute! That is what I have you in! Ha! Ha! Ha! I'll be back in just a few to start you out on your path to hell! I just have to take care of my other guests first. Now don't go away! Ha! Ha! Ha!" I think her maniacal laughter was bad enough but she definitely had an agenda! She was totally gone. She had slipped over the edge and I do not think that any therapy in the world could help her now. Not that I wanted to really help her, you know what I mean? Then reality crashed in as I realized what she had last said. Other guests? I feared that that would be Ian and Angelique whose only crime was trying to help me. Now who would save them, and me! I could hear her return, grunting with the effort to bring something or someone with her. Soon she came into my angle of vision and I saw her carrying what looked like Ian all trussed up in what she had me all trussed up in. Laying him on the floor (I saw that he was still unconscious) she set about to attach cables from the ceiling to hooks set strategically about what he was wearing then she went to the wall and pressed a button and Ian started to rise up until he was even with me. Using him as a rough guide I surmised that we were about five feet off the floor. Then she left again and came back with Angelique trussed up pretty much the same as Ian and I and she strung her up too and she was soon at the same altitude as we were. "Ah! Three rats caught in the trap! I just love it. By the time I am finished with your friends there, Danielle, They both will be crazier then bed bugs. I decided it would be much better and a lot more fun for me if I gave them sexual pleasure till they drop so that their howls of pleasure would be counterpoint to your screams of pain. You see, I am an artist, and you thought I could never do it but I'll show you!"

I wasn't going to bite, even if I didn't have a clue what she was talking about. I always encouraged her to try anything and would have supported her in anything but she never made any enquiries into art or anything art related. So what the hell was she going on about? Okay, okay, I'm weak. I started to thrash about and made what sounds I could until Alice came over, saw that I wanted to say something, and hesitated for a moment then removed that awful gross device from my mouth. I worked my jaw a little to get the kinks out then asked "Alice! What are you talking about art for? You never told me you wanted to do anything artsy! You know I would have supported you in anything you wanted to do, so what's the story here?"

Alice looked shocked for a second and I could see her brain kicking into hyper drive as she went memory hunting. Finally she turned to me, with tears in her eyes. "Oh! My poor baby! What have I done! Please forgive Auntie Alice!" She started over to me to undo me I think but never made it as a cold, calculating look came over her! "Oh! Very good Danielle! You just about did it there! You almost appealed to my better nature but that won't happen again, I just killed her!" She went over to a table in the corner, opened a drawer and came back to me with this awful looking thing that was at least eight inches long and easily three wide. She made some adjustments to it and then proceeded to shove it down my throat! Even with thrashing about she had no difficulty in forcing it into my mouth and doing something to the base caused it to distend my lips most uncomfortably. She again went to the table and opened yet another drawer and took out what appeared to be a Halloween mask. She proceeded to pull that over my head and I found that it anchored the thing in my mouth. There was to be no removing that now. She pulled the excess latex down my neck and then attached a belt like device around to hold the mask in place and she locked that on as well. I was truly silenced and would have trouble breathing if I didn't calm down and take little breaths. God! What a bitch! Normal people do not know about this stuff. Where oh where did my ex-wife garner her education in dungeon 101?


"Okay children, you behave for Auntie Alice and there will be ice-cream after school!" She went to the wall and touched three buttons and left to go upstairs. I looked around and could see that Ian and Angelique were awake now and by the wideness of their eyes just realizing their fate. Then Angelique started to squirm and I knew what Alice had done. I couldn't even talk to them to calm them. This was diabolical! Now Ian had a surprised look on his face and he started to squirm as well. One had to wonder what Alice had done but whatever it was it obviously had devastating effects. Angelique was now thrashing around and swaying back and forth from the violence of her action. You could tell that she was trying not to react to the stimulus but I knew that was impossible! Soon both of them were moaning, screaming and undulating to the pulsations inside their bodies. I still wondered what the third button was that Alice had pushed before she left when I felt the beginning of the pleasure deep inside and I moaned in futility as I realized what she had done. Time delay for me so that I would relax and allow that device to get even deeper in me before starting to drive me crazy. If I ever got out of this she was chowder!!!!

Speaking of the devil, Alice walked in, watched us squirm for awhile, laughed manically then walked over to a shower enclosure and extracted a hose that she attached to a tap over one of those huge laundry sinks and turned the water on, checked the temperature, then attached a sprayer to the hose and came over to me dragging the hose behind her. "You are very dirty Danielle, here let me give you a shower." She proceeded to wet me down in luke warm water and the first thing I noticed besides getting wet was that the corset thingy I was wearing got quite loose! Well who was I to look a gift horse in the mouth! Then Alice came closer and whispered in my ear "Can't have that too loose can we Danielle? That would ruin your look. Here, let me tighten that up for you, okay?" She reached down to something at my waist level and started to turn something that appeared to have a ratchet like device as it clicked, clicked and clicked. Each click brought new tightness and soon she had me gasping in pain and I thought she was going to cut me in two but she finally stopped. Looked at the pain in my eyes and said "Good, Pain, that is what I wanted to see! Okay you smartass little bitch let's see you get out of this one. Your guardian angel can't help you here! Ha! Ha! Ha!" She left the room and went back upstairs laughing all the way. I was in such pain! I have never felt such pain. I thought that my ribs would break for sure under this onslaught. That would pierce my lungs and I would drown in my own blood. At least it would be an out from this awful, incredible, searing pain. I knew that my insides that could were rearranging themselves and what bones could bend were bending inward. What this would do to my internal organs I didn't have a clue and honestly at this point I didn't care. I was just trying to get away from the pain. Suddenly Alice was there again! "I couldn't here your screams! That will never do, I went to a lot of expense to hear your screams." She undid the belt around my throat, pulled the latex hood off of my head and removed the gag viscously from my mouth. I think I lost a tooth! I screamed at her a long litany of invective that I wasn't even aware that I knew. She smiled at me, patted my cheek, and left to go upstairs again. Now I had an outlet for my pain and I am sure I filled the house with my screams. I found out that the corset was shrinking as it dried as well and there was nothing I could do but scream. This went beyond pain and I wondered why I wasn't allowed to lose consciousness to get at least a few minutes respite from the agony. Then I remembered a tidbit of information from some past instructor saying "In instances of extreme pain and or discomfort the human brain will not allow itself to turn off as long as there is the threat of bodily harm that a wide awake person would be able to move away from. Oh! Just lovely! My brain wanted me to move away from what was killing me and was keeping awake to do that but I was not going anywhere because of the way I was trussed up. How Diabolical! Soon though my ribs will puncture my lungs and then I will be allowed to die. Ha! Alice I was going to escape from you yet. I wasn't sure how much the corset shrunk but it got to the point where the pain reached a plateau and I actually got used to it. Holy Shit! Wasn't the human body incredible! I was still in more pain that I thought was possible but I could cope. Since I couldn't move I was in no danger of causing any secondary injuries so I just hung in there! Ha! My sense of humor was still there. It had taken a beating but it was still there! Both of my fellow victims had passed out quite some time ago and I was willing to bet that sex would have a very low priority for them for some time to come! It was then that I heard the front door bell. Then some shouting and scuffling, then a wail of such despair that it brought tears to my eyes! Then silence. I decided to take the chance and yell for help. I knew that I would break something but it may be our only chance! Taking a slow breath in as much as I could I screamed! I knew that my screams would win me a hog calling contest now and had no doubt that whoever was up stairs would here it. I also felt many little things in me break and the resulting new pain caused me to sob!

"Oh Danielle, that was the bravest thing I have ever witnessed. You will be rewarded for your unselfishness. Ian and I will always be in your debt. For the rest of our lives that you have just bought us with your pain we will owe you and never be able to repay you but we will try!"

All I could do was smile at Angelique as the tears coursed down my cheeks. Then the most wonderful sound that I have ever heard sounded as feet started to pound down the stairs as many people came in response to my scream!

Hours later we were free from those torture devices and all other devices removed from our various body crevices and orifices and I was on a gurney with an IV supplying me with various painkillers and goodies for strong and healthy growing bodies. I was taped up like a Mummy and on my way to the hospital for quite a stay according to the paramedics. I heard more than one conversation about the miracle that allowed me to live through what I had been through. I guess whoever was looking after me must really love their job as I must be quite the handful! I arrived at the hospital and before I even got checked in I was out like a blown light!




Many months have passed since our brush with insane Alice. Speaking of which; the state found her to be quite buggy and sent her off to the happy acres for-ever I hope! But she will probably get out in a couple of years. I am not looking forward to that day because I will then have to do something that I will not like to do. Exact vengeance! I am a great believer in Karma and even though what Alice did to us was horrendous and beyond anything that we knew of we were honor bound to kick her ass! Then again if I procrastinated long enough there were enough other people who also felt honor bound to pay her back in spades for what she had visited on them or friends and relatives of theirs. I found out about six months after our dance with crazy Alice that she had done this for years and years. She would pick a family at random, infiltrate them somehow and then destroy them, all for nothing. Well maybe she thought it was something. I guess that she had quite the fertile imagination and would think up the strangest scenarios that she just had to avenge! I still haven't figured why she picked me though as I am all alone in the world and therefore I would be her only victim. Strange eh! Then again the outcome was both spectacular and most welcomed. I was still learning girl 101 and 102 but I was wrapping my decidedly feminine mind around it quite easily. I should be graduating soon and take my place out there with all those other young pretties looking for men. Parents lock up your sons. I'm on the loose!





May the Goddess bless each and everyone out there. If you are really clever you should let Her guide you through life as She is rarely wrong and is the kindest most loving parent there is.






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