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Hi, my name is Maria Smith, I am a college student in England. I have written this piece of fantasy for your pleasure. I certainly got pleasure from writing it. I do hope you enjoy it. It is a piece of pure fantasy, and any names used or similarities to real life are pure coincidence. I would love for someone to illustrate this story with photos or drawings, or perhaps you may produce an illustrated story based on mine.


My Weekend in Detention

by Maria


So there I was, in my schoolgirl uniform, in a cold, dark concrete police cell, sitting on the cold, hard concrete bench. My name is Maria, I'm 18 years old and in school sixth form, and it was a Friday afternoon before the May bank holiday weekend. I had been there for about four hours, once I had been processed from the holding area of the police station. I was wearing my white long sleeve school shirt, a school tie, short black skirt, black tights and black shoes. My black underwear was clearly visible through my shirt. My hands were handcuffed behind my back, and my legs were shackled at my feet. A leather strap went around my body pressing my arms into my back, preventing any upper body movement. I was wearing a red rubber ball gag, which was harnessed around my head and padlocked in place.

It had all started earlier that afternoon. After school, I went into town with three of my friends. It was a warm and sunny day, so we had each discarded our hot stuffy black school blazers and grey school jumpers. I was the only one wearing my school tie, but it was hanging loose with my top shirt button undone. After about an hour, my three friends caught the bus home to the village where we all lived. I decided to stay in town a bit longer, and would have to wait for the next bus home about an hour later. I had a history of shoplifting, although the shops never actually took me to court. A slap on the wrist by the police and a severe telling of by my parents was the norm. I don't know why I did, but I was in the music store and casually placed a couple of CDs in my schoolbag, hanging from my right shoulder. I calmly walked to the exit, only for the alarms to blare out, when I ran like hell. I was quickly stopped by two burly security guards, who each grabbed an arm and dragged me back through the store and into a back room. There, my bag was search and the items retrieved - it was placed to one side. I was sat down on a chair in the middle of the room, and my hands were handcuffed behind me. I began to protest quite loudly, so a cloth was tied around my head, effectively gagging me. It was not long until the police arrived. It was obvious what I had done. The shop wanted me to be taught a lesson, but were probably not going to prosecute fully. I was unhandcuffed from the chair and ungagged. One of the police officers, a woman, recuffed me with a pair of those rigid handcuffs, behind my back. A leather strap was then placed around my upper body pressing my arms into my back and preventing any upper body movement. Heavy metal shackles were placed on my ankles severely restricting leg movement, and the red ball gag was placed in my mouth, despite my protests, harnessed and padlocked. This was apparently the new way to deal with unruly, unpredictable and loud criminals who resisted capture and arrest. I was humiliatingly walked through the shop, restricted by my small leg movements, and into the police car outside. My school bag was carried by one of the police officers, the man, and put in the boot of the car for safekeeping.

One we arrived at the police station, I was lifted out of the police car and walked into the main holding area. It was now about five o'clock according to the clock on the wall. The rigid handcuffs were removed from my wrists, and replaced with a pair of regular cuffs - the ones linked with the small chain. I was sat down on a bench in the middle of the holding area, and a further pair of handcuffs were attached between the pair on my wrists and the metal bar running along the back of the hard wooden bench. It was quite busy in the area, and so I was sitting there for about half an hour. Finally, I was unhooked from the bench and walked up to the main desk for processing. I was asked my name and details, and was told that the store had decided not to press charges after all. I would, however, have to remain locked in a police cell until my parents could come and pick me up, or until I could be driven home by a police officer. Well, as I said, I was in this cell for about four hours, without any word from anyone. I had been offered a glass of water and a sandwich. I was temporarily released from my bondage to eat and drink, but my hands were recuffed in front, and a female police officer remained in my cell watching me. I was retied afterwards though.

Suddenly, the cell door opened and a sympathetic looking female police officer came in. She was wearing the typical uniform - a white shirt, black tie, black jumper and black trousers, with utility belt and handcuffs. I was informed that my parents were going to punish me by leaving me at the fate of the police, and that it was not possible for me to be driven home tonight because it was after the end of the day shift. I would have to spend the long bank holiday weekend at a special detention centre for young girls until Tuesday morning, where I would be driven home to my parents.

I was then lifted from the bench, and walked out of my cell, through the holding area and into a side room marked 'Transportation preparation room'. Inside was a large stern looking female police officer looking directly at me and several other prisoners all standing in line. The rest were already prepared for transit, and now it was my turn. The ball gag was temporarily removed and the leather strap around my upper body removed. I took a moment to exercise my jaw which had been held shut for so long. My school tie was loosened and another button of my school shirt undone. A large metal collar was placed snugly around my neck. From it a chain ran to the handcuffs behind my back, and to a leather belt which was fastened around my waist. A further chain was run from my leg shackles to the belt around my waist. The leather strap was then reapplied to my upper body, restricting my arm movement completely. My high heeled school shoes were removed, and a pair of standard issue prison slippers were put on - bright orange! The ball gag was refastened to my mouth and around my head, and padlocked once again. Now we were all ready for transit, as I stood anticipating my long weekend locked up. What would my friends say about this? I was somewhat excited by the prospect. I had always been fascinated by bondage and people being tied up, but had never experienced it to this extent before. I also quite liked the prospect of remaining in my sexy looking school uniform all weekend long!

Before we knew it, we were all led one by one out of the opposite door and into the yard outside, where a large police van was awaiting. I had not been outside for several hours, and it was now pitch black. We were sat in the back of the van one at a time. A chain was placed across my body, and my leg shackles were attached to a ring in the floor. Finally, the cage door was shut, followed by the outer door, and we were now all in complete darkness.

The journey was quite long. It must have been about half past ten by now. The back doors opened and we were all led one by one from the van through a cage door into the detention centre. I had no idea where we were, but suspected we might be in the next town. We were all female, led down a concrete corridor to various cells on either side. My cell door was opened by a female prison officer. There were two bunks - four beds - in the cell. Three were occupied by girls all similarly aged. They were wearing blue and white striped shirts and blue light trousers. They were tied spread eagle to their beds with leather cuffs, and were each cleave gagged with rope. Also, crotch ropes had been applied. I stood there in the middle of the cell, flabbergasted by what I saw. The prison officer removed my bondage one by one, except for the handcuffs and leg shackles. She directed me to a toilet bowl in the middle of the cell. I was uncomfortable about using it with the other girls there, but had little choice and needed to relieve myself anyway. The officer lowered my black school skirt for me, and lowered my tights and panties, revealing my vagina. Afterwards, the officer helped me back into my clothes, and instructed me to stand as she removed the final restraints. I was told to lie on the spare bunk, which was a lower one, and spread my arms and legs. The leather cuffs on the bunk were attached to my wrists and ankles. A rope was tied around my head gagging me well, and the crotch rope was added despite me wearing my skirt still.

So there I was, in my school shirt and tie, skirt, tights, black underwear and these ugly prison transit slippers. The prison officer left and slammed the door behind her. Soon after the fluorescent strip light in the cell turned off, and I was in total darkness once again.


Morning came, marked by a loud bell ringing and the light in the cell flickering on. That same prison officer came into the cell, and one by one untied us from our beds and ungagged. We were each made to stand in the middle of the cell, as handcuffs were applied behind our backs, and leg shackles placed at our feet. One by one we formed two pairs. I stood behind, next to a beautiful looking blonde with shoulder length hair, a petite figure and a friendly smile. Both our handcuffs were chained together with a short length of chain. I was to the left and she was to the right. The prison officer left the cell, and shortly after the bell rang once again. We began moving forwards, to meet other girls paired up, walking down the corridor to the dining hall. A clock on the wall said seven o'clock. I followed form, and in the hall we each stood at a table place, where a meagre portion of breakfast was waiting - a small bowl of cereal, a dry slice of toast, and a cup of water. Prison officers came round one by one, removing the chains between us, and recuffing us with out hands in front. The door to the room was shut and heavily guarded. The girl said "its about the only time when you're hands aren't cuffed behind you, apart from in your cell of course". I introduced myself - her name was Jennifer. She was here awaiting court, and was fascinated by my story. We chatted quietly whilst eating until other girls began to stand, and prison officers came to recuff us with our hands behind, and reattach the chains.

We were walked back to our cells, where our bondage was temporarily removed as we were ordered to strip naked. I nervously complied, and my hands and feet were recuffed, and I was once again joined to Jennifer. Similarly to before, we all walked down the corridor to the shower room, except of course we were all naked, although surprisingly no one else seemed bothered apart from me. I suppose they got used to this. We were walked into the shower room, and the chain connecting me to the other girl was removed, and my hands were recuffed in front of me. After a quick shower, we dried off, and were our hands were cuffed behind our backs again, and I was once again attached to Jennifer. When we returned to the cell, the door was shut behind us, and I noticed that my school uniform had been taken and was replaced with a clean prison uniform lying on my bed. There was a blue and white striped long sleeve shirt, and a pair of blue slack trousers. Once I was uncuffed I changed into this, as did all the other girls, and then we were rehandcuffed with our hands in front, and the leg shackles were reapplied. We now stayed in our cell until lunchtime, which was at about twelve o'clock, and the procedure was much the same as at breakfast. Following lunch, we were led two by two into the yard for 'exercise' - this was half an hour sitting around. Two girls who were chained together started arguing and then started pulling each other about, and trying to kick each other. Their movement was severely restricted. Two prison officers rushed to the scene where the girls were separated, leather straps were wrapped around them, and they were both gagged with ball gags, which were harnessed around their heads and padlocked. A hood was then placed over each of the girls, and then they were both carried away. Jennifer told me they would go to the isolation wing, where they would spend the next 48 hours in solitary confinement, in that strict bondage, hooded, and tied to a chair. She said one of the girls was due to go home that afternoon, but would remain here until her term in isolation was over.


The three days incarcerated had passed very slowly. I only got to know the three other girls in my cell, including Jennifer. Other than that, there was little opportunity to speak to anyone else, particularly as Jennifer and I were always tied together when out of our cells. After breakfast and showering on Tuesday morning we were lying in our cell catching up on some sleep when the door opened and a prison officer called my name. I replied, she said "time to go home girl". I was told to stand up whilst she removed my handcuffs and recuffed me with my hands behind my back. She then attached a chain from my handcuffs to a cuff on her left wrist. I quickly said my goodbyes as I was lead out of the cell and down the corridor to a room. In that room I was left standing for some time - about ten or fifteen minutes - whilst the officer behind the desk there sorted through some paperwork and produced my school uniform and schoolbag from behind the desk. The handcuffs and leg shackles were removed by the same officer who came to my cell, and she told me to strip down naked. Both prison officers stared at me as I revealed my nakedness. I wasn't so embarrassed any more following four days of showering and being paraded up and down the corridor naked. My school uniform was handed to me. I put on my panties, then my bra. I pulled up my black tights, which were laddered, and put my long sleeve white school shirt on, and buttoned all but the top button. I put on my short black school skirt. Then she handed me my school tie. I asked was it really necessary, but she said I had come in like that and I would leave dressed the same. I reluctantly tied the tie, hanging loose. "Look smart girl. We can't have you leaving looking a mess. Do up your shirt properly and straighten that tie," she said. I reluctantly complied. A set of handcuffs was then reapplied with my hands behind my back. Shackles were placed at my feet, and a metal collar was placed around my neck, just above my shirt collar. A chain ran from the collar to the handcuffs, and to a belt which was put around my waist, and a chain ran from the belt to the shackles. Then a leather strap was tied tightly around my waist, pressing my arms together. A ball gag was held up. I resigned to this fate, and it was harnessed around my head, and padlocked in place. I was then led out of the room and into the yard where a police car was waiting. The prison officer carried my school bag and handed it to the police officer who was waiting by the car. I was put in the back, and we drove away.

We were indeed in the next town. Although the windows in the back of the car were darkened I could still see out. I took about forty minutes to my house, where the police officer knocked at my house to check my parents were in. My mother stood in the door way, as the policeman returned to the car to get me. I was lifted out of the car and walked to the house. My mother looked shocked to see me in this bondage, although she had been warned by the police that this is how I would be transported. Inside the house, I was untied and ungagged, and my school bag was returned to me. My mother asked the police officer "may we keep those handcuffs. It could prove useful as a punishment for my daughter". "Well Mrs Smith, I must ensure that all police and prison equipment is returned in tact. I can't really allow you to keep anything…", he hesitated, "but, as your daughter has been in trouble with the police so much, and in case this weekend locked up hasn't taught her anything, it may be a good idea. I can sort it with my boss". He handed the handcuffs to my mother, who pointed at me - I held out my arms in front, and the police officer cuffed me once again, and handed the key to my mother.

For the rest of the afternoon I had to go about the house in handcuffs. I was to return to school the following day, but that afternoon I had to do chores for my mother in bondage.




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