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My Wedding Day                   by: Pink Mia


Let me tell you about my wedding day. It wasn’t what I would have ever, in a million years, thought would happen to me, but I suppose on my 7 year anniversary to my husband I should tell the story.

My name was Allen Moorcock. Well, now it’s Amy Williams.

It really started the night that I broke into 1611 Evergreen Terrace. The lady that lived there was named Brenda Evens and she had been widowed for a couple of years. She was so stunning and glamorous that every night from my window I would watch into her terrace and bedroom with binoculars and watch what kind of underwear she had on. I had watched her for months and new every pair of undies she had as I had watched her in them countless nights. I loved her panties. I knew when she got a new pair and I longed for the day that I could get into her drawers, so to speak.

The day came when I saw her packing for a trip and I knew that the glass doors on her upstairs terrace were easy to get through, so I decided that tonight, way after she was gone, I was going to break into her place and finally get into her panties, slips, drawers, bras… I was breaking into a sweat.

I ran across the field when the sun went down and she had been gone 4 or 5 hours and climbed onto her terrace. Slipping into her bedroom once she was gone gave me a thrill that shot through me like a mini-orgasm. I walked through her place once just to get the lay of it and make sure it was empty and then made a B-line back to her bedroom. I turned on the bathroom and closet light and then finally, like letting a breath go, I opened up her drawers and found the most shimmering and silky lingerie that I’d ever gazed upon.

There were exquisite panties made of lace and silk lined one against another, black, red, blue, pink, white. All the colors that made a woman beautiful. There was another drawer full of bras that called for my chest. I could envision those bra’s and panties on me making me as pretty as Brenda was. I could feel it coming from somewhere, maybe a call. I didn’t know.

I finally settled upon this white- virginal white outfit that could have only been a wedding set. It was easily the most beautiful thing that I’d ever seen. It had pearls adorned on it, lace embroidery around the bra cups, satin straps around the shoulders and little garters that were meant for the stockings. Oh how lucky a woman was to wear this.

I don’t know if I meant to wear her clothes that night, but suddenly I found myself peeling off my clothes until I was naked. Shaking, I put the panties on followed by the bra. I don’t recall ever having anything on that was so…sexy. It felt so good and liberating. My cock was hard and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before there was an orgasm, so I hurried to put the bustier on and then attach the stockings. There were seams down the back so I used one of Brenda’s mirrors to make sure they were straight.

I sat down on her bed and imagined that there was a man coming in here for me. It was the first and only time I had ever wanted a man, but in this outfit, these sexual desires were only appropriate.

I looked out towards where my window was across the field and started to masturbate. I pulled a pair of silk pink panties and rubbed it against my cock to stimulate it further. Oh it was wonderful, and when I came, I shot it all in the panties.

I put everything back the way in the drawers after an hour of post orgasmic bliss and enjoying the feel of the silk on my body. It was with a pit in my stomach that I put all of her clothes back and then climbed down the terrace and went home. I never went back to Brenda’s place and soon I had forgotten that I had ever gone there in the first place.

Brenda, however, did not forget. She got back the next day and immediately knew that someone had been in her private sanctum. She had been invaded and she was angry about it. What I didn’t know about Brenda was that she was a practitioner of magic. A powerful practitioner at that. She was a witch and she had extra senses that gave her insights into the realms of men and women.

That night, while I slept in my own bed, having only pleasant memories of dressing in her clothes the night before, Brenda carefully made a pentagram with her lipstick. Inside went a bottle of pink nail polish, the panties that I had "soiled", all of the lingerie that I had worn and the lipstick that she used to draw the circle. She cast a spell of transformation that night that was contingent upon the marriage of the person that had broken in to her house- namely me.

I remember seeing a storm that night, but paid it no attention.

The spell went off and I went on about my life. My college career started and I met this nice girl named Anne. To make a long story short, I forgot all about Brenda and what happened that night and soon I was engaged to Anne. We had picked a day in early May as the wedding day and my life was going along just fine, until my wedding day.

The day of my wedding came. It was a Monday and we had everything planned. Honeymoon in the fanciest hotel in town- The Argyl Hotel and then a 3 day cruise- my best man had all the tickets so I wasn’t worried about a thing. I woke up that morning and the only thing that was going through my mind was that I had to get ready for my wedding. That thought went through my head a million times that day. Get ready for your wedding.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the spell had gone off.

Across town the spell had hit Todd Williams as well. He woke up like I did, except the spell had done a number on him during the night. He dreamed of me all night long. Not me as a guy, but me as a bride. Nothing was as important to him as seeing me in a dress that day. I don’t know what was going through his mind that day, but early in the morning he went shopping for an entire bridal ensemble, all the while picturing me in the clothes that he was buying.

Back in my bedroom, I woke up and the first thing I thought of was how exited I was to be getting married. I felt giddy about the whole thing. The first thing I did was to get in the shower. I wanted a hot, hot shower that morning and as I stood in the steam that morning I thought about my wedding. While I was thinking about the wedding, I picked up one of my razors and shaved my legs. I didn’t even think about what I had done, I was just getting ready for my wedding. After my legs were smooth, I attacked my chest, underarms, arms, and hands. By the time the hot water had run out, I was completely smooth. That didn’t bother me, because I was getting ready for my wedding.

I got out of the shower and after I had dried off, I rummaged through Anne’s leftover stuff and finally found what I wanted. I picked up a bottle of pretty pink- almost satiny pink nail polish and painted each toe- twice.

Still getting ready for my wedding, I chose a grey pair of pants and a white shirt so I could drive to the chapel. I remember how stiff and itchy they felt. I felt like I was wearing a suit of armor. But, I remembered that I had to get ready for my wedding.

Again, the spell working without my knowledge, but certainly to change my future had sent Todd out to the mall to buy a wedding dress. He didn’t know why he was buying one, it was just a compulsion. I can’t imagine what he went through that morning, but he had bought a wedding dress along with the sexiest lingerie, stockings, heels, makeup and a wig. Somewhere he was imagining that I would change into all of this and be his. This was a crazy fantasy, but the spell was working it’s charms.

I got to the chapel sometime before noon. Todd was there, I saw his car, but didn’t pay it much mind. I was getting married and I was exited. I went into the grooms side of the hallway and entered the changing room. Almost immediately I could feel something happen to me. I didn’t know what but it centered on the rack and what was hanging on the rack.

A perfect white wedding dress. There were boxes next to it with underwear and heels and a makeup case next to the mirror. All my vision went narrow as the dress lit up the room. It was so pretty that I found myself going to it without knowing why I was going to it. My fingers found the buttons on the clothes I was wearing and in a moment I was completely nude, standing there in the church.

Nude. Shaved. With pretty pink toenails that winked at me.

I found myself moving over to the mirror where I held up the pretty bustier that was in the box to my body. I pulled the garter belt out along with the stockings and put them on first. I rolled the stockings up over my toes and loved the look of stockings over nail polish. I put my white satin and lace panties over them. Somehow I had the feeling that my panties were coming off before my stockings.

I kept hearing the voice inside my head urging me to get ready for my wedding, so I hooked the bustier onto my chest and filled it with a pair of falsies that had been placed here as well. I looked like I had a 35C cup when I was done and again I felt the push to get ready for my wedding.

The box with makeup called me next and I found myself sitting down at the little vanity and opening it up. I pulled the wig from off it’s stand and put it on my head. The long reddish-brown hair fell down around my –new- breasts and I smiled as I moved it all to the back. I needed to get ready for my wedding. I picked up the foundation and smeared it into my face. I wanted a blank pallet which is what my face became. Next I grabbed some mascara and made my lashes long and sexy.

I took some eyeliner and went around each eye to bring out my pretty green eyes and then I took a straight razor and went at my eyebrows. I shaped them into pretty arches all the time thinking that I only have an hour before the wedding is going to start.

I filled in my eyes with a smoky green and highlighted with gold. I put blush on my cheeks and chin and then set it all with powder. I picked out a nice creamy pink lipstick and first lined my lips and then filled them in so I had nice thick pink lips. I thought that I’m almost ready for my wedding.

I turned around and looked at the dress that I was going to wear. I had to be careful not to get any of my makeup on it, but I was going to be very careful. I slowly stepped into the dress and I noted how much better it felt to wear than the nasty pants that I was wearing before. The feeling of freedom and restriction was intoxicating.

Finally I stepped into the white 3" heels that I was going to get married in and sat down and gingerly clasped the straps together around my ankle. I adored the way my toenails glittered back at me, painted pink through the white hose and all. I looked at myself in the mirror.

I was standing just under 6’, a slender girl who had green eyes, long russet hair cascading down my the back of my ivory dress. My face was made up for sure, but not so much. The most dominant feature being my lips because they were full and pink and had a glassy shine. My dress was a beautiful white-ivory and fell down to above my knees, except the train which fell a few feet behind me. My eyes went back to my pretty pink toes which were strapped into white pumps. I looked like I was the very essence of virginity except that somewhere clad in silk and satin was a penis. I slid a pair of white elbow gloves that were smooth and silky and made my fingers feel so much more delicate.

I WAS ready to be married.

It was 25 minutes to the wedding and I was looking at myself amazed at how pretty and wide my eyes were. My smile was wide and sultry at the same time. I thought to myself what a pretty bride I’d become.

And then I stopped. I was washed over by the realization that I’d dressed in a perfect brides outfit and I was ready to be married. I was supposed to be the groom. For the first time that day, I thought of Anne, my fiancée.

What was going to happen? I felt my stomach curl inside, but I was fascinated at the image in the mirror on the outside. I was trapped between worlds and couldn’t move. I don’t know how long I stood there. Maybe a minute, maybe 5 before I felt the door open and a sense of dread hit me.

Oh my, what’s going to happen to me. Who is this? I wanted to duck into a bathroom, but the image of the green eyed girl in the mirror still held me.

"Oh my God." I heard a very familiar male voice. "Oh my sweet God." I heard him say again and I saw Todd in the mirror. Todd was my best man. He was a rugged man 3 years older than me, but had managed to put himself into a suit today and he looked very good.

He was a few inches over 6’ with blonde-white hair and a well groomed mustache. His smile was broad and toothy, but his eyes were fixed on me. Pure amazement showed on his face. There was an odd smile to his lips, but the amazement was obvious. He stepped inside and closed and locked the door.

I turned to look at him, swiveling on my heels. He looked me over and I was very conscious of being looked over. When he came back up to my eyes again there was a look of lust in his eyes. I couldn’t believe it, but it was there. He was looking at me and his cock in his pants was getting hard.

"I can’t believe this is happening." He says echoing my own thoughts. "But you are the most attractive girl here." He looks at me again. "What’s your name."

For a moment I think that he’s mistaken me for a girl. "Allen" I blurt out.

He smiles again and takes a step towards me and says "No what’s your real name"

"Amy" I say with no hesitation.

"I dreamed about you last night." He says as he gets closer to me. It’s getting hotter and I begin to feel a little light headed. His cock is getting harder and harder and it is so tempting to look at it and adore it, but his eyes are still locked on mine. "And you did turn out to be a hot little bride didn’t you?" he asks, not expecting an answer.

He stands so close to me that his cock is just brushing up against my tummy. The electricity of the moment is tangible and I run my silk clad hands down his chest.

He grabs my hands with his and swings us both around so that he can sit down. He does and my hands are immediately releasing his hard cock from his trousers. It springs forth and I gasp.

This is the closest to a cock that I’ve ever gotten and all I want to do is get closer. I have a sudden desperate urge to feel his cock in my mouth. My pink lips are demanding it and I am having a fierce craving for his cum. His salty, pearly white cum in my mouth. My pink lips over his shaft. My cheeks and tongue caressing his manhood. I sink to my knees in front of him.

His cock is so close that I can’t resist it any more. I plunge my mouth over his hard shaft and put him as deep into my mouth as I can. I close my mouth when I feel the myself start to gag and lift my head up just a little bit. My tongue slithers up and down it and I can hear him start to moan. I pull back all the way and look at the pink lipstick mark almost at the base of his cock. It’s beautiful to me.

I never even thought to look at the other door in the room. Todd locked the main door, but the other door never even occurred to me.

I was kneeling on the floor with Todd’s cock in my mouth, pumping away at it like I didn’t know where I was, making moaning noises through my nose like I didn’t know where I was. I was only concentrating on the extreme pleasure of sucking his cock. Going up and down, the whole time his fingers were on my shoulders keeping me where I was, doing exactly what I was doing.

"Oh God, Amy. You are such a good cocksucker." Todd said way too loud. I didn’t care. He called me a cocksucker and I loved it. Cocksucker, cocksucker there I was licking his dick.

I knew there was someone else in the room without even looking up. The rush of air, the change in air pressure, the slight intake of air that I hear drawn into someone’s lungs.

I didn’t care though. Getting Todd to cum in my mouth was a priority. I redoubled my efforts which made him grunt again as I let by body undulate with pleasure. He finally released his cum in my mouth.

It was wonderful. I caught every drop of cum in my mouth and loved it. There was some incredible satisfaction from making him cum and when I looked up there was a smile on my face, a gleam in my eye and a dribble of cum trailing from my pink, smudged lips to the tip of his cock. Todd’s head had rocked back from the force of his orgasm, so I was the first to look up into the room.

I saw 4 people standing there with their jaws open from shock. There was Anne’s mother and father, a woman behind them in a pale blue suit and of course, Anne- in her wedding gown. Just like me.

I saw them look at me closely trying to see through the makeup and wig and clothes. Selfishly, I realized that I looked much better than Anne did. Todd was right, I was the prettiest girl here.

It was Anne’s mother who saw through me first.

"Oh my God. It’s Allen." She whispered.

Anne peered at me closely and I saw the horror and recrimination coming from her eyes. Here she was, on her wedding day, looking at her groom, who was dressed like a bride, giving head to the best man, and doing it well.

Then all hell broke loose. Anne started to cry into her father’s shoulder her mother was just looking at me like she couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it either. The cum on my lips was getting cold and it reminded me of what had just happened.

There were no words spoken, just the sobs of Anne in her father’s shoulder. I could feel the weight of the world bearing down on me until I felt the presence of Todd behind me. I mean, he was right behind me. He stood up and placed his hands on my shoulders as a gesture of support.

He also had a hard on that he was pressing into my smooth silk covered ass. Slowly and repeatedly he stroked my ass with the buldge in his pants that could only be his cock. He didn’t do it obvious enough for any of Anne’s parents to see it, but I felt it and it felt sooooo good. It took my mind away from the horror of the situation and made me think about putting his dick in my mouth again. I pushed back ever so slightly against him to let him know that I felt him. Oh how I wanted to feel him.

Finally, after an eternity they left. Anne took the engagement ring off of her finger and put it on the table. Without a word, save for the condenming looks in their eyes, Anne, her mom and father left leaving only one woman standing in the room. The woman in the pale blue dress who had a bottle of bubbles and she was blowing them. She looked familiar, but I was too emotionally wrought to think about who it was. I leaned back into Todd’s body for support. My legs were aching and I thought I was going to teeter in these heels.

I never once thought about taking the clothes off after Todd stood behind me. The mystery bubble blowing woman walked over to Todd and myself and smiled.

"You are a very pretty bride." She said still blowing bubbles. As I looked at her I tried to place her, but I was still having problems.

"Don’t you remember me, Allen?" She asked sexually. "Don’t you remember my panties and stockings that you enjoyed so much that night?" She looked right at me and I looked past the 7 years that had gone by.

"Ms. Evans?" I asked.

"Of course it’s me, you silly girl. I’m just checking in on you during your wedding day.

Todd got defensive and stood in between me and the Witch. That was sort of a mistake. She waved her hand in front of him and he just froze. Her attention was on him and she looked him in the eyes.

"So, is this the man that you’ve decided to take?" She looked at the smudged lipstick and grinned. "I suppose so."

She looked at Todd and made a gesture with her hand in front of him.

"You will want this woman so badly you can think of nothing else. From this moment on she is your sexual world. You can cum in no other way save to squirt on her or her mouth. Each night you will experience a new world of pleasure as she takes your cum and drinks it. Do you understand what I’ve told you?" She asked Todd.

"Ummmm yes." He says as his cock gets harder than it was.

Then she looks at me and waves her hand in the same way that she waved in front of Todd. I was mesmerized by it and couldn’t move. My head rushed and I couldn’t hear anything outside of what she was saying.

"Oh my dear Allen. I’m a witch and I’m probably the last person that will ever call you that. Oh you poor panty thief, what you did that night was very bad. Sneaking into my bedroom and putting on my clothes. Did you think that I wouldn’t notice. Anyway, I don’t think that you’ll have any time for that any more."

She squared herself in front of me and blew a few more bubbles at my face. She peered into my eyes. She had these almond brown eyes that were hypnotic.

"You will love giving head to your husband. Your enjoyment will come from giving him enjoyment. Every time you make him cum, there will be a tingle of exitement that can be duplicated no where else. The desire to wear lipstick will be a constant one. You will not feel like yourself if your lips are not pretty and if you are not wearing some makeup. You will love making yourself pretty as it is always a form of foreplay. You know that your husband will always want to make love to you. That is his compulsion.

You will simply yearn for the pleasure of making your husband happy, all the time knowing that you have a little cock hiding somewhere. Don’t worry, I have a feeling that in a year or so, you’ll be taking hormones and thinking about a full sex change."

She waited a moment to let the words sink in and then she blew some more bubbles. She walked over to Todd and put her hand inside his coat and grabbed something. Without a word she walked over to the table that Anne put her ring down on and then walked over to the both of us. She pulled my hand and put Todd’s on top of it. She placed one ring on my gloved hand and the other on Todd’s.

"By the power granted to me from the cosmos, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Todd leaned into me and put his mouth on mine and gave me the sweetest kiss I’d ever imagined. I’d already forgotten about the humiliation that I suffered today, his kiss was burning all that away. That and the fact that my gloved hand was massaging his cock through his pants.

It hit me then. I was his wife. I was Amy Williams. Allen Moorcock dissapeared forever.

He still had the reservations for the hotel and cruise and since we had just been married we went on our honeymoon. It seemed like hours after we first fell in love, but we got to his car without too much incident. Most of the guests had left, and those that were there couldn’t read me, they just assumed that I was a different bride. We got in his car and drove downtown to the Argyl Hotel and to our honeymoon suite.

I was beautiful in there. There was champagne and chocolates. There was a heart shaped bed and a shower for two. The whole room felt like a dream, but I came back to reality when I saw my new husband and a wave of sexual desire came over me. I wanted him and I wanted him to want me.

I went into the bathroom and carefully took my dress off. I was left with a very sexy white bustier with a pair of matching satin panties and seamed stockings and white elbow gloves. I made up my face with more color- golds and greens and then pulled out the same pink lipstick that I had at the church. One of the things that had to be done tomorrow, was a new wardrobe, but for tonight, there was only one thing that needed to be done.

I put the heels back on and stepped out into the room. It was dark except for 2 lights in the back of the room. I could see my husband sitting there with his cock sticking straight up in the air. This was like a dream to me, except it was going to come true. In a minute I was going to have his cock in my mouth. Oh my how I wanted it.

I licked my lips and he said.

"Why don’t you come over her and sit by me."

I didn’t need a second invitation. I sat next to him and my hand stroked his cock. It was long and thin and had a perfect shiny head. I massaged it while he relaxed and enjoyed it. After a moment, when I saw the first little bit of precum on his tip, I moved onto my knees in front of him. I felt truly comfortable in front of him like this with my hand wrapped around his cockhead.

I put my tongue at the very base of his cock and licked him from the bottom of his shaft to the top of it, taking all the precum that he had to offer. Even that little bit tasted… well, wonderful. I really liked it as I came back towards his head. It was even stiffer and more purple than before. I gave him a kiss that left a shiny pink lip print on his cock that made him dribble even more out.

Finally I put his entire cock in my mouth down to the shaft. No gag reflex, I just looked into his eyes as I began to suck him down. Up and down, swirling my tongue over and over him. Looking into his eyes all the time, he calls me a cocksucker and then he calls me his wife. He started to buck his own hips as his grunts got louder and louder. Semen was coming out of his cock into my mouth before he ever orgasmed, and it tasted delightful. I loved doing what I was doing for so many reasons, the taste of cum, the feel of cock, the look of lipstick, the sound of the word cocksucker.

He shot the first load straight down my throat and I gulped it down. The second shot of cum surprised me and some of it dripped down out of my mouth. He kept coming and giving me the cum that I was enjoying so much, he must have had 10 orgasms with his dick in my lips. That made me feel so good, I can’t explain it to you. Somewhere, it just completed me.

Spent, he laid back as I dutifully licked his dick down to a soft piece of flesh. It was covered in my lipstick- pink and pretty and that was the finest thing of all.

We spent the rest of the night making love with my lips- constantly almost feverishly fucking my face. I loved the ferocityy with which he did it and I kept making my face up again and again.

And that’s it. We are still married and I’ve had my breasts enlarged so that they are now a 37D cup. Todd loves them and he loves me. I love Todd and that’s all I care about.




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