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My True Formation into a Tv Sex Addicted Slut

by Sissy Stacey


Hi my name is kevin bates, I go by Stacey and eventually that will be changed to Stacey miller I never life would turn out this way being a cock addicted tv slut who is getting closer to being totally caught by my current wife. Oh she knows I cross dress and she presumes I sneak out to do who knows what with men, each night I do she becomes more suspicious and nosy soon ill be caught and when that happens ill be totally given over to Stacey, start hormone therapy and get implants, here is my story and the story that she doesn't know.

My first memory of cross dressing happened when i was only about 12 give or take a few years I started off like most other cd's do borrowing their mommies panties bras and stockings , jerking off in my sisters satin and lace panties. Anyway the first memory I have is for some unknown reason being attracted to this blue green satin nightgown , more fo what a woman would call a baby doll except it was for little girls it was my sister's it was blue green satin with a sheer blue green outer layer the bottom had a nice frilly ruffle and it was sleeveless it came with matching panties the fit snug and felt so smooth I remember feeling myself up for the first time in his outfit, I don't know what came over me I threw myself to the floor and started to grind my penis on the ground sliding across the night gown it felt so good I could'nt stop, but stop I had to my sister found me she ran out of the room laughing and told my whole family who were visiting with relatives they all laughed at me calling me pretty boy and sissy.

From than on I tried my best to hide this fetish stealing in to my mothers room borrowing panties with soft , satin or stretch material what was happening to me, one day I accidentally tore a pair of garter stockings that I was wearing to master bate in I was in fear, what was I going do surely my mother would notice! Well as you would guess this was my first shopping trip into the ladies department to replace them I was a bit embarrassed as we men <laugh> usually are when we know that we are there for us and not for another woman.

I continued to masterbate in my sisters panties they fit better and were usually sexy and satin sting bikini's the type that she had to hide from my mother because they were to sexy for a girl of twelve, if only my mother knew that I wore those panties more than my sister. Eventually I wanted my own panties and I once again ventured out to the ladies department in boscovs, I was one of those men who used to take 30 minutes looking and feeling the panties bras and night gowns while hiding behind the racks, eventually I knew I wanted to wear them but I couldn't buy them due to shame so I did what a lot of men do I took a few pair and went into the mens private change rooms and pulled the sexy panties up over my body feeling the satin next to my yet smoothe un hairy body stroking my cock over the panties feeling ecstasie and shooting my load all over the panties, I would than get redressed leaving the panties and bra behind and leave the store, after a while I became addicted to this and began feeling safe in my little secret venture till one day unbeknownst tome I was followed and when I had just fully dressed in thigh highs panties and a padded bra a knock cam e at the door more of a pound open up it said, I was scared what could I do , but of course my first panty clad act of submissiveness I opened the door allowing all three of the men to witness me the made me take the tags of the merchandise get dress in my clothes leaving the feminine attire on and walked me to the register to pay for the items kicking me outta the store.

It was a long time b4 I went back there i was once again stuck stealing what ever women clothes that lived with me.

That brings me up to my fist wife and how I first showed someone that I was in panties we were having sex and i made it seem like it was her idea I forget how but I somehow managed to get her to suggest that I wear panties while we had sex, it thrilled her but unknown to her it was almost require by me to achieve an erection, I entered the military and had no clothes but after boot camp I talked my wife in to mailing me a sexy French cut royal blue stain front paneled sheer back snap crotch with satin strap teddy, I was into a teddy fetish for a while I might add. I told her that we could have phone sex and that I would wear this garment while we talked on the phone, lil did she know I wore it way more often under my uniform. Finally after 3 years of being together she started to see the bigger picture , I was a tv so she used it to her ability she was a ninpho and if I was going to get off so was she.She stared having me demanding me to dress which I submitted freely than she would take me downtown to the adult book stores back than they had glory holes, I don't know where she found this out but she took me there and we went into a boothe me dressed in 3 inch black pumps and a tight black mini that she had bought for me with a matching lace bra panty and garter set wit matching lace stockings all black, I was wearing a blonde wig and she applied makeup to make me look like a whore, we entered the boothe and I saw for the first time a cock peering thru the whole, she made me watch as she started to fondle and suck the cock that she grabbed my hand and placed it on the rather large penis it felt warm hard rigid yet soft and pulsated in my hand it felt good she said that this was a gift to me that every girl likes to had a warm hard cock in her mouth. I looked at her in awe , what did she mean what did she want. She guided me to my knees and said that's right sissy on your knees like a good slut, telling me that cock wasn't there to stay forever and it required attention or it would move on , I close my eyes and opened my mouth her had guided my head my mouth onto the penis before I knew it I was sucking cock I was bobbing back and forth I was enjoying it I was enjoying her watching me her teaching me her dominating me. Next she told me that wasnt the only surprise she took out hand cuffs 2 pair and cuffed my hands behind my back and cuffed those cuffs to the bench. I couldn't stop her I dint want to she unlatched the door it was only a matter of a few minutes after that loud click of that latch that some one else had entered. She told me to keep sucking as a man , a strange man watched, next thing I knew I felt something warm burst in my mouth, I almost gagged and began to pull away when the new man the rather tall black man grabbed my head and forced it forward holding my face firm against the wall with the cock in my mouth shooting its salty thick warm cum down my throat I heard both men moan and my wife giggled and said that would be a new sensation that I would have to get used to.

After feeling the cock pull outta my mouth and my head was released I turned to see my wife caressing his growing buldge in his pants as she was kissing him, I was hurt humiliated an yet turned on, she explained to me that things were going to be different from now on that she was going to have a real mans cock in her many men cock in her instead of some sissy faggot attempting to get her off , but not to worry that she would make sure that I had all the cock I wanted to, I dint realize how right she was, she than said to me to unzip this black mans zipper with my teeth if I really wanted his cock I knew I had to do it I was being told to and I also wanted to he smiled called her by her name wich shocked me how did he know her name ? a tap cam on the door it was opened and yet another man entered, he stepped in and said to my wife also calling hrer by her name so this is the sissy bitch huh? She said yes this was what he was replacing she than proceeded to whip out his cock and devour it in front of me, the black man smiled and said don't worry I wont be left out, as he rubbed his fully erect cock along my cheeks, I was confused angry humiliated but more than anything I was turned on I felt the soft caress if the black mans hand on my face I knew what I needed wanted and was supposed to do , I opened my mouth.

By this time my wifes panties were off and she was being fucked I don't just mean having sex her new man was pounding her pussy like i never had like, I never could, she was screaming his name phil, he smiled and said to get used to it my new room was down the hall from his and my wifes bedroom now. M y face was being fucked at this time all i could do was slurp and swallow I was being gagged tears rolled down my eyes my make up was running john the black man said yeah now your looking every bit the whore you are boy, my wife both giggled and moaned , I moaned I was enjoying this my mind was breaking whet the hell was going on, why couldn't I stop why didn't I want to. My wife is being fucked I should want to kick that mans ass and all I really wanted to do was to caress his balls and make his cock harder to please my wife I wanted to swallow johns cum. John stood me up and turned me around I noticed another dick in the hole he bent me over pulled my skirt up and my panties over to the side, he told my wife to spit on my asshole , what was that all about I thought than I found out as john forced no positioned my face on the new cock he rammed my ass with his 11 inch cock I screamed but the sound was muffled by the cock in my mouth, I felt his hands on my hips holding on thrusting his dark meat into me over and over I somehow relaxed and started to enjoy this john said yeah that's right baby your learning, it wast long b4 both the cock in my mouth and my ass shot their loads I sucked and licked and swallowed the cum from the wall , john turned me around made me suck his filth covered cock clean I almost gagged but than found my self hungering for more he fed me what cum was dripping on my face off of hjs cock. My wife laughed at me ad said I might be a bigger whore than she was, if I wasn't I soon would be. John and phil zipped up my wife put her panties on my face and the three left me cuffed and facing the wall, over and over that night I was fucked blindfolded by my wifes cum drenched panties I never even seen who was fucking me, I saw some flashes and one man said thanks for the pictures pig look for myself on the net. After what seemed to be hours john came back and helped me to the bench I couldn't stand my legs were so weak he had me suck his cock 1 more time than offered me a cigarette, and said that he was now my pimp , it was 2am and soon time for the bars to let out he took me to the corner where I was to work and told me how much to charge for trick each he'd come by to pick up the cash in intervals and I better have some my wife was getting 40 percent some of which would buy me a new wardrobe.

I was a whore for john and my wife for 3 years till she finally divorced me being pregnant for the 2nd time with phils child than they kicked me out I moved to Pennsylvania and tried to become a man again.

I worked out looked hot became a male dancer and had pretty much straight sex with strippers and massage parlor girls than I was hit with the urge again, to dress I don't know why but I started wearing my girlfriends clothes to have sex with her , it wasn't long before she left me , telling people that I wa gay but I was to hot for any1 to believe that, I continued to be a closet case eventually gaining the courage to sneak out dressed during the day and nights for shopping at 1 or 2 stores, I started prostituting my self for the money to but clothes victoria's secret opened and im addicted to her line of clothing, it became easy for me to start going out to adult book stores and the red light district of reading pa 7th and franklin streets and plum street to whore my ass out, I became very good at dressing and applying make up , I am excellent in bed and suck cock extremely well now I can deep throat every cock I come across. I remarried and my wife found out about the cross dressing what she doesn't realize is that i ever had gay sex or that I suck and fuck about 30 50 cocks a week sometimes more when im lucky I don't charge every one since im addicted to cock its just a turn on to be paid for sex every once in a while, im so outta control now it flares up time and again I been banking shopping and working at the deb shop in the local mall as a tv behind my wifes back it wont be long before she finds out and leaves me. I now carry my own wrist and ankle cuffs the local adult book store also lets me in for free because I satisfy a lot of the customers bringing them back for business more often, I find myself chained to benches in the shop being gang banged by men for hours with a ring gag in my mouth so I cant shut it and any wanting cock can find the back of my throat, last night I was fucked so good my as throbbed for hours but it wasn't enough I went downtown and when I couldn't find any johns a young 20 some year old Puerto Rican male took me to the back alley fucked my face and ass than shot his load on my face. At this point I know I need help but for what I don't know to have srs or to become straight 1 man told me im to far gone to quit im to addicted to dick , so I think ill look into hormones , if you ever find yourself in reading Pa area look me up im a hot transvestite siphin@PTD.NET AND I loooooovee cock

Kisses sissy Stacey. Special thanks to my first wife and john for showing me the way.




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