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This is a story of how I went from a happily married man to a part time servant to my wife and her male lover. It is meant for the reading pleasure of those who are considered adults in their area. Please send your comments and suggestions to I would like to hear from you.


My Transition

by Mwmsissy


My wife Pat and I had been married for 15 years when I brought up the idea that we should enter the swinging lifestyle. We had dated each other in high school and married before I went to college. Our life together was very good and yet, I wanted to add the extra spice of sex with other people. She thought I wanted to ruin our lives. I told her that I wanted everything we had now plus the excitement of sex without guilt. When she told me that if it was so important to me to have sex with another lady, I should have an affair, I responded accurately that I would not be able to live with the guilt. We discussed this topic for almost two years until one day she told me, " All Right, since this is something you insist on and I'm tired of arguing with you about it: we can try it." " But I know if another man pays attention to me I will fall in love with him.", she added. I was so elated that she had finally agreed, that I scarcely heeded her warning. Besides I secretly thought she would sit back and I would have all the fun. Not wanting to give her time to change her mind, I quickly located a local on-premise swinger's club.

Saturday night we got dressed up and went to the club. The owner gave us a tour showing us the conversation area, the hot tub room, the bedrooms and even the orgy room. I paid him the membership fee and we went to the conversation room to mix and mingle with the other couples there. I thought I was in heaven! Many of the couples were sitting around with nothing but towels wrapped around them, having already been in the hot tub. We talked somewhat timidly to some of them for a bit and then relaxed. It was a friendly crowd which made us feel more comfortable. After a bit we decided to go to the hot tub ourselves and went to our locker to get undressed. As she wrapped her towel around her, Pat asked once more, " Are you sure you want to do this?" I nodded enthusiastically and we walked to the hot tub. It was a large sunken tub with several people already sitting in the water and several more sitting around the edges. Pat dropped her towel and stepped into the water. I followed her and introduced ourselves to the other folks. They were also very friendly. This is what I had wanted, to be surrounded by naked ladies and casually chatting away. Pat got right into the spirit of things with the help of a couple of glasses of white wine she had consumed already. Before long I was talking to an attractive blonde lady who seemed to show an interest in me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Pat talking to a big black man who had once been an NFL player. Since I knew that she was a great football fan, I assumed they were discussing the current season. Before I knew it the black man had taken Pat's hand and was leading her off to a private room. As she walked away she gave me a wink. I turned back to Becky, the blonde girl I had been talking to and realized that I hadn't tried to ask a girl for sex since high school. I wasn't sure how to go about it anymore. My concern was intensified as she got up to leave with another man she already knew.

The people in the water with me were friendly enough but I wondered how long Pat would be gone and also wondered what she was doing. People came and went and I was still sitting there until I had to get out of the hot water. Wrapping my towel around me I went back to the conversation area and sat by the fireplace nursing my drink. Sure I talked with several ladies, but never got up the nerve to ask one of them to go off to a room for sex. My insecurity had gotten the better of me. Finally Pat and her new friend came to the room I was in. She was positively glowing, her hair was wet from what had obviously been a wild time and she was clinging to his arm totally naked. He was naked too and I couldn't help but notice his body, it was very muscular. The size of his cock was massive. It must have been 10" and it was thick too. He was a fine specimen of a man. He shook my hand and told me, " You have a fine lady there little guy, I hope you bring her here again." I was a bit upset with that ' little guy' remark, but smiled and replied, " Oh yes, I think we'll be coming back here often." He smiled and walked away leaving Pat standing there naked. I wrapped my towel around her and led her back to our lockers to get dressed. Once we were dressed, we left to go home as it was now quite late. All the way home she was telling me how much fun she'd had and what a great idea I had thought up.

We got home and immediately got undressed and climbed into bed. I was in a mood for sex, but she protested that she was tired out and rolled over to sleep. I had very mixed feelings about tonight's outing. On the one hand we had finally tried out the new lifestyle I craved, but on the other hand Pat had not sat back while I had fun. Quite the reverse, it had been me that was timid and she that had all the fun. I made up my mind that next time things would be different. I would be much more forward and have the thrill of sex with another woman. This had been my idea and I was determined to make it work out as I had imagined it.

Sunday morning we both slept late recovering from our late night out. We had breakfast and then watched football for the rest of the day. Pat was a much bigger football fan than I was, but I accommodated her during the season and watched with her. She seemed to be in a great mood, but never mentioned her fun time with the black stud. I didn't bring it up either, not wanting to give her the chance to gloat. Monday it was back to work, I am a Junior High math teacher, and she a legal secretary. During the work week our lives are fairly hectic and we spent the rest of the time without mentioning our foray to the Swing Club. On Saturday morning, Pat woke up with a smile and told me, " Tonight will be fun. I've been looking forward to it all week. You were right, this sure does put some spice into our sex lives." She slipped on her robe and went to fix breakfast. Even though I had misgivings about the possibility of a possible repeat of last Saturday's fiasco, I was looking forward to a chance to redeem myself. We spent the day doing routine chores, had supper and then started getting ourselves ready to go out.

We arrived at the club around 9:00pm, paid our entrance fee and went inside. After fixing ourselves a drink, we went straight to our lockers and got undressed. We took our towels and headed for the hot tub. I looked around for Becky, the lady I had been talking to last week, but didn't see her. We talked small talk with some of the people sharing the water with us for probably a half hour or so, when the tall black man walked in with a strikingly beautiful black lady. She was his lady friend I supposed. He walked right up to Pat and bent down to kiss her. Pat kissed him warmly and then asked me, " You remember Leon don't you dear?" I had never heard his name, but I sure remembered him. I reached out my hand and said," Sure, how are you tonight Leon?" He gripped my hand with a crushing squeeze and shook it. When I winced with pain, he smiled. " This is my friend Ruby." he said introducing his lady. I smiled at her and said , " Pleased to meet you Ruby, I'm Don and this is my wife Pat." She stepped down into the tub to sit beside me just as Pat was helped from the tub by Leon. Pat again winked at me and walked off with him. Ruby turned my head and looked into my eyes. She said, " Maybe we should go to a room and get better acquainted." I couldn't believe my good luck, this beautiful, statuesque lady wanted to have sex with me! I was stunned, but nodded my head yes. She took me by the hand and led me to a room. She closed the door and sat on the edge of the bed with her legs spread. She coyly asked me, " Do you know how to please a lady orally little man?" Again that phrase ' little man' had surfaced, but I ignored it and confidently answered, " Yes Ma'am." To which she firmly said, " Good, get down there and show me." I Knelt between her legs and kissed her pussy. She grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my face firmly to her crotch. She lifted her legs, placing them over each of my shoulders. She kept me licking until she reached her orgasm, which took a long time. Then releasing my head she said, " You serve me well Don, come up here and lay beside me." I crawled onto the bed and lay down beside her. She kissed me lightly on the forehead and then moved down and began sucking on my nipple. Oh, that felt good. Her hand moved down to my cock and she started stroking it. Her other hand was pinching my other nipple. Wow! All this stimulation along with my long pent up desires brought me to a quick orgasm and I spurted my come onto my stomach. Ruby chuckled at my rapid climax, than scooped up my semen and fed it to me. " Come on boy, lick my hand clean." she commanded. I was so turned on that I obeyed her and licked the remaining semen from her fingers. She praised me saying, " You are sweet and fun to play with Donnie. Now lick me some more." She straddled my face and pulled my head to her crotch. Although I wanted to please her, it was also clear that I had no choice in the matter. As I licked away, she reached her hand down, fondled my limp cock and remarked, " This little cock is cute, not menacing like Leon's. It's fun to play with, but I know I'd never feel you inside me. You do pleasure me, just not like a man." These remarks hurt my pride, but I was being held in place and kept licking away at her bottom. Besides that, she had me by the balls now and I knew that could hurt me bad if she so desired. It was a long time before she had experienced as many climaxes as she wanted and released me. " Baby, you sure know how to please a woman!", Ruby stated with glee. She got off of me and had me stand up. She sat on the side of the bed and grabbed my nipples. With an evil grin she ordered, " Jack yourself off for me boy." It was clear that she was using me as her toy, and also that her pleasure was all that mattered to her. She lifted my to my tiptoes by my nipples and ordered, " Do it NOW." I grabbed my cock and started stroking myself rapidly, which brought a smile to her face. After I spurted a few drops, she released me, stood up and kissed me. " That was so nice of you to play my games with me.", She soothingly said. Then she added, " Larry is so macho that he won't let me be in charge, but you are so sweet that I knew you would. thanks baby." My nipples ached and were stretched out and swollen. Ruby looked at me and took my towel and wrapped it around my chest like the gals wore theirs. Then she took my by the hand and led me to the conversation area. I felt funny wearing my towel like a woman does while she had her towel wrapped around he waist. I supposed she just liked showing off her wonderful breasts.

Ruby sat me down by the fireplace and went to fix us drinks. She handed my drink, pulled me close to her, and put her arm around my shoulder like she was protecting me. We sat sipping our drinks for some time before Leon and Pat showed up. They sat down near us and I noticed once more that Pat looked like she had experienced a wild time. She was positively glowing and her head was wet with perspiration. Leon was smiling as he asked me, " Did Ruby take care of you Donnie?" Again he was trying to make me look small, but I ignored that and answered, " Yes Leon she sure did." Despite having mixed feelings about my tryst with Ruby, I tried to put up a good front. I hadn't even entered her, she had used me for her pleasure. That I had pleased her wasn't in doubt and I had come twice in a short time. But being her boy toy wasn't exactly what I had in mind when we started this swinging lifestyle.

The four of us talked like we were friends for a few minutes before Pat told me, " Dear I invited Leon and Ruby to our house next Saturday to watch college football. You can barbeque some steaks and we can get to know them better. Won't that be fun?" Though I was surprised by this unexpected development, I smiled pleasantly and replied, " Sure thing honey that will be fun." Ruby reached under my towel, squeezed my balls gently and whispered in my ear, " Thanks sweetie, we'll have a good time." Pat watched this and it brought a smile to her face. She kissed Leon goodbye and told me, " We'd better get going home dear, it's been quite a night." She took my hand and led me to the lockers where we got dressed and quickly left for home. This time on the way home she talked freely about what a wonderful lover Leon was and what a great time she'd had. As we neared home she finally asked me, " Did you and Ruby have fun too?" I merely answered, " Yes dear, we had a good time." I didn't elaborate or go into the details of our encounter, but she smiled when I assured her that I had pleased Ruby. Pat told me, " I'm so glad you thought up this idea, I'm having a wonderful time." Disregarding my own doubts, I answered, " That's great dear, I'm sure we'll have many more fun times." That night in bed, Pat was still so wound up that she let me do oral sex on her, in fact, she requested it. I was tired out but wanted to keep her happy and so obliged her, even though she still smelled of sex and I tasted a bit of Leon's semen which still remained in her.

The work week went by with it's usual frenzy of work and household chores. Pat and made love on Tuesday night. It was wonderfully comforting and familiar to be on top of her again. I knew that what I had taken for granted was very dear to me. The rest of the work week passed slowly until finally we awoke on Saturday morning. Pat was exuberant and I tried to match her cheerfulness despite my misgivings. She was looking forward to another romp with Leon, but I wasn't so sure about being Ruby's toy.

They arrived shortly after noon and we greeted them like friendly hosts. We showed them around the house and even showed off the backyard. They showed interest when I pointed out the hot tub that I had installed. Leon wore a tight t-shirt which showed off his chest and muscular arms, Ruby wore a short, black leather skirt with a white blouse and in her heels, towered over me. We went back into the house where I took drink orders and made drinks for all. We all sat in front of the big screen TV to watch football while we sipped our drinks and nibbled on the munchies Pat had prepared. After watching the first half of the game, Pat and Leon left the room headed for our bedroom. Ruby leered at me and motioned for me to come to her. I stood in front of her while she undid my pants and let them slide to the floor. She unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. I bent down and removed my shoes and socks to stand naked before her. She fondled my genitals saying, " How cute you are Donnie. I have been looking forward to playing with you again all week." We started towards a bedroom when she stopped to pick up the gym bag she had brought with her. The sounds of Pat moaning in pleasure came loudly from our bedroom which I knew would be very distracting, so I took Ruby's hand and led her down the basement where there was a more private bedroom. Once there she stripped off her clothes, displaying her beautiful body. I was in awe of this woman. She sat on the bed, grabbed my nipples and pulled me down to my knees. She had me under her spell, I knew what she wanted and wanted to do her bidding. Like before she pulled my face to her crotch and put her legs over my shoulders and so like before I licked her to an orgasm. After she calmed down I asked her, " Please Ruby, may I enter your body this time?" She smiled at me and responded, " Sure thing baby, but after Leon I doubt it will turn me on." I was hard as a rock and confident that I would satisfy her, so I climbed on top of her and shoved my cock inside her. She lay there acting uninterested even as I began thrusting. I couldn't feel a thing in there, not even the sides touched my dick. It was like sticking my dick out a window and screwing the world. The lack of sensation and her disinterest combined to make my erection leave so I shamefully withdrew my limp dick and shed a few tears of shame. Ruby comforted me saying, " That's ok dearie, very few men can satisfy me with their dicks anymore, but we can still have fun." I sobbed and put my head on her chest. She pulled my mouth to her breast and I began to suck. " That's my baby, nurse on mama until you feel better." Her hands played with my nipples which turned me on again.

After she had me consoled and then turned on again, she told me, " Stand up Donnie, I know what we can do." I stood by the bed, and she got up to stand behind me. She reached inside her gym bag, removed a strap-on dildo and strapped it on. She pushed me forward so I was leaning on the bed. I felt her applying some lubricant to my asshole and suddenly realized what she intended to do. I tried to stand back up and told her that I didn't want that. She said, " Trust me baby, this will turn both of us on." I begged, " Please Ruby, I'm not gay." " Of course not dearie, but I have a solution to your inhibitions." She reached back into her bag and pulled out a set of handcuffs. Pulling my hands behind my back she snapped on the cuffs. She laughed a sinister chuckle and said, " Now you are going to be raped, so relax and enjoy it. Nobody can say you wanted it. It was all my idea." Somehow her reasoning removed my misgivings, I was helpless to resist her. She put the head of the dildo at my opening and started to slowly shove it up inside me. " Just relax, baby, it gets easier shortly.", she assured me. She pushed it in to the hilt, then slowly withdrew it part way only to shove it in again. Soon she increased her pace and was fucking me wildly. I was moaning with a mixture of pain and pleasure and soon had a climax, shooting my semen on the bed. I was ready to stop, but she wasn't. She continued her rape of my ass until she also had an orgasm, as much from the power trip as any physical sensation. After withdrawing the dildo, she kissed me and said, " That was wonderful Donna, you are better as a woman than you are as a man." She took my face in her hands and told me, " You know with a little makeup, you could be pretty." She reached into her bag, pulled out a tube of lipstick and applied it to my lips. " Very nice.", she said admiring her work.

Ruby removed the strap-on dildo and laid it on the bed. She still hadn't removed the handcuffs and my arms were getting cramped. I asked her, " Ruby could you please remove these cuffs?" She smiled and answered, " Sure, in a little while, you look so pretty like that and I want to enjoy looking at you for a little longer." She reached down, grabbed my balls gently but firmly and said, " Let's go see how Leon and Pat are getting along." Holding my cock she led me back upstairs. I begged, " Please Ruby, don't let them see me like this." She corrected me saying, " That's Mistress Ruby to you Donna, you are now my bitch to use as I see fit and I want to show you off." With her tugging on my cock, I had to follow closely behind. She led me to the master bedroom, opened the door and barged right in. Pat was laying on the bed with her legs spread wide apart, Leon was fondling her breasts. They looked up when we entered. Pat shrieked and asked, " Don what have you been doing?" Leon laughed loudly at my appearance. Ruby said, " Donna has been a good little bitch for me." Pat looked at me with disgust. Leon said, " So it's Donna now is it?" I started to protest my unwillingness, but Ruby grabbed my balls and gave them a squeeze. She then demanded, " Tell them that you are now to be called Donna and you like being my bitch." She squeezed a little harder to emphasize her demands. I meekly said, " My name is Donna now, I am Mistress Ruby's bitch and love pleasing her." Pat nodded her head and said, " You aren't half the Man that Leon is anyway, so you might as well be a bitch." Leon noted, " Your bitch still has her body hair Ruby, body hair is for men." Ruby said, " We can soon change that." Pat said, " I can get you the shaving stuff, but I'm still full of Leon's love juice." Leon told Ruby, " Have your bitch come over here and lick her clean." Ruby released my balls and gave me a swat on the ass saying," Get to it Donna, use that talented tongue of yours to clean your wife." I went to the bed and got between Pat's legs. Leon shoved my face down to her crotch and I began to lick. " Suck it all out of her Donna.", Leon commanded. With my hands still cuffed behind me, I had no choice but to obey. My oral service on her brought Pat to another orgasm before she pushed me away. Leon then grabbed my head and ordered, " Now lick me clean too bitch." I was repulsed by the thought of licking a man's cock, but he forced my head down to his now limp, slimy cock. Pat cheered me on saying, " Do it Donna, you have me do it for you so you can do it for him." I had no options left, so I tentatively licked at the side of his cock. He had me go all along the sides licking away like a slave. When he was satisfied with that, he told me to take it in my mouth. I opened my red-painted lips and took his big cock into my mouth. " Very nice, you look so natural with a cock in your mouth.", Leon said to add to my humiliation. After having me suck on it for a couple of minutes, he pulled it out and had me stand by the bed. " That's enough for now, I just wanted to turn you into a cocksucker.", he said and then laughed at my tear streaked face.

Pat got up and brought back a hair clipper, a razor and a can of shaving cream. She plugged in the clipper and handed it to Ruby. Ruby smiled and began shearing off my pubic hair. When I tried to beg her not to do that, she snarled, " Shut up bitch, or I may just yank it out." I knew she was serious so I just stood there quietly as she trimmed it as close as the clipper would allow. Then she sprayed the area with shaving cream, picked up the razor and shaved the region smooth. She also shaved my scrotum, the few hairs around my nipples and then had me bend over and even shaved the hair around my asshole. When I was hairless from the neck down, she rubbed my body with lotion. " This is to make your skin soft dearie and it also makes you smell very feminine." Pat brought out a bottle of red nail polish and gave it to Ruby saying, " Might as well finish the job." Ruby took the key to the handcuffs from around her neck and unlocked the cuffs freeing my arms at last. " Now Donna, you go in the other room and paint your fingernails and toenails with this." she said handing me the polish. " You might as well get used to making yourself pretty.", she added. Pat told me, " We're going out to the hot tub, bring us some towels and join us when you're finished." I went to the bathroom to apply the nail polish as they left laughing. This day had sure not gone the way I had thought it would. I looked at myself in the full length mirror when I finished polishing my nails. My body looked strange with no hair, the smeared red lipstick made me look like a tramp whore and now with the nail polish on I looked like a girl. This was not what I had pictured swinging to be about! In my mind I was going to be screwing lots of different ladies for fun, but now I was the one getting screwed and by a lady at that. After picking up the towels I wandered out to the hot tub. Leon told me, " Lay the towels down and get in the water with us Donna." I automatically replied, " Yes Sir.", put the towels down and stepped into the water. Leon was sitting between the ladies so I sat down on the other side of the octagonal tub across from them. Pat motioned for me to come to her. I stood up and walked the two steps to stand in front of her. She fondled my newly shaved genitals and said, " Hmmmm, smooth as a baby's butt." She looked down at my toenails and inspected my fingernails. " Nice job Donna.", she praised me. Damn it! Even Pat was calling me Donna now.

Leon had me sit on his lap and fondled my swollen nipples. He told me, " You have real possibilities as a girl, I know you're not much good as a man." " But Sir," , I protested, I am a man." He pushed me off his lap and told me, " Show me, get it hard for me. Show me an erection worthy of the name and I will agree you're a man." I stood there stroking my cock for a few minutes and the damned thing wouldn't get hard no matter how I wished it to. Leon laughed at my efforts as did the ladies. Pat too, she was clearly aligned with them now. Ruby finally told me, " That's enough bitch, it's ok, I know how to make you get hard." She stood up and simulated fucking me by thrusting her hips. Leon added, " So you're a bitch, that's not all bad. Bitches please me." I was totally defeated now and hung my head in shame.

Pat suggested that it was time to start supper and she got out of the tub. I followed her out and handed her a towel. She said with a smirk, " You may dry me off girl." I blushed and wiped her body dry. Ruby stood waiting for me to dry her too, so I did. Wiping dry these ladies and feeling their wonderful bodies, even through a towel was turning me on. Then Leon got out of the tub and stood towering over me. His stern gaze let me know that I was to dry him also, so I wiped his muscular body dry. He was solid as a rock compared to the ladies soft bodies. When he was dry, he said, " You may kiss my cock Donna." I was beyond being shocked by now and meekly bent down and kissed the head of his cock. " Very good girl, I will have to reward you for your obedience soon." I merely answered, " Yes Sir, thank you Sir." I didn't know why I was calling him Sir, but it just seemed right and it pleased him. Pat came out of the house with the steaks and a lacy apron. " Here, put this on and start cooking the steaks, better ask how our guests like their steaks. I put on the apron and took their steak orders, lit the grill and started cooking the steaks. When they were done I took them inside and found them sitting at the table already with drinks in hand. Leon raised his glass and said. " I propose a toast to a new lady, here's to Donna." They ladies said, " To Donna." in unison and they emptied their glasses. I just stood there blushing.

After Supper was finished, Pat took Leon by the hand and they went off to the bedroom. Ruby watched as I cleared off the table and loaded the dishwasher still wearing the apron and nothing else. When I finished my chores, she took me by the hand and led me back down to our basement bedroom. Once there she took off her towel and sat on the bed with her legs spread and merely pointed towards her pussy. Was there no end to this? I knelt and licked her to an orgasm before she let me join her on the bed. " Donna baby, you sure know how to please me and it's even better now that you look so pretty." She played with my nipples and fondled my cock until she said, " I think you want to come again, don't you dearie?" I replied, Yes Mistress, I do." She chuckled and got up and put on her strap-on again. I pleaded with her, " Please Mistress, don't do that again." She just forcefully ordered, " Get up on your knees girl." When I hesitated she asked, " Would you rather I called Leon to fuck you bitch?" I gasped at the thought of his massive cock ripping me wide open and hurried to get on all fours. Ruby acknowledged my obedience saying," A wise decision girl, at least I'll be gentle with you." I replied, " Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress." She lubricated my ass and shoved her dildo right in, causing me to moan. " That's my girl, you just moan with pleasure, I'll take care of you." She reached around and grabbed my nipples. She pulled me back to meet her thrusts and forward on her back strokes, so I was kept moving in time with her actions. Even though my nipples were throbbing, I soon had a climax and shot my load onto the sheets. Again she continued long past my orgasm until she reached her own. This time she didn't withdraw the dildo, but left it in me when she pushed me down flat on my stomach. She rolled me over onto my side and curled up behind me with the dildo still impaling me. She soothingly said, " Go to sleep now dear baby, we can play some more tomorrow." Her arm reached around and held my aching tit. Even though I was laying in the wet spot, I soon fell asleep with her holding me like a lover.

During the night, every time I tried to roll over in my sleep, that dildo in my ass reminded me that I had to lay still in that one position. Even being awakened several times, I managed to get a good night's sleep. I awoke to Ruby thrusting into me again, by this time I was used to it and I just lay there and let her bring me to another orgasm and screw me until she had her own. Then she finally withdrew from me and rolled me over to kiss me. " Good morning honey.", she said with a smile on her face. I meekly replied, " Good morning Mistress." She fondled my titties a bit and then pulled my face down to suck on her dildo. " Suck on it Donna dear.", she ordered. I was beyond resisting and took it into my mouth. " Leon is right, you do look natural with a dick in your mouth. I knew the first time I saw you that you had the potential to be a great sissy for me. She thrust with her hips shoving it deep in my throat. I gagged and choked which made her chuckle. " Oh baby, you think this is bad, just wait until Leon uses your mouth. He's much bigger than this dildo." I secretly thought that after they finally left, I would never see them again. I was resigned to endure until they left.

Ruby got me up and had me freshen my lipstick and don my apron. She led me upstairs and told me to start breakfast while she made the coffee. By the time the bacon was nearly done, Pat and Leon strolled into the kitchen. They were both naked. I knew that Leon was just showing off his body to make me realize how superior he was. He said, " Good morning Ruby and you too Donna." Pat gave me a kiss on the cheek and went to get a glass of orange juice. She took a few sips first, then asked me, " Did you sleep well dear?" I didn't want her to know that I had slept with Ruby's dildo up my ass so I just said, " Yes dear, I did." I finished cooking and set the table while the three of them sat drinking coffee. This was weird, I was used to sitting at the table and being served, but now I was both the cook and waitress. I silently ate my meal while the rest of them chatted happily. I wasn't in the mood for happy chatter after the humiliating abuse I had been through. Leon reached his hand under the table and caressed my genitals. I squirmed, but didn't dare to tell him to stop. " Leon told me, " You make a cute bitch babe, I know we'll have a lot of fun times." When we had all finished eating, I cleared off the table, loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen while they drank coffee and talked. Leon called to me, " Come here Donna, and suck my dick for a bit." I slowly shook my head no, the time had come to stand up for myself. He stood up and strode over to me in a very menacing manner. He grabbed by the throat and slapped me hard a forehand blow followed by a backhand blow. I saw stars and was shocked by how much it hurt. He forced me to my knees in front of him. He snarled, " I don't usually hit a girl, but you need to do what I tell you." I managed to say, " Yes Sir." He warned me, " Better do a good job bitch, if you're thinking about biting me forget it. If I even feel a tooth, I'll knock all your teeth out." I had thought about biting him, but his threat quickly dispensed with that idea. I took his huge cock into my mouth and began giving him the best blow job I was capable of giving. Pat and Ruby watched with glee as I performed my humiliating task. Pat said, " I always thought that Donna had a strong feminine streak, now I know I was right." Ruby concurred saying, " I can spot a potential sissy a block away, and I know how to train them too." The two ladies chuckled at their shared wisdom. Leon was soon thrusting his massive erection into my mouth as he neared his orgasm. I was choking and gagging with tears running down my cheeks when he shot his load deep into my throat. He told me, " That's the way a girl should please her man. I knew you could do it." I swallowed all but a few drops which had dribbled on my chin and he kindly helped me to my feet.

Leon and Pat went into the family room to watch football, but Ruby took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. " We could both use a shower dearie.", she told me. We went into the shower and she soaped up my body, which felt very good to me. She told me, " You look so nice without that disgusting hair on your cute body." I blushed and said, " Thank you Mistress." I guessed I might as well be glad it was all gone, since it really was. After our shower, she toweled me dry and then herself. She was being kind to me, unlike Leon who was busy demonstrating his power over me. I figured that he was just trying to impress Pat, but that didn't mean he had to humiliate me. She had me sit on the stool, and started plucking my eyebrows. " Please don't do that Mistress, I have to go to work tomorrow." She replied, " Don't worry girl, I'm just making you look pretty. If I was feeling malicious I could have shaved them off so you'd have to draw them on each day." She plucked them into a feminine arch and stood back to admire her work. Satisfied, she grabbed my nipples and lifted me to my feet. " Come baby, I think it's time we played again. She grabbed my dick and used it to lead me to the master bedroom. She saw Pat's short nightie laying on the floor so she picked it up and told me, " Put this on Donna, it should look nice on you." Happy to cover my hairless body with anything, I put it on. We walked through the family room on our way to the basement and Leon hollered, " Ruby you are insatiable, but go for it." She gave him a victory sign and led me downstairs. Once down in our room, she had me kneel and lick her to an orgasm. She started to reach for her dildo, but changed her mind. She pulled on my nipples, lifted me to my tiptoes and ordered, " Play with yourself you sissy bitch, I want you to spurt for me." I reached down, grabbed my dick and began stroking it furiously to relieve the pain in my stretched out nipples as quickly as possible. My efforts were futile and after ten minutes of disgraceful failure, she took mercy on me and let me down. " Poor baby, don't worry, I know how to make you come." She said in a soothing voice. She put on the strap-on dildo, lubricated my ass and quickly fucked me to an orgasm. I collapsed on the bed as she withdrew from my ass. She chuckled and said, " See honey, I know how to make you come. Now that you're a girl you get off by being fucked." I knew that what she said was true. I couldn't even jack off anymore so if I wanted to come I would have to get fucked by somebody. What a revelation that was! In a few hours Ruby and Leon had transformed me into a sissy slut. I cried like a girl when that knowledge hit me. Ruby comforted me by saying, " Don't cry sissy, it'll be fine. I'll screw you and I know Leon probably will soon. You'll just have to accept being a submissive, obedient bitch and you'll have many orgasms." She dried my tears lovingly then added, " The difference is that as a girl you have to earn your orgasms, not like just hopping on the wife for your release." When I calmed down she led me back upstairs. The football games were over for now and Leon had Pat kneeling in the couch facing the wall. He was screwing her again and she was loving it. Ruby and I watched until they finished when Leon told me to lick Pat clean. His eyes told me that he meant it, so I crawled up behind her and got between her legs. I licked, sucked and licked some more until she was rid of his semen. Leon praised my performance and pointed to his cock. I turned around so I was kneeling in front of him and licked his cock clean for him. He sneered at me as I knelt there serving him, showing his scorn for me. I knew I was debasing myself, but was afraid to anger him. When he was satisfied, he shoved me away and told Ruby to get dressed, it was time for them to leave. As Dominant as she was with me, she minded him and immediately went to get dressed. Leon also got dressed and as soon as Ruby showed up, he gave Pat a kiss, patted me on the ass and they left.

As soon as they drove away, I felt free to talk to Pat. " What was this all about?" I asked. She replied, " Just some swinging fun honey. Do you remember this was all your idea?" " But that wasn't what I meant by swinging fun.", I protested. " Too bad dear, you talked me into this and now you can't stop me from having fun.", she answered with a snarl. I snapped back, " Just look at me, look what they did to me." Pat answered right back, " If you'd been a man they wouldn't have been able to turn you into a sissy bitch." She had me there, Ruby had skillfully manipulated me into a submissive role. I rationalized by thinking that it was my fear of Leon which had made me timid. " Do you really want me to be Donna?", I asked her. She replied, " No dear, not all the time, just when Leon is here." I was hoping that I'd seen the last of that pair, but her answer made me ask, " We aren't going to see them again are we?" She smiled at me and said, " Of course silly, I love having sex with Leon." She then told me," I've invited them back here for Thanksgiving dinner." I shook my head no which caused her to give me an ultimatum, " You can be here or not, but they are coming and I want them to." I sure didn't want to leave her alone with those two, so I knew I would be here too. Damn, I had three days to teach this week and was looking forward to four days off to relax, and now I find out that they are coming back! Sure as hell I would be their bitch again. Pat fondled my hairless balls and told me, " You look so cute Donna." She then took me to bed and let me lick her to an orgasm before she rolled over and went to sleep. I suddenly remembered my painted fingernails and got up and removed it so I could go to work in the morning.

The three days at school dragged by. Some of my fellow teachers mentioned my new look, and I knew that others were talking about me behind my back. I was sure glad when the kids left on Wednesday afternoon and I could go home. Even though I dreaded Thanksgiving for the first time in my life, it was nice to have an evening with no papers to grade. I sat down to watch television and relax until Pat got home from work. When I heard her car pull into the garage, I poured her a glass of wine and went to greet her as she entered the house. She walked in the door carrying a couple of big plastic bags. She took the wine, kissed me on the cheek and told me, " I did some shopping on my lunch hour and bought you some pretty things to wear tomorrow." She handed me her bags and kissed me on the cheek. I reached in the first bag and pulled out a short skirt, reached in again and pulled out a pair of 4" heels. In the second bag was a see-through white blouse, mesh hose and a garter belt. I looked at her in surprise and asked, " You can't really expect me to wear this stuff can you?" She laughed and said, " If you don't, I'm sure that Leon and Ruby will make sure you do. They like you as Donna you know." I realized that she was right, but that didn't make it any easier to accept. We ate supper and then watched television until it was time to go to bed. As we lay side by side, I asked, " Can I make love to you dear? It's been such a long time." She said, " Dear, you know that after Leon, I wouldn't feel you in there. How about I tug on your nipples and you masturbate. Ruby told me that you liked that." I knew she was telling me the truth, but any orgasm was better than none. I meekly said, " Yes dear, that would be nice." She smiled at me and then grabbed my nipples and I began to stroke myself. The harder she pulled on them, the faster I stroked until I shot my semen onto my stomach. Pat asked me, " Did that take care of you honey?" I answered, " Yes dear, it did." She scooped up my come and fed it to me. " Swallow it babe, you need to get used to the taste.", she advised me. I swallowed it while she ran her hands over my smooth body. " You do make a pretty girl dear, and you feel so nice this way.", she said trying to convince me that being a sissy was a good thing. She rolled over and went to sleep, and eventually so did I.

The next morning Pat told me to take a shower and to be sure to shave my body again. I went to shave myself and took a nice warm shower. When I came out of the bathroom, she helped me get dressed for our dinner guests. She showed me how to roll the mesh hose up my smooth legs then had me step into the high heeled shoes. She told me, " Oh baby, those shoes make your legs look so nice." I put on the blouse and stepped into the skirt and I was dressed. She looked at me a bit, then got out a pair of her old clip-on earrings and put them on me. She smiled lovingly at me and said, " If you just had boobs, you'd be a perfect woman. Leon and Ruby will be pleased with how you dressed up for them." I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a pretty female. Even though I felt humiliated and silly dressing like a girl, I did look good. Pat went to take her shower and I went to the kitchen to make a pumpkin pie. By the time she had showered, dressed and fixed her hair, I had baked a pie, made the salad and had set the table. I helped her put the turkey in a baking bag and place it in the oven. When it was done we would be ready to eat.

We had just sat down to watch football when the doorbell rang, thy were here. I went to the door and welcomed them. Leon walked right past me to go and kiss Pat. Ruby set down her gym bag and hugged me. She was evidently very pleased to see that I had dressed like a girl for her. She said, " How sweet of you to dress for me. I like your outfit Donna." I blushed and replied, " Thank you Mistress, very nice of you to say so." Her hand made it's way under my short skirt and fondled my genitals. She grinned and said, " Still nice and smooth, how nice." I told her, " Yes Mistress, I just shaved again this morning." That really made her feel good, she had worried that I would let my hair grow out as soon as she was gone. We walked together to where Pat and Leon were sitting on the couch. When Leon saw me standing there, he ordered, " Lift up your skirt girl, let me see how you look." Grabbing the hem of my skirt with both hands I raised it up displaying my small cock for him. Leon calmly remarked, " How cute, it's like a miniature model of a real cock." I looked down at my dick and meekly said, " Yes Sir it is." He laughed at my obedient agreement. He knew that he was the man in this house. " Ok girl, you can put that down and fetch us some drinks.", he ordered. I went as fast as I could on those heels, and soon delivered drinks to all three of them. He was feeling magnanimous and told me, " You may have a glass of wine too, it's Thanksgiving." After pouring myself a glass of white wine, I rejoined them and sat next to Ruby. We watched college football until Pat decided that the turkey was done and we should eat. I helped her get the turkey out of the oven and brought it to the table for Leon to carve. I placed the rest of the meal on the table and we all watched him carve the bird. We had a pleasant meal making small talk and dining like friends. Three of them were friends, I was more like a slave in my own house.

After dinner, Leon wanted to go to the hot tub, so Pat went with him. Even after the events of the past few weeks, I was still shocked to see my once shy wife strip naked in front of everyone. She got a towel for Leon and one for herself and they left us. Ruby watched as I cleared off the table and cleaned up the kitchen. When I was done, she said, " Come here babe, I'm in the mood for sex." This is what I had been dreading all day, my ass was still tender from the previous weekend." Knowing full well that refusal was out of the question, I went to her. She retrieved her gym bag and led me downstairs. She stripped off her clothes and told me to do likewise. She told me, " Leave the hose and heels on though dearie, I like the way you look in them." She then followed her usual routine, having me lick her to an orgasm as foreplay and then putting on her dildo. She lubricated my ass and fucked me doggy style on the bed, holding my nipples to control my movements. Again she continued screwing me long past my orgasm until she had one of her own. After she came, she withdrew that infernal dildo from my ass and cuddled with me for an hour or so.

When she heard Leon and Pat come back into the house, she took me by the hand and led me upstairs. She was also carrying her bag in the other hand, which I found strange. She told Leon, " I think it's time, don't you?" I wondered time for what, but knew I would find out when they were ready. Leon ordered me, " Sit down at the table sissy, we have some jewelry for you to wear." I sat at the table with Leon behind me and Ruby beside me. She reached into her bag and pulled out a paper package and an orange. I wondered what was going on, but sat still awaiting whatever developed. She tore the end off of the paper and took out a sterile needle. She pulled on my left nipple, stretching it out and told me to take a deep breath and hold it. She pushed the needle through my nipple into the orange. The pain was intense, but brief. She then put a ring into the hole she had just made. Tears were running down my cheeks, but with Leon holding my shoulders I was trapped where I was. Ruby said, " See, that wasn't so bad, now for the other one." I begged earnestly, " Please don't Mistress, I can't stand the pain. Besides, I have to go to work and I cant go wearing rings in my nipples." She scoffed and said, " Don't be silly, lots of girls have their nipples pierced. You can always put tape over the rings so they won't show through your shirt." She stretched out my right nipple and repeated the procedure leaving me with rings now in both nipples. Leon remarked, " You don't know what pain is Donna, try having your knee tore up by a big lineman." Ruby smiled sweetly and stated, " Just remember that you are doing this to please your Mistress. Every time you clean your new holes you can think of me. She reached down into her bag and got another package of needles. "Now for your ears honey and we'll be done.", she said trying to assure me that the end was in sight. She pierced both of my earlobes and put new hoop earrings in place of the clip-ons. Leon told me, " She was going to also pierce your cock and put in a ring with a little bell on it, but I talked her out of it." Imagining the pain from that piercing, I told him, " Thank you for that Sir." They let me stand and had me walk to the mirror to look at myself with my new jewelry. Tears were still running down my cheeks and I sobbed openly when I saw they were turning me into a freak. I was standing there in heels and mesh hose, with a hairless body and now had earrings and nipple rings. Pat said, " Don't cry dear, I had my ears pierced for you." She was right, she had, but she was a real woman and I was a man they were turning into a sissy bitch. How would I go to work wearing earrings in both ears? Sure bikers and pirates wore one earing and so did some athletes, but two earrings?

Turning around and moving as fast as I could wearing heels, I ran down to the basement bedroom and threw myself on the bed and bawled like a girl. I was despondent over what they had made me into. Here I was almost 40 years old and they were making me a sissy slave. Worst of all was now I could only come when being fucked or when someone was torturing my nipples. How had it come to that in such a short time? Ruby came down and lay down beside me. She gently rubbed my back and said soothingly to me, " Don't cry Donna, it'll be fine once your pierced parts heal." When I stopped sobbing, she dried my tears lovingly saying, " I 'm not being mean to you, I'm just trying to help you find your true self. You wouldn't have given in so easily if you weren't secretly turned on by being submissive." Her logic made sense to me, I had been willing to sacrifice my pride for an orgasm. Perhaps I was a born submissive and she had seen that trait in me. She turned me over and kissed me. She asked, " You know I'm right, don't you Donna?" She fondled my dick and looked into my eyes. When I nodded my head yes she smiled and said, " That's a good girl, you and I will have a lot of good times when you heal a bit. Just imagine how turned on you will get when I am holding you by your nipple rings." She was still fondling my dick and I was hard. She stroked me to an orgasm to take my mind off my discomfort. She was effective in that and knew it. She let me go to sleep and she slept beside me, cuddling me close to her.

The next morning Pat woke us early as she and Ruby had to go to work. I had the day off, but went upstairs to see the ladies off to work. Shortly after they left in separate cars, Leon woke up and came out to the kitchen naked. I was still wearing my mesh hose and heels from the night before and felt uneasy with him in the same room. He looked at me and ordered, " Come here and give me a kiss sissy." I timidly walked to where he stood and puckered up. He laughed and said, " Not on the lips, kiss my cock bitch." I bent down and kissed the head of his cock. He said, " That's a good girl, it looks like it's just you and me for the day. Until the ladies get home, you will have to satisfy me." I gulped and realized that it was worse than I had thought. Leon was eyeing me as his woman for the day. He casually remarked, " Ruby tells me that you get off by being fucked. Is that true sissy?" I looked down at the floor and sheepishly answered, " Yes Sir," He said, " I'll bet you've never been fucked by a real man. Have you?" " No Sir." I rapidly assured him. With an evil smirk on his face, he reached down to hold his big cock and uttered the words I was dreading, " Well we may just have to change that." He saw the fear in my eyes and assured me, " You will probably like it, Pat and Ruby sure do. Besides that it doesn't matter to me weather or not you enjoy it." I wanted to flee, but naked except for mesh hose and high heels, where was I going to run to. He'd probably catch me anyway and beat me before raping me.

Leon asked me, " Have you had a douche today girl?" I knew he was asking if I had given myself an enema and shook my head no. He told me, " Better go do that now girl, you're going to lick my cock clean after we have sex and it will be easier if there's no shit on it." Desperate to avoid being raped by this hulk of a man I pleaded, " Please Sir, could I just suck you off again instead?" He snarled back at me, " You don't negotiate with me bitch, you just obey." I went to the basement bathroom and gave myself an enema. After I had emptied my bowels, I gave myself a second one to make sure there would be no fecal matter left inside me. I washed my bottom and went into Ruby's bag and borrowed her tube of KY Jelly. I lubricated my ass, even shoving some inside. When I dared stay gone no longer, I went back upstairs to meet my fate.

Leon was sitting at the table drinking coffee when I came back upstairs. He motioned me over to where he sat and caressed my bare ass. He told me, " Just relax girl, you will come to love it." I was blushing with a mixture of fear and humiliation. He was talking to me as if I were a real girl. I suppose I might as well have been a girl, my little dick was limp and useless. He Pulled me down to sit on his lap and gently touched my new nipple rings. " These are very pretty and will be fun to tug on once your titties have healed a bit more. I winced at the thought of being led around by my nipple rings, which he noticed. He said, " Don't be like that dearie, Ruby told me how you like having your nipples played with." With my nipples still very tender and sore, the idea of having them played with was repulsive. He fondled my hairless balls briefly then stood me up, got up himself and led me by the hand to the master bedroom. He sat on the bed and had me kneel between his thighs. " Go on bitch, suck me good to get me hard enough to fuck you." He was forcing me to get him ready to rape my ass. I took his cock in my hands an licked along the sides before taking him into my mouth. His pleasure at my shameful work was obvious and that only added to my humiliation. When his rigid cock filled my mouth, he pushed me away and told me to lay on the bed. Once I was on my back on the bed, he spread my legs and lifted them up raising my butt off the bed. He put the head of his cock to my exposed asshole and pushed just the head in. It hurt worse than I had imagined as he was quite a bit bigger than Ruby's dildo. He ordered, " Look into my eyes babe and don't stop looking. I'm going to show you what a good fucking by a man is like. I want to watch your reaction as I take your cherry." He forced his way in a couple more inches. I gasped, but kept looking into his eyes. He wanted to take my soul as well as my cherry. He leered at me and shoved it in a couple more inches. I thought he would split me wide open, but kept looking into his eyes. When he was all the way into me he started taking gentle strokes at first to let me adapt to his size. He screwed me slowly for quite a long time before I came on my stomach. Leon laughed when he saw my climax. He told me, " I was right, you are enjoying this. You do come when being fucked, just like a woman." He then started ramming himself in and out faster and harder. I was moaning like a slut for him and he loved it. He screwed me furiously until I came again. I couldn't believe it, I had come twice already! Leon laughed again and said, " What do you know, this bitch is multi-orgasmic." Having proved his point, he fucked me wildly until he shot his load deep inside of me. He allowed my legs to drop down and lay on top of me, still maintaining eye contact. He kissed me gently and told me, " Now you are my bitch. Even if Ruby dumps you, you will still serve me when I am here." I was exhausted and under his spell as well as his body. He smiled at me and said, " Tell me that you're now my bitch." I meekly said, " Sir, I am now your bitch and you can use me for your pleasure." He got up off me, helped me up and patted me on the fanny as I ran to the bathroom with his semen running down my legs. I wiped my ass and legs , then washed my bottom, but I couldn't wash away my shame at being used as his cum dump. Even though he had basically raped me, I had come twice during the episode and felt like he owned me now. When I came back out, Leon pointed to his slimy cock and I knew what that meant, so I licked his cock clean for him. " You are a good girl Donna. You please me.", he said in praise of my efforts.

Leon led me to the hot tub and let me strip off my hose and get out of those heels. We soaked there for some time before he told me to fetch towels for us. I went to get the towels and upon my return I dried off his body. He was solid muscle. He patted my bottom and told me, " Go get dressed now dearie, and then you can make us some lunch. " Yes Sir.", I replied and picked up my hose and heels then hurried downstairs to get dressed. As I donned my skirt and blouse, I was wishing that I had something else to wear. Once dressed I felt better, being covered up was better than showing of my hairless body. I went upstairs and fixed us turkey sandwiches and potato chips for lunch. We sat and ate and talked like lovers, which I guess we were. He was being sweet to me, now that he was satisfied sexually. He was confident that I was now his to command and I was now his property. He told me, " You are a good lay sissy, but I wish you had bigger tits. Maybe I should pay for you to get implants. Would you like that? Maybe some DD's?" I quickly replied, "They might be nice Sir, but I still have to go to work. How could I go there with big tits?" He thought about that for a bit and asked, " If not implants, how about taking estrogen pills It would be slower and you could grow into them gradually until your summer vacation." I told him that if it was so important to him I would take the pills. That seemed to please him and he said, " I'd like to do you again, but I have to save some for Pat when she gets home. Why don't you go take a nap so you'll be fresh for Ruby." I thanked him and went downstairs to sleep. I took off my clothes so as not to wrinkle them and lay on the bed fondling my chest and wondering how I'd look with big tits before drifting off to sleep.

After sleeping for two hours I woke up, got dressed again, freshened my lipstick and went upstairs. Leon asked me, " Did you have a good sleep Donna?" I responded, " Yes Sir, I must have been more tired than I realized." He had come sit beside him on the couch to watch football and put his arm around me. To pull me close to him. We sat like that until Ruby walked in. She said, " It looks like you two got along fine while I was gone." Leon told her, " Yes, we got to know each other much better." I just blushed like a girl. I had hoped that our encounter would remain our secret. Ruby shook her head and said, " Leon you are an animal, you can't go for more than a few hours without screwing somebody." She went downstairs to get out of her clothes and into her nightie. Pat came home about 30 minutes later and Leon got up to kiss her. I waited until he was finished and Pat gave me a little kiss on my cheek. She asked, " Did you two have a nice day?" Leon said, " I had a fun time with sissy." She looked at me when I didn't answer. " Well, what about you?", she asked. I said, " It was all right, I guess." About then Ruby came back upstairs and told Pat, " Leon fucked Donna while we were gone. He's such an animal." Pat asked me, " Is that right? Did Leon make you his woman?" With tears in my eyes, I nodded yes. Pat broke out laughing and said, " Damn, I would have loved to watch that. Were you able to take all of him?" Again I nodded my head yes. She shook head and told me. " You are getting to be such a slut dearie." Leon assured her, " Don't worry my love, I'm sure you will get a chance to watch me fuck Donna. She is now my bitch." He looked at me and asked, " Aren't you my bitch?" I responded with, " Yes Sir, I am your bitch." He smiled at my acceptance of his dominance. Pat left to get into her nightie and Ruby led me downstairs to play. Once there she had me strip naked for her. She examined my nipple rings and told me, " Be sure you clean the wounds every day with alcohol, you don't want them to get infected." I assured her that I would. She put her fingers in the rings and gave a slight tug on them, sending pain coursing through me. My immediate lurch forward to relieve the pressure, made her smile. " Oh baby, are we going to have fun with those once they've healed.", she said. She had me kneel and lick to an orgasm, then used her strap-on dildo to make me come and achieve another orgasm for herself. Her routine seemed to be fairly fixed by now. When she was satisfied, she led me back upstairs to the bedroom where Leon and Pat were just finishing up their sexual adventure. She asked Leon, " Do you want to join us in the hot tub?" Leon replied, " Sure baby, but first I want Donna to clean us up." He motioned for me to lick Pat's leaking bottom clean. I had done this before only wearing handcuffs. I lay between Pat's spread legs and licked and sucked Leon's semen from her, in the process bringing her to another orgasm. When I finished with her, she pulled my head up to her level and kissed me deeply. She told me, " Oh darling, that was fantastic, thanks." Leon ordered, " Now me bitch." I turned around and licked and sucked his cock clean of her juices. My chore done, we all went out to the hot tub. We sat soaking for probably and hour or so, with me fetching drinks a couple of times until we decided it was time for bed. Leon and Pat went to the master bedroom and Ruby led me down to our room. We cuddled a bit and went to sleep.

The next morning I awoke to find Ruby wearing her strap-on again. " Lay on your back sissy, I want a quickie.", she told me. She spread my legs, lifted them to her shoulders, lubricated my ass and shoved her dildo deep on the first shove. " She laughed and remarked, " Leon seems to have loosened you up nicely for me." She played with my genitals as she screwed me and rapidly got me to shoot on my stomach. She continued her thrusting until she reached her orgasm and then let my legs down and fed me my own semen. " You're a good lay Donna, I like having you as my lesbian lover." " Thank you Mistress." , was my reply. She toyed briefly with my nipple rings and told me, " I do think Leon's idea of getting you breast implants was a good idea. You'd look darling with some nice big tits." I told her, " Yes Mistress, if you say so, but I still have to go to work, and I cant go there with big tits." She nodded her head and remarked, " Too bad, you would be so sexy." She got me up, had me put on my mesh hose and high heeled shoes. She then led me upstairs still wearing her dildo.

She had make coffee and when it was done we carried cups to Leon and Pat. " Good morning" Ruby said as we walked in on them. We handed them their morning coffee and sat on their bed drinking out own cups. After they were fully awake, Ruby said, " Pat said she'd like to see Leon screw Donna, and so would I." Pat looked at me as I tried to signal her no, but gleefully said to Leon, " Yes dear, could you do that for us?" He looked at Pat and replied, " Sure thing darling, if that would make you happy, I'd be happy to oblige." He looked at me with an evil grin and pointed to his cock. I knew what he meant and also that I was about to be humiliated in front of my wife, but dutifully bent down to suck his cock hard. Pat remarked, " How sweet you look dear, getting your man ready to please you. Just like I used to do for you." I blushed at her remark but sucked Leon hard anyway. He then had me lay on my back in the middle of the bed. Pat and Ruby moved to either side of me and each held one of my hands. Leon shoved his erection into my ass which was still slimy from Ruby's earlier attack. He chuckled and remarked, " The last time you were much tighter bitch." Pat encouraged Leon saying," That's it fuck the bitch." He began rapidly thrusting in and out and, to my shame I spurted on my stomach after a few minutes. The ladies laughed at my quick climax and talked with each other about what a slut I was while Leon kept pounding my ass with his big cock. I was moaning like a slut too. When He shot his load deep inside of me, they both cheered. Pat told him, " Thank you darling, that was something I wanted to see." He assured her, " It was nothing dear, anytime you want a repeat, I'd be glad to do it again." Pat leaned over, kissed my cheek and told me," You were a sweet girl for him, thank you." I lay there my ass oozing his semen and blushing for having been used like this in front of her. Ruby scooped my semen from my stomach and fed it to me. She rubbed her finger to scoop up some of Leon's goo leaking from my ass and also fed that to me.

When the excitement of watching me get screwed had died down, Ruby told Pat, " Ok Dear, you got what you wanted, now it's my turn." Pat asked her, " What do you mean?" Ruby replied, " I think we should put on a show for Leon and Donna now. Just lay back and I'll do all the work." Ruby got up and walked around the bed to get between Pat's legs. Pat protested, " But I'm not bi, I like cock." Ruby waved her big black dildo at her and said, " That's what you're going to get sweety." Pat looked at Leon, but he told her, " Go ahead honey, do it for me." Ruby shut off any possible reply by kissing Pat hard and thrusting her dildo into Pat's pussy. I got up and leaned on one elbow to watch as Ruby began thrusting into her semi-willing victim. I knew what Ruby was capable of and was sure that she could bring Pat to several orgasms. I had always come quickly and rolled over to go to sleep, but Ruby would ride her for a long time. I was right, Pat had at least four orgasms before Ruby had her first. Leon watched, but not nearly with as much interest as I did. Pat had dragged this black man into our lives and now she was being used as I had so often. By the time Ruby was satisfied, Pat lay there worn out. Ruby kissed her and then gave a playful tug at her pubic hair. Ruby asked Leon, " Don't you think this stuff should go?" Leon replied, " Sure, then they can be a matching pair." Ruby then told me, " Get the razor and shaving cream, this stuff is so sparse, we won't need the clippers. I got up and brought back the requested items, thinking about how Pat had fetched them when they were going to shave me.

Ruby asked Pat if it was all right with her and Pat in her exhausted state mumbled, " Go ahead, do whatever you want." Ruby sprayed the area with shaving cream and quickly shaved off most of the hair, then carefully shaved the few wisps around her lips. She also rubbed the shaved area with lotion. " Mmmm nice and smooth now.", Ruby said admiring her work. She told me, " Get over here sissy and lay on your wife, rub your smooth crotch against hers. I obeyed and was shocked that even though it felt sexy laying smooth against smooth, I didn't get hard. Ruby then took me by the hand and led me to the kitchen to cook breakfast. Leon was telling Pat, " That was so sexy dear, thank you." as we left. After making pancakes, bacon and toast, I summoned Pat and Leon to come for breakfast. To anybody looking in it would have looked strange to see four people sitting around naked eating, but it seemed natural to us at the time.

When we finished eating and talking, Leon and Pat went to watch football, Ruby watched as I cleared off the table and cleaned up the kitchen. When I was finished Ruby led me downstairs, saying " You must be tired sissy, let's lay down and rest a bit." I had my doubts about the resting part, since she was still wearing the dildo. Sure enough she screwed me once we got down there without bothering to lube me first. " Leon did a good job of loosening you up dearie.", she told me. This time she continued pumping me until she had several orgasms before she pulled out of me. She told me to take a shower, and she lay down to take a nap. I went and took a nice warm shower which made me feel somewhat better. After my shower, I fixed my lipstick, put on my hose and heels, slipped into my nightie and went upstairs. I still resented dressing like a girl, but wanted to cover my body with something. Leon had me sit on the couch beside him. With me on one side and Pat on the other he looked like a sultan with his harem. We sat watching the football game until late in the fourth quarter when he told me to start supper. Leon left and went into the master bedroom and before supper was ready, come back out dressed. He went downstairs and came beck up a few minutes later. He sat at the table with Pat, both sipping their drinks. As I was setting the table, Ruby emerged fully dressed and joined them. I served the meal, got myself a glass of wine and joined them. Leon told us that they had better get going after supper as they had tickets to the Bronco game tomorrow. " Pat asked, " Can't you at least spend one more night here dear?" He soothed her saying, " Don't worry Pat darling, we will have many more weekends together, but I think we'd better go so you and Donna can have some times alone. You need to discuss your new relationship and Donna's new status." We finished our mea, talked a bit and then Leon and Ruby got up gathered up their stuff and got ready to leave. Leon gave Pat a warm kiss and said, " Thanks for a wonderful time dear, I really enjoyed myself. He came over to me and patted me on the ass and told me how he had enjoyed me too. Ruby came over and kissed me on the cheek and told me, " I had a lot of fun with you too babe. Be sure to take care of your piercing holes, clean them regularly so they don't get infected. You are a great piece of ass Donna." Their goodbyes said, they left and drove away.

Pat and I just looked at each other standing there alone for the first time in a couple of days. She was still on a high form all the wonderful sex she'd experienced. My ass was sore from overuse, my nipples and ears hurt from my new jewelry, and my feet hurt from those damned high heeled shoes. I wasn't sure I liked being a woman, or even being a submissive servant in my own home. Pat helped me clean up the kitchen and happened to mention." It sure was nice of you to take care of all the cleanup duties this weekend. You were so sweet to go along with things and not make a scene." I told her, " You're welcome dear, but it was a lot more than I was expecting." When the kitchen was cleaned up, Pat took me by the hand and led me to bed. When we got to our room I started to take off the nightie when Pat said sweetly, " Leave that on dear, just take off the hose and heels, you look so cute in that nightie." I took of my by now bedraggled looking hose and those infernal shoes and crawled into bed. Pat decided to sleep nude and cuddled up to me. She told me, " You look so pretty as a girl, it turns me on big time." She kissed me and asked, " Would you please lick me to an orgasm dearie?" With her breasts rubbing against my chest, I couldn't refuse. I got between her legs and started licking her pussy and found her smoothness down there exciting. I liked and sucked her to the orgasm she desired and then caressed her breasts until she had come down from her sexual high. She kissed me and told me, " That was beautiful honey, you please me better as a girl than you ever did as a man." I liked her compliment, but was a bit put off by the last part. " You can't really want me to stay as a girl for you, can you?", I asked her. She smiled and said, " Ooooh baby, that would be nice, but you still need to work. Could you just be a woman when Leon is here? Could you please do that for me?" I fingers felt my nipple rings and I replied, " Yes dear I can do that, but wouldn't it be better if we just didn't see him anymore." She snapped back with, " It might be better for you, but I want to see him. I need to be with him. Remember this was all your idea, and now you just have to live with it." I replied, " Yes dear, but do we have to see them so often?" She was talking soothingly now when she told me, " Don't worry my dear husband, Ruby won't be coming here again, and Leon will only be here every two weeks." This puzzled me, and I asked, " Ruby won't be coming here?" Pat then informed me, " No, she's not Leon's wife, just a friend that he uses to change guys like you into submissive sissies to serve him." That made me mad and I raised my voice as I asked, " Did you know this?" She told me, " Calm down sweetie, he just told me this afternoon while you and Ruby were playing around." Then she giggled, and added, " She did a good job too." I lay back mulling over this new information for a few minutes before asking," But why would he go to all that trouble?" Pat laughed and told me, " Don't be silly dear, he loves being with me and with you unable to stop him, he can enjoy me at his leisure." She rubbed my hairless genitals and added, " Don't sell yourself short babe, he told me you are a good fuck too." She rolled over and went to sleep leaving me to digest what she'd told me. So I was to become a part-time sissy bitch for Leon, I would just have to make the best of it.

Prologue: It's now nearly thanksgiving again and Leon still visits us to spend every other weekend here. When he is here, I am Donna and dress accordingly. My nipple rings have healed nicely and make nice handles for him or Pat to use to control me. My titties have grown to a B cup and I don't have to shave very often anymore. Pat and Leon still have wild sex and he still screws me when he's in the mood for anal sex. My wardrobe has expanded so I now have many pretty things to wear. I have adapted to my new life and am as happy as could be expected under the circumstances.




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