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Mystery Girl

by Ronda Kay Berry




Terry woke up groggily, aware of having a blinding headache and a really dry cottony mouth. He wasn't at all sure where he was, but didn't want to open his eyes yet. He pulled the covers back over his head to block the light out, and passed out again for a while. He was awakened this time by the glow of dim lights. Still under the covers, he tried to think what had happened last night, and where he now was. He knew he wasn't in his own bed, because the sheets were clean and silky smooth, and smelled good. He felt the soft crinkles of a satin comforter over his head, which was on a wonderfully comfortable pillow.

Still drowsy with sleep and feeling a little better, he began to slowly remember the night before. His mouth was still dry, and he recalled having had a lot more to drink last night than he usually would have. He smiled to himself as he remembered why; he had met a gorgeous woman who had poured drinks down him until he lost count. So, he surmised, he must have gone home with her, and here he was, waking up slowly, hung over a bit in her soft satiny bed. He felt next to him in bed for her, but no one was there.

Terry needed to go to the bathroom, so he peeked out from under the covers. Oh yeah, he was definitely not at home! He saw he was in a huge king sized bed, draped with a pink quilted satin comforter. Everything about the room was pink, soft and feminine. He glanced around and saw a bank of closet doors, a large dresser and a gleaming vanity table with ample mirrors and lights. He was aware that he was in the nude, but he was unable to see his clothes anywhere nearby. He noticed an open door that looked like it led to a bathroom, so he jumped up and ran in quickly to relieve himself. Once done, his morning erection subsided and he felt better. He cupped his hands under the sink and drank some cool water from the tap and splashed his face. A quick survey of the bathroom again showed everything pink and ultra-feminine. There was a large walk-in shower, and a huge whirlpool bathtub, sunken. Mirrors covered all of one wall, floor to ceiling.

Once feeling more alert he grabbed a large fluffy pink bath towel and wrapped it around his body. "OK", he thought, "now let's find the girl." He poked his head back into the bedroom and called "Hello…..anybody there?" No answer. He ventured out calling a little louder, "Hey, where are you?" Still no sign of life. Maybe she left a note, had to leave early and wanted to let him sleep in. He still had little recollection of the prior evening, or how he got here, or what happened after he arrived.

He looked around a little more, and found a small kitchenette and table. There was no note anywhere. He looked for a phone but couldn't find it. He found some orange juice in the well-stocked fridge and helped himself. It was a Saturday morning so he was in no hurry to leave. He decided to take advantage of the great shower in the bathroom, and enjoyed a long hot shower with one of those massage shower sprays. He washed his thick shoulder length blondish hair with a shampoo and conditioner he found. The fragrance was very floral and feminine, but he figured "who's going to notice?" The shower body soap was the same way, heavily perfumed and reminiscent of the girl that he met last night. Feeling really refreshed, he dried off with his towel and went searching for his clothes. He had been wearing a pair of jeans and a pullover sweater with tennis shoes, but for the life of him he could not find them anywhere! "Maybe she threw them in the wash?" he thought to himself, but realized there wasn't a washer/dryer in the small apartment. The other things he started to notice were that there were no windows in this apartment. There was a large plate glass mirror on one wall of the bedroom, once again floor-to-ceiling; he guessed she used it for dressing. The only door to the apartment entered into the small kitchen. It had a dead bolt lock installed, but there was no peep-hole. There was a television and entertainment center and a big library of videotapes. He gave up on trying to find his clothes for the time being. The only thing he could find to put on was a pink terry cloth bathrobe that he found hanging in the bathroom.

"Where is that girl?" he wondered to himself. He was relaxed and enjoying himself and was aware that he was somewhat titillated that he had been left alone in her apartment. "Maybe she went out to pick up some coffee and pastries," he mused. He was starting to get hungry. The clock at the bedside said it was nearly 10 in the morning. He rummaged through the ice box again, drank a Slim Fast shake he found and took one of her "multivitamins" that he found on the kitchen counter. He settled onto the bed again, propped up against the soft pillows and the quilted headboard and turned on the TV. "Well at least she's got cable," he said happily to himself. He flipped around the channels and saw the premium channels were showing nothing he liked. "Tootsie" and "Mrs. Doubtfire" were on, but he wasn't too interested. He killed some time channel surfing, and realized another hour had flown by, but still no girl.

"Think!" he said aloud to himself. He was trying to piece together what had happened the night before. He remembered going to this party at a new club one of his friends had recommended and then meeting this beautiful woman. "I never got her name; how typically male of me" the thought, amusing himself. He knew he must have really "tied one on". His headache was starting to come back and it didn't help that he was getting really hungry. He found some kind of soy protein bars in the pantry and ate a couple of those. The only kind of painkiller he could find was some Midol tablets in the bathroom medicine cabinet. He decided to try some since his head was hurting so badly. He hadn't had such a terrible hangover headache in ages.

Again he tried to piece the night's events together. He really had no recollection of getting into the girl's apartment, or of whether he even went to bed with her or not. He must have passed out last night. He hoped he hadn't failed to "perform" sexually last night, but at this point he wasn't even sure he got the chance. He thought something exciting must have happened though, for him to wake up totally naked in this girl's apartment.

All he could think of now was "Maybe she had to go to work or something." "I just wish she'd left me a note, or at least left my clothes out where I could find them." He was really getting a little antsy now. It was mid afternoon, and here he was dressed only in a pink terrycloth bathrobe and he couldn't leave because he couldn't find his clothes! He didn't really have to be anywhere, but all the same he was curious when this "mystery girl" was going to show up. He was excited to think that he might get another chance to see her and to find out what had happened last night.

He was starting to get a little bored, just waiting. He looked through her video collection, but most of the stuff had to do with health and beauty products, like exercise videos and commercial videos for doing hair and makeup and modeling. He wondered if maybe she worked in a salon or something, or sold cosmetics or women's clothing. Trying not to disturb anything, he found himself snooping around her apartment just for something to do. He figured out he might be able to find out something about this "mystery girl". It seemed funny that he couldn't find anything that helped him figure out who she was. No bills or mail or magazines with her name on it were anywhere to be found. He couldn't find any photographs or books with her name written on it. There were no prescription bottles in the bathroom cabinet either. On the other hand, this apartment was completely "lived in." She had perfumes, hair products, bath salts, facial muds, louffas, sponge scrubbers, hair removal products and a huge array of all kinds of cosmetics. He even found 3 or 4 really nice wigs in her bedroom closet. The closet was huge, a walk-in affair with more shoes than he had ever seen, mostly ultra-feminine or with high heels. There was nothing casual, not even running shoes. The clothes were all amazing too. All kinds of nightgowns, teddies, and beautiful silky lingerie were there. He got a thrill feeling the softness of her clothes and smelling the perfumes that lingered on her garments. Then he saw what seemed to be hundreds of dresses of all colors, designs and fabrics. It was all very classy stuff, mostly very feminine and many formal gowns. He noticed lots of sweaters and short skirts hanging up also. She didn't seem to have any jeans or sweat suits or pantsuits that he could see. He remembered her last night wearing a blue shimmering knee length dress, very sexy.

He decided to look through her dresser. Maybe his clothes were in one of the drawers. No luck! All the drawers were neatly organized with very feminine undergarments. There were all shades and varieties of pantyhose and thigh high nylon stockings. There were some sexy looking bustiers, waist cinchers and even a full-length corset. Panties, bras, slips, you name it, she had it. He was hoping he might find a pair of jeans and a T-shirt he could slip on, but this girl had nothing of the sort. "A real pink fluff!" he laughed to himself. After a thorough searching of her apartment, he felt drowsy and decided to take a rest. He lay on her bed hoping she would soon be back to join him. He was thinking of his "mystery girl" when he drifted off to sleep.




"What the……where am I?" Terry woke with a start. The room was darkened, and the bedside lamplights were on. Soft lighting poured out of the bathroom, and around the corner from the kitchen. A couple of fragrant candles were burning. "Finally," he thought while he stretched, "my mystery girl must have made it back home." He sat up quickly, noticing again that he was completely nude. The terrycloth bathrobe was hanging up again in the bathroom. His skin felt warm and tingly all over. In the dim light he looked around the apartment. "Hello….anyone there?" he softly called. No response, the place was quiet. "This chick is weird." he said to himself. "What kind of game is she playing?" Actually he was getting pretty excited with all that had gone on. Sure, he was a little miffed about not being able to find his clothes and being left alone all day, but he figured that now she had come back, the fun should be starting soon.

Terry jumped out of bed again, and when his weight touched down he had a sudden jolt of pain in both buttocks. He reached back to feel, and was quite sore in both of his butt cheeks, sort of like how it feels when you get a big shot of penicillin. He was also sort of groggy and a little woozy when he stood up. He went over and put the bathrobe back on. A quick search of the apartment revealed a couple of things right away. She had been back but had apparently left again. The lights were different, he had been left naked in the bed again and this time there was a note to "Terri" next to a box of chocolates and a single red rose in a vase. "Was the note for me?" he wondered. He didn't remember her name, and he guessed that maybe she had just been cute and misspelled his name that way. He felt sure it must have been left for him so he opened it. Written on a card with a picture of a seductive woman on the front, it said, "Dear Terri: I am so glad you are here. I have tried to make everything comfortable and luxuriant for you to enjoy in the apartment. Sorry I have not been able to see you but once today, and I didn't want to wake you. Make yourself at home. Use anything in the apartment that you want. The food is healthy, organic and fortified with vitamins and soy proteins, and is all low fat. There is a bottle of good "multivitamins" on the kitchen counter; feel free to take one or two, especially if you feel tired. Just wait; we're going to have some real fun together! Love, your mystery girl."

"Wow!" thought Terry. "I must have really been out of it to have missed her coming and going like that." He was anxious for her to return. He noticed it was already 8 in the evening, so he had been asleep most of the afternoon. "I guess I needed the rest" he said to himself. He was still puzzled about why his hips were so sore, but they seemed to get better the more he walked around. He roamed into the kitchen and just as the note said there were all kinds of fruits, yogurt, soy protein shakes and bars, and some nice muffins. He helped himself, and while at it he took a couple more of the vitamins she had offered. There was a box of white wine chilled in the fridge, as well as a box of blush Zinfandel. He had a glass of each as he lounged. The note he had been left intrigued him. It seemed as though his "mystery girl" was being very generous and wanted him to stay. Given his past poor luck with women, he knew not to lose this opportunity. He just wished she would show up soon, and while he was awake! He was troubled by the fact that when he tried to open the door and peek outside to see if he knew where he was, that he found the deadbolt locked. "That's not very safe! What if there were a fire or something and I had to get out?" He made a mental note to ask her not to do that again if he ever got the chance. He poured himself another glass of wine and settled on the bed to watch TV. When he turned it on, there was a tape in the VCR which started playing. "That's odd," he thought. "She must have put that in when she was here." It was her, doing some sort if infomercial for a cosmetic line she was selling. He had noticed a lot of this cosmetic on her vanity table before. She was gorgeous in the video, and was demonstrating on another woman how to apply the makeup. She demonstrated starting with foundation, building on with eyeliner, eye shadows, mascara, lip pencil and lipstick and finishing with blush and powder. She had transformed this fairly plain-looking woman into a glamour girl. He was somewhat fascinated by the whole process, never having really paid attention to anything like this before. There was another segment on the tape on hair removal products and how to use them to wax legs and eyebrows. He said "ouch!" and turned it off. Working on his 4th glass of wine (there wasn't much else to do), he nodded off about 11 p.m.




Terry slept fitfully that night. He had some weird dreams, and was barely aware of his "mystery girl" being there with him again overnight. Like in a fog, he seemed to believe that she had come to bed with him, and had made love to him. Reality seemed to mix with this dream state. Had she really tied his arms and legs to the bedposts? He remembered all sorts of pleasurable sensations, like having his body rubbed in warm soothing gel or lotion, and then rubbed clean. She had turned him over on his stomach and done the same thing to his back and legs and arms, leaving him with a warm and smooth feeling all over. She had given him some more wine, kissing him and massaging his face and cheeks, his eyes and forehead. He vaguely remembered the videotape he had seen the evening before, and had a strange intertwining of his dream-like experience with his "mystery girl" with the parts of the tape where she was waxing the girl's legs and eyebrows, removing her unwanted hair. What a night! He couldn't make out if what was happening was real, a dream or a combination of the two. He felt drugged from all the wine, and his thoughts were pleasantly clouded. He did, however, finally sleep soundly.

Terry slowly awoke from his reverie. He had no idea what time it was. The bathroom and kitchen lights were on, and some soft music was playing on a radio. "Was that Barry Manilow?" he asked himself. Anyway, he was aware of being naked again, but somehow his body and skin felt alive, warm and very sensitive. He inhaled the fragrance of perfume that permeated his dream state last night. "Wow!" he thought to himself, "that was an amazing experience!" He noticed he still felt a bit woozy and drunk when he stumbled into the bathroom to relieve himself. His eyes still half closed, he got into the shower and enjoyed waking up to the hot water massage. Once again he used the floral shampoo and conditioner and then started to lather himself with the body soap. "What the hell?" he shouted. He discovered that what little hair he had had on his chest was gone. Not only that, but his arms and legs, and even his underarms were smooth and hairless! No wonder his skin had felt so strange that morning. She had removed all his body hair! He was relieved to find a triangle of pubic hair left, but there was precious little remaining. He quickly rinsed off, toweled off and rushed out of the bathroom, looking for this crazy "mystery girl." Just like before, she had disappeared. Looking around again, he found another card to "Terri", and a new fresh flower, an orchid. He tore open the note and read aloud; "Dear Terri: You were fabulous last night! I have never had so much fun or found pleasure like you gave to me. You were so kind to let me play with you, and to let me make you smooth all over. I really love how that feels, your smooth skin against mine. What a turn on! You're the best! Have a great day. Help yourself to anything you want. See you soon. Your mystery girl."

"Damn!" he said aloud. "Was I really that out of it last night that I couldn't tell what was going on?" He fumed around the apartment for a good while, this time being less careful about not disturbing her things. He was determined to find his clothes, or at least something he could wear so he could get out of this nut house. He had no luck. His clothes were still nowhere to be found. He went ahead and put the bathrobe back on, but noticed a slinky pair of sexy silky pajamas that had been laid out. He decided to go ahead and put these on. At least it covered up most of his now hairless body. Unfortunately his shock was not over yet. When he went into the bathroom to brush his teeth, he found to his dismay that his eyebrows were now shaped, high and arched in a very feminine fashion. She had done his eyebrows too! He never had much of a beard, but his face seemed also to be smooth as a baby's butt.

"I've got to get out of here," he frantically thought. "This is just getting too weird." He checked the door again, and sure enough it was still locked with the deadbolt. He yelled and pounded on it for a while, but could not seem to get anyone to hear him or to help. He was stuck; trapped as best he could tell, with nothing to wear but feminine apparel, even if he could escape!




Terry was determined to get out of this situation. It was getting late again, and he had spent most of the day trying to figure things out. Why had he gotten into this predicament? His "mystery girl" he had met at the party seemed normal enough, not some kind of weird kinky nut case who would do all this weird shit. Had he done or said something that would make her think that he would be interested in this little game? He tried to piece together in his thoughts as much as he could about the party and the girl.

She was a beautiful blonde, tall, maybe 5 foot 9 statuesque woman about his age, around 23 or 24. She had a great body, athletic but well proportioned with nice round hips and butt, and ample breasts. He remembered admiring them as her cleavage showed through the deep neckline of her dress. Her lips were full, her nose straight but not too long, and her eyes were a dreamy green. She was definitely the kind of girl most guys dream to have a chance to be with.

He had too much to drink at the party, sure. He still couldn't remember how he ended up in her apartment. How long was she planning on keeping him here? He wondered if any of his other single friends had missed him yet? He lived alone, and it was not unusual for him to take off for a week or two or longer if he could find some consulting work around the region. He had his own business where he would be gone for months on such jobs. He finally concluded that probably none of his friends would miss him for a while. His family lived on the west coast and they did not check in with one another often. He knew that if he were going to find a way out of this situation, it would be up to him. No one was going to be looking for him.

By now he had looked through virtually everything in the apartment, searching for some clue as to who his "mystery girl" was, or what she was up to. There was no phone and he remembered feeling it was odd that he didn't see one the first day he was there. Despite all his yelling and pounding on the door and walls, he could not rouse anyone to help him. Maybe he was out in some remote area? His mind was full of questions. He wasn't coming up with any answers.

He was dumbfounded with what she was doing to him physically. Why would she remove all his body hair and shape his eyebrows and have only a woman's clothing in the apartment? Was she trying to see if he would dress up like a woman? Could that turn her on? He thought to himself that if he did dress up like a woman, at least he might be able to get out of there and not look too out of the ordinary, assuming he could escape. He couldn't go out in a bathrobe. Hell, his mind was spinning. He had another headache.

He took some more of the "Midol" tablets for his head, and ate some fruit, yogurt and soy protein bars. He took a couple of more vitamins. He wanted to keep his strength up and to try to remain awake this time when she came in for a "repeat performance". He had only one glass of wine so he wouldn't doze off; however at around 2 a.m. he fell asleep, too weary to keep his eyes open.




When he awoke the next morning, he noticed another note on the vanity and another fresh cut flower in a vase, this time a big pink carnation. "Shit", he cursed to himself, "I missed her again." The next thing he noticed was that he felt like he couldn't breathe well, and his chest felt heavy. He threw off the comforter to find himself trussed up in the corset that he had seen while looking through her dresser drawers. Not only that, but he now had breasts! They looked like they were made out of latex, but they had apparently been somehow attached to his chest and looked and felt too damn real. Trying frantically to pull them off, he soon realized that they were firmly glued on and were not going to come off without losing some skin. They seemed to be super-glued on!

The corset came up to just below these breasts, and pushed up beneath them in a way that made them even more prominent. The laces of the corset were in the back, and were tied up very tight. The lower part of the corset went down to his hips and seemed to push out his butt in a rounded feminine shape. His waist was severely pulled in. Try as he might, he could not reach the laces in the back. Craning his neck to look backwards in the mirror the found there was an impossible knot that even if he could reach it, he would probably never get it loose.

As if all this were not horrible enough, Terry had discovered also that he had been given a complete manicure and pedicure with a complete set of acrylic fingernails that had been glued on. His fingernails and toenails were all painted a dark shade of pink.

He thought he was going to be sick. He went into the bathroom and splashed cool water on his face. He noticed again that both of his butt cheeks were sore. Why? He again realized that he felt groggier than usual. The thought suddenly hit him that the only way she was able to do these things to him was by waiting for him to fall asleep, and then drugging him somehow. Probably she was giving him some kind of shots, since his butt hurt every morning. Back in the bedroom he opened the note on the vanity, sat on the bed and read.

"Dear Terri: I can't tell you how much fun I'm having with you! After seeing you and playing with you again last night I could hardly contain my excitement with how good you look. Don't worry; you'll be fine so long as you don't try to pull off the breasts or the nails. Don't they look and feel real? You'll find a special surprise if you tweak your nipples! And don't worry about the corset, we can take it off later and I'll give you a bubble bath. Can't wait to see you again! Love you. Your "mystery girl".

Terry did something that he rarely if ever did before; he started crying. "What's wrong with me?" he sobbed. He hadn't been eating much lately either, and felt nauseated a lot of the time. What kind of drugs was she giving him? Why was he so emotional? Why was all this happening? He cried for quite some time before he finally calmed down. "What does this girl want, and why is she trying to turn me into a woman?" he wondered. The notes she wrote to him were confusing. It seemed as though she thought he wanted all this to happen, and that she thought it was "fun". Did she want him to dress up as a woman, and was that why there was nothing other than feminine stuff around? Would she let him go if he played along? What did he have to lose at this point?

He stood up and examined himself in the full length mirror on the wall. What he saw startled him. With his longish hair and corseted figure, his hairless body and new breasts, his reflection looked like that of a young woman. His breasts looked real enough, and his painted nails and arched eyebrows added a convincing touch. His waist was very small and his hips and butt were shapely and round. Strangely he felt titillated by the image he saw. Except for his obvious male genital package, he could pass for a woman. He felt his "breasts", and on impulse tweaked his nipple. A surge of tingling excitement hit his buried nipple like an electric tickle. He tried it again and got the same result! These things were somehow wired to send an electric tingle to his own nipples! It didn't take him long to realize that he was getting sexually excited with his new "toys". Having nothing better to do, he kept playing with his nipples while he stroked his erection with his feminine appearing hands. It somehow excited him to imagine that a woman was pleasuring him. He erupted into pleasure, and he lay panting on the bed.

After a brief rest, Terry decided to hit the bathroom to clean up. He hadn't noticed before, but his "mystery girl" had left another note next to some feminine apparel she had left laid out. He opened the note and read; "Dearest Terri, I have picked out some beautiful lingerie that I would like you to wear. The panties will match the corset so that you can hide your manhood and have a smooth feminine front. They are very tight, but you will get used to it and it will definitely improve your looks. The stockings I have laid out for you are thigh high sheer nylons, and you will need to use the garter straps to hold them up. This will enhance the smooth silky feeling and look of your legs, and will make you look very sexy. The brassiere matches the outfit too and will support your breasts and produce some very sexy cleavage. Please try these items on for me and wear them and see what you think. Today you will be lounging in the pink sheer bathrobe with the boa trim, and the matching pink slipper pumps. What a thrill you are in for! Enjoy yourself Terri! I'll look forward to seeing you again very soon. 'Til then, I am your "mystery girl".

Terry found himself intrigued by the idea of playing along with his devilish captor. Maybe if he did, he would be able to convince her to let him go. So, one by one, he put on the lingerie items as she had instructed. The panty girdle was indeed tight, but once adjusted was not too uncomfortable, and he did notice how well it hid the bulge of his "manhood". The silky feel of the stockings on his bare legs was amazingly sensual, and the garter straps did add a very sexy touch. He had a little trouble with the brassiere but eventually discovered how to allow his breasts to fill the cups and how to snap the hooks in place in the rear. The sheer robe and the 2 inch pumps added the complete look of a woman lounging in her boudoir. Viewing himself in the full length mirror, he was amazed to think that if someone didn't know for sure, they would never suspect he was really a man.

Terry kind of "got into it" that day. He pranced around the apartment, glancing frequently at his reflection in the many mirrored rooms. He ate lightly as the corset did not allow large meals, and to compensate he drank more water and took a couple of doses of her vitamins. He enjoyed 2 or 3 glasses of wine that evening. He was ready to confront his "mystery girl" and was determined more than ever to stay awake and to not miss his chance to try to negotiate his way out of this surreal and absurd situation. He was hoping that by being cooperative with her plot, maybe she would be more willing to let him go. He sipped his wine and watched another one of her video tapes, this one was about hairstyles, colorings and perms. "Man," he said aloud to himself, "women sure do go to a lot of trouble to look good."




Terry must have dozed off for a minute, but he was aware that he was not alone when he aroused from his brief nap. His head was swimming from the wine, and he was aware that something was stinging again in his butt. He stood up quickly to look around and caught a blur of a blonde figure behind him. She was laughing and clapping her hands, saying "You're so cute, Terri. I just love the way you look!" He tried to turn to respond, but found himself reeling on very wobbly legs, and the room was spinning around and around. "Who are you, and what do you want with me?" he moaned out. "Why won't you let me leave?" His questions slurred off his tongue. He was by now in a half awake/asleep state, where he could hardly tell dream from reality.

Her voice responded, "I'm your mystery girl, Terri. We're here to have fun and enjoy the wonderful world of womanhood. I am your guide and helper, and we are going to do our best to help you be a good girl. Like you said to me at the party, 'Hey, baby, if I could be a girl I would want to look as good as you do'. "That was some pick-up line Terri! I'll bet you never thought I'd grant you your wish though. When we're finished making you look as good as a real girl like me, you'll be ready to go."

These words buzzed through Terry's head. "Oh my God," he sighed to himself. "I do remember saying that to her at the party. I was just trying to tell her how good she looked." His muttering went unheeded. He felt another stinging sensation in his other butt cheek. "Ouch!" he cried. "Now don't complain," he heard her voice say. "You'll need these hormones everyday if we're going to make you gorgeous." He fell into a fitful slumber, off and on aware of what was happening. He couldn't distinguish dream from reality.

He kept remembering images of the videotape he had been watching earlier in the day about hairstyling, colorings and perms. In his dream state his "mystery girl" was now there, and he was in her salon, except now he was the model. She was cutting and brushing and styling his hair in a very girlish fashion, and at one point he even thought he was feeling the sensations and smelling the smells of the shampoos and rinses in his hair. He dreamed also of being let out of his corset and enjoying a hot long soak in a fragrant bubble bath. After that he slept soundly and peacefully for what seemed like a long time.

A number of fresh sensations slowly aroused him from sleep. He smelled a rich fragrant perfume that seemed to emanate from his pores. His face and body seem freshly scrubbed, and once again he could sense the silky smoothness of his face, legs, chest and arms. The small amount of prickly regrowth of hair that had begun to occur after his first depilatory were now again completely removed. His head felt different, as though he was wearing a cap of some kind. He reached up to feel his hair and discovered a full set of rollers in place, covered by a hairnet cap. His scalp was stinging a little, as were his ears. A second or two of exploration and he found that he was now sporting two earrings in each of his ears. She had double pierced his ears!

He slowly got out of bed, still woozy from the night before. He was again wearing the very tight corset, the panty girdle and a sheer nightgown over the other undergarments. His new breasts were still firmly attached, and his own chest seemed swollen and more sensitive underneath his fake bosom. He noticed he still had the full set of deep rose-colored fingernails with matching polish on his toenails that he had acquired the day before. Standing up slowly now, he made his way into the bathroom, pulled down the panty girdle and relieved himself. By instinct he pulled them back on and when he was finished, and thought to himself that they did not feel as tight as they had before.

Looking at himself in the mirror now, he saw that each ear had 2 gold ear studs with little pink stone sets, one stud perched in each earlobe with the other stud just above. He tried to remove the clasps, but found that they were somehow firmly attached, just like all the other new accessories he was slowly acquiring. Turning his attention to his hair, he removed the hair cap and was shocked to see that his hair was not only all done up in rollers, but that it seemed to have been dyed a very light almost platinum blond color. Even his eyebrows were more lightly colored to match and had been reshaped into a thinner, highly arched tapering shape. His feminine reflection bore no resemblance to the usual male features that he had looked at in the mirror for the 22 years of his life before now. Tears welled up in his eyes, his stomach churned with nausea and he threw up in the toilet. He passed out in a heap on the bathroom floor.




Terry woke with a start, and found himself back in bed. He remembered getting sick in the bathroom, but had no recollection of getting back into bed. Glancing at the clock he saw it was almost 1 in the afternoon. He had slept all morning!

His stomach was still queasy, but he thought if he could eat something it would settle down. He made his way into the kitchen and made himself a smoothie with bananas, strawberries, yogurt and a soy protein powder that he mixed with orange juice. He took a couple of vitamins and felt better. While enjoying his breakfast he discovered a new note, and once again a fresh flower in a bud vase, this time a pink passion flower. He was trembling when his opened this note, afraid to read what his "mystery girl" might have planned next.

"Dear Terri; I'm so sorry you got sick and upset this morning. I cleaned you up and put you back to bed for a while. I have been having so much fun with you that I guess I didn't realize I might be going too fast for you. Maybe the color permanent we did last night made you feel a little nauseous; plus the hormones are probably upsetting your tummy too. I'll be more careful, but I'm just so happy to have you to play girlfriend with me right now. I thought the earrings were just right for you and when the holes heal better we can try all sorts of pretty ones on. Don't try to remove the studs; I've got them super glued on so you won't be tempted."

Her note continued; "Now for your assignment for today: I want you to watch my video on hair styling. It will teach you how to take out your rollers and how to brush out and style your new haircut. The cut I gave you is going to be so darling! I can't wait to see it. Before you take your curlers out, though, you need to watch my other video on how to apply your makeup. I have selected the foundation, blush, eyeliner and shadows, mascara, powder, lip pencil and lipstick that you should practice with. If you do a good job, we'll be that much closer to reaching our goal of making you gorgeous. I'll be checking on your work, so do your best! Enjoy your day, girlfriend." The note was signed, "Love, your mystery girl."

Terry was feeling weak and was trembling. He knew that if he didn't do what she wanted him to do that he may never get out of this situation. The sooner he complied, he reasoned to himself, the sooner he figured he could escape and return to his normal life. He knew that the longer he stayed, the greater the chance that the hormones she had been injecting into him might take effect. He could already tell that his breasts were swollen and tender, his hips and butt more rounded, and he was concerned that his manhood was shrinking. His emotions were a wreck; he had never broken down and cried like he had in the last few days.

Terry sat down and watched the videos. First he watched the video on makeup application. Step by step he carefully followed her instructions, stopping the tape with each new tip for using the various cosmetics. The first time he tried it he looked like a kid who had colored outside the lines, so he washed his face and started over again. By the time he had done this the third time the started to get better. He was amazed when he finally finished to see how completely feminine he appeared in the vanity mirror. The blush of "Wine and Roses" lipstick added the final touch to his beautiful girlish face. "OK" he thought to himself, "now I guess I'll see what she's done to my hair."

After reviewing the hairstyling video, he slowly and carefully removed each roller. When done he took a styling brush and began to brush out his now very wavy light blond hair. It was still about shoulder length, but he now had bangs and a perfectly framed girlish hairdo. His reflection in the mirror now was startling. There appeared to be a gorgeous young woman staring back at him. He was at the same time amazed, appalled, and yet somehow excited to see his transformation into such a beautiful creature.

He knew that if now he could ever get out of this apartment that at least he could wear the feminine apparel at his disposal and not look like a guy in a dress, saving him some embarrassment. The trick now was to figure out how to escape. He knew that there must be some way that his captor was able to spy on him and see what he was doing because she always seemed to come at the exact moment when he was asleep or incapacitated. The thought occurred to him that maybe one or more of the mirrors in the apartment were two-way mirrors, allowing her to see when she could come and drug him with another shot. He couldn't stay awake forever, but of course neither could she unless she had an accomplice. His mind raced with all these thoughts. He decided to stop drinking wine in the evenings because he knew that it was making him easy prey. He planned that he would pretend to fall asleep, and then try to overpower her and get away. "Good," he thought. "At least now I've got a plan!"




Terry wasn't sure, but he calculated by now that he must have been kept in this apartment now for at least a week. Without windows he couldn't even be sure if it was really 7 in the morning or 7 in the evening. He had lost track of time also because of being doped so often. To be ready for his get-away plan, he decided that he had better find something to wear once he could get out. Going through the closets, he picked out and tried on several different dresses, finally choosing a pink satiny dress that buttoned up the front for easy on and off. He found a pair of shoes, but damn it if they all didn't have at least a 3 inch heel. He decided to wear the shoes around the apartment to get some practice so that he would be able to walk away without falling on his face. He found that with a little practice he was able to do OK walking in the heels.

Terry had been active all day formulating his plan. The time now said 1 o'clock, and he knew it had been quite a while since he had slept. He was uncomfortable in the heels and the corset, so he pulled off the shoes and took the dress off and lay on the bed to rest. He had eaten a small sandwich and some milk and was finding himself getting sleepy. "OK, now I'll act like I am nodding off, and wait for her to come in."

For what seemed like 2 or 3 hours Terry lay still, attentive to any noise or activity that might surround him. He finally had to get up and go pee. He washed his face and removed all the makeup. He took a drink of water and some of the "Midol" tablets because he had a slight headache. He lay back down, yawned and pretended again to nod off. Unfortunately, he did.

"OUCH! Damn it!" he cried. He found himself arousing quickly from sleep to find his "mystery girl" straddling him, trapping his arms and legs under the covers with her weight. She had an empty syringe in her hand and was saying "You bad girl, you were trying to pretend to be catnapping!" Although he struggled, she had him pinned tightly under the covers. Very quickly he felt the soothing dreamlike effect of the drug settle over him. He began to relax and breathe deeply, his head swimming as he mumbled, "I just want to go home." She cooed back "Just as soon as you are ready, Terri. Just relax and let's have some more fun." He felt a second shot in his other butt cheek, and his dreaming began again.

Terry's dreams that night were very erotic. He was again undressed, released from his tightly constricting corset and given another soothing perfumed bath. His latex breasts were removed, and in his dream he had real breasts and they were highly sensitive. His "mystery girl" played with them with her tongue, sucked his nipples and stroked them until he thought he would scream with ecstasy. His manhood responded to her stimulations also, and she dominated him as she straddled him and rhythmically rode up and down, up and down.

He dreamed also of getting tattoos, and in his dream state he imagined feeling the stinging of the needles all over his face and neck and chest. He dreamed that he was tied down, but for some reason was too drugged to struggle or to even care about what was happening. He dreamed he was bleeding, actually having a period, and that there were bloody sheets all around him. He dreamed of ecstasy, of torture, and of himself, a man being transformed into a woman. Finally, he was free of dreaming; he rested and his mind fell into a peaceful trance.




Terry awoke in pain. He was aware of being tightly corseted and having on the very tight panty girdle or something like it. He was feeling pains all over his face, his neck and his chest. He was groggy, his mouth was pasty dry and he felt nauseous. His throat felt parched and harsh. He tried to speak but his voice was only a hoarse whisper. He felt something wrapped around his neck like a tight scarf. His chest felt tight and heavy, and he noticed that he was bound around the chest with a wide elastic bandage, covering the bulges of his "breasts". His neck was stinging front and back, and his eyes seemed swollen. Even his lips seemed swollen and tender, as though he were having some kind of allergic reaction.

When he tried to get up, he found that he was in 4 point restraints, tied to each of the bedposts. He felt an uncomfortable urge to pee and a terrible ache between his legs. He managed to squeak out a high pitched "Help, help me!" To his surprise, his "mystery girl" appeared. She was wearing a tight fitting white nurse's smock with white hose and shoes, and even a white nurse's cap. She breezed over and said "Good morning, Terri! How are you feeling, darling?" He moaned, "What's wrong with me?"

She sat next to him on the bed and patted his hand, and then wiped his brow with a cool cloth. "Nothing is wrong, my dear. Everything went just fine. You just need to rest and let me take care of you." Terry tried speaking again; "Why am I tied down, and why do I hurt all over?" he whimpered. His "mystery girl" replied, "you are restrained so that you won't pull out your IV line and catheter, and so that you will not mess with your bandages. When you are more recovered I'll let you loose, but for now it's for the best. Now I'm going to give you something to help you relax and to relieve the pain. Get some rest, sweet Terri." "Nooooo…." he sighed. He was powerless to resist as she gave him another shot in each hip. Gradually he fell into a heavy sleep.

For what seemed like days on end Terry found himself experiencing what seemed like being a patient in a hospital. He was kept so drugged most of the time that just as before it was hard for him to separate dream from reality. He was aware that his "nurse" was there a lot, changing bandages, giving him shots, bathing him and helping him use a bedpan when he needed to go to the bathroom. He was too weak to do anything for himself, and she even had to feed him with a spoon. His dream-like awareness was that his body had been changed. The corset was not so tight because his waist was thinning. His hips and butt now were rounder and fuller, and he was the owner of what appeared to be a set of breast implants, large and full and sensitive to the touch. He had discovered that he had a urinary catheter in place because he never had to pee. He still felt very sore in his groin area and was wearing the tight panty girdle with some extra gauze dressings that his "nurse" would frequently check and change. His mind was not clear enough to comprehend the entire nature of the transformation that had occurred to him.

Gradually, she learned to accept it.




Terri's recovery from surgery took about 3 weeks, and was carefully overseen by Kim, formerly known to him only as his "mystery girl". Ever so slowly during that time Terri and Kim bonded, but sort of in the same way that a kidnap victim resigns to their captor out of desperation and in order to survive. Terri was now completely cooperative in learning all the details about being a new woman.

Kim helped Terri learn to do all her own hair and makeup, how to select her outfits, how to walk and behave like a complete young lady. Her voice had been altered by a stitch or two to tighten her vocal cords, and had been done at the same time her Adam's apple cartilage was shaved down to give her neck a more smooth and feminine shape. She now spoke with a throaty alto voice, kind of sexy like the ones you may hear on a 1-900 telephone call. Her lips had been injected with collagen to make them fuller, and her nose had been made smaller and more "pert". She sported a small tattoo of a delicate wood nymph just below the nape of her neck now. Permanent eyeliner and lipliner assured she would always have the painted face of a woman.

The breast implants were just big enough to enhance the growth of her own breasts that occurred from the regular hormone shots. Kim told her later that the "vitamins" she thought she was taking were actually an estrogen tablet, and Terri agreed to keep taking those everyday so she could stop taking shots.

The hormones were more effective now too, because Terri no longer owned male genitals or testicles. The surgery had been complete. She was fully a woman.

Terri's transformation was complete. She was a beautiful young woman now, and just like Kim, she was ready to help the next young man realize his dream when he told her "If I were a woman, I would want to be as gorgeous as you are."




During Terri's recovery from surgery and while constantly attended to by her nurse Kim, Terri learned of the reasons why such a thing had happened to her and what was in store for her in the future. She also learned much more about Kim during those weeks. Kim had been a surgical assistant to a brilliant young plastic surgeon named Dr. Susan Lockhart. Kim was very bright and was able to very quickly observe and learn a lot of the surgical skills and procedures while working with Dr. Lockhart. Kim had one major problem, though; cockiness and a very smart mouth. On more than one occasion, Kim had bragged to Dr. Lockhart, "I'll bet I could do as good a job as you do on this surgery!" At first Dr. Lockhart took Kim's comments as just a joke, a sign of Kim's self-confidence, but after awhile Kim's attitude was just too much for Dr. Lockhart to bear. Dr. Lockhart wanted and needed an assistant as skillful as Kim, but with a major attitude adjustment, so she developed a plan to take Kim down a notch or two, so to speak, yet still be able to keep Kim as her more subservient assistant.

Dr. Lockhart asked Kim to come in for a special case to her outpatient surgery center in order to help her with a VIP patient. She had even called in another surgical assistant to help. Apparently this case was so "hush-hush" that Kim did not even know the identity of the VIP patient or what type of procedure they were going to perform that day. Kim was used to having an extra assistant from time to time for the more difficult cases that Dr. Lockhart performed.

When Kim arrived to the surgery center that day Dr. Lockhart was prepared and waiting. The injection of anesthetic was into Kim's unsuspecting butt without warning, and Dr. Lockhart's plan was set into motion.

You see, prior to that weekend, Kim had been Dr. Lockhart's male surgical assistant. Now Kim was Dr. Lockhart's female surgical assistant, fully transformed that day into a gorgeous feminine creature through the amazing plastic surgery skills of Dr. Susan Lockhart. Following Kim's recovery and special training to learn to accept her new role, she became fully cooperative with Dr. Susan Lockhart. Kim now fully

acknowledged Dr. Lockhart as the region's foremost plastic surgeon. Kim would never challenge Dr. Lockhart's skills again!

During her 3 weeks of recovery from her own transformation surgery, Terri learned the truth about Kim, plus a whole lot more which explained why this had all happened. Dr. Lockhart and Kim had developed a plan to rehabilitate and teach a lesson to the kind of men who thought they were God's gift to women. The two had worked out an arrangement to find unsuspecting young, self-employed and unattached men who were the type to "hit on" anyone wearing a skirt. Once snared, they would be taken to Dr. Lockhart's special "apartment", which was actually attached to the outpatient surgery center. There these young men, just like Terri, would be kept captive and observed through the two-way mirrors until they were asleep and could be kept drugged and injected with hormones, and they would be gradually transformed into the very object of their own desires: beautiful young women. This is what had happened to Terri, and to many before her. The humiliation of the process was enough that none of those transformed would ever admit it had happened.

The "party" that was thrown was a set-up designed to attract these young cocky guys and to present them with lots of gorgeous young and willing "mystery girls". The young man would be then enticed to use a pick-up line that had gotten Terri into the same situation. Here's how it worked: a guy would be caught eyeing one of the beautiful "mystery girls" at the party. Dr. Lockhart or one of her other "mystery girls" would approach the guy and suggest, "I see you're interested in her. I know her well, and I know just the pick-up line that will get you into trouble, if you know what I mean. Tell her 'If I was a girl, I would wish I were as gorgeous as you are, baby.'" The guy would saunter over and offer his "mystery girl" a drink, say the line, get invited over to the "apartment" and the rest was history.

Now that Terri's transformation and training to be a new "mystery girl" was complete it was time for Terri to entice a new recruit to Dr. Lockhart's program. Dr. Lockhart's "mystery girls" have never been found out, and to this day, one by one, each new horny young recruit gets the surprise of his life, and finds himself joining a group of submissive, gorgeous young women, each marked with a tattoo of a woodland fairy on the nape of her neck, Dr. Lockhart's personalized signature of her work.






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