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My Sister's Toy

by Danker


Hi! I'm Jeff Johnson and I'm 16 with long black hair and a small build and only 5'4"and I never thought I would end up like this? I live with my mom Carla and my dad Tom and my two sisters Jane was 17 blonde about 5'6 and Pattie also blonde and 13 and 5'4" same as me. We lived in the country 40 miles from any reasonable town but it was 40 acres we lived on and not many kids in the area. Dad was a farmer but I wasn't interested in farming, I helped but only a little. I wanted to be an engineer for NASA but things change. Now I will start from the beginning.

I was in school and the guys I hung out thought my sister Jane was hot and dared me to get a pair of her panties to show them. I snuck into her room after school when she was at cheerleadering practice I grabbed a black thong that was in her draw and bought it to school the next day to show my buddies. I figured I could make some cash off it and charged them $2 to see it and $5 to hold it. I made over $250 that day so I decided to get even a sexier pair and do the same thing and make more cash. I found a pink thong with maroon flowers embroidered on it. In school I made $350 and was thinking this is a million times better then farming. With summer vacation 2 days away with cash I was going to have fun.

The next day I took a fire engine red pair and while I was showing it to a few guys, Mr. Wilson came and grabbed me by the neck and asked I was doing. I told him nothing! He saw the fire red panties in my hand. He took me to the principal's office and called my mom. When she got there she looked really upset. She told me to follow her and we will talk in the car.

We got in the car and she was quiet for 5 minutes and then said "what do you think you were doing taking your sisters panties to school to show your friends. The principal suspended you for 2 days and the first month next year and I told him you will pay for it but I don't know what to do with you. Wait till your father hears about this. I never saw mom like this and when we got home she told me to do corner time. Jane came home crying and couldn't stop. Mom tried to calm her down then dad got home and I was just shaking and mom told dad the whole story.

I pleaded for him to forgive me but he wouldn't listen and he told me to got o my room and think about it while we think of a way you should be punished, in a stern voice. I went to my room and thought that I was going to be grounded for a week or two but oh no dad gave my sister the choice of punishment. I was grounded for 2 days then I was told that Jane chose my punishment. She had time to think and came up with a doozy.

She ran it thru mom and dad before it was taken to me. I was told to come to the den and she told me that for the next two weeks I would dress as her sister. If you want my panties you will wear them, I also think you need the full assumable. I pleaded with my father and he got up and walked away. I told her I wasn't going to do it, my mom said I will and do it with pride or it could last the whole summer. "WHAT" I said, Jane grabbed my arm and took me to her room and the sad part I couldn't get away from her. She overpowered me like I was a 6-year-old girl.

We went to her room and she took me into her bathroom and told me to strip. I said, " No I won't do it" she slapped my face and told me if I didn't dad will give me a spanking of my life and spend all summer being a girl. I was very afraid and did it, and then she told me to stand still. Then she put a cream over my body and told me to stay there till I get back. When Jane was getting back in to the bathroom she ran the tub and filled it with scented oils and told me to lay in it for 20 minutes. My mom came into the bathroom and started to tell me that I need to do what my sister says and if I don't obey her I will be in either bigger trouble. I will learn to respect people and stay out of other people's stuff. You will do whatever your sister says or your dad will make you do this for the whole summer. All of your clothes and boy things were put in a storage unit so you can't get them till your punishment is over. For now get out of the bath and get dressed your sister left your clothes on the bed. If you need help call me to help you" And she left with an upset look on her face.

I got out and dried off I realized all my manhood was hairless. I was so upset that all the hair I waited 16 years to come in was gone in less then and hour. Went to my room and it was different. My star wars blanket and sheet were gone as my clothes were and I saw none of my toys. The sheets and blanket matched pink with blue, red and yellow flowers all over it. On the bed and dresser were dolls and stuff animals. On the bed was a pair of pink panties with a red bow on the front with matching bra, a pair of pink socks with white lace around the top, and a pink dress with a similar bow like the panties by the neckline and had built in petticoat around 6 layers.

I looked at the stuff and went downstairs in my towel and asked dad for my clothes. He said, "your clothes are in your room, every time we punish you, you promise you would never do it again but you are always in trouble. Your sister did some research on a way to punish you so you remember to behave properly and your mother and I listened to her and we both thought and read some of the articles and decided it would be the best way." FUCK YOU, I'm not wearing that SHIT, I'm a MAN not a GIRL". He grabbed me, pulled off the towel and gave me a spanking like I never had I could stop crying. He told me until I want to get dress to go stand in the corner. Jane and mom came in and asked why he wasn't dressed. Dad told them what happened and Jane came over a smacked my bright red ass and I screamed " DON'T DO THAT YOU BITCH". My dad got up and came over to me and said you just don't learn are you a dumb bimbo. This time he took his belt off and handed it to Jane and said, " Give him 10 whacks with the belt maybe he will want to get dressed afterwards." After 6 whacks I fell to the ground and pleaded for her to stop. Ok …..Ok please stop I'll do it, in a begging matter.

My mom told me to stand up and asked Jane to get the bag on her bed. As she did mom told me to start off I don't want to hear any and I mean any more back talk and apologize to her immediately when she gets back. She came back and immediately said " Jane I'm sorry for calling you a bitch and please forgive me". That's the first time I ever apologized to her and she said " I will accept it this time for my new sister Jennifer." She and mom smile when she said that, then mom pulled out breast forms from the bag. She glued them on and told me Jane had the glue remover and she is the one to determine when you will be Jeff again. Now go get dressed and when you are done or need help call me" I nodded in shame and went to my room.

I got in there and heart was pounding I put on the panties and I had a problem with the bra. After 10 minutes I heard a knock at the door and I was still trying to get the bra on. I said come in and Jane came in to help me as she saw I couldn't put the bra on. After the bra was on I put on the rest my self and she took me to her room. She sat me down at her vanity table and told me I need to take better care of my appearance. Your hair has split ends, which you can't have, nails are to short and not manicured and your skin is too soft and silky not rough. We had a chat as she showed me how to put on lipstick, eye shadow, blush, eyeliner, nail polish and foundation. After 2 hours of put this crap on and off she was finally happy and said I did an ok job. But you still need to work on it. Tomorrow we will do your hair and nails I'll show you everything about a girl.

She told me go downstairs and watch some TV as I was walking out she said, " You will always carry a doll till you get older." She handed me a doll and said if I didn't like that one I could pick out another one, but since I didn't care I took it and went downstairs. About 8 pm Pattie came home from her friends and was shocked to see me but at first she asked me my name and I said Jennifer. Then she started to recognize me and was looking harder and harder and saw me. She was giggling but Jane snapped at her for it. I was amazed that she did that but told her that she is are new sister and we need to HAVE respect for her as she does us. Pattie smiled and agreed. Jane took Pattie in the other room and explained everything to her. Told me it was 8:30pm and it was time to get ready for bed, she showed me the easiest way to remove the make up. I thanked her and she told me she would wake me up at 6 am to get ready for the day and to make breakfast. I got dressed in the pink nighie she told me to put on and I cried myself to sleep.

At 6 am the alarm went off and I hit the snooze button and be fore the alarm went off again she grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the bathroom. She started the tub and told me soak for 20 minutes and get dressed with what's on the bed. I soaked in the flowerily scented bath and went to the bedroom to dress. They was just a pair of booties, and matching nightgown and robe. As I'm thinking how can I let them do this shit to me.

Jane seemed really happy that she was teaching me how to cook we made scramble eggs, bacon and toast. When everyone came down for breakfast they were surprised when Jane told them all she did was instructed but dad looked ashamed. I was thinking about rebelling but after my ass whooping last night I thought ever time about rebelling. After cleaning up from breakfast Jane and Pattie took me to Jane's room and they were deciding what kind of hairstyle I should have. They whispered to each other back and forth but I couldn't here them. Next thing I know I felt some junk getting put in my hair and they both started to put curlers in real tight, I thought my hair was going to pull out. They told me to sit under the drier while they did my fingers and toes.

At 11 am I fell asleep under the drier and Jane woke me up. Took me in to the bathroom and I took another bath but with my hair in a shower cap and this time after I got out she told me to use the power all over my body and get dressed with what I leave on the bed.

I did what she said but I was holding so much anger and I know I was going to blow up soon. I went downstairs and Jane told me we needed to start lunch. She explained how to make a nutritious meal. At noon everyone came to the to the lunch table an mom and Pattie came in first and was telling how pretty I was and my face got so red but it was the anger from the teasing. Dad came in and asked how all his girls was this afternoon. I have had it " dad I'm not a fucking girl, I'm a boy" this inforerated everyone. Dad grabbed me and took me to the den and pulled my panties down and lifted my skirt and he told me to lean over the table and took off his belt. Whack after whack seconds apart it seemed like 30 minutes before he got tired. He told me to stop crying like a baby girl or maybe we should treat you like one? I could barely hear him I crying so loud that was the worst spanking yet even from yesterday.

As I was doing corner time dad came in and told me to sit and I said I would rather stand. He said, " Ok if you want to, this summer is your time to shape up. The 3 of us decided you can't be a girl without growing up like one, so for now on you will be a 1 year girl and you will have to earn your way back to manhood. We cannot accept the way you act anymore, so this is our last option. Jane and mom will take care of you and you will be Pattie's playmate. If you don't do this we will have you arrested and disown you. So I hope cause I don't want to lose my only son but I can't handle you anymore. Now Jane and mom have your faith in their hands.

My dropped to the ground, someone my size would never survive in juvenile hall plus my family would disown me, I had no other choice. Then Jane and mom came in and told me they heard about the cash I made showing the panties and they found over one thousand dollars over my mattress and used it towards your clothes and other items we hope you don't mind, as they giggled. Mom laid a towel on the bathroom floor and told me to strip. As I was standing their completely naked mom smacked my stiffy and said " WE ARE FAMILY AND YOU DON"T DO THAT TO FAMILY" when I got soft she grab them and attached a mesh sack and put it all in it, then put a lock on it. And on the end of the mesh was a thin chain with a 2 inch end piece later I learn what it was a "butt plug". With the plug in place it pull my balls back to hide any maleness. And then powered and diapered me.

I was told to CRAWL to my playpen and play with my toys. As I was going downstairs they told me I would not be able to use the bathroom, talk or walk useless given permission, if you need to be changed you cry till it is done, do you understand? I said nothing and mom said I could answer. I felt completely humiliated and I didn't know what else to do but accept this humiliating punishment in a diaper. Yes I understand I said to her. Pattie spent most of the time with me playing dolls and cooing me. Dinnertime came and while everyone one else was eating steak and potatoes and was sucking a bottle of milk. When they all finished Jane feed my 2 jars of baby food. After she took my bib off she told me to go to my playpen. As I crawled in my diaper Pattie wanted to play more with her baby sister.

We play Barbie till 7 pm when I was told it was bedtime and Pattie complained she wanted to play with me more but mom said that we could play tomorrow. Babies need their sleep or they cry all day from being cranky. I crawled upstairs and was put to bed. At 9 pm I started to cry as instructed to do and mom came in 30 minutes later and the diapers were wet and cold. She asked my if I needed to poop and I shook my head yes and she told me to go to the toilet when I was done she told me to lay on the towel and she wiped me powered me and diapered me for the night. Before she put me to bed she told me " I am glad you are accepting this but I worn you Jane has complete control on your growth and of your punishment. I don't want you this way but you put it on yourself. I hope you can learn to control your anger, so goodnight and I hope you can change your ways." I said nothing and looked away in shame.

I didn't sleep well that night and stared at the ceiling thinking what did I do wrong. All I did was play jokes on people and if they can't take jokes what is life all about. I thought and thought till I finally fell asleep. I opened my eyes and saw Pattie standing over me and with a big grin on her face yelling " SHE"S UP SHE"S UP". I remembered the position I was in after a few seconds and Jane came in and told me that I need to take a bath. This time Pattie was helping Jane and since I have not touch my self for over 24 hours I was getting hard but I was limited and it was very painful. After I was washed I was re diapered and this time put in a pink filly dress with petticoat that fluffed out dress so my diapers showed.

I crawled downstairs and with the plug it wasn't fun. I was fed 2 jars or baby food and told to go to the playpen and given a bottle of milk. Jane, Pattie and mom all cooed me all morning and I was not able to control myself but I knew the consequences. So I dealt with it and dad got a phone call Aunt Maggie was caught in a mudslide in California and had to go immediately. They put a collar around my neck and said Jane and Beth will watch me and to make sure I behave the collar is a shock collar. Mom Pattie and I will go to see Aunt Maggie. We don't know how long we will be gone. You better be on your best behavior.

Beth came over 5 minutes after they left and total humiliation kicked in. She was hot 5'7", sandy blonde hair, and 120 max. Lbs. Beth was my sister's best friend from 1st grade and has a 6-month-old baby girl. Beth is 19 she started school late and was left back in the 1st grade and had a one nightstand and had the baby. When she came over with her suitcases and baby toys and stuff Jane told to go to the car and help Beth with the suitcases and you can walk. As I was walking out Beth and Jane giggled and I heard Beth tell Jane how adorable I looked and this is going to be fun. Getting the cases I was thinking fun for whom, I'm not having any fun. Bought in all her stuff and put it my parents room where she is going to sleep and I setup crib in my room while they watched me and Beth telling Jane they she has a very smart baby girl.

After I finish doing everything Jane said, "No more walking and go to your playpen." I started to crawl back to my new jail they followed behind me and Beth had had baby in her arms. They stood at the top of the stairs and laughed as I crawled down the stairs backwards, it was too hard to go down forward. I went into the playpen and Jane put a pacifier in my mouth and handed me a Raggie Ann doll and said, "Mommies going to make dinner so be a good girl and play". It was bad enough to be dressed like this and having my family see but the worst humiliation came when Beth saw me. I always hit on her but now I can never look at her in face any more.

At 5 pm the girls come in and handed me a bottle I thought it was milk but it wasn't and the look on my face the girls laughed so hard, I think they hurt their ribs. It took them 5 minutes to regain their composer, Jane said, "Finish that and then you will get the rest of your dinner. After dinner we could watch a video". I was like cool I haven't watch TV in 3 days and was hoping it would be a Charles Bronson flick. I didn't say it out loud I just listened and sucked. I was so degraded sitting in a playpen in a diaper sucking on a bottle and a 6-month-old baby girl wearing the almost the same dress next to me. I had to piss so bad but it was embarrassing to do it in front of them and Beth told Jane' " I think Jenny is have a problem to go to the bathroom, Jane came running in. To help her pee all you need to do is just tell her she is a very adorable girl and how good she is. Tap the front like this while talking to her and it will help the flow come." While she was tapped my penis thru the diaper she felt the flow coming out and the girls giggled when they heard it pouring out. I figured I was going to changed right there but nope after I was done they stood there for a minute and walked into the kitchen. I started to get a hard on thinking of Beth was so close manhood. It was painful not able to get fully erect and to relieve myself. I didn't understand why they left me there like that looking at Tina I realized and started to cry.

10 minutes later Tina started to cry and Beth came in and checked Tina's diaper and Jane came in a minute later with 2 towels and my diaper in one hand and baby bag in the other. I was hoping that Jane would ask me if I need to take a shit, I haven't taken one since last night. We were both change on the floor outside the playpen and as my diaper came off Beth looked at the mesh and the plug and giggled. When she took off Tina's diaper a wicked stench filled the air and Jane asked me " does my little girl need to go poo poo" and nodded my head up and down vigorously. I crawl to the bathroom and Jane removed the plug and I sat on the toilet. When I finished she told me to wipe really good. I crawled back to the towel Tina was done being changed and in the playpen. They wiped my ass and penis area with the mesh on, they stuck the plug back in and powder both side and put a pink diaper with unicorns on me.

I crawled to the kitchen and sat in the chair and Beth put Tina in a high chair. I had my 2 jars of baby food but Tina only got one jar. After we were fed and cleaned up the girls sat to eat. Beth and Jane were talking about me as if I wasn't there. Beth then said, " I want to talk to you and you can talk but don't interrupt either of us. Do you understand?' I said quickly "yes" looked at Beth and Jane to listen. Beth started by saying, "I am glad you decided to obey us and accept your punishment. I really thought we were going to have to call the police after your parents left but after seeing your butt I understand why. I really want you to say something rude or degrading to us so we could try the collar but I didn't have a chance. I also think you look so adorable with that hairstyle and those breast forms. I liked them when I bought them the other day for you. What do you think about them?" she paused. I said, "Do you want me to answer you honestly or what you want to hear?" Honestly she said, "Well to begin with I hate all these tight curls every time I turn my head I makes noises against my ears. These nails are too hard to grab anything and I hate wearing these pink bulky diapers but I know what will happen if I am not obedient. I will go along with your game so I can go back to being a male." She looked at me in disappointment and stated, " You did it to yourself but I was hoping you might enjoy yourself like we are. In do time you might like dressing this way but you will understand what it takes to be a lady." The phone rang and Jane answered it and asked Beth to take me and put me in the playpen. She grabbed Tina and followed me as I crawled.

I sat in the playpen and Beth said, "I'm glad you realize the situation you got yourself in to but your comment wasn't lady like, Try again as a little girl" I frowned and looked down and she put one finger under my chin as I looked at her tears started to fall and said, "I look very pretty today mommy did a gorgeous job on my hair and nails" I showed her my fingernails. "I wore my pretty pink dress that's show off my sexy diapers and played with my favorite doll Raggie Ann. One day I hope to have breast like mommy so I can be sexy like her." Beth looked at me and smiled with a giggle, then Jane came in and asked Beth "was she lying to us at the diner table". Beth said, "Yes, she was just telling me, what you heard was how she really feels". Jane said, "This time I will let it slide but ladies don't lie or they get in trouble. I'm very happy you were good today, we would watch a movie and I'll put it in and now no more talking. After the movie it will be bedtime". They put in The Muppet Movie and I was devastated but I watched it and fell a sleep in the middle of it.

I woke up the next morning in my bed in a nighie and had to pee but I couldn't but after 30 minutes I couldn't hold it in. I let it go and as soon as I finished I cried as loud as I could but no one came in for 45 minutes. Jane came in and said, "I think you deserve level 2. Today you will be 4 and potty trained and will learn to start being a woman!!" She told me to take a shower and to use the powder on the sink afterwards and get dressed with what's on the bed. I did what she said and when to my bed to get dressed and there was a pair of pink panties, pink anklet with white lace around the top, white tights, a pink tutu dress a pair of ballet shoes. First I put on the panties then the tights and put the pink tutu on then the anklets then the shoes and went down for breakfast looking forward to real food. I didn't care what I looked like even though my sister never wore stuff like this.

I sat at the breakfast table and Beth snapped at me for just sitting and not asking if I could help. I got up and asked her if there was anything I could do. She said, "today you will start to learn how prepare meals and clean the house. Now set the table and come here and help me serve". "Yes Beth" and I took out the napkins and silverware and set for three. I went over to Beth and asked what she wanted me to do. She told me, "Take out the juice, syrup, butter and sugar and put it on the table. Just as I finished Jane came in and told me I look so delectable in my outfit and it was going to be fun playing dress up in my special stuff. We sat down and ate pancakes but I was only aloud to eat the small portion they put on the plate for me. I ate fast and got scolded by Jane for not eating lady like. Beth asked me to feed Tina while they finished up. It was harder to do then I thought, she kept spitting up and it was all over my dress. After I finished feeding her Jane had a pissed off look in her face and told me to clean the kitchen

I had baby food in my hair and all over me and started cleaning the dishes and drying them. When I was done with the dishes, cups, and silverware I wiped the table off and went into the den where they were. Beth went into the kitchen and screamed, "Get your little ass in here now!!!!" I got up and walked into the kitchen and she yelled, "You call this clean, this place is disgusting. I want you to clean the counters, table, fridge and the floor on your hands and knees. When you think it is spotless then you will come and get one of us to inspect this kitchen. Now lean over the table. This will teach you not to do an inferior job." I leaned over on the table and she pulled down my panties and told me to wait there and don't move. She came back with a big wooden spoon and swatted my ass 10 times and she made me count them. When I missed 6 she made me start over. Before she left she told me that she does not want to see any more inferior work or the spankings will get worst but at any time if you want to go to jail that is fine too.

I spent the next 4 hours scrubbing everything down even the walls. I was so afraid of them right now and had no one to stop them doing what they wanted of me. I finally decided what ever they ask me to do I will immediately and to the standards of Beth and Jane. Beth came in at 11:30 and told me to start lunch and I was to make tuna fish sandwiches with just a little mayo, and soda for us and glass of milk for you. I did what she said but I cut up carrot and celery sticks also. I went to get Beth just to make sure that I put enough mayo in it. She went to the kitchen and looked in it and told just a little more. I told her lunch would be ready in 3 minutes. She went to get Tina and Jane.

We sat and ate lunch the whole conversation was about me, what they think I needed to learn. I listened to every word they were saying. They wanted me try on all the outfits that were in my closet. After we ate I cleaned every thing in the kitchen and finished it around 3 pm. Beth seemed happy that the kitchen was cleaned properly and said, "That's how a good girl cleans so she can get the best husband ever". She was talking to me as if I was 4 years old and took my hand as we walked to the bathroom. She started the tub and said, "Look at these clothes they are ruined this has to get thrown out" she pulled out a pair of scissors and cut it off me everything was cut off except for my panties and she told me to take them off and she pick them up and saw a brown stain on it and shoved it in my mouth. I was told to get in the tub and she washed me like a little girl except she put a lot of attention around my restrained manhood and smile on her face that she now controls it. That was the most painful bath I ever took and it seemed like it lasted hours but it was only 20 minutes. She dried me off and sprinkled powder on me then we went to my room.

This time she had a hairbrush in her hand and told me to put my chest and stomach on the bed. I did what I was told to do very slowly and she barked for me to move faster. "Those clothes were very expensive clothes and I think 15 whacks of the hairbrush is suitable for the crime, what do you think?" she said. Since I had the panties in my mouth I nodded yes. I was hoping I wouldn't have to count but she told me to count with them in my mouth. We did the 15 whacks she just accepted anything I said considering I couldn't stand and she just called me a sissy and pussy that can't even take what a girl can dish out I was useless and my attitude better change and lay there till I get back. I was crying lying on the floor after I fell earlier and couldn't move and in a tremendous pain she hit each side just under the flabby part of my ass so when I sit it hurts.

I fell asleep and next thing I knew Jane kicked me in the ass and I jump a screamed but was muffled cause the panties were in my mouth still. I felt a puddle under me; she literally kicked the piss out of me. She yelled for Beth to come up here and when Beth got the door she what and as Jane pointed "Jane what did you do beat the piss out her" and they both laughed. Jane took hold of my curly hair and shoved my face in the puddle. Beth got a diaper for me to wear but before she put it on Jane let my head go and soaked up the mess and put that diaper on me. Next they put on rubber panties and Jane told me, "if you can't use the bathroom then you stay in diapers and I don't think you need any clothes we don't want you to ruin them. Since all the spankings didn't change you maybe this will". Next thing I felt a shock going thru my body and I was twitching every direction. "That was your punishment for peeing on the floor and go get cleaners to clean it up."

I finished cleaning it up and it was 6:30 pm already and I was told to crawl downstairs to the kitchen for dinner and was feed 2 jars of baby food prunes and squash and they were nasty. As I sat there and watched them eat steak and mashed potatoes and 7" layer chocolate cake for dessert while I was given a bottle of an odd tasting milk, formula I thought but soon I would find out what is was. After dinner I was told since I was such a bad girl I will go to bed early, Beth grabbed me and we went to bathroom for my nightly bath. She put on a fresh diaper and rubber panties on me and tucked me in tight and hooked a chain with a lock on it and said, " don't go anywhere and think what happened today?" The sun still bright hitting the wall in the bedroom I started to think I have to make this end but how? After a while I could not think of anything except do whatever they say or when mom and dad get back they will put a stop to it. Will they stop it they let it start? I was so confused and with the threat of jail and no one to help me I was screwed. I feel asleep thinking about it.

I woke up the next morning around 8am and got up took a flowerily scented bath.

I started the tub and put in the oils and started to get undressed. First I took off the robe and then the nightgown I had on but I didn't remember getting them put on. Next I took off the bra I had on and oh my god I have real breast, they weren't fake. "I'm going to kill those bitches for doing this to me. How did they do it?" I just wanted to get in a nice warm bath relax and forget my problems. I took my panties I had on, but where did the diapers go that I had on. Was I out that heavy I didn't know they did this to me? I got in the tub, lit some of the candles and dosed off. I must have been awhile my hands were all wrinkly. I got to dry off and when I was drying off I felt something missing. My manhood, member, rod, shaft, gun, torpedo was gone and I screamed no one came in. I fell on the floor and woke up a few minutes later STUNNED. I checked myself again and nothing was there. I cried for an hour and decided to get dressed and kill them.

I went to my room and the only thing to wear in the closet was a light pink camisole and a white sundress. I grabbed them and went to get panties from the draw and only 1 pair of panties with matching bra and a pair of anklets white with pink lace. I got dressed and looked in the mirror and seeing that the pink and the red came thru the dress making me look like a whore. I went to the closet and the panties rubbing my womanhood sent to into an orgasm. The feel of the clothes was getting me horny just walking a few feet. In the closet was only 1 pair of red 6" stilettos and put them on and went downstairs for breakfast.

I had another orgasm walking downstairs; I was getting to like the way the clothes felt. Both of the girls said, "Good morning Jen" they both seemed normal but with smiles. I asked, "how could you do that to me and how" What are you talking about Jen". I said, "don't play fuckin dumb with me and how long have I been out and why did you do this to me" I spit out crying. Beth replied, "Jen, sit what is the matter is that time of the month?" I yelled, "You two drugged me and cut my dick off, how could you? Jane and Beth looked at me stunned and then looked at each other. Jane said, "Jen what are you talking about you have always been my sister and girl." They calmed me down after 20 minutes and Jane asked to make the toast and as I was plugging in the toaster in got a shock of the lifetime.

Next thing I knew I heard them laughing historically and I was lying in bed and feeling something cold and wet around me ass and front end. Then I realize my situation and what happened was a dream. Beth changed me and we went down for breakfast I had my usual baby food and bottle and they had eggs and ham, before they cleaned the kitchen and put me in my jail Beth asked me to listen and answer when appropriate.

"This are last chance before we call the police, with the other harassment chares I will tell them you tried to rape me and Jane saved me from you and you will go away a long, long, long time. You are to wear only the diaper today no clothes and you will scrub the house from top to bottom. After you are finished with each room you will call one of us to inspect it and if it is not satisfactory then you will get a whipping. Each room you have a time limit and if not completed by that time allowed a whipping will take place. We decided to play it like baseball"……….. The phone rang and Jane answered it and told Beth to finish in the den. I went to the playpen and she pulled a chair up to it and I couldn't look her in the eye but she put her hand under my chin and lifted my chin. "You look at me when anyone talks to you, it shows respect." As I looked at her my tears started flowing and she finished "Were was I, oh yes we going to play it like baseball, each whipping you get is a strike and if you get 3 strikes your going to ….. Jail. No more games so I advise you to do your very best to act like a young lady". The waterworks were uncontrollable and I couldn't get a word out. She yelled, "I know your in diapers but stop acting like a baby!!" after 10 minutes Jane came in.

Jen, mom just called and said that they will be there for a while until Aunt Maggie is out of the coma. I just cringed right there because I have no one to save me. They both must have seen the fear in my face and Beth told me to start in the kitchen. I want it spotless in 2 hours so no lolly gagging around. I got up and start to crawl to the kitchen and Beth told me I could stand and walk, but first come here. She shoved a pacifier in my month and tied it tight behind my head. She said, "That is so me know you won't sneak any food not given to you". I walked to the kitchen in pure shame in my diaper and yes I said my diaper.

I did the dishes clean the counter and tables and scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees. It took me 1½ hour to do and call Beth to inspect it. She saw the normal stuff was clean but checked above each door jam and found dust and on top of the fridge. "I told you spotless but since you don't understand spotless and you have 18 minutes till your time is up. I will give 1 foul ball and this is it so finish before your time runs out". As I scurried to make it spotless and both Jane and Beth came in to inspect. Jane seemed surprised the way I cleaned it and Beth now seemed happy. They both told me I did a great job cleaning the kitchen.

I was told to dust every room downstairs and I have 3 hours for that. I dusted everything from the ceramic figurines to the lamps; every item I picked up to dust underneath it got dusted. I was making good time one room to go and Jane told me to come and follow her. We went into the kitchen and she was teaching me how to prepare meals. Today she wanted a toasted hero sandwich. She told me to put the oven on 350 degrees and let it warm up then put the chicken on a cooking sheet. While the chicken was cooking I cut up hot pepper some monetary jack cheese, mushrooms, lettuce. When it was time to flop the chicken I was told to put some spices on it and in 5 minutes put the hero in with the cheese only. In 10 minutes I took out the hero and put the 2 breasts on it and then the rest of the toppings. Jane called Beth for lunch, looking and smelling the food for so long I wanted some but I knew what I was going get. I cleaned while they eat but I think it was for the best.

Just as I finished cleaning up and they finish their meal. Jane took off the pacifier and fed me the baby food while Beth breast-fed Tina. I was staring at Beth's titty and she saw me looking and smiled at me. I was thinking I wishing I could change places with Tina. When she was done feeding Tina she put her in the high chair and ask Jane to fed her. Beth took my hand and pulled me up and took me to the den. She sat down on the couch and told me to lay down with my back on her lap and lifted my head to her breast. I put my lips on her nipple and started to suck and there was milk left over but I found out the milk in the bottle tasted like this milk. At one point I took my tongue and circled her nipple and she grabbed he head away and smacked it. "These or for feeding not your enjoyment" she scolded me. Told me to finish dusting, I have 1 hour to finish up and put the pacifier in my mouth and tied it.

When I finished dusting I was told to vacuum the whole house and that I only had 1½ hours to do it. While I did all the housework they watched TV and played with Tina. When I finished vacuuming Beth took me into the kitchen to make dinner. She said tonight we are going to make venison stew (one of my favorites). First she put a pink apron on me and put all the ingredients on the counter and told me to cut it in all pieces I cut the meat into cubes and cut all the veggies up I called Beth. She came in and told me to make to base for the stew and I mumbled thru the pacifier to her that is too watery isn't it. She told me I would it would thicken as it cooks. When the base was boiling she told me to put the meat in and stir it for 15 minutes. When the 15 minutes was up no one was in the room so I threw in all the veggies. After 10 minutes no one still came in and since I had the pacifier in my mouth I couldn't taste it to see if it was finished. The base of the stew looked thick enough so I took out one of each of the veggies to see if they were squishy.

I set the table and put out soda and the salt and pepper. Looking touching and smelling this food and not being able to eat it made my stomach growl. Since neither of them still came in I shut to stove off and made a salad. Just as I was putting the salads down on the table Jane and Beth came in carrying Tina. Jane said, "wow, you even made salad, Beth did you tell her to make a salad?" "NO" she replied. They both had big smiles on their faces. After I put the stew in 2 bowls and set it down next to them Jane told me to sit and relax.

They talked about me as if I wasn't there. They were telling each other how adorable I looked in the apron and I forgot all about it. When they had the stew after each bite they keep saying how great it was and I was starving. When Beth finished her stew she asked if there was any more and I said a little bit thru the pacifier. She said, " Oh goodie lunch for tomorrow". Beth got up and got my dinner, Jane got bibs for Tina and I. Jane fed Tina and Beth fed me and to my surprise in each of the 2 jars had the stew in it. Beth untied the pacifier in my mouth and fed me and in the bottle this time was orange juice. I had a huge smile on my face from ear to ear. Beth said, "Jane look at her smile. This is a reward for being such a good girl today. Good girls get rewarded while bad girls get punished. I like giving rewards instead of punishments, so I hope you will be a good girl". She stopped feeding me and I figure I was supposed to say something so I said, "I will be a good girl". Beth and Jane smiled at me then each other then back at me and said, "good, now maybe we can have and you will enjoy the experience." My reply was " I'll try" is the best I can do. After we finished dinner they helped me clean up.

After we cleaned up they both gave me a hug and said lets put a video in and watch it. As we left the kitchen I said, "poo, poo" and Beth said, "I'll take her to the potty". She took me to the downstairs bathroom and took the diaper off and the plug out of my rear. Before she left she started the tub and put some oils in it. She told me to wipe myself good and sit in the tub for 20 minutes and I will be back. I did as I was told.

When she came back she told to get out and she dried me off. She took my hand and we went to my room and they was and outfit lying on the bed and told my to get dressed. She said, "Jane and I have been talking and we decided to try again you as a 4 year old girl. Remember this is a reward for being a good girl today. I hope you understand that this is being done for your own good. We hope you will get a lot out of this experience. Just enjoy yourself and you will feel more relaxed." She finished just as I was finishing getting dressed. I put on a white bra and panties and white anklets socks with white lace on top. She helped me with the white dress with a thick petticoat. After her fluffing it up and telling me how cute I was in that outfit she grabbed my hand and we went to watch the movie.

When we came down Jane looked me over saying how adorable the outfit was on me and handed me the Raggie Ann doll. I lay on the floor and Jane started the movie. It wasn't that bad it was the Wizard of Oz. I feel asleep cuddling the doll watching the movie. When then movie was over Jane shook me and said, "Wake up sleepy head and lets go to bed. She took my hand and guided me to my room and took off the dress and socks and put a nightgown on me. She told me, "How proud I am of you today and I hope you grow into a wonderful girl. Good night and don't let the bedbugs bite". She shut the light and the door behind her. As I was falling asleep the satin nightgown excited me every time I moved. My manhood was in pain, not being able to relieve myself. I felt my panties get moist I had came without getting hard. I finally feel asleep thinking of the torture I am going thru.

I woke up but something was over my face and I heard a female voice said, "Lick it you slut, lick it". I couldn't move, they were sitting on my face and had my arms secured. So I did as told and licked what was in front of me and it was a pussy. After licking it a few minutes she said, " Now tongue fuck me slut". This went on for like 20 minutes and she had 3 orgasms then she got off me and said, "If you're a good girl tomorrow I might milk you". The door opened and shut quick as she left. I looked at the clock and it was 2am and lay there thinking what just happened. My jaw was hurting and getting tight. I finally fell asleep.

I was woken by Jane and when I turned over to look at her, her smile turn upside down. I asked her what is the matter and she grabbed my ear and took me the mirror in my room. I look at myself and I had Beth's dry juices all over my face. "You slut, I don't want a lesbian sister, at least clean yourself up afterwards. You look like a whore". I ran to the bathroom and washed my face and started the tub for my morning bath. Jane came in behind me and said, "Before you get out of the bath call me, we need to make sure you a clean inside and out you SLUT".

10 minutes later she came back with a bag connected to a tube and handcuffs. She asked me to put my hands behind my back and I refused. "Put you hands behind your back, I'm not going to ask again. I don't want you touching yourself when I take off the cage". I quickly put my hands behind myself and she was like that's a good girl. I stood up and she did take it off and I sat back down. It felt so nice to have that plug up my ass and to be able to have a full erection. My sister I didn't think she could handle my erection and call for Beth to take over.

Beth came in and started to use a washcloth to wash me and she paid extra attention towards my mid section. The first time she touched it I came and she laugh saying " now that is pre mature". I was embarrassed but she told me that she knows it has been a week since I could see it. She was asking me if I ever did to a girl before last night (as she was rubbing my manhood). I was trying to answer but I was in a dream state of mind with her feeling me up and my whole body shook uncontrollably. Beth got up and told me to wait there and left.

At the door I heard Beth tell Jane that I have done well the last 24 hours and maybe try step 3 with her. By the way he does eat pussy great. We need to teach him the women's pleasure comes first then his she wants him to. If things going well I won't mind going with him afterwards. Jane's reply to her is we will see how committed she is to being a girl then we shall see. Beth agreed and Jane came in and started filling the bag with the bathwater and I asked what it is for and she shih me. When the bag was full she pulled the plug and I started to get out but she told me to stay. When the bath was empty she told me to get on all four. Next thing I knew a tube was going up my ass and I turned to complain but she told all sluts need to deuce. I turned my head and looked down as my ass was filling with the scented bath water. I felt like I was going to burst and then she told me to hold it while she puts the tube out. Then as soon as the tube was out she put a tampon in me to hold it in. " STAY AND DON'T MOVE TILL I GET BACK" and she walked out. It felt terrible I had cramps and was ready to pull the tampon out but was afraid to get into trouble. It was only 10 minutes but seemed like hours. She came back and told me to hold in when she takes out the tampon and go to toilet without dripping on the floor. I walked slowly to the toilet so I didn't drip and once my ass got over it I exploded. It was like having sex and erupting. When I was done Jane told me to get dressed and come downstairs.

I went to my room and the outfit was on the bed. There were pink panties with a red bow on the front and matching bra, a pair of white stockings, a plaid plead skirt, white blouse and black Mary Jane's. I got dressed and walked past the mirror and stopped to admire my self with my dick out of the restraint the panties and the stockings felt great and felt my erection rub as I walked. Half way down the stairs I had an orgasm and came in my panties and fell down the stairs. I got knocked unconscious and when I came thru Beth and Jane were over me asking if I was ok. When I got my thoughts back I tried to get up but my back was killing me. I was crying and Jane ran into the kitchen to get some ice packs. They placed them on my back and rolled me slowly on to my back.

As I lay on the ice packs on the floor Beth brought me 2 pillows for my head and Jane brought some pancakes and juice for breakfast. They fussed over me after an hour they helped me to the couch. Jane came in with the heating pad and asked if I was ok. This wasn't the first time my back went out so Jane really felt for me. I spent the whole day on the couch and both of them pampered me like the daughter. They only let me watch girly things on TV, read girly magazine, or girly games. Everything was girly they wouldn't even play gin rummy. I like the way they treated me, now I'm starting to think how horrible I have been to those 2 and what they are doing for me even though I was being treated as a girl. The clothes felt nice brushing against my hairless body. They taught me how I should sit, walk, talk, eat, look and attitude. They gave me a manicure and pedicure. My nails were long and dark red with matching toenails. They also taught me had to and when to apply makeup. It was a long day when we were done, it was midnight and they help me to bed.

The next morning Beth brought me breakfast in bed and she asked how I was feeling. After I ate Beth told me she was going to give me a sponge bath and I can rest in bed today so my back will feel better. She slipped me out of the nightgown they put me in last night and then took the bra and panties off. She went to the bathroom and came back with a bowl of soapy water and a sponge; my erection was at full mass. Once the sponge touched my chest I felt like I was about to cum but I didn't. When she did my legs and when she started doing my thighs it shot out and hit her in the face. She laughed and said, "Your are so easy I didn't think you have enough stamina to get any girl off". She took her finger wiped my cum off her face and licked it off her finger. She leaned over to my face and put her lips on mine and stuck her tongue in my month. Next thing I knew was the cum on her tongue, rubbing it all over my mouth. I tried to pull back but she wouldn't let me up and she made sure I swallowed my own cum. She got off me and started to finish the sponge bath. She asked, "I hope it's was tasty for you as it was for me". I was stunned and my 7" erection turned into a 2 1/2 " flabby stub, I was grossed out by what she just did to me. She finished and told me to stay in bed and don't play with my clit or the cage will get put back on and walked out.

I laid in bed thinking about everything up to this moment and how I got myself into this mess. I started to think how I was before this rude, annoying, only cared about me and no one else. I realized I wasn't any better then abusive spouse that you see on cops. The last 2 days plus today have been enjoyable, I have respected them and they showed me respect back. Wearing all these pretty and sexy feeling clothes isn't as bad as I make it seem. I liked getting off by just walking; I wish society would accept men in satin and silk dresses. Jane came in around noon with lunch and I said, "Jane I want to think for taking care my in the state, and I also want to apologize for everything I have ever done to you. Over the last week I see the way I was rude, annoying, inconsiderate and must of all abusive and it wasn't only to you, it was to must people I interact with. I hope you and everyone can forgive me and I promise to be a good bo…girl". She had a smile from ear to ear and said, " You sound sincere so I will accept your apology and I hope when your back is better you will keep your promise".

When I finished lunch Jane asked me if I wanted anything before she left and I asked her to "send up Beth up I would like to talk to her, please and I am really sorry for the way I treated you". She replied before she left, " I will tell her". I must have fallen asleep while waiting, when I opened my eyes I looked at the clock and it was 4pm. I turned my head and Beth was sitting in the chair Breast feeding Tina. She had a smile on her face and said, "About time you woke up sleepy head". It took me a few minutes to wake up fully. She asked me, "How are you feelings?" I looked at her and I said, "Fine, I would like to apologize for the way I have treated you over the years. Over the last 3 days I have done a lot of thinking and it hurts." We both giggled what is happening to me I'm giggling not laughing? I'm I really turning into a girl? "I realize how mentally and physically I abusive you and everyone around me. So I want to apologize for everything I have done to you. I realized to get respect is to give respect. The last 3 days I have enjoyed very much, mainly the companionship. The other stuff wasn't that bad either. I hope you can accept my apology and I am really sorry but I can accept it if don't forgive me I know I have done horrible things over the last few years to you. I think part of it is that you are my…………………………..first crush and picking on you was the way I showed affection. I think you are hot and you have brains not a blonde bimbo. Tina is as gorgeous as gorgeous as her mom. I know I have no chance with you because of my age but I need to let you know so maybe I could move on." Tears running down my face as I told her this, she came over and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

She sat back down and said, " I accept your apology, and I was moved by it. I'm glad you have been thinking and have come to your senses. I hope you keep this positive attitude. I thank you for your compliments and only time can never tell." She smiled and so did I. I thanked for everything she has done for me as she left the room. I was feeling much better about myself and I had indecent thoughts of Beth. I started to jerk off within my tenth stoke Beth burst in the room and told me that good girls don't do that. I was embarrassed I got caught but how did she know? She went straight to the draw and pulled out the cage, I begged for her not to put that on me. I asked to restrain me any other way but that please I begged. My back was feeling better so I was able to sit up and go to the bathroom by myself. She said, "I will give you one more chance, you don't touch unless I give permission. Do you understand? in a stern voice. I nodded yes. She left and I was trying to think how she knew. I feel asleep thinking and at 6pm Jane and Beth woke me up. We all had dinner in my room and talked like girls; I had a great time that night. I was surprised how when only girls are around how open they can be. I found out a lot about them that night and I think…. No I know I have become closer to them. I asked if I could put some panties and bra and a nightgown on. They looked at each other and they ran to the dresser draw and pulled out very sexy panties and nightgown. They helped me get dressed and went back to bed and it felt magnificent I had shivers going up my spine and they could both tell. They took the dishes to the kitchen and I feel asleep not to wake up in the morning.

My back felt back and I got up went into the bathroom and started the tub. I soaked for 20 minutes powered myself and got dressed. I put on a pair of fire engine red see thru panties and matching bra, nude stocking, an A-line skirt that was a dull red with a matching blouse and a pair of 2" heels in red. They left the entire make up in my bathroom they show me how to use, since I didn't have a vanity table. I spent 45 minutes till I was happy putting on my make up but it is morning so I was told to keep it light. I went down to make breakfast.

I decided to do western omelets with toast and bacon; I also made fresh fruit cups made of cantaloupe, honeydew, apples, bananas, grapes and raisins. I wanted to impress them but also thank them for taking care of me the last couple of days, so I made fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. I took the first omelet to Beth because I knew she would be up soon because of Tina. I knocked on the door before entering carry a tray with a western omelet, bacon, toast, fruit cup, fresh juice and coffee with a single flower in a small vase. She said, "come in" I opened the door and she had an extremely happy look on her face. "Jen, that is so thoughtful of you" I said, " my pleasure and enjoy" then I walked out. Went downstairs to make Jane's omelet and server her. I knocked on Jane's door and she said, "come in" and brought her the tray and she said, "WOW, I never expected this, thank you this looks lovely". I said "your welcome" and left to clean up the kitchen.

I went up to collect Beth's tray and Jane's but Jane wasn't finished. I did those dishes and put everything away before getting Jane's tray. When I went up to her room I heard Beth talking with her about step 4 and what heard scared me. Then I heard them say how it has been a joy the last few days to have Jen around and I hope Jen stay around and this is over I think we could be great friends Jane said. I started to tear up hearing that and was in a daze. The door opened up and I was still sitting next to the door. Beth was walking out and asked me, " were you ease dropping"? I said, " no, I mean I came up for the tray but I heard you two talking and didn't want to interrupt you guys, so I sat here and waited for you to finish". I went in to get the tray and Jane said, " that was great, thank you very much. Today we are going to let you pick out your own outfit." My heart sunk. I begged, "PLEASE DON'T TAKE ME OUT IN PUBLIC LIKE THIS PLEASE < I'LL DO ANYTHING PLEASE". Her reply was, " don't worry relax, look at yourself in the mirror no one would never know you are a man. Besides since this is going to be your first in public we will going far away so no one recognizes you." I was shaking as she told me this. I took the tray and ran out. After finished the kitchen they both came in.

"Jen we see you enjoy yourself and a women so since the kitchen is clean we can go shopping, go grab your purse". I went to my room and got a purse not thinking cause I was so scared I forgot to put anything in it and when Beth looked in it was empty. My god how are you going to go out with nothing in your purse Beth said. She took me up stairs and put some make up in plus a tampon and said, "your never know when you need one" and giggled.

When we got downstairs Jane called me over and told me to turn around. She unlocked the collar off my neck and put a heart shaped pendant with a delicate thin chain on me. I ran over to the mirror and stared at it with glee. Then I ran back to Jane and kissed her on the check and giving her a big hug and thanked her.

I felt better about going out now and we went to the car. We drove for 2 hours before we got to a very busy mall. It was 11 am and Beth said, "Jane, the appointment is at 1pm so we have 2 hours to shop". "Ok, lets check out the earrings first I need a pair for my date tonight" Jane said. Along the way Beth asked me if I wanted me ears pierced and I thought for a minute and said, " I do but I will look like a fool with 2 earrings". She grabbed my chin and looked at me and said, " do what you want to do not what other expect you to do". Beth even encouraged me by telling me she would be honored to buy my first pair of earrings.

We got to the store and Jane was off looking for something for tonight and Beth took me by the arm and started holding pairs of earrings to my ears. I felt like all the eyes in the store were staring at me but what she was doing was normal girl stuff. If I ever did this with my buddies I would get the shit kicked out of me. I saw a sales girl come over to us and asked if we need any help, thank god Beth told her in a while she will need to get her ears pierced. She told us there was a sale buy 1 pair get the second pair half off and free piercing. We looked for a while holding them up to my ear in a mirror and found two pair I liked.

Beth called the sales girl over and said, "We will take these two pair, it is her 16th birthday and mom is letting her have her ear done but she is scared, please be gentle with her". The sales girl said, " no problem, I'm Stacey glad to meet you if you need anything else let me know". Beth replied, "Thank you and I'm Beth and this is Jen". I said, "nice to meet you". She must have heard it in my voice I was scared. " Don't worry it stings for a second then you don't even know it was done". I sat in the chair and she closed the curtain, she took the gun off the counter and loaded the earring in it and pop. Just like she said a little sting then nothing. The other ear was done then I asked her, " can you do two holes in each ear." With a smile she said, "sure". When I was done I thanked very much and ran out to show Beth. I show Beth my earrings and she was shocked that I had two in each ear.

I saw Jane and skipped over to her, when she saw my ear her mouth dropped to the floor and said, " what will mom think"? But they do look adorable on you" and she gave me a hug. The sales girl must have been touched by the way I acted, when we went to pay she told me to pick out one pair from a certain case as a birthday present from her. I had gold studs in one and a unicorn in the other so I wanted something dangling and found multi-colored rhinestone earrings that fell 2" off the ear. I thanked the sales girl and we left.

By the time we got out of there it was 12:15pm and Jane suggested we eat then go to our appointment. Beth agreed and I asked "What appointment" Jane told me it was a surprise for me. We got to the food court and ate and they wouldn't tell me anything. All they talked about were my earrings and not just one in each but two. At 12:50 Beth said we gotta go to get there on time. We got up and walked to a beauty parlor called Styles for Her. They told me not to be nervous no one could tell I am a man dressed as a lady.

We entered the shop and all these ladies in here I was getting nervous but no one stared at me so it helped me relax a little. A girl named Mary came in a called for Jen, I got up and Jane and Beth came with me. They explained what type of cut I wanted and when she finished I looked in the mirror and could not see any of me in there only Jen. I now had sandy blonde hair that was straight with bangs just touching my eyes. When I walked out Beth and Jane seemed ecstatic and thanked Mary and paid.

Off to go clothes shopping we went to a bunch of stores I found a nice soft blue with spaghetti straps and lace around the hem and it was made of satin. It clinged to my body and I was started to tent it out Beth dragged me in to the dressing room and gave me a blowjob of a lifetime. I thanked for that and she told me that I would repay her 5 times more. I was told for now on I will try everything in the dressing room and they will come in to see if it fits. I had to go to the bathroom and I was nervous about going into the ladies room.

In the bathroom I went to a stall so I could go and I heard whispering for a group of 4 girls my age and Beth talked to them while she was putting touching her make up. When I came out one of the girls a hot redhead came up to me and said, "I hear you are one of the greatest pussy eaters is it true? If so I really want to see". I looked at Beth and she giggled. She gave me a hand motion to go ahead. She took my arm and we went into a stall and she pulled her panties around her ankles and sat on the toilet and I got on my knee and serviced her for 10 minutes. I was so engrossed I didn't even hear her moaning or the others giggling. When I was done she asked if she could return the favor and before I could answer she was under my skirt pulling my panties down and she screamed. She said out loud, " you're a guy, how did you learn how to do that?" I blushed and she told me, "I promised and a promise is a promise". She sucked and sucked and when I was about to blow, I warned her and she went even deeper and faster. I blow and she sucked me dry and gave me a kiss and she put my cum in my mouth.

We came out of the stall and her friends smiled at her and she told Beth that she was right. She wrote her phone number on a piece of paper and said, " I hope we can do that again". Beth offers them to join us for the rest of are shopping spree and they agreed to join us. The redheads name was Rosie and as we shopped she held my arm as if we were on a date. I found out that they were all 17 years old, going to be seniors next year.

We went to a department store and bought so make up shoes in there. One last stop was a uniform shop and Jane was the only one that went in. I chatted with the girls and they were nice and none of them teased me even though they knew I was a guy. Beth asked them what they were doing tonight and they looked at each other and said "nothing". Beth told them that we live 2 hours away but if you would like we could have a slumber party. The girls looked at each other and agreed but had to go home and get clothes. Beth gave them the address and Rosie told me to wear something sexy. They said, "we'll be there in 3 hours and we are looking forward to it". They left and Jane came out of the store and we left for home.

On the way home Beth told Jane we need to stop at the market because we are going to have guess staying over tonight. Jane said to her, "Beth if we are keeping this private we can't have others over, I think she will be uncomfortable. Beth giggled and said, " No, Jen knows about it and agreed to it. The four girls we met today are coming over for a sleep over". Jane turned around and asked me if I was ok with it. I immediately said yes. Jane said, "off to the market".

When we got home all of us grabbed the bags of food and went in. Beth called her mom and asked if she could keep Tina overnight and she would get her in the morning. She said, " Thank you and I love you see you tomorrow" and hung up. Beth handed me a suit bag and ask me to put it before our new friends come. I know each one of them will want to have sex with you all night in this. I took it to my room and it was a French maid's outfit. I thought about it but after today how could I not. I finished put on the complete ensemble including fish net stocking and cap. I started to do my make up and Beth came in with a pair of 6" stilettos for me to wear. I didn't even think about it, I put them on and stood up, it felt different but I was able to stand. Beth told me to go to the wall and back. I did as told and fell on my ass. She told me to take smaller steps and I got up with her help and this time she guided me and I got the hang of it and she said, " Lets get ready for your new friends". I was excited, girls never talked to me and now I have 4 girls coming 90 miles to see me. The doorbell rang and Beth asked me to get drinks and snacks and bring them to the den.

I did what I was told and I heard a lot of laughter and brought everything to the den. I was nervous in this uniform but Beth hasn't been wrong yet so I walked in the den. I said hello to each one of them and offered them a drink and snack. Beth told them, "Jen decided on being the maid tonight so whatever you want or need she will oblige. Rosie commented on my uniform and asked for my help in the other room and as I walked out the girls giggled. Rosie ordered me on my knees and point to her pussy and I pulled her jeans down then her panties. She sat in the chair and pulled my face and I knew what I had to do. She had like 3 orgasms in 20 minutes and my jaw was hurting. She asked me to lay on the couch and she pulled my panties down and comment, "Wow, I am surprised you knew to put your panties on last, how long have you been dressing like this?" I thought about what to say then this came out, "forced a week and a half but have been enjoying it the last 4 days. She hopped on top of me and fucked my brains out.

An hour and a half later we walked in the den and I asked if anyone need anything. They said they were fine and asked me all about myself but Beth and Jane answered the questions honestly. After a while chatting Cindy asked me to come with her and asked me where my bedroom was, I showed her and she pulled me in. She told me that, "Rosie said I was one of the greatest so I want to try you out". I got on my knees and did the deed and she got off 4 times in a half hour and she pulled her panties and jeans up and we went downstairs. She was looking for her pleasure and not mine.

The phone rang Jane answered it and took it in the other room after a while see called for me and handed me the phone and it was mom. "Hi, mom" I said " I hear you have behaving yourself and you have friends over" she said. I told her, "I was having a lot of fun and when she returns I need to talk to her". She told me Aunt Maggie is doing better and we might be home soon". I said, " I can't wait to see you and I love you". She said, "I love you too" and hung up.

Jane's date came at 9pm and told Beth said don't wait up. When I got back in the room Katie grabbed my arm and took me to the kitchen and took her panties off and she pointed to where I should be. I ate her like it was a fish buffet all you can eat. When she was happy we went back to the den and everyone could see my tent in the skirt. They teased her that she didn't relieve me. I was blushing and Carrie grabbed me right a way and we went to my room and she told me not to disappoint her. I got on my knees and ate her like I never ate pussy before. She kept me there for over an hour eating her. When she was happy she left and told me to wash up. As I washed up I was feeling use like how guys used girls. Once they get off that's it, I felt like a slut but I did enjoy eating them. In the last few days of unbecoming a virgin I had 5 different pussies and fucked one of them. So how can I be upset?

When I got back to the den, they decided it was time to get ready for bed. We all changed into nightgowns or less. I was glad to get out of the maids uniform but I saw a sticker on the back of the uniform. It said, "I love to eat pussy but don't touch my dick". All six of us were sitting around and they wanted to play truth or dare. All dares were sexual and truths were rude. Not all dares involved me and they asked me embarrassing questions like if I ever slept with a guy. I tried to explain I am not gay. I was forced to dress this way but I grew to enjoy women's clothing. All the girls were tired like me but Rosie wouldn't hear of it. She took me to my parent's bed and sat on my face. After a few orgasms she relieved me and we fell asleep.

I woke up with Rosie on top of me. It felt great but it wasn't what I was looking for. I felt like a piece of meat. After she had her fun, she went to the shower and I just laid there thinking about the last 24 hours. The only conclusion I could come up with Beth and Jane set me up. I did have one of the best days of my life. I even enjoyed going shopping and trying on the dresses and skirts. I even like wearing women's clothing; it feels so nice against my hairless skin. Then a big why went thru my head. Why didn't anyone of the other girls besides Rosie have any interest in relieving me after I serviced them? I must have been thinking to hard because I didn't even realize Rosie was in the room and she got dressed in the room.

She asked me what is the matter sweetheart. I felt that I could just open up to her and everything started to spill out. So much was coming out so fast she told me to go in for a shower and get dressed and meet me downstairs for breakfast. I went to the bathroom and started the tub, I know she said shower but I enjoy the bath with the oils in it. 15 minutes into my bath Rosie came in asking what was taking so long then she saw me in the tub. "If I knew you were going to taking a bath I would have joined you". I blushed and she told me to hurry up. A few minutes later I got out dried off and got dressed in the outfit I bought yesterday. I even put on some make up light for the morning. I was starting to get the hung of doing this everyday but it takes so long. As a guy I was ready in 3 minutes but as a girl takes 45 minutes or longer. I brushed my hair and went down stairs.

When I went into all the girls were saying how delectable, lovely, cute, adorable I looked as I ate breakfast. I asked Beth if my parents were going to be home tomorrow? She told me that they should be home late afternoon. I had a smile on my face then I thought about my father and frowned with a tear running down my check. Beth as what's wrong? I told her, "I really want to see them it has been 2 weeks but I just thought about my father seeing me like this". What do you mean? asked Beth. "He wanted me back in boy's clothes before he got back and in still in dresses". Beth said don't worry and that was it.

After breakfast Carrie and Beth said they would clean up and Rosie said lets go for a walk. I couldn't say no even if she asked me to go nude or in a diaper I would have. We walked around the property for about 2 hours and I told her all my feelings and thoughts. All she told me was to follow my heart and don't care what others think. I asked her not to tell anyone what I told her and I told her in confidence. We walked back into the house and Beth told me to change into something more comfortable.

I went in to my room and took off my dress and went to the closet to get a hanger to put it on and I saw my old clothes in there. All the girls' clothes were gone; I went to my dresser and all boxers and no panties or bras. I took off all the girl's clothes and I put on the boxers and a pair of white tube socks. They didn't feel as comfortable as what I was wearing. I put on a tee shirt and jeans and was glad my punishment was over. I was walking to the door and didn't like the way it felt anymore and took it all off and put the panties, bra and dress back on and went downstairs.

Jane saw me and asked why I wasn't in my clothes. I said, "I was shocked to see my old clothes and put them on, they just didn't feel as comfortable as this. What did you do to my other clothes"? Everyone was in the room had a shocked face except Rosie because I told her earlier. I also told them I like myself better this way it feels more natural. Jane got and made a phone call.

About an hour later the front door opened and my mom walked in and I ran up to her and give her a hug. She told me that she missed me and we can talk in a little while and she called Jane and Beth in to her bedroom. After 30 minutes Jane and Beth came down and told me mom wants to talk to me. I went up and closed the door. She told me that I look great in that dress and I blushed.

"Jane told what happened the last 2 weeks and I think you know to need the truth. You were so out of control we thought that with in a few years you would end up in jail, your fathers whipping had no effect on you. We needed a different to change you, after your last episode we asked Jane if she had any ideas and she and Beth search the web for other ways to discipline unruly boys. They found a site that went into basically using humiliation to help them change. Aunt Maggie was never hurt we were staying about 60 miles away so Jane and Beth could do it without anyone around. Jane called really worried that maybe we went to far and was worried what dad would think. Is it true all your clothes were put back in your room and all the feminine clothes were gone, you came down with what you were wearing instead of jeans and a tee shirt".

I didn't know what to say but, " Mom, I don't understand the way I feel but first I want to apologize for the hell I put you thru over the years. I now know the many many problems I caused and if there was any way to go back in time to change it I would without hesitation. I know everyone I ever came in contact with I mentally or physically abused. I know I tried to rebel but it wasn't working so I decided to go along with it and still got in trouble. A day before I hurt my back I worked like a slave but I enjoyed it, they don't treat me like a little brat I was but with respect like I showed them and I felt nice. The next morning I got all dolled up looking forward to come down and walking in the clothes I…... had ……. an orgasm and fell down the stairs. I couldn't believe that clothes could do that to someone. Beth and Jane were very nice to me and that is when it hit me if you give respect then it will be returned back. Even the last 24 hours have been best I ever remember. I had a lot of fun going shopping and trying on dresses and skirts. I even got my ears pierced (I lifted my hair to show her) I have changed from this experience and I hope you can accept any of the choices that I will make in the future, more so dad. Just remember you introduced me to this and I don't care what people think, I need to do what makes me feel good. I also feel accepted this way but let me reassure you I am not gay, I would say a cross dresser."

She looked at me and said I can go. I told her I love her and I hope she can forgive me for my past but the future will be much better. I gave her a hug and left. I went back to where to girls were and it was almost lunchtime and 8 mouths to feed. Beth asked if I would help with lunch and I immediately got up to help.

We set up a buffet style table with macaroni salad, potato salad, turkey and all the condiments. My mom was talking to all the girls and I was sure she asked all sort of questions about me. I could see my mom glancing at me the whole time but I didn't care and all of us talked about each other. When the conversation got to boys I just listened and didn't say a word. When I finished I took me dishes to the sink and started washing them. As I finished those I went to the table took and cleaned all empty plates while they chatted. During the conversation I hear that Carrie was Beth's cousin. Now I knew I was setup but I didn't care.

After lunch I pulled Rosie aside and asked if I was set up? She told me that, "I was but that Beth's cousin didn't know it and neither did we. I don't care how you dress I think I am falling in love with you. I felt awkward with my mom in sight. At 3:30pm I asked mom if she would stay for dinner and said that she couldn't because she will have to talk to dad and do a lot of explaining. I begged her to stay and told her if she wanted I could help explain if it was easier. I told don't worry I am not scared and even if you want you can have him and Pattie come for dinner. She looked at me like what planet did you come from your not my son. She thought a few minutes and made a phone call and told my father to come home for dinner and after dinner he can decide what he want to do. My mom said they would be here at 6pm.

I had a smile on my face and asked Rosie and her friends to stay for dinner. Then I started looking thru a cookbook since I haven't seen dad and Pattie for 2 weeks I wanted to make something special. I asked Rosie what should I make for dinner, what are you in the mood for? She thought some different maybe a curry chicken. I said no a bad idea, can you take me to the market? She said she would love to. I told mom and Jane Rosie and I are going to the market for dinner and can I have some money for groceries. Mom gave me a big smile and $200 and Rosie and I left.

We got to the market and started shopping and just before we finished I saw some of my buddies from school harassing people in the store. I told Rosie who there were and next thing I knew they were hitting on Rosie. Greg asked Rosie if she was a true redhead. Rosie said yes. He asked her to prove it and I got so mad I couldn't control myself and beat the shit out of him and the others ran. The supermarket security guards came over and held me back and Rosie told them they were sexually harassing us. Greg was arrested and we finished shopping. At the register the manger was so impressed by what I did he gave us everything in the cart for free. On the way home Rosie was so excited that I stuck up for her she pull down a dirt road and she jumped me.

We got home at 3:30 and mom asked what took so long and Rosie told them all as I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready. I finished the salad before my mom came in and I handed her the $200 she gave me. The look on her face was priceless. I started the chicken and Rosie walked in and gave me a kiss in front of mom and after a few seconds I forgot she was there. After our kiss mom had a big smile and left the room. I broke it off cause I wanted so bad to impress my father. She seemed upset but I explained it to her and I think she understood. As I cooked and simmered dinner, as the time got closer I got more nervous, then dad and Patti walked in and I gave Pattie a big hug and dad just looked like he didn't know what to do.

We sat down for dinner and dad couldn't look at me but Patti asked me a million questions. She seemed jealous that I had my ears pierced and she had to wait 2 more years before mom would let her do hers. Everyone was saying how delicious dinner was. I tried to talk to dad but he didn't respond the way I was hoping. After dinner Jane said she would do the dishes and I helped her. When we finished the dishes we joined everyone in the den and I guess mom spoke to dad. Dad asked me to the other room and we had a talk. It was more one sided then a conversation but I was able to get out that I am happy like this. His reply was I could still feel and act the way I do now in men's clothes. I tried to explain but when you have two people that are stubborn you can't get anywhere. We went back to the den where everyone was.

Rosie and her friends had to go and mom and dad left also but without Pattie. They told Jane they will be back tomorrow and to watch Pattie. After everyone left Pattie wanted to play dress up since my father never lets her dress like other girls her age. I willfully agreed and when upstairs to Janes room for her to try some things on. She asked me if I was going to dress up too, I told her that all the clothes had were gone this is the only outfit I have left. She looked at me and said; "Silly, there a closet is full here" she started to holding up dresses up to me asking me to try them on. After we found sexy outfits we went to Jane's vanity table to play with the make up the funny thing was she was asking me on how apply some of it. We had a lot of fun it was midnight and Jane told Pattie she had to go to bed and I went downstairs to the den.

I guess while I was upstairs Beth went home and got Tina. Jane thanked me for playing with Pattie tonight and I told her, " I had fun I didn't mind". Jane told me, "Mom is ok with the way you are dressed but dad couldn't handle it. Mom is trying to get dad to deal with all the changes but he did tell me that you seem like a new person. Pattie I know enjoys the new you, I also see you like the way you are now and how much happier you are. It looks like you and Rosie hit it off". I turned beet red and said, "I really like her, we got along so well I thought. I would like the clothes back, please". Both of them gave me a smile and said when I went to the market they put them back.

The next morning I woke up at 8 am and just put a robe on and went downstairs. No one was up so I started to make strawberry and blueberry pancakes. Pattie came in and asked if she could help, I told her she could set the table. I was cutting up the strawberries and mom and dad walked in. mom gave me a hug and said, "I can't believe your making breakfast". Pattie jumped in and said, "When I came in she already started but I'm helping" mom had a big grin but dad just left the room and turned on the TV.

Over the next few days dad was starting to get use to me being in dresses and skirts and even here and there would talk to me. He even started calling me Jen instead of Jeff. I couldn't get Rosie off my mind and was going to ask Beth for her phone number. Later that afternoon the phone rang and it was Rosie. She asked me if I wanted to going shopping with her and some of her friends. I asked her if Pattie could come with us and I need to ask my mom. She didn't care if Pattie came and I asked mom if I could go and she said I could. I knocked on Pattie's bedroom door and asked her if she wanted to join us and said she would love to go and gave me a hug. She was so excited she went downstairs to ask mom if she could go. I called Rosie and she told me she would be by at 10 am the next morning and we talked for 2 hours. All night Pattie was talking to me about what kind of outfits she wanted to try on.

The next morning I was up at 5am all excited to see Rosie and it took me 2 hours that morning to get ready I wanted very to be perfect for Rosie. I went downstairs for breakfast and mom asked me how I would like my eggs. She turned around and looked at me motionless. I was wearing a denim skirt mid way down my thigh with a white blouse and you can see the baby blue bra thru it. She told I looked lovely and I blushed and said thank you. Pattie came down and was excited to spend time with me shopping. When we finished breakfast I told Pattie if she wanted I would help do her nails and make up, even she isn't allowed mom didn't said anything and Pattie with a smile ear to ear said, "I love for you to do that thank you".

Pattie went upstairs to get ready and I helped mom clean up. She told me, "I don't approve her wearing make up and nail polish but this once I will let you do it. Please don't use to much try to make it look natural". "Yes mom I will" I said. Pattie called me when she was ready; I went up to help her. I did her fingers and toes in a light pink, a light blush and just lip-gloss. I took her 2 braids out and brushed her hair out and put in a few bobby pins to hold it back. She was so excited she ran downstairs to show mom. Mom was happy I was as little as possible and Pattie asked mom if she could get her ears pierced like Jen. Mom thought for a moment and told she could get one hole in each ear but you can only get gold studs nothing else. Pattie thanked my mom and at 10 am the doorbell rang. I open the door Carrie, Katie and Rosie were there. I invited them in and Rosie said I need to talk to you, lets go to your room for a minute. We got to my room and she went into my dresser draw and took out the cage. She told me to drop my panties and she gave me a hand job to soften me to get it on. She locked it on and put the key on her necklace and she said; " now you can't tent out like when you open the door. Remember I own you now, you will service me when I tell you and you can only relieve yourself only when I say". "Yes ma'am" was all I could say. I didn't like the feeling of the butt plug as I walked but I was trapped. Before we left mom gave me her credit card and told I can't spend more the $400 between Pattie and me.

We all got in the car and went to my local town, I was nervous because I knew I was going to see people I know but would they recognize me. We got downtown and started to window shop and end up in a high scale dress store. I found a leather dress a little short but Rosie told me I look fabulous in it and I should get it. It was $250 and I wanted to spend more on Pattie then me but I had to get it. Pattie found I nice dress maroon with spaghetti straps knee length with scallop hem at $180 I figured whatever I go over I would pay mom back. I bought both dresses and we needed shoes to go with them. As Rosie and I walked hand and hand we got looks from a lot of people but we didn't care.

On are way we saw Greg and some of my other buddies, Greg asked Pattie where I was and she told them my father sent me away for the summer. I gave him a look and asked if he wanted to apologize to Rosie for the other day and he said for what. I told him for the market or there could be a repeat of what happened. He hesitated and said he was sorry for harassing her the other day. We left them and went to a cheap shoe store and Pattie and I got high heels to match are new dresses. When we pasted a jewelry store Pattie grabbed my arm so she could get her ears pierced and Rosie said she had to go to a store down the street for a minute to another store. I didn't ask I just said ok.

Once we walked in a salesgirl came up to us for help and I told her my younger sister is looking for gold studs and to get her ears pierced. In 5 minutes she was done but I found a gorgeous necklace of a butterfly and I paid for them and I already spent $550 and I only had $110 in my bank account. I was trying to think of an excuse to tell mom why I spent so much. By the time Pattie and I were done Rosie, Carrie and Katie came to the store we were at. They all had a big smile and I didn't understand till the next night. It was 5 pm and we went to my house and Pattie couldn't wait to show mom what she got and her ears. I was a little scared because I spent too much money. The girls came in and mom asked them if they would stay for dinner. They accepted the invitation.

I pulled mom aside and apologized for spending too much and told her I have $110 and I will pay her the rest back. She smiled at me and told me, "that since Pattie had a great time don't worry about and put on what you bought so I can see what you got". Pattie and I went upstairs to put on are new outfits for mom. When we came down dad was in the den and Pattie want to show him and he almost blew a gasket seeing her ear pierced. He said, " Pattie who told you can get your ears pierced'? "Mom said I could," she said. I went into the kitchen to see if mom needed help and showed her my new dress and shoes. I helped her with dinner and dad came in and asked my mom about Pattie getting earrings. She told him that most girls her age have earrings and since they are only gold studs it is no big deal. He didn't like that comment and stormed out. I think he thought he was losing his say in the household and mom was taking over.

Rosie asked me at dinner if I could spend the night over her house for a sleep over. My mom said, "only if I speak to your parents and do they know she is a he"? She said, " yes they do know he dresses like a she and here is my number and you can speak to them. After dinner all of us cleaned the kitchen while dad went watch TV. Mom called Rosie's parents and she agreed to let me spend the night over there. I think mom was happy I was spending time with Pattie. The girls' left and Pattie asked me to play beauty parlor. I made her up and did her hair and had to show mom and dad. Dad pulled me aside and told me that he doesn't appreciate me pushing her to look older and I need to stop my influence. I told him that girls younger then her are wearing makeup and have their ears done. He gave me a look like he wants to whip me ass. I didn't care what he thought but I told him she is blossoming and you can't hold her back anymore. She is a gorgeous girl and you need to let her flourish. I hate to tell you but I think you are too strict with the girls. I hope you get in the 90's and out of the 50's. His face got red and he told me never to tell him how to think. I told him that if you can't take criticism then don't dish it out and got up and walked a way.

My mom pulled me aside and asked, "how could you say that to your father I thought you changed"? I told I have but he hasn't and since you and Jane are afraid too I had to open the womb. He started the way I think right now and he should realize that he needs to change too. Mom gave me a smile and said, "I should not push your father in due time he will accept it all. You look fabulous in that dress and I enjoy having you here now and Pattie adores you. Your dad is upset his only son is in dresses and he needs time to deal with it". She gave me a hug and I hugged her back.

I went to bed early but before I did I said to my dad, "I'm sorry for what I said before and I hope you can forgive me"? He looked at me and looked away with disgrace. I went up to take off my make up and put on a nightgown and Jane came in and sat on my bed. She said, "I heard what you said to dad, I'm glad to see you stood up to him for us but I think you need to back off. He is going to need a few weeks to adapt to this situation and you need to let time go on and things will take its course." I had a tear running down my cheek and said, "I don't understand, he forced me to dress like this and because I enjoy wearing dresses and makeup he treats me like some kind of freak. He started it and he is too hard on Pattie. Most girls her age have their ears pierced, wear makeup and wear clothes that don't have enough fabric to hide anything. She just wants to be like the other girls." She looked at me and said, "you are helping her, I had to wait till I was 16 to get earrings and you talked mom into letting her get them at 13. Even look at the dress and shoes you bought her today, she would never get mom to buy them for her especially the high heels. So you are helping but it will take dad time to accept it". We hugged and kissed goodnight.

I woke up the next morning excited. I went thru my closet looking for the right outfit to go over to Rosie's. I spent over an hour holding the few dresses up to me in a mirror but I couldn't find anything I liked. I put on my robe and went down for breakfast. After I had my cereal Jane came down and I asked her if I could borrow some clothes? She told me to help myself. I went to room and started looking at all the clothes she had in her closet. I found a pair of red leather pants but they were too big for me. I found a baby blue skirt with embroidered multi colored flowers with a matching blouse. Jane came in while I was looking in the mirror and said that looks great on you. She wanted me to try on a light pink sundress with cats all over it. I took off the blouse and skirt and she saw the cage on me. " Why are you wearing that?" she asked. I told her, "Rosie put it on me when we went shopping so I didn't tent my dress. She has the key and told me that my dick is her and she is the only one that can let out to play". She giggled and asked, "Do you mind wearing it or being controlled like that". "I don't like being controlled but I do enjoy being with her and if this is what she wants then I am willing to accept it. She is the first girl that has ever been interested in me and wants to be with me so I am happy this way" I said.

I put on the sundress and she pulled out a few more for me to try on. Pattie knocked on the door and came in. she asked why we didn't ask her to play dress up. Jane explained to her I was trying to found clothes for my sleep over. When we were done getting clothes for the sleepover Jane went to her top draw of her nightstand and handed me a box and said, "I am loaning these to you so take good care of them and enjoy". I opened the box and there were diamond earrings with matching bracelet and necklace. I gave her and huge hug and said thank you. Pattie was jealous I was getting to wear things that mom and dad wouldn't let her wear. Jane saw Pattie's face of disappointment and said, "Pattie I will lend it to one day also, and since your ears are done I will let you wear them around the house after your holes heal." Pattie smiled.

Mom yelled for me to hurry up, we need to leave. I grabbed my overnight bag and got in the car and mom drove me to Rosie's. On the way mom started asking me about sex. I was embarrassed at first then I got relaxed and that I did have it with Rosie. I even told her that she controls sexual emotions and showed her the cage and she jammed on the brakes and I thought I was going to go thru the windshield.

She asked, "Why do you have it now!!!" I told her, "she put it on yesterday for before we went shopping so my dress did not tent out. She told me that she is the only one to play with it unless she says otherwise. Don't worry I don't mind I find it sexually stimulating. I guess I am not like dad, I like being controlled". She put the car in drive and she didn't say anything the whole way there. When we got in to the driveway she said, "have fun" and drove off.

When I got to the front door Rosie opened it before I knocked. She gave me a French kiss and we went in side. Over the next two hours about 15 girls came over and I felt like I fit in. listening to their conversation and even commenting on some things. When it came to boys I just listened to see what girls really wanted and if they asked me about my experiences I made up lies. It seemed like Carrie, Katie, Cindy and Rosie were trying to embarrass me by asking questions and they wanted details. Rosie's mom left at 7pm and told us to have fun and no boys and she smiled and left.

The girls decided to play truth or dare and most of the girls took truth but right before my turn Rosie ordered me to take a dare. Rosie's turn came and she asked me truth or dare, of course I took dare like I was told. Rosie thought for a minute and said, "I dare you to suck my dick right here". All the girls looked stunned just like I was and she pulled her pants down and there it was a 10" strap-on. She stood in the middle of the circle and all the girls laughed. I got on my knees and started to kiss the tip and lick the shaft, just as she did to me. Atleast she didn't shove it all the way in at first. Listening to her moan I was starting to get hard and I was painful. All the girls were chanting, " SUCK IT SUCK IT SUCK IT" when she had her orgasm something warm and salty shot in my mouth. She patted me on the head and said, "that's the best blow job I every had" all the girls were laughing historically. My face was beet red and some of the girls teased me about.

Rosie asked me to follow her we got to her room and told me to take my pantyhose and panties down. She told me to bend over with only my chest on the bed, she pulled the plug out and I felt something cold on my rear and then pain. I cried out loud but she didn't care and said, "don't fight it, you will feel pleasure. I know it hurts the first time but I love virgins" she giggled. In a few minutes I started enjoying this and even though I couldn't get hard my cage was soaked. When she got off something warm shot in my ass. And she took a tampon out and shoved it in there to hold what ever she shot in me. She took off the chain and dildo but left the cage on. She told me, "Don't put on the hose or panties, it is only us girls tonight."

We went to the kitchen where all the girls were pigging out. I went to sit down my ass was hurting and I caught Carrie and Katie looking at me with a smile. As I was listening to them I heard comments and I was wondering if they all knew. Rosie ask me to put on a cheerleading outfit since most of the girls were from her cheerleading squad. What else could I say but ok. She went upstairs and brought down a cheerleading uniform and told me to put it on. I started to go to the bedroom but she told just put it on here. I didn't have any panties on but I did as I was told. I don't know but if she said it I did it.

As I got changed in front of all the girls I started to get hard and I was in major pain. A girl named Myra said, "what is that?" out loud so everyone could hear. Then I was on display, Rosie told the girls that I am a male but feel and act like a girl. One of the girls tugged on the tampon string up my ass. I tried to get the uniform on as quick as possible. They taught me some of the cheers they do and Rosie asked me to live here and go to school in her town and join the squad. Even though the girls knew I was a guy they accepted me as one of them. The only one that humiliated me was Rosie and I enjoyed it and I didn't know why. Rosie pulled me aside and ordered me to service every girl and maybe you can earn your way on the squad. I serviced 7 of them and I had lock jaw. I told Rosie the rest has to wait till morning. She seemed upset but with a look of understanding. The girls I couldn't service she gave them the strap-on.

In the morning I slept late and I asked Rosie how she could do that to me. She put her finger over my lips and said later, I'll explain. At breakfast all the girls were very nice to me and welcomed me to womanhood. They all told they wish I could join them on the squad. After they all left Rosie took me home. She told me, "That was your incitation into our group but now you touch no one and they won't touch you. When you get home you need to start talking to your mom about you living with me and go to school with me. All the girls thought you did a great job doing the cheers. You are one of us and I love you for it!!!" I started to feel a little better but still a disgrace.


This is my 4th story I hope I'm getting better. Part II coming soon.




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