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When the folks died, we received our inheritance. Alice put her share on a home. I invested my share in college for my future. Because My grades were failing and I pulled a few minor pranks, the college told me to leave. I had no place to go, so I asked Sis if she would put me up for a while. She agreed, but there would be some stipulations. There were, but not what I expected. Her and her Lesbian lover, made a few modifications to me. Now I'm her sister


My Sister's Sister

by Amelia Allen


Brother Dear


I finally arrived at Alice's house. After verifying that I had the right house number, I inserted the key that she sent me. The lock was well oiled and it worked easily. I entered. I was glad she sent me the key, I just don't trust those, "I'll leave it in the mailbox." sort of hiding places. Besides, the very fact that she sent me the key indicated that I was not entirely unwelcome.

Before I go much further, let me tell you a bit about my how I got into my current predicament. When the folks died, (the cause was unimportant), they left a few bucks for my sister and I. Alice, is a few years older than I am. She took her share of the inheritance and bought a fancy home. She had a pretty good job with a bright future and seemed well set financially. I decided to take my share and invest in a college education. However, no one told me that they have midterm tests and a person has to study. My idea of college was like they had in the movies, you know, ANIMAL HOUSE, or something like that. You have four years of drinking beer and have fun with the girls and other good times. Then for the last few months you study hard and graduate with honors. Believe me it doesn't work out that way.

The college had a hard nose attitude. They wanted everyone to study and keep their nose into the books and because caused a couple of jokes I pulled, they got on my back. They couldn't actually it was me but they suspected and gave me a warning. Hell, they were innocent pranks I pulled that kind of backfired. How was I supposed to know that by crossing a couple of little wires, it would burn out a big expensive generator? I figured that when the professor threw the switch, a bunch of sparks would fly and we would all get a big laugh out of his embarrassment. I didn't think that the fire department would have to come and there would be an arson investigation. I might have gotten by with that one but they discovered a lot of equipment was missing. I don't know their problem, the stuff was old and the price of scrap metal was pretty good.

The final thing that got me expelled was because I flunked Lit.1. It really wasn't my fault. It was an English Lit exam that I flunked. Anyway I went down to the bookstore and got one of those crib sheets. The only trouble was that before I could get started cramming messed the whole thing up. I knew the test was coming and even knew the exact story the test would be on, (never mind, Charley Aldrich and Mel Hardy came by with a double six pack. Well, naturally, first things first and I never got a chance to study.

They could have postponed my test. I tried to explain to the professor my predicament but he said partying was no excuse for missing a test. Then there was Joanne. She went to the Dean and claimed I got her pregnant. If I did, it was fifteen other guys and I because I know they didn't wear condoms either. Anyway, these problems and a few other stunts which I don't want to go into now, didn't improve my status in the school.

I was politely told that my presence at that particular temple of learning was no longer welcome. It wasn't that they actually threw me out, but I got the hint. Besides, there were a few other things that occurred that were definitely not legal and I hope that no one becomes aware of and puts two and two together. I just decided to leave while leaving was good.

When I was sure me and the college were going our separate ways and that the axe was going to fall, I wrote to Alice, explaining that I was being persecuted and given a raw deal by the college authorities. I told her I had decided to quit before things got messy and there could be a lot of messy publicity I also asked her if she would put me up until I could get straightened out and back on my feet. I was sorry, but I didn't have any more money left from my share of the inheritance.

She wrote back and agreed to let me stay with her for a while. The tone of the letter made it obvious that she wasn't happy about it and stressed that I could stay only under her rules and regulations. Imagine! My own sister begrudging me a bit of hospitality and setting up a book of rules for me to follow just for a few meals and a place to sleep.

* * * * * *


I entered the house. It was a fancy layout. The folks didn't leave us a whole lot of money, but from the opulence of the house, it was apparent that she must be doing O.K. in her work and added of her own money in addition to the inheritance.

The place had three bedrooms. I looked in one and it was obviously Alice's. It was decorated very fancy and feminine, lace curtains, frilly ornamentation. Really plush if you like that sort of decor. However, it was not for me. I like swastikas hanging from the wall and along with a couple of crossed bayonets, you know, really macho. Hell, even a Pirate's flag with the skull crossbones would be O.K.

I then looked in the other two. One room, I guessed it to be the exercise room, seemed rather sparsely furnished. There was a trapeze ring hanging from the ceiling. I kind of wondered about that. Where was the other one, or more thought provoking, how could a person exercise on just one ring? There was also a platform against the wall. I couldn't figure out whether it was kind of a trampoline or an exercise cot. It was covered with heavy canvas. I noticed that there were rings welded to each of the Four Corners. There was also kind of a low table with a mirror mounted on the back of it and a chest of drawers. Both pieces of furniture were also covered in canvas. There was a full size mirror on one wall, I assumed that when Becky did her aerobics, she could watch herself. Altogether it was a kind of a dreary and oppressive room.

The other room was rigged out like a guest bedroom and I assumed that would be where I would stay. Anyway, that's where I dumped my gear. I then went out to look over the rest of the place. As I said, it was plenty fancy. The den was large. A huge fireplace took almost one whole wall. There was a couch and couple of matching chairs with lavishly plush upholstery. There was also one of those giant size televisions that filled the rest of the wall adjoining the fireplace. I looked over the rest of the place and it was just as ornate. The kitchen was a marvel of up to the minute gadgets and accessories. I finally got around to looking in the fridge.

Loa and behold! There were at least a dozen bottles of expensive imported beer. Up until now, I hadn't realized that Becky liked beer. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I popped the cap from one of the bottles and ensconced myself on the couch in front of the giant screen TV and made myself comfortable until Alice came home.

I had gone through the third or fourth beer or maybe even a fifth, when I heard the door being unlatched and someone entered the apartment. I assumed that it was Alice coming home from work. But the girl that came into the room was not Alice! She was not the tallest woman I ever saw, but she was one of the loveliest. Her superior height and perfectly proportioned body topped my five foot eight inches by a good three inches, not counting the three-inch heels she was wearing. It was not only her height but also her imposing demeanor and attitude impressed me mightily.

O.K. I'll admit it. Right from the start she intimidated me. She seemed to fill the room with her presence. I unconsciously shrunk deeper in the soft embrace of the sofa stupidly hoping she would not notice me.

"So! This is the lazy good for nothing brother that Alice told me about. Get up! I want to take a look at you." With that she grabbed me by the hair of my head and literally jerked it upright. Naturally the rest of me came with the hair so that I was standing facing her. Her hand was entwined in my hair, forcing my head back.

She smiled down at me. "My, you're kind of pretty at that." The smile then turned into a scowl, "-and who gave you permission to drink my beer?" I tried to shake my head loose from her grip. It was like trying to move the rock of Gibraltar. The only thing that moved was some hair being pulled out of my head. When she first came in, I was awed by her appearance, but with the demonstration of her strength, my attitude changed to one of fear. I sure didn't want this gal mad at me.

"I didn't know it was your beer. I thought they were Becky's and I didn't think she would mind." I pleaded, "I'm sorry --."

"Becky told me you have taking ways." She interrupted, "That's why she asked me to come here a bit early and work with you to be sure that there will be no misunderstanding as to your position in this household. Come on!"

Without releasing her grip on my hair, she marched me from the room, down the hall. We passed the guestroom. As we went by, this gal looked in and saw my gear lying on the bed. "What's this shit doing in my room?" She demanded.

"Why I thought this was supposed to be where I was to stay." I stammered. "I'll show you your room. Get your crap! We went in and I got my gear. She then marched me into what I had took to be the exercise room.

"THIS is your room!" She said as were entered. "I took the liberty of adding some devices when we discovered you were coming to implement the plans we have for you."

When I had first glanced in the room, I took it to be some sort of an exercise room and thought no more about it. To my casual eye, most of the gear seemed to be some sort of exercise equipment. However on a closer look, the equipment seemed a bit more ominous.

What I had originally took to be a single trapeze ring actually was a strap with buckles like a dog collar. The exercise mat now seemed to be odd shaped for any type of exercise that I was aware of.

My captor, still with a firm grip on my hair, marched me over to the 'ring'. With her free hand she fumbled with it, fastening it about my neck. I could hear a firm click as it closed about me. She then released my hair and walked over to a winch mounted on the wall. "Please remove your clothes." When I hesitated, she smiled in amusement a bit, and began turning the winch; I could feel the strap getting tighter. Glancing up, to my horror, I saw the cable that was holding me was attached by a series of pulleys to the winch she was turning!




She kept tightening the cable until I was standing on my tiptoes in a futile attempt to release the tension about my neck. "Now will you remove your clothes?" My captress asked.

Barely able to talk, I managed to choke out, "I can't, I'm off balance."

"I can raise your feet completely off the ground, then you won't have a balancing problem." Rita said conversationally, raising the cable another fraction of an inch. I took the hint and began divesting myself of my clothes as best I could. I had to use my hands on the cable to hold myself up to kick off my shoes and socks, and then kind or grab around with one hand to remove my pants and shorts until I was finally completely devoid of clothes.

She then came over to me and while I stood half choking, she took my hands behind me and bound them together. She then bound my feet in the same manner, using steel manacles in both instances.

While she was doing this, I managed to choke out, Who in the hell are you and why are you doing this to me?"

"It's none of your business who I am, but for the present, you may call me Madam Maria. As for why, you don't have to know at this time, It will be your surprise. Just cooperate and things will go easier on you. Not much, but some. If you don't cooperate you will surely regret it."

She then released the strap from about my neck and forced me to sit on the floor. My feet flat on the floor and my knees up about my chin. She then secured a huge belt and strapped it about me so that I was held firmly in a fetal position. Except of course, my hands securely bound behind me.

I sat there, naked, my knees strapped securely up to my chin, my arms pinned in back of me and my ankles manacled together. I was about as helpless as a person could be.

My captress looked down at me. "You look like you're in a perfect position to keep out of trouble. Now don't go away, I'll be right back." She added quite unnecessarily as she left the room.

She returned in just a few moments. She had removed most of her clothes and now all she was clad in was a bra and pair of panties. "Now to put you in the proper position to help me out and begin your penance." She then rocked me forward so that I was on my knees, looking down at the floor, my butt protruding in the air.

"Perfect!" Mistress exclaimed. I could hear her doing something and the next thing I knew, she had removed her panties, laid down on her back and positioned her legs over my shoulders and firmly pressed my face into her warm and fetid bush. "Now do your duty. If you try to fight me or resist, it will go very bad for you!"

What else could I do? I muff dived. I can't say I didn't enjoy it, but in the condition I was in, it wasn't exactly pleasant. All I got out of it was sexual frustration. That, I am sure, my captor was quite aware and I know that was really part of her enjoyment. I also realized that I had better do my best to satisfy her.

I guess I did. She eventually eased off on her squirming and released my head so that I could recover my breath. Just about the time I had completed satisfying this Mistress, I heard the front door slam and some one come into the house. My captor also heard the person come in, "Oh, that must be Alice. Wait here a moment while I go let her know you have arrived and left to greet her. However, before she left, she kind of wiped my face with her panties. She must have been anticipating my ministrations because the panties were already quite damp with her juices. They were really wet. All she managed to do was to smear her juices all over my face. When she saw what she did, she giggled.

After she left, I heard another voice that I immediately recognized as my Sister Alice asks, "Well, did my loving brother arrive yet?"

"Yeah, I have him all packaged up. You know, I think he could be taught to be pretty good with that tongue of his. Want to try it?"

"Yes, but let me get some of these clothes off. I don't see any sense in being overdressed for the occasion." I heard Alice go into her room, accompanied by Mistress Maria. I had hoped that when Alice came home, she would extricate me from this mess, but after overhearing that conversation, my hopes plummeted. It wasn't but a few moments later when my older sister entered the room. She was clad only in panties and bra, in the same manner as Mistress. She looked just as luscious only more petite. "Why, hello Junior! For the first time since you were in diapers, you look appropriately dressed. I still think that Mom and Dad should have kept you in dresses." She was referring to the time when I did something wrong and as punishment my parents made me wear girl's clothes for a week.

"Hi Sis. Please let me go. I promise I won't take advantage of you again. I'll be good from now on, I swear it."

"Oh you will be good, in more ways than one. We fully intend to see that you are. In fact, you'll be better than good, you'll be perfect. If you don't do a good job of satisfying us on the first try, you'll just keep doing it until you do. Eventually I think you'll learn your lessons thoroughly.

"Remember the time you poured ink on my formal just before the prom? Then do you remember pouring paint in my lingerie drawer? Remember lying to Mom and Dad just to get me in trouble? Remember all those things and a whole lot more? Well I do! I remember every one of the times you went out of your way to make my life miserable. Baby brother you are going to pay for every one of those events." As she was saying these things, she was divesting herself of her panties and taking the same position as Mistress Rita and pulled my head firmly between her legs. "Now!" She commanded, "Satisfy me! Do something good to me for a change!"

I hesitated. This was my sister. Not that I had any concern about sex relations between family members, but I had made a career of taking advantage of her. This act, I was afraid, was a symbol that the worm had turned and I was now going to be the butt of the pranks.

However, I made one last plea. "This isn't right Sis. We're not supposed to have sex between members of the same family."

"We're not? How about the times you tried to screw me?

"That was different. We were just kids then. I was to young to even get a hard on and you hadn't even reached puberty. You couldn't have got pregnant even if you tried."

"That makes no difference. You tried to take advantage of me while I was sleeping. Not only that, you humiliated and embarrassed me. I guess I could have forgiven you for almost anything except that. I swore then that if the opportunity ever arose, you were going to pay. And brother dear, you are going to pay, starting right now!"

My hesitation was interrupted by a severe slap on my upraised bottom. I heard Mistress Maria command, "you had better help out your sister in her demands. I can stay here and do this all evening." The words were accompanied by another vicious swat.

No more hesitation. I muff dived with a will and Sis was obviously enjoying my efforts as she squirmed, locked her thighs about my head and by grabbing my hair, pulled me deeper into her.

I finally satisfied her. She suddenly moaned, tensed up for a few moments and then gradually relaxed, releasing her grip on me. "Well, you are good for something after all, little brother. That was quite enjoyable."

They left, leaving me still bound and on my stomach, looking down at the floor. A bit later Mistress Maria returned, fully dressed in a sleeveless blouse and shorts. She went around in back of me and suddenly I felt two stings in my buttocks. One in each cheek.

"What are you doing?" I cried out.

"Oh just giving you a couple of injections so you'll look much prettier later."

She would say no more, but released the strap that was holding my knees about my chest. She then put a collar about my neck. A leash was attached to it. Releasing my leg irons, she led me into the bathroom where I gratefully relieved myself. Even then, I was humiliatingly made to sit on the pot and not stand up in the normal male fashion.

She then returned me back to 'my' room. With little difficulty, she forced my to lie on the cot and then securely anchored my legs to the lower bedposts. Then after severely warning me, she released my hands. I tried to resist, but it was fruitless. She had removed one hand from the cuff, leaving the other locked on and quickly anchored it to one of the bedposts. Then finally with no real problem, secured the other hand to its respective post. So there I lay on the bed, all four limbs securely anchored, leaving me helplessly spread eagled.

She then towered over me, a hypodermic needle in her hand. Without hesitation, she inserted the needle just under one nipple, injected about half the contents, then injected the balance under the other nipple. Then with another hypo, gave me a shot in the arm.

What was that for?" I asked, expecting the worse. "Oh these, and the ones in your butt are going to make your body so much prettier and your attitude more cooperative." Was the nonchalant reply. She would say no more.

I then asked when I was going to eat. It had been several hours since I had eaten and it was getting rather late. She replied that I had eaten plenty of pussy and could easily last until the next morning. She then added that if I was good (or even bad) I would get more pussy but more nourishing victuals would depend upon my behavior.

She then put a cloth under my bottom and began pinning it up. I suddenly realized she was putting an oversized diaper on me. "What are you doing?" I cried.

"Its going to be a long night and your not going to be in a position to get up and relieve yourself. This will help keep you dry during the night. She completed putting on the diaper and then a pair of oversized rubber panties, cautiously releasing one leg at a time to do it. Finishing the tasks, she left me with a tiny night light and alone with my thoughts.

It was a long night and my thoughts were not particularly happy ones, more of a worry about what was going to happen to me. Although they let me relieve myself before tying me down, the rest of the beers I had previously drank wanted to come out. I woke up having to go. I tried holding it, even succeeded for a while, but eventually nature took its course and I inundated my diaper. I was wet, but finally comfortable so I went back to sleep. I woke up later, again having to go, but once I had broken the ice so to speak, there was much less inhibition to go again which I did, hoping, but no longer really caring whether the diaper and rubber panties did their job




I was wet, but relieved and quite comfortable. The pressure was no longer on my bladder and surprisingly, the initial warmth generated by the flow felt pretty good, so I slept. Alice awakened me the next morning. She was fully dressed and looked like a million dollars.

"That was very sweet of you to satisfy me last night. With a little practice you may soon be an expert." Then she added with a big grin, "And we intend to give you lot's of practice so you will be an expert in only a short time.""

Then her smile faded. "Don, ever since we were kids you took advantage of me. Not only me, but every one else you came into contacts with. Now you're finally getting your just rewards. The college notified me of some of the stunts that you pulled and why they threw you out. I'm sick and tired of trying to help you. Every time I did, you took advantage of it. From now on, you are going to do as I say. I am going to make sure that from now on, you work for your keep.

"wha - what kind of work?" I managed to stammer.

"Maria and I have an office representing several wholesalers. Our business has increased dramatically in the past few months and we decided that we could use another girl in the office to do the typing, filing, acting as receptionist and other clerical tasks that needed to be done."

"But I'm not a girl. I'm a guy!"

"That may be so now, but when Maria gets finished with you, no one will ever know that you're not a girl. All your life as a male you have been getting in trouble or causing other people grief. We decided that maybe you will be a bit nicer as a girl. We thought we had nothing to lose and by giving you a few modifications, you may be worth the trouble. Who knows, you may learn to like it. You see, we have rescheduled our jobs so that Maria can take a few days to work with you and teach you some ladylike behavior."

"I won't do it!" I responded angrily.

"O.K. I'll just go tell Maria to unchain you and you can get the hell out of here."

"Alice, you just can't throw me out. Where will I go?"

"Well, you can go to the police. I understand that they want to talk to you about some vandalism and missing equipment amounting to several thousands of dollars worth of damage that occurred just before you left school."

"You wouldn't tell on me, would you. After all, I'm your brother."

"It all depends on how well you cooperate."

I took a few moments and thought about that. If Alice threw me out, I'd have no place to go and sooner or later the cops would catch up to me. I'm not very large and kind of small boned. I'd be rape meat in jail. I knew the college officials were quite unhappy with me and would prosecute. I could end up in jail for at least five years. On the other hand, if I cooperated, or at least pretended to, I'd be free, even if a bit humiliated for a while. I could also watch for my chance and get out of here with a bundle of loot as a stake to make tracks to parts unknown. Why that TV and some of the art objects would be worth a couple of grand at least. "O.K. you win." I said resignedly.

"I knew you would. In fact those shots that Maria gave you in the butt and the chest is a growth hormone. That shot in the arm will make you more docile and compliant. Neither shot works very rapidly. You probably won't see any results for at least a couple of weeks and then it will be primarily tenderness in the effected places. The behavior drug works just about as slowly. I doubt if you'll even realize that it is taking effect."

"Well, I got to run. I just know that you and Maria will get along fine. Bye, Bye."

A bit later, Maria came in, still in her mannish style pajamas. "Good morning, Laura. Did you and Alice have a talk this morning and did she inform you of your good fortune that you will finally have a steady job?"

"Yes," I answered rather sullenly. "You girls win, for now. I'll go along with you. And what's this Laura business?"

"Great! Although I don't know as you have much choice. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you are going to stay with us. Oh yes, Laura is your new name. You WILL answer promptly to it".

She then felt down my crotch under the diaper. "Couldn't hold it all night, I see. I'm sure glad we took precautions". Then she looked at me and giggled. "You look kind of cute in a diaper. I wonder how you would look completely dressed up baby style. We'll have to try it sometime soon. You're starting out fine already and getting some good practice at sucking. I just wonder how you would do sucking on a bottle, -or a teat."

Then she said a bit more sternly. "I am going to release you and we can go in the bathroom where you can remove that wet diaper and clean up. Then we're going to have to get you some practice in your new life style."

She released me and accompanied me to the bathroom my diaper hanging down almost to my knees due to its sogginess. When we arrived in the room, she removed it, washed me off then liberally lathered my body with a lotion. I briefly had visions of trying to revolt, but the memory of the way she handled me the previous evening caused me to realize the useless of it.

"What is that stuff your putting on me?"

"A depilatory. It will remove all that ugly body hair. Those teats and butt shots, besides encouraging growth will also inhibit facial and body hair growth. Once it takes effect, you'll be able to get along by shaving only once every week or so, in fact, most men who have had the shots are able to dispense with shaving altogether. Until it takes effect, we'll have to do with more conventional methods."

"Just stand there about fifteen or twenty minutes and let it work. Then you can take a shower and be nicely dehaired."

While I was waiting, she insisted that I shave my face, which I did. When completed, she examined me closely to make sure that all traces of my beard were completely erased.

Then the shower. When I left the bathroom, the only hair I had left was what was on my head. And a few on my eye brows. My body felt strangely 'aware and tingley'. I had never thought that the removal of a thin layer of body hair could make such a difference in the sensitivity of my skin.

We returned to my room. Maria again locked me in the collar that was hanging from the ceiling. "Why are you doing this to me?" I asked. "I promised that I would cooperate."

"First, the bondage keeps you aware of your subordinate state and that you are under our control. Second, you have a record of breaking your word. I can watch you closely while in a small room with limited access such as the bathroom. However, I can't closely guard you all the time so you have be restrained at."

With these words she left the room. I took the opportunity to test my bonds, but was immediately discouraged. They were securely locked. I was not going to be released until Maria decided so.

She returned shortly with a hypodermic and a couple of little bottles of fluid. "Time for some more medicine." She said gaily. Then going about and giving me a shot in each butt cheek and breast nipple and finally one in the arm.

She left again and shortly returned carrying an armload of clothes, which she dumped upon my erstwhile bed. Pawing through them, she handed me a pair of women's panties. They were just about the daintiest frilliest panties that I had ever seen. They were of a pink satin-like material. The leg and waist elastic was lavishly adorned with wide delicate lace. There were little white roses randomly embroidered on them and a large rose strategically embroidered at the crotch.

"Do I have to wear those?" I asked rather disgustedly.

"Yes, since this is your first opportunity of wearing decent clothes, we are allowing you the luxury of a bit more elegance in your lingerie."

I took it rather gingerly and bent over to put it on. Fortunately, Maria had left some slack in the rope so I had a bit of freedom of movement. I slipped them on and pulled them up about my waist. Now they looked like satin and felt like satin, but there must have been some other elastic type material blended in. They fit my body quite snugly and held my genitals firmly back out of sight.

Next she allowed me to sit and instructed me in the art of putting on a pair of sheer pantyhose. Now I have seen panty hose before and even felt them, but until I began putting them on, I never realized how sheer and delicate they were. Also, in spite of the sheerness, they felt like they encased my legs in silken bonds, titillating the now sensitive hairless skin of my legs.

I had no sooner got the pantyhose on and smoothed out when Rita took what looked like oversized handcuffs and firmly snapped them on just above my knees. The chain connecting them was perhaps about six inches long. "That will cause you to take shorter, more feminine steps. It will also deter you from running off." She added practically. She then handed me a pair of shoes. I guess they were shoes. They were nothing but a sole with a two-inch heel and a mess of straps. With difficulty I finally managed to get the shoes on and the straps buckled.

She then stood me up and placed my arms through the shoulder straps of a bra and tightly hooked it together in back of me. The bra was of the same material and color of the panties. Two roses were strategically placed to cover the nipples. She then inserted some falsies in the cups. These appeared to be the same appearance as regular breasts and had enough weight to cause them to 'bounce' in the same manner as real breasts. As she inserted them, she remarked that as soon as the shots takes effects the artificial padding will be unnecessary.

"What else will the shots do?" I asked, wondering about the side effects.

"Well, they'll reduce your growth of facial and body hair." She replied.

"Yeah, but what else, you told me that before."

"You will also find that you will not get erections as firm and as often as you now get and your ejaculations will not be as full."

"You mean I'll lose my sex drive?" I demanded.

"Oh no! You'll keep your sex drive. You'll enjoy sex just as much as you ever did. It's just that you'll find other and better methods to express your sex. For instance, I thought you showed a lot of promise with the use of your tongue yesterday. I might add your tongue will get more sensitive as your cock and balls shrink." Rita replied, finishing with a giggle as she recalled my tonguing of her and Alice while I was bound and helpless the previous day.

While she was saying this she was busily putting the bra on me and inserting the pads. Strangely enough, the bra was not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. The straps were rather tight, but actually felt kind of stimulating. It seemed to make me aware of my body and the breast area in particular. In fact, without really thinking about it, I realized I had straightened my back so that my new breasts were uplifted and thrust out.




I stood there, clad only in bra, panties, hose and shoes. My legs anchored together just above the knees. Maria, after warning me not to resist, released the collar from about my neck. I knew better to try anything. The brief experience I had yesterday with Maria convinced me that I would be subdued with little difficulty, especially now since my legs were effectively hobbled.

Maria then assisted me in putting on a slip. It was of white nylon. The hem and bodice lavishly ornamented with lace. Although I was impressed with the luxuriousness of the garment, I was vaguely disappointed that the slip did not have the little roses to match the panties and bra.

In any event, I was thrilled at the tactile sensation as the soft sleek fabric draped itself over my sensitive denuded skin. I was acutely aware of the frilly lace hem softly kissing my thighs.

Next was a blouse, it was white of some sheer fabric. The sleeves were short, puffed and slightly elastic at the cuffs so that they puffed becomingly about my upper arms. It was buttoned in the back and had a high stand up collar that fit tightly about my neck. The bodice was made of some clear lace material that exposed a lot of skin clear down to the top of my bra. There was a wide swath of lace where the open net met the more opaque material of the rest of the blouse.

Finally a skirt. It was a dark navy color, fully pleated. It had an elastic waist that fit snugly about me. The hem of the skirt was just above the knees and reinforced the'swishy' feeling I had experienced with the slip.

I stood there passively submissive, completely clad in feminine garments. Maria removed the collar from the cable hanging from the ceiling, and securely locked it about my neck. She then attached two lengths of very fine delicate chain to the collar. The chains were about eighteen inches long and ended in manacles, which she fastened to my wrists.

Motioning for me to follow, she went to her room, me following. We had only got about halfway there when she turned about and grinned at the way I was hobbling after her. Because of the shortness of the chains attached to the manacles about my thighs, I was forced to take short mincing steps. Also, because of the cuffs about my wrists being attached to my collar, I could not swing my arms normally but had to keep them nearly crossed about my breasts.

"Laura, with your legs being clamped together the way they are, you can walk a lot easier if you would kind of sway your hips in conjunction with your walk. It would also develop a more feminine appearing walk at the same time, which of course, is what we are striving for."

We finally managed to get to her bedroom. She sat me down and began applying makeup to my face, instructing me to pay attention as I was going to have to learn to do this for myself. She also commented that for the present, she was not going to color my nails or pierce my ears. She stated that once I learned to be more adept in feminine mannerisms, I would be taken to a beauty parlor and have it done professionally. This introduction to a beauty parlor will probably be done in a few days, after I get a bit of practice in being a girl.

The statement rather upset me. Along with the shots I was unwillingly receiving, it implied that I was going to be kept in a feminine state indefinitely. I made no protest, believing it fruitless, as it certainly would have been. Maria did not appear to be moved by my plight. In fact, she seemed to gloat over her power over me.

Completing the make up, she then produced a wig. It was about the same color as my own (dark reddish brown). It was styled in a sort of pageboy style and long enough so that the hair fell down almost to my shoulders.

Finishing her task, she marched me back to my room. The first thing she made me do was to remove the covers from the various items of furniture. I was amazed. What originally appeared to be an oversized exercise mat (on which I had slept the previous night) proved to be a lovely double bed. Rita did something to raise the bed to normal height. I did note that the brackets used to chain me spread-eagled remained on each corner of the bed.

The covers were removed from the rest of the furniture and revealed a lovely little dressing table and a chest of drawers, both finished in a delicate pink and gold. From the closet, Rita brought a bench for the table and another lightly upholstered chair that matched the rest of the now revealed furniture.

She then forced me to assist her while she put the pink and white curtains on the barred windows. When we finished decorating the room (me assisting as much as possible in my confined state) it was a bright airy room, decorated in a delicate feminine style.

I never would have imagined that such a change would be accomplished so quickly. The only remnants of that previously austere room I had previously inhabited was the cable hanging from the ceiling to which my collar could be attached and the brackets on the four corners of the bed where manacles could be attached to hold me on the bed. I shuddered a bit, looking at these last two contraptions. They represented plain but mute evidence of my captive state.

As I was ogling the room, she said, "Just to warn you, the windows are made of tempered glass, You couldn't break them even with a hammer.

"Oops, there went my firsts idea".

For the next few hours, Maria was a strict disciplinarian. She had me walk and sit and stand and speak, all in a feminine manner. She even had me learn to curtsy like a little girl. Each error or infraction meant a severe rap across the knuckles with a long stiff ruler.

It was bad enough having to try to comply with her demands in a normal state, but extremely difficult while wearing unfamiliar clothes, high heeled shoes and the bondage devices I was forced to wear.

We worked on those mannerisms for the best part of the day. We did take time out for lunch. I was given a light salad, which was hardly enough to satisfy the pangs of hunger I was experiencing.

The practice and exercise continued long after lunch. Occasionally Maria would take time to lecture me on proper feminine behavior and what was to be expected of me.

I guess it must have been about three o'clock when Maria freshened my make up and left me with several magazines and other publications dealing with make up, clothing styles and other articles of a similar nature. She had other duties to attend and I could have a respite and improve my mind by reading the literature, which was oriented toward projecting a proper womanly appearance. She also offhandedly stated that once I had mastered my appearance and behavior, I would be allowed to read articles, which dealt deeper in feminine philosophy and social habits.

I was grateful for the break. Not only was I tired and cramped but also my knuckles were bruised and sore from the several raps they received.

However, she hadn't been gone for more than a few minutes than I found myself posing and posturing in front of the full-length mirror. In spite of my antipathy toward my enforced servitude and dress style. I couldn't help but be impressed by my very feminine and attractive appearance.

I would stand in various poses and pace back and forth; sometimes exaggerating the feminine actions dinned into me by Maria. In my imagined privacy I struck some very erotic poses and could feel the beginning of sexual urges.

I had been doing this for quite a while when I heard Maria approaching. Hurriedly, I resumed my seat and pretended to be deeply engrossed in a magazine.

As she entered, she announced that Alice wanted to see me in her room (which was next to mine). I replied that I hadn't heard Alice come in. She simply stated that Alice had been here quite a while and was waiting for me.

Rather hesitantly and slightly embarrassed, I went to meet my older sister, dressed in my feminine finery. However the training Maria had instilled in me during the day had its effect and I had no thoughts of disobedience.

When Alice saw me, she came up and hugged me, "Oh Laura! You look lovely. You'll make a wonderful clerk and as our new receptionist, I just know you'll glamorize the office and give all those male sales representatives ideas."

"But you're going to have to act more decorous and discrete when you're out in public."

The full meaning of the last few words escaped me for she called me that a few times but I considered it a form of sarcasm and reference to my womanly attire. However when Alice also used it, I asked what she meant by it.

"Why Laura! You should know that your masculine name is not appropriate for such a lovely girl as you will be in your new life style. The name Laura seems to imply an attractive and reserved feminine personality and I'm sure that you will live up to it when you are fully developed and trained."

Then suddenly it struck me. "What do you mean. Act more decorously and discrete in public?"

"Maria and I have been watching you for the last thirty minutes and some of those poses and actions you have been performing were quite titillating and erotic to say the least. If you must know, it made me feel kind of horny."

She then led me further into her bedroom and I saw a glass on the wall separating our room. Through it I had a complete view of my room and saw Maria standing facing us, waving.

The mirror I had been posing in front of, was one way glass. Without me realizing it, Alice and Maria had been watching me go through my private sexual gyrations.

I stood there stunned by the revelation that the two girls were watching my private actions, with amusement. Meanwhile Maria had left my room and joined us.

Alice turned to Mari and said, "I guess that doctor was right. By dressing Laura in extra delicate feminine finery the first time and emphasizing feminine mannerism, we have managed to imprint a definite girlish impression on her. Now all we have to do is maintain constant reinforcement."

She then turned to me and said, "I hope you enjoyed our pretty clothes today. Starting tomorrow, you are going to be wearing a maid's outfit and clean this place up as well as doing the wash, cooking and whatever else we feel needs be done."

"You will be allowed to dress up in more glamorous clothes occasionally during your training as a reward for good work, proper attitude and obedience. By next week you should be practiced enough to start work in the office."

"Oh yes, Maria and I have agreed that you need to reduce weight. When those shots we gave you begin taking effect, it will enhance your appearance so much more if you have a narrower waist. So beginning today, one meal a day will be pussy, its quite tasty and not at all fattening. But don't worry. You can have two helpings from each of us".

Things went down hill from there. Every night Mistress Rita would chain me to my bed and put diaper and rubber panties on me. If I was lucky and didn't get disciplined, they would let me go to the pot before I went to bed; otherwise it was to bed with a full bladder. I think there was only two times in that first few weeks that I didn't wind up with a wet diaper. Even when I did make it, Mistress Rita made me do calisthenics before allowing me to go. Naturally I'd puddle in my diaper.

The daytime sessions weren't much better. Every morning Rita would come in, give me my shots, release me, then depending upon the dryness of my diaper, give me calisthenics or send me directly into the bathroom to removed my soggy diaper and rubber panties and clean up. Back to the bedroom where I would be given panties, bra, slip and hose; some time panty hose, some times it would be sheer thigh high hose and a garter belt. Now the lingerie although of good quality, was not near as expensive and lavish as I was given that first day.

Then I would get my make up applied. By now there was a generous selection of cosmetics on my dresser. For the first few days, Mistress Rita would apply it for me, giving me instructions as she did. After that I would have to do it myself. The first few days were disasters and Rita would have to repair it for me. However as time went by, I grew more and more adept.

My daily routine was also different. The outer clothes I was given were not as nearly elaborate as I had on the first day. Generally it was a simple skirt and blouse or a housedress. The only things that stayed the same were the high-heeled shoes and the restraints on my legs.

Also I worked. I did all the housework. That included the washing, ironing and cooking. I must say that sort of stuff was a drag. Up until then, my idea of cooking was a hamburger from Burger Joint's or call for a pizza. Washing the dishes was just as simple as throwing away the cartons. My idea of housecleaning was just as simple. If you could walk on it, fine. If it was too big, kick it in the corner. This type of housekeeping did not go over well with Mistress Rita. I had to wash the dishes in hot soapy water before I put them in the dishwasher.

When I complained, she replied that regular women could get by with rinsing the dishes, but since I was an apprentice woman, I needed to learn from the ground up.

It was the same way with the housework. First I would have to go over and dust every thing, then polish the furniture. After that I would sweep the floor then go over it again with the vacuum. That is, if I was lucky and didn't have to mop or scrub the floors first. Believe me. I learned how to keep house under Mistress Maria's strict tutelage! Those women also put me on a diet. I'm about five feet eight inches tall and weighed out at about one hundred forty five pounds. Mistress Rita was about six feet tall and weighed about a hundred and thirty. She was beautifully built, well endowed and strong and athletic enough to handle me without any noticeable difficulty. Becky was about five seven and weighed about one hundred fifteen. They decided that my weight should be about one twenty, maybe a few pounds more when my breasts grew out. Not only did those women decide I should lose weight, but do it as quickly as possible.

To start off the day, my breakfast consisted of a small bowl of cereal. You know, one of those new kinds that each spoon full is supposed to have enough vitamins and minerals to nourish an adult body for a week. The kind that has no sugar or salt to contaminate your body. What they don't advertise is that it tastes like brittle cardboard or it doesn't have any taste at all. Those women were not entirely ungenerous though; I did get a bit of skim milk to go with it. Lunch was a few wisps of greens, raw and no dressing. I think I would get more nourishment out in the fields grazing with the cattle.

The epitome, or depths, depending on your point of view was the evening meal. Under Mistress Maria's watchful eye and with the aid of a cookbook, I was forced to cook the evening meal. It was always a full meal, roast, baked fowl, chicken or turkey, with all the trimmings including a fancy dessert.

When the meal was ready, I would have to stand at attention and serve Becky and Rita, always making sure their glasses were full of their favorite beverage. Their critical eye would watch how I served their plates. Then be berated and insulted for the least mistake. After they were served the main meal, I would have to serve them dessert. While they were eating it, I would have to get under the table and get my meal.

You already guessed what it was: PUSSY!! While those two girls were nibbling on their delicacies, I'd be nibbling on them. I was under strict instructions to stay there until both reached orgasm. The only other nourishment I'd get was the aroma of the meal while I was cooking it and serving them.

In addition to that kind of diet and my exertions in learning domestic chores, I'd also have to accompany those two girls while doing their calisthenics each evening.

With that kind of regimen, I began showing a weight loss by the end of the second week. Not only that but my breasts were getting tender. The nipples seemed a little larger and there was visible evidence that the breasts were budding. To add to my physical change, my facial and body hair was getting noticeably softer and sparser. It was taking much longer to grow back in.

It was then I discovered that the clothes I had been wearing were some of Maria's discards. They had been shortened to fit my smaller height. At first they fit Ok except I was limited to house dresses or other clothes that did not have a fitted waist. Her shoulders were probably as broad as mine, maybe a bit larger. The waist was another story. Where her waist went in, mine went out. As the exercise and dieting took effect, they began to hang decidedly looser. Becky first noticed it and made some comment to the effect.

Maria looked me over and agreed. "I guess she'll just have to suffer with them for another week. I would guess by next Thursday or Friday we can take her to the beauty salon and get her prettied out including her ears pierced and nails manicured and painted. She ought to have developed enough by then so that we can get her some of her own outfits. Since she doesn't have any of her own clothes. I have a nice outfit that I think she can wear to the beauty salon. Then later, we can take her out and get some clothes more suitable for her to wear while working. I'm afraid every thing that we have is a bit conservative for her new life style that we have planned."

"Dammit! On account of her, we're being damn slow and losing a lot of time!" Said Becky. Explosively, I thought she'd be ready to go to work at the office by now. If she didn't show up so damned fat we could have done it right on schedule."

"The rest of her training is coming along quite nicely, although the extra training and lessons she's getting won't hurt us in the long run." She concluded in a calmer voice.

I kind of went into panic at the thought of being exposed in public wearing feminine garments although I didn't show it. My captors had trained me very well to maintain a proper servile attitude and position while in their presence and just about as important, not to question their decisions or contradict them no matter how I felt in the matter. As far as they were concerned, my opinion wasn't worth the time to listen to them. Any disobedience, sass or even a small hesitation could mean a "Ride on the Ring".

I had early on discovered that a ride on the ring meant the ring hanging in my room that. It could be linked to a set of handcuffs that they would attach on my wrists. My arms stretched over my head and I'd be hanging helpless a few inches off the floor. Then any impeding clothes would be removed and I'd receive a lashing on my backside, - or frontside, it didn't seem to make them any difference.




When I first (forcibly) agreed to comply with my mistresses, it was only to escape further punishment, thinking that after a few days, their attention would wander and I could get the hell out of there. Not only that but I'd make them pay by taking a lot of loot. What I couldn't take, I'd wreck. As things worked out, I never had a chance to be alone or to even think of getting away.

Every night I'd be chained to that damned bed, then during the day either Becky or Rita would be guarding me. In addition, I had those manacles on my legs. They had put them on the first day, clamping just about the knees, allowing me to take dinky little girl steps. They were removed only at night just before I was put to bed.

Besides, I'm not sure I could get away in any event. I had first hand experience with Mistress Rita and then I saw Becky practicing her martial arts, she was wearing a black belt and looked as fast as the proverbial greased lightning.

Besides, how could I escape running around wearing a dress and other feminine clothing? I don't know what those women did with my male clothing. From the hints they dropped, I think they burned them. Not only that, it was getting worse. Every day I'd be looking more feminine. My body was getting softer and rounder and I was even beginning to show a definite sign of teats. If I didn't get out of here soon and quit taking those shots, I'd be trapped forever.

With the realization that I was running out of time, I started watching in earnest for any chance I could get. It came that Sunday. Rita had to go off somewhere and Becky was there alone to guard me. Now I was a bit heavier and taller than she was, but as I mentioned, her Kung Fu or Karate or one of those foreign kind of wrestling lessons more than made up any disparity in size. Up until now, my greatest exercise had been bending my elbow.

It being Sunday and all, I was dressed a bit fancier than usual. Also Becky had forgotten to put those manacles on my legs. I was in the living room straightening things up. Becky forgot herself and left me alone a moment while she went into the kitchen.

I was dressed in a nice skirt and blouse and was made up beautifully. Very feminine clothes, high heeled shoes and all the other feminine accouterments, I suddenly saw a chance to get away. It was now or never. Without money or male clothes or even any idea as to where I was going except out of here, I made for the door. First things first have always been my motto and my first thought was to get out the door. I made for the door, opened it, and who did I see coming up the sidewalk but a couple of cops! I hesitated a moment, but that was enough. Becky came back and saw me in the doorway. When she approached me, she also saw the cops. "Get back inside!" She hissed.

My chance was gone. I stepped back as Becky greeted the police. They asked her if she was Becky Stanton. When she said she was, they asked her if they could come in and ask a few questions. Becky agreed and invited them in. She introduced me as Laura. The men acknowledged me. Did I see a momentary glimmer of sexual interest in the eyes of one?

After the preliminaries, one of the men asked if she knew where her brother, Brad was. My heart leapt. They were looking for me! Becky replied that Brad had come by a couple of weeks ago, but hadn't been around since. She didn't volunteer that I was now staying around as Laura. He then asked if she knew where he had gone.

Becky shrugged her shoulders, "He didn't say. He was here, and then suddenly, he was kind of gone, no sign of him. He didn't say anything about leaving or where he was going which was the truth." "Why? Are you looking for him?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am. Before he left the college, he pulled a number of stunts, but one particular prank was a bit special. It ruined several thousand dollars worth of equipment. Then they discovered that additional several thousands of dollars worth of valuable metals were missing. They don't know whether he took it or not but they do want to ask him some questions about it."

"Right now he is wanted for destruction of property and questioning regarding grand theft. If the courts should find him guilty of all the charges that are pending against him, he could wind up in jail for a long time."

Becky then said, "From the manner in which Brad left, I don't think he'll ever come back. We had a difference of opinion. He lost." She then gave me a significant look. "Brad didn't say anything to you about where he might go, did he?"

I shook my head, no. She then asked me. "Do you think he'll be back any time soon?" I again shook my head negatively, even more emphatically.

Becky then turned to the policemen. "I'm sorry but we can't help you. I do promise you that if that man (emphasizing man) should ever show up, we'll notify you the first thing. Although he's my brother, he's been in some kind of mischief all his life. It's about time he had a bit of punishment. In fact, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he wasn't sorry for his misdeeds right now. Anyway if I have anything to do about it, he won't be getting into trouble in the future." -- Giving me a hard look.

One of the policemen then said, "Well Ma'am we appreciate your help. If you do see him or find out where he's at, we'd appreciate it." They then left.

As she closed the door behind them, Becky turned to me. And just where do you think you were going, young lady? Maybe to turn 'Brad' over to the police?"

The disclosure that the police were looking for me, sealed my fate for sure. There was no place I could go and be safe. I was completely in Alice's (and Maria's) power. From the expression on Becky's face it was apparent that she was going to enjoy whatever came next, and it was going to be at my expense!

She then ordered me to my room. I complied; there was no thought of hesitation or disobedience. When she put the handcuffs on my wrists and anchored them to the cable and drew them high over my head, I made no attempt at resistance. I could see the look of anticipation in her eyes as she pinned up my skirt and slip, then pulled down my panties and hose. She then went over and got a switch and gaily proceeded to change the color of my bottom from a snowy white to a rosy red.

About the time she finished, Rita came in. When Becky told her of my attempted escape, she took the switch and then turned my rosy red bottom to a brilliant purple.

As I hung there, my toes barely touched the floor. The cheeks of my ass felt swollen to twice their normal size and each square inch of that swollen flesh a delicate mass of pain. I was past the stage of crying out; my voice was only a low piteous moan and my eyes full of tears.

Still, for some reason I couldn't understand, I could feel my agony causing an erection. Looking down, I could see my prick slowly engorging and rising.

Becky and Rita saw the phenomenon also. "Look!" Said Rita, "Laura likes being whipped." She then went up and began to fondle me. Looking over at Becky while still fondling me, she said, "With those shots she's been taking, this may be one of the last hard-ons she'll ever have."

The pleasure I was getting from the fondling kind of overwhelmed the burning pain from the whipping. Rita pensively looked down at her hand gently manipulating me and said, "I guess we ought of give our maid one last pleasure from a stiff prick."

With these words, she dropped to her knees and began giving me head. Oh it felt good! The thrill I got as her warm wet lips engulfed me and her tongue flitted about the sensitive bulging head and the tip of the tongue digging into the tiny opening was multiplied a thousand fold by the pain from my burning buns. I don't understand the connection but I reveled in it. I would have gladly suffered another whipping for another few moments of that ecstasy.

As Maria's tongue worked its magic, I tried to thrust, but swinging almost free, it was impossible. To stabilize me, Rita reached around and grabbed my whipped cheeks. Oh the hurt of her hands on my sensitive skin! It seemed that every pang of pain accented the exquisite thrill Rita was engendering in my body. In fact to magnify the pain and sensation, I even squirmed so she would grab me more firmly.

It couldn't last, - I came. Because of the feminizing shots I was receiving, the ejaculation may not have been as copious as some I had made in the past, but for pure enjoyment and thrill, it was one I would never forget. I do believe that I would welcome another whipping if I could come like that again.

Finally Rita released me and stepped back. I hung there, completely drained, my bottom burning. Rita looked at me; a half smile played about her lips. "I do believe that our little girl enjoyed her whipping. However, I think she now realizes that she has no alternative except to do as we order." She said it to Becky, but in a manner and tone so that I would hear and understand it. To make matters worse, I knew it was true. Resistance was hopeless. My only opportunity for a decent life, or maybe I should say a life with minimum punishment was to cooperate with my lovely captors in every way.

There was one thing Rita said that was not quite true. I did continue to get other erections and I did enjoy other orgasms.

I must admit that as time went on subsequent erections were not as firm and sustained. It also seemed that each time they were a bit shorter and less rigid. Now I don't have them any more.

However the orgasms still continued and they do now. The ejaculations are now mere dribble but the enjoyment is still there and the thrill is just as intensive. So in that regard, what Rita had originally said when I was first introduced to servicing her was right. I still get sexual highs and just as much enjoyment, only now in a different manner. I should add, in compensation for the loss of the erections, my tongue now seems to receive the same sensations as my prick used to, when I am licking pussy.




Becky and Rita left me hanging there for about two hours. "To give me time to ponder my fate." Rita said before she left.

When they finally released me, we took up where we left off. They, being the bosses and rulers, me being the servant and slave. However there was a subtle difference. My mistresses were now a bit more arrogant and demanding. I was a bit more servile, more eager to please. The visit by the police with the information that I was subject to criminal offences that could put me in the penitentiary for years made an obvious change in our relationship. Gone were any thoughts of escape. My best bet was the old political ploy. "To get along, you got to go along." And I sure had to get along with my mistresses.

* * * *

It seemed that the following week went by rather rapidly. By now I could apply makeup quite adroitly. I was getting grudging approval from Rita and Becky regarding my ability to adopt feminine gestures, mannerisms and walk.

Also, it seemed as if my physical adaptation progressed at a more rapid pace. It had taken a week or so for the shots to show any effect. once they did, it seemed like the changes accelerated. My beard and body hair was now negligible. In fact it seemed that all the growth was transferred to my head, and there the hair grew faster and longer. As the week progressed, my breasts were becoming more and more pronounced. In fact the pads were discontinued as unnecessary. The dieting had slimmed me down considerably; also my body was now much rounder. My buttocks, hips and legs were perfect feminine adjuncts to my swelling breasts.

For the next few days, Becky and Rita were even more intensive in their slave driving, making sure that I always projected a proper feminine attitude and appearance and that my gestures and mannerisms were naturally feminine and not stilted or artificial appearing.

Any mistakes including lack of instant obedience of their orders meant quick and painful punishment. The punishment would consist of my tongue serving the particular individual who was in charge of me at the time. After I brought them to orgasm, then depending upon their interpretation of the severity of my offense. If they considered it minor they would bare my bottom, turn me over their laps and spank me with whatever was available, including their hands which were toughened from their martial exercises.

For major infractions, more severe punishment was administered. My wrists would be manacled to the cable hanging in my room, my flesh bared and whipped. Generally it would be with a switch but sometimes they would use a hairbrush on me, striking with either the back or the bristles in a random fashion which really intensified the pain. As my feet were generally pulled off the floor, I would rotate at random and would get my licks in either the back or front. It bothered me, but my mistresses did not seem concerned what they beat on.

I might add that neither of my wicked teachers would give me sexual surcease in these instances. In fact, that one session with Mistress Rita was my sole sexual relief since my imprisonment.

Finally the day came that I was to get "beautified". Both Becky and Rita made dire threats as to what would happen to me if I screwed up and disclosed my male sex. (The evidence of which was rapidly disappearing).

I was nervous anyhow. My outside trips up till now were limited to the grocery stores and other local shops, rigidly supervised by one or more of my mistresses. This nervousness was intensified by the threats of mayhem my superiors were threatening for any boo-boos.

I was dressed in special lingerie Becky had gotten for me to celebrate the occasion of my 'debut'. The bra, panties and slip were all color coordinated. They were of sheer nylon, beige, lavishly decorated with an ecru lace. The panties were of brief style and quite adequately covered my shrunken male genitals. Rita commented that within a couple of months I could even wear bikinis without any noticeable bulge.

The bra was a wispy thing. It contained some sort of elasticized material. Becky explained the elastic provided a snug fit for now and still provided for a good fit when my breasts were fully grown out. The dress was brown, of a simple polyester material with a white Peter Pan collar and cuffs. It was back zipped and the belt was of the same material as the dress. It fit snugly about my waist accenting my now swelling hips and buttocks as well as showing off my budding breasts to their full advantage. The hem of the dress was modestly short, coming down to about three inches above the knees. My legs were encased in sheer panty hose and the feet shod with open toed brown shoes with about a two and half inch spike heel.

I was allowed to apply my own makeup, but was closely supervised by Mistress Rita. When I finished, she inspected me closely and made some inconsequential adjustments just to prove I was still not perfect. There was no jewelry, claiming that would be added after I got my ears pierced. Then I could get a matched set. They did dab me with some perfume. I thought it quite nice, although sweet, it still had a clean aroma that reminded me of flowers growing wild in a meadow.

After a critical inspection and again dire threats of what would happen if I fucked up. I was handed a little purse containing a bit of makeup, a comb, a hankie and a few other essentials. Rita giggled a bit as she inserted a sanitary napkin in the purse, saying, "Who knows when young girls might start their period these days."

We got in the car, Rita driving, Becky sitting beside her, me in back, my knees primly together and my purse clutched by both hands securely in my lap as I was instructed.

Arriving at the beauty salon, we were met by an attendant and escorted us to a dressing room. We were each given separate cubicles. I was instructed to remove my outer clothing, slip, panty hose and shoes. I did as directed then donned the dinky little thigh length robe and scuffs that were in the room.

I left the cubicle, feeling rather self-conscious in the skimpy robe. There was no sign of Rita or Becky. The attendant was there, waiting for me. She stated that my companions were already gone as they only needed to have their hair styled and set while I was scheduled to have a session in the steam box and a rub down as well as a permanent and have my nails fixed and ears pierced.

I started out with a shampoo. After having my hair thoroughly washed and rinsed, the operator put some kind of lotion on it, to bring out the highlights, I was told. My head was then covered it with some kind of cap. To me it looked like a shower cap. It may have well been. I was told to leave it on so the lotion could do its work.

Next I was put in a steam box and told to remove the rest of my clothes, which I did, chastely handing them through the door that was opened just a crack. The attendant turned some knobs and flipped some switches and said the masseuse would come for me in thirty minutes. The steam box was like those you used to see in the comics where the subject is locked up and boiled away. This one wasn't locked and had a handle inside where I could open it whenever I wished. But I knew better to even wish. Inside, I sat naked on a little stool, my head sticking out the opening that fit snugly about my neck.

It wasn't long before I began to perspire. As time went on, I could feel my pores open up and the hot steam condense on my body, cleaning and softening my skin. Little wisps of the steam were seeping out the neck opening.

I perspired profusely and freely in the sweatbox, but was not really uncomfortable. In fact the warm humid air made me feel quite drowsy.

I had almost dozed off when my masseuse appeared. In my drowsy state she looked like a black Valkerie coming to take me to Valhalla. She was tall, taller even than Rita with a body perfectly proportioned to her height. Her legs were long and lovely. The curves in her calves were pronounced and enticing in spite of the fact that she was wearing sensible low-heeled white oxfords.

Her features were regular and attractive. She had sloe eyes and high cheek bones that indicated there was some Asiatic in her ancestry. Her movements were quick, sure and decisive. With no wasted motion, she approached my steam box. She handed me a big fluffy towel through a crack in the door with instructions to wrap it about me and come with her.

When I asked her about my underclothes and the robe I had been wearing, she replied that I was scheduled for a massage. After the massage, I would take a shower, then regain my clothes and robe and continue with my treatments.

With a bit of trepidation, I took the towel, wrapped it about me, remembering well the instructions my captors gave me about not exposing my male genitals. However the towel seemed to be of ample size and the masseuse assured me I would be properly modest with it about me. Still, it was after a bit of hesitation before I wrapped the towel about me and came out.


WAS IT RAPE? (Seven)


She introduced herself as Merci. Beckoning me to follow her, the operator led me to a smaller room, dominated by a massaging table mounted in the center of the room. I was bid to lie on my tummy on the table. When I did, the masseuse began removing the towel, which I clung to in a panic. She patiently explained that she needed my back bare so she could apply the massage. She stated that the towel would be used to cover my bottom and hips and that my genitals would not be exposed. Fearfully and intently watching her, I allowed her to proceed. To my relief, she did not even completely remove the towel from my body, merely pulling it down, baring my back and draping the towel so that it completely covered my bottom.

I was not really concerned about baring my breasts. Although they were not fully grown out, they were distinctly feminine in appearance. But since I was lying on my stomach, I felt they were modestly and adequately concealed.

She then rubbed pleasant smelling oil on my bare skin and began rubbing, kneading and pummeling me in a gentle manner. The soothing ministrations coupled with the lethargy engendered by the warm humidity of the steam box caused me to doze of into a contented slumber

. Even when the masseuse began to roll me over on my back, I languorously complied, only half awake as I made sure that the towel covered my now vulnerable but tiny male genitals.

The woman began her ministrations. It seemed only natural that she should start on my breasts. In my half comatose state, I could feel a sexual arousal. The newly sensitive nipples hardened and a nerve grew in a direct line from them down to my genitals.

With a strange sensation invading my half-conscious condition, I felt warm sensitive hands work their way down my stomach and gradually disappear under the towel. Something told me I should resist but a lassitude came over me and I WANTED the ministrations to continue. I felt the nibbling fingers play with my belly button and work even further down my body. I felt them down about my genitals finding my male penis, which immediately came fully erect. Well as full s possible)

A sudden abrupt gasp came from the girl as she pulled the towel off roused me from my comatose state. I looked down and saw a hand grasping my organ, then looking up; I watched the expression on the girl's face change from sudden shock to grinning awareness as she realized what her hand had been grasping.

"Well, look what I have in my hand! No self-respecting girl would ever wear what we have here. Why are you wearing it?"

I was of two minds. I felt the wonderful pressure of her hand as she alternately squeezed and released my erect cock. At the same time I was terrified at the thought of retribution I would receive from my two mistresses. I had received firm and explicit instructions regarding the concealment of my vulnerable male organs.

The woman did not release her hand when she said, "well, I'm waiting for an answer."

I tried to explain my predicament as briefly as possible, merely stating that my sister and her girlfriend were putting me through a feminization process and didn't want anyone to know about it.

The girl, standing over me, still grasping my member said, "Well, I'm going to have some fun. I won't say anything about if you won't." "What happens if I don't agree?" I asked.

"I'm not asking you to agree. I'm telling you. Now let me give you a little hint. What would some girl do if they suddenly discovered a male penis on a pretty girl?"

"I don't know." I replied.

"Well,they would scream. And I scream really loud. Now what would happen after they screamed?"

I cringed, "Some one would come in?" I asked in the form of a question.

"Honeychild, EVERYONE would come in, and guess what they would see laying on the table? A big old cock." She stated answering her own question.

I got the hint. So what choice did I have but to agree? I did. Besides I could feel my erection wanting to do something more just being held, just kind of being wriggled and squeezed, and this woman was willing to help.

Looking down, I noted that Rita was right. The erection was not quite as rigid as the previous one, but it felt just as good. Another thing I noted was that although the genitals had shrunk considerably as a result of the shots, they had grown back to almost to full size when excited.

Meanwhile Merci was busily removing some nonessential clothing. Climbing on the table, she positioned both knees along my ears so that she was facing my feet and lowered herself so that my mouth and tongue were pressed against her pussy. Once I got the hint as to my duties and commenced doing it, she leaned over and took my erect (almost) cock in her mouth.

My mistresses had taught me well and it wasn't long before my well-educated tongue had Merci squirming and gasping in ecstasy. Meanwhile her mouth and tongue was busy on my sensitive penis. What she lacked in technique, she more than made up in enthusiasm. At the same time, it seemed that what my penis had lost in hardness, it increased in sensitivity in the same ratio.

We were both working each other over quite busily, when suddenly Merci began to squirm more violently and moan and groan audibly. Suddenly she stopped, pulled herself away. Gently taking my cock, which was dripping with her saliva, she slipped it into her moist, warm and ample womb. She engulfed me! In moments we were belly to belly, teat to teat and her tongue delving and searching into the recesses of my mouth.

It couldn't last. I could feel myself beginning to erupt as she began her own orgasm, accompanying it with frenzied activity and rapid audible gasps. Finally, we relaxed, sated. After a few moments she clambered off me. Then in a normal tone of voice, as if nothing unusual had happened, she said, "The massage is over. It time you took a shower and get the rest of your treatments."

She guided me into a private shower. Then removing the rest of her clothes, she bathed with me, removing from both of us all traces of our sexual union.

I was soon dressed again in my panties and bra, wearing the dinky little robe and the scuffs. Merci, who had also redressed, pressed a button. In a few moments the attendant came and took me to my next destination.




I was escorted into a salon where the hairdresser was waiting. She removed the cap and nodded approvingly at my hair, which though, not real long was apparently sufficient to be arranged in a feminine style. The treatments they had done previously must have done something because the stylist seemed quite satisfied. They began working on me. I couldn't see what they were doing as all the mirrors about my chair were covered. While she was doing her thing, other girls came in and began working on my nails, fingers and toes.

While I lay there, relaxed, people fussing with my hair, hands and feet, another girl slipped in. Before I was aware of what was happening, she jabbed my ears with a couple of railroad spikes, then through the holes made by these monstrous devices, they hung a pair of spare tires. Later, looking in a mirror I was amazed to see the holes were nearly invisible and the spare tires were merely keepers, barely a quarter inch in diameter and they really looked lovely.

I don't know how long they worked on my hair. I do know they clipped and snipped while someone else was filed my nails then painted them a lovely shade of red with a slight pinkish cast. They completed fixing my nails before they did my hair. The manicurist, before she left, gave me strict instructions not to touch anything until the polish dried.

They finally finished me. I was then led into another room where I was allowed to replace my panty hose and put on my own slip. I was then seated in front of a dressing table and a makeup expert carefully adorned my face with mascara, lip stick, eye shadow, blusher and all the other necessary bit of war paint women use to make up their face. After completing her task and examining me critically, she finally left.

A couple of attendants produced my outer clothing and helped me dress. Completing the task and satisfied that I was presentable, one of them went to the door and called out. Magically, it seemed Rita and Becky appeared. When they saw me, they began to rave about my metamorphosis. From somewhere a full-length mirror was produced and I was led to it.

If there had been any trace of Brad Stanton in my previous guise, it was gone now. There facing me in the mirror was a very feminine (and bragging a bit, lovely) young lady named Laura. The lotion that they had left on my hair must have done some good. There were lovely highlights glinting in my hair that was not there before.

"Well," Said Rita, "I guess the next thing is to get her a wardrobe that would be suitable for her to wear to the office."

"Yes," Agreed Becky, "She should be quite an adornment there. Maybe some of those would- be Lotharios will spend their time propositioning her and leave us alone to do our work.

"You know," She added thoughtfully, "It might work out quite well that my ex-brother wanted to stay with us."

"Yeah," Laughed Rita, "I'll bet if he knew what he was getting into, he never would have shown up."

"I don't know." Added Becky in a pensive manner. "In spite of her protestations and fuss, I wonder if Laura isn't a bit more contented in her present role than she was as a male. I can remember that when we were smaller, he was always interested in my clothes. Even most of his destructive mischief was mostly against my clothes or makeup. He was always making some comment about them not being so pretty any more after he damaged them."

"Also, he seemed to resent me being pampered and treated like a delicate girl and him forced to be stoical like a man. Maybe if he had been petted a bit, he might not have turned out so rebellious."

I listened to the conversation in amazement. What the Hell was Becky saying that I may have wanted to be treated like a sissy girl when I was younger. She must be nuts or something.

But then, why am I getting such a thrill out of seeing myself so delicately feminine and primping like a schoolgirl?

Becky roused herself out of her reverie, "Well, so much for what might have been. You're right; we do need to get her some new clothes that are a better fit. I would suggest we get her good quality clothes. After all, we do expect her to help out in our business. She really looks much prettier than I thought she would. We may as well gild the lily. Becky kind of giggled and said, "Speaking of those sales reps propositioning her, what do you think that Dyke Jackie will do when she sees her?"

"You know that would be mighty interesting. Maybe we should hurry and set her up a date with Laura." Answered Rita with a grin. "Only if we can watch when she discovers who or what she's dating." Answered Becky.


After a few more moments of conversation, they settled up the bill and we left. Becky and Rita again in the front seat and me in the back. This time I was a bit more poised and self confident.

Well, we didn't go to K-Mart, but then we didn't go to Nieman-Marcus either. We went to a few shops that had good quality merchandise at relatively economical prices.

I quickly discovered that although I could make comments and do the modeling, my superiors made the final selections. They finally settled on a suit of soft material that I thought to be a light flannel but I am sure it was some sort of synthetic because the tag said it was washable. It was a pale blue. The jacket was tailored with narrow lapels. The waist was nipped then it bloused out, accenting the narrow waist and the flaring hips. The abbreviated skirt, almost a mini, had a tailored waist and was secured by a back zipper.

They also selected a sheer blouse of a slightly lighter shade of blue to go with the suit. An assortment of skirts and blouses that could be mixed as well as a kind of weskit that could be worn over the blouses completed the selection. They also selected a couple of dresses for me, one a cocktail dress. It was pink, kind of a silky crepe material. It had a low décolletage, which showed an enticing amount of cleavage, It also had short puffed sleeves and a full billowing skirt.

One thing I noted was that a great majority of the clothes they selected for me had extremely short skirts and many of the blouses were quite revealing.

I mentioned this to my mistresses, pointing out that although their clothes were stylish and attractive, they were also quite modest and conservative. I was told in no uncertain terms that the clerical help were expected to look sexy and seductive. This was intentional so that men and women coming in to do business would have a positive attitude toward the office by seeing the pretty girl(s) wandering about and giving them ideas so that the executives would be able to do business negotiations without being constantly propositioned. Besides some of the customers occasionally needed entertainment after working hours and the office help were expected to cooperate in this manner.

I was not reassured by this explanation. I had originally assumed that I would be relegated to merely clerical duties, mostly doing the filing in the back of the office. The comments and remarks I was hearing from my betters implied that there may be a bit more in my new job than I realized.

What was I getting into? Am I destined to be a sex foil for these women's customers? And who is this Dyke Jackie that Rita and Becky seemed to get amused at when they mentioned her and looked at me? It appears that my education in being a woman is due for further lessons.




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