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My Sister’s Panties         by: Stacy Bolan


I can still remember the first time I tried on my sister’s panties. I was all of 10 years old and I had walked home from school in the pouring rain and was soaked through. When I walked in the door my mother immediately stripped me of my clothes and told me "Mark I want you upstairs in a hot bath, now." I knew better than to argue with my mother and I was soon lying in a hot bath. When the water started to get a bit cold, I climbed out of the bath and realized there were no towels on the towel rail.

"Mum!" I yelled, There’s no towels in here, what do I do?" "Just a minute Mark," my mother yelled back. "I did the wash today and I’ll get you a towel. Just hold your horses." A minute later my mother was knocking at the bathroom door and I hid myself behind the door as I opened the door. "Here my mother" said as she shoved the towel at me. "Now don’t take too long, your tea’s almost ready, my mother said as I locked the door again. The towel must have come out of the dryer, as it was warm and fluffy. It was also full of static as the hair on my arm stood up. Yes, as you’ve probably already guessed my sister’s panties were also stuck to the towel.

This had happened before and usually I would have just pulled them off the towel and thrown them on the floor. This time though, I decided to try them on. Why I’ll never know? I guess I was just curious as to why my sister’s underwear was so different to mine. As Sarah my sister was 16, she had some pretty things compared to my boy things. As I slipped the panties up my legs I was too young and nave to know that what I was doing was considered sick by some people. All I was doing was giving in to my curiosity. After, I had the panties on I grabbed my dressing gown put it on and headed downstairs.

After tea I headed upstairs to play some computer games. I became so engrossed in the games that I never even realized the time, until my father came in and said, "Mark I think you’d better turn that off. It’s late and you’ve got school tomorrow." "Just a couple more minutes, I pleaded. "Oh, all right," Dad replied, "but when I come up here again 15 minutes you’d better be in bed." "Thanks, Dad, I said as he left the room. Ten minutes later I was in bed and when Dad came back he poke his head in the door and said, "See you in the morning, Mark."

When I woke up the following morning I realized that I was still wearing my sister’s panties. They had been so comfortable that I had completely forgotten that I was wearing them. I then put my dressing gown on and went into the bathroom to wash myself. It was only seconds after I locked the door that I heard my sister yelling out, "Hurry up you little freak or you’ll make me late." Although my sister called me a freak, I knew she really liked me. It was just her way. Slipping off her panties I quickly washed myself and then rushed to the door to open it. In my eagerness to get out of the bathroom I had forgotten the panties.

Twenty minutes later my sister had finished in the bathroom and we were sitting down eating breakfast, whilst Mum was taking her turn in the bathroom. When she came downstairs, she was holding the panties and looked straight at Sarah as she asked, "Sarah, how many times do I have to ask you to take all of your clothes out of the bathroom?" "But, Mum" Sarah started before Mum interrupted her with "No more buts, Sarah. If I find any more of your clothes in the bathroom, you’ll be grounded. Do you understand?" "Yes, Mum, replied Sarah as I started to laugh. Sarah just glared at me as Mum left the room. Then she looked at me and said, "I don’t suppose you know how my panties got there do you?"

As I continued to laugh, I just looked at her and said, "How would I know?" Sarah then stood up and stomped out of the room. Although I felt a little bit guilty about getting Sarah in trouble, I just loved the look on her face when she got in trouble. After I finished my breakfast I went upstairs and got dressed before heading off to school. On the way to school I realized that my underwear was itching me. I then thought back to how soft my sister’s panties had been. Later that day the itch was becoming unbearable and I was finding that I could no longer relieve the itchiness by scratching myself.

At last recess I went to the toilets and went into a cubicle and pulled my pants and undies down. What I saw scared me senseless. My skin was all red and was very sore when I touched myself. As I was only 10 and scared I started to cry. When the bell went I was still scared and confused so I just stayed inside the cubicle. Ten minutes later the principal Mr. Wenner came into the toilets calling my name. I didn’t want anyone to see me like this so I tried to stay quiet, but Mr. Wenner must have heard me and he was soon knocking on the door of the cubicle.

"Mark Agencia, is that you in there?" he asked. Thinking I would get in trouble if I didn’t answer, I squeaked, "Yes, Sir." "Can we expect you to come out of there any time soon, Mark?" he asked. "Yes. Sir," I responded as I pulled up my undies and pants and then opened the door. Then as I tried to walk out of the cubicle it felt like my lower body was on fire. The pain was intense and I was soon writhing on the ground in pain. Mr. Wenner was unsure what was going on but soon he was yelling at somebody outside to get the school nurse.

Two hours later I found out that I had had an allergic reaction to my underwear. It was something to do with what they were made out of or something. The end result being that I was going to be forced to wear underwear like my sisters until the doctors could get rid of the rash that I had. When my sister found out she couldn’t control herself and started laughing, saying "I’ll finally have a little sister instead of a freak of a brother. Should we call you Marcia or something other than Mark, little girl." "That will be enough from you, Sarah!" my mother snapped. "Mark doesn’t need your stupid teasing. Now get out of here until you have something nice to say."

Sarah just turned and left the room whilst my mother hugged me. She then looked at me and said, "Mark I think it’s time we put the lotion on you again, don’t you?’ I could only agree as my lower body was starting to burn again and we went upstairs to the bathroom. Once inside I stripped off and my mother applied the lotion. The lotion started to work straight away and I then went to my room wearing some new underwear my mother had bought. Ten minutes later my sister was standing at my door looking at me. She seemed to have tears in her eyes and said, I’m sorry Mark, before she turned and started to walk away.

"Sarah," I called and she was soon back. "Please come in," I said. She then walked over to my bed and before I knew what was happening she and I were hugging. I then asked her, "What did you mean about me being a girl, Sarah? I’m a boy aren’t I?" "Yes, you are Mark" she replied, "I was just being stupid. It’s just that usually only girls, wear underwear like you’re wearing or boys who want to be girls. Your not one of them so don’t worry about it, I’ll look after you little brother. Anybody calls you a girl or anything else you let me know and I’ll fix it." We then hugged again and then Sarah left my room.

After Sarah left my room, I thought about what she had said and I started to worry. Was I being punished for wearing her panties? Was that why my skin was so red and sore? How could I find out I wondered? If I told Sarah or Mum or Dad surely they would think I was weird for wanting to wear my sister’s panties. Before I knew it I had a major headache and was once again crying. Soon I had cried myself to sleep and I was having a weird dream where I was being turned into a girl. I woke up screaming, "No I’m not going to be a girl! You can’t make me!" before tearing off the underwear I had on.

Sarah was the first one into my room and she tried to calm me down as he hugged me. By the time my parents arrived I had clamed down a fair bit, but they could see that something was troubling me. When I was asked what the matter was I just told them I’d had a bad dream. There was no way I could tell them about wanting to wear Sarah’s panties, they’d think I wanted to be a girl. My bad dream answer seemed to be enough and soon I was left alone again. I didn’t have any more nightmares that night, because I refused to fall asleep. I was so sure that I would dream about becoming a girl again and that scared me too death.

Due to a lack of sleep that night I was grumpy the next morning and was rude to everyone. My parents were pretty sure it was just a reaction to the rash and decided to keep me home from school. This suited me fine and I went back to my room to lay down. Before I knew it I had fallen asleep and I was soon dreaming again. This dream was different than the last one. I was at school and I was wearing a dress with some of the older boys trying to pull my dress up so they could see my panties. No matter how hard I tried they always seemed to succeed and I was soon crying. As soon as I started to cry the teasing would start. "Oh, the little girl doesn’t like us seeing her panties." they would chant. Why were they calling me a girl, couldn’t they tell I was a boy?

When I woke up I was very confused and scared. How could I face the other boys wearing girls’ underwear? If they found out I would be teased so badly. There was only one thing for it, I just had to get rid of the new underwear, that way I could wear proper boys’ underwear. The only problem was how could I get rid of them without my parents finding out. I then thought, well if they’re just Like Sarah’s panties she could have them. I then took all of my new underwear and put them in Sarah’s room. I then returned to my room and played some computer games. I hadn’t realized how tired I was though and soon fell asleep. My dreams this time were pretty normal and I slept pretty well for the first time since developing the rash.


When I woke up Sarah was on the phone and Mum was in the kitchen getting our tea ready. "Oh, Hello Mark" she said, "did you have a good sleep?" "Yes thanks, Mum." I replied. "Well" she said, "I hope you won’t be any trouble for your sister tonight?" "What do you mean, mum?" I asked. "Oh your father and I are going out tonight, did you forget?" ‘Yeah, I guess I did Mum," I answered. I then turned around and left Mum alone. Walking out of the kitchen I saw my sister was still on the phone. Boy girls can sure talk I thought to myself as I headed to the family room. When I got there I turned the TV on and soon got involved in a cartoon that was on.

"Mark," I heard my mother call, as she stuck her head in the family room door "time to put on the lotion." "Oh, can’t it wait, Mum this shows almost over?" I pleaded." Knowing just how to push my buttons Mum said. "Yes, I suppose it can Mark, but Sarah will have to do it." "No way is she touching me there," I said. "Well you’d better come upstairs now then," she replied. Turning the TV off I trudged upstairs and into the bathroom where my mother just said "strip."

Having not taken off my pajamas all day I had forgotten that I was not wearing any underwear. So when I pulled my pajama pants down my mother found out that I wasn’t wearing any of my new underwear. "Mark," she said, "how are you going to get any better if you don’t wear your new underwear? You know what the doctor said, don’t you? Well I think he knows what he’s talking about, don’t you?" I just stood there on the verge of tears, not knowing what to say. Why was I being forced to dress in girls’ underwear? Wasn’t that what had caused the problem originally. It wasn’t until my mother shook me that I snapped out of my own thoughts and heard her say, "Are you listening to me young man?"

Even before I could respond she continued, "As soon as I’ve finished putting the lotion on you are to goo and put on your new underwear and come and show me." She then applied the lotion and I was sent to my room. Knowing that the underwear was in my sister’s room I headed there instead. When I got there though Sarah had moved them. So knowing that if I didn’t come back soon with my new underwear on, I went to her dresser and started going through her drawers. I finally located the new underwear and was on my way out of Sarah’s room when she walked in.

Sarah looked straight at me and noticed I had a hand full of panties. "What do you think you’re doing with my panties?" she screamed. "You’ve got no right to be in here, now give me back my panties and get the hell out!" I didn’t even get a chance to tell her they were mine before she grabbed them and threw me out of her room. Just then Mum came out of the bathroom wanting to know what was going on. "Mark," she said, "Why are you bugging your sister instead of doing what you were told? Now into your room and put on your new underwear." I can’t Mum," I said, "Sarah’s got them."

"Now how on earth did she end up with your new underwear?" she asked. The silence was deafening until she said, "Well, I’m waiting." Eventually I blurted out, "Because only girls wear panties Mum and there’s no way you can make me become a girl." "What sort of stupid answer is that?" my mother demanded. "You know damn well that the doctors want you to wear them until they can work out what is wrong with you. Now get to your room whilst I get your underwear back from your sister." I could tell by Mum’s mood that I had better do as I was told, so I went to my room.

A couple of minutes later Mum was standing there holding my new underwear and telling me to put a pair on. The look on her face was one that I rarely saw, but I knew what it meant. So as quickly as I could I grabbed a pair of the underwear and put them on. My mother then put the rest on my dresser and told me that I was to put them away. Mum watched me do as I was told and then left my room. Ten minutes later when mum called me down to tea I almost ran to the kitchen. I didn’t want any more trouble. Sarah and I then sat at the kitchen table and ate our tea in silence until Dad came home.

As soon as he arrived mum said, "Keep your eye on these two whilst I go and change will you please, Peter?" As mum left the room, Dad turned and asked, "So what have you two done that’s got your mother so annoyed?" Sarah just glared at me and Dad asked "Well Mark, what did you do?" "Nothing Dad," I said. "Sure, Dad said under his breath and then he sat down and started reading the newspaper he had brought in with him. Every time I looked up Dad seemed to be watching me. This made me feel bad and I was on the verge of saying something when Mum came back downstairs. "How do I look?’ Mum asked. To which Dad replied, "As beautiful as ever Sally, I don’t know how you do it"

With that Dad looked at Sarah and said, "I trust you’ll make sure your little brother is in bed on time Sarah? And you are to do exactly what your sister tells you Mark. We’ll be home by 11.00 and if there’s any problems you know to go to Mrs. Kinsey next-door". Mum and Dad then left and I was left alone with Sarah. I tried to ask Sarah what she wanted me to do but she refused to speak to me. "What’s wrong Sarah?" I asked. "As if you don’t know you little brat?’ she answered. "You just can’t help yourself can you? Every time you open your mouth or do something, I cop it. Well no more, do you hear me? I’m sick of you and the trouble that you cause. I just wish that I didn’t have a little freak like you for a brother. Now get out of my sight."

Other than telling me to get to bed, I didn’t hear from my sister again that night and she hardly spoke to me at all for the next week. During this time my rash started to clear up and I was soon almost back to normal. Finally two weeks later the rash was finally gone and I was able to return to my normal underwear. Amazingly the doctors never did work out the cause of the rash. Maybe it was just a reaction or something, I never did find out.

Oh I did cop some teasing from the other boys at school, for wearing girls panties but I put up with it. Then when my mother told me I could throw out my panties, I was unsure. After wearing them for so long I had started to get used to them and like how soft they were. On the other hand though I couldn’t afford to have my parents or sister think I liked wearing girls underwear. So instead of getting rid of the panties I threw out a bag containing some of my older undies and hid away my panties.

For months I wore my panties whenever I could without being caught. Oh, I did have some close calls but I never really did get caught. Then the panties started to fall apart on me and I had to get rid of them. How was I to know that the way I was washing them would destroy them? By this time though I had started to love the feel of wearing panties and I really couldn’t just stop. Over the next few months I occasionally would borrow a pair of my sister’s panties and wear them, but this only made my needs get worse.

Eventually my need to wear panties got the better of me and I was caught by my sister stealing a pair of her panties from her dresser drawer. I was so enthralled by the feel of her panties that I didn’t even hear her walk in. The first that I knew of her presence was when she said, "Oh, so I do have a little sister after all, do I?" My heart almost stopped immediately but I knew I was caught and said, "Please don’t tell Mum and Dad, Sarah." "Oh don’t worry little sister I won’t, but you’ll need to do whatever I tell you. Do you understand me?" I just nodded and then Sarah went to her drawer and pulled out a pair of her panties and gave them to me. "Now put them on Marcia," she said. "If I catch you in here again without permission, I will tell Mum and Dad what you’re up to."

As I pulled on the panties I realized that they were the pair that I had worn that first night. Imagine that the first of my new panty collection was the pair that had started all of this. Over the next few years my sister helped me dress in more than just her panties and I became a confirmed transvestite. Then when puberty hit, I soon realized that maybe I was a little more than just a transvestite. Especially when I started to fantasize about making love to a man whilst dressed. Then when Sarah left home to live elsewhere my opportunities to dress up dried up and I became an emotional wreck. My parents just thought that at the age of 16 I was being difficult.

Then at the age of 17 my parents were killed in a plane accident and my sister came back home to look after me. This restarted my dressing with a boom and I was soon confident enough to go out with Sarah as her sister. We had a lot of little adventures whilst I was dressed as Marcia, but I can’t tell you about them now. Otherwise I wouldn’t have anything else to write about next time. That’s if you would like me to? Well do you? I sure hope so, as I just love telling stories about my early days of dressing up. Who knows maybe if you give me enough encouragement, I may even tell you some of the stories that lead up to one of the biggest decisions of my life. Well, I’ll leave it up to you good readers. Happy reading!


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