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This is the wholly fictitious story of a mother and her eldest daughter who enslaved their youngest sibling as their maid and kept her a prisoner for over twenty years. It contains a high degree of cruelty and is therefore NOT for the squeamish. There is no sex involved however, please do not read this if you are offended by such matters. Part One deals with how Alice's torment ended; subsequent parts will tell you how it all began.


My Sister Sarah

by Donna Dee


Chapter One


I stood in the kitchen drying the breakfast dishes, a task I had performed every morning but nine for the last 20 odd years; although it was 2002, I was wearing my customary Victorian style maids uniform comprising of an ankle-length black dress buttoned to a high fitting dog collar neck, a spotless white starched pinafore, tied at the back with a large bow, and a pristine white cap set in my upswept hair. Black stockings, black garter belt, black nylon panties, black bra and a black petticoat, (in fact, apart from my slippers and nightdresses, every item of clothing I possessed was black); a pair of 2-inch heeled black court shoes completed my outfit. I wore just a little make-up on my face, some dark eye shadow and a dark red lipstick. My rather long nails were perfectly painted and I was permitted to use just a squirt of my favourite perfume on my neck and wrists.

"ALICE." Nancy's shout disturbed my reverie; I confess I was daydreaming a little about my hopes for later today could this really be my last day of service, the day I break free?

"ALICE." Nancy, the housekeeper screeched at me again, ordering me to get a move on, that there was a pile of ironing to be done before lunch. Anxious not to antagonise her at this rather special moment, I turned to face her, bobbed a short curtsey and said "Yes, ma'am," before turning back to continue the task in hand, this time a sight more energetically. Over the years I'd served in this house I had good reason to be wary of Nancy and respectful, for she would happily report my least transgression to my mother or my sister Sarah who, once so informed would promptly and cheerfully beat the crap out of me with a riding crop.

Why did I put up with my virtual imprisonment and the nigh on daily beatings? Why didn't I just run away? Believe me I did think about it, frequently, but they told me from the start that there was no escape and I believed them, that's why. They had fixed a mini-transmitter into my right ear lobe and soldered it in place; it looked just like an ordinary silver hoop, but when they activated the tracker, it caused a bleeping noise that enabled them to locate me quite easily, however far I was away. I had thought about running away several times but had always been too scared of the consequences to act upon it. When they caught me, as I was assured they would, my punishment would be terrible indeed. After about three years I learned to accept my fate, it was the easiest way; at least it earned me a few concessions.

Just as I was about to start on the ironing, my beautiful sister, Sarah, strode purposefully into the kitchen; always immaculate, she was dressed like some fashion model in a mid calf off-white Chanel suit and toning 5-inch heels; her hair was perfect of course, she was skilfully made up and bedecked with jewellery, and though I was terrified of her and had good reason to hate her, I had to admit she looked absolutely wonderful. Immediately I dropped into a full curtsey then stood with my hands clasped behind my back, (the pose I was required to adopt whenever she entered a room I was in), keeping my head bowed, not presuming to look at her face. She stepped up closely to me and commanded sharply, "Look up, Alice." I was scared to death of my sister so I obeyed instantly, whereupon she placed a hand on my arm, leaned forward and for the first time in over twenty years, gave me a perfunctory peck on the cheek, her perfectly painted lips actually making brief contact with my face. She obviously hadn't intended to really kiss me goodbye as she tutted crossly, taking her compact from her bag and examining her make-up to ensure it hadn't smudged. Satisfied there was no damage she continued.

"Goodbye, Alice. I am sure you won't be sorry to see me leave anymore than I'm sorry to see the back of you, though I must admit you do look good these days and have performed your duties well, better than I expected in fact. I hope the training I have given you these past twenty years will stand you in good stead when you eventually get a life of your own, that's if you ever do," she added scornfully. "Look after mother and do exactly as Nancy tells you. Since mother can no longer wield the crop, Nancy has my permission to punish you just as I would if she deems it necessary so watch your step, she is less tolerant than I."

"Yes, Mistress," I replied, bending my knee slightly to indicate my understanding of her words, upon which she turned and walked towards the front door, stopping to hug the housekeeper affectionately as she passed, wishing her goodbye and air kissing her cheek with far more enthusiasm than she had shown to me. I scurried through into the hall like the mouse she thought me to be and opened the front door for her, curtseying deeply once again as she went out without further acknowledgement of my existence; I wondered how could she hate me so and for such a very long time? Sarah was on her way to the registry office to get married, a ceremony to which I was obviously not invited; neither was our now invalided mother. That same afternoon she was on her way to a new home in America. As you will gather we were not a normal family and this was not a normal home. My heart was pounding with excitement as I watched the taxi driver load her cases into the boot and then hand her into the back of his car and, as if in a trance I continued to stare as he drove her down towards the main gate. The subtle smile on my face (or was it a smirk) spoke volumes or at least it should have done, to Nancy if to no one else. My prayers had been answered, Sarah really had gone and I was free!

Mother had suffered a severe stroke; she was unable to walk at all and could hardly speak, though I was just about able to understand what she wanted. Sarah was not the kind of girl to put herself out, even for her own mother. She had been courting Timothy, an American she met in the salon a year or two ago; the only time I ever saw him was when he called for her of an evening and I let him into the house. Once she realised the strain mother was putting on her social life, (and that was even before she had her stroke) Sarah had decided to marry Timothy I imagine he had little or no say in the matter.

Just before her stroke I overheard mother describe Timothy as "A most unsuitable man who only wants Sarah for her money." I remember wondering at the time why else would anyone want someone as mean minded as Sarah. I was delighted when I heard mother add that they had sold the salon and that the newlyweds would be moving to America straight away. None of them would have considered telling me of course, I counted for nothing.

The evening before she left, Sarah summoned me to the lounge. I wasn't aware of anything I may have done wrong but even so I was very nervous as I entered and gave her my customary curtsey. I had my fingers firmly crossed behind my back as I stood before her, head bowed and looking thoroughly subservient. She commanded me to look up which I did.

"As you may have heard, Alice, I am getting married tomorrow and going to live in America, so caring for Mother will now be your sole responsibility; Nancy is too old to handle someone of mother's weight and infirmity, so it will be up to you to get her out of bed, bathe and dress her. She will need you to feed her so see that she gets her favourite foods. Administer her medicines on time and call Dr Lawrence if she shows any sign of getting worse. Nancy has my telephone number and she will decide if I need to be informed of anything. We have sold the shops in town and so I shall, of course, be extra busy myself with having new shops to open on the other side of the Atlantic as well as a husband to care for, the sort of responsibility I doubt you will ever have to undertake. I shall leave Nancy in charge, do as she tells you at all times. Now, please assure me that you fully understand your obligations to our mother?

I spoke the only words I was permitted to use to my sister, unless she asked me a specific question. "Yes Mistress." I bob-curtseyed as I spoke.

"Very well, you may go" she said, icily.

I curtseyed deeply to her once more, lowering my head again as I did so, then, rising up smoothly onto the four-inch heels I wore during the evenings, turned and left the lounge, my dress and underskirts swishing delightfully at the newly found bounce that was in my steps. I was thinking that since I alone had cared for mother since her stroke eight weeks previously, Sarah's leaving wouldn't make much difference.

Knowing Sarah would be leaving, if not when, I had spent many long hours wondering how I had ever gotten myself into this position and what, if anything I could do about it. Whilst Sarah was there the answer was nothing because she exercised the kind of control over me that people have over their dogs, except for the fact that dogs are generally treated better. If a dog were beaten one percent of the times I had to suffer at her hands there would have been hell to pay. Sarah's dominance was totally overpowering, I really believed that I could do nothing, but now with mother totally incapacitated her control over me would effectively cease; once Sarah left I could begin the changes I intended to introduce once there was only Nancy to contend with. They had to be kept secret and I needed to appear obedient until Sarah had actually gone of course, because Nancy would have told Sarah and she would have found a way to thwart me even if she was about to leave the country.

It was just half past eight as I left Sarah in the lounge, time for me to make my hot chocolate and carry it to my room where the electronic door would lock at exactly nine o'clock, imprisoning me until five-thirty the following morning. I quickly used the bathroom before hurrying to my room where I undressed and carefully hung up my clothes before removing my make-up and donning my nightdress. Bang on nine o'clock I heard the electronic lock on my door click home for what I prayed would be the last time.

Just once, several years ago, my door had locked while I was on my way back from the bathroom and I'd had no choice but to go downstairs again to ask Nancy to unlock it, something she could have done at the touch of a button. My request was without precedent.

Professing amazement to see me re-enter the kitchen at two minutes past nine, she demanded to know why I was not in my room as it was way past my bedtime, (about 2 minutes by my reckoning and that included the time it had taken me to come back downstairs). I explained and asked her to excuse me. "Oh dear NO, Alice, Mistress Sarah will have to be informed, this is a serious breach of the rules as well you know."

"Please ma'am, do not disturb my mistress," I remember begging her, "she will be so angry and I was only a few seconds late."

"Be that as it may it is my duty to inform her isn't it? The fact that you have chosen to break a house rule doesn't mean I have to do the same; wait here." She immediately went to see Sarah who must have instructed Nancy to bring me to her at once; as she escorted me to the lounge I noticed she also took with her my sister's riding crop.

"Did my mistress tell you to bring that too?" I shivered.

"No, your mistress did not, but I expect she will be needing it in a few minutes, don't you? she asked with an evil smirk. Nancy enjoyed seeing me punished,

Although still in my nightdress I did remember to curtsey, as Sarah glared at me and demanded, "What are you doing wandering about the house at this time of night, Alice? Kindly explain yourself."

Nervously I curtseyed again and tried to explain; "Please mistress, I had already got into my nightdress and removed my make-up when I felt it essential to return to use the toilet, I seem to have diahorrea mistress. I was on my way back to my room as the door locked it was only a matter of my being just a few seconds late when the door locked. Please excuse me, mistress."

"For your information, Alice, I was watching my favourite programme on the television when Nancy came in to see me." She was obviously furious that I had disturbed her. "I was going to postpone seeing you until the morning, but this offence is so serious that I am sure Mother would want me to deal with it at once. Do you suppose that these rules are made without good reason? I do not accept your explanation and you will not be excused punishment. Nancy, fetch me the crop if you please". She smiled broadly as the housekeeper brought it from behind her back and handed it to her. "Thank you, Nancy," she said, "you have anticipated my requirements accurately as usual."

Turning back to me she snapped, "bend over that chair." She indicated a carver type chair that had been placed rather conveniently in the centre of the room. I knew from past experience that further objections from me would only make things worse so I bent over the back of the chair and grasped the two side arms firmly.

Nancy came to stand by my side, pulled up my night dress to expose my bottom and placed her hand on the back of my neck to discourage me from jerking up after each blow. How many would it be this time?

"Normally an offence of this magnitude would merit twelve or even twenty strokes, but since it is late and this is the first time you have flouted this rule I will show leniency, just this once."

I received six very hard strokes with the crop before being made to run back to my room as I had just 15 seconds before the door would lock again. Tears were running down my cheeks as I was told that if I didn't make it I would have to sleep on the landing. I curtseyed quickly though rather awkwardly; my ass felt as if it was on fire as I scrambled my way back up the stairs; I made it, but only just. I had heard them both laughing as I started my sprint and stored the memory away in the hope that one day I could extract some kind of revenge for yet another humiliation. //////////////////

My mother and Sarah had built up a big psychological advantage over me since they forced me to be their maid; I had never been able to face either of them down even when they were alone. I had always lacked the courage to even try, but from now on when to all intents and purposes Nancy would be here alone, I vowed that things would be different. At one time I had been fearful that the newly weds would want to live here, there was ample room, and that I would be the general dogsbody who had to look after them. Once I knew Sarah was going and with mother unable to interfere, I was sure Nancy would pose no serious threat with no one to support her. She was spineless and delighted in my predicament and she might try to fight me, but I was equally sure I could win a one on one with her.

"Get back into that kitchen and get on with your work you useless fart," screamed Nancy as I watched Sarah's taxi go through the big gate. I ignored her, closed the door, turned and started to climb the stairs. "Where the hell do you think you're going," she yelled at my back, "Get back into the kitchen and get on with the ironing before I give you a thrashing."

I continued to ignore the order and carried on up the stairs. "I am going to my room and then I am going out," I replied without turning. I ignored her shouts and her threats completely until I could no longer hear them. Once in my room I wedged the door open in case she thought to activate the lock, and removed my apron. Years of discipline made me hang it up tidily before I changed into my 4-inch heeled shoes. I was expected to look my best whenever I left the house to go shopping and so I applied my 'going out' make-up and selected a suitable coat from my closet. I was usually satisfied with my appearance when I left the house, even Sarah had once said I looked very nice. There was no point in changing my dress; the maid's outfits were basically identical and I had nothing else. I came back down to the first floor, (my bedroom was at the top) and used the phone in mother's empty room to call for a taxi to take me into town after lunch. As I reached the hall Nancy yelled abuse at me and physically tried to force me to return to my work; I firmly believed she was a coward at heart and that she would crumble without Sarah to support her so I smacked her face quite hard, told her to be quiet and to get out of my way. To my surprise she shut up at once, but she wasn't beaten yet. "I shall ring Mistress Sarah the moment she gets to her new home and inform her of what you have done. God alone will be able to help you if she decides to return and sort things out."

'No chance', I thought to myself. "What telephone number do you have?" I asked.

"The number at her new home in America, she will be there by the morning," Nancy said pompously.

"And do you think she will come all the way back here just to save your miserable hide? Get real, Nancy."

Nancy could easily be replaced; she and I hated the sight of each other and although mother thought the world of her, (she had been with us for at least 30 years), it was never going to be possible for her to work for me, and that's what she would be doing I was in charge now. When I told her that in future she must address me as Mistress, her face turned purple with rage and she made as if to grab the crop she had used on my ass several times in the past, but I froze her with a look of defiance, the like of which she had never seen from me before and since there was no one to back her up she simply went to pieces. She said she was leaving at once, that she wouldn't be giving notice and would like to be paid up to date. By noon she had packed her things, called herself a taxi and left the house for the last time. As she left she spat on the floor and let loose a torrent of Italian that was meaningless to me, though I must confess I caught her drift.

So now it was just mother and I. Well I could cope with that, though I would be employing some staff later in the day.


Part of my duties each week had been to go into town every Monday and Thursday to obtain supplies and also, on Thursdays, get my hair styled, a manicure and a makeover at Mother and Sarah's salon. As I was the one who answered the door to admit any visitors, they both insisted that I must look perfect at all times. Either I had a taxi or else Nancy would drive me in and collect me with the shopping two or three hours later. I was sufficiently cowed by now not to try to run away convinced that they would find me if I did and they had made it crystal clear what would happen once they'd got me back here. It was a risk I wasn't prepared to take. Yes, I could have got help from all sorts of people, not least the police, but I was terribly embarrassed at the thought of people knowing what I had allowed them to do to me over the years. They would have known me for the gutless coward I am. Having said that I must admit that I got a certain satisfaction from my improved appearance, I loved the way I looked when I had just had my hair done.

But that was then and this was now my sister and Nancy were gone, my mother was incapacitated and I was free again even if I did have responsibilities. I had no intention of abandoning my mother even though she did deserve it. I grabbed a bundle of banknotes from the petty cash tin we kept in the kitchen and set off without informing mother of my intentions or the fact that Nancy had departed. I could imagine her ringing her little bell for Nancy and fuming when nobody answered. I asked the taxi-driver to drop me in the town centre where I made a call on the local locksmith. I arranged to have all the locks changed at the house and for him to fit a remote controlled lock and an electric motor to the big gates at the top of the drive. His final task was to remove the electronic time lock on my old bedroom door, not that I would be using that room again and I was quite sure I wouldn't want to imprison any future staff member however unruly he or she was. I told him it was urgent and he promised to make a start that evening after he shut the shop.

My next call was to an employment agency where I discussed getting some appropriate staff I felt I needed three with one of them a nurse to care for mother properly. I was prepared to pay top rates so there should be no problem, the agency said. Thirdly I went to the dress shop that made my uniform dresses. Naturally they thought I wanted new uniforms and they were very surprised when I told them that Sarah had gone to America. I ordered a dozen new dresses, blouses and skirts all in the latest fashions, even slacks and jeans with all the usual accessories to be sent to my home as quickly as possible. I took three other items with me for immediate use.

My final call was to the salon where Kate, who usually did my hair, was surprised when I said I wanted it dressed down around my face and shoulders for a change. She knew that Sarah had sold the business and confirmed that I would be paying for this myself before doing exactly what I wanted, even shortening it a little. I had my nails shortened as well; Sarah had always insisted I wore them as long as possible, but they were quite impractical. At a quarter of an inch beyond my fingertips I thought they looked far smarter anyway. I had my normal makeover except that I changed the colour of my lipstick to match my now pink nails. I also purchased three more pastel shades for future use and two whole bagsful of pretty coloured underwear.

On the way back I asked the taxi driver to recommend a driving instructor, I had never been allowed to have lessons, but now I wanted my own car. I tipped him generously and, since he was self employed, he promised me preferential treatment any time I needed his services. When I returned home a few minutes later than I expected the locksmith was waiting for me. In no time at all he had replaced all the exterior locks and handed me the new keys. The lock and motor for the gate would take a few days to arrange. He also replaced the alarm unit and gave me the new number. While he was working I went upstairs and changed into one of my new pale pink dresses and a pair white high heeled shoes for the first time ever, and went down to make mother a cup of tea, realising she had been alone now since Sarah left this morning.

I could tell she was furious at being left unattended for so long. If she hadn't already had a stroke I am sure she would have done when she saw me in a casual dress with my hair down well past my shoulders. I could just about understand her and I smiled as she tried hard to ask where Nancy was and to express her indignation of the fact that I had carried in the tea on a tray, improperly dressed and without curtseying to her. When I sat down in an easy chair to drink my tea with her she positively fumed. It was after all as much her doing that I had been forced into family slavery as it was Sarah's and I had suffered maybe hundreds of beatings at her hands alone even though she was much less cruel than my sister.

This was the first time in 21 years that I had sat down in her presence, except at the dinner table where I was allowed to eat dinner with them each day. I was sure that she could understand what I was saying even though she couldn't answer me properly, but her facial expressions left me in little doubt of her opinions. I was well aware of the fact that, had she been well, mother would have ordered me back into uniform and I would have obediently continued as her maid for the rest of her life, but not any more. I felt no remorse; my 21 years of servitude were over at last.

I explained to her what had happened, that Nancy had walked out and that some new staff would be starting soon. I told her in no uncertain manner that she was to accept me as her daughter and not as her maid or I would have her put in a home. She obviously understood me as she was quiet and gradually became much calmer.

I arranged for a small one-person lift to be installed in the stairwell to make it easier to get mother up to bed, easier than using the Stanna at any rate and I got her an electric wheel chair so that she could chug about at will. I had moved down to Sarah's old room having thrown out much of the stuff she left behind, her clothes were too small for me anyway. I did keep her make-up and perfume however most of it was gorgeous.

As I sat on the side of my new bed that first night looking round my new domain and I caught sight of my legs in their new, fawn nylon stockings. It gave me great pleasure to realise that my legs were at least as good as my sisters had been.

Once the new staff had been interviewed and employed I could relax in my private sitting room, (the small lounge) of an evening, it seemed strange not to go to bed at nine, and I started to think over just how I had ever got myself into this mess in the first place. I had almost forgotten that I wasn't really a girl at all even though I could hardly avoid seeing my rather small and usually flaccid penis whenever I used the toilet or took a bath.

I couldn't imagine myself trying or even wanting to change back after all this time because until Sarah got serious about Timothy I had never expected to get the chance. For the last 20 years I had been forced to think of myself as a woman, lived and acted like a woman and by now I was happy enough to be seen in dresses, besides which I adored my long hair, the make up and perfume. How could I even think of giving it up?

I had not been subjected to hormone treatment neither had I been forced to have surgery, though I had agreed to have breast implants. About 12 years ago, at dinner one evening, Mother and Sarah pointed out that I was, to all intents and purposes a woman now. My mannerisms were feminine and I obviously enjoyed wearing dresses and getting my hair done at their salon. I agreed that was true and took their comments as a compliment. Whilst a couple of years previous to this I had hoped to be released from what I regarded as slavery and allowed to revert to my proper male clothes, I now realised they were right as they informed me in no uncertain terms that I should not harbour any thoughts of being a boy again, that I would remain here as their maid for the rest of my life. I was too weak willed to protest and it was then that they asked me if I would like to get rid of my silicone breast forms and have proper implants, they thought I would look much better. It was my choice, mother said, they would not force me either way.

I had been beaten regularly, viciously at times, forced to wear women's clothes, that is to say a maid's uniform and browbeaten into total acceptance of my role in life. For the first year or two I was humiliated at every opportunity. I can't believe I let it happen, but I remembered that between them Mother and Sarah had scared the shit out of me. I thought that if I accepted the implants they in turn would accept me as being committed to my life style and may ease up on me, maybe even make me the housekeeper and put a maid under me. Time proved that I was wrong on both counts.

I accepted their offer and had some quite beautifully shaped breasts implanted, I loved them. I was even allowed nine whole days to rest and recuperate after the operation. Afterwards, however I was worked just as hard and the beatings continued remorselessly. Now, 21 years after they began, those at least were in the past; I might never be a man again, perhaps I never was one in the first place, and though I realise the implants could be removed, I really didn't want to change back, especially as I could now wear really feminine things. I started to write down some of the things they did and the way that they did them to me.


See part two for what happened next.




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