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My Sister Myself


Paul G Jutras


Gabby Cruz was sixteen years old and loved her life more than anything. She was very fem as much of the time as she could. Her trouble and life changes happened one night when she was making out with her boy friend George. She was dressed in a tan sweater and skirt that came just above the knees of her bare legs. George had on his sports jersey and brown slacks.

When she heard some giggling, Gabby turned to see her 12 year old brother peering through the staircase railing at them on the living room couch. She took a pillow and tossed it at him. "Tony!" She shouted. "You little brat!"

"Mom!" shouted Gabby. "Tony is spying on George and me again!"

"Tony." Jane Cruz said as she walked into the room in a red and white strip bare midriff tank top and blue shorts. "How many times are we going to go through this?"

"Are you going to ground him again?" Gabby asked.

"In club paradise?" asked Jane. "Between his private TV, game system and internet, his room is better than your father's and mine. I think you have basketball practice, why do you go and George take off while I cool your sister down."

"We have to do something." Gabby said as Jane went to the wall safe and took out a item. "What's that?"

"The medallion of Zulo," said Jane. "My best friend, Mark gave it to me as a wedding present."

"I thought Mark was daddy's best friend?" Gabby said.

"He is now." Jane giggled. "On our wedding day this item caused Jane and me to swap bodies. We didn't dare to tell anyone and had planned to use it switch back after the honeymoon. After I got pregnant with you, I couldn't dream of going back to being Steve Cruz. Jane understood and let me remain as her."

"You want me to swap bodies with Tony?" Gabby said as she found the thought discussing. "You want me to be a filthy, gross boy?"

"If he could spend some time in your life, he might appreciate you better." Jane said as he handed the medallion of Zulo to her daughter. "Think about it."

She did think about it. That night; with the help of her parents, Gabby made sure that sleeping pills were put in Tony's food and drink during dinner. After a hard day of basket ball practice, he didn't think much of the idea of wanting to go to bed early.

"Ready?" Jane asked as she and Gabby entered Tony's bed room. Gabby felt strange about standing in her brother's room naked and even more about taking his pajamas off his body.

"I guess." Gabby said as she felt repulse at the idea of spending any time in his body.

"Get use to looking at that naked body," Jane said. "It will be yours for at least a month."

As Gabby touched the medallion to her brother, she watched as her own breasts sink into her chest while they ballooned out of Tony's chest like two balloons attached to a compressor. Their body size and mass changed into one another. The last thing she noticed was that her pink nail polish had vanished from her own fingers and toes and appeared on the new Gabby asleep in Tony bed. Gabby felt unease as she and her mother moved her own body to her room then put her in a semi transparent night gown and panties while Gabby got into one of Tony's stripped pajamas.

"Noooooooo!" came scream the next morning. Gabby and her parents were down at breakfast when Tony came running down stairs and enter the kitchen to see his parents and himself smiling back at him.

"Hello, Tony." Gabby said with a grin. "How's my little brother? Or should I say big sister now?"

"What happened to me?" Tony said with his hands squeezing his breasts. "What happened to us?"

"You did it, didn't you?" Tony said as he pointed his polished finger at his own face that sat before him. "I don't know how, but you did this."

"With mom's help, I did." Gabby said as she pulled the medallion of Zulo out of Tony's nap sack. "This magic trinket did it. You're punishment is to learn what it's like to be."

"That includes going to Gabby summer job." Jane added as she sipped her coffee. "You brought this upon yourself. None of our past punishment seemed to keep you from pestering your sister."

"But mom…" Tony began but shut up when he saw the looks on his parent's faces. Jane took Tony to Gabby bedroom and helped him get dress in a bright pink summer dress that reached above his knees and spaghetti straps. As Tony stood before a mirror, he found almost naked with the dress as skimpy as the nightgown he had on previously.

"Don't fuse with it, sweetie." Jane smiled as Tony tugged at the bottom of the dress to try to stretch it pass his knees. "Lots of women dress like this. You look fine. Now let me instruct you on make up. Though you're doing it yourself since you have to get use to doing it."

"Yes, mom," Tony said.

"Now get a nice matching purse and these slides." Jane said with a helping hand after the make up was done. "Lucky for you, Gabby happens to have a salon appointment today."

"Mom I feel embarrassed like this." Tony said as they headed out to the car. He watched his mother slide into the car in pink black sweater, floral paten pleated skirt, and black sandals. He copied what his mother did, which including smooth the outfit on his legs so they didn't ride up and give anyone a view when he would get out.

"Gabby, it nice to see you again," Mrs. Gallon said with a smile as she greeting Jane and her mother. "Nice to see you too, Mrs. Cruz."

"Likewise," said Jane.

Tony felt like everyone was starring at him. Like everyone knew he was just a guy pretending to be a girl. He watched as his fingers were dipped into a soothing liquid and the cuticles of his fingers and toes and filed them nicely. They then fixed him up with a new coat of polish and a glossy finish so that his nails were shinny.

"How's it going," Jane asked Tony who later had his hair up in curlers waiting to go under the hair dryer. Mrs. Gallon had gone to answer the phone before starting the dryer on Tony.

"I can't believe how relaxing this is." Tony said embarrassed that he was enjoying the experience.

"You might not enjoy it as much in a few minutes." Jane smiled and went to return to her romance novel while Tony had his hair done. When it was done, Mrs. Gallon began to put a hot wax on his body and bikini area that felt almost erotic to him. That was until after the strips were in place and yanks away to cause worst pain than having a band aid removed quickly.

That afternoon, Jane dropped Tony off at the local hotel. On the way over, she explained to him that he was going to be one of the afternoon and evening maids for the place. He would just have to follow the head of staff's orders.


"This is almost as bad as what I got on now." Tony sighed as he went to his locker and found a pair of white sneakers and a pink dress that barely covered his new hips. "No wonder mom picked pink panties for me to wear today." He found a pink bra to change into and almost looked forward to ending the amount of jiggling his breasts were doing since he got up. "At least Gabby left a bra for me to change into."

"This isn't so bad," Tony thought as he started on his first room with a feather duster. This was followed by changing the bed sheets and using the vacuum on the rugs while the guests were out.

This went from good to bad as he dealt with stinking bathrooms with poo not over all over the toilets but the walls and part of the ceiling as well. How anyone could do such a thing was beyond him. He though he was going to pass out from the stench and couldn't wait to wash his uniform and new body. The only thing that made things even worst was the fact that his period started that evening and had to change his tampon several times before his shift was done.

When Tony got home exhausted, he kicked off his shoes and rubbed his sore bare feet. His mother came and sat with him holding a photo album. She opened it to a page where an eight year old gabby was in a frilly rainbow dress. The chest and back area was pink, the shoulder area yellow and hips area blue. He then notice another picture had younger Tony in a pale blue dress with black designs and orange thong flip flops riding in a super market shopping cart.

"What's this?" Tony asked.

"After work Gabby usually soaks her feet while we go through memory lane." Jane smiled. "You were too young to remember when Gabby use to dress you up and call you Toni instead of Tony. She would pretend you were her little sister."

Work continued like that for the next few weeks. When Tony's day off came, he got into a blue and white stars design bikini. He almost went for the yellow one piece, but thought George would like his new body in something sexier. He slipped a pair of short shorts that showed off his Nair hair removed legs.

"You look great." George said as he played with one of Tony's tits while kissing him. Tony could feel himself getting wet even before they rolled into the water together. While in the water, George took Tony's shorts off him and tossed them onto the dock. "You've been acting far more passionate that ever."


Two months later….


"Okay Tony, you're punishment is up." His sister Gabby said as she walked into the former bedroom. "Summer is almost over and I want mom to take me for back to school clothes. Have you seen the Medalion of Zulu?"

"I made sure it was tossed out with the trash last week." Tony said with a smile spread across his feminine red colored lips. "I really like George and he like me more than he ever liked you when you were in this body."

"But I don't want to spend the rest of my life as a gross boy." Gaby said almost in tears. "You won't get away with this."

"How will mom and dad going to believe you?" Tony asked. "It's your word against mine that we never swapped back."

"Oh, I think she will." Gaby said as Tony found his crotch heating up. Tony stood there in as long as he could stand, before he pulled off his denim shorts as quickly as he could. It wasn't until his shorts dropped to his feet that he realized he was standing on his tip toes like some giant Barbie doll.

"What's going on?" Tony asked as he found a relief in his crotch area and tried to make his feet flat.

"I notice how close you and George were getting lately." Gabby explained. "That why I had mom look up a spell that if we didn't change back when I requested, your body would be modified. From now on you can only wear skirts and dresses. Any attempt to wear shorts or pants of any kind will caused you pain. You can also wear nothing less than a three inch heel now too."

"This still doesn't get you your body back." Tony said as he felt the pain in his feet leave as soon as he put on a modest four and a half inch heel. "Mom!"

"What is it dear?" Jane asked. "I see you didn't swap back."

"He threw the medal away, mom!" Gabby cried. "I'm going to be stuck as a gross boy forever."

"Now, now dear," Jane said. "I'm sure we'll find away for you to change back to a girl."


"I hate this." Gabby said as she tugged at the neck of the tuxedo she had on. "Tony is marrying my former boyfriend in my body and I'm wearing this monkey suit instead of a pretty dress."

"Haven't failed to change you back I had hope you'd of accepted life as boy." Jane said with a sigh. As the walked out of the clothing store, Jane noticed a store across from them that she swore it wasn't there before. "Spells R Us?"

"Greetings, Mrs. Cruz." A man in a bathrobe said from behind the desk. "I been expecting you."

"But how?" asked Jane.

"I'm a wizard." The man said. "How may I help you and your son?"

"He's not my son," Jane said as she felt embarrassed. "Till a spell went wrong, she was my daughter."

"I got a potion that will change her back to her old self." The wizard said. "Just $500."

"Expensive but if it will bring happiness to the family." Jane said as she dug out her check book and watched Gabby take the potion right there in the store. The tuxedo turned into a sky blue sleeveless dress, his white socks into suntan nylons and his black loafers into black flats. She was two years younger as she looked just as she did when the medallion had switched her and Tony.

"I can't wait to see how Tony reacts to being in his own body again." Gabby snickers.

"You're mistaken," The wizard said. "The potion wasn't to body swap anyone. It just restored you to your former self. Your older sister is still getting ready to marry this George person and you'll make a lovely brides maid."

Reaching into her purse, Toni saw her new name on her school library card and smiled at the though that the old Tony was now enjoying her periods and such for live. "Let's get to the wedding, mom."

Toni and Jane soon met the new Gabby in a room at the back of the church. Gabby was checking out the seams of her stockings to make sure they and her garters were straight. They both notice that the spell to keep Gabby body in high heels had reversed itself in the new reality.

"So Tony, how do you like the new me and being the old me, forever?" Toni asked.

"What are you talking about, Toni?" Gabby asked. "Mom, has she been in the hot sun too much."

"Guess the wizard was right." Jane said. "Only that wizard and the two of us remember that Gabby used to be Tony. To her, she's always been Gabby as far as she knows."

"Guess its better this way." Toni said as both girls gave their mother a hug before the sound of the wedding march started to play. Gabby hiked up her dress and slipped into a pair of strap heels with her mothers help. They were all going to have a happy life after all.

The end




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