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My Self, The Alien                   by: Anne O’Nonymous


It was one of those nice summer evenings where it cools down from the oppressive heat of the day when Jim Harte entered Paul’s Pit Stop, a few doors down from where he formerly worked. He greeted the bartender, Tim, with a "Hi, how’s it goin’," and grabbed a seat in a booth to one side. The place seemed to be rather quiet, most of the locals had not as yet arrived!

"Hey, how’ya doin’," Tim inquired. "Any luck on the job front!"

"Nah, not one nibble on the resume. Two interviews, the usual ‘we’ll get back to you,’ and they never do! How about a brew! Whatever’s on tap, but no light beer!"

"I never have light beer on tap! You know that!" Tim was pulling a mug of beer when she walked in! He took a look at her, and overfilled the mug spilling at least one more mug down the drain! His mouth was open wide enough to admit an 18-wheeler!

She was about five foot ten inches of curves that didn’t stop, and she would have made a great road-race course! Her hair was black, falling in soft waves to her shoulders, and she wore 4-inch heeled lavender pumps, matching the business skirt-suit. She turned, looked straight at him, and walked over!

"Hi, my name is Teresa Cooper." She turned and said, loud enough for Tim to hear, "I’ll have whatever he’s drinking," pointing to Jim.

"Hi! I’m Jim, Jim, eh, Harte!" he said, a bit flustered, "and I’m very pleased to meet you! Please, have a seat!" He could now see her green eyes, pert nose, perfect teeth and smile! If perfection in a woman ever walked into Paul’s Pit Stop, this was it! "So, do you come here often," was all he could think of to say! What an idiot! Why couldn’t he be a little more original!

"Please, call me Terry," she said with a laugh, "I bet you say that to all the girls!"

"No, only the few I meet!"

Tim interrupted them with the drinks, and Terry said, "I’ll take care of the bill."

"NO! I don’t want you to pay for me, but I’ll flip you for it!"

Terry looked at him with a cute smile, and, with a mischievous grin, said, "Oh no, you’re much too big--Oh, you want to flip me!"

Jim laughed at the perceived sight of him throwing her end over end! He wondered what color her panties were, and if she was wearing any!

They had a few more beers, more laughs, a quiet conversation and, before long, the two of them were ready to leave!

"How ‘bout comin’ home with me for a nightcap, a hair-of-the-dog, so to speak," Terry said, slightly slurred, as she went outside.

"Wait just a damn minute! I’ve had fewer drinks than you! You direct me to your place, and I’ll drive," he said, emphasizing every word! She appeared to be intoxicated, impaired enough to keep her from driving! To make sure, he took her purse, and hunted down her car keys. "My God, you’ve got a lot of stuff in here, how do you find anything!" He located the car keys, and held the door for her to exit. Tim, standing nearby, said with a broad grin, "Looks like you’re gonna get lucky tonight!"

Jim looked at him rather ruefully, "I do not take advantage of any woman who is intoxicated or doesn’t realize what she is doing!"

"Ya know, I really believe you!"

"It’s the God’s honest truth!"

He held her arm as they walked to the car, parked on what passed for a parking lot at the rear of the bar. Using her keys, he unlocked the passenger side door, helped her in, fastened the seatbelt, and then admitted himself to the driver’s side, doing all the necessary driver’s duties so familiar to him!

Jim followed her directions carefully, driving slow enough to make sure he was going the right way! After a drive of about twenty minutes, they pulled up in front of a fairly large apartment complex. "No, not here--drive to the end of that driveway," she said, indicating a paved road running thru to another street, "turn right then left at first street!"

He followed the directions given and found himself driving down a dead end road. "Where’s your place," he asked. Was she hiding someone, ready to jump out and rob him? Was there another motive, something possibly dangerous?

"At the end of the road, pull into the driveway there and park."

Well, he got this far without problems, he thought, might as well go all the way and see what happens! Pulling into the driveway and parking, he saw a ranch-style house with an attached garage. She exited the car, saying "Come on in and I’ll get you some coffee" while walking on a gravel path towards the front porch of the house. "Oh, damn it! Do you have my keys? They should be on the same ring with the car keys!"

"Yeah, here they are." Her speech seemed to be more normal now, not as slurred as before. What happened? Was there something going on he should protect himself from? Nah, he was a big boy, he could handle himself!

She opened the front door, went in with him close behind. "Sit in there," she said, indicating a large room, "and I’ll put some coffee on! It’s my own special brew! It shouldn’t take long!" His last recollection was drinking something that tasted like strong, well, coffee!

"Ummphf," he said! As he opened his eyes, he found himself on a bed in a bedroom! "Oh, great! What the hell is going on! Where am I?" All these thoughts ran thru his head and he conjured up a few choice expletives which he soon discarded, as they would be of no help in this situation. "Calm yourself, come on, relax--there could be a rational explanation for all this!" he thought, "Maybe she just likes kinky sex." His hands seemed to be tied, and he looked up in back of him. Above his head, he could see ropes wrapped around his wrists, tied in a plus shape, securing him to the frame at the head of the bed. He guessed he was gagged, because he couldn’t utter a sound. Raising his head, he looked towards the foot of the bed1 Yep, just as he guessed--ropes secured his ankles together, and were pulled down to the foot of the bed and tied! "Kinky sex, that’s gotta be it! Why else would I be here, tied in a strange woman’s bed, wearing only a pair of pink panties that aren’t even my size! Whoa, PINK PANTIES, that’s going too far!"

"I guess you’re wondering what’s going on," she said, entering the bedroom. "Oh, that’s right, you can’t say anything. I wish all my boyfriends were like this!" She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "If you want me to explain, nod your head!"

Well, he sure in hell wanted some kind of explanation! "Ummpf, mmph mm," he muttered, nodding vigorously1

"Either you’re threatening me, cursing, asking for a glass of vodka, or you want an explanation. I think you mean the last part. Right?"

He nodded .

"Almara, Almara--Are you here?" In a second, he heard another voice from her, a gentle one somewhat stronger. "I am here, Terry. I will explain to him."

Terry looked down at him. "Please, relax. I mean you no harm. Those ropes are only there to hold you until I tell you the whole story. I will remove the tape from your mouth as a sign of trust." With that, she sat on the bed and gently removed the tape. Her fingers caressed his face, moving across his cheeks and lightly touching the lips.

Intrigued by her, he said, "I guess I should. Right now, you hold all the cards, and I really have no other place to go."

"Okay, my name is Almara. My home is on a distant planet! Your people can’t see it with their telescopes because of the distance. It revolves around a star similar to yours. On my planet, people are always at war for one reason or another. Conflict is just a way of life! Children are born and raised in factories, and are taught to believe that this is the way things should be! These factories take donations of sperm from males, and use eggs removed from females to start the process! Females are considered just egg carriers, of little value, except for ‘spare’ parts! Males are valued as fighters and if a male is badly injured in a vital organ, most times a female ‘volunteer’ is available! War was just unceasing! About two hundred of us protested the continuing warfare in front of the Tardat, a kind of people’s council, and we were arrested. It was thought by us that we would be used for spare parts or publicly executed in a most painful way as an example to others! However, the scientists had a different idea! I think they called it a Tachyon Overdrive! There was a theory about starship travel using a ‘super space’ and they developed a spacecraft utilizing their findings. We would be, what’s that word--that animal--guinea pigs! What they did was to reduce us to our ‘essence’--sort of an energy state! We were, individually, put into a kind of stasis bottle and loaded aboard the ship! The craft powered up, and it took off from our home headed for a test area. Apparently, their theory worked. My next memory was of this planet--Terry, I release control!"

A different voice spoke: "I was out on a long hiking trip through a mountain range, just enjoying the breathtaking scenery, when I entered a valley, about a mile long. It was strewn with what appeared to be some type of grayish metallic rocks. I looked at some, and felt a presence, you know like there’s someone watching you! I felt, well, kinda strange. Then I heard this voice in my head--I thought I was on the verge of insanity! But it felt calming and soothing, so much so that I fell asleep! When I woke up, I knew all about Almara and how she got here. She means no harm and is quite pleasant to be with. I can talk to her in my head, and no, I’m not crazy!" Terry said.

"So what does all this have to do with me? I mean I’m an average Joe, I don’t know any secrets that are of any value!" queried Jim.

"Almara wants to experience life from a different perspective. She wants to see how others live their lives," answered Terry, "and see different viewpoints. You see, Almara lives inside you using your facilities. You and her would be like one!"

"I wonder if she could stand my hairy legs!" Jim thought, with a laugh.

The other voice said: "Terry will take off the restraints now!"

Terry quickly bent to the task at hand, and when finished, said, "Almara wants to enter you, to use you as a new host to experience life as a male on this planet. The transfer is really quite pleasant, you’ll enjoy it!!"

"This sounds interesting! I wonder if I could be the host with the most!"

Terry smiled, spoke, "You’ll never know ‘til you try! One thing though, you must, repeat, must give her permission to enter your body and I must give her leave from mine!"

"Well, let’s do it before I change my mind!"

Jim watched as Terry stripped off everything. She moved over to the bed and removed the panties he was wearing! They soon entered a hot lovemaking session, bodies exploring bodies, tongues finding tongues, and tongues exploring every crevice possible to find! In the midst of all their passion, Terry said, "Almara, I give you permission to depart from me! Jim., before you enter me, give her leave to enter! NOW!" Jim was hot, his erection was aching to go in and he thought, "What the hell, anything to please a lady," and said, "Almara, you have my permission to enter me," as he plunged his tool into the depths of her womanly virtue!

In a while, he came, hard, and he could hear her hard breathing! He had never heard a woman orgasm like that, thrusting up at him, as if trying to pull him bodily into her! The shock came as a surprise to him, it felt like every nerve, every fiber, every inch of his skin was tingling with electricity. Like a dancing of St. Elmo’s fire! He moaned with extreme pleasure as he sent a full load of his sperm into her, their bodies moving, coupling, as one! Then, he heard the voice, "I am now with you. I’m Almara," softly, gently, in his head!

It was morning when he awoke. "Hi, Jim, you sleep well?" Terry asked, "I’ve a breakfast ready for you, now remember to eat a lot--you’re eating for two now!"


Now what Terry forgot to mention was that Almara was a female, and, living in Terry’s body, she acquired Earthly female tastes, soooo!

Jim continued to see Terry, and using Almara’s abilities, soon acquired quite a bit of money! Another thing Terry forgot to mention was that the apartment complex they drove through on their first meeting was partly owned by her. Almara had other qualities about her that Jim found interesting and useful--for instance, her ability to probe with her mind! A small start in real estate soon lead to several promotions and his own agency. He branched out into insurance of all kinds, then opened his own company! Two years later, Terry said yes to his proposal and marriage soon followed!


"Jamie, are these your panties or mine," Terry asked from the laundry room!

"If you’re talking about the light blue ones, they’re mine!"

Just then the phone started ringing!

"Now who can that be?" Jim asked. Almara answered, "I think it is very important to you!" "Thank you," Jim thought as he picked up the phone. "Good Morning, Harte Residence, Jamie Harte speaking. How may I help you?"

"Ms. Harte, this is Mrs. Robert J. Kingsley speaking. As you well know, each year the businesswomen of this city select one of their own for an award! This year, the decision was unanimous! We will be having a dinner to honor the winner."

"Well, that’s very nice! I guess you can put me down for a five hundred dollar donation!"

"No, you misunderstand! We are honoring you, and I’m calling to see when you would be available."

Jamie nearly fainted! Almara thought to him, "It’s alright, she is a good person."

"Next weekend is good," he said, hesitatingly, "Emm, err, I am having..... Mrs. Kingsley, there is something I MUST tell you! Under my dresses, suits, and pantyhose, I’m a male! I don’t deserve to be awarded, especially by women!"

"Oh my God, dear boy! Do you really think I’m that stupid? We are honoring you! YOU! Do you know how hard it is for a woman to be accepted in a man’s society? Now, think about how hard it is for a male to fit into a woman’s group, let alone be honored! You have done more than any other member! No, you are going to get this award if I have to hold award ceremonies on your front lawn!"

Jamie was taken aback by this, and said, "Even thinking of it honors me! Well, I guess I’ll be there next weekend, and I," Jamie was starting to cry, "really thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

"Next weekend it is then! Give my love to your wife, Terry. Good Bye!"

Terry entered the room, saw him crying and asked, "Bad news?"

"You won’t believe it! Mrs. Kingsley just called and told me I’m getting the businesswoman’s award!" he said, grabbing her around the waist, and hugging her! "Do you know what that means?"

"A shopping trip?" Terry said with a wry smile.

"No. You know since Almara came into me, I’ve had this dressing-up thing! And I didn’t know how people would treat me! Mrs. Kingsley is giving me an award and she knows! Yet, she is honoring me! The biggest thing in my life was to be accepted for what I was and now, I am!"

Almara interrupted, saying "Jamie, generally speaking, if you treat people nice, they will treat you the same. The ones that don’t treat you kindly aren’t worth bothering about! In most cases, it’s how you are and what you do, not your apparel, that really counts!"

Terry said, "Oh, speaking of awards, I am giving you the ‘Husband/Wife of the Year’ award!"

"What in the world is that?"

Terry smiled the smile of a pregnant woman, "I’ll give you three guesses, the first two don’t count!"

Almara thought to Jamie, "You Earth people sure do love games!"



This is a trial sort of sci-fi story. It is not strictly TG, but I just had to write it. After all, don’t we all have a little Almara in us?


Finis--that’s all folks, Annie O


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