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Submitter note:This was originally written in 1998 by SIC but disappeared without trace from the internet and is very very worth reading.


My Secrets Revealed

submitted by Pete Zee

Chapter 1


It was almost a relief when the call came. I had been expecting it secretly, but had hoped it would never come. In allot of ways it turned out to be the best thing to have happened, considering the circumstances. Brinnnggg! Brinnnggg!"Hallo?" I was kind of tired and I had almost started dozing off when the dam phone rang, even though I was at the office."Uhhh... Good afternoon. Have I reached John Franklin's telephone number?"I did not recognise the voice, but since I have over 750 clients, that is not too surprising. Most of my business is initiated by one of my clients calling me, so I often got calls like this. So, as it might mean some new business, I immediately put on my professional voice, and responded warmly, "Yes you have. This is John Franklin's office. How may I help you today?'"Uhhh... You sell life insurance and you sell investment plans, right?""Yes I do. So, how can I be of help you today?""Well,... Errr... I have... I have an investment plan that I want to talk to you about. I just know that you will be interested in it.""Uh, excuse me sir, but there may be some misunderstandings here. I do not buy investments from clients. I sell investment funds to clients.""Yes... I know all about that. In fact... I must admit that I know a great deal about you, already.""You..? You do? I don't recognise your voice?" This call was turning out to be a real puzzlement."Yes... I do, actually... I... I really really do... Know a lot about you, that is."My hands began to sweat and I could feel my breathing becoming a little more shallow, as my heart began to beat rapidly in my chest. I felt a cold sweat breaking out on my forehead. I'd sort of half been expecting a call like this one, and I was terrified that this was the call I'd been expecting. I'd dreaded it, and yet in some strange way, I also had looked forward to it's coming. None the less, I was nervous, and scared. This I knew was going to be something that I had no control over. I would be vulnerable, and unable to protect myself. You see, about four months ago, I had come into my office at 6:00 a.m., one Thursday. The first thing that I saw, when I got out of my car, was a great big gaping hole in the frame of the door, where the lock's tumbler should have been. I knew what it meant. A sick feeling hit me square in the face. I felt weak. I did not want to face this reality that had intruded itself into my peaceful lifestyle. I knew the one thing that I feared most of all, had finally happened. Now that I was face to face with it, I did not know how I felt. My office is located in a small strip mall of two restaurants and three stores. Rented one of the stores for my office. I am a financial planner, and I no longer wanted to work out of my home's basement office, so I had rented this store three years earlier. Every one of the stores and restaurants in this mall had been robbed in exactly the same way, only three nights previous to my new discovery. I'd thought that I had been passed over, but it was not to be. I should have known better. In anger, fear and frustration, I yanked the door open and stepped inside. My eyes fell on the spot, the empty spot where my notebook computer should have been, where I'd left it the night before. I'd left it there last night, thinking that my office was pretty safe.. It had never been broken into before. The locks all seemed good. I had even had a locksmith check my doors, and he'd told me that everything was pretty secure. Now this. Confused, angry, and scared, I looked around some more. The television and theca that I use sometimes to make sales presentations was also gone. Carefully, and slowly, I walked around the premises. An ornate gold desk clock was gone. So was a brand new walkman. Then I noted that the culprits who had broken in, had taken not only the computer, but the printer cable, and the most important thing, the security key for my computerised client files, as well as the adapter for plugging the computer into the wall, and the computer carry case. They left the three printers, but they had taken the printer cable. They knew exactly what they had wanted. I noticed that the cash box was on the seat of my office chair. They had taken about $200 of quarters and larger coins, already rolled mind you, and they had dumped the pennies on the floor. I was pissed, to say the least. It wasn't bad enough that they had stolen so much, but then they also left me the nasty task of picking up a couple of dollars of pennies from the floor. Shit...But I had a concern that worried me even more. This was a concern that I couldn’t tell the police about. I had to sit down and let myself regain my composure before I did anything else. After a few moments, I roused myself and went to the phone to call the police, and report the robbery. Then I waited, as I wondered what was going to come outfox this robbery. I also called the locksmith's shop next, and had the locksmith come out tore place the tumbler, and to put an anti robbery security sleeve around the tumbler, so that kind of thing could not be repeated. I asked him to inspect the back door to the office, and he told me that it looked pretty secure as it was. He told me not to worry about it. Then the police came, and took about an hour examining everything, and asking many questions. I learned that the neighbourhood where my office is, though in wealthier part of the town, and on a main drag, had been having many break indenters over the previous two weeks. The night that I was robbed, so was convenience store that was almost directly across the street from me, and the gasbag in front of it had been robbed at knife point the night before my robbery. I hoped and prayed that whoever stole it, could not figure out how to use the security key. But there was still more to come. When I came into the office on the following Saturday morning, I was astounded to find that I'd been burgled again. I was ready to pull my hair out. This time, it was through the back door, the one that the locksmith had told me was pretty secure.Once again, I called the police. This time they sent two officers out. One was to record the break in, and the other was a specialist in finger printing. As far as I could tell, there was nothing taken on the second occasion, but it was obvious that my storeroom and been searched very thoroughly. The robber(s), if they wreathe same ones, and the police were inclined to think that they might have been, sure had a lot of gall to come back two nights later. They must have thought that I had already replaced everything that was stolen. The locksmith came again, and he put a large dead bolt into the back door. He assured me that that was not a lock that could be picked easily. The police told me that the car dealership across the road from me had been broken into, as had a lawyer's office that was in the same building as the convenience store that had been robbed the previous Wednesday. As well, one of the restaurants in my mall was also broken into that Friday night. He told me that on that Saturday morning, that they were investigating 22 reported break inform the previous night. Needless to say, I was alarmed. With the help of the police, I determined that I had lost about $9,000 of property, that there was a snow ball's chance in hell, of ever getting any of it back. This was a cause for great fear for me. The computer, worth about $7,500 was insured with a $500 deductible, but nothing else was insured. I would not get the price of the computer back, but the insurance coverage only covered the balance of my lease payments, so that I could get a new computer right away from the leasing company. I figured that I lost about $4,000 that I had already paid into the leasing company for it. But that was not what upset me the most about it. You see, I had a closely guarded secret, and there was evidence of this secret in my computer files. I am a closet transvestite, with a very active imagination. I have had very little experience with men, but I have had enough past experience to know one thing for certain. And that was that when I am dressed up as a girl, that there’s nothing that I like doing more, than going down on a masculine man. Because of my overly active imagination, I write out all of my fantasies. I write them all out, in rather graphic detail to. Some of them, I have even been paid for publishing in books that cater to the transvestic oriented people in oursociety.In the computer, in a hidden directory, were a large number of stories that I had written. All the themes of the stories were pretty similar. In all of them, for what ever reasons, I would find myself dressed up in feminine clothing, and acting just like a woman, especially in the sexual role with men. I freely admit that I have this fascination for being completely and utterly feminised, and then performing fellatio on a masculine man. In short, I love to dress up as a woman, be romanced by a masculine man, and then spend a long time sucking their cocks for them. In my mind, I admit to myself that I am a fairy and a cock sucker. I know that this is not accepted too well in normal society, but this is my inner nature. I have had to learn how to live with it. Well, I guess that I might just as well admit the utter and complete truth. In my own mind, I picture myself as being a sissy... A fairy... I am a fairy who really likes to suck cocks. I have, early in my life, been able to dress up a couple of times, and act like a woman with a man. I let them kiss me, and feel me up, and I rewarded them by sucking their cocks, or I should say, I let them reward me by letting me suck their cocks, till I had made them cum in my mouth. I had not had the chance to do it very often, but every time that I had done it, I had loved being the girl in the sex role that I played. I am 45 years old, and I have only had five boyfriends since the age of eighteen, which was the year that I did it for the first time. And, I had never seen the men a second time. But, I had done it enough to be sure that I liked being a woman, when I was dressed up. I liked doing what real women do with men. I loved being kissed and I really loved feeling a man's hands all over me, especially up under my skirts, fondling me through my silk panties. I not only liked it, but Was constantly fascinated, and fantasising about it. I did not like the idea of being classified as a fairy, but I have to be honest. I have been a fairy all of my life. My worst fear had come to past, though. I was afraid that whomever it was that had stolen my computer, would find a way to get into the hidden files, and find out what was in my over active feminine imagination.>From the quality of the tone of voice in my left ear, my worst fears >had come home to roost. This did not sound like a man who was going >to let me off the hook. Even though he had incriminating evidence >against himself, he was willing to call me. I knew that this was a guy who was a lot braver than I ever would have been. One thing though in his favour, was the question of whether I would admit publicly, why he had called me. I would not want to do that publicly. He had taken the chance that I would never want to have my secret inclinations made known to the general public. He was right. I would do anything that he would require of me, for him to keep my secret. That was how black mail flourished, wasn't it?"Uhhh... Wha... What do you mean, you know a great deal about me?""Well now... That's a pretty fair question. Let me see now. To start with, a friend of mine found out about a used computer that was sold to a friend of a friend of his. It sounded like too good a deal to pass up. Now I know just how good a deal it really was. Last week, I bought it from my friend's friend. You can just imagine how shocked, and I must admit, I was also rather delighted to, when I was able to get into the hidden word-processor directory, and find all kinds of delightful little stories in there. I did it out of curiosity, just because I wanted to know what I had gotten for myself. The fact that the directory was hidden made it all the more fascinating and intriguing. I... I have read all about your pretty little fantasies, Miss Debi.""Uhhh... I... Uhhh... I don't know what you are talking about?" I hoped that I was not really hearing this. I wanted it to all be a bad dream. I hoped that I could bluff my way out of this one. But, there was a strange kind of excitement to, knowing that I was going to be forced, against my own will, to do what I had always wanted to do, in my most secret of thoughts. I started growing a hard on in my panties."Oh... Come now my pretty little Miss. Don't play the coquette with me. I know what you really want... Oh, indeed I do... And I can assure you, I intend to take full advantage of this golden opportunity that had fallen into my path. You will get what you want, by doing what I want you to do. I intend to get to know you very well, Miss Franklin.""You... You do???"My mouth felt like it was full of cotton balls. My hands shook. I felt feint, like I was going to black out or something. I did not know what was going to happen now. But, I also had an erection growing in the panties that I was wearing under my business suit. I knew that this stranger was going to force me to live out my fantasies, for his own sexual pleasures."Yes, indeed I do... Miss. And you know what, honey?""Uhhh... What?""I got really turned on when I read all about how you like to dress up real pretty like. I read about how much you like for a man to take charge of you, and how you would like to spend many hours kneeling in front of your boyfriends, and suck their hard cocks for hours at a time. Well honey... I have been looking for a girl like you for a very long time. The very idea that I can have a pretty girl kneel down in front of me every time that I want a blow job is a terribly exciting proposition for me. I can not imagine how a girl like you could ever want to do such a thing, but the fact that you really do like to suck cocks, really turns my crank, pretty lady. What do you think about that, Miss Debi?"I was silent as the fear coursed through me. I decided to try and risk some bravado. "You must have me confused with somebody else. I am not like that at all. I... I'm going to hang up now. Good day...""Oh, Sweetness, I would not do that, if I were you...""You wouldn't? Why not?""Miss Debi, I found out how your client file key works, and I have been able to figure out the passwords to. So, I know the names of all of your clients. I know the name of your manager. And, Princess, you better know that if I called you, I would have no qualms about calling them either. So, honey, are you going to be mysweet obedient docile and respectful young lady friend, or do I need to play hardball with you?"My life seemed to freeze for a long moment. I did not know what to do. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to ask him where he lived, so that I could get all dressed up and go over there to see him in person. I had to admit, I had a huge hard on in my panties, as I was listening to him. It was as though his masculinity was weaving some kind of mysterious controlling kind of spell over me, and it was terribly exciting to me."Uhhh... What do you want from me?""Young lady, what I want is for you to become my very special little girl friend. I want to meet with you at least once every two weeks, and I want for you to make the kind of gentle love to me, just the way that you have done to your men lovers before me. If you do that, I promise that I will try and be the kind of man that your stories indicate that you are looking for. I rather like the idea of being the kind of gentleman Don Juan that you seem to be so fascinated with giving blowjobs to."My forehead was pouring sweat from its pores, and I grasped the phone tightly. Fear coloured my every perceptions. I knew that I had no choice, but to do what this man wanted me to do. He was so masculine, and so dominant. A part of me could not wait for the chance to be dressed up, and kneeling in front of him. He turned my crank in a big way. And he knew it to. He had my written fantasies to know exactly what kind of man turned me into a vulnerable and weak little feminine personality."Are you still there, honey?""Yea... Yes." It seemed strange to me, that I should be answering to the name of’ Honey'. But, I did.""Well, honey, do you want to become my new special girl friend?""I... I guess that I do not have any choice, do I?""Honey that is not the question that I asked. I asked if you 'wanted' to become my girl friend. Do you?""I... Uhhh... Yes? I guess so?" I wanted to say no to him, but I felt like I asunder his spell or something. I had to try and salvage some of my dignity. "I don’t have any choice, do I?""No. I guess that you don't. But I also know that you really do want to be my special girl friend to."I sighed with a deep resignation. Much as I hated the idea of being forced to do things like this, by a total stranger, I had a very painful hard on throbbing against the silken insides of my panties. As I thought about seeing the same man over and over again, and of sucking his cock every time that I would see him. He sounded so wonderfully masterful to my aching ear. I did not want to feel so weakened so under his control, but he was the kind of man that I could never be. He was masculine."Now Princess, this is what I want you to do. I live on a farm out in the country. You take the Martin town road, and follow it to the Old Brick Schoolhouse Road. You turn right at that intersection, and you travel about three quarters of mile. You got that Princess?""Yes," I replied in a quiet resigned voice. I had always fantasised about something like this happening, but the reality of it was a hard burden to bear, in all reality. I was enamoured of my telephone paramour."Well, if you look over to your right, you will see a big farm house of red brick with a light green shingle roof on it, set back about a quarter of a mile from the road. That is my house. I want you to be here, next Saturday afternoon, precisely at 1:00 p.m. I do not want any excuses. I also want you to come to me, already dressed up as a woman. In fact, you might as well know that I never ever want to see you in masculine clothing, ever. I am not a faggot, you got that Princess?""Yes...""I do not ever want to see any trace of the man that you might think that you’re. For me, you are not a man in any sense of the word, so just forget any ideas like that. Around me, you are to be a complete woman at all times. You will dress like, talk like, and most of you will always act like you would if you really were a woman, a woman in heat that is. If you even so much as make any gestures that could be considered to be masculine, I will turn you over my knee and spank your pantied bum till you can not sit down. Is that very clearly understood, Miss Debi?""Yes... I understand.""You understand what, Miss?""I understand, sir.""Good girl. I will see you next week, then?""Yes... Sir..." I hated myself for adding that little "Sir", but it was as though I was being driven by something much deeper than my conscious resentment at being so completely blackmailed. As I hung up the receiver, I looked down at my crotch area. No one would ever guess it, but the pants suit that I was wearing, though very mannish in it's cut, had been designed for a lady to wear. The manufacturer’s label inside, said 'Miss Sun Valley'. And under the throbbing false fly front, I knew that I was ready to explode into the pink silk and white lace trimmed panties that I was wearing. It even felt like my breasts were enlarging in the pink lace and satin cupped bra that I was also wearing. My blackmailer, my new man lover, had pushed all the right buttons in me, buttons that I had not even known that I had. But, I knew myself well enough to know that if he had walked into my office, instead of calling me on the phone, that by the time the call had ended, I would have been giving him a very loving blow job. Once again for the umpteenth time, I cursed this strange perverseness that had somehow gotten into my psyche. I never asked for this kind of curse for my life. I did not know where it came from. All I knew for certain was that I had it, and now that this strange man knew about it, he was able to use it to control my life, for his own pleasures. Not able to think about anything else, I went to the bath room. I unfurled some paper towels. I hated being trapped like this, but I was hornier than I had ever been before. I gently lowered the back zipper of my suit pants, and opened the waist band of my pants. The very excited pink encased erection popped out, making a large obscene bulge in the delicate silk panties that I wore. I reached in and gently eased my coquette out of the panties. I wondered if my new lover-master would ever do this to me. The moment that I imagined myself sitting on the couch with this strange man, while he was kissing me, and fondling me up under my dress, I felt a rush of feminine submissiveness flow through me, like a flow through a river, unfettered by dams. I wrapped my soft fingers around my penis, and I felt the soft sensuousness of my nylons, garter belt, and the soft pink silk camisole that I wore under my mannish looking blouse. All that I could think about was what it was going to feel like, when this man put his hands on me, and when he kissed me, and when he made me suck his cock. I suspected that he was not going to have to make me suck it. I already knew that I wanted to suck it for him, and to please him for making me become his girl friend. In my mind's eye, I could easily envision him feeling me up, under my dress, and playing with me through my panties, as his rough unshaved faced kissed my daintily made up countenance. I just knew that he would be very masculine in his nature. It would make me feel even that much more feminine and submissive to be around such a man. I knew that those kinds of feelings of submissive femininity were the feelings that I most cherished experiencing. In a way, this was like a dream come true for me. I was ready to scream, as I felt the pressure building in my little pink silk pantied coquette. I hoped that I would like this strange man, but I knew that it did not matter whether I liked him or not. He wanted a sissy fairy to suck his cock, and he was going to get a sissy fairy to suck his cock, and it did not matter what I thought or felt about it. I was his new sissy fairy girl friend. I sighed resignedly. I was his brand new little doll toy, and he knew it. He knew I would be the submissive little feminine fairy that he'd dreamed of having in his home. I knew that I would do whatever he wanted me to do. And judging from the sensitivity of my arousal, I knew that I was going to not only do it, but I would like doing it all to. The man would see me for who I really was, a fairy boy. I wondered if he really would ever spank me for acting like a male, as he had promised to do to me, during the phone call. I'd never been spanked, but I had often thought that I might like to have a man turn me over his knee, and spank my pantied bottom. I wondered if I would dare to try and provoke a spanking. I was too much of a sissy to even enjoy the thought of pain, let alone experience it. But, none the less, I could not help but to wonder what it would feel like to have the man spank me. In the fantasy movie that was running on the inside of my closed eyelids, I saw myself sitting on his couch, being kissed by him. I could almost feel the strength of his arms, as he held me tightly. I nearly exploded as the fantasy unveiled itself to me. He was so big, and so masculine, that he made me feel like a little girl as I sat beside him in his embrace. He made me feel so weak, and dependent on his good wishes towards me. In the fantasy, he kissed me passionately, and I sat there submissively, and Sucked on the tongue that he was pushing deep into my mouth. I felt the heat of his hands on my back, right through the thin fabric of my dress. I could not stop myself from reaching over, and gently placing my hand on the front of his pants. I could feel the hot hardness throb as it sensed my hand on it. I grasped it, and gently began to move my hand up and down, as I masturbated it for him. He was just so masculine...I wanted him to like what I was doing for him. I wanted him to like me, as hiswoman. Then... After what seemed to be a very long time, he removed his tongue from my mouth, and he kissed his way over to my left ear. I hear his heated voice say in a hushed whisper, "All right Princess, now it is time for you to suck my cock,like all the other good little girls do for their loving daddies."I watched the fantasy unfold, as I slid my beskirted bum a couple of feet back along the couch from him. I watched as I lay down, my tummy lying along the couch, my breasts against his big hard muscled thigh and with my face directly over the crotch of his pants. I watched my pink tipped fingers as they opened his belt, and his fly, then unbuttoned his pants, to expose the big bulge in his white jockey shorts. I would be all of the good little girl that he wanted me to be. I smiled. I liked being a girl. I bent my head lower, to claim the reward that all the other girls get to claim, by virtue of their hormones. He grunted as he lifted his bum off the couch, in order to push his pants and his under wear down to his ankles. He had a big and an ugly cock, and it totally fascinated me. I played with it with both of my hands for a few minutes, wondering how anyone could be comfortable with such a big thing dangling between their legs. This was a real man, so very unlike me. He probably liked having such a big cock. I would never understand that about men. Then, as I saw my imaginary self lower my head and open my mouth, I exploded in a delightful orgasm. I just hoped that the real man would be nearly as nice as my make believe man was. I knew though, that the idea of being forced into this unique and perverse situation, had it's erotic aspects too.




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