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My Perfect Summer

by Heather Alexander



I had been looking forward to this summer for almost a year I was to spend the three months of school holidays with my Aunt Heather, who was my mother's sister.

The car pulled out of the driveway and I watched it drive away, I turned away form the window and looked at my Aunt Heather, she smiled, "We've got a lot to do before we drive down to the country tomorrow," she said. "Yes," I replied and walked out of the room and went up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Five or so minutes later Heather knocked and entered the bedroom. I stood there naked and she looked me over, "Very good," she said. "You've lost weight, you've been sticking to that diet and exercise regime that I set you," she added and came over to me. Putting her hand on my face, "That night cream I gave you has really done the trick your skin is so much softer and you've waxed your legs. Next stop will be electrolysis but that's a couple of years off."

As she inspected me I felt giddy as her hands moved effortlessly over my body. "Your hair is long but not long enough, I'll have to put extensions in, do you want me to dye your hair?" she asked.

"Yes, I though platinum blonde would go with my blue eyes," I replied.

"Your right it would," she said. Heather then set about adding the hair extensions and dyeing my hair blonde, when it was finished my hair hung down below my shoulders it gave me a much more feminine face, I smiled. She then did my make-up, mascara, eye shadow and bright red lipstick. When she was finished I was looking at me but strangely not me a feminine me and I couldn't be happier.

She put her hands on my shoulders and looked at me in the mirror, "Your gorgeous, you have incredible high cheekbones," she said. Then she cleans off the make up and we go through it again only this time with me doing my own under her expert supervision. We try it again and again till I get it right.

I got dressed into a pink baby-doll nightgown and slipped into the bed. "Get a good night's sleep we've got quite a journey tomorrow," she said as she turned off the lights and left the room.

In the morning I was woken up by the alarm clock, I opened my eyes and saw the clock it read 7.50am and the sun was streaming through the window. I got out of bed, my head felt different with the added weight of the hair extensions, walking through to the ensuite bathroom, I took off the baby-doll nightgown and the panties and stepped into the shower then turned on the water. Standing there I let the water wash all over my body. I picked up the shampoo bottle and poured out some of its contents and washed my hair then followed it up with a conditioner both of these products were designed to be used with the hair extensions. Then I washed my body, as I ran my hands over my smooth chest I could feel a pair of immature breasts growing there, not as much as I would have liked I kept praying for real breasts like the ones the real girls have.

I turned the water off and stepped out and wrapped myself in a towel, one around my chest which went from the upper chest to the knees, then a smaller towel wrapped round my head, then I left the bathroom and went back into the bedroom.

"Can I come in?" Heather said.

"Sure come in," I replied, the door opened and Aunt Heather entered she was carrying some items of clothing on her arm. "Now lets get you dry, then I'll help you get dressed," Heather said and picked up the hair drier and started to dry off my hair. "I'm going to turn you into the perfect little lady," she said as she brushed my long blonde hair.

"Now lets get started on that make up now you do it and we'll see how well you've learned?" she said.

I started off with foundation a light base then followed it up with mascara and eyeliner. After doing my eyes, I wanted to give myself a natural look, so I turned to my lips and outlined them in red and filled it in with red lipstick putting down the lipstick onto the dressing table I turned and looked right at her.

"Very good, very natural just the kind of make up for a young lady," she said. "Now we need you get you dressed," she added.

Standing up from the dressing table I removed the towel from around my waist and let it fall to the floor. There I stood naked as the day I was born but I felt no embarrassment, as my Aunty looked me over, with the skilled eye of the artist that she was. Instead I was filled with a sense of excitement at the though of the transformation in front of me and the summer ahead, where I could bring my fantasies to life and live as a woman.

"Spread your legs," she said, I knew what I had to do I had been taught this last summer and I had been practising ever since. Spreading my legs wide apart I used my fingers to push my testicals back up into the space from where they had descended then I flattened down my penis, which gave me the look of a girls pubic area. Heather handed me a piece of clothing, which I stepped into and pulled up my legs and onto my pubic area, the piece of clothing is called a gaff and is designed to hold the penis out of the way. Next came the corset she laced me tightly into the white satin corset, I could hardly breathe but my waist became tiny, Heather could almost get both of her hands round my waist, "Sit down and get your breath back. It'll take time for you to get used to wearing a corset, just remember not overdo things," she said.

She then helped me on with the pair of matching panties then she handed me a pair of white silk stockings and I pulled them up my smooth bare legs and attached them to one of the four suspenders handing from the hem of the corset.

I stood up in the corset constricted my breathing while the stockings pulled at my legs, "Suffering is what being a woman is all about," she said. I walked across the carpeted floor, making sure I put one foot in front of the other and keeping my head high, "Very good, now for the dress," she said and picked up the dress from the bed, I looked at it, the dress was very conservative plan black dress that buttoned up the back it had a white Peter Pan collar. To me it looked like an overgrown baby's dress, however I walked towards her stopping right in front of her, "Oh, we've forgotten to give you a bust," she said, she then took a box out and extracted a couple of flesh coloured foam pads then she inserted them into the cups of the corset, which gave me a very girly bust she stood back and looked, she then took me over to the full-length mirror and I saw for myself. Looking at them I felt a little disappointed, "Their not that big," I remarked.

"I know, you want to look realistic and girls your age don't have great big knockers. I'm making you look like a lady not a cheep tart," she said.

She then lifted the dress over my head and down my back, I slipped my arms into the sleeves and she then I felt her button the top button then she brushed my hair over collar.

I went over and again looked at myself in the mirror, the hem of the dress touched my knee, I turned and got a better look at the dress and how I looked, as I looked at myself I felt great, in fact I felt fantastic I couldn't help myself I burst into a big wide smile. She walked over and put her hands on my shoulders, "Do you like it," she said. I turned around and looked at her, "Oh Aunty Heather I love it I feel like a princess," I replied.

"Sit down you've still got your shoes to put on," she said. I went over and down on the chair by the dressing table, I then watched as Heather then went over and opened a wardrobe door and reached down inside the wardrobe and removed a shoe box, she then walked over and kneeled down in front of me, opening the box she took out a beautiful black patent leather low-heeled court shoes, "Lift your right foot," she said, I did and she took my foot and slipped on the shoes, it was tight and it dug into my heel but otherwise it was perfect, she then did the same with my left foot with the same result. Standing up behind me I felt her grab my hair as I was looking at the shoes, "Awe," I said as she pulled my hair into a ponytail then she tied it with a piece of black silk ribbon with a large bow.

I stood up and walked across the carpet, I felt even better now that my look was complete. Heather walked out of the room, she came back a minute or so later she was carrying her digital camera, she then took a number of pictures of me, I started to pose a bit like a model. I then looked at the pictures I was amazed at how I looked.

We then left the house, I felt a little embarrassed as I stepped out of the door and looked around hoping that no one was in the street, luckily for me the street was disserted although I doubt that even my own parents would have been able to recognise me.

Heather looked up from packing some suitcases into the back of the car. "Now hurry up Rachel we've got a lot of travelling to do and I want to be there before nightfall," she shouted over as I finally stepped out of the house and walked over to the car. Rachel was the name that she had given me, she said it would have been the name she would give her first daughter but since she didn't have a daughter I would have to take her place and her name.

Opening the passenger side door I got in and closed the door, I fastened my seatbelt and waited for her to make her final round of the house and locked up the house. She came out and got in the driver's side, she turned and looked at me, "Ready for your adventure of a lifetime," she said. "Yes," is all I could reply, my heart was humping and I rubbed my palms on the skirt of the dress to get rid of the sweat that was accumulating on the surface.

She started the car and I nearly jumped out of my seat, the car pulled out of the driveway and we were off, on a summer that for me would be filled with mystery.

My Aunty had a house in a small town, this town was different from most towns in that cross dressing wasn't frowned upon in fact it was celebrated, the males wore dresses most of the time and the girls acted butch and very dominate, think of it like a transvestite Stepford.

Last summer I spent a month with my Aunty that was where she discovered my liking of cross dressing and where I spent a glorious last two weeks living as a young girl and where I first met Sophie, I met her one day when I was walking down the street, I was feeling fantastic here I was walking down the street on a Monday afternoon dressed in a tight white T-shirt and a blue denim mini skirt and white low heeled court shoes, when this motorbike pulled up beside me and the driver got off and pulled off their helmet and a young woman with cropped brunette hair and blue eyes, she looked me over I stopped and looked at her.

"Your new round here," she said.

"Yes I'm spending part of the summer with my Aunty," I replied.

"If you don't mind my asking, who's your Aunty?" she said.

"It's really none of your business but my Aunt is Heather Mason and I'm Rachel Parker," I replied.

"Now Rachel isn't really your name and your not really a girl, I've lived here long enough to know that however I like that about this town here the normal rules are reversed the boys act and look like girls and we girls look and act like boys, I know your Aunty and she's very popular round here. So why don't you clime aboard and I'll run you back to your Aunties house?" she said.

"Why should I, I don't even know your name," I said looking at her.

She smiled back at me, "My name is Sophie Ross," she said. I stuck my hand out, "Nice to meet you Sophie Ross," I said. "Likewise Rachel Parker," she said. I stepped forward and climbed on the back of the motorbike, she handed me a spare helmet and I put it on and she drove away with me hanging on for dear life.

As she drove she went faster I had to tighten my grip round her waist and I let out a loud scream.

Eventually she pulled the motorbike into the driveway of my Aunties house and stopped, I got out of the back and took off the helmet, "That was some ride," I said. "Do you think that you would want to do it again?" she said. "Are you asking me out on a date?" I replied. "Depends upon your answer?" "Well if I said yes then would you be asking me out on a date." "Yes I would," she said. "Then sure I'd love to do it all again," I replied and turned to go into the house, I could feel her eyes watching me as I walked up the path to the front door.

As I reached the door it opened and my Aunt Heather stood there, "Hello their Sophie, how are you these days?" she asked. "I'm fine, looking forward to going to university this September," Sophie replied.

"I see you've meet my niece," Heather said.

"I spotted her in town and decided to give her a run home after I found out she was your niece," Sophie replied.

"Well thank you and say hello to your mother for me," she said. "I will," Sophie, said as she started up the bike and drove out of the driveway. We watched her go then I went inside, she looked at me and I started to blush.

"So do you think that you'll see her again?" she said.

"I hope so," I replied and ran up the stairs and into my bedroom.

Later that night I was sitting on the sofa my legs tucked up watching some old romantic film a large box of tissues on my lap and the tears rolling down my checks, when the phone went, "I'll get it," Heather said as she left her study to answer it, "Rachel its for you," she said. I got up and padded through to the study and she handed me the cordless phone, so that I could leave her in peace.

"Hello," I said once I was out of the study.

"Hi there Rachel," Sophie said.

"Sophie, you calling me already you should have waited as I'm now thinking that your keen on me," I replied and smiled, inside I shouted 'yes'.

"Well I know that your only here for such a short time I can't afford to hang about, so I called you to see if you would like to come out tomorrow," she said.

"Okay, when," I replied.

"I'll pick you up around 10am," she said.

"Okay see you then," I put the phone down and had to stop myself from jumping up and down in celebration.

"I couldn't sleep that night and was staring at my alarm clock when it rung at 8am. Throwing back the covers I jumped out of bed and pulled off my white T-shirt that I wore to sleep in then the black shorts and I jumped into the shower and switched it on the water which cascaded over my body from the holes in the shower head, as I washed myself I tried to imagine where she would take me. Turning off the water I hoped that I was ready for whatever came my way that day.

After drying off I started to look through my wardrobe, which was very limited for a girl. I took out a peach coloured summer dress I took a long look at it but decided not and threw it onto the bed, "What to wear," I though to myself, "Now if she had given me some sort of idea where she was taking me then I would know what to wear or at least have a better idea but since not I just don't have a clue." I stood there and started right at my open wardrobe.

I could go casual but what if it's either formal or perhaps dirty like a walk in the woods. This was driving me nuts now I knew what it was truly like to be a girl and why no matter how big the wardrobe it was never enough, after all any outfit could be appropriate or not it all depended on the situation. So finally I decided upon my black denim miniskirt and a white sweater, I slipped my feet into a pair of black doc martin shoes and laced them up, looking at myself in the mirror I wasn't sure but it should do for most eventualities, the clock on my bedside table read 9.30am, time was moving fast.

I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, Aunt Heather was standing over at the table looking down at the newspaper she looked up at me, "You look nice so where is Sophie taking you?" she asked. "Honestly Aunty I don't know, so I wasn't sure what to wear so I finally decided upon this. What do you think?" I asked and gave Aunt Heather a spin so that she could get a full view of my outfit.

"Very nice, it should do for most things," she said.

I was finishing breakfast, which was a bowl of cereal, when I heard the sounds of a motorbike drive into the driveway I rushed over and looked out the window where I saw Sophie get off her bike and walk up to the front door and then she rung the door bell which I could hear. I hesitated Aunt Heather looked at me then she got up and walked over to the front door and opened it. I hung back, my stomach was full of butterflies this was my first date as a girl, in fact it was my first date period either as a boy or a girl and I was feeling very nervous, so nervous that it could be said to be bordering on terror.

"Is Rachel ready?" Sophie said, I was overhearing her from inside the living room.

"Let me go and check to see if she's ready," Aunt Heather said as she walked into the living room, "Are you ready?" she asked me. "Yes," I replied as I looked into her confident blue eyes, which were a mirror image of my own. "Don't worry I've known Sophie for most of her life you'll be fine," she said trying to reassure me, I then joined her and we walked through to the lobby of the house, where Sophie was still standing on the top step.

She looked me over and I saw her look startled, "Is this alright, I didn't know where you were taking me so I didn't know what to wear. So I decided upon this," I said then I gave her a little spin so she could see the whole outfit.

"Its fine," she replied, I let out a huge sigh of relief at that pronouncement.

"I think your niece wants to be a model with that spin," Sophie said.

"I think so too she gave me one in the kitchen I think she'd make a great model, what about you Sophie?" Heather said.

"Oh yes a supermodel in the making," Sophie said and they both burst out laughing.

"Hay that's not funny," I said.

"Sorry darling," Aunt Heather said and stopped laughing.

"I'm sorry too," Sophie said then added, "We'd better be going."

Then I stepped out of the door and joined Sophie as soon as I stepped out I could feel the warmth of the sun against the skin of my bare legs. "Now you two have a good time and Sophie take good care of my niece," Aunt Heather said.

"Off course I will," Sophie replied as she got on the bike and handed me the spare helmet, "See you tonight Aunt," I said as I climbed on the back of the bike and wrapped my arms tightly around her waist, she turned around and looked at me, "Not so tight," she said. "Just making sure I've got a tight hold," I replied.

She started the engine and we pulled out of the driveway and we were off, as she drove I started to relax and started to take a look around as we whizzed past. Other cars and houses, "So where are you taking me?" I shouted in her ear. "It's a surprise so don't sweat about it enjoy yourself for once," she shouted back at me.

We turned into a driveway it was about half-a-mile long, as we drove up I could see a large mansion style house.

"I though I'd introduce you to some of my friends. If you don't mind," she said.

"Suppose it's too late to say no," I replied as she stopped the bike in front of the house. I followed and we then went up to the front door and she rang the buzzer. A few seconds later the front door was opened by a uniformed maid, "Can I see Paula Johnson," she said. "If you'll wait here I'll go and see where she is," the maid said, then he turned and walked away.

"So who's home is this?" I said as I scanned the inside of the lobby, which was well decorated.

"This Johnson's, Paula is their son and I've known him for most of my life," she said.

"So when did you two go out?" I asked.

"It's not like that we are simply friends. You know a woman can be friends with a man without sex being an issue," she said.

Just then a figure came out of a door and approached us, looking at the figure I couldn't tell if it was male or female but as the figure came closer the clothes told me that the figure was a male he was dressed in black bikini and a short black sarong and flip flops. He had brunette hair cut into a pageboy style he also had brown eyes.

"Hello Sophie nice to see you this must be Rachel," he said and held out his hand, I shook it, "Hello," I said. "Call me Paula, come we're out the back by the pool," he said.

Sophie stepped into the lobby and I followed her, "I didn't know we'd be by a pool I haven't brought a swimsuit," I said. Paula turned to me and looked me over, "We're about the same size you can borrow one of my suits," he said. "Sophie why don't you go out the back with the others and I'll take Rachel up to my room and help her pick out a suit. She'll be stunning when I'm finished with her," Paula said.

Paula took my hand and led me up the stairs and into his bedroom, which was perhaps the largest bedroom I have ever been in, it had a large bed and several large wardrobes and two chests of drawers and a dressing table. It also had a computer desk and a television and DVD, also an ensuit bathroom. I stood there and looked around this room, Paula looked at me and smiled, "So how long have you been a transvestite," he said.

"Really since I came here," I replied. "Its great here isn't it a place where we can be ourselves. See me I've been this why since I can remember and I love it, being able to be myself, you see these," he said pointing to his breasts. "These are real, what I mean is there saline implants I got them for my 18th birthday, do you want to feel them?" he asked.

"No, I mean I couldn't…" I said. He then took off his bikini top and they just stayed there pointing at me, I reached forward but I couldn't, then he grabbed my hands and put them onto his breasts, he held them there.

As my fingers felt there way around an amazing feeling enveloped me, "That's enough now," he said and I let go. "Since you don't have these, I'll give you an old set of falsies, there waterproof but be careful if you go into the water, now get undressed," he said as he put on his bikini top and went to get me a suit and the false breasts. "Oh I forget one piece or a bikini," he said. "I don't know," I replied confused. "Okay well try a few on and see which one suits the best," he said as he went over and opened a chest of drawers and started to take some clothes.

While he sis that, I slowly undressed as I pulled off my sweater I started to feel embarrassed, I had never been naked in front of another man or for that fact anyone other than members of my family. He turned back to me and he stopped and looked at me, "Wow what a body," he said, I couldn't help but blush at what he had just said. He handed me a black one-piece swimsuit, I took it and looked at it, the suit had a high neck but a high cut leg. "The beauty of this suit is that it will show off your figure and those great legs but it will hide those fake tits," he said. "Any others," I said. He pulled out another one-piece swimsuit and a couple of two-piece outfits, the one-piece was too low cut at the neck for me, off the two-piece suits one was a black two-piece version of the first swimsuit and the other was a white halter-top bikini, it however was the sexist outfit on display.

"I'm not sure," I said as I held up the halter-top to see how it would look. "The black two-piece would be the same as the black one-piece but its not as secure around the bottom of the bust however if your thinking of swimming there the only two choices but if you only want to make an impact on Sophie then you only have one choice the white halter neck bikini," he said. I knew he was right about that fact.

I was standing there trying to make a decision when there was a nock on the bedroom door. I froze immediately and didn't know what to do, when Paula stood up and went over to the door and opened it then he turned to me and said, "Don't worry." In came another young man, "Rachel let me introduce you to my friend Ali," he said. "Hello Rachel," Ali said. "Hello Ali," I replied "excuse me for not shaking hands I'm rather undressed," I added. "That's okay, I've been sent up to ask what's the hold up but now I see what the trouble is, the old which swimsuit dilemma. Remember when we had to worry what suit to wear before we had these," Ali said referring to his pert breast that seemed to point at me. I couldn't help but look at him he was the same age as Paula but he had long blonde hair that came down to his shoulders and deep blue eyes and a slightly upturned noise, like Paula he had a bust and I suspected they were also implants. He was dressed in a turquoise string bikini that left very little to the imagination. Paula then laid out the situation for him, "Then Rachel only has one choice that's the black two-piece," Ali said. "Why that one and not the one-piece or the halter neck?" I replied.

"Well Rachel if I were Sophie and if I saw you in the halter neck then I would know that you weren't planning on swimming after all she does now that your not like Paula and myself, are you," he said. I nodded. "So by wearing that suit she'll know exactly what your after, it'll make you look desperate. You'll be trying too hard, the one-piece is more appropriate if you want to swim but it also hides many of your best assets so she'll think that your not interested or that your scared. Whereas the black two-piece is a nice compromise between the two, you can still swim but it also make you look hot but not too hot. So it keeps Sophie guessing and you always want to keep the women off guard. Never knowing what your really thinking, cause if they know what you want then your playing to their rules and they'll use and abuse you. Unfortunately I've been there and I didn't like it, neither would you. I know that Sophie's a good girl and you want to keep her but since you new to this its better for you to begin the right way," Ali said.

I looked at Paula and he nodded so I put on the black two-piece, it was quite tight to my body. Paula helped me put the false breasts into the suit then he zipped me up. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I had to admit that I looked good. "You look fantastic Rachel," Paula said. "Yes you do," added Ali.

We then walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs and out to the poolside. As we walked out, they stepped in front of me and stopped, they were shielding me preparing to unveil me to the group of women.

"Ladies, we would like to unveil our latest creation," Paula said, then they stepped aside and something came over me and I stepped between them and out into the full view of the three women, who were all arranged around the perimeter of the pool, for some reason I can't quite explain I started to posse like a model showing off the suit and my body. As I gave them a show they started to applaud and I heard several wolf-whistles from them.

Looking over at Sophie I could see that she was smiling, "Well you've done it again Paula," one of the women said. As we walked over to them Paula turned to me, "Let me introduce you to our better half's Rachel," he said and he walked over and sat down on the lap of one of the girls. "This is my girlfriend Simone and that is Margaret and she's Ali's girlfriend," he added, I turned and saw Ali sitting on the girls lap, I walked over to where Sophie was sitting and she pulled up another chair and I sat down, Sophie leaned over to me and said, "You look great." I smiled at that it was the reaction that I had been hoping for.

"Ah Rachel want to get that suit wet," Ali said, I turned around and he and Paul were already standing at the water's edge. "Not right now," I replied, Ali shook his head and dived right in followed by Paula, they made a splash, I got up off my chair and went over and watched them they were swimming laps. Paula was coming back up the pool, I was watching him intensely he had an easy and fluid motion through the water. Then suddenly I felt something and found myself falling into the water.

I hit the water with a loud splash throwing water everywhere, when I managed to right myself I was standing up to my neck in water, I heard laughing and turned around to see Margaret standing over the side laughing her head off, the other girls were also laughing, turning around I found that both Ali and Paula were joining in the laughter at my expense. Suddenly I shot a glance down at my breasts hoping that they were still there and hadn't fallen out from the top but they were still there and I suddenly burst out laughing joining the others, I could see the funny side of the incident.

Turning back round I saw that Margaret was still killing herself laughing and she was still standing right at the edge of the pool. I walked over to the side directly below her, she looked down at me," I'm sorry but I couldn't help myself," she said. I looked up at he, "That's all right I hope you can forgive me," I said. "For what," she said a little confused then I reached up and grabbed her leg and pushed her over and she joined us in the pool, with a very large splash. At this the others burst out laughing again and I stood laughing at her as she emerged from below the water. I could see that she wasn't very happy, "Why did you do that?" she said. "I couldn't help myself you were just standing there and I couldn't resist it, I'm sorry," I said almost mockingly. She walked over and stepped up the steps that led into the pool, Simone threw her a towel and she wetn over to the chairs and sat down.

Ali swam over to me, "You go boy," he said as he stood up next to me. "Thank you," I said. "Margaret likes things her own way and she doesn't like when people make a fool of her. She'll lighten up when I tell her you didn't plan to humiliate her, just that you were fooling around but you're the first boy to ever do something back to her," Ali said. Then he looked over to her as she sat there, she wasn't looking too happy, Ali turned to back to me, "I'd better go and cheer her up," he said and walked over and went up the steps out of the pool, I watched him climb up the steps, looking at him I was still finding it hard to believe that this striking image is really a male. As he was far more beautiful and feminine than any of girls that I knew at school, in fact both Ali and Paula gave me ideas and an example to follow, as I stood there chest high in water looking down the end of the pool I could see Paula stop and stand up, he waved at me and I waved back then I dived down under the water and sawm down to join him at that end of the pool, I exited the water and stood next to Paula, "Good stroke," he said to me. "Thanks it's been a long time since I've done any swimming," I replied. "Look over there, I think that Ali's having to work some to soothe Margaret's bruised ego," Paula said. I turned around and cot the sight of Ali sitting on Margaret's lap and he was cozening up to her, kissing and being all submissive to her.

"Good luck to he," I said and turned and dived into the water and swam back to the deep end of the pool and then turned and swam back, I swam several more lengths then I stopped. Standing up I could feel my arms and legs felt tired. As I walked over and stepped up the steps leading out of the pool, reaching the top I found Sophie and she was holding out a large fluffy towel, she walked towards me and wrapped it round my shoulders, I took hold of the towel and started to dry myself off.

We spent the rest of the day outside by the pool Paula had lunch served outside and even Margaret calm down, although Paula did tell me to go over and apologise which I did and she accepted my apology.

It was early evening and we were sitting outside when Paula smiled, "Why don't we all go out to a club tonight?" he said. "Yea, why not we should take Rachel out and introduce her to the community here," Ali added. "Yea lets go what do you say Rachel?" Sophie said. "Sure but…" I tried to say but Paula interjected, "I haven't got anything to wear," he said and we all burst out laughing. "You borrowed a swimsuit you can borrow a dress," he added.

Paula led Ali and myself up the stairs and into his bedroom. "Okay if I use the shower?" Ali said, "Sure, go right ahead," Paula replied. Ali walked through to the ensuit bathroom and closed the door I heard the lock click shut. Paula turned and walked over to a wardrobe and opened it he then took a short strapless black dress he held it up and hung it on the door. Paula turned and looked at me, "What dress would suit you best?" he said. I walked over and looked into the wardrobe and went through its contents and pulled out a short royal blue Chinese style dress with gold dragon design and a mandarin collar and short sleeves, "What do you think?" I said holding it up in front of me.

He looked at it for a few seconds then he smiled, "Its perfect I knew you'd have a good eye," he said then Paula reached into the wardrobe and took out a pair of royal blue open-toed 4in stiletto-heeled shoes, "These will go nicely with the dress," he added.

We turned in unison as we heard the door of the bathroom opening and Ali stepped out, he was dressed in a large fluffy white towel wrapped around his breasts and he was drying his hair with another towel. He padded across the thickly carpeted floor and joined us, "Rachel you want to use the shower?" Paula said. "Thanks," I replied and walked over and stepped into the bathroom and locked the door behind me.

I took off the two-piece swimsuit and threw it into the washing basket where it joined Ali's, then I walked over and opened the door of the shower cubicle and stepped inside and closed the door, it was still warm from when Ali was there, I turned off the water on and stood there as the water run all over my body, it was still warm. Picking up the bar of soap I started to use it on my body as the lather spread over my body I could smell its aroma it was a peachy smell and I did consider it very girly. Then I washed my hair after that I switched the water off and stepped out of the shower. A picked up a large white towel and dried off, I wrapped it round my chest and picked up another smaller one, there were several others on a small metal trolley. I then unlocked the door and stepped out into the bedroom, Paula walked past me into the bathroom.

I turned and looked at Ali who was now fully dressed, he was wearing a very short tight strapless shiny red dress that hugged his body like a second skin, his long blonde hair hung freely over his bare shoulder. His face was made up accentuating his high cheekbones and bright red lip gloss his shoes were 5in stiletto-heeled clear plastic open-toed mules and he had a gold ankle chain on his right ankle his nail varnish on both his fingers and toes matched the lip gloss, "Okay you, I'll do your make up while Paula's in the shower," Ali said patting the seat next to the dressing table I walked over and sat down at the dressing table. Ali leaned over me and smiled then he started to work on me, he applied some creamy foundation to my face, then came the eye shadow, then he outlined my lips with a dark red pencil then filled it out with a bright red lipstick then a lip gloss to give my lips that shimmer. Then we painted my toe and fingernails to match my lips, "I hope you don't mind but I've chosen your underwear?" Ali said. "No not at all," I replied and he handed me this white satin body I took it and it felt so soft and delicate in my hands. "First put this on," he said and handed me what I recognised as flesh coloured gaff, I stood up and undid the towel from around my chest and it fell onto the floor and left me standing in front of a complete stranger totally naked.

Ali turned his back on me to give me a little privacy I slipped on the gaff and pushed it into place, make sure that my manhood was out of the way, then I picked up the body and stepped into it and gently pulled it up my smooth legs and into place. The front and sides gripped onto my waist and sides and pushed them in it was a nice restrictive feeling, "Ready," I said and Ali turned around and faced me, "That looks fantastic," he said, when we heard the bathroom door open and Paula stepped out of the bathroom he came through a haze of steam he was wearing a towel. He looked right at me, "He's gorgeous," he said and I started to blush. "There's padding over there in the bottom drawer," he added pointing to a chest of drawers and Ali walked over and opened the bottom drawer and took out a couple of pads out and came back over to where I stood and then she placed them into the front of the body giving me a small but realistic looking bust. Paula brought the dress over and handed it to me then he helped me put the dress on by holding it up as I slipped it over my head and put my arms into the sleeves, it then fell down over my body and came to a rest with the hem sitting on the middle of my thigh. It was quite figure hugging I ran my hands down the sides o f the dress and it felt quite soft and exotic then I placed my feet into the pair of matching stiletto-heeled shoes. Standing up I nearly fell over, "woops," Paula said as both he and Ali grabbed me to make sure that I didn't fall over, "You'll have to find your centre of balance again. High-heeled shoes tend to push you out of your natural balance and stiletto-heeled even more so take your time," Ali said. I spent the next few minutes learning to walk in these shoes, while Paula got dressed. He took off his towel and let it drop to the floor, I tried not to stare but I couldn't help but look at his breasts, they were pert with erect nipples, "You know it's rude to stare," Paula said looking right at me. I looked away and blushed, "I'm sorry I couldn't help it," I said apologetically.

Paula and Ali burst out laughing and I started to blush, "Hay don't worry about it, we're only teasing. I stared the first time I saw them out," Ali said and put his hand on my shoulder, Paula slipped on a white lace thong over his gaff, then sat down at the dressing table and did his make up. Then Ali handed him his dress and he slipped it on, like Ali's the dress was a black skintight short strapless dress that really showed off Paula's figure. He sat back down and crossed his legs right over left he then took a silver ankle chain and placed it round his right ankle, then he walked over and slipped his feet into a pair of stiletto-heeled shoes which were the same as Ali's shoes. Paula smoothed down the sides of the dress and then turned to us, "Okay let's go," he said and we left the bedroom and walked down the stairs.

There was a series of wolf-whistles coming from the girls who themselves have got changed into a short shirts and trousers, we then paired off Paula with Simone, Ali with Margaret and Sophie and myself. We left the house, we walked out to a MPV, which had a driver, and the car pulled out of the driveway and onto the road.

The car pulled up outside a club and we got out, Paula talked to the driver then we followed Paula and Simone into the club.

The club was jumping, the music was loud I couldn't even here myself think, I was holding hands with Sophie as we entered the inner part of the club, we were walking down a flight of stairs that led to the dance floor when someone pushed in and we were separated. I couldn't help it I started to feel anxious as I felt the crowd gather round me and start to contract I was about to have a full blown panic attack when a hand grabbed me and pulled me out of the scrum. Suddenly I stood face-to-face with Sophie I was so pleased to see her that I threw my arms round her neck, "Ah, what was that for?" she said. "For being my heroine," I said. "I liked that, we should do that more often," she said with a big smile, I looked up into her eyes, they were kindly eyes and her smile was infectious and I started to smile. She took my hand and she led me across the floor and over to a horseshoe shaped booth, the others were already seated.

"Where did you two get too?" Simone said. "Nowhere we just got separated and I had to find Rachel," Sophie said. "Yea, I've heard that one before, you've been in some quite corner getting jiggy with it," Margaret said. "Margaret get your head out of the gutter," Sophie said as we sat down.

"Okay does everyone want a drink?" Simone said. "Yea, I'll have my usual," Paula said, "Me too," Ali said. "I know what Margaret wants and Sophie but what do you want Rachel?" Simone asked. "I don't know what to have. What are you having Paula?" I asked. "I'm having a vodka and Cranberry juice," Paula replied. "I'll have the same," I said to Simone who then go up, "I'll come with you," Margaret said and got up and followed Simone over to the bar, I watched them go as they did they walked past several people some they greeted others they ignored.

"Hay you want to dance?" Paula said as she and Ali stood up, "I'm not sure, I'm not a great dancer," I replied. "Oh come on just follow us its easy," Ali interjected and then they grabbed me and pulled me up and out onto my feet and I followed them out of the booth and over to the dance floor which was large but still packed primarily with boys. We found a small space and we then started to dance, I was watching them and trying to imitate them rather than put any of myself into it, I still felt strange dancing, I put it down to me still having my male brain switched on rather than the female one, which I hoped I had as I looked around at all these gorgeous men dressed, acting and looking like women that I was having real problems getting my head around it.

"Try and relax your still too stiff. Watch Ali, look how she moves it all flows together," Paula said as she stood beside me I stood there transfixed as I watched Ali dance she, I mean he was amazing as he moved in time to the music.

When the music was over and we were walking back to the booth, I got next to Ali, "Wow you are an amazing dancer where did you learn to dance like that?" I said. "Ali's been dancing for most of her life she plans on being a professional dancer," Paula said. "I prefer Latin and Ballroom dancing but because of their stupid rules I can't compete in there completion's," Ali said, as we reached the booth and sat back down, Margaret and Simone had returned with the drinks.

"You looked good out there," Sophie said as I sat down next to her in the booth. "Not as good as Ali, she's amazing," I replied. "Yes she is but Ali's been dancing most of her life while your new to it so I have to applaud your efforts I know hard it is," Sophie replied.

I was sitting and watching the people on the dance floor when I heard, "Ah Paula, good to see you its been a while," a voice said, I turned round and saw this gorgeous looking woman, oh I mean boy standing there, he was about my height with long jet black hair, he was dressed in a black long sleeved cropped top that did little to hide his amazing breasts which were probably larger than either Paula's or Ali's and a long black loose fitting skirt, between then though was this incredibly flat stomach, he was well tanned then my attention was drawn to the ruby that was held in his navel, it matched his lip and nail colour.

"Hay Andrea great tan, and I love that ruby," Paula replied. "Thanks just got back for a month in Greece travelling around the Greece Islands. The ruby's a present from Michelle, she's just off to the little girls room," Andrea replied.

"Why don't you join us till Michelle comes back?" Ali said. "Sure why not," Andrea said and sat down in the middle of the booth, he then saw me and looked right at me, "Well how isn't this a pretty one," he said. "This is Rachel," Sophie said. "Hello Rachel so how long have you been here?" he asked. "I've been here a little over a week I'm staying with my Aunt for the remainder of the summer," I said.

"And how is your Aunt?" he asked.

"Heather Ross," I replied.

"Well hello and welcome to our little community Rachel," Andrea said and held out his hand, I shook it and matched his smile.

"So Andrea how was Greece?" Paula said.

"Absolutely fantastic, great beeches fabulous people without many of the hang ups that we have seen here. I used to sunbath topless almost everyday with out a word of complaint," Andrea said.

Just then we were joined by this woman she had to be over six-feet tall and wow was she handsome, she had to be Michelle she was tanned and lean with close cropped black hair and piercing blue/grey eyes. Andrea saw her and immediately stood up and went over and joined her. Michelle slipped her arm round his waist and they kissed, when they parted Andrea turned back to us, "It was so nice seeing you girls again and very nice to be introduced to you Rachel. Why don't we girls get together for lunch and perhaps a little spot of shopping later in the week?" Andrea said. "That would be great, why don't I arrange something I'll give you a call?" Paula replied. "Yes that would be great see you then," Andrea said then they left the club.

The music was slower and Simone took Paula's hand and led him up onto the dance floor where they started to dance they held each other close, "Want to join them?" Sophie said as she saw me looking at them. "Yes," I said and we got up and walked onto the dance floor, she took me in here arms and we started to move in time with the music I could feel her next to me, I rested my head on her chest and closed my eyes for the first time in a very long rime I felt safe and secure here in Sophie's strong embrace. The music stopped but I just staid there safe in her arms, I was brought back to reality by her, "Rachel," she said softly. "Rachel the music's finished we need to go back to the booth." I opened my eyes and stared up into her hers, "Sorry," I said then we walked back over to the booth joining Paula and Simone and Ali and Margaret. "You two looked very comfortable out there" Ali said as we sat down, I blushed a bright red.

We staid in the club for another couple of hours before we decided to go home, the MPV came and collected is, as we drove through the city, Paula turned round, "Why don't we drop Rachel off first," he said. "If you don't mind," I replied, "No, its on the way," Paula said then she turned and talked to the driver.

A few minutes later the MPV stopped outside Aunt Heather's house, Sophie opened the door of the MPV and she helped me out of the MPV and we walked up the driveway to the front door, we stopped outside the front door. "Oh the dress," I said. "Don't worry you can drop the dress off tomorrow. Well its been a great night and I would like to see you again," she said and put her arms on my shoulders we leaned in and I parted my lips and we kissed it was the best kiss I had ever received for a very long time. We were still embraced when I saw the front door open and Aunt Heather stood there, she gave a slight caught but nothing happened till she coughed a lot louder then Sophie let me go and she turned to face my Aunt with me beside her, I was red faced from embarrassment while Sophie looked sheepishly at first my Aunt then me.

"Sophie you've finally decided to bring my niece back. Well I hope you've had a good night. Now you Rachel get inside and get up to your room we'll talk about this in the morning," she said. I looked at her then Sophie there was something in my Aunt's eyes that told me not to disobey her. I turned to Sophie, "I'll see you," I said then stepped past her into the house, I wanted to hear what she would say to Sophie but her gaze followed me to the bottom of the stairs I knew that they wouldn't speak till I was out of earshot. So I climbed the stairs and entered my room, I collapsed onto the bed reaching over I picked up the pillow and hugged it close pretending that it was Sophie but it was a poor substitute to her gorgeous body and her warm lips as they kissed mine, they were the softest and warmest lips that I had ever kissed and I wanted more. I heard the front door close and lock then I heard my Aunt came up the stairs but they passed my door and entered her own room.

I took off the dress being careful not to damage it, then I took off the shoes and walked into the ensuit bathroom and brushed my teeth then I walked back to my bed and got into bed, switching off the light I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep but all I could think off was the night with Sophie, I eventually feel off to sleep.

Wakening up I saw the sun light stream through the window I looked over at the clock on the bedside table it read 7.20am, my alarm was set for 8am. Throwing back the bed covers I slipped my legs out of the bed and put my feet into a pair of fluffy bunny slippers and I stood up I picked u my robe and put it on then I left the house and walked down the stairs.

I entered the kitchen and went over to the fridge and opened the door and took out the carton of milk and took out a glass and filled in up to near the top, I returned the milk to the fridge and closed the door. Picking up the milk I opened the back door and stepped out into the bright morning sunshine, the sun however was not at its full height so it was a little cold but after last night I was far too happy to notice the slight chill in the air.

After a while I turned and walked back into the house and I waited till my Aunt got up I started to wonder what she will say to me. I sat at the dinning table and finished the glass of milk.

About 30 minutes later my Aunt came down the stairs and she entered the kitchen, she looked at me then walked over and picked up the kettle and walked over and filled it up under the tap then she switched it on. She went over and opened one of the cupboards and took out a cup and then she filled it up with coffee from a jar on the counter, when the kettle boiled she picked up the kettle and took it over and poured it into the cup. I watched her intensely as she crossed to the fridge and opened it and took out the carton of milk and used it to fill up the coffee cup, after she returned the carton of milk to the fridge she picked up the cup and carried it over to the dinning table and sat directly down across form me, when she fixed me with those brown eyes of hers and I waited for her to speak about last night.

"Okay young lady about last night. I think I'd better set some ground rules for while your staying here with me," she said. "What type of rules Aunt," I replied. "Well firstly if you're going out late then I want you to give me a call," she said. "And," I said. "Also we'd better get you a better wardrobe if your going out with Sophie," she said. "What, I though you were going to yell at me for being out too late last night," I said.

"I'm your Aunt not your mother, I get to help you and any way Sophie's a great girls so I have no worries about her taking advantage of you and anyway I think it was time that Rachel get to have some fun, she's been held back for far too long," she said. I got up from the dinning table and rushed round and hugged her, "Thank you," I said. She smiled as I put my arms round her neck. When we parted she looked right at me, "I think its time we got you started, go get dressed and I'll take you into town and we can take you shopping," she said.

I turned and left the dinning room and ran upstairs and into the bedroom and there he got dressed he put on a white T-shirt with lilac trim and a short lilac skirt, then I slipped my feet into a pair of lilac flip-flops. Then I left the bedroom and walked down the stairs and found Heather in the living room.

"Right young lady we'll get going you'd better go and get that dress that you borrowed from Paula and we'll drop it off before we head off to town," Heather said. "Sure, I'll just go I and get it," I said and went back to the bedroom and picked up the dress then I came back down the stairs and headed out of the house.

I got into the passenger seat of the car and Heather got into the drivers seat and then drove the car out of the driveway and then we drove through the city till we came to Paula's Mansions. Heather drove the car up the driveway and stopped outside of the house, we got out and walked up the steps and rung the bell.

The door opened and a maid stood there, "Ah Ms Ross," the maid said. "Is Karen Johnson available?" Heather said. "If you wait here I'll go and see if she's available," the maid replied. "Is Paula in?" I asked. "I'll see about that as well," the maid replied.

"Rachel good to see you," a voice said from above I looked up and saw Paula walking down the stairs towards us, Paula was wearing a black V-neck T-shirt, the V was quite deep exposing a large amount of breast, tight kaki shorts and black mules. He came across to us, "I've come to give you this back," I said holding out the dress and shoes. "I've got you clothes up in my room why don't you come up and get them?" Pual said, I looked at Heather and she nodded and I flowed Paula.

We walked up the stairs and along the corridor to her bedroom. "Just lay them on the bed. So how did you go last night after we dropped you off?" Paula asked. "My Aunt didn't say anything to me. What did Sophie say about her conversation with my Aunt?" I asked.

"She came back to the MPV, she didn't say anything but she was silent for the rest of the journey," Paula said. "Has she said anything about me at all?" I asked. Paula smiled, "She likes you," Paula said. "What, she told you this," I said. "No she didn't have to remember I've known her for most of my life I can tell when she's interested in a boy and I looked at her last night and saw how she was looking at you and I could tell. She was very interested in you. However Sophie not like the other girls she's not that forward in the way that other girls are your going to have to give her some encouragement if you want her to come forward for you," Paula said. "Right, I see," I said smiling. "So do you want to go shopping with Ali, Andrea and myself," Paula said. "Sure, Oh I'm going out shopping with my Aunt after we leave here," I said. "Your still thinking like a boy, we love to go shopping and will take every opportunity to go so come along we're going on Thursday," Paula said. "Sure, I'll come," I replied, Paula handed me my clothes from yesterday and we walked out of the bedroom and back down the stairs and into the reception lobby but my Aunt wasn't there, "She probably in with my mother, who's working from home today," Paula said and led me across the reception lobby and through to her mother's private office.

Sitting outside her private office was her personal secretary, he looked up and smiled when he saw Paula and I enter the outer office, "Gwen is my mother in there with Ms Ross?" Paula said. "Yes, do you want me to disturbe them?" Gwen replied. "No, don't do that I'll take Rachel through to the kitchen," Paula said.

As we turned to leave Gwen got up and stepped away form the desk, he was dressed in a dark green silk blouse that suited his long red hair that was tied in a long ponytail that reached just below his shoulder blades. He had green eyes that matched his blouse also he wore a simple knee length black pencil skirt over black hose and black court shoes with 3in stiletto-heels, Gwen smiled at me as I turned and left the office I was following Paula.

We went into the kitchen there were three staff members all dressed in white. One turned to us as we entered," Would you like something to eat Paula?" he asked. "Sure I'll have a sandwich and an ice-tea. What about you Rachel?" Paula said looking at me. "I'll have the same," I replied.

Paula opened the door and we went out onto the patio and sat down at the table, "So Paula what do you do around here?" I asked. "Basically the same as anywhere else," Paula said. "The club you know about but we have a couple of others there also the country club where we play tennis and use the gym. Also there are a number of social engagements such as dances and charity events we recently held out annual charity debutante ball and we have an up and coming charity fashion show, would you be willing to be one of our models for the fashion show?" Paula added. "I would love to be a model for the fashion show but I don't think I'll be around I've got to go back home and get ready for school," I replied. "Well the fashion show is in a couple of weeks time its the last social event we have before we go back to school it takes place on the Saturday night perhaps you could come down with your Aunt that day?" Paula said. "I could talk to my Aunt and see if its possible would you it would be a good thing for me to do," I replied then one of the maids appeared with our food and drink.

About half-an-hour later Aunt Heater and I finally left the Johnson's mansion we were sitting in the car when she turned to me, "I was talking with Ms Johnson about some of the social events that go on within our community when I realised that you were to late for the debutante ball this year, its where the young ladies of the community are formally introduced to society. I was thinking how about next year's if you come to stay with me for the who of next summer you would be able to live the whole period as Rachel and to attend all the events as her?"

"I would love that Aunty," I replied. Then added, "When I was talking to Paula she told me about a charity fashion show that they have."

"Yes I know all about it."

"Well Paula asked if I would like to be a model in the show but its after we go back and just before I have to go back to school. What do you think Aunty?" I asked.

"It would be good for your confidence to attend it but your right it I remember correctly its on the Saturday night before the start of school but I think I could persuade your mother to let you stay over at my place that weekend and we could drive down either on Friday night or early on that Saturday morning and we could drive back Sunday and get you back home in time for you to get ready for school on the Monday morning," she said.

"That would be fantastic so I can tell Paula that I'm available for the show when I see them on Thursday," I replied. Then I though about it, "Does Paula have something to do with the organising for this event?"

"Yes, Paula's the chair of the social committee at the school and Ali's the deputy chair and is in charge of the fashion show," Aunt Heather replied.

She drove the car into the centre of the town and found a parking space and stopped the car and we got out. "So where too first?" I asked. "I think that we should go and get that hair seen too, I made you an appointment at the beauty salon that comes highly recommended for young boys that are coming out so to speak," she said and we set off for the salon.

The salon was a modern well-lit place with attractive décor and a welcoming atmosphere. Heather opened the door and I followed her in with a growing sense of trepidation and dread of the unknown.

"Hello there," a voice said we turned round to be greeted by this sight of a boy no more than 18-year-old with long light blonde hair cascading down around his shoulders, blue eyes outlined perfectly with black eyeliner and eye shadow. He wore a black V-neck top that showed off an impressive bust a blue denim mini skirt, bare legs and black ballet pumps. "I made an appointment with Stephanie for my niece here," Heather said.

"Heather is that you darling," a voice said from behind us, we turned around and I could see my Aunt smile and they hugged, Stephanie was tall about the height of my Aunt, he was wearing black 5in stiletto-heeled shoes and a very tight short black dress he had long black hair that fell in ringlets down around his shoulders at the end of his arms were long bright red fingertips that matched his lipstick.

When they released Stephanie turned and looked right at me and he smiled and came over to where I was standing, "Well this must be you pretty young niece isn't she a picture but a little work and she'll be really beautiful," Stephanie said. "I know that my niece will be in good hands you're a miracle worker Stephanie," Aunt Heather said.

"I like to think of my team here as artists and a good artist can't work with bad materials but in this case we have really good material. Do you want the works done to her?" Stephanie asked looking directly at my Aunt. "Yes I'll leave my niece in your very capable hands," she said looking at Stephanie then she turned and looked right at me. "Rachel enjoy yourself and let yourself be pampered," she said and gave me a kiss on my check and then she turned and left the salon, I watched her go and then I turned and faced Stephanie who was now joined by a couple of younger men dressed in the latest fashions.

"Now Rachel follow me and we'll get you started in your transformation," Stephanie said and he took me by the hand and I couldn't resist and I followed him through to another part of the salon where I was seated in a chair and covered with one of those covers and then Stephanie stood right behind me, "Well your Aunt say we're to lengthen you hair but not to dye it anything other than your natural colour as your going home soon, so we'll put in some hair extensions that will match you natural hair your new hair will reach down to around your shoulders. First we'll wash and condition it," Stephanie said. Then they got started working on me I just sat there and waited for the transformation to take place.

Stephanie weaved the hair extensions into the hair which gave me a strange feeling as I felt the effect of the new hair on my head it was slightly heavier than normal I turned my head and I saw the hair flick to the side, which was a strange experience for me as I had never had long hair before.

After the hair extension a young man came over and started to do my make-up. First he tweezed my eyebrows into two thin crescent shapes above my eyes. Then he started to blend in foundation to even out my skin tones. After that he started to outline my lips in a dark red then filled them filled it out with a bright red colour. Then he did my eyes in a smoky grey. I looked at the person staring back at me in the mirror and I couldn't recognise the person looking back at me; it took me a full minutes for me to realise that I was looking at myself, I was looking at a very pretty teenage girl. Then he started to do my nails and filed them down to a nice oval and then he put on the nail polish that was the same colour as my lips; then he did my toenails.

My Aunt Heather came and collected me from the salon and she was amazed by the transformation that took place. She was gushing in her praise for Stephanie and his team of artists. I also added my own thanks to them for there efforts then we left the salon.

"Now lets go shopping," she said. I turned to her and smiled she smiled back at me.

We walked down the street I actually slipped my hand into the crock of her arm; in imitation to the girls I used to see and worship walking in the street. My Aunt looked right at me and I though that I could see a tear well up in her eye it was only momentarily then she was back to her normal smiling self.

Pushing open the door of the store we walked in and then we walked straight over to the elevator and she stepped in and I followed her into the elevator; the doors closed then the elevator moved up. The elevator stepped and the doors opened and we stepped out and we entered what I can only describe as an Aldines cave of female clothing it was like I had been allowed into the place I had always been denied access to.

"Where do you want to start?" she said looking at me; I think she saw that look of wonder that was showing on my face. I started going one way then went another then I stopped and turned and loved at her.

She came over to me and smiled, "Okay I know where to start," she said. Then she put her arm round my shoulder and we started to walk through the rows and rows of clothes, we stopped at the underwear.

"Lets start with the most basic necessities. Every girl needs some good underwear," she said and started to pick up items such as panties bras and other item of underwear.

After that we moved onto the skirts tops and dressed I was having the best day of my life so far; I was putting on a fashion show for my Aunt right there in the middle of the store; I was trying on many of the items and she was because she could see that I was happy as I pretended to be a supermodel.

The last thing we bought in that store were a couple of very sexy bikini's that I could never have worn in a million years but my Aunt just looked at me and smiled an enigmatic smile like she knew something I didn't.

As we were leaving the building she said: "First lets stop and get something to eat then I can take you for your big surprise,"

"What surprise?" I said.

"It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you know would it," she said.

"Suppose not," I replied.

She led the way and we entered a small coffee shop and found a table and sat down.

A young waiter came over he was dressed in a simple white blouse with a short black skirt with black tights and low-heeled shoes. His long auburn hair was pulled back into a ponytail. "What can I get you," he said.

"Well I'll have a roast ham baguette and a coffee and my niece will have a chicken salad baguette and a diet coke," she said.

He took a note of there order and then he walked away towards the kitchen.

I turned to my Aunt, "so your not going tell me what the surprise is?" I asked.

"No, I wont," she replied.

"Will I like it?" I asked.

"Oh I think you'll love it," she said again with the enigmatic smile plastered across her lips.

The waiter first brought over our drinks and put them down in front of us. He smiled at me he couldn't have been much older than me.

"So how do you like your purchases?" she asked.

"Amazing, I used to never like going to shop for clothes but I really enjoyed that the clothes and fabrics they were soft and sensual, boys clothes are just not that interesting," I said.

"You'll have to get used to the power of female clothes, unlike your male self Rachel needs to take great care in her appearance. You need to decide wither you want to make people turn there heads or to ignore you," she said.

"I know I need a lot of help in dressing I'm only really starting but I've only got a short time before I have to return to my normal life," I said.

"I know Rachel, so you'll have to cram a lot in and you'll only get out what you put in. So I have to apologise beforehand for what I'm going to do to you over the next few days," she said.

I gulped at what she had just said, it would mean a lot of hard work of that time to create what both of us want to transform me into a proper teenage girl. She smiled and put a hand on mine in a measure to reassure me but I knew that if I wanted my dream I would have to do a little suffering. I looked up into her blue-grey eyes and I smiled. "I know that I'll have to suffer if I want to attain my dream," I said.

"Good girl I knew that you would see it my way," she said.

The waiter returned and placed our food down in front of us, "would you like anything else?" he said as he stood at the front of out table.

"No were fine," she said. He turned and walked away leaving us to get on with our food.

After we finished our meals she paid then we left the coffee shop. Then we walked down the street and she turned up a side street and I followed her, then she pushed open the door of a shop and we went in, I looked around and I found myself in some kind of medical supply shop.

"Oh here she is," a voice said and I turned around and found myself staring at a large woman who was talking to my Aunt they were both looking in my direction I stood and looked at then in return.

My Aunt called me over I walked over to where they were standing. The woman looked me over very closely in fact it started to wired me out when she grabbed me around the chest.

"Don't worry Rachel this is your surprise. Okay Glenda show her," Aunt Heather said.

The other woman walked away and into the backroom, while I turned and looked at Aunt Heather, she smiled.

"I'm getting you a pair of breast forms, the best type they are given to women who have had there breasts removed by surgery, they will respond to your body and will be very realistic," Aunt Heather said.

The woman returned carrying what looked like pieces of chicken with the one on the left looked bigger than the one on the right. The woman stopped in front of us and I looked at them they both had nipples and areoles they looked realistic.

"The one of the right is the correct size for a girl of your age and type. While the one on the left is one that would be given if you had a breast augmentation surgery," the woman said.

"Why don't you try them on and see which one suits you best," Aunt Heather said.

She handed them over to me, "Why don't you go into the back room and put them on," she said.

I turned around to go back there when my Aunt said, "Try then with this," then she threw me something I caught it and opened it up I found the black halter neck bikini; I looked at her she smiled and I smiled back at her. Then I took the bikini and went into the back room.

I pulled off my T-shirt and unzipped the skirt and it fell to the floor, I took off my underwear and slipped on the bikini bottomes, they were snug and they made my lover abdomen look smooth then I put on the top and filled them up with the normal sized ones first then I walked out they were deep in conversation.

"So what do you think?" I said

They turned and looked at me, "Very good," my Aunt said. "Yes but they'll be better with there formally attached to the skin," Glenda said.

I turned and went back into the back room and took out the smaller pair and put in the larger pair and I immediately felt different, I could see them peaking out from the top I felt sexier and felt myself go hard I started to smile. I felt great. I walked out and they both stopped talking gazed at me I walked over to them and did my best runway model impressing, jutting out my new bust by arching my back and placing my hands on my hips.

"I think we've found a winner," Glenda said.

"Oh yes," I said, "I love then I want them," I added pleading to my Aunt.

She though for a moment, "Okay why don't we take them both but those are for special occasions," she said.

"Okay," I replied.

She turned to Glenda, "Why don't you teach her to put on the smaller ones right now," she said.

"Sure," Glenda said and we went back into the temporary changing room. Then I took off my bikini and put on my panties and skirt but didn't put on my T-shirt as I waited for my new breast forms to be put on. Glenda taught me to use the spirit glue and place the breasts on in the right place and fix them in place. Then she told me how to use the remover to get them off. We did it a few times tell she was satisfied that I knew what I was doing; she watched as I attached the smaller pair of breast forms to my chest and with them attached I could feel the added weight to my chest; I felt weird but I liked it. I pulled on my T-shirt over my new breasts and I could see them pointing out from the material.

"You need a bra," Glenda said pointing out my erect nipples and areolas. "I'll go and get one," she said then left, she returned with my Aunt.

"Take your top off," Glenda said. I did what she asked and pulled off my top. "There's something I need to show you," Glenda said then she took the nipple of my right breasts between her thumb and forefinger and started to rotate. I started to feel, "Wow," I said.

"It gives you limited feeling plus someone can touch it and if will feel like real skin. It means you could go topless if you wanted," Glenda added.

I reached my hand up and she was right it felt like real skin warm and soft. Even my Aunt touched it and smiled, "least you can take them off," she said and both she and Glenda laughed at that. She pulled out a bra, it had some padding and she helped me on with it and then I pulled on my T-shirt, I looked down and they were pointing outwards to too far, not like some girls but then if I had worn the larger pair then I realised I would be exactly like them.

"Excuses me Glenda but do these came in a bigger size?" I asked.

They both looked at me, "Yes, they do but they would look ridicules on you at the moment. May be in a few years though," she said.

Aunt Heather just looked at me then relaxed when she saw me smile; when Glenda told me that I would need a few years before I would need a bigger pair of breast forms. After she paid for the breast forms then we left the shop, I walked along with a new sense of confidence. I could see people looking at me, especially the girls who were staring right at my new cleavage that gave me a sense of power.

"So where are we going new?" I asked.

"To do a lot more shopping," she said.

"Great," I said and we went into the nearest shop and up to the women's department.

I felt a lot more confident now so I went over to a rail and picked up a very sexy dress, it was blue and white with a couple of spaghetti straps, I took it off the rail and took it over to my Aunt.

"Why don't you go and try it on?" she said.

I went over and entered the changing room and pulled he curtain across I took off my T-shirt and skirt and slipped on the dress. The dress came to my mid thigh my new breasts did peak out the top. I looked at my reflection in the changing room mirror I looked good, I turned and pulled open the curtain and stepped out into the shop.

"Very nice, I think Sophie would be very pleased to see you in that dress," Aunt Heather said.

"I think your right, I'll take it," I said. As well as the blue and white one I took a peach coloured one and a red one. Then I picked up a couple of black evening dress one was a black beaded halter neck the other was strapless. I was looking at a short black skirt when my aunt came over she was carrying this beautiful green silk dress it had spaghetti straps and the skirt was cut at an angle.

"This would look so go on you and you really should have something other than black in your wardrobe," she said and handed it to me and I went and tried it on. I felt incredibly sexy in it we bough it along with a white halter neck and a red strapless number.

"Now for shoes," she said. We went down to the shoes section where we bought several pairs of shoes and a couple of pairs of boots.

"Now isn't shopping great," Aunt Heather, said when we had returned home from the day shopping.

I took my packages up to my room and unpacked I had every item that a girl could want I put everything away; underwear, bikinis and swimsuits in the drawers along with the T-shirts and shorts. Skirts, dresses and tops into the wardrobe.

I walked into the living room; Aunt Heather was sitting on the sofa, she looked up when I entered the living room.

"Aunt, I can't thank you enough for what you did today but it was too much," I said.

"Now who else is going to spoil my favourite niece it don't see you that often and I know that being a teenage girls is high maintenance so forget about it," she said.

I went over and gave her a hug she wrapped her arms around me and I felt loved is the only way I can describe the feeling that I got from her.

I was clearing up after dinner when the phone rang and Heather went and answered the phone. "Rachel its for you," she said.

I walked out of the kitchen and she handed me the phone, "Hello," I said.

"Rachel, so what do you say we get together and you can show me what you bought today?" Paula said.

"Sure do you want to come over tomorrow and I can show you the new me," I replied.

"Great see you then," Paula said.

I put the phone down and went back into the kitchen and finished clearing up.

"So what did Paula want," Heather said as she entered the kitchen.

"She wanted to come over tomorrow and see what I get today. I said yes is that okay?" I said.

"Oh sure, I think she'll be pleased with what you get today don't you?" she said.

"I think she'll jump at those dresses and wait till she sees these," I said pointing to my breasts.

"Your right about that but she'll really jump if she sees you in the other pair," she said. We both burst out laughing at that even though Paula had real breasts enhancement that were a little bigger than the larger pair of breasts forms.

I went to sleep around 11.30pm (now a girl does need her beauty sleep).

The alarm woke me up and I slipped out of bed and went through to the bathroom and turned on the shower I put on the clear plastic cap to protect my hair then I stepped into the shower and let the water wash over me, I reached over and picked up the bar of scented soap and started to wash my body, I shaved my body though I'm not very hairy then I switched off the hot water and stepped out and picked up the towel and dried off and then wrapped it round my chest including my new breasts. Then I went back into the bedroom.

Sitting down on the bed I decided what I'd wear today. Getting up I walked over to the full length mirror that stood between tone of my wardrobes and the window and I undid the towel and let it fall to the floor; I stood there naked in front of the mirror and looked at myself.

Reflected in the mirror was what looked like a teenage girl except for the small penis that hung limply between her legs? I never wanted to be rid of it so much in all my life as I did then, I closed my eyes and wished it would go away but when I opened them there it hung. I almost burst into tears but I managed to regain my composure and started to get dressed first the gaff, I was starting to get used to the feel of it. Then a pair of white panties and a matching bra; which lifted and pushed my breasts together giving me quite an impressive cleavage then I pulled on a black v-necked top and a pair of kaki shorts and slipped my feet into a pair of black mules. Then I went downstairs and into the kitchen.

Heather was already downstairs and sitting at the table; she was drinking her usual morning cup of coffee while reading the paper. She looked up and saw me entering, "Good morning," she said.

"Good morning Aunt," I replied and went over and poured out a glass of orange juice and went and sat down at the table.

"So when is Paula coming over?" she asked.

"I'm not sure but sometime this morning," I replied.

"You'll knock her spots off when she sees you in those new clothes that we picked up yesterday," she said as she got up and left the table I just smiled at her and reached for the paper.

The doorbell rung, "I'll get it," I said and went down the stairs and opened the front door. Standing there was Paula, she took one look at me and her jaw dropped I smiled, "come in," I said she entered and I closed the door. "So do you like my new look?" I said.

"Yes, you look fantastic," Paula, said when she finally lifted her jaw off the floor.

"Thank you," I said. "Why don't we go up to my room and can show you what we bought," I added and then we went up stairs and entered the bedroom.

I took off my top and Paula couldn't take her eyes off my breasts just like I couldn't take my eyes off her breasts when I first saw them. "You know it's rude to stare," I said.

"I'm sorry but I'm just so shocked. Are they brest forms?"

"Yes, Aunt Heather bought me two pairs these and a larger size?" I said and opened the drawer and took the larger ones out and handed then to her.

"Wow these are great I've heard about them I almost got them but decided for the real thing I know you can't get that yet so these are the next best thing. I could only imagine Sophie's reaction if you wore these she'd go nuts," Paula said.

"I know I can't wait to see her, with me wearing them. Paula don't tell her I want to be a surprise okay," I said.

"Wouldn't dream of it I want to see her reaction when she sees those puppies. I forget to say love the hair it really suits you," Paula said.

"Well thank you but just wait to you see tehe clothes tha we bought," I said and opened the wardrobes and she came over and took a look round them, she immediately picked out the green silk dress. "This is amazing," she said.

"I know, couldn't keep my hands off it when my Aunt brought it over to me its gorgeous. It looks better on than off," I said and put it on and modelled it for her then she put it on.

"I love the dress," Paula said as she stood there wearing the dress, we spent most of the day trying on different items that had been bought. Paula really loved the black halter neck bikini.

"I know, I'm going to throw a pool party on Saturday and your going to be the star wearing this bikini and those large breast forms see its also Sophie's birthday and you've going to be her big present. What do you say Rachel?" Paula said.

"Absolutely I can't wait to see Sophie's reaction when she sees those puppies in this bikini," I said as I struck a pose in the mirror.

"Right but will make it a surprise party for her and then you'll jump out and won't she be surprised at how hot you look," Paula said.

"Yea, I bet she'll be pleased too," I replied.

"Oh you can be sure that she'll be pleased at the way you look. You know I wish I had asked Ali to come over now she would be knocked out. Or even a camera just so she thinks I'm not lying," Paula replied.

"I've got a camera," I said and went over and took my camera out of the bottom drawer after checking that there was film in the camera I handed it over to Paula and she started to take pictures and I started to really get into the role of supermodel.




It was the Saturday of the party my Aunt dropped me off early at Paula's place. She showed me up to her room and I put my bags down and we went downstairs the staff was already busy making preparations for the party making food and blowing up balloons.

"You still okay with this?" Paula said.

"Sure, I think so," I replied as I paced up and down the bedroom floor. Just then I heard the front doorbell go, "Ah reinforcements," Paula said and walked out of the room; I almost followed her out but something stopped me it was a growing sense of dread that was creeping over me about this whole idea, it had sounded fine a couple of days ago in my bedroom but new it seemed a crazy thing to do; what if Sophie hated it and she broke up with me.

Then the door opened and Paula came in with Ali following her," Hay their Rachel. Looking forward to your big day?" Ali asked.

"No," I replied.

"Your just nervous that's all she worried about how she looks Paula said as she sat down next to me on the bed.

"Look Rach, you'll knock her dead Paula showed me the pic's that you took in your bedroom and she's right you look fantastic. Just be confident and you'll be there and anyway we'll both be there okay," Ali said looking at me with those big eyes of hers.

I smiled up at her, "Okay, I'll be fine just nerves I guess," I said.

They helped me put on the breast forms and they were a lot heavier that the other ones and I had to spend some time getting used to them, I put on the bikini and a short matching sarong.

Paula and Ali also got dressed both put on bikini's Ali wore a white strapless number and Paula went for a royal blue one.

"Okay the guests will start to arrive soon. Now Sophie's not due to arrive till 3pm Margaret is bringing her. I'll come and get you when its your time," Paula said.

"Right," I replied and sat down on the bed and waited for the time for my big entrance. I walked over and looked out the window that overlooked the pool area where the party would be held.

The place was starting to fill up with maybe ten to twenty people their equal numbers male and female. Though it was still hard to remember that here it was the men in the bikini's and swimsuits with the really long hair. While the women were dressed in short and jeans and had the short haircuts and were far more muscular than the males looking down at them; they were seemly having fun and I felt a little left out of the whole thing deep down I knew that I would probably play a really big part but I wanted to be down there right now, enjoying myself.

I was startled back to reality by the door opening looking up I saw Paula entered she was smiling.

"Your on, come with me," she said.

I got up and walked out of the bedroom and I followed Paula down the stairs. As we neared the backdoor I could see Sophie, she was talking to Margaret and another woman I didn't know, Ali appeared at the door and waved at me. I waved back to her.

Paula turned to me, "Okay wait here and I'll go and introduce you," she said then walked out of the door again leaving me standing alone and I started to feel the nerves well up inside me, I suddenly feel the need to vomit.

But before anything could happen Paula announced ma and opened the door I fixed my best smile and stepped out onto the patio. To the applause of the crowd; which gave me a confidence boost and I walked straight over to Sophie and gave her a big kiss; when I let her go she looked at me and her jaw dropped I smiled and pushed her jaw back up when I let her jaw go she broke out in a huge smile, "you're the best present I could have wished for," she said then she scooped me up in her arms.

"Happy birthday; Sophie," I said slipping my arms round her neck.

"Okay put her down; its time to cut your cake," Paula said and she beckoned over two maids who were pushing a tray with a three laired cake on it. Sophie put me down but took hold of my hand and we went over and she looked at me, "Won't you help me put the candles out?" she asked, I nodded my head and we both leaned our heads down and blew out the candles that covered the cake nineteen in all. The crowd burst out in applause, Paula handed her a knife and she cut the cake.

Later the party was in full swing, we were dancing I had my arms round her neck; her arms were round my waist as she held me to her body.

She kissed me and I felt a jolt of electricity flow through my body. Something happened to me I couldn't really describe it but I wanted, no needed to make love to her.

"Take me to your room," I whispered into her ear.

She looked at me for a moment then let go, I let got for a moment then took her hand in mine as she turned and led me through the packed dance floor and into the house and went up the stairs and along the landing she stopped outside a door, she turned and looked right at me.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

I hesitated I was scared my stomach was moving around like a bad case of sea sickness I looked up into her eyes and I knew that it was the right thing to do, I nodded my head and she smiled and led me into the bedroom.

The sun was streaming through the window s, I lay awake I could feel that she was asleep her breathing was soft and shallow as I rested my head against her chest. I felt her stir beneath me.

"So how do you feel now?"

Rising up on my elbow and I looked at her, I could feel the smile spread across my lips.

"Fantastic," I said then kissed her, I felt her arms envelope me and I returned my head to its place on her chest.

"I could stay here for ever."

"I know."

"It won't be long till I have to go back to my home but how can I go back after what I've seen and experienced here?"

She reached down and kissed me on the top of my head, I knew there was nothing that she could say to me at that moment that would make me feel any better. I had come here a shy confused virgin and I now knew how I was sure I was different but didn't care I was in love and was no longer a virgin.

My Aunt was sitting in the kitchen when I got home that day. She looked at me, "How was the party?"

"Great." I tried to get away and head up to my bedroom but she called me back into the kitchen.

I stood there trying not to look at my Aunt as she looked at me.

"There's something different about you…"

Did she know how could she know? I started shaking with fear what would she say? Then I realised that she had stopped talking and was again looking at me.

"I think I know what's wrong with you its that your time here is coming to an end and you'll have to go back to living that lie you call a life but don't be too downhearted you can come back here with me next year and it will be for the whole of the summer holidays and know that I know everything you can spend the weekend with me, you can spend them as Rachel."

"Your right I will miss this when I go home its been a reveation that I'm not a freak, its nothing to be ashamed off, but going back to that life where I can't be the person I truly am."

She smiled and walked out of the kitchen I flowed her out and went up the stairs to my room. I flung myself down on the bed, I could remember the feeling myself down on the bed, I could remember the feeling of her fingers as they moved over my body her breath on my skin as she took my virginity.

Closing my eyes I slid my hands over my body retracing last night as if it was a map of my body.

The rest of my holiday flow past as the clock run down on the last full night of my stay there was a party where everyone I had met over the last few weeks came.

"We'll miss you," Ali said as he grabbed me and gave me a hug.

"I'll miss you too but I will be back next year and we can be together for the whole of the summer holidays."

"I can't wait for you to return."

"Neither can I."

"Here we got you a present something to remind you of us," Paula said handing me over a package.

I unwrapped it and it was a framed picture of us all taken by the pool at Paula's house, I was dressed in a bikini, as were Paula and Ali.

"Thanks I really like it I'll remember the good times when I look at it though I'll have to leave it with my Aunty Heather as I wouldn't want it found it at home."

I saw Sophie heading my way, "excuse me I'm going over to speak to Sophie," I said and walked over to her.


"Can we take a walk?"


We turned and walked out of the house and into the back garden we went over and sat down on the bench. She took my hand in hers and she looked right at me.

"This has been the best few weeks of my life I've started to feel things for you that I never though that I would feel for anyone.."

I wanted to say the same thing to her but as I started to speak she placed a finger on my lips.

"No let me speak please this is important. I think, no am in love with you."

I was speechless when she took her finger away from my lips I was sitting there in a state of shook as she looked at me.

"Well what do you say?"

I couldn't think of anything to say so I flung my arms around her and kissed her.

"I love you too."

We kissed again then we got up and walked back into the house hand in hand everyone stopped and looked at us as we entered but now I didn't care who knew that we were together. Then I saw Paula and Ali burst into applause and start clapping. I turned and looked for my Aunt she was smiling at us I nodded and turned to Sophie and we kissed right in front of them.

Early the next morning Aunt Heather took me into the town and I went to the hairdressers and got my hair returned to normal. Then we came home and packed for the return to home. I took one last look around this home where I had been at my happiest and then we left to travel home…

"We're nearly there," said Aunt Heather, which pulled me back to reality I looked around and saw that we were nearly here. I turned to her and smiled.

I was looking forward to the future and this holiday for the first time in my life.


The End.




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