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My Night of Fun              by: Laura Ellis    


This story is true from start to finish. The beginning is a little background on how I came to love the feeling of dressing, being made to dress, and bondage. Please enjoy this story, but I request that it not be used in any way without my permission. Enjoy.

I have a sister who is 3 years older than me. We lived in a part of my city that is rather deserted. There are 3 houses on my dead end street, and no other neighbors for miles. So it turned out that my sister and I had to find things to do to keep us occupied. Whenever my parents weren’t home, which was a lot of the time, for as many as 4 or 5 hours after school sometimes more, my sister was in charge. One of the things about my sister is that she was a tomboy. She had a closet and dresser full of some of the most feminine dresses and underwear a girl could ever imagine. But she absolutely refused to wear them anytime other than to church or for a special occasion. But even though she hated to wear them, she loved to force me to wear them. She would chase me around the house and catch me eventually. Then she would tear my clothes off, and start from scratch. I’m talking from the skin out. I would wear all the things she had outgrown. Her underwear, little girls slips, tights, shoes and dresses. She loved every minute of it. She would dress me up in the frilliest outfits she could find. Then she would get mean. She would wrestle me to the floor, and tie my hands behind my back (she must have secretly been a Boy Scout because I could never get loose). Then she would tie my feet together. gets worse. She would put ribbons, or clips, or barrettes in my hair. Then the worst part. She would take one of her full-length dress coats (the really pretty pink wool ones that all little girls have) and put it over my shoulders and button it all the way up to my neck, and then tie ropes around the outside of that. So now, even if I could get my hands free I was still immobilized by the tight long coat. She would put her tinkerbell lipstick and make up on me, and then she would tape my mouth shut. She was evil. Sometimes she would put me in the basement in the cellar with the lights off for a few hours, or in her closet like that, or even in her toybox. The worst was when she would take me outside to the shed by our pool. She would stand me up against the wall, and secure me to it, with rope, or duct tape or whatever. The worst thing was there was a full length mirror in there for when people needed to change for the pool, so she would set me up so I would have to look at myself in the mirror the whole time, even duct taping my head to the wall so all I could do was close my eyes to not see me there helpless. She would leave, padlocking the door from the outside and leave me there for hours. 8 hours one time. She even left me in the trunk of one of our cars tied up, gagged and stuffed in a duffel bag (up to my neck) for 2 hours!!! She was evil. The worst one ever I think was one year around Halloween. My parents were gone for the weekend and she was in charge. My mom had gotten her a Cinderella costume. Not the cheap ones either, this one was rented from a real costume shop. She refused to wear it. So she dressed me up in it instead. From head to toe, including the costume jewelry, the long white gloves, the blonde wig and tiara, and the 2-inch heels that I had never worn before. Since it was cold she put the faux fur wrap on me that she was supposed to wear and took me outside. She took me over to the swingset and said we were gonna play a game. She had on part of my dad’s Prince Charming outfit. She said that she was him and was coming to save his fair princess (me). To make it realistic I had to be captured though, so she took me and tied my hands together in front of me. Then she pulled the rope up over the top of the swingset, stretching me up on my tiptoes so my heels were off the ground. She then took rope and pulled my ankles out and to the sides of the swingset on each side. You could barely tell because of the masses of petticoats under the skirt that I wasn’t flatfooted. Once I was there she put a knotted scarf into my mouth and tied it behind my head making a gag. I was completely helpless and could barely move a muscle. Just then I heard a car pull up in the driveway. It was my sister’s friend and her older sister. They had come over to see if she wanted to go to the mall. My sister disappeared around the front of the house to talk to them and then they went inside. When she came out almost an hour later (I could see the dainty watch on my left wrist), she had changed clothes and was carrying the Polaroid camera, and her friends were right behind her. They commented on how cute I was and pretty and said that I should be the one wearing the outfit on Halloween the next day when we all went Trick or Treating (which she ended up making me do, but that’s another story all together). Well my sister snapped about 5 photos then she got in the car and left. With me still dressed and tied up. She left at 2:45 in the afternoon, and came home at 8:30. I was like that for almost 6 hours. I told you she was evil. Needless to say I spent most of that weekend in her clothes, and either tied up or down almost all the time.

Well now, many years later, I still enjoy the wonderful feeling of women’s clothing, and bondage. I can’t help it. It’s part of me now. So when ever possible I try and indulge my hobby. I keep my body smoothly shaved at all times because I love the feeling. It is highly erotic. So this is what I like to do on a typical evening alone.

First I lay out my outfit for the evening. Tonight I will be wearing my lacy black Victoria’s Secret Wonderbra and matching lacy thong. I always like the feeling of something between my ass cheeks. For the time being it is just my panties, but later, who knows. Then I take the beautiful corset that I ordered out and start to due myself up. It is a gorgeous black satin, with a black vine overlay. I get hard just looking at it, let alone putting it on. Luckily it has front hook and eye closures and laces up the back. I had the saleswoman tight lace me in the store so I can just attach it when the time comes. Next comes the black seemed stockings, also from Vickie’s (I just love that store. A woman can feel like a woman shopping for lingerie, not like a slut. Even though I enjoy that feeling too.) I attach the thigh highs to the corsets garters and then get out my shoes. They are also black and are a shiny patent leather. 4" F’ me pumps with stiletto heels, no lower then that for this girl. Now to get dressed. The whole time I am dressing I am fantasizing that I am getting dressed for a date with my lover, and wanting to look extra alluring, as well as wanton for his pleasure. Could this man be you? Who knows. We can both be having fantasies can’t we? I then go to the closet and take out my favorite black dress. It comes to just below my stocking tops when I am standing straight, but when I bend over, which I frequently must do, you can imagine the scene I make. After this I sit at the vanity and attach my nails, red and 1". Then my makeup, a step below street walker, but definitely in the slutty category. Finally I style my long brown hair in a slightly large, and totally "easy girl" style to make sure I attract attention. After this is all complete I spritz on some perfume, "Contradiction by Calvin Klein" is there a more fitting one out there, and I am ready. I pour myself a glass of wine and get out the special box.

This box is where I keep all of my instruments of servitude, as I like to call them. I open the box and take out the ankle restraints, the handcuffs, the numerous dildo’s, and all of the ropes and such. I start by placing the ankle restraints on my ankles and I then put the spreader bar between them. I also take the handcuffs and cuff my hands in front of me…for now. I move the thong out of the way, and place one of the vibrators up my ass, and then turn it on slow, and replace the thong in between my cheeks. This holds it inside me. I fantasize that what is up me is actually the cock of the man that has tied me up. I then place the custom made love pillow on the couch. It is a pair of shorts and boxers stuffed to look like the legs of a man. Inside there is a dildo attached that also has a rubber bulb attachment that can be set by timer. I contributed to the reservoir in it myself earlier so I know it is all ready to go. I kneel in front of it and begin to suck on it like the little slut that I am. I lick, kiss, and suck for all I am worth. After the timer is over, which I usually set for at least 15 minutes, the bulb goes and rewards my efforts with my own cum into the back of my throat. The whole time I am doing this I am imagining being forced to give head to a complete stranger or a burglar maybe that has kidnapped me and tied me up. This is a fantasy that always gets me very excited. After I am through with my pillow friend I slip on my beautiful woman’s fur and wool coat and head out to the backyard. I go to the old shed that is out there. I have already set this up earlier. There is a hook in the ceiling that has a cable running through it that is attached to my remote control winch. I also have a video camera set up to capture all of my adventure. I start the camera and sexily walk to my mark. I take the remote control that is attached to the ceiling by the hook and lower the winch cable. I imagine that a man is doing this to me. I then insert a penis gag into my mouth. I then reach under my skirt and release my hard clitty so it will be seen by the camera, and be seen by me while I am helpless. I attach the cable to my handcuffs and start pulling in the cable until I come completely off of the ground. Now I am hanging a foot off the ground, dressed like a slut, with my clitty in view, with a penis gag in my mouth, and a vibrator up my ass. This is one of the most erotic moments of my life. I stay like this until I can no longer stand it. I let myself down, not removing or covering anything. I stop and eject the tape. I go back in the house and place the tape in the VCR. I remove the coat and dress but leave on everything else. I then put on a black peignoir set and lay on the bed. I tie my ankles spread eagle as well as handcuff my left arm to the bed. I roll on a condom and then push play on the VCR. I stroke myself slowly to a climax while watching the tape I have made during my last few adventures. After I am through I roll the condom inside out onto a dildo and lick it clean all the while imaging that is a real mans cock in my mouth. And with that I drift off to sleep. And I still have Saturday and Sunday to play before I have to be back at work. I love being a girl sometimes.


Did you enjoy my little fantasies? Did you want to be the one that tied me up? Did you want to be the one who got to put his cock up my tight little hole? Did you want to be the one I was sucking dry time after time after time? If so, please email me with your thoughts and fantasies. I would love to hear them. The hotter and sexier the better, and if you include me in them, that is what I love most. Tell me what you would do to me if you caught me dressing up. Tell me what inescapable bondage situation I would be placed in. Tell me how you would use my slutty body for your personal pleasure. Please e-mail me at I can’t wait to hear from you, and you never know, I may write back with my own version. Love ya lot’s….Laura


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