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My New Next Door Neighbors

by Jennifer Allison


As I sit here waiting for my date to show up, I get to thinking about what has happened over the last twelve months. Whereas a year a go I was a gangly thirteen year-old boy, now I am fourteen year-old boy/girl who causes any normal male to have hard on by just walking by.

I was sitting in this same spot a year ago, when my life changed. For better or worse? You tell me.

I was sitting there looking out the window when a large U-haul truck pulled up to the house next door.

"Looks like our new next door neighbors have arrived," I said to myself.

The driver of the truck was a very good looking woman in her late thirties or early forties. Out of the passenger side jumped a girl about my age. She was wearing hotpants and a shirt that she had tied in a knot to show off her midriff. The truck was soon followed by a convertible with two more girls. They looked about sixteen and fifteen, and were dressed like their sister.

So I decided to introduce myself to my new neighbors before anybody else; especially that girl about my age. So I got up and went outside. I did something that immediately put me in their good graces.

"Hi, my name is Dean. I’m your next door neighbor."

"Hi, Dean, I’m Ms. Foster, and these are my daughters, Molly, Ginger and Susy."

Susy was the youngest and Molly the oldest. They looked even better up close.

I then asked, "May I help you with your unloading? Ms. Foster."

"Could you? I’ll pay you five dollars and buy you lunch at MacDonald's."

"You don't have to pay anything, but I will take a Big Mac Combo."


After about half the unloading was done, I had a chance to asked Susy a question.

"When will your dad be here?"

"He won't. There is no Mr. Foster." she replied.

"A divorce?" as soon as those words were out of my mouth, I wanted them back. I had been hearing that word around my house for the last month or so. It had gotten so bad my parents were now sleeping in different rooms.

"No, mom didn't need him anymore. So we left him where he was." Susy said with a chuckle.

I couldn't help myself, every chance I had I was staring down the cleavages of all four women. Even Susy was showing off hers. The three teenagers must have known I was staring because they kept offering me better looks as the unloading progressed.

At MacDonald's little Dean finally had enough and shot a load of cum.

Susy then leaned and whispered something in her mom's ear. "I think Dean has shot a load"

"Yes he has. We have the hook in him, but now we must set it. When they are this young it will take awhile. But I think we’ll have reeled him in, in a month or so."

I looked up in trying to hide my shame, and found all four smiling at me.

I asked Susy about school. I was thinking about September when I’d walk in with Susy on my arm.

"We don't go to school. We are home taught."

For the next month I spent a lot of time with Susy. After the first week the situation at home changed. My parents were back in the same bedroom. The word divorce was never mentioned again. There were some changes I should have added together. They spent at least three evening a week over at the Foster's. Ms. Foster like giving parties. It seemed like she had one five to six times a week.

My dad was now more respectful to my mom and her lady friends. He never complained when mom asked him to do something. I used to sit outside my parents bedroom listening as they made love. Even this changed. Where it use to be that my mom did most of the moaning and begging for more. I was hearing my dad doing the moaning and begging.

One morning I smelled perfume as my dad passed. I notice he was wearing nail polish. I gave him a bad time about that. "Dad, you and mom got a little carried away last night."


"Your nail polish."

"I guess we did."

That was all he said to me about it. As he walked away I also noticed that his legs were shaved.

As for me and Susy. We did everything together. Movies, trips to the mall, walking in the park and swimming in the Foster's swimming pool. Susy's bikinis left nothing to my imagination. By the beginning of the third week of our friendship we started kissing. Very little at first but we got more adventurous. By the end of the next week heavy petty was in vogue. My hands spent a lot of time inside Susy's bra, but she never let me get a feel inside of her panties. I could rub from the outside and that was it.

Then one afternoon after a session of swimming and petting …

"Dean, why don't you come up to my room?" Susy invited.

"Your room? Why?" I asked.

"I need more than just petting today." She replied.

As we entered Susy's room. She did something totally unexpected. She pulled down my swim trucks, jockstrap and all. "You don't know how much I have dreamt of this moment."

All I could do was stand there in all my naked glory, with one of the biggest hard-ons I have ever had, with my mouth wide open.

"I see little Deanna wants to come out and play."

I was so out of it, I didn't even notice that Susy call my proud manhood by a feminine version of my name. Susy then pushed me onto her bed. As I tried to lay down she said "Sit up. I like doing it better this way."

As I did as I was told. Susy fell to the floor in front of me. Taking hold of little Dean. She started petting, rubbing and scratching it. I just sat there moaning in pleasure.

"Dean, I’m going to give you some pleasure, but I want something in return."

"WHAT?" I almost screamed.

"I want you to return the pleasure, regardless what happens."

"I will, I will."


"I promise."

I knew if I didn't promise I wouldn't get the blowjob I was about to receive. I didn't have to wait too long. As soon as the words were out of my mouth, Susy's mouth had little Dean inside. Up and down she went. Her lips were rubbing against three/fourth of my dick., while her tongue was taking care of the sensitive underside. I didn't really care what Susy was doing. All I cared about were those feelings that she was causing. I laid back with my eyes rolled back into my head moaning and groaning. I grabbed a hold of Susy's bedspread so hard I ripped holes in it with my fingernails.

Finally I had to climax. I came, I came, and I came. I couldn't stop. When I did finally stop I looked down at Susy who then looked up at me and smiled showing off her cum filled mouth. I still couldn't say a word.

Susy had to break the ice. "How did you like it?"

No word escaped my mouth.

"Now lets switch places. It is time for you to keep your promise."

I did as I was told. Figuring I was about to eat some pussy.

"Dean, close your eyes. Don't open them until I tell you."

I could hear Susy as she removed her bikini botttom.

"Now open your eyes and mouth."

I found myself staring at a dick. The same as I had.

"Surprise," before I could close my mouth. Susy put her dick in my mouth. "Now give me a blowjob like you promised."

She held my head so I couldn't move with that thing in my mouth. "You promised you would give me pleasure regardless of what happened. NOW SUCK!"

Really having no choice in the matter. I started my first of many blowjobs. I tried to mirror Susy actions earlier, with my lips and tongue. I was so busy I didn't notice when Molly and Ginger entered the room. Susy finally let out a loud moan and I received my first load of salty cum, still not noticing Molly and Ginger. I just stared at Susy with a cum covered toothy grin.

"So how is our newest cocksucker?" asked Molly.

"With a little more practice, she will be just as good as we are." replied Susy. "Won't you, Deanna?"

Finally waking from my trance. "Who is Deanna?" I asked.

"You are, silly. Only girls and sissyboys suck cock. Since you are definitely not a girl that makes you a sissyboy. And you need a sissyboy name."

"I am not a cocksucker."

"If you aren’t, what did you just do to me?" Susy then handed me some photos. "A picture is worth a thousand words." Two of them showed me in the act and the last showed my cummed covered face.

"Get use to it. Mom and the rest of us have known since the first day we meet you are a sissyboy."


"When you help unload my stuff. I saw you feeling panties. Then there was your little accident at Macdonald's. You thought we didn't notice?"

"Remember last week when your mom gave you that weird test? Using your own words."

"Yes I do."

"That test was the Gingerman Test. It is a test that is used to prove a boy is a sissyboy down deep inside. Your score was higher than either Ginger or Molly."

I then sat down. My head was still spinning from what had just happened. Then it finally dawned on me. Susy had a cock. I looked at Molly and Ginger. They were both wearing see thru nightie tops and no bottoms. Between their legs, stood ramrod straight, were two more cocks. Susy noticed me staring with an open mouth.

"Molly, Ginger and I are sissyboys too. We have just made some changes in our bodies."

"Lets give this new sissy some more practice. Where is your K-gel, Susy."

"Mom wants to save Deanna's ass cherry for tonight's party. She wants her to practice her blowjobs."

"What do you mean ass cherry, and party tonight?"

"Deanna you are the sissyboy guest of honor at tonight's party. You are going to have all the cocks down your throat and up your ass you can handle "

"My parents will have something to say."

"They have. They are bringing over the video recorder so they tape every minute of tonight's party."

"That is if they are not already enjoying themselves." said Ginger. "Your dad enjoys these parties. Your mom has to throw ice on him, when they have to leave."

"What if I say no?"

"Mom is a good student of human nature. She spotted you as a sissyboy right off. As with most sissyboys after their first taste of cum they can't get enough of it. Look at your self. The thought of sucking and getting butt fuck is making you so excited. You have been oozing pre-cum since we started telling you about it."

Remembering the taste of Susy's cum and how much I enjoy the blowjob. With one fluid motion I bent down and took Molly's long stiff hard pole in my mouth. "That is a good girl, Deanna. By the time the party rolls around you will be a pro at cocksucking."

As I was busy with Molly. Ginger put Susy's K-gel to use. For the first time in my life I saw someone being butt fucked. I must have showed I was little upset at sisters doing it with each other. "Don't worry your pretty little head of this. We aren't sisters by birth." said Ginger, between thrusts into Susy's butt.

"Don't worry about it, after tonight's party, we will be able to fuck you as you will be able to fuck us."

The thought of being butt fucked like Susy. Made me shot a load of cum just thinking about it.

After we finished. Molly picked up my male swim trucks. "Our new sister doesn't need these anymore. When she goes swimming she will have to wear a bikini like the rest of us."

"What about going home after the party?" I asked.

"We'll give you something that fits your new nature. Besides there isn't a stitch of male clothing in your house anymore. We removed it while you and Susy were having your afternoon swim and suck session."

"What about my dad's stuff?" I asked, a little confused.

"Don't worry about your dad."

"Looks like everyone is ready for some more fun and games." I looked around at four ramrod poles standing at attention.

This time I took Ginger in my mouth. She hadn't cleaned up from her earlier action with Susy. Molly took care of my love pole while Susy took Molly from behind. I lost count of how many different combinations. But I was never taken in the butt. Shortly before eight we had to stop and get ready for my coming out party I found out.

We started with the my see thru nightie. Just the top no bottoms.

"Where are the panties?" I asked.

"We don't wear any to the parties. You and your lovers don't want anything to get in the way of the fun."

Then I was sat down in front of Susy's vanity. I wasn't allowed to look until after the girls were done. When I did finally look, there was nothing that showed that I had ever been a boy.

"When the guests get a look at Deanna. They are going to rush to fill her date book for the next six months."

"What is the date book?" I asked.

"It is the book that Mom keeps track of the gentlemen and young men who want the pleasure of your company and some fun and games in bed. We work the parties three days a week and go out on dates three more days and rest one day a week."

As I watched the others get ready for the party. I wondered what my parents really thought of all this At 8:30 we went down and joined the party which was in full swing, from the noise.

"Stay here Deanna, until you are called." Susy told me before the door to the game room. Then she and the others entered, to hoots and whistles.

A minute later. Ms. Foster opened the door a crack and said to me. "Wait until I knock on the door and then come in."

"Ladies, gentlemen, sissyboys, and guests, I would like to introduce my newest member to my sissyboy stable. She still has her ass cherry, so I will take bids for the pleasure of someone busting it for her.

"So please welcome, Deanna."

I entered the room to find it filled with about thirty people in all states undress. Some looked at me as I entered while others continue what they were doing. I found my mom. Who waved to me as I entered. Who was dressed as a dyke. With a dildo. That didn't bother me as much as what she was doing with it.

She was butt fucking my dad. Who was all decked out as a drag queen. He was too busy to notice me. While my mom was taking care one end, my dad was busy with a blowjob he was giving to the high school football coach.

I didn't have to long to wait for my fun to begin.

"On your knees Deanna." I turned around and found myself staring in to the face of my Junior High School vice-principal. We have never gotten along. I have spent so much time in detention, that the kids re-named the detention room, Dean's room. "I have had a hard on since I learnt you were a sissyboy." He then forced me down on my knees and fed me his eight inch monster. Knowing I really had no other choice I started sucking.

My parents finished their fun and started watching me. "Hey Bill, how is my daughter as a cocksucker?" asked my mom.

"She is going to be a good one." He then started filling my mouth with his cum.

Turning towards Ms. Foster my mom asked. "Mistress. may we have a few moments with our daughter?"

"Yes you may. Don't take too long, I have already had five offers for her ass cherry."

I was then taken out to another room by my parents

"I think we need to explain, Deanna," mom started.

"My name is still Dean."

"Not anymore, Deanna. We had it legally changed. We signed the papers this morning."

"Why did you do this to me? Why is dad dressed like a drag queen? Why were you fucking him in the ass?"

"I am a sissyboy just like you are. I just came out of the closet recently," replied my dad.

"Remember how it was six weeks ago. Your mom and I always fighting. We were one step away from a divorce. We decided to take one stab at staying together. We went to a marriage counsellor, who ran us through a bunch of tests. One of them was the same one your mom gave you last week, The Gingerman Test. It turned out I was a latent sissy at heart. By sheer luck Ms. Foster moved in next door and we started coming to these special parties.

"Here my name is Jennifer, and I am a sissyboy. I don't have any sex that is considered manly. I give blowjobs and get my butt fucked."

"What about you mom? You are dressed like a dyke."

"Sometimes I’m a dyke and sometime I’m all woman. Tonight I am a dyke and I enjoy butt fucking my husband, knowing I am doing something to him that he has done to me many time before. We do have normal sex, like that of husband and wife, as well.

"One thing is, that your dad and I are not allowed to touch you in any way. So this dildo is for your dad and the other sissyboys in the room."

"What about me. Why did you let them turn me into a sissyboy?"

"We found your cache of girl's clothes. Also Ms. Foster spotted you as sissyboy right off."

"What will the kids at school say? when get it gets out I’m a sissyboy."

"For one thing you are going to be home taught right here at Ms. Foster’s with your sissy sisters. You will be working the parties three nights a week and go out on dates three more days a week."

"Why do I have to work these parties and go on these dates like a whore?"

"There is a simple reason for that. We are dead broke. Remember ten weeks back when the stock market took that huge plunge. We lost everything, including your college fund. This way you can help us till we can get back on our feet. We also need to pay for the special stuff you will need."

"What stuff?"

"The feminine hormones. That will used to change your body into a more feminine looking."

"Like Susy?"

"Yeah, in six months you can stop looking at cleavages, because you’ll have your own by then."

The thought of my own breasts caused me to have an accident right there in front of my parents.

"You like the idea of your own breasts don't you, Deanna?"

"I guess I do."

"If you are so excited, lets get back to the party. I need something hard and long up my ass, and I need it now," said my dad. "Besides your first lover is waiting for you Deanna."

As we re-entered the game room. I noticed Sam standing off to one side. Sam was all-state quarterback as a junior. Some said he would be an All-American this year.

"Sam made the highest bid for your cherry, Deanna Sam will now take you to one of the bedrooms. I didn't think you would like everybody watching. Don't count on Sam's being the only one to take you in the ass tonight."

Sam came over and kiss me on the lips. Then whispered in my ear. "Don't worry I am always gentle the first time with virgin asses."

A thrill shot up my spine when I saw the monster dick that was going to take a my cherry. I reached down and shook it, like I was shaking someone’s hand. I then said, "I just wanted to say ‘hi’ to your friend."

We then left the room. Me holding Sam's friend and Sam's fingers working my butt crack. We barely made it to a bedroom. I had to have that monster now and I did mean now. As we entered the room I fell to the floor and sucking on that monster.

"Don't work on it to much, Deanna. Just wet enough so that it won't cause any friction, when I make my entrance." I crawled as Sam moved over the bed with his dick still my mouth. As we moved onto the bed Sam started to work his fingers into my asshole. One at first then two. I felt the K-gel he was using to lube me up for the big entrance.

"You had better stop now."

As I stopped. Sam then positioned me and himself for the big moment. I could feel the tip of little Sam as Sam rubbed across my buttock, teasing me. "Do you want this sissyboy?"

"Please! please!" I begged. "I want you to made a good sissy out of me, pleaSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE." I screamed as Sam made the first of many thrust into my awaiting love canal.

It hurt like hell at first. But after awhile the feeling changed from hurt to very good to even better than good, to great. Back and forth we went. I wanted Sam to put little Sam deeper into me. After my third orgasm, I felt Sam tense up. I knew what was coming so I buried Little Sam in a further than it ever had gone. Sam couldn't hold back anymore and started filling me with his babyseed.

As for me. I really don't know what happened. My eyes rolled back into my head and I passed out from the unbelievable pleasure.

"What happened?" I asked when Sam woke me up. I could feel Sam's cum leaking out of my butt.

"You passed out from the pleasure. It sometime it happens to the first timers."

I then tried to start some more loving. But Sam stopped me. "Sorry, we have to go back to the party. There are others waiting for the pleasure of your company tonight."

When we got back to the playroom. I had found the party goers had stopped all their activities and were watching a 62 inch TV screen. What they had been watching was my deflowering. When we were noticed, the party goers all started clapping. My parents came over and hugged me.

Ms. Foster then said. "We are pleased to welcome our newest sissyboy, Deanna."

The rest of the night was just a blur for me. When I awoke the next day a little bit after noon. Feeling butt sore and tired. I asked mom for some of the details. It seemed I had had six more dicks up my ass, and I had given a blowjob to everyone with a dick in the room except my dad.

I then started my life as a sissyboy. A trip to the beauty parlor, for a perm, and ear piercing, three times in each ear. And shopping, and I do mean shopping. The only good thing about that day, it was my day off - no party or dates.

For the next month, a few major changes were made at my house. My dad started working at home, so Jennifer came to stay. There isn't a stitch of anything considered manly for him or me to wear. There is some stuff for my mom when she is in her dyke mood.

I spent most of my free time next door, swimming and fooling around.

The next major moment in my life came exactly one month after my coming out party. My best friend John was coming home from an extended trip to Europe. His father had died just before school let out, so his mom took him to Europe to help him get over his grief.

On his first day back. He had called and talked to my mom. John had told her he would be right over. I didn't find out about his coming until after my mom hung up and I was unable to stop him.

"Mom, you should have tried to stop him."

"Deanna you are going have to face him anyway. You might as well do it now, before he finds out from someone else."

"Your mom is right, Deanna."

I knew they were both right, so I tried the I best I could to look like a normal boy until I explained everything to John. It was kind of hard when the only pants I had were hotpants with no zipper in front.

My mom must have been reading my thoughts. "Deanna you had better not be planning on doing anything to your hair. Ms. Rogers spent three hours making it look so right for you."

So I finally gave up, and didn't change a thing.

Fifteen minutes later the doorbell rang.

"Come in John. I'll go get her."

As I came down the stairs. I asked John. "John could you close you eyes. I have a surprise for you."

"What is it. You know I hate surprises."

"This one is a dossy. I think you had better sit down."

"Come on what is it. It can't be that bad."

"Just sit down and close your eyes."

"Ok, Ok. My eyes are closed."

I then stood in front of John.

"What is that I smell, perfume?"

"Yes you do. You may open your eyes."

John sat there for a full minute with his mouth open staring at me. Finally his first words.


"No I am not a girl. I am a sissyboy and my name is Deanna."

"Why? What? How? When?" John babbled. Then, "What is the difference between a girl and a sissyboy? Dean, you did say your name now is Deanna, right?"

"It all started two days after you left for Europe. When the Fosters moved into the house next door." I went into details of what had transpired over the last two mouths.

"So the only difference between you and a real girl is your cock. Do you really get fucked in the ass and suck cock?"

"Yes I do. Six days a week and sometimes seven. When I get together with my sisters."

"How is it?"

"It hurt at first and I didn't really like it. But the Gingerman test hit the nail right on the head. I now love it. I love the thrill I get every time I get dressed. You know the only pants I now own are hot pants with no zipper in the front."

"How does your dad feel about your being Deanna full time?"

"Why don't you ask her yourself?"

"You don't mean?"

"Yeah, her name is now Jennifer and she doesn't even own any hotpants. The only manly clothing in the house, is my mom’s for when she is her dyke mood."

"Did your mom turn your dad into a sissy too."

"No, he took the same Gingerman test I did. He found out he was a latent sissy. Him and mom still have some sex the normal way. But only about once or twice a week."

"Deanna I have a question."


"Where can I take the Gingerman test?"

"Why do you want to take Gingerman test?"

"I have a little secret. I sometimes like dressing up in my mom's stuff and dreaming about being a helpless girl and being forced to have sex with another man."

"Are you sure you want to? What will your mom say about it?"

"Mom will most likely go along with anything that I want. Besides from what you tell me, my mom would fit right in at those parties at the Fosters. For the last month of our trip her and a friend have been sharing the same room."

"So what? Your mom is still a good looking woman."

"Her friend was another woman."

"I see. Wait here, I need to go talk my mom."

I found my mom in the kitchen.

"Mom, I told John everything."

"How did he take it?"

"Pretty good. He wants to take the Gingerman Test."

"He does? Did he tell you why? I wonder what his mom will say?"

I told my mom what John had told me, including his mom and her roommate. Mom walked over and joined John in the living room.

"John, Deanna has told what you asked her. Do you really want to?"

"Yes I do."

"I have a question and I want the truth. Have you ever done anything with a man or a boy of a sexual nature? Including kissing."

"No, I haven't."

"Why do you think you are a sissyboy."

"My dreams."

"Here is what I am going to do. I am going to call your mom and ask her to come over. We will talk about it. During the time I am talking to your mom. I want you and Deanna just to play video games."

A half hour later John's mother arrived. She disappeared with my mom for an hour. When they finally came into the living I noticed that both their clothes and their make-up were messed up. So I knew they did more than just talked about it.

"Betty has told me you want to find out if you are a sissyboy like Deanna. Is that true."

"Yes it is, mom."

"It is Okay with me. I just wanted to hear you say it."

"Thank You."

"We are having Ms. Foster to come over and give you the test."

Ten minutes later Ms. Foster was breaking the bad news to all of us.

"I can not give John the regular Gingerman test."

"Why not?" I asked.

"To find out the truth. The person taking the test must not know why he is taking the test. Some boys think they are sissyboys, but the truth is, they are not. The test will tell the truth and some of them will cheat. I know John won't cheat, but this is a very important step in his life. So we need to be 100% sure."

"So how are we going to make sure?" asked John's mom.

"Gingerman test #2. It is more involved and it takes two days to complete."

"What does it all involve?"

"I can't tell you. All I can tell you we will know the truth in 48 hours. Do you still want to find out John?"

"Yes he does," answered John's mom.

"I need to hear it from John."

"Yes ma'am. I do." said John.

"Why didn't you ask me before I was given the test?" I asked.

"With you I knew right away you were a sissyboy, with John, I am not sure."

"So what do we do now?"

"You need to go home, Wanda. Over the next 48 hours let John do what he wants to do. He won't do anything that will hurt himself. Betty, you and Deanna leave us alone. I also want no excess noise. So go somewhere and stay quiet."

We did what we were told.

"John I need to put you in a hypnotic trance."


"I need you to do some things without thinking about it. With no questions. Okay?"

"Yes, go ahead."

"Please watch the coin as I wave in front of you."

Three minutes later John was in a deep trance.

"John here are my instructions. I want you to forgot everything that you have heard today. You were never here at Dean's house. Do you understand me? I want you to say yes ma'am after each instruction."

"Yes ma'am."

"It is now 1pm. I want you to come over to my house tomorrow at 1pm and the next day at the same time. You will not remember what you will do doing these visits."

"Yes ma'am."

"I do not want you to touch yourself unless you have to; that is only when you take a leak or shower. Looking at a girl will not get you excited. You will do nothing that might cause you to get a hard on for the next 48 hours, unless you are at my house."

"Yes ma'am."

"You will not come over to Dean's house until I tell you, you can. If you hear from someone else about Dean. You will ignore it."

"Yes ma'am."

"You will now walk out the front door. When you get to the first street crossing, you will wake-up. Then go home and follow the instructions I have given you. You will not tell your mother anything that I have said."

"Yes ma'am."

John got up and left.

He followed his instruction. He was at Ms. Foster's house at 1pm for the next two days. We all met over at the Foster's at 4pm two days later.

"So what the results of my Test, Ms. Foster?" asked John

"You are not a fully fledged sissyboy."


"Why did you say ‘fully fledged’?" my mom asked.

"Because the test proved John is a half and half. He will like being both a sissyboy and a straight normal male. Right now he will like being both, but somewhere down the line he will decide which side of the fence he wants to stay on."

"How did these test tell you that?" I asked.

"It is simple. This is what I had John do over the last two days. John didn't have a sexual thought anywhere but here. What I did here was give him a cum test."

"A cum test?"

"Each day I had a container attached to John's penis. Then for an hour I had him watch dirty movies and read dirty magazines. The first day I showed him and had him read about straight sex only. Then I measured the amount of cum he produced. During this hour John could not touch himself sexually in any way. Today the movies he watched and the mags he read had only do with sissyboy stuff.

"The amount of cum produced on both days was so close I couldn't measure the difference."

"So what do I do now?" asked John.

"Enjoy both sides of the fence for the next couple years. If you still want to."

"I still want to."

Turning towards to me. "Deanna why don't you take Jessica and introduce her to your sissy sisters. They have been having trouble controlling themselves for the last two days. Remember, save Jessica's ass cherry for her coming out party."

"Jessica, is that my sissy name?" asked John.

"Yes it is. If you had been born a girl, it would have been your given name," replied John's mom. "Now get along and enjoy yourself."


It is now one year later. I am sitting here waiting for my date to arrive.

John turned out not to be a sissyboy at heart. He just wanted to do some experimenting. Luckily he was given the Gingerman Test #2 to find out before it was too late. He still comes to some of Ms. Foster's parties off and on. We don't know from one party to the next who he will show up as. One time it will be John and the next Jessica.

As for my sissy sisters …

Molly left a month ago with her sugar daddy with Ms. Foster's blessings. Ginger and Susy still live next door. Two more Sissyboys have joined them.

As for my parents …

Jennifer hit it big with an Internet business that specializes in sex toys and games, so I no longer have to work as a sissyboy. Mom and Dad still have their sexual fun both ways. Even though there is nothing about my dad you would call manly.

As for me …

I work at a party or two once in awhile, when Ms. Foster need an extra sissy. The only dates I go on now are the ones I want to. There some very special clients that I have met and I will automatically go out with them, but no one else.

As for the way I look …

I look like any normal fourteen year-old girl. Soft, with curves in all the right places. My breasts are just perfect in shape.

Tonight my date is with my boyfriend, Sam, the all-American quarterback who is headed for State this fall. The newspapers all say in four years he will be playing for the NFL. That is when Sam told me that we will get married that summer after college and before pre-season training camp. I won't believe it until I am walking down the aisle.




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