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My New Life

by Peg Thebois


Chapter One: The Pursuit

I can still remember the first time I ever met Christy, it was a little more than a week after I had started seeing Debbie on a regular basis. We were on our third date when we ran into her. Debbie made a big deal about introducing me as her new boyfriend, and expounding on how good I was in bed, and made her feel like no-one ever had before. For my part I was properly embarrassed at her praise, and here I thought she hadn't gotten into it when we had been together for the first time, after our previous date.

I remember Christy seemed very cold, the scowl seemed etched upon the stone of her face, and it didn't shift at all for the whole of their conversation. I thought to myself how I pitied her man, because she came across as a very dour and forceful personality. When I asked Debbie about it, she dismissed my observations, saying "You just don't know her the way I do."

After Debbie and I had been dating for about a month she phoned while I was at work and broke up with my machine, funny, I hadn't even realized they were dating. That little joke eked me through a dark couple of days before I decided that I needed to be with her. Whatever had happened would be fixed, I had to be with her. I tried to phone her but she insisted that "It's not you, it's just something I have to do." After that she stopped answering my calls.

Still I wouldn't be deterred, messages piled up on her answering machine, I stopped by the Internet provider where she worked as a receptionist, often with gifts, forcing her to suddenly become busy whenever I came in. I finally got through to her after two months of trying, I think it was bribing one of her co-workers to put a few things for her in the breakroom that did it. When she arrived she found the ceiling crowded with heart shaped balloons baring her name, a box of chocolates and a bottle of Champagne.

I got a call from her the next night asking me to come over that left me dancing around my apartment like Fred Astaire meets the invisible woman. I showered and then shaved for the first time since we had broken up. When I was dressed in my most styling' clothes I bolted out the door. I stopped on the way at a florist and picked up a dozen red roses to help smooth over whatever concerns she may have had over our relationship.

When I got to her home I saw it was a large two story house that had been converted into a business on the first floor, A large poster filled the window, proclaiming, "Faireytale Wishes; photographic studio and costume rental." It bore images of a couple dressed first in a heroic sort of barbarian motif, followed by a second picture using Medieval style garments. Thirdly they were featured as Superman and Wonder Woman, followed by a standard couples portrait. I smiled as I passed it, if Debbie's roommate ran this business then perhaps one day we might get our portrait taken here. The back door was left unlocked for me and the staircase led immediately upstairs.

The scowl was there to greet me at the door, dragging along the rest of Christy almost as a formality. She grudgingly asked me into the living room to wait, while Debbie finished getting ready. We sat down and an awkward silence descended on the room, broken only by the springs of the couch creaking as I shifted. Finally when I couldn't take it any more I opened my mouth to speak, and my voice cracked a little. "I didn't know you two lived together."

"Oh yes, we're practically inseparable, we do everything together." When she said this for the first time I had seen the scowl split like an overripe fruit and it's innards showed through in a hideous smile. Seeing that smile made me miss the scowl, it was resentful and at the same time smug and superior, condescending and full of loath. She looked me square in the eye and I felt a shiver run down my spine as I forced my gaze off her cruel grin. "You aren't her type you know."

I blinked, "I beg your pardon?"

"Debbie, She's not the right girl for you. Just forget about her and go home, I'll tell her that you didn't show up." I could not believe that she was suggesting this, after everything I had done to get Debbie to give me a second chance I wasn't going to run away now, and I told Christy just that. "Have it your way," she said, and that uneasy silence reigned again. This time Christy spoke first, but that smile hadn't left her face except for the moment when she had made her absurd suggestion. She looked at the roses in my hand, "Are those for Debbie? Let me put them in some water."

Christy took the roses and that hateful smile disappeared. When she returned Christy brought a glass of red wine with her. "Debbie said to help yourself to a glass while you wait." I thought that seemed like just the thing to ease my nervousness and so thanking her I took the glass and swallowed quickly. It was a bitter wine, not that I knew too much about various wines, but it packed a considerable punch, going right to my head. Within a couple minutes I was asleep.


When I opened my eyes everything was blurry and out of focus. My whole body tingled, like when your foot falls asleep. I blinked a couple times and tried to rub my eyes but my arms wouldn't obey. Odd smells soaked their way into my brain as I recovered and my vision started to clear.

Christy was standing in front of me and so that smile, that evil smile was the first thing I saw. As feeling crept back into my body I could feel that I was physically uncomfortable as that smile made me emotionally. I wasn't sure but I thought I had a wedgie, and was sitting on it.

My lips were numb and seemed to stick together making it difficult to speak but I gave it the old college try. "Werre's Devvie?" I slurred still feeling light headed and unable to move. Well that's the college try for someone who's never been to college.

Christy rolled her eyes and shook her head at me. "I warned you. I gave you a chance to bow out and leave gracefully, but no, you had to go and stick your thumb in someone else's pie."

Her voice got louder as she went on, and my head started spinning a little but more feeling returned in my body, yup definitely a wedgie, and a tight feeling in my stomach, like I had eaten something bad. But even as I puzzled those sensations, her words still came at me, making no sense to me.. "What do you mean?" I said.

Christy sighed exasperated, "I'll tell you what I mean." She snapped. "Stop stalking my girlfriend. Debbie is mine, she always was. When she slept with you that was only to get at me because we had a fight." Suddenly, as the feeling was returning in my body my brain just went numb with shock and despair. Debbie was a lesbian? It couldn't be true. But it made sense, everything did with that little piece of information, Debbie rubbing into Christy that we were together and she had slept with me, Christi's hostility towards me. Even Debbie's coldness towards our lovemaking, and eventual disappearance, when she and her lesbian lover reconciled.

The numbness in my brain must have distracted me for a moment because Debbie was now standing beside Christy, she was the bitch to Christi's butch. They were both dressed in robes, but Christi's was gray flannel, and more of a man's housecoat, where as Debbies was a suitable feminine red silk robe with a gold Chinese pattern on it. Debbie had long soft hair, like waves of flaxen gold, where as Christi's haircut was short and severe, and her hair was dark and rough looking. Debbie also wore a light make-up to refine her features to an angelic softness, and Christy wore no make-up letting her blunt features, and masculine tone show.

As I sat there in shocked silence Debbie smacked Christy playfully on the arm, "You big meanie, You're scaring her." I almost corrected her when my brain finally caught up with my situation. The wedgie, the constricting feeling around my gut, and the sensation that was very much like a vice crushing my toes, added up. I looked down and affirmed my suspicion as the first thing I saw was a wide flared skirt of some soft black material. Simultaneously I absorbed the sight of my now smooth legs peeking out of the frills under the skirt, and squeezed into fishnet stockings, as well as the little lace frilled white apron covering a tiny portion of my lap. I couldn't see my feet, no more than I could move them, but the feeling in my toes left little doubt that I was wearing high heels and something was securing my feet to the chair legs. Likewise my arms which protruded from the short puffed out sleeves of this ridiculous dress I hand been placed in were handcuffed behind my back.

Horrified by what had been done to me I sat dumbfounded, realizing that under this demeaning caricature I must have been wearing thong panties and some sort of corset.

I felt Debbies hand on my face before I had even realized she had moved. As soft as a butterfly it lighted upon my cheek, trying to be comforting in this situation. "You wanted to be with me, be part of my life, well this is how it has to be. Christy will not have you as a male or an equal, but if you are a girl, a subservient girl, then I can have you, and you can share me." While she had been lulling me with her dulcet tones Christy had faded back, and now stood beside the open wardrobe across their bedroom from me. "Are you ready to meet the new you?" Debbie cooed stroking my cheek.

I sat there dumbly, I wasn't sure how this had spun so wildly out of control, or how to get it back into the realm of reasonable events. We were supposed to get together, a discussion, maybe a little romp and then get back to where we were, not me transformed into some sort of demented little slave girl. I didn't want to be a girl, didn't want to serve these two cruel hearted lesbians who had toyed first with my emotions and apparently now with my body. But then I looked at Debbie, her long smooth legs, rising into that short sexy little robe, hinting at the untold paradise beneath, her soft sensual lips and sex kitten eyes, was this girl not worth sacrificing something for?

As I pondered the particulars of my destination in these events Christy finally reached the end of her patience. "This isn't final Jeopardy you little bitch." As her voice filled the room I saw Debbie cringe a little, I'm not sure whether it was sympathetic or if she too was a little frightened of her butch lover. "Maybe you don't understand what is going on here. You have no choices now, you belong to us. You wanted Debbie, MY Debbie well you will get her on our terms. From now on you will refer to me as Miss Christy or Madam, Debbie will be addressed as Mistress." Her face was growing flushed as she continued to dictate the terms of the situation, and Debbie just slouched her head down between her shoulders as though afraid of the storm of words flying past her. "You will do what we say, when and how we say it, or we will see to it that you very much regret it. Everything you have done over the past two months is a textbook stalking case, rife with sexual harassment. If we turn you in, how do you think the cons will react to this!" With a dramatic flare she shut the wardrobe door revealing a mirror on it's face and reflected in it was me.

I stared, befuddled and flabbergasted I stared, The face, the hair, this could not possibly be me. This was some sort of illusion, the reflection wore the same flare skirted french maid's dress that I was dressed in, the same fishnet stockings. The toe crushing high heels that I could feel wedged onto my feet were also present in that lying reflection. It had to be lying for the waist dramatically narrowed as the fitted body of the dress passed down from the bosom which mounded out against the upper torso, straining against the material. And my hair was a light brown, moderately long for a guy but not hippie, where as the captive in the mirror had a head full of tight blonde curls peeking out from behind a lacy headpiece. this image, this non-me had large dramatic eyes drenched in make-up and her lips were large and bow shaped, slick with bright pink lipstick.

As I tried to deny this image was me I could see her struggle in counterpoint to my own squirming for freedom. She had an identical Debbie flanking her, just as I had beside me, it couldn't be me, but it was, it had to be.

"Be still Bitch," Christy barked at me, causing both me and the reflection girl to jerk to a standstill. "This is how it is going to be tonight. My girlfriend and I are going to make love, if you make so much as one noise you will remain as you are until morning, but if you are a good little bitch I shall help you get more comfortable before you sleep. What do you say to that?"

I glanced towards Debbie who was smiling all too broadly, her eyes wide, and her expression pleading me to say the right thing. I knew what Christy wanted to hear, and swallowing the mouthful of saliva which had flooded my mouth, as well as my pride I parted my pink lips, "Yes Madam."

Christy showed me her grin again, because when I said that I became a legally consenting participant in this twisted little game, even if I left here I could do nothing. Those two words had bound me more securely than handcuffs and rope, more and fiercely than corsets and high heeled shoes. Now their game was really going to begin.




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