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Author's Note - if you do not like bondage and somewhat graphic adult situations in transgendered stories, you probably won't enjoy this story. Also, if you like stories where everything is explained thoroughly and the hero/heroine ends up completely comfortable with him/herself, you might want to skip this story.

A special thanks goes out to the authors of the following stories: Turning Him Over, The Fax Machine, and TABER (written by Denver...who has given me the inspiration to start writing again).

I am completely against any kind of violence toward men or women. I do not believe in drugging people against their will, any kind of forced sexual relations, blackmail, and video-taping people without their consent. (In actuality, I am a submissive who plays the part of the bondagette in distress, and I adore being bound and gagged like the women in some of my stories.)

I originally published this story on Fictionmania in 2001. I have recently edited the story and added 30 pages of new material. If possible, this story should not be read during the middle of the day in shorts and a t-shirt: it simply won't have the effect I intended. In order to get the maximum enjoyment out of this story, I recommend the following:

1 - the story should be read at night with the lights out and a few candles burning.

2 - before reading the story, the reader should take a shower and have a drink (OR, if you do not drink, do something else that helps you to relax).

3 - get a copy of the song "Human Nature" by Madonna and play it when the Jodie plays the song during the story (during Part 8).

If you are transgendered or a GG, in addition to #1 and #3 above you should also do the following:

4 - before reading the story the reader should have a glass of wine, take a hot bath and shave her legs. After the bath, dry off and rub perfumed lotion all over your body. Then, spray perfume on your thighs, your wrists, and your stomach.

5 - the reader should apply her make-up, put on her body-enhancers (such as butt and hip pads, breast forms, and wigs) and accessories such as earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet.

6 - while reading the story, the reader should be dressed in satin panties or a thong, silk stockings or shimmery pantyhose, a waist-cincher or corset, a satin bra, high-heeled shoes or boots (the bigger the heel the better) and a tight mini-skirt. During the story the reader should have another glass of wine (or something else if you don't drink).

If you are a submissive TS, TV, and GG and are into bondage, domination, and humiliation the author also recommends the following:

7 - the reader should follow the instructions listed in ## 1 and 3 and ## 4-6. Instead of wearing a short skirt, the reader should wear a body-shaper skirt that is really an undergarment (if you don't have one you really should: it's a must for every bondagette's wardrobe! Hanes makes a nice one that you can get one at Target.)

8 - put on a pair of black or white elbow length (or shoulder length) gloves.

9 - from Part 7 on, the reader should be bound and gagged for the rest of the story. Tie your ankles together tightly with 1/8 or 1/4 inch rope. Tie your legs together just above the knees. (If you REALLY crave bondage, tie your upper-thighs together underneath your body-shaper skirt.) Tie yourself around the waist, into the chair you're sitting in. Finally, handcuff your wrists together in front of you. (Of course, make sure that you can get out easily if necessary.)

10 - gag yourself with panties, a ball-gag, or a penis gag.

11 - fasten a black dog-collar around your neck. Attach a leash or a long piece of rope to the collar. (Just think, at this point, if a man or woman walked in the door, you would be completely at their mercy. That's a comforting thought, isn't it?

For the truly submissive in need of guidance and discipline (we have much in common dear sister), follow the instructions in ##1 and 3, and ## 4-11, and do the following:

12 - after dressing, but before drinking anything, go to your local sex-shop and purchase a five inch long (or longer) butt plug (tell the cashier your mistress sent you). Also purchase a small vibrator if you don't already have one.

13 - from Part 1 on, you should be tied up and cuffed. From Part 7 on you should also be gagged.

14 - when you get to Part 8, stop reading, untie yourself, and pull down your shaper and panties (and anything else that is in the way). Insert the plug and pull your clothes back on. Tie yourself up again. Use the vibrator on yourself underneath the shaper-skirt intermittently throughout the rest of the story. Do not allow yourself to climax until the end.

15 - Finally, be a good little girl and submit a review of this story. In your review, admit that you followed all of the instructions above and confess (for the whole world to see) that you loved every minute of it.

I hope you like the story! I am working on another story right now called "Tioga" that involves a ghost-witch and three waylaid travelers. Hopefully I will have it finished by October. Ta-ta!

Jodie   xoxo


My My Are You In Trouble Now

by Jodie Anderson


The 37-year-old blonde woman was striking: she was an erotic cross between Jennifer Flowers and Morgan Fairchild. She stood about 5'10, had a medium build, and a curvaceous body. Her butt was nice and full, her hips were voluptuous–the more-than-healthy, child-bearing hips that productive women often develop by their thirties. Many, narrow-minded men would have considered her slightly overweight--maybe by about 10 or 15 pounds (the extra weight that padded her hips, her thick womanly thighs, and her sexy arms). However, most men--particularly the ones who realize that a sexy woman has curves she can rest her fists on and thighs she can lasso you with--found her body desirable, alluring, and enchanting. Her face was simply beautiful, with slightly chubby cheeks, full lips, and dark eyes. She had large, firm breasts and thick, strong, athletic legs. She emanated strength, vitality, alertness and--most of all--authority. She was wearing a sleeveless black silk and satin cocktail dress with a scooped neck and a contemporary hem-line. The dress clung to her figure and flattered it, while black, Secrets In Lace pantyhose made her legs look utterly irresistible.

Jodie had always had a way with men. She could seduce them easily, get them hooked on her like she was some kind of new-wave addictive drug, break them down, and mold them to meet her needs--however strange or greedy those needs might be. After a passionate night alone with a man she could get his ATM code; after a week with a man, she could easily ensnare him into a world of subjugation; and after a month with an unsuspecting victim, she could have him at the alter dressed in a white, suggestive wedding gown, begging on his knees. Strangely enough, she also had an enchanting way with women. Many a time an unsuspecting professional woman found herself chatting with a warm, attractive, innocent, classy, outgoing blonde at a happy hour, cocktail party, or friendly gathering, and hours later wound up in bed with an aggressive, dominant woman with a proclivity for bondage, video cameras, passionate lesbian sex and, blackmail. In sum, Jodie knew how to push peoples' buttons and could lure them into compromising positions with her beauty, charm, and intelligence.

Jodie walked up the stairs quickly and into the study. Her hips swayed as she walked towards the clock on the wall. It was early evening and the light faded rapidly. Jodie's body made a nice, hour-glass silhouette as she walked across the room. She reached up, pulled the antique clock off the wall and gently placed it on the ground. She removed the small key that was taped into a hidden compartment inside the clock. Delicately, she lifted the key to her moist lips and kissed it. She walked over to large oak desk in the corner of the room; her shoulder length blond hair spilled forward as she bent over and unlocked the bottom left drawer. She slid her 3-inch black heels back just enough to pull out the drawer. Her fingers flipped through the files with the expertise of a secretary. Her red painted nails stopped when they reached one particular folder labeled "WILL." She looked over her shoulder quickly and then pulled it out.

The folder contained only two pieces of paper. The first page was a formal will, with one substantive statement which said the following: "Upon my death I deed my entire to estate to my first grandson who reaches the age of 25, and if not, to Jodie Anderson." The second page was signed by Mr. Brody, two witnesses, and a notary public. At the top of the page in huge black letters was the word COPY.

"I don't believe it," Jodie said aloud. "That bastard." She stood completely still for a few minutes and then carefully replaced the will, shut the drawer, and returned the key to its hiding place. 'So, I guess I'm gonna have to come up with another plan,' she thought, checking her anger. A long time ago, she had learned to control her emotions and how to channel her negative feelings into positive outlets. 'Fine. I'll come up with another might even turn out to be fun.' Yes, Jodie would come up with another plan. She liked to plan, and she was very good at it. "We'll, I'm certainly not going to let it ruin my evening, I've been planning it for too long," she said out loud with particular emphasis on the word "planning." A knowing, expectant smile grew across her freshly-painted red lips as she thought about the evening ahead. No, she would not let the bad news contained in the will ruin her evening, her night was going to be too much fun. Besides, she would find a way to get the old man to draft up a codicil or to rewrite the damn thing outright.

Jodie focused on the evening ahead. She was meeting little Mrs. Nancy Harris for a fancy dinner and cocktails at one of the nicest restaurants on the water. Nancy's wealthy husband was out of town on business for several days, so little Nancy was at the beach all by herself. Mrs. Nancy Harris was a wealthy socialite who had married into money and who spent her spare time shopping for expensive clothes, hanging around at one of the exclusive beach country clubs, and working on her perfect body. Jodie had met the extraordinary young beauty accidentally–or so Nancy thought–two months earlier at the gym. (Jodie had been directly behind Nancy in their dance-aerobics class watching Nancy's flexible, tight body as she pranced around in her ultra-shimmery, light-toast-colored Danskin tights and shiny, pink spandex leotard. Nancy's hair had been pulled back in a cute little ponytail with a shiny piece of pink satin ribbon that matched her high-cut leotard. The ponytail danced on the nape of her neck and whipped around as she moved and gyrated to the music, unwittingly teasing Jodie's sexual ID in the process. [Nancy's body, her dancing, and especially her unintentional teasing were the main reasons causing Jodie to identify her as a target.] That fateful day, the pink spandex had clung to Nancy's short but well-proportioned and curvaceous body--her small round hips, her tiny little waist, and her large breasts–making Jodie bubble over with sexual desire. After they met, Nancy was slowly tricked into believing that she and Jodie had similar tastes, thus the two women hit it off well. As their friendship budded, Jodie quickly spotted one of Nancy's weaknesses: pretentiousness. With her amazing charm and high-polished sophistication, Jodie exploited Nancy's weakness and used it to gain her admiration. Nancy's trust soon followed. As a result, despite the difference in their ages–Jodie was 37 and Nancy was 24–they quickly became close friends. So when Jodie invited Nancy to dinner, the trusting younger woman didn't suspect a thing.

Jodie had all the details thoroughly planned for her evening with Mrs. Nancy Harris. Getting the cute little brunette back to the beach house would be a cinch: in fact, Nancy had been begging Jodie to see the beach house for several weeks. Getting Nancy in the mood would be easy too, a little French wine combined with a special blend of illicit pharmaceutical ingredients would do the trick (Jodie liked to call it her "Love Potion #69"). Jodie had been looking forward to tonight for sooooooo long! She knew exactly what she was going to wear, exactly what she was going to do to Nancy, and exactly how much money she was going to demand afterwards. Jodie had even burned a compact disc with a special mix of erotic songs that she intended to play during the little session. The songs were chosen for specific purposes: they either had good sex beats; were used to humiliate; or were used to create realistic love scenes for the video cameras. Yes, Jodie had decided almost everything in advance. The only thing that she hadn't yet decided was which type of gag to use on her sumptuous little playmate: a ball-gag or a penis-gag.


Jodie watched Mrs. Nancy Harris over soft candlelight at the dinner table. The atmosphere was sublime. They were outside on a small terrace and only a few of the other tables were taken. It was a few hours into the evening and a warm summer breeze was coming in off the water. All day Jodie had been dying to see what her dinner-date was going to wear. Nancy did not disappoint. She was wearing a baby-blue chiffon dress with an almost inappropriately high hem-line. Nancy was not a lesbian and was not even bi-sexual, but she liked to wear revealing outfits to tease men and expensive outfits to impress other women. Thus, Nancy did not consciously intend for her short, tight dress to turn-on the classy-looking, wealthy 37-year old blonde woman sitting across from her.

Things were going smoothly, even better than Jodie had planned: the big-breasted little tease in the chiffon dress had already slugged down three glasses of wine while Jodie had barely touched her first glass. In addition, Nancy had actually MADE Jodie promise to give her a tour of the beach house right after dinner! How ironic, Jodie didn't even have to ask...she wasn't even going to have to lure her tipsy naive prey back to the house! Jodie's soon-to-be sexual partner was falling right into the trap!

Nancy had never taken drugs before; she had never been tied up before; she had never been filmed in the bedroom before; she had never been spanked before; she had never been gagged before; she had never been blindfolded before; She had never worn hand-cuffs and a collar before; she had never made love to a woman before; she had never felt another woman's tongue fluttering, flicking, stroking and sucking her wet clitoris before; she had never smelled a woman's wetness and accompanying musky sexual scent before; she had never had a woman sit on her face and grind against it before; she had never had her face smeared with a woman's sexual discharge before; she had never had anything long and hard pumped into her butt repetitively before; and, she had never been brought to orgasm by a powerful woman slamming a strap-on dildo into her wet vagina before. ALL of that was about to change. Tonight was going to be full of eye-popping, mind-shattering, innocence-tainting firsts for Nancy.

Jodie watched closely as Nancy forked a small bite of salmon into her delicate little mouth and chewed softly. Nancy's perfectly plump bee-sting lips were covered with a glossy, pink colored lipstick–the perfect shade for her face. Jodie stared silently as Nancy carefully wiped the corners of her mouth with her napkin. 'Such a pretty mouth,' Jodie thought to herself. She crinkled her brow for a second as if she were deep in thought and then made her decision. 'It's the double-ended penis gag for you missy....definitely the penis gag,' she thought. She licked her lips in anticipation; her eyes were dark and her hot, wet mouth looked predatory.



The new woman in the office smiled at Sandy as she walked by his cubicle. She was extremely attractive. She had high cheekbones, full luscious lips, a small nose with the perfect arch, friendly brown eyes, and an adorable girl-next-door, smile. She had shoulder-length light brown hair, ample breasts, medium length dancer's legs (Sandy guessed she was 5' 8) and an overall tight body. Her butt was round, full, and firm. Sandy watched her as she walked by, trying not to look too obvious. His eyes locked in on her thighs, butt, and hips as she sauntered off. The smell of her perfume lingered after she was gone, a flowery yet strong smell which almost pulled Sandy out of his chair. It was the third time in two days in which thw woman had walked by Sandy's desk. He wanted to believe that she was flirting with him but knew she probably wasn't.

Sandy leaned back in his chair and sighed. It had been a year since his divorce and he had not even been on one date. To be honest, he hadn't even had so much as a hug from a woman in the past year. He had had a few chances, but he had been too nervous or guilty to go out on a date since his divorce. He missed the intimacy desperately; to say he was sexually deprived was an understatement. Sandy rarely went out on the weekends. He rarely got calls. He had no brothers or sisters, no children, and no cousins. He had a couple good friends from college but they didn't live in Ohio anymore. Even Sandy's parents had passed away when he was younger. All he had was his sick grandfather and his controlling ex-wife, neither of whom talked with him very much. Nevertheless, Sandy occasionally went to happy hour with Julie and Diane, two women he worked with.

One Friday in early fall Julie asked him if he wanted to go out for a couple of drinks. Having nothing else to do, Sandy accepted the invitation.

"Great Sandy. It will be good for you to get out for a change." Julie said. "How are you dealing with the divorce? Are you over things yet?"

"I've been way over things Julie," Sandy lied. He was still haunted by his failed marriage. He had married an older woman for all the wrong reasons–seduction, attraction, and control come to mind–and it hadn't worked out. His ex-wife had not turned out to be the woman he thought he was marrying. He had desperately loved his ex-wife, but he had had to break it off with her for a number of reasons. Breaking up had been hard and painful for Sandy, and his ex-wife's control over him didn't break a bit after they had gotten divorced. He had basically had to move a couple of hundred miles away from her to finally get a grip.

"Well, how come I haven't heard about any new lady-friends," Julie asked in a teasing voice.

"Because I'm saving myself just for you!" Sandy joked.

"How groooowwwwsssss!" Julie laughed. "Really Sandy, you should be dating, you're 26, not 86. We' ll see you at seven. By the way, Brenda asked if she could join us. You know, the new girl. Is she a babe or what? If we're late, keep her company for us until we get there. Bye sweetie!" Julie trotted off and left Sandy by himself to contemplate how he would handle being around the new girl, Brenda.


Brenda was already at the bar when Sandy got there. She was facing towards him as he walked in and she was smiling at a woman. Brenda was still dressed for work. She had on a short black skirt, black pantyhose, and a tight white silk blouse (if you stared hard enough you could see her satin bra underneath). Her hair cascaded lightly over her shoulders and breasts. Her arms and shoulders looked soft, yet healthy and strong. She had obviously reapplied her make-up since work. In a nutshell, she looked dangerous. Sandy approached her slowly, apprehensively. Her smile widened as she motioned for him to join her.

"Hi Sandy. It's nice to finally meet you," Brenda said standing up and holding out her hand.

"It's nice to meet you too." Sandy said appearing flustered. Brenda was even more beautiful up close! She was tall too, probably 5'10 in her black heels. Sandy remembered thinking that she was shorter. He looked down at her feet, she was wearing a cute pair of clunky heels.

"Do you like my shoes?" Brenda asked in a singsong voice, flipping a hip at him.

"Oh, sorry I didn't even notice," Sandy lied, starting to turn red from embarrassment.

"Well, why don't you take a good look at them and then tell me Sandy," Brenda said softly. She reached out and put her hands on the back of Sandy's head and gently adjusted his gaze towards her feet. At the same time she pushed one nylon covered leg forward, giving him an excellent view of her foot. The soft touch of her hands felt amazing on Sandy 's head. He wondered how long it had been since a woman had touched him in such a pleasing way. His gaze wandered up Brenda's long leg. With one leg thrust forward, Brenda's skirt pulled against her thighs and strained against her hips. Sandy couldn't help but notice her rounded hips, her soft and feminine thighs, and her tight stomach. In addition, the smell of Brenda's perfume surrounded Sandy and started working its magic on him. He shifted his glance in a subtle way. Brenda laughed softly. "Sorry, I was just kidding around, and you hardly even know me. I can be a really silly girl sometimes. Please forgive me."

"They do look nice though Brenda." Sandy replied, recovering quickly.

"Thanks love." She said batting her eyelashes at him comically.

Sandy and Brenda ended up talking for hours. Oddly, Julie and Diane never showed up. At one point, Sandy had wondered where they were but he quickly forgot about them. After Brenda and Sandy had their first drink, they got a table.

"I have to warn you Sandy, I can be very flirtatious when I drink, but I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I'm just very friendly, that's all," Brenda warned.

"Please Brenda," Sandy laughed, "you're very attractive, but the last thing I'm looking for right now is a relationship. I am just getting over a nasty divorce. My X really broke my heart."

"Oooh.. I'm sorry to hear that Sandy! How long has it been?"

"Well, it's actually been a year now. Believe it or not, today is the one year anniversary of the court order in fact," he said solemnly.

"Wow. It's been a whole year and you're just getting over it. She must have been something else. She must have been sexy," Brenda added sweeping her hair up behind her head into a faux-elegant look and striking a sexy pose. "We can be very cruel, you really need to watch out for us!" She finished in a playful yet seductive voice.

"Tell me about it sweetheart!" Sandy replied slapping Brenda lightly on the butt. They laughed together like a couple of old friends.

After their second drink, Brenda had joined Sandy on the other side of the table. She was crawling all over him. Sandy was really enjoying it. Maybe she liked him? Was it possible? He couldn't help thinking about what she had first said to him: 'It' s nice to finally meet you.' "Finally," she had said. What was that all about? And the eight or nine trips she had made past his cube in the two weeks she had been working for the company--how did one explain that? Maybe she DID like him. But then he remembered her honsest, up-front warning about her drunk flirting. For the moment, Brenda's warning about her flirting served as Sandy's reality check.

Later, when the DJ set up and started playing, the bar filled up. Brenda climbed into Sandy' s lap to make more room for the revelers. At first, she just sat there and talked with him, touching his hands every once in a while in a natural way. But as the night wore on she got much more intimate. Her silk covered breasts brushed against his arms and hands several times. Her long silky hair kept waving in front of his face. All of her movements seemed to emphasize her alluring curves. Despite all of this, Sandy tried to keep his hands to himself. But whenever Brenda would try to make a point or emphasize a statement she grabbed Sandy's hand or arm lightly. After Brenda's point was made, she would end up dropping Sandy's hand purposefully (and on a few occasions actually placed his hand) onto one of her nylon-covered thighs. Any casual observer could tell that her flirting was no longer natural: it was definitely calculated. In fact, it was painfully obvious that she was hitting on him. But Sandy was really enjoying the conversation and the company of the young beautiful woman, and he had remembered what she had said earlier--'I can be very flirtatious when I drink. But I don't want you to get the wrong idea.'--and, as a result, he didn't pick up on the true meaning of Brenda's flirting.

At about 10:30pm Brenda was ready to go. She grabbed the end of Sandy' s tie lightly, wound it around her small, delicate hand, and pulled him in towards her face. She nudged her freshly lipsticked lips up against Sandy's ear and asked in a girlish voice, "Can you take me home Sandy? I love your company but I' m feeling kind of drunk and tired."

Sandy drove her to her apartment; Brenda insisted that he come in. When he came in, she insisted that he stay for a drink. Brenda flirted heavily the entire time, but when Sandy finished his drink she sent him home.



Sandy and Brenda went to happy hour every Friday for the next several weeks. The evenings always worked out the same: Brenda would flirt heavily with Sandy and Sandy would end up going home alone. But after a few weeks, Sandy really felt comfortable being around Brenda and he truly cherished her friendship–it was the first time he had felt entirely comfortable with a woman since his divorce. They discussed just about everything under the sun, but they frequently discussed sex, relationships, and sexual fantasies. Brenda loved to pry information out of Sandy, and on more than one occasion, she elicited detailed information from Sandy about his sexual fantasies. Sandy wasn't entirely comfortable talking about the later issue, but Brenda was very persuasive and had a way of charming juicy details out of him. Despite all the bawdy talk, everything always seemed to work out the same and Sandy accepted that. But the first Friday in December, things changed dramatically.

Sandy and Brenda had gone to happy hour and had a few drinks. Like always, Sandy drove Brenda home and she insisted that he come in for a drink. After she got Sandy inside, Brenda dimmed the lights, lit four or five lavender candles--she said she loved the scent--and then turned the lights off completely. Sandy fixed himself a drink and Brenda went into the bathroom to freshen up.

Sandy turned on the stereo and changed the station instinctively. He leaned back on the leather sofa and closed his eyes. He felt very relaxed. He finally felt like he was truly and completely over the divorce. He was also starting to have the hots for Diane, a friend of his at work who had shown some interest in him of late. Sandy was fantasizing about blonde-haired green-eyed Diane when Brenda came out of the bathroom. At first, Sandy didn't notice anything different about Brenda, but when she stepped into the candlelight Sandy could see that she had freshened up her make-up and now it was on much more thick, making for quite the dramatic and slightly-vampish look. Brenda's eyeliner and mascara made her eyes look big and her lashes long. Her creamy, rose-colored lipstick and lip-liner made her juicy lips look full and desirable. Her foundation, eye-shadow, blush, and powder were applied with the talent of a professional.

Brenda was still dressed for work, in a black turtleneck, a tight black skirt, and black stockings. Her tight, sexy hips swayed as she sauntered across the room towards Sandy. Her eyes locked in on Sandy' s as she reached behind her head and let down her long brown hair. She shook her head and fluffed her hair–in that way that women do to drive men crazy–to create the perfectly disheveled, good-girl-gone-bad look.

"Brenda, you look fantastic!" Sandy said. "If this means you want to go out clubbing you can count me out. I'm done." Brenda ignored his statements and continued to make her way towards him, her black 5-inch heels clicking with determination on the wood floor. Only the coffee table was between them; Brenda slid it aside with ease and stood in front of Sandy with an expectant smirk on her face and her hands resting on her hips.

"So Sandy, do you want to have some fun tonight?" She asked in a sensual voice.

"Bren, I' m really too tired to go back out. You should have said something earlier."

"Who said anything about going out love?" Brenda questioned, in a nonchalant yet sexy voice as she slowly pulled up her skirt, revealing thick, black, satin and lace garters and her strong yet supple, nylon-covered thighs. "I want to STAY IN tonight, and have some fun," she purred as she spread her legs and climbed on top of Sandy. He thought she was just taking her teasing a little farther than normal, pushing the envelope so to speak. She sat up and moved forward as far as she could, pressing her pelvis against his stomach, her thighs straddling his body tightly. "You would tell me if my flirting was too much wouldn't you Sandy?" She asked tauntingly. "If it was bothering you...or getting you bothered." Sandy was speechless and just watched as Brenda rubbed her body in a manner that looked like she was ready, willing, and able. When Sandy finally opened his mouth to try to say something Brenda thrust her chest forward in his face, pushing her breasts against his forehead, nose and mouth. Sandy inhaled deeply and all he could smell was her Tiffany perfume. Tiffany drove him crazy, in fact, it was what his ex-wife used to wear. The perfume enveloped him, and along with Brenda's thighs and will, it held him hostage to her wishes. He turned his face away for a moment but he could not escape the smell: Brenda' s breasts must have been drenched in the perfume. She put a delicate finger to his lips and pressed down firmly.

"Shhhh, I want you to close your eyes for me Sandy," she said softly. Tired and relaxed, Sandy closed his eyes and let himself go like he was a leave in the wind. Brenda quickly and quietly removed her sweater, revealing her 36C chest. She was wearing a black, satin, pushup bra and a black, satin body-shaper which wrapped around her mid-section tightly. She told Sandy to open his eyes and when he did, she thrust her breasts back in his face, this time pushing more aggressively. The feel of the satin cups brushing across his lips broke Sandy down further. Brenda bent her head forward and started kissing his neck deeply. When she felt him stir beneath her, she slid her arms underneath his armpits and grabbed onto the back of his shoulders, pulling him in tighter. Her hair fell in front of his face, obstructing his view. She ground her sexy ass against his crotch as she worked on his neck with her mouth. Finally, she pulled her breasts back and then put her face right in front of his. She paused, looked into his eyes for a moment, and then kissed him on the mouth, slowly but firmly. Taken off his guard, he barely kissed back, but she didn't stop. She kissed him repeatedly, sticking her tongue deep into his mouth while her soft, smooth, lips pressed firmly against his. After several minutes she let him come up for air. She unzipped her skirt quickly and pulled it off, completely revealing her upper thighs, her pelvis, and the garters which were attached to the body-shaper. She grabbed him by the tie, used it like a leash, and pulled him towards her bedroom. Sandy couldn't take his eyes off her black satin panties and her ass as she led him down the hall.

Once in the room she pushed him onto the bed. Before he knew it she was upon him, straddling him once again. Brenda was now confident that she had broken down any defenses that he might have had. She finished seducing him, got him out of his clothes, and ravished him.


The next morning, Sandy woke up to the sound of a blow dryer. He was still in Brenda' s bed. She was in the bathroom. When she came out she was wearing a long fluffy robe which covered her entire body. Her hair was completely dry and looked great. Once again she was smiling her "I'm-going-to-give-it-to-you-now" smile.

"So Sandy, did you have fun last night?" She asked slowly, her smile getting even bigger. He started thinking about the previous night's events. He remembered thinking that it was the best sex he had ever had, but he could not explain why. He still had visions of Brenda bouncing on top of him with her lithe body, pinning his arms down, kissing him passionately, and staring deep into his eyes while she impaled herself on him. (In a way, it scared him. It reminded him of how his ex-wife used to take charge in the bedroom–how he always seemed to feel like he was the woman during sex). He remembered how Brenda's enormous her breasts looked in her black satin Wonderbra as she rode him tirelessly. He also thought that he might have had three orgasms. Was that possible for him? He never had had three before.

"Yes," he answered cautiously "it was unbelievable. You're amazing Bren, I had no idea that sex could be that good. I also have to admit that I'm surprised that you actually wanted to go through with it. I thought you were just a big tease." Brenda listened with impish desire; the satisfaction she got from his comments was like a drug to her. She loved it.

"That's just the beginning love," she purred climbing back on top of him.

Brenda had her way with Sandy the rest of the weekend keeping him busy in more ways than one. She had him accompany her to the gym and work out with her on both Saturday and Sunday. They did everything together that weekend. They rented movies, went out for coffee, and went to the bookstore together. But Brenda lured him into the bedroom every chance she got. He found her company exhilarating but also exhausting. Every time they had sex Sandy felt like he was being completely devoured. At the end of the weekend, Brenda finally permitted Sandy go home.

The next week she taunted him at work every chance she got, pulling up her skirt and flashing her thighs and butt at him. She rubbed up against him, grabbed his butt, wrote him love notes, and openly flirted with him in front of other employees. On one occasion, he opened one of his desk drawers and found a pair of her pink satin panties inside, drenched with Tiffany. And on another occasion she actually sprayed him with her perfume. She was giving Sandy more attention than most guys would ever want, but she knew Sandy was different. She knew he loved every minute of it.

The next weekend she insisted that he move in with her. He had no choice, for he had done what he was trying so very hard to avoid, he had fallen in love.



It had only been four weeks since Sandy had moved in with Brenda, but already his life was drastically different. He was going to the gym three to five times a week, he was eating better foods and taking vitamins, and he was really enjoying his life for a change. And he owed it all to Brenda. She was a great motivator. She had whipped him into shape pretty quickly. She even gave Sandy a workout plan to follow and before he knew it he was using the stair-master, doing leg lifts, butt and thigh crunches, going on power walks, and doing all sorts of other muscle-building aerobic activities. Sandy was feeling great, physically and mentally. Things at work were great too. Brenda toned down her flirting at work because of the company policy about co-workers having relationships, but she didn't tone it down much. She was just more crafty, and found new, covert ways to taunt Sandy sexually.

One Saturday when they were at the gym, Sandy noticed Brenda taking some pills right before their workout.

"What were those Bren?" He asked referring to the pills.

"Dietary supplements. They help maximize my workouts."

"Do you actually get anything out of them?" Sandy asked.

"What do you think?" She asked jokingly making a muscle with one arm; it looked strong, toned, and healthy--but not too defined the way masculine women look. "The supplements are wonderful Sandy," she said seriously. "Do you want to try them?"

"Sure," Sandy replied.

"Hold on, I think I might have some more in my locker." She disappeared into the womens' locker room and was back quickly. She returned and handed Sandy a little light-brown pill. The pill had tiny little letters on it which a person could only notice if he or she looked carefully, very carefully. The little letters were UF-HL. Sandy washed it down with some water without looking at it. His workout was great and he was able to keep up with Brenda for once. They worked out again on Sunday and Brenda gave Sandy another supplement. This pill looked identical to the first one; however, it had the letters UF-RA on it. Again, Sandy took the pill without noticing the letters.


Two weeks later Julie was dropping off a file on Sandy's desk and stopped to chat. "I know you've been working out Sandy, but you look great. Nice shave too," she said casually. "You got it real close today San-deee." She laughed. He rubbed his hand along his face and neck and noticed that it was smooth, really smooth. Sandy' s facial hair typically grew slowly–he only had to shave every other day–but he couldn't recall shaving in the past three or four days.

"Thanks Julie!" He said, genuinely touched.

"Something else looks different about you too. I'm not sure what it is though." She gave him a brief, once-over with her eyes. She smiled, waved and walked off.

After Julie left, Sandy started thinking again. 'I think she's right. I feel a little different too. I' m not sure what it is though.' He looked around his cube and could tell something was different. "Whatever. I feel great, and I look better too. That's for dang sure." He opened up the file Julie had brought him and started in on it.

Brenda insisted that Sandy go to the gym with her that night. Right before working out Brenda gave him another supplement. This one had the letters UF-SL on it.

The next morning he awoke and felt even more different–especially in the shower–but he couldn't figure out how. Maybe it was the fact that his skin felt unusually smooth as he rubbed on some lotion, or the fact that his boxers felt a little tight in the seat. Or maybe it was that his legs felt smooth as he pulled on his suit pants.

At work, Julie came by his cube again to pick up the file.

"Julie, did you figure out what looks different about me?" Sandy asked eagerly, sitting in his chair. She looked him up and down again, more closely this time, and answered him.

"I think so. You look taller in your chair. You must be working on your posture. I'll tell you, what that Brenda has done for you! I wish someone would motivate me like that," she said laughing as she walked off.

Sandy smiled and thought 'she's probably right, I bet my posture is getting better too. Brenda is awesome!' But when Sandy went to the bathroom later in the day, he still felt different–and he didn't think it was just his posture either, something else was going on. His skin felt smooth and tingly all over. In addition, he could barely pull his pants down to go to the bathroom. 'These pants must have shrunk or something. I' ve got to be more careful when I do the laundry,' he thought. When he pulled his boxers back on he noticed that they were really snug, even tighter than in the morning. "Damn. I must have shrunk these too!" He mumbled. Feeling rather uncomfortable, he returned to his cube.

When he sat down in his chair he felt an odd sensation. His chair felt like there was a seat cushion on it. He stood up and inspected his chair closely. There was no seat cushion and it was the same chair he had always had. He sat back down. Once again he felt like he was sitting on something padded. 'Whatever,' he thought to himself. But the sensation never went away, and later in day he noticed that other things were a little different. Not only did he feel more upright in his chair, but he also felt like his knees were at an awkward angle. Sandy adjusted his chair to a more comfortable position. His legs felt better instantly, but he still felt like he was sitting on a pillow and he still felt taller in his chair. 'Someone must be screwing around with my chair. Hmm. Stupid. Oh well.' He got back to work.

When he got home that night, he could barely pull his pants off–he really had to yank and struggle. After he finally got the pants off, he saw that his boxers were absolutely gripping his butt–almost as tight as a woman's bathing suit. He told Brenda about his pants and boxers but left out the parts about his office chair and the sensations he was feeling in his skin.

"Well sweetie, you' ve been doing a lot of lower body muscle-toning activities. Many of them strengthen your butt, hips and thighs. So your butt probably is a little bigger. It's nothing unusual," she assured him. "Maybe we need to get you some new pants," she added pulling him into her. Twenty minutes later she was naked and on top of him with her lithe body again–bouncing, pushing, sliding, moaning.

Later that evening–after fucking Sandy to sleep–Brenda bought Sandy three new pairs of pants on the internet. She had Sandy try them on the next day. He still felt different when he tried on a pair, but they did fit better. The pants felt a little loose in the hips and a little tight in the waist, but they felt much more baggy in the rear. The pants also felt rather loose in the thighs. Sandy didn't think much of it: the important thing was that the pants felt comfortable and looked normal. After trying on the pants Sandy asked Brenda if she wanted to work out.

"Of course," she said smiling. "You're showing initiative; I like that. I'll have to reward you properly," she said and gave him a couple fake orgasmic moans for effect. She then gave him another supplement, this one had the letters UF-WH on it.

The next day, unbeknown to Sandy, Brenda took all of his suits to be altered.


A few days later Sandy got out of bed in the morning and noticed that his legs looked different. They looked unusually soft and supple. His legs looked less defined and significantly thicker, especially in the thighs. In addition, Sandy noticed that they looked and felt extremely smooth, and they had very little hair on them–if any. (Within a few days he would have no hair on his body at all, except for his head and a small patch around his penis). He walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. His butt looked different too. It looked round, shapely and tight. It looked bigger too, heck, it looked much bigger. He called Brenda in to see what she thought. She inspected him closely.

"Your legs do look a little different to me Sandy, but just a little. It' s probably because of all the aerobics you've been doing with me." She said matter-of-factly. "And your butt is a little bigger too, but not much. I think it's just all the gluteus maximus exercises I've forced on you!" She said laughing.

"You think?"

"Sure. But you look great Sandy," she said rubbing a hand down one of his legs. She circled behind him and squeezed his butt. Sandy didn't see her raise her eyebrows in amazement, nor did he see her devious smile as she eyed his butt which looked A LOT bigger to her. "Sandy, I have a garment that will pull you in a little, it will make your pants fit better," she said nonchalantly. She pulled out a butt, hip, and tummy girdle and held it out for Sandy.

"I can't wear that, it's for women." Sandy said laughing. He was not going to wear Brenda's clothes. But Brenda grabbed both of his hands lightly and turned him around to face her.

"Sandy. It's no big deal, I think you need to wear this or your pants might not fit." She said slowly looking into his eyes. All the sudden time seemed to stand still. He felt a weird sensation creep over his entire body, and the next thing he knew he was stepping into the girdle.

'It's no big deal, I need to wear these or my pants might not fit,' he thought to himself. He casually pulled the girdle over his soft thighs and rounded butt as Brenda left the room.

"The black spandex power girdle clung to Sandy's widening hips, full rounded butt, thickening thighs, and waist."

After getting dressed Sandy went out to the kitchen. "Do my legs look like they have less hair on them?" He asked Brenda.

"Not really. Sandy, you've never had much body hair since I' ve known you," she sighed sounding annoyed.

"I guess you're right," he replied. "Hey, Bren, thanks for putting up with me lately. I know I've sounded a little paranoid, but I'm not turning into an emotional basket-case. I've just felt different at times lately, that's all. But I do feel better than I've felt in years, and I owe it all to you. I really, really do. So, I just want to tell you thanks."

"Shush shush Sandy!" Brenda said almost teary-eyed. "I wish you knew how much I loved you. If you did you wouldn't worry about 'bothering' me with your problems. I want you to be able to talk to me about anything. Anything. Now lets get some breakfast," she said changing the subject. She got out some vitamins for Sandy but today she gave him four pills instead of two.

"Sandy, I want you to start taking Ginseng and Calcium too. I think they'll be good for you."

"Thanks sweetie, it's nice to know someone is watching out for me," he said and then swallowed the pills.

When they worked out that night Brenda gave Sandy a supplement with the letters UF-SW on it. She grabbed both of his hands lightly and turned him to face her after he swallowed it down. The tingling feeling was back, but this time it crept over him instantly.

"Sandy, these supplements have really been giving you energy lately. They're really letting you get the most out of your workouts."

"Yeah, they really have been haven't they," Sandy replied. The tingling feeling was overwhelming him again, but this time it was stronger than ever.



The next week Sandy noticed that his suit pants all fit again. They were tighter in the hips than before, they felt less tight on his waist and they felt perfect–if not a little snug–in the seat. Overall, Sandy felt great. He felt health–really healthy–and things were still going great with Brenda. In fact, he felt like he was falling deeper and deeper in love every day.

That Sunday, Brenda suggested that they try a "power workout week". She suggested that they try working out every day for the entire week and that they take a couple of weeks of vacation at the end of the week. Again, Sandy felt the tingling feeling creep over his body while Brenda was making her suggestions. Sandy agreed and put in for vacation the next day. They worked out Monday through Thursday, and each day Brenda gave Sandy a supplement. Each supplement had different letters on it (UF-AR, UF-SH, UF-TOR, and UF-FT).

On Friday at work, Julie dropped off another file at Sandy's cube.

"Hi there San-dee! How are things going?" She asked happily

"Great. I couldn't be happier right now. Who would have thought it a couple of months ago," he said smiling. "My life is great now that I've met Brenda. Thanks for introducing me to her. I never would have met her if it weren't for you!" He said leaning back in his chair. As he leaned back Julie stared at his body for a few seconds. She couldn't take her eyes off his lower body in particular. Diane was walking by and Julie motioned her over.

"Sandy, have you been losing weight?" Julie asked.

"No. Why?"

"I don't know, your body just looks different somehow," she said slowly.

"As a matter of fact Julie, I've lost 22 pounds in the last four months," he said proudly, standing up and showing off his body. "What do you think?" He said, striking a pose that was slightly effeminate. .

"You look great Sandy. Really good." Julie said emphasizing the "really" with a jealous intonation. She was still staring intently at his body.

"You look fabulous!" Diane exclaimed eyeing Sandy's butt. Sandy grinned.

Bold as always, Julie walked into the cube and stood close to him, never taking her eyes off his body. She laughed out loud and shook her head. She ran her hands down the side of his body, over his waist. Her hands paused for several seconds when they got to his hips, then they continued down over Sandy 's thighs.

"Ha!" She laughed again–she had discovered that he was wearing a woman's girdle under his clothes.

"What are you doing?" Sandy laughed, acting modest but loving the female attention. Julie ignored him and continued to check him out.

"Wow!" She exclaimed. "Brenda really whipped you into shape!" She poked her head around his body and looked down at his butt. His butt looked much bigger to her. It looked round, thick, tight, and sexy. "My, my.." she said laughing and shaking her head. She pulled away from Sandy still laughing softly. "Keep up the good work Sandy," she said with obvious mocking sarcasm. "Diane, I think I'm jealous, look at that sexy ass! Can you imagine what he would look like in a mini-skirt and stockings?" She said seriously. There was an awkward silence for several seconds before both the girls burst out laughing. "Just kidding San-dee!" Julie winked at him and then the girls walked off overcome by their mirth.

When they were far enough from Sandy' s cube Julie stopped and looked at Diane.

"Did you see the body on him?" Julie asked smiling widely.

"I sure did." Diane said. "He looks pretty good, I must say," she said, her voice going up in pitch and getting louder at the end of the statement.

"Pretty good? He's got the curves of a 50's pinup girl! He looks like a bombshell! He looks like a voluptuous woman!" They both giggled again. Then, Julie added seriously, "It's a little scary if you ask me. He was also wearing a girdle."

"Get out!"

"But really Diane, who knows what kind of curves he would show if he wasn't wearing one!"

"It's amazing what aerobics and weight training can do for you. If it can give a MAN the kinda curves Sandy now has, just think what it could do for me. I've got to start working out more!" Diane responded.

"Me too." Julie sighed.


On Friday night Brenda and Sandy worked out again. This time Brenda gave Sandy a pill with the letters UF-HN on it. On Saturday they did a step-aerobics class. Right before the workout, Brenda handed Sandy another supplement which had the letters UF- CH on it. Sandy didn't notice her soft laughing as he swallowed down the pill. And on Sunday, Brenda couldn't help but smile when Sandy swallowed down a supplement with the letters UF-CRVA on it.

Monday was the official start of their vacation, and they were both excited about having some time off to relax. They started off the week in style by sleeping in on Monday. When they finally got up, Sandy was surprised to realize that he felt great after the "power workout" week. They had a full breakfast and took their vitamins (Sandy was now taking 6 vitamin pills every morning). After breakfast Sandy' s tingling feeling got stronger again. Sandy noticed that he always felt the tingling feeling now. Usually, it was deep in the background, but it often got stronger, especially when Brenda discussed important issues or decisions with him. It also seemed to be stronger in the morning, right after he took his vitamins. But now, Sandy was used to the tingling feeling and he found it rather soothing and comforting. It didn't bother him at all. Eventually, he didn't even notice it anymore (but it was still strong, VERY STRONG). After breakfast Brenda brought Sandy into the bedroom.

"Sandy" she said taking hold of his hands and turning him to face her, "I want you to wear something sexy for me today."

"Sure," he answered instinctively, thinking nothing of it. Brenda walked over to the walk-in closet, entered, and quickly emerged with a black satin waist-cincher, black nylon stockings, and a black satin thong. She handed them to Sandy. "I' ll help you put them on love," she said smiling. She pulled the satin garment tightly around his waist and zipped it up in the front. She had him step into the thong and pull it up. He didn't pull it up far enough, so she helped him, tucking his organ between his legs, pulling the thong all they way up and sliding the satin fabric deep into his ass. She showed him how to put the stockings on and fasten them to the garters. She then left the room leaving him to dress in a T-shirt and jeans. His jeans which were once extremely baggy fit snugly now in the hips and butt, in fact they were getting tighter by the day. After he got dressed they went out for coffee.

During their vacation they really enjoyed themselves. They worked out less frequently and went to happy hour several times. By now, Brenda had given Sandy five more supplements which had the letters UF-FF, UF-MAN, UF-HR, UF-VC, UF-IE on them.

During the second week of their vacation, Sandy woke up feeling a little different but great nonetheless. He got out of bed and took off his boxers (he didn't really notice that his boxers were so tight now that they were straining against his hips and butt) on the way to the shower. His entire upper body felt different including his chest, but he couldn't really figure out how. He went into the bathroom, looked into the mirror, and fainted instantly.

He awoke a few minutes later with Brenda rubbing ice on his forehead. When Sandy realized he was awake the first thing he felt was the tingling feeling. Even though he had grown accustomed to it, the feeling was stronger than ever--like a drug-induced malaise.

"What happened Sandy!" She exclaimed more than asked.

"I think I must have fainted," he replied in a groggy voice.

"Here, take this, it will make you feel better." Brenda handed him a pill which said V-2000. He took a sip of water and swallowed it. He then started to speak.

"I know you're going to think I'm crazy, but," his voice grew quiet and his words trailed off into nothing. He appeared confused. The tingling feeling was very intense now, almost completely overwhelming, yet he continued, "I looked down at my chest, and I," this time he stopped in mid-sentence. Brenda took him by the hands and looked deep into his eyes and the tingling sensation grew even more intense. Sandy was completely broken down by the sensation. He was completely at her mercy–like he was a car and literally being driven by someone else.

"And what Sandy, " she asked with a slight, barely detectable smile, knowing what he was going to say.

"And I had...well...huge breasts," he finished slowly, sounding more confused than ever and looking stupefied.

"They sure are big Sandy, but I wouldn't call them huge. They look like they always have to me, nice, round, firm, thirty-six Cs," she said seriously, but gently, still holding his hands and looking into his eyes. "You've always had thirty-six Cs, at least for as long as I've known you." She said smiling.

"I guess you're right," he said slowly starting to feel better. "I've always had thirty-six Cs." He repeated as if it were some strange mantra. Brenda helped him get up, guided him over to the bed, and then sat him down.

"Let me help you into some clothes," Brenda said casually, walking over to the chest-of-drawers. She rummaged through the bottom drawer and found what she was looking for. She pulled out a white, satin bra and matching high-cut panties. She walked over to Sandy and handed him the panties. He stepped into them and then stopped abruptly. He was staring at his crotch.

"My, umm, crotch, it's smooth," he said still looking down. The tingling feeling was still all over him.

"Oh Sandy, you always had a smooth crotch. Don't be so silly. You just fainted, that's all, you didn't get Amnesia," she half scolded half laughed. He slipped on the panties slowly, pulling them up over his sexy thighs and hot ass. This time he didn't have to hide anything between his legs: there was nothing there but a fully-developed vagina. He pulled the high-cut panties up over his hips. They fit perfectly. Next, Brenda held out the bra to Sandy. He didn't take it. She put the bra on to demonstrate.

"Oh come on," she chastised, "you know how to do this. You've done it hundreds of times before." She took the bra off and tossed it to him. He put it on with little trouble. The satin material pulled and stretched against his large, firm breasts rather nicely. Sandy now looked extremely sexy: he had wide, luscious hips, a tight waist, womanly thighs, and a flat sexy stomach. He also had thin arms, small delicate hands, and narrow shoulders. His back was smaller and even his feet seemed to have become smaller and more narrow.

"Lie down on the bed for me for a sec," Brenda requested. Sandy did as he was told and Brenda studied his body intently, looking him up and down. She was quite satisfied with the way things were turning out. 'Amazing!' She thought to herself.

"Sandy lay on the bed in his white satin panties and matching bra while Brenda checked him out. His whole body looked different."


Sandy finished getting dressed by throwing on jeans and a T-shirt.

While eating breakfast Sandy read through the paper. Brenda watched him as he flipped through the pages.

'Wow' Brenda thought to herself, 'the UF-HN pill must have really kicked in yesterday! He has such cute little hands and pretty nails,' she laughed softly to herself.

(Sandy didn't notice that on the front of the obituaries section, there was an article saying that the owner of the largest food distribution company in Europe, Mr. Dennis Brody, had died of natural causes.)



Sandy was so in love with Brenda and he felt like an entirely new person since meeting her. All the exercising, the constant sex, the companionship, the long chats, and everything else was great for him. And she was truly the kindest person he had ever met. To everyone, everywhere they went, she was always polite, sweet, and helpful. Even when guys hit on her, which was quite often, she would tell them nicely that she wasn't interested. And she was so nice about it, they always listened to her. Sandy loved her so much that he had often considered telling her his deepest secret that he had never told anyone: that he stood to inherit millions and millions of dollars. He really wanted to tell her, but he could never bring himself to do it. Every time he was about to tell her, his instincts took over and stopped him. Little did he know that his instincts would turn out to be horribly wrong.

Brenda was surprised to realize that she liked Sandy just as much with a feminine body. Sure, he had lost his manhood, but Brenda had found SEVERAL very creative ways to make up for that. In fact, she was having so much fun breaking in her new girl that she decided she couldn't let Sandy go back to work just yet. She had him under her thumb and under her spell, so she easily persuaded him to take another couple of weeks of vacation.

The next week, Sandy received notice in the mail that his sick grandfather had passed away. The will was going to be read at his grandfather's vacation home in Duck, North Carolina. Sandy was happy and sad, yet looked forward to the reading of the will so he could surprise Brenda. He was even thinking about asking her to marry him. If only he had told her earlier, things might have turned out different.


At the end of their third week of vacation Sandy was totally emasculated. His wide hips, thick sexy legs, tight waist, hot ass, and full breasts had filled out and shaped completely. He literally had a Cindy Crawford type body. His small, delicate hands and feet looked adorable. His shoulders were also small, and looked 100% feminine. His lips had puffed up and turned into pouty, kissable lips. His hair had sprouted and now fell well below his shoulders in beautiful waves. In addition, his voice had become an octave higher, and his mannerisms were completely feminine. He walked with a slight, sexy sway; he was more emotional; he was much more talkative; and he wore a liberal amount of make-up on a daily basis. In sum, his entire body from head to toe was that of a young, pretty woman. To make matters worse, his eyes were oh so very innocent–words simply cannot do them justice. And finally, he looked two or three years younger. However, if you knew Sandy, you could still tell it was his face--but barely.

The physical changes weren't the only things that had happened to Sandy. Brenda had worked on him mentally too. She had him dressing completely in women' s clothes. She made him do all the laundry, cooking, and cleaning. And in the bedroom, she made Sandy play the part of the submissive woman. She teased the susceptible Sandy mercilessly, licking his nipples and clitoris constantly, making him crazy with lust. And as always, Brenda played the part of the aggressor. But at the same time, she took good care of Sandy. She helped him get his name changed to Jacqueline. And she drove him to the DMV and had him get a new license (the woman at the Department of Motor Vehicles took one look at him and changed his license to "F").

May 5 came and Sandy and Brenda had big plans. They were going down to North Carolina to pay their last respects to Sandy's late grandfather. Sandy went to get his vitamins and noticed that there were none left. He was standing over the stove in nothing but nylons waiting for the water to boil–Brenda liked having him prance around the house in his nylons.

"Bren, where are my vitamins?" Sandy asked in a female voice. Brenda smiled to herself when she saw what Sandy was wearing. She had conditioned him well and was pleased with the results. She took great pride in her work.

"Sandy's thighs, butt, and hips had pushed out to dramatic proportions. The UF-V2000 pill had worked slowly but effectively."

"I guess we're out," she lied. "I'll have to get some more. It will be time to go soon love you need to go change."

"What shall I wear, darling?"

"I laid something out for you on the bed. It's a surprise."

Sandy came back a few minutes later wearing a revealing, tight, satin miniskirt, a cotton blouse, nude nylon stockings, and high-heeled sandals.

"How do I look?" Sandy asked.

"You look perfect love," Brenda said, and kissed him on the cheek. "Oh, before I forget, I want you to take this supplement," she handed him a pill which said UF-INT on it. She felt slightly guilty about giving him the last couple of pills but quickly suppressed the feelings; it didn't pay to be emotional in her line of work. "I also want you to put these on." She handed him a pair of white satin opera gloves. He swallowed the pill and washed it down with water. He then pulled the gloves on without even questioning it. Brenda's moment of doubt and compassion was gone, and her well-hidden ruthlessness–which had made her very wealthy over the years–quickly returned. She laughed at Sandy in his outfit.

They packed the car and made they're way to 95 south. They pulled up to the large house on the sound in Duck, North Carolina in good time: seven hours. Sandy produced his invitation at the door of the large house as was required. A muscular, female security guard let Sandy and Brenda enter and escorted them to the den/library. Most of the room had a wooden floor, but a large portion of the room connected to it had a plush grey carpet, and a smile fireplace with a tile hearth. A comfy looking chaise-lounge sat close to the fireplace. Four rows of chairs were lined up on the other side of the room, near the book shelves. When Sandy and Brenda got to the library they were told to sit down in the front row. Despite the several rows of chairs, there were only three other people in the room: a blonde-haired woman with her hair pinned on the top of her head, dressed in black in the left corner (probably Mr. Brody's trophey-wife who Sandy had never met); the executrix who was sitting at a desk, and another dark-haired woman who was apparently going to be a witness.

The tingling feeling that Sandy had grown accustomed to over the last couple months had gradually been subsiding all day. And as Sandy sat down, the effect of the last of the so-called vitamins he had taken was slowly wearing off. Sandy was becoming somewhat dizzy.

"I'm going to make this short and sweet ladies," the slightly attractive, brunette executrix said authoritatively, speaking with a thick British accent.

'Ladies' Sandy thought to himself. 'That's odd.'

"You are here because it was Mr. Brody' s wish that you be invited to the reading of his will. Let me inform you all that his estate is now almost worth one billion dollars." Sandy gasped. He could not catch his breath. He had had no idea that his Grandfather's estate had been worth that much money. He had figured it had been for several million at best. "I must also inform you that Mr. Brody' s will has been in a safe deposit box which only his attorney has had access to. And with that, let's get on with it," she said producing a small letter-opener. Mr. Brody' s attorney, the witness, handed the executrix a large envelope. The executrix opened the envelope and produced the last will and testament of Mr. Dennis Brody. She read aloud the one substantive clause in the will, "Upon my death I deed my entire to estate to my first grandson who reaches the age of 25, and if not, to Jodie Anderson." With that, Sandy rose up and approached the table smiling ear-to-ear, his generous hips undulating, his sexy ass shaking every-so-slightly.

"Can I help you miss?" The executrix asked coldly looking over the rim of her glasses at Sandy.

"Yes. I'm Sandy Anderson, and I've come to claim my grandfather's estate," he said in his female voice. "Just show me what I need to sign."

"I do not find your joke amusing miss," the executrix replied.

"Wait a minute, what are you talking about? I'm not joking. I' m Sandy Anderson. I'm entitled to the estate!" Sandy exclaimed, stopping in his tracks. The "vitamins" that he had been taking for months had now worn off completely, but Sandy still didn't realize what had happened. It was then that the blonde haired woman in the left corner showed her face. It was Jodie, Sandy' s ex-wife. She was almost 40 now (yet looked more like 30), but she still managed to look gorgeous even with her hair swept back on the sides and pinned on top of her head in the bun. Her wide smile was beyond devious and much closer to pure evil. She rose out of her chair and walked towards Sandy, never taking her eyes off his. "What is she doing here? What the hell is she doing here!" Sandy said, starting to lose control. It was obvious that the site of Jodie completely discombobulated him. He had never expected to see her again.

"Miss! If you cannot control yourself I will be forced to call security and have you restrained!" The executrix threatened.

"Please, allow me." Jodie said walking closer to Sandy. She was dressed in a short, tight, black skirt which hugged her hips and thighs as she walked closer and closer to Sandy. He could smell her Tiffany perfume as she approached.

"Don't you touch me!" He said in as low and threatening a voice as he could manage. Jodie ignored him. With lightning fast speed she grabbed both of his wrists. "Get off me!" Sandy said much louder, trying to twist his wrists free. Jodie was stronger than he expected and her grip didn't loosen. He tried pulling his wrists away from her, but her grip was implacable, unyielding. Jodie moved in closer to Sandy, sliding one of her strong, nylon covered legs between his for balance. She pushed forward until her upper thigh pressed firmly against Sandy's pelvis–Sandy could feel the nylon sliding against his skin as Jodie's thigh ground into him. Sandy struggled and struggled but he couldn't get his wrists free. Jodie used her body to push Sandy back towards the wall. Sandy tried to resist but it was no use: his three-inch heels slid on the wooden floor and Jodie was now taller, bigger, and much stronger than he was. "Bren, help me!! Please help me!!" He screamed as Jodie pinned him against the wall, her rounded hips grinding into his lower body. He could feel her silk-covered breasts pushing up against his back. "Brenda please help!!" He screamed again. Although he could not break Jodie's vicelike grip, he managed to turn his head to the side and look behind himself. He was not prepared for what he was about to see.

Brenda was gone!

'Where did she go? What happened to Bren?' Sandy thought in a panic. He looked up at the executrix as best he could with Jodie pushing him into the wall. "Please help me! Get her off of me!" He shrieked like a school-girl.

"Security!!" The executrix called rasing her voice. Within seconds three tall women rushed into the room and over to Sandy and Jodie. Two of them held Sandy' s shoulders while the third used some rope to tie his wrists together behind his back. He screamed again. One of the guards slapped a hand over his mouth to muffle his screams. It worked. When Sandy' s wrists were tied securely behind his back, Jodie released her grip. Jodie then took the rope from the security guard and tied Sandy's elbows together tightly. Sandy thrashed about for a few more minutes but the four women held him easily. The guard to Sandy's right and the guard to his left each had an arm locked around one of Sandy' s arms. Both women pushed firmly against Sandy with their strong, tight bodies preventing Sandy from moving his arms and shoulders. The woman on Sandy' s left still had her hand cupped over his mouth. Jodie and the third guard pulled Sandy off the wall. The third guard held Sandy's tied wrists behind his back while Jodie circled around in front of him. Jodie stood there looking Sandy in the eyes smiling a dark and perverted smile. With her hands on her hips and her legs spread shoulder-width apart she looked authoritative and intimidating.

"I'm sorry for the disturbance Ms. Brody," the executrix said to Jody. "I'm sure you would like to get on with the proceedings. Now! Do you think you can control yourself Miss?" The executrix asked Sandy. He shook his head up and down quickly. Tired and confused, he wanted to try to talk it out.

"Don't worry Ms. Baxter, she's not going anywhere." Jodie said seriously, turning to look at the executrix. Turning back to Sandy she teased him in a fake maternal-type voice and said, "And you're going to be a good little girl, aren't you?" She puckered her lips, grabbed Sandy by the cheeks and squeezed in, "Aren't you?" She demanded. Sandy nodded up and down. Jodie then motioned for the security guard to remove her hand from Sandy' s mouth. Sandy had calmed down, but he was still breathing heavily.

"Now, what seems to be the problem here miss?" The executrix asked, sighing heavily. It was clear that she was rather perturbed by the interruption. Jodie stepped out of the way so the executrix could see Sandy clearly.

"I'm Sandy Anderson. I'm entitled to inherit Mr. Brody's estate. He was my grandfather." Sandy said quickly. The three guards cast furtive glances at each other. One of them laughed.

"I' m sorry miss, maybe you misunderstood me. The estate was to go to the first of Mr. Brody's grandsons to reach the age of 25, and if not, to Jodie Anderson, his wife. So only a grandson who is 25 would be entitled to the estate. You're obviously not male, and you don't appear to be 25," she explained cooly.

"What on Earth are you talking about? I'm male." Sandy answered indignantly. The other two security guards started laughing too. The executrix even showed signs of humanity by smiling for a second. Jodie stepped back in front of Sandy her hands resting on her hips once again, but this time she moved right up to him. She looked Sandy up and down and then laughed out loud. "What? Why are you looking at me like that Jodie?" He whined in a frustrated girl's voice. Jodie's eyes focused on Sandy's chest.

"Ah-hem!!" Jodie tried to get Sandy' s attention. He still didn't look down. Finally, she pointed at his chest. "And what do you call these missy?" Jodie asked mockingly, with a demanding look on her face. Sandy looked down at his chest.

"Oh my God," he moaned, staring intently at the two large, breast-shaped protrusions which were stretching out his tight blouse. Now that the so-called vitamins had worn off and he had calmed down, his lucid mind was being confronted with his predicament, and his new reality. Jodie could tell exactly what was happening and she loved every minute of it!

"They're obviously fake," Sandy said purposefully shifting his body and chest to demonstrate. But, to Sandy' s astonishment and horror, the breasts moved quite naturally with his body. Sandy thought he could even feel them! To say the least, his demonstration was unconvincing. "Well maybe their implants," he finished weakly, still staring at his own chest.

"Well then, how do you explain the rest of that!" Jodie said waving a hand up and down his body. "How do you explain that big sexy ass, those jutting hips, and your umm private parts dearie?" Sandy looked down at the rest of his body. It definitely looked different, more inflated somehow, but he couldn't really tell how beneath the clothes.

"Now ladies, please," the executrix said. "I think we can solve this rather easily." Sandy looked up at her with hope in his innocent, young-girl eyes. "Ms. Astor, please get me the family history on Mr. Brody." The executrix said. Mr. Brody' s attorney handed her the file immediately. The executrix looked through the folder and quickly pulled out what she was looking for. "Let's see here, Mr. Brody had two children, both girls. One died in 1980, without ever having been married and without ever having any kids. The other, her name was Betty, had one...that's interesting, it says one grandchild in 1975, and no other children. There is no birth certificate in the folder. Do you have a birth certificate with you miss?" She asked Sandy.

"Well, actually, I don't. I've never had one." He admitted nervously.

"That's fine, it' s not that uncommon. Plenty of people lose them. The laws of North Carolina state that, in this type of situation, I must look to other forms of identification. Do you have a passport or a license with you?" She asked Sandy.

"Yes, there in my portfolio." He said eagerly. One of the security guards went over to the chair that Sandy had been sitting in earlier and grabbed a small, black rayon purse. She brought it back smiling.

"Is this your...portfolio?" The guard teased, emphasizing the word "portfolio."

"That's not mine. I've no idea who that belongs to," Sandy answered laughing. The security guard smiled smugly at him--not attempting to conceal the fact that she did not believe Sandy at all--and opened the purse. She removed a passport and a license and handed them to the executrix. The executrix opened up the passport.

"According to this miss, your name is Jacqueline Anderson. You were born in 1974 and you're obviously related to Mr. Brody. But there's a little F underneath the word "sex" on your license," she said seriously. Jodie smiled greedily–things were starting to pan out nicely.

"That's impossible!" Sandy screamed. "That can't be me in the picture! Please hand it to..." he stopped in mid sentence. He could now remember bits and pieces of the last few weeks, but it was very foggy, like the memory of an old dream. He vaguely remembered going to the Department of Motor Vehicles to...what did he do renew his license?? Yes that was it. Brenda had suggested that he renew his license. And he thought he remembered Brenda asking him if he wanted to go with her to get her passport renewed. But that was for Brenda? Wasn't it?? He tried to remember the details but he just couldn't. And then there was a trip to the courthouse. What was that for? Didn't Brenda say that she wanted to get HER middle name changed? But he didn't get his name changed, did he? He remembered signing something, but Brenda had said that he was just signing as a witness for her. He looked over at Jodie, and was startled to see that she was staring at him.

'I want you.' Jodie mouthed at Sandy and then snarled at him with her teeth. Nobody else heard or saw. Sandy looked at her horror-stricken.

"Oh but it is you, that' s your young and pretty face in the picture, that's your long silky hair, and those are your absolutely adorable little eyes." The executrix said seriously. "It's you in both of the pictures," she said referring to the passport and license. Jodie's smile widened even more.

"No, no! You don't understand! I don't know who that girl in the picture is!" Sandy screamed in his new, sultry voice. The security guards tightened their grips once again, holding him virtually immobile. "Someone must have altered my license!" Sandy gasped. He turned and looked at Jodie. "You had something to do with this didn't you? I know you did!!" He turned back to the executrix. "She's my X wife!! She did something to my license! Hey, and it's just pictures after all. They don't mean anything!! Look at, mmm....hey,mmmmphh!! Mmmphhh!!" Jodie stuffed something white, silky, and lustrous into Sandy's mouth gagging him. During his little tantrum, Sandy hadn't see Jodie circle behind him. Jodie had grabbed Sandy' s head and tilted it back with her left hand (she had previously balled up a pair of white satin panties in her right fist when nobody was watching).

"Mmmmpphh!" Sandy tried to scream and tried to push the panties out of his mouth with his tongue. Jodie held the panties in place with her left hand and, with her right hand, she quickly looped a silk scarf over Sandy' s head and slid it between his lipstick-covered lips. She cinched the scarf extremely hard and tied a double knot behind Sandy's head. The scarf prevented Sandy from spitting the panties out of his mouth. Sandy immediately realized that the scarf had been drenched in Jodie's perfume, Tiffany (Jodie wanted Sandy to be overwhelmed by her perfume and associate the smell with his state of helplessness).

"Mmmmphh!! Mmmmmphhh!!" Sandy tried to scream again but the panties and scarf made for a practical and very effective gag. Bound and gagged, Sandy was completely helpless: he was completely at the mercy of Jodie, the guards, and the executrix.

"I'm sorry Ms. Baxter, but I've heard enough of her nonsense for one day! I'm tired of this young woman wasting our valuable time!" Jodie said. She then turned and slapped Sandy hard across the face. Sandy stopped trying to scream for a second and then started even louder this time. Jodie slapped him again, and then again, and then again. Sandy got the message quickly and quieted down. Jodie looked at Ms. Baxter and said, "I think we can continue now." Her cold, ruthless eyes flashed at Sandy. 'Just you go ahead and try it missy!' They seemed to dare.

"In light of all of Miss Jacqueline's complaints and allegations, I think it would be prudent of me to make sure there is no merit to any of her statements," the executrix said in a strange tone. All of the security guards looked up, they knew her well and knew she was seriously angry. Ms. Baxter obviously didn't know that Sandy had ever been a man and felt that "Jacqueline" was simply playing a childish prank on her. Ms. Baxter took her work very seriously--especially when there was this much money involved–and felt extremely insulted and somewhat humiliated by "Jacqueline's prank." As a result, she had decided she was going to get the little bitch back somehow. Jodie sensed this, and took advantage of the situation.

"Okay. There is one final way to make sure she's lying. Why don't you gently remove her blouse and skirt." Jodie said casually, while deep down inside she was absolutely thrilled at the idea of introducing Sandy to his new body and humiliating him at the same time. "I' ll compensate her handsomely for her embarrassment. I just want to get this taken care of as fast as possible, as you know, it's an awful lot of money we are talking about." Jodie added.

"I understand. That sounds perfect," the executrix said to Jodie. "I' m sorry miss, but we really do need to make sure. Since the estate is worth roughly a billion dollars that is," the executrix said in her British accent with a hint of mixed sarcasm and contempt. And with that, she walked over to Sandy and began unbuttoning his blouse.

"Please, allow me to help," Jodie said acting like she was just trying to be helpful when there was much more to it than that. She wanted to humiliate AND tease him at the same time. She bent over sticking her butt out to tease Sandy with, knowing that he was probably looking at it even in his current situation (she was right). Despite what she'd done to him in the past, she KNEW that Sandy was still attracted to her, and probably always would be. After giving Sandy an extra-long look at her provocative body, Jodie unzipped Sandy' s skirt, removed it, and laid it gently on a chair. Sandy was wearing a pair of white satin panties (they were identical to the pair stuffed deep into his mouth, but of course, he didn't know that). Next, she removed Sandy's blouse exposing his large D-cup breasts which were practically spilling out of his white satin push-up bra. It was obvious that his breasts were neither fake nor implants. Sandy started struggling again which gave Jodie an excuse to tie him up even more. She looped some rope above his breasts and below his breasts and then tied it tightly over his arms. (The executrix watched with concealed vindictive amusement. Normally she would have told her guards to intervene, but she thought the little bitch Jacqueline deserved it.)

"Mmmphhhh!" Sandy could now feel his breasts snugly between the ropes. Jodie then expertly tied his ankles together, and then tied his legs together above and below the knees. For the first time, Sandy realized that a white lace garter belt was wrapped snugly around his shrunken waist, and stretched over his jutting hips. Four white satin garters held up his nylons, which, in turn, stretched quite nicely over the smooth, creamy flesh of his voluptuous, womanly thighs. From the look of his body the UF-V2000 pill was kicking in big time! Sandy's panties pressed tightly against his smooth, flat pelvis and crotch. The executrix turned Sandy around and looked at his large, tight ass. The white satin panties were pulled taut all the way around. There was no mistake, Sandy had the ass of a woman. Although it was difficult to move in the ropes, Sandy looked down at his body and tried to move his legs and pelvis around to get a better view. With his skirt and blouse removed, Sandy was slowly starting to realize the full extent of his predicament.

"You have a beautiful body miss. Yes indeed," the executrix said admiring Sandy's body. "You have a very lovely body, with nice assets, shall we say," she said seriously, pressing her hand on Sandy's satin covered pelvis. Sandy could see her hand on him, but it didn't feel right, it felt like his pelvis was slightly padded. The executrix slowly slid her hand down Sandy's pelvis. "I' m sorry miss, believe me, but I have a plane to catch and I need to be 100% sure you're a woman." She slid her hand all the way down to Sandy' s crotch and nestled it between his thighs. He could feel her gloved hand on his inner thighs. The executrix extended her index finger and pressed it against Sandy' s panties. Sandy could feel her finger on him, and could feel the taut satin panties sliding against him, but it felt different and he didn't know why. The executrix pressed harder and then rubbed her finger forward and backward once. The executrix felt the familiar curve of a vagina through Sandy's panties. She used her finger to slowly pry the tight lips apart. An erotic tingling feeling overwhelmed Sandy instantly. It was stronger than any he had ever had in his life. He could feel his labia being spread open, he could feel HIS vagina! At the same time his stomach dropped, and he felt instantly nauseous with the realization. 'HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???' His mind screamed over and over. His heartbeat increased rapidly, perspiration beads emerged on his forehead. The entire time Jodie was watching him intently, drinking in every emotion on his face. Despite all of the thoughts which were racing through his mind and before he realized what he was doing, Sandy 's hips and pelvis thrust forward as if they had a mind of their own, reacting positively to the stimulation. The executrix pulled her finger away instantly.

"Well that settles it miss, you are one-hundred-percent woman. I have a plane to catch, so let's get on with the reading," she said, returning to her desk. The security guards sat Sandy down on the floor and left him there. Sandy tried to work his hands out of the tight ropes but it was impossible--Jodie had had lots of practice tying people up over the years and it certainly showed. Sandy turned his head and looked back at his wrists and arms to assess his chances of undoing the bondage.

"Sandy's large breasts stretched the smooth satin of his bra and his long silky hair flowed down to his bound elbows as he looked at his wrists to see what Jodie had done to him. A look of despair came over Sandy's face as he realized that he was not going to be able to free himself from his humiliating predicament.

Ms. Baxter read the will one more time. After she finished she concluded, "Since there is no grandson who has lived to reach the age of 25, by the law of the state of North Carolina, I hereby declare that Ms. Anderson is entitled to Mr. Brody's entire estate."

"Mmmpphhh! Mmmpphhh!" Sandy whined through his gag. "Nnnn! Nnnnnn!!" It appeared that he was trying to say no, but no one paid any attention to him. He looked up at the executrix in despair, his innocent eyes begging for her to stop the proceedings.

"Sandy's eyes begged the executrix to stop the proceedings. Bound and gagged, all he could do was sit and watch while the executrix gave his inheritance to his ex-wife."

"Now look miss, I'm just doing my job. Please understand that. It's rather cruel that Mr. Brody didn't leave you anything, but that was not my decision to make. The estate is enormous. Perhaps Ms. Anderson will share a small portion of it with you out of kindness." The executrix said to Sandy. She then turned to Jodie and the lawyer.

"Now, if the two of you will just sign here, we'll be all through." Both women signed the piece of paper which the executrix was holding . "That's it then!" She said.

"Yes, that takes care of everything." The attorney added. "Ms. Anderson, I must be running. Thank you and goodbye," the attorney said shaking Jodie's hand. She quickly grabbed her briefcase and headed out the door.

"Now if you'll excuse me too Ms. Anderson, I have a plane to catch. Oh, and would you mind untying that poor dear for me? I would have my assistants do it but I'm afraid we're out of time." The executrix said. (She had no idea that there was years and years of history between Sandy and Jodie).

"I'll untie her, I don't mind at all," Jodie said with a stoic expression, careful not to give away her intentions. "You go ahead, I don't want you to miss your plane. You've put up with enough from this girl today," she finished.

"Thank you. Ladies, I'll meet you at the car," the executrix said to her guards. Sandy sat there silently thinking for a half-minute, thinking about the billion-dollar estate that he had just lost. That half-minute would end up costing him greatly. Sandy didn't realize that everyone was leaving, everyone but he and Jodie that is, until it was too late.

"Mmmmpphhh! Mmmphhhh!" He tried to get the executrix' s attention, but Jodie had already taken proactive measures and had walked the executrix out of the room. Sandy turned his head around and looked at the entryway leading to the front door and could see that the security guards were already outside. " Mmmmpphhh! Mmmmphhh!! Hmmmphhh!" He doubled his efforts at escape but it was hopeless: the ropes were too tight and were tied with expertise. He stopped working on the ropes and tried to spit out the gag. He tried to push the panties around with his tongue but it was useless: the panties were in too deep and he could barely move his tongue at all. Even if he could have moved his tongue, the silk scarf tied around his mouth and head was keeping the panties firmly in place. The smell of Tiffany was still wafting up from the scarf and overwhelming Sandy. Before he knew it, Jodie was saying goodbye to the executrix at the front door. Seconds later Sandy heard the front door creak shut. Immediately thereafter, Sandy heard the ominous sound of Jodie's heels clicking on the wooden floor of the hallway, slowly getting louder and slowly getting closer. All of the sudden she was there, looming above him in her short, tight black skirt, her black stockings, her heels, and her white silk blouse. She loomed over him with her legs spread and her hands on her hips.





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