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My Mother, my Lover. Her Satin, my Sin by: Georgina


Chapter 5

I awoke the next morning in mothers bed, snuggled under the mink counterpane and encased, deliciously, in the slinky, erotic and highly exciting, satin sheets. The presence of my mother beside me was a magnificent bonus. I awoke within the embrace of her arms, my face nestled into her magnificent bosom with my lips touching the soft, satin sheathed, nipple of her left tittie. I was totally aware of my body, hot, excited as it writhed, softly, insistently against her slim body, my urgently aroused hardness, swathed in the slinky satin, pushing against the maternal belly. I felt mothers hands cradle my head and her fingers ruffle through my fine, blonde hair. I knew she was awake and that was confirmed as she drew my face even closer to her lovely breast. I opened my lips slightly and encased the thrusting nipple in a caressing kiss that no boy-girl child should ever have given ‘her’ mother. She gasped as I slowly sucked in her tender, yet rapidly hardening nipple and I felt her tremble in my arms as they slid around her body to pull her even closer to my urgently aroused ‘clitty’ as I now called my she-male body. I know that these are words of today, but how else can I describe it. Cock, prick, words that are coarse, crude, common and base as far as I am concerned and not truly descriptive of what I felt at all.

For long, long minutes we cuddled and caressed in a mutual, incestuous frenzy. My hands, sure and urgent, slid down to her taut, trim buttocks and pulled them in towards the aching, wanting centre of my own passion. As mother felt my throbbing body pressing into the very centre of her passion she moaned deep into my mouth and slowly melted totally against me. I moaned back with need and want. I slowly pushed her back onto the satin sheets, slowly placing myself above her so that soon I was couched between her parted thighs and, still madly kissing, I started to thrust my body against the very centre of her body. My still satin covered body was actually parting the weeping folds of her body, I could feel the slick wetness soaking through both her night-gown and mine and I could feel the bunching of the fabric as it forced itself in-between the sensual maternal lips of her sex. It was then That mother stiffened in my arms and as I felt the incredible heat of her, she shuddered, spasmed, then screamed as she climaxed in my hot, incestuous embrace. I too felt the incredible surge of orgasmic ecstasy wash through my body and, though I was only a fraction of an inch into mother’s body, I could feel the incredible heat and the fluttering spasm of her orgasming muscles. It was, too much and I joined her in a massive, exploding orgasm and, because I had neglected to put on a latex sheath, my hot, sticky seed spurted out to soak my satin gown and hers as well.

It was an incredible orgasm. I seemed to be moving from peak to peak, ever higher in my wild pleasures and trails of fire raced through my trembling body as my lips, still meshed to mother's rapacious lips drank of her essence in that wild, passionate and thoroughly wicked, incestuous kiss. I seemed to spurt and spurt till, at last, I slowed and stopped. Beneath me mother seemed to flow from shuddering climax to shuddering climax and her lower limbs, wrapped about my body, squeezed me with wild abandon as she panted and moaned in her atavistic passion. I loved her then, as much as anyone can because she gave me not only my life, but also my ecstasy. So, was it perverted. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors that never reaches the light of day. All I know is that I loved it, revered it and would never break its secret because then It would be taken from me and I would be alone with only my dreams to keep me company.

At last the spasms stopped and, exhausted, I fell down on top of my beautiful mother. She enfolded me in her soft arms and cuddled me to her. We were still kissing, softly, wetly, but this time without the intense urgency, the wild passion of just a few moments before. These were kisses of wet lipped satiation and gratitude as both of us, mother and child, thanked each other for the intense experience that each had given to the other. I dozed once more, falling asleep as she slid me off her body and wrapped her luscious limbs around my still trembling entity.

I awoke when the sun was much higher in the sky, to the sounds of someone moving around the room. I opened my eyes to see Julie, mother’s maid walking towards me with a tray in her hands. But this was a different Julie to normal, and very much more attractively dressed. her pert and pretty face was totally changed by the skilful application of make-up so that she was positively beautiful. Her dark brown hair was pulled up into a lovely chignon and her lips, deeply carmined, shone wetly in the soft light that crept into the room through the half drawn windows. Her dress, instead of her usual black maid’s dress was a lovely day dress in wafting, fine, almost sheer silk, dove grey in colour and very feminine. She looked eminently desirable and very, very sexy.

She smiled at me and, as I realised that she could see my feminine guise, I tried to slide deep under the covers, but, at my antics, she laughed.

’Silly.’ She chuckled. ‘I have known about your little games, as did your mother, for over two years now, and we don’t mind. My little Tony likes to play at being Antonia as well.’

I gulped at that. Tony, Julie’s young son was two years younger than I. Also the fruits of a loveless marriage, he was an elfin child. Incredibly, he was even slimmer, more delicate than I. Later I was to learn that mother’s coterie of friends spread over a multitude of ladies, and their offspring, some sons, some daughters and some, in-between, shall we say. Still, that was in the future.

As it was Julie sat down on the side of the bed and, unconcernedly, laid out a full breakfast tray. I sat up in that wonderful satin sheeted bed and enjoyed, by now totally as unselfconscious as with mother, a lovely breakfast, listening while Julie prattled on about how wonderful everything would be now that I was to be the new ‘daughter of the House.’

Afterwards I got up and went in for a long, hot shower. As I stepped out of the hot water I felt the waft of cool air as the door opened. Startled I turned around and saw that mother and Julia were there, carrying some wonderful apparel in their hands. Quickly, I finished drying myself off and, unconcernedly naked, walked across to them. In passing, I glanced at my body in the full length mirrored wall. I was, I freely admitted, very pretty. I was not worried, or concerned, any more about my gynaecomastia, my pert little breasts were now, since I had felt the immense pleasure of arousement, very precious to me. My nipples, prominent and hard, enhanced the delicate, girlish curves, two perfect little mounds that were gorgeously sensitive. My body though, was a different matter. It seemed to be almost permanently aroused, hard, throbbing, resting vertically against my trim belly, its modest, barely four inches, though thick in diameter, length always trembling in anticipation.

I felt both mother’s and Julia’s eyes roam over my unselfconscious body, hot, arousing and I knew that to-day was going to be a very special day. Julia was still in her day dress of dove grey silk but mother was elegantly resplendent in a gorgeous grey satin night-gown that was a symphony of shimmering, slinky beauty and I drank in her loveliness, my body responding by visibly trembling with wanton desire. She was incredibly beautiful and I ached for what I knew not, but desired, lusted for, intensely. They both looked at each other and smiled. I reached them and they both put down the clothes and opened their arms to me. I slid into their arms and it seamed as if they surrounded me, mother at my front and Julia pressing her delicate body against my back. Hot nibbling lips caressed my shoulder as Julia ignited further fires in my body, but mother was more, infinitely more, arousing as her body, naked, I realised, under the heavy, lustrous satin of her night-gown, moulded itself to my tender nakedness. My hot nipples slid over the scrumptiously smooth satin of her bodice and my erection thrust between her satin sheathed thighs, hunting unerringly for the hot centre of her maternal body. She was, I realised, as hot as I as I felt the sweet dampness of her arousal on my throbbing erection. I knew then that mother and I would consummate our desires very, very soon. Her hot, full, carmined lips touched mine in a soft, sensual and wonderful kiss, sending shivers of wild fire through my trembling body. I moaned as her lips opened and her hot tongue slid into my panting, wanting ready mouth to touch, caress my own tongue in the deepest, most passionate, incestuous kiss I could ever imagine.

Reluctantly, mother pulled back, just as I was reaching the peak of my incestual passion, fuelled as it was by the sensuous garments and fabrics that surrounded me, She was panting softly and her eyes, hot, dewy, filled with desire, gazed deep into my own eyes, searching deep into my soul. She slowly smiled as she recognised that I was not only ready, but also willing to fall into her own wild and deeply perverted, incestuous games.

Julia too stood back and I was aware of the coolness of the air wafting over my overheated flesh. They went back to the clothes and lifting them up, beckoned to me to go into mother’s dressing room. There they sat me down in front of mother’s dressing table and, while Julia started to make up my face and style my hair, mother went off into her dressing room to dress herself. I lost myself in daydreams and the time flew by till Julia woke me up from my musings and I looked at myself in the mirror. I could see myself down to the waist and a very attractive, so attractive that she excited me, girl gazed back at me in the mirror. She had done a wonderful job. My hair, far longer than was fashionable was now styled in a lovely little bob and my face, expertly made up with blushers, creams, foundations and lipsticked looked at least eighteen years of age.

After Julia had finished I got up and walked across to the pile of garments on the chair. I looked at them with a thrill coursing through my slim body. it was a brand new ensemble, everything from lingerie to dress, and what a dress. it was a lovely, powder blue afternoon dress in heavy, lustrous silk. I picked it up and placed it against my naked body and, turning to the long mirror, I admired its lovely design. It was scrumptious, with a lovely scoop neckline and a full, flowing, exquisite skirt that reached a full three inches below my knee. Hurriedly I put it down and picked up the first garment I was going to wear. it was a lovely, slinky corselette in beautiful, sensuously slinky, white satin. Boned, strapless, it slid onto my body like the glove it was designed to be. My tender titties, just A cup, fitted perfectly and I knew mother had bought it especially for me. My unruly body I encased in a latex sheath and slid under the satin panel of the restrictive garment. Then I sat down and sensuously slid on the fine, seamed, fully fashioned nylons that Julia handed to me, shivering as the sleek, gossamer like, hose caressed my limbs. After that it only took a few minutes to slide on a lovely, frothy, net and lace half slip and then draw on the gorgeous dress. Julia went behind me and slid up the back zip and then, getting down on her knees, slid my feet into a pair of black, patent leather, three inch heeled, court shoes. I was almost ready, all I had left to do was put on a scrunchy pair of silk French knickers. I was, I mused, ready for mother, or anyone for that matter. I felt truly wonderful, sexy, hot and very, very feminine.



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