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My Mother, my Lover. Her Satin, my Sin
by: Georgina


Chapter 4

My eyes were blurred with tears as I gazed at mother. She slowly came towards me having dropped her case by the door. I was like a frightened rabbit, and couldn’t move.

‘What happened mother,’ I tremulously asked. ‘Is grandpa all right?’

She nodded. ‘Oh yes, it was just a false alarm, so I came back early.’

She smiled, secretly, knowingly, then sank onto her knees beside me as I still reclined, fully clothed in those magnificent garments, yet with all thoughts of sexual excitement forgotten.

‘I hoped I would find you dressed in your new silkies.’ She whispered and I turned to her with astonishment. She laughed at my expression. Then reached down with her hand and touched me on my satin covered thigh. My arousal was instant and complete, so much so that both mother and I were totally astonished at the sight of my body rearing to full hardness in what seemed to be a bare second. I was silent, blushing, I was sure, from the heat that suffused my cheeks.

‘Ohhhhhhhh Lord!!!’ Mother whispered as her hot gaze lashed my body with fire. ‘How beautiful, my hot little girl is very excited.’

I didn’t move, just watched as mother’s hand slowly slid along my thigh, her carmined nails gently scraping over the sensuous satin peignoir. It felt amazing, so unlike my own caress, and infinitely more exciting. The slithering slide of satin on my nylon sheathed thigh was a wondrous experience of its own, but when mother did it then it was heavenly beyond belief. I threw my head back at the salacious touch, the fact that it was my own mother’s touch that was exciting me was not a small thing. The rights and wrongs of what was happening at that very moment did not then, or ever, may I add, concern me. All I knew was that the very centre of my adolescent fantasies and dreams was at that very moment there beside me and her lovely, knowing, insistent hand was slowly caressing my trembling, wanting, satin covered body.

Her hand paused at the welt of my stocking and felt the button of the suspender, toying teasingly with the small object. The tugging of her touching fingers tautened the tension on the stocking and the feeling was hot beyond my imagination. Everything seemed to be extra sensitive at this time and I could feel myself reaching to an ecstatic height I had not yet envisaged. My eyes, which had closed, opened and I was aware that mother was leaning towards me and our faces were barely a foot apart. I drank in her wondrous beauty. Her heart shaped face was softly lit by the glow of the subdued lights, her make up, impeccable as always, was lovely study of understated sensuality and her full, lushly carmined lips were parted slightly and wetly inviting as they trembled in an emotion I was yet to know.

We gazed at each other for what were minutes and I saw my emotions mirrored in her eyes, a deep love, a soft desire and a long awaited need. We were of one mind, mother and I, wanting to go as far as it was ever possible to go, and fearful of what we would find when we got there. Clichés are truly a mirror of life, as eyes are the mirrors of the soul. My fear left me and only a slow and passionate heat remained. Mother sensed my change, and smiled. She leaned closer and softly pursed her delectable lips. I knew she didn’t want to kiss my cheek, instinctively, I knew that this was to be the first of many, forbidden kisses. Kisses that society frowns on, yet are the sweetest of all. The ardent, sensuous, lip to lip, carnal kiss of a mother to her child. And so it was that our lips touched, gently, softly, a caressing brush that stuck clingingly as our lipsticks, mine carmine, hers a slightly softer blush red, met and mixed. But the immediate effect was a soft panting groan from me as my lips exploded with forbidden delight


Mother sighed into my parted lips and her warm breath was a further aphrodisiac. I moaned and her lips parted to mine so that our kiss, at first so slight and soft, turned into a wetly sucking, deeply passionate, statement of our mutual desire. Her left hand, resting on my thigh, slid slowly, delicately, up towards my panting, heaving, satin sheathed breasts. They ached to feel her touch. My hardness, trembling, rigid with desire, seemed to grow even more and it ached for it knew not what. Her hand cupped my breast, fingers gently exploring, touching, circling over my suddenly engorged nipple. When she felt it her hand stopped and a small gasp of amazement left her lips. She pulled a way, breaking our hot, wet, tongueing kiss.

‘Oh darling!’ She exclaimed. ‘you have real breasts!!!!’

I nodded, ashamed again for some unknown reason. My eyes pulled away from mother’s face and I lowered them to her bodice, and paused. I had, until this moment been unaware, but now I noticed that mother had, whilst we had been kissing, opened her suit jacket and slid it off her slim body leaving her clad above the waist in a lovely, white satin, long line brassiere. Her hand continued to rest on my aching tittie as she raised her other hand and delicately cupped her own firm, beautiful breast.

‘Why, Mother?’ I whispered.

‘Why what my sweet baby?’ mother whispered back.

‘Why do you like me as a girl?’

‘I love girls.’ Mother whispered back, ‘I love girls more than boys. When I found that you liked my silkies then I knew all my dreams had come true. I love you my sweet little girl.’

With that mother leaned down once more and this time she hotly kissed me with a full, open mouthed, deeply sucking and wickedly incestuous kiss that destroyed me completely as, at the same time, her long nailed fingers nipped my highly aroused nipple, sending me into spasms of orgasmic delight. My hardness was now so rigid that it felt like a bar of steel and I knew that very soon I would explode into a massive, all encompassing orgasm. But it was not to be. At the last moment, just before I exploded, mother stopped and pulled away from me to sit back on her heels. She too was panting wildly with emotion and she shook slightly with her own passions.

‘No, my sweet child,’ She whispered hoarsely. ‘Not yet, not just yet. Wait a while and will get even better.’ She cupped her satin covered breasts with her hands, sliding her long fingernails over her own hard, prominent nipples, teasing them as she had teased mine.

I gazed hotly at her wondrous body, my emotions slowly coming under control. I had to be very careful though as I knew that any movement of my body, any slip-sliding of satin over my sensitive flesh would bring on my threatened orgasm so I lay very, very still. Mother slowly stood up when she saw that I was mastering my emotions and smiled down at me. her eyes seemed to caress my feminised body and I gazed back at her with equal desire.

At last, she spoke. ‘When you have settled down, darling, give me ten minutes to freshen up, come upstairs to my room and we will talk’

She left the room and slowly I started to calm down, even though the temptation to finish myself off was almost too strong to bear. At last, I was able to move, though my hardness never really went down and it continued to pulsate slowly under the satin fabric that swathed it in its delicate, gentle touch. I sipped a bit more of my sherry and then, after about twenty minutes I heard mother calling from her room. I stood up and walked across the room and up the stairs. As always, the satin had a detrimental effect on my sanity so I had to stop for a while to relax. mother had told me to wait, so I would do so. At last I came up to the landing and slowly entered into mother’s boudoir. She had set only the softly sensual wall lighting and it was a delicious sight that met my young, still untutored and very lustful eyes.

Mother, gowned in a very opulent, extremely luxurious and thoroughly sensuous crimson satin night gown was lying back on her satin sheeted bed. For a long moment I stopped in the doorway and admired her exquisite beauty. She was a symphony of satin and sensuous elegance, with her marvellous features perfectly made-up and the delicate fragrance of Guerlaine’s Ode filling the air with spicy tones.

I could see that she was as excited as I. Even in the subdued lighting, her nipples, impudently hard, were very urgent in their statement of want, hard as pebbles was the simile that came to mind. For long, long seconds I stood, leaning against the door jamb, drinking in that heavenly scene. mother merely gazed back at me, but the heat of her lustful gaze lashed my body like a whip, making me tremble once more. Mother had drawn back the mink counterpane and the black satin sheets gleamed in the subdued lighting of the room. her crimson satin sheathed body reclined on the bed like a pre-Raphaelite odalisque, sinuous, sensuous and lusciously sexy. She may have been my mother, but at that moment, she was a vision of such sensual beauty as to be godlike in her effect on me.

‘You are so beautiful mother!’ I gasped in awe. ‘The most beautiful person I have ever seen. But,’ I continued. ‘Why, why me, why this, why the...........’ I stopped and slowly moved to the bed as she raised her hand and, with a gentle smile on her face, beckoned me closer. As I came up to the bed she patted the sheet beside her and, with a thumping heart,

I slid onto those smooth satin sheets. It was so wonderful laying down beside the warm, vibrant, exciting woman who was my beautiful mother. I was on my back, my head on the pillows and mother was beside me and raised up on one elbow. She turned to me and looked down at my body with a serious, yet tranquil expression on her gorgeous features. I gazed up at her and my mind buzzed with many questions. Several times I had seen mother with some of her friends, all of them beautiful women and once or twice spied on them, so I was not unaware that mother and her friends enjoyed some , shall we say, unusual pastimes. These actually formed some of my most erotic fantasies as frequently I wanted to be in their places and doing the things they did. You see, mother had strikingly strong lesbian tendencies, but then I was unaware of what that was but, as a boy I was intensely discrete. Somehow I always knew that I had to be totally secretive with my knowledge, so I have always kept the secret, till this day.

After a few minutes of mutual adoration, mother reached down and, laying herself down on the bed, she drew me into her and held me close to her. I snuggled into her comforting arms and rested my cheek against her full, firm, satin cupped breast and felt her hard nipple grazing my cheek. delicately I rubbed the hard nubbin with soft caresses of my face and felt her breathe out softly as she welcomed the touching, gliding caress. But now was not the time for sexual activity, or lovemaking, as I much prefer to call it. A word so out of fashion today, yet so descriptive of the joining of two, or more, people totally, body and spirit. Mother started to talk, explain and describe both her feelings and desires, gently, softly and with total candour so that, as the evening turned into night, I understood not only her feelings and needs, but also my own. it was a total revelation to me and by the time that the old day slid into the new, I knew that a totally new and exciting phase was opening in my life. mother’s new daughter-lover was born in the early hours of that morning.

I fell asleep, unrequited, that early morning, still wrapped in my mother’s loving arms, but tranquil and at peace, all questions answered and all fears quelled. Georgina, or Gina, as she became that day, was born, into a totally hostile and rabidly anti me, world.

More on that start in my long and sensual life in the next chapter



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