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My Mother and Me in our Pink Plastic Salon

by Cape Crazy


Back when I was in junior high school I started to develop a fetish for all things plastic from the salon. As became older I indulged my self further in my fetish and began to go to the local beauty supply shop and would by myself some capes or bonnets or something of that nature. Then when I was 18 my father had a heart attack and died. After he died I told my mother about my fetish. At first she was a little freaked out but eventually got used to and encouraged it. We would go to the local beauty supply store and buy things together. We would go home and I would sit down in my room and my mother would put several capes on me. The first thing she would usually put on me was a hot pink apron. After that she would put a small cutting cape on me and Velcro it in back. After that she would put six pink shampoo capes on me, three in front and three in back; then she would kiss me on the forehead and tell me how cute I looked. Next was the pink salon cape that had a bunch of different salon terms on it. Then came two pink shower caps and then lastly a flowered one, after that she put a pink binky in my mouth and took several pictures. Then my mother would go down stares for a few minutes and come back up with a bunch of perm rods and a pink hair dryer. She would put my hair in the pink rollers and put me under the dryer; while I was under the dryer we would usually watch steel magnolias and she would feed me my bottle. After I was done under the dryer my mother would take me from under it and remove the rods and style my now femininely curled hair. Now it was time for me to take the capes off, but my mother new how much I loved capes so she would pretend to get mad at me for not wearing enough capes so she would stand me up spank my bottom and tell me I was a bad little plastic baby girl and I needed to be punished. So then she would put three more capes on me and four more shower caps then sent me to bed binky in mouth.

This went on for about two years until we won the lottery for 320 million dollars. After winning all that money my mother and me each bought two hairdressers and everything in the local beauty supply shop. The first day we had all or things we wanted to have a cape party. So then we sat down in our own newly built salon and awaited the day with much anticipation. Our hairdressers who were all dressed in PVC French maid uniform called us over to sit in the pink plastic salon chairs. They asked us how we were doing and we both said fabulous. Then proceeded to lift up their skirts and expose their pink plastic panties, my mother and I were both aroused. Now began the plastic, first they put pink cobblerís aprons on me and my mother and let us touch their breast. Next came four different pink flowered cutting capes on us, one for each side of our bodies. Next came two baby blue capes one in front and one in back for me and my mother. These capes had pictures of pink baby bottles and pacifiers on them. Next came two pale yellow capes, again one in front and one in back for each of us. These capes had pictures of people having capes put on them at beauty salons. Once this was done the hair dressers asked us how it was so far, my mother and I looked at each other, smiled and said great. The hairdressers then each pulled six different pink plastic shampoo capes out of their carts and draped them on us, three in front three in back.

Now it was time for them to set our hair in rollers, tiny pink ones that were very girly. Before the hairdressers set our hair the each kissed, kissed each other and then each put pink plastic capes on themselves. Two in front and two in back, then they each put two pink perm capes on themselves. When that was done we all giggled and made girly talk while they set mine and my motherís hair. When the setting was finally complete two portable hair dryers were rolled over and the pink plastic heated caps were placed over our heads. We were both given shampoo cape magazines to read, while we sat under the dryers our hair dressers rolled in two huge pink vats of macaroni and cheese. My mother and I wanted to gain 300 pounds so that we could be grossly obese and not attractive. After a couple of hours we finished our food and the vats were wheeled away. The hairdressers removed our rollers but while doing one of my hair dressers passed gas, she had to be punished. The Hair dressers finished removing the rollers and put five different pink rain bonnets on our heads each tied with a pretty pink bow. Then the three pink shower caps were put on along with two more pink capes for each of us. The Hair Dressers gave us our pink plastic umbrellas and proceeded to tie down the hair dresser that offended me. They put twenty black plastic capes on her each had a big pink P on them to signify that she was being punished. They then put over one hundred small pink rollers into her hair my mother and I laughed as we sucked on our pink plastic pacifiers. The hairdressers then put ten pink rain bonnets on the offender each tied very tightly then six pink plastic shower caps. I then took my pacifier out and said she must be put to death in a manner befitting a deviant Hair dresser. The other Hair dressers rolled over the dome hair dryer she cried loudly and begged for her life. Then the hair dressers put a plastic bag over her head and I gave the order to turn the dryer on full power. She struggled for a few seconds and then died. After this my mother and I walked out of the salon excited for the pink plastic day tomorrow and the hiring of a new Hair dresser.




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