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My Mistress, My Slave
by: Sean McBride


I first met Robert as I was moving into my new apartment building. He was just one of the several men who appeared out of the thin air and offered to carry my furniture and boxes up to my new second story apartment. Most of these manly he-men only appeared because they wanted to get to "know" the new girl in town, which I suppose is somewhat understandable as I shamelessly flirted with them so that they would do my heavy lifting for me.

I’ll admit it. I’m a good-looking young woman who likes to get what she wants out of life. I’ve never had a problem using my looks and body to get horny men to do my bidding. I choose my clothing, words and actions very carefully. I find that it only takes a suggestive smile here or an unbuttoned button there, and voila—seven young studs all eager to carry my furniture for me. Seven young studs put in a hard day’s work, all of them hoping to get paid later on that evening.

Robert was different. He was a shy, slight youth who had some trouble managing the heavier boxes. Nevertheless, he worked as hard as any of the preening players that paraded up and down the stairs that afternoon. Within the first few hours, my assembled army of horny movers had all given me their phone numbers and an offer to "show me the town." But not Robert. When everything had been loaded into my new apartment, Robert sweetly welcomed me to town and then bowed out, leaving me to deal with the pack of wolves who were waiting for some indication of my favor.

Idiots. They didn’t have a chance. I had long ago learned to eat little boys like these for lunch and not think a thing about it. Robert, on the other hand, that tiny, stammering boy who was so overwhelmed every time I spoke to him, Robert quite intrigued me. He immediately reminded me on Louis, the boyfriend I left back in Chicago.

Or should I say Louise, my girlfriend from Chicago. Perhaps I’ll tell you Louise’s story in complete detail later on. Suffice it to say that Louis became my girlfriend after I found out that he had been cheating on me with one of his co-workers. To make matters worse, I found out that it had been a male co-worker that seduced him into infidelity! I was enraged and humiliated, opting for a getaway vacation during which I spent the entire weekend locked in my motel room, crying my eyes out.

I only left my room once to get some ice for the drinks that I was consuming all alone in my room. At the ice machine, I chanced upon a real skank of a woman. She sweetly smiled at me as she passed, and I blurted out a strained "good evening." She returned the salutation with the deep voice, and I suddenly realized that this woman was really a guy in drag. My guess was that it was a crossdressing prostitute who was using the motel for the night. I marveled at how good she looked, and as I thought about him/her, something snapped inside of me. A plan started to form, and my anger cooled into something calculating and dangerous,

I decided that if my boyfriend liked having sex with men then I would simply turn him into the wanton slut that he obviously was already.

And so I began my revenge. It really wasn’t all that difficult. The next weekend I convinced Louis that hypnosis would help make him into a better lover and the moron agreed to let me put him under. That "Basics of Hypnosis" book was the best $9.95 that I’ll ever spend in my life. Granted, I broke every ethical rule in the book, but I simply didn’t care. Each evening (and morning) for the next two years as I commanded Louis to service me with his never-tiring tongue, I basked in my lack of morals. Some nights I could find my orgasm by simply envisioning little Louis suddenly transforming into luscious Louise.

It was a delicious fantasy—one that I had no trouble making into a reality!

For some reason, when he woke up from our first hypnosis session, Louis inexplicably began to fantasize non-stop about sexually servicing men who would turn him into a little sissy slut. I’m sure that I have no idea why this suddenly happened, and unfortunately, despite all of his attempts to reassert his manhood, these fantasies (and my hypnotic suggestions) quickly took over my boyfriend’s everyday life. Within days, poor Louis couldn’t even achieve an erection without something or somebody filling his posterior passage. And even if he managed to shoot a load while being fucked at the office or by me at home with my strap-on, his orgasm only reinforced his need to become a little sissy sex slave.

Often I had trouble keeping myself from bursting into laughter when Louis would return home at night-- reeking of sex and too tired to do anything other than fall into bed (where I immediately put him to work between my thighs). The sad little slut had no idea what was happening to him. I took great delight knowing that he hated every minute of his involuntary sexual servitude, but was powerless to stop as my revenge took over more and more of his life.

For example, Louis began to faithfully shave off all his body hair each morning in the shower, although he could never recall doing this. He was also surprised when he plucked his eyebrows to a classic feminine arch, painted his nails with a shiny gloss (clear at first, deep red within a few weeks), and started wearing bras, panties and stockings under his clothes to work each day. Little did he know that soon two more noticeable additions would sprout out upon his chest. Well what did he expect? That’s what happens when you start taking female hormones three times a day, even if you do think that they are only vitamins.

Several of his co-workers quickly noticed the change, and they were quick to take advantage of his uncontrollable need to suck men’s cocks. It wasn’t long before Louis was serving as the office lunch-slut for several of the managers and a few of their friends who began to stop by every day for a lunchtime quickie. Inevitably, my poor boyfriend was demoted from his position to that of a lowly personal assistant because he was unable to get any work done. It’s understandable, what with the large butt plug that his boss now made him wear all day long and the long hours stuffed under a desk with a co-worker’s erection dangling before him.

Each night as he returned home and I put him under my little spell, Louis told me all about what he was being forced to do during the day at work and I reinforced his desire to do every little degrading thing that his boss demanded from him. His Boss must have thought that he was the luckiest man in the world, what with a submissive secretary at his beck and call all day long.

Imagine his boss’ surprise when sissy-slut Louise set up a hidden camera in the office, giving me photographic evidence for the blackmail that eventually got several executives fired from their jobs, and provided Louise with a handsome out-of-court settlement (which went directly into my bank account, thank you very much).

But this is the story of Robert and how he became Erika, so let me summarize and say that in less than two years, I had physically and mentally transformed Louise and Sharon, (I got the boss as well) into two beautiful shemale maids/sluts.

When I left Chicago, I sold them both to a man on the Internet for $1,500 plus transport. They now both live somewhere in Northern Canada at a remote logging camp. The money was nice, but I found more satisfaction knowing that I sold them both for so little and especially enjoyed the feeling that my revenge upon my ex-boyfriend was complete. What a power rush knowing that the man who did me wrong has now been physically and mentally transformed into a she-male prostitute—good for nothing other than to service dozens of anonymous men each and every day for the rest of his/her life.

My revenge felt great, but still, I must admit that I missed having two devoted maids to wake me each morning with a strong cup of coffee and a prolonged tongue lapping.

Which brings us back to my new next door neighbor. In Robert I saw a possible replacement. He was delicate enough that it wouldn’t take much to turn him into my new sissy. His hair was already longer than mine was, and he couldn’t have weighed more than 150lbs. When I found out that he lived in the single apartment next door, I took it as a sign that he would soon be my next conquest.

The problem with my devious plan was that I actually liked the boy. Robert was always polite to me when we passed in the hall, always willing to lend a helping hand, and frustratingly hesitant to act upon the sexual signals that I was constantly sending out. I would flirt shamelessly with him, but Robert seemed incapable of acting upon any of my signals. It became something of an obsession for me, and I spent a bit too much time engaging in vibrator-assisted fantasies while I devised wicked new plans to finally seduce the boy.

But nothing seemed to work! After three weeks I found myself losing my resolve and was getting a bit desperate to get Robert to even notice me. To my embarrassment, I started going to extremes. It would dress in my most revealing outfits, would drop more-then-obvious hints, and even grind my body against his each morning when we hugged in the hallway. I even stopped wearing underwear all together for a few weeks and made sure that Robert knew (and saw) that I was naked underneath my skimpy clothing.

Still nothing!

Eventually I sunk to the point where I was masturbating loudly each evening when I knew that Robert was just on the other side of the thin wall that separated our apartments. Ultimately I determined that this kid was dead from the groin down!

Still I pride myself on being able to meet any challenge, so one morning I appeared at his doorstep wearing nothing but a wet towel and claiming to have locked myself out of my apartment. To my continuing chagrin, Robert was the very epitome of chivalry and offered me his robe and a cup of coffee until the manager could come unlock my door.

The offer of coffee pushed me over the edge. I remembered crisp mornings in Chicago, sipping a cup of coffee while Louise busied himself between my legs while I eased into my day. I was determined to recapture that daily comfort, so when Robert came back from the kitchen, he found me completely naked in his living room. The poor boy was so shocked that he actually dropped the coffee when he saw me standing there, dripping on his living room floor.

Finally! That was the reaction that I had so longed for. Robert was nervously shaking when I told him to leave the mess and come over and kiss me. It was a wonderful kiss—sweet and tender like a schoolgirl. But then I increased the pressure and Robert responded to my demands. Our tongues danced fiercely until I needed more and pushed Robert down my body. He lingered at my breasts for a while, and then with some firm insistence, Robert had his head firmly trapped between my thighs.

Within minutes, I knew that I had conquered my new boyfriend.

Now when it came to sex, Robert was rather inexperienced but proved to be a quick learner. He would spend hours on his knees, orally pleasing me. I never went a day without enjoying several orgasms. It was sheer heaven, and because Robert performed these ministrations of his own volition, I found it more gratifying than the forced servitude which I had exacted from Louise.

When it came to intercourse, Robert didn’t have much stamina, and honestly, he didn’t have much to work with. But I was certainly willing to forgive him this little deficiency after enjoying hours of oral pleasure. Indeed, when Robert would daily rouse me from my morning slumber with breakfast in bed and oral sex as I sipped on my coffee, I quickly found myself falling in love with the boy.

For his part, Robert was always sweet an attentive. I loved him as he was, and had long abandoned my plans to transform him into my shemale sex slave. It was a perfect relationship. I had a devoted boyfriend, and Robert found happiness in the arms of a woman for the first time in his young life.

But despite our happiness, I suspected that Robert was mostly drawn to me because of his inexperience with women. Simply put, I had overwhelmed him. I know that he worshipped me, but I don’t think that he was truly in love with me.

That bugged me because I had indeed fallen in love with him. There was no question of his devotion to me, but I needed further assurances that he loved me. I tried to discourage his submissive nature, but found no success because Robert wanted nothing more than to be my personal sex slave.

It started to anger me, and one day I told Robert that if he wasn’t cut out to act like a real man, then I would have no other option but to turn him into a sissy-slut. On that very day I put Robert in his first pair of panties. Robert cried as I forced him to shave his body, grow out and perm his hair, paint his nails and dress in a maid’s uniform every moment when he was at home.

I thought that I was humiliating Robert, but he endured each and every trial saying that he loved me enough to do anything for me. His constant erection was proof enough that he was speaking the truth. Of course it didn’t do him any good, as I had locked him in a chastity device and had no intention of unlocking him until he started to act like the man I now desperately longed for him to become.

One month in, and I was so frustrated that I decided to play my last trump card. I told Robert that I had decided to turn him into a female sex-slave for the rest of his life. I pulled out a hormone prescription and told Robert that he had to choose between being my boyfriend or being chemically castrated into becoming my sissy-slave. Robert blanched as I told him that I would force him to get breast implants and deliver him into a life of prostitution unless he suddenly found his balls and turned into a man worthy of being my boyfriend. I left him locked in his room to ponder his fate.

When I returned two hours later, Robert had made his choice. He had given himself his first hormone injection and had decided to become a sissy-slut as proof of his love for me. He begged me to castrate him as proof of his sincerity. He didn’t realize that he was doing exactly what I didn’t want him to do, but I was so angry and frustrated by this point that I let fate takes its course. The next Monday Robert legally changed his name to Erika, and began to live life full-time as a woman.

He quit his job and spent all day engaged as my personal maid. I began to have affairs and force Robert to clean me out after my liaisons. He performed these duties with enthusiasm, which only angered me. Indeed, I was so mad that I started bringing my dates home, and it wasn’t long before Erika was getting my dates hard for me with her ever-evolving oral skills. After that, it was a short step before Erika started getting her own dates, and I even collected a few dollars from men who were willing to pay to pump a load into Erika’s tight little ass.

I gave up on Robert. His love for me never wavered, but I decided to look for a real man elsewhere, and so our household became somewhat uncomfortable. It got so bad that I started entertaining ideas of selling him on the internet. Perhaps, I thought, he could join Louise up in Canada. But I couldn’t do it. Despite my anger, I simply loved the boy too much. And now that he was completely a girl, able to pass anywhere, unable to get an erection at all and sporting a nice set of breasts—well this just upset me all the more.

The breaking point came on a Labor Day weekend, when I had all but given up on Robert. Too my rescue came Mike, my division leader, who invited me to join him and a few select co-workers up at a company-owned cabin on the lake. I accepted, even though I knew that Mike wanted nothing more than to get me alone up at the lake for a sexual encounter. Truth be told, I wanted the same thing. With Robert having turned completely into Erika, I found that I wanted to have a relationship with a real man. Mike was obviously the dominant Alpha Male type that I was looking for, and the rumor going around the office was that he was hung like a horse to boot.

I quickly accepted the invitation, and all but promised a weekend of sexual debauchery with Mike. I told Robert of my holiday plans, and I could see that he was hurt, which made me feel a bit guilty. I tried to ease Robert’s pain by saying that it was just a business retreat, but he was inconsolable. He started to cry, which just enforced my need to find a real man for a rejuvenating romp in the hay. Finally I abandoned my guilt and became angry; storming out saying that I would do whatever and whomever I wanted to do. I told Robert that I was going to see that six of the roughest and meanest men that I knew would come over and rape him while I was away, so that he would get his mind off of me and Mike. I told him that he was to spend the entire weekend tied up and locked in our linen closet, unless one of the men dragged him out for a little fun. As I slammed the door, I heard Robert bursting into tears as he shut himself up in the hall closet for the weekend.

What had I done? I’d fallen in love with a man who couldn’t ever satisfy me emotionally. I’d pushed him as hard as I could, and he had accepted and passed all my tests. Deep down inside of me, I started to wish that Robert would suddenly develop a dominant streak. I started to think that it might be nice to serve this dear sweet boy as his own personal sex slave. But that was never going to happen no matter how much I wanted it too. Robert was simply nothing more than a submissive at heart. I knew that I loved him, and I knew that he loved me, but I also knew that it would never work out between us because I wanted him to be so much more than the submissive woman that he had become.

It was hard to enjoy myself at the lake that weekend. I kept envisioning my boyfriend at home, crying himself to sleep in our tiny closet. Even though I didn’t call any men to stop by the apartment, I kept envisioning Erika being bound up and raped by complete strangers for the entire holiday weekend. It was driving me crazy. I did whatever I could to put Robert and his devotion to me out of my mind, but it was no use. Even when I found myself being wonderfully pounded from both ends by Mike and Jonathan (another co-worker) I kept thinking about Robert and how he would willingly let Mike and Jonathan use him if it would please me.

To his credit, Mike sensed my distance and asked me what was wrong. That was all it took and I broke down in his strong arms and confessed all my problems. We talked late into the night, cuddled naked before the cabin fireplace. I told him everything, and he seemed to understand the dilemma that plagued my heart. He kissed me one last time and then told me that he couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful than having somebody who loved me so deeply. Even though it was 4:00am, he picked up the phone and called my apartment. There was no answer, but finally Mike left a message on the answering machine saying that I wanted him to answer the phone. That got Robert out of the closet and onto the phone. Mike introduced himself, told Robert to pack a bag, and then said that he would be personally be driving back to the city to pick him up.

Fast forward six hours and I was sitting alone in my cabin when I heard somebody knocking. I took a deep breath and answered the door. Mike was standing there with his arm around Robert/Erika. They had stopped at a beauty salon and Erika looked as like a supermodel, albeit a very shy and nervous one. We stood there in silence for a moment, and then Robert/Erika rushed into my arms and immediately burst into tears. To my amazement, she sobbed out apology after apology.

Before I could stop him, Robert had admitted (in front of Mike no less) that he knew that I needed a real man from time to time. He cried out that he would be content to stay at home and wait as long as he knew that I would be coming home to him each night. My beautiful sissy-slave cried out that he loved me, and begged me not to leave him. Sliding down my body and falling prostrate at my feet, my boyfriend begged to do whatever it took, so long as we stayed together.

I was torn asunder. It was a moving gesture, one that ripped deeply at my heart. But it was also a prime example of why I needed a strong man in my life. What I really wanted was for Robert to storm in, shove me to my knees and proceed to ravish me—thus claiming as his own.

With Robert, that would never happen. I knew then and there that no matter how much I loved the boy, eventually I would have to leave him in order to find my own happiness.

But then I lucked into the best of both worlds. Mike stepped up to bat.

Mike could sense what I needed and the conflict that was tearing me apart. He shut the door and announced that he could help us both. Before I could protest, he ordered me to get naked, and I found myself completely mastered by my boss. I was in such a hurry to comply with his order that I ripped the buttons off my blouse. I minutes I was naked and kneeling in front of the fireplace.

Mike grabbed a scarf and blindfolded me. He used my discarded stockings to tie my hands behind my back. It was the first time that I had ever played the submissive role, and I was tingling all over in anticipation. The tingling was centered between my legs and I started to quiver orgasmically from simply being exposed to such a dominant personality.

Mike then told Robert to strip, and within moments I had two men using my every orifice while I lay helpless to stem the tide of pleasure that swept over me time and time again. Mike fucked me repeatedly, and he fucked Erika as well. For her part, Robert/Erika forced me to suck her tiny clit until it quivered in what would probably be the last masculine orgasm her hormone enhanced body would ever experience. I spent the rest of that night bound up tight and licking Erika’s anus, sandwiched in between those two men. Oral, anal, vaginal-- we did it all, and frequently at the same time. At one point, I think it was Jonathan who joined in the fun, and I found myself plugged in all three holes and loving every moment of it.

I had been broken, my fantasy of becoming a submissive sex slave had come true.

It was early in the morning, before the sun came up, when I awoke to quiet slurping noises. It didn’t take long to figure out that I was hearing the sounds of a sloppy blowjob. I thought that perhaps I was still asleep, but a few moans later I realized that I was aurally witnessing my ex-boyfriend going down on my boss. It seemed so natural, so I lay perfectly still, pretending to sleep.

I heard Mike growl, flip Robert over and slam into his virgin ass. As masterful as he was with me, Mike was even more so with Robert. "You like that, don’t you bitch?" he kept whispering as Robert squealed out in the affirmative. Lying there, bound up tightly and listening to my boyfriend being fucked repeatedly by my boss, I knew that I had lost Robert forever, but I also knew that Robert had found what he really needed to be happy.

And that made me happy, because I really did love Robert.

I wasn’t untied for the rest of that day. Jonathan came back in and fucked both Robert and me. A few other men also stopped by, I still don’t know who they were, but all four had magnificent cocks. By the time I was released, I was completely cum-soaked, and Robert and Mike had long gone.

The next few months went by in a blur. I spent much of my time at work in sexual congress with Mike, Jonathan and as few other men in the office. Karma’s a bitch, and much like Louise, I had been turned into the office slut and it was expected that I would service whomever Mike ordered my to service, whenever it pleased him. So I spent hours locked underneath various company desks, or even strapped down to my own desk while I was raped by everyone from the water delivery guy to a visiting client—one of whom dragged me to Germany and kept me as his sex slave for two weeks before finally returning me to the states.

I didn’t care. I loved my new submissive lifestyle, and when Mike suggested that I could use a few cosmetic changes, I ran out, blew my life’s savings and got the breast implants, collagen injections, tattoos and piercing that he desired. I was working at a Fortune 500 Company, but I looked like a twenty-dollar whore in a two thousand-dollar business suit.

Still I couldn’t stop thinking that I wanted to join Erika as a submissive slut. Late at night I would dream that we were the best of girlfriends, lesbian lovers who teamed up to pleasure the clients that showed up repeatedly at our door. I didn’t know how close to reality my fantasies would come.

Within months I had been fired, and was now only paid to travel the globe and service our company’s clients in Asia, Europe and Russia. I couldn’t understand a word of what they were saying, but erect cocks and wet pussies could easily overcome the language barrier. I knew that my place was that of the company whore, and that I only lived to wrap my lips and tongue, pussy and anus around every sexual organ that was shoved into my face.

I was so lost in my sexual servitude that one unscrupulous client asked if he could hypnotize me. At the time I was crazy with sexual desire, and I agreed, begging only that he fuck me immediately afterward. I kept thinking of how I had used hypnosis to break Louis, but I didn’t care. They say that you can’t hypnotize anybody to do something that they really don’t want to do. Well, I wanted to be a submissive sex slut, and so I allowed myself to be hypnotized into doing anything and everything that I was ordered to do.

For months after that I willingly serviced rooms full of sexually charged men, women and animals. I was crazy with lust to be used as a sex slave twenty-four hours a day. I was happy only as long as I had a cock slamming into one of my well-stretched orifices I can’t recall much of those months spent as a company whore, passed unceremoniously from brothel to brothel, never knowing what country I was in. But I wasn’t complaining. I lived only to suck cock and be fucked. All the while, I kept hoping that someday I would get to serve in a brothel with Erika—the woman that I loved. Indeed, I was suffering all of this degradation in the hope that I would one day be reunited with that shy young boy who had become the woman of my every dream and fantasy.

Months passed in a sexual haze. One day I awoke to find myself in prison convicted of prostitution in Italy of all places. I couldn’t speak the language, and neither could any of my cellmates. But they all seemed to know a certain phrase that launched me into a hypnotic trance. I was the prison whore for three years, and I know that I should feel degraded and angry, but I loved being used as a sex slave for all those desperate women and over-anxious guards. I just kept imagining that it was Erika or Mike who was fucking me nightly in my cell. That made it all seem right.

And then suddenly I was paroled and rushed back to the United States. I had no idea what was happening, as I had never bothered to learn any Italian (it’s hard to study when you have a cock in your mouth, pussy or anus every hour that you’re awake). Like the submissive slut that I had become, when I was called before the tribunal, I just smiled and nodded, and signed my name when directed to do so, and that’s how I found myself if a lavishly appointed room in New York City on Christmas Eve.

To my delight, Mike was waiting for me, and he smiled and kissed me firmly on the lips. He only said that I would soon find my true happiness, and then had two servants shove vibrating dildoes into my pussy and anus. I was then quickly bound up with red ribbon and thrown into a large box and left to wait out the night.

The next morning I was unwrapped underneath a massive Christmas tree. It turned out that I was a personal gift for a gorgeous woman who looked oddly familiar. I didn’t stop to inquire-- I knew the drill and immediately bowed my head and pledged obedience to my new mistress.

The woman lifted me up and looked deeply into my eyes. She smiled broadly and then kissed me on the lips. There was something about the way our tongues danced fiercely that drew me back three years.

And then I recognized her. It was Robert!

Robert smiled down at me with a graceful radiance that filled my soul with warmth. He had been turned into the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen. A gorgeous face, a stunning body, and a masterful demeanor that he had obviously learned from his husband Mike.

Robert, the shy boy that I had though to master and had fallen in love with was now my new Mistress Erika. After all the various surgeries, Robert had become a complete woman, but in my mind’s eye, my mistress would always be that timid boy who helped me carry my furniture oh so many years ago. She was Mistress Robert, and I was her Christmas present from her husband, Master Mike.

I burst into tears and fell prostrate at her feet, crying out in an overwhelming devotion that I was her slave to command and use as she should see fit. I begged to do whatever it took, so long as we stayed together from now on. I now understood the devotion that she felt toward me all those years ago.

Mistress Erika smiled as pulled me to my feet. She kissed me passionately, and then swore that we would never part again.



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