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My Little Black Dress

Janet L. Stickney


I had gone out to pick up a few items I needed, like pantyhose and new eye shadow, just another fear filled adventure into the outer world. I always felt edgy buying those things that guys didn't usually buy, so I had gotten dressed and bravely went out once again to buy the few things I needed, before I scurried home. I had yet to have anyone figure out that I wasn't a girl, or, at the very least, if they did, they never mentioned it. I paid the bill and casually walked outside towards my car to drive home, but as I turned the corner, I saw him standing there.

My real name is Ethan, I'm 16, and I live at home with my dad, just the two of us. He works a lot and is on the road quite a bit, which usually left me plenty of time to indulge myself. My room is my sanctuary, and dad never went in there unless I invited him, so I had never made any real attempt to hide my girls clothes. I was wearing tight jeans made for a girl, a light blue pullover top that hugged my midriff and my loafers, my hair brushed out to a fuller but definitely feminine hairstyle with full makeup, earrings and a thin watch, light perfume, and soft red lipstick. When I turned the corner and saw him, my first reaction was to spin around and run like hell, but I couldn't do that. No matter what else I did, that would probably make things worse, and besides, where would I go? My dad stood there leaning on my car, not recognizing me at first, then his eyes grew wider as I grew closer. There wasn't any way I could avoid some kind of confrontation, so my only hope was that he didn't start screaming or something like that. With all of the other people around I had no choice but to maintain my composure, and continued to walk with a decidedly feminine sway to my well rounded hips. When we were standing together…

"Ethan? Is this what you do when I'm gone? What's going on?"

"Can we talk at home dad? Isn't this is a little to public?"

"Straight home! I'll see you there!"

You could say that "running away" was on my mind, knowing that I was going to have to face my father, and of course, he certainly didn't sound all that thrilled to find me dressed as a girl. He was there before I arrived, so I parked behind his car and went in the house and set my purse and stuff on the kitchen table just as he walked into the room. Standing there like that, I managed to force myself to stand like a girl would. I figured my only hope would be to remove any doubt in his mind that I could go out without being discovered.

"I want you to tell me what's going on Ethan, and I want to know why your closet is filled with skirts and dresses! I want to know why you're all dressed up like a girl! Just how long has this been going on!?"

There wasn't any way to avoid his questions, so…"Since before mom ran off with that guy dad. She used to buy me things and help me, and when she left, I started buying them myself. I don't know why, but once in a while I just have to get dressed up! I'll go change."

"Sit!" I sat down. "What I should do is whip your butt! You know better than to…you know I don't hold any biases, but…I just can't understand why you're all dressed up like a girl! You have great grades, you always do the chores, you've even dated a few times, so why this? I mean, it's so…"

There was only one way to make him understand how I felt, but that would have to be tempered by glaring facts that he couldn't refute, so with nothing more to lose, I dove right in, hoping he would listen.

"Dad? If I'm doing everything you expect from me, then why can't I do this? I mean, it doesn't hurt anyone, and like you just said, I always take care of the house and stuff, so why not? I mean, you treat me almost like a wife! I do the laundry, I make the dinners, I clean the house, I buy the groceries, and that's on top of my homework! Hell, I'm almost there now! I know that I'm not very pretty, but why can't I at least try to look the part as well?"

Dad sat there silently staring at me, his eyes getting narrow, then growing wider as he thought about what I had said. The very last thing I needed was for him to get entrenched in his anger, which would certainly lead to my being forced to comply with his wishes. I didn't know what to say, so I sat there right in front of him, dressed like a girl my age, as primly as I could, also hoping that I would not have to walk off carrying my head in my hands. I saw him slump a little, then, with a grim face…

"This is all my fault" dad said, "I suppose; if I had been here more, if I had been able to spend more time with you, maybe this wouldn't have happened. You say that your mother helped you? Doing what? Buying you clothes?"

Nodding my head yes, "that, and showing me how to do my own hair and makeup. "Dad, this isn't your fault! But it isn't mom's or mine either! It just is! I've always felt this way! Like I should have been a girl! Mom found out, but she listened to me, which is when she decided to help me a little. It's not anyone's fault if there is any, so I don't think that having you around more would have made any difference. I would still want to dress as a girl, I always have!"

"What am I going to tell my friends?" Dad sounded…strident I guess.

"Why tell anyone at all!? "Why can't we keep this between ourselves?"

"Well, just how often do you…do this?"

"Once in a while I guess, usually on the weekends, why?"

"Don't you think the neighbors have seen you? I mean, you have to walk to your car then drive right past them, don't you think they have noticed by now? What I mean is, keeping it between just us might not be an option now! Have you thought about that?"

At first, when I started going out of the house I worried about it, but not very much any more, but I didn't say that because he didn't want to hear it. After a very long pause, he got up and went in to watch television, leaving me alone. As I sat there I realized that he had not seen me in a dress. As it was, while I wore girls jeans and so on, wearing a skirt or dress and letting him see me would let him know how I felt in very clear terms. It was an idea that would either kill me or relieve the tension between us, but he had always said that the best way to confront and issue was head on, so…. I grabbed my bag and went to my room. Wearing jeans was what most girls wore most of the time, but to put a point on how I felt, I thought dad needed to see me at what I thought was my best, so I quickly undressed, washed off my makeup, and went first to my closet, then my dresser. After I put what I needed on the bed, I went in and did my makeup over, using slightly brighter colors, accenting my eyes with eyeliner and mascara. I had not worn those when he caught me. The blue panties slipped up over my padded pantybrief, then the light tan pantyhose followed by my one and only corselet. It pulled my waist down to a svelte 24 inches while pushing up the excess flesh on my chest, almost filling the cups of the built in bra. Using the small pads, I filled out the cups, giving me a very modest amount of cleavage. I slipped the dress over my head and zipped it up, then stepped into my best and only pair of patent leather shoes. Gold earrings, then a small gold and black choker necklace before I put on the red lipstick and perfume. When I was done, I looked in the mirror one last time.

There was no sound because of the carpeting, yet when I walked into the familyroom, dad looked up and saw me. It was do or die for me, and I wasn't sure what he was going to do. He could plainly see my modest cleavage and long legs, the hem of the dress above my knees, about mid thigh, and the scent of my perfume merely capped it all off. I stood there waiting for some response, but he didn't say a word. Then he stood up.

"You look like your mother for God's sake!" As he got closer…"How did you manage…no! Don't tell me! I don't want to know!" As he stood in front of me…"You look…I should still whip…how…why…this is…" Then he paused for a moment, then I saw him grin, which might be good, or not, depending. "Since you say that you like doing this so much, and obviously you're quite…good at it, maybe you should get the chance to prove it!" Drawing himself upright…"Maybe we should just see how much you really like being a girl!"


"Since, as you say, you're already taking care of the house anyway, and you tell me, which is obvious just looking at you, that you like being a girl, I think that maybe I should let you do just that!" Pausing, he said, "Maybe I should just tell you that from now on, I want you to be properly dressed for whatever your doing, as long as it's as a girl! Maybe a few months of dressing as a girl every day will cure you of this fantasy you have!"

"Not at school dad!"

"No, not that, but everywhere else! Understand? We'll see just how you cope with this….this…girl thing, after having to do it every day! Somehow, I don't believe it'll be as much fun as you think it is!"

Dad, in some convoluted way, thought that by forcing me to dress as a girl would make it go away! But I knew that his bit of reverse psychology wasn't going to work! Instead, he had made my dream come true, and better, he would have to shoulder the blame if anyone tumbled to the fact that I wasn't a girl! I nodded my head yes, and went in the kitchen to get a soda before I sat across from him watching television. With my legs crossed at the knee, just like a girl would, I knew that I had his attention, but he didn't say a word, although he kept peeking at me. About an hour later I went to my room and put on the pleated skirt with a white blouse so I wouldn't mess up my one good dress, then went to make dinner. Dad thought that I was doing it because it was fun, but of course, it wasn't. I had to do it, no matter what.

My father is just an ordinary guy. He's not big, athletic, or any of the other extremely masculine things some guys are. My dad is an ordinary guy doing an ordinary job extremely well. What he isn't, is mean. When my mom took off with her boyfriend, dad was a bit depressed, angry of course, but not violent, and gave in to what he saw as the obviously foregone conclusion. If mom didn't want to stay, then he wasn't going to force her, but in the divorce, I got to make the choice, and stayed with him and not mom. After mom left, our lives changed forever, but over time I began to take on the chores of the house, simply because he was away so much. He never asked, and I didn't mention that I was the one doing it, but he knew. He always had clean clothes, dinner and a clean house. That's part of the reason why I think he gave in, then told me to dress all of the time. He just couldn't tell me it was okay, that was out of the question, so he made it a demand instead. That way he saved face. But the net result was that I got to dress as a girl, and hopefully, our lives would go on like they were. The only thing was, I would have to be dressed everywhere but at school. That meant when I did the shopping, ran errands, did the housework, all of it. Knowing all that, I decided that I needed to get some more jeans and slacks, plus a few more skirts, tops and dresses. If dad wanted me to dress most of the time, then he would have to pay for what I needed, I couldn't afford it. Over dinner I mentioned it.

To my surprise, he handed me his credit card! "Don't go crazy" he said, then went back to eating his dinner! I slipped card under my plate, then, as I was cleaning away the plates…

"I don't want you buying things you don't need, or things that I might not approve of, so I want you to ask your grandmother to go with you."

"Dad! I don't…Grandma's stuck in 1940! She doesn't have a clue about what's going on today!"

"Then how about your Aunt Rose? She's younger than I am, so maybe she'll have a better idea about what girls your age are wearing!"

"I don't need any help dad, but thanks anyway."

"It's not a request. I told you to take someone with you. You turned down your grandmother, which I'll grant you, is probably the right thing to do, but your Aunt Rose is your only other choice, and I am telling you to call her. No call, no dressing up. It's simple!"

"But…that's not what you said before, you said…"

"I changed my mind, and since you are my son, and I'm paying the bills, I guess we'll have it my way. I do not like to see you wearing dresses, I don't like it one bit. However, I'm going to be fair about this and give you the chance to fail, and when you do, this…this…dressing up thing is going to be over! I just hope that nobody makes a scene, but that will be up to you. Okay??"

I wasn't positively sure, but in my mind, getting dressed every day could only help me get better, not fail as dad expected, but I didn't tell him that. If he wanted to believe it, I wasn't about to provoke him by saying anything to the contrary. As I started the dishes I wondered how I was going to be able to ask my Aunt Rose to help me buy clothes fit for a girl. If I wanted to dress as a girl, dad made it clear that I would have to ask her, so I didn't any real choice. Between his demand that I dress at all times except when I was in school, and my desire to do just that, all I had to do was get up the nerve to talk to Rose. I sat at the kitchen table thinking about the best way to ask her, wondering if she would laugh at me or not. Dad hadn't even asked me what name I used, so I didn't tell him, and decided I wouldn't until he asked. I picked up the phone and dialed the number. When Aunt Rose answered, I asked her if I could come over. I told her that I needed her help, but could only tell her why when she saw me. She said okay, so I went to my room, touched up my makeup, then put on my low tan heels and grabbed my purse. I went out the back not seeing dad before I left the house. I knew that I looked okay, and while I really didn't want to tell my Aunt Rose, I also knew that I just couldn't give up dressing as a girl. With my dad willing to foot the bill, all while insisting that I be dressed whenever I wasn't in school, it was the chance of a lifetime, so I had to swallow my fears and let Rose in on my secret. There is no way a guy can describe how he looks as a girl, because most people thought guys that did that always looked like clowns. That's why I decided to tell Rose by showing her. My skirt was short, almost at mid thigh on me, which was my favorite style because I liked the way it made my legs look. I only hoped that Rose would also see it like that.

She lived in a trailer park, in a huge doublewide at the end of a dead end street. As I pulled into her driveway, I saw her open the door and look out, wondering who I was written all over her face. Putting my keys in my purse, I opened the door and got out, standing there so she could see me. Without a pause she waved me inside.

"Well look at you! Is this what you wanted to talk about? You look…wonderful!" Nodding my head, she said, "Tell me all about it then."

I sat down, then told her everything. How mom helped me, then later how I bought my own clothes and how I finally got up the nerve to leave the house. How dad reacted when he saw me at the drugstore, what he said first, then what he changed it to. I told her that I just couldn't quit, no matter what dad said or did, explaining how I figured that what he said would work for me, and his demand that she be with me when I bought my new clothes, which is the reason I was there. If I could have, I would have just quit like he wanted me to in the first place, but I couldn't do that. When I was done, she sat back in her chair and grinned.

"Your father is a good guy honey. He works hard and always does the right thing, but after your mom took off, it was like something inside of him died a little. Some light went out that he has not been able to turn on again, and believe me, I've tried to help him by setting up with some of my girlfriends, more than once! Did you know that you look so much like your mother at the same age that it's almost scary? I'm willing to bet that when he saw you, all it did was bring back some very painful memories, but that also might account for what he told you. By making you become the girl I see sitting here, in a sense, he'll have her back. Not as a lover of course, but…"

"I'm not my mother, and I'm not going to try and become her! That…that's…"

"No, of course not! But you cannot fight the way you look, can you? All you can do is become the girl you say you are, just like you would be if you were his natural daughter! Maybe, if we do this right, you and I can get him to try dating again. Who knows? Maybe he'll find someone, and the focus won't be on you, but on her!" Stopping to pour us some coffee, "What do I call you? Ethan seems out of place."

"Carolyn" I said.

"Okay Carolyn, Tomorrow is Sunday, so why don't the two of us do a little shopping and get you all fixed up?"

"I'll be here at eleven" I told her with a grin.

"Wear flats or gym shoes honey, we'll be doing a lot of walking."

When I got home dad had gone to bed. I went to my room and undressed, washed up, then went to bed wondering what the next day would bring. Rose seemed willing to help me get what I needed, and although I didn't feel as if I needed her help, just having her there might help if someone started to question if I were really a girl. The next morning when I got up, I showered, then got dressed. Just like Rose told me, I wore everything I wore the day before, except that I wore ankle socks and my gym shoes. I brushed my hair down, pulling it back with barrettes, then added earrings and lipstick before I grabbed my purse and went down the stairs. Dad was pouring his coffee when I walked in.

"Pour one for me? I have to meet Rose at eleven."

"So. You told her. I didn't think you would."

"I'm only doing what you told me to do dad."

"Yeah, well, don't go crazy with that credit card. Understand?"

"I won't, don't worry daddy!"

I heard him grumbling as I grabbed my coffee mug and headed out the door. "Daddy?" Grinning to myself, I drove to Rose's house, then the two of us headed for the mall. On the way, Rose asked me what I thought I needed most, which I said had to be lingerie. I only had three pairs of panties and one bra, two pairs of pantyhose and the corselet. I did not count the padded pantybrief, but I told her about it. Then I told her what size I usually wore, which was a size normally found in the Juniors department. My vision of satin panties evaporated when she took me to the underwear department and started handing me packages of cotton panties, the full brief style. She said they were more comfortable and easier to wash. My bra size was 36A, so she grabbed one and took me into a changing booth so she could see for herself that it fit properly. When I handed her my birdseed breast forms I thought she was going to laugh, but she didn't do that. Instead, she told me to stay there for a moment and left the booth. When she returned she had two small boxes in her hand. Opening one of them, I saw a perfectly formed breast form! I quickly put one in each bra cup and slipped my blouse back on.

We added three bras to our growing pile, then two nightgowns, one sheer, one flannel, plus a robe, all before we left for the Junior department. Two more skirts, two dressy dresses, slacks in tan and black, shorts in khaki and green, jeans, and several blouses and tops plus a coat. In the shoe store I bought heels in white, red, and navy, flats in white and black, and girls gym shoes. We dragged it all to the car, then Rose asked when, or if, I had my hair done last!

"Me? In a beauty shop? Not ever! I just let it grow!"

"Well, don't you think it's about time?"

"But I have to go to school! I can't go with a girls haircut!"

"Oh, I'm sure that they can accommodate both; why don't we stop and see what they can do for you?"

"Dad will freak out Rose!"

"Maybe, but then, didn't you tell me he demanded you dress this way? Then why not let him know that you're going to take him up on it?"

Since I had always wanted to get my hair done anyway, it didn't take much to get me inside the beauty shop where Rose had a quiet word with the owner before she started in on my hair. By the time she was done I had seen what it would look like, and was very happy with it. Not quite what you would call bouffant, it was shorter all over, yet with some minor brushing, it fell into place almost every time! The lady had me do it twice to make sure that I knew how, then Rose and I left for her house. I felt great, because between my new boobs, new clothes and my hair, I was as close to being a girl as I was likely to get any time soon, and better, I thought I looked just like any other girl! After I dropped off Rose, I went home, hoping that dad wouldn't go nuts when he saw my hair. Luckily, he wasn't even there, so I was able to take everything to my room and put it all away. On a lark, I changed into the new plaid jumper with a short sleeved white blouse under it and put on my new white flats. Then I went to the kitchen to start dinner.

I had just walked into the kitchen when I heard the door open and saw dad walk in, and he wasn't alone!

"Hi honey, this is my boss Mac. Mac, this is…"

"Carolyn" I said, "Nice to meet you."

"Ah, listen…Carolyn, something has come up and I have to leave tonight. I'll be gone for a few days, will you be alright?"

"Sure dad, I can ask Rose to come stay with me if you like."

"That's a wonderful idea. Why don't you call her while I pack."

Dad went to his room to pack ,leaving me alone with his boss, a guy I had only heard of but never met.

"Ron didn't tell me he had a daughter; maybe because you're so cute." He moved closer to me, still smiling, but something, some inner sense told me to move away, which I did. "There's no reason to be afraid of me! Maybe I'll stop by to see how you're getting along. Maybe I can take you out to dinner?"

"I don't think so, my Aunt Rose will be here, or I'll be at her house."

"Just a thought."

Yeah, just a thought. The oily bastard was hitting on me! He was older than my dad, and he was hitting on me! I kept the table between us until dad returned, then they left together. I called Rose and asked her if she could stay a few days, and when she said she would be right over, she added that she would bring a pizza, so I went in the familyroom and watched television. Surprising me, dad gave me a hug, telling me to be good before he and his boss Mac left the house. Maybe Rose was right. I looked enough like my mom that it was making him somehow accept me better. Rose arrived with a small bag about twenty minutes later. She and I ate, and over dinner, I mentioned what her boss had done, and how it made me feel.

"There are a lot of guys like that out there honey. They think they have something irresistible about them that women find attractive. Most guys wouldn't have realized it, but like most girls, you did. That's why you kept the table between you. Do you know what that means?" Shaking my head no…"It means that either you are developing that radar we use to weed out the crazies, weirdo's, con men, and dangerous ones, or you've always had it! Maybe you're already becoming more of a girl that you realize!"

After that she had me try on all of the clothes we had bought that day, and later, I went to bed wearing the sheer nightgown. I had to be myself the next morning, so I carefully washed up in the shower, brushed my hair into a more manly style, then slipped on my usual jeans and shirt and went to school. Like it always was for me, watching all of the girls when we changed classes was terrible, my desire to be one of them almost overwhelming, especially after spending the weekend as a girl. By the time lunch rolled around I knew that changing from boy to girl every day was going to become very tough on me, both emotionally as well as physically; I would always be torn in two directions at the same time. If I didn't wash off all of the makeup every time, forgetting just once, there would be no telling what might happen at school. But, with only a few more months before school let out for the summer, I promised myself that I would not screw up.

That night I wore a skirt and blouse, ran a brush through my hair, but didn't wear any makeup. Rose told me there wasn't any reason for it since we weren't going anywhere. Rose let me do my homework, then she insisted that if I were going to be a girl, then I should learn how to walk and so on properly, and I quickly found myself practicing while she sat there making comments. Tedious is what it was, boring and tedious, yet she kept at me with the promise that if I mastered it, I would be able to present myself in any situation as a girl and get away with it. That made doing all that practicing worthwhile I guess, but I thought I already knew what I needed to know. Until she showed me how I looked. Parody isn't exactly the word, but it's close enough. After that I did what she asked, and over the next few days I began to get more fluid in my motions, less like a guy. Dad called and said that he would be away for another week, then asked Rose if she could stay that long. Thankfully, she said yes, and my instructions went on.

On Friday I got home before Rose did, and went to my room to change, but by the time I was ready to change clothes, she stuck her head in my room and told me we were going out! Later, as we walked into the restaurant I realized that everyone of the lessons I had been practicing were making me look and feel a lot more feminine, and I loved it! We were seated at our table when I saw a familiar face approaching. It was Mac. Standing between us, he said hello to the both of us, but his eyes never strayed far from mine. Not knowing what to do I just sat there and took it, but Rose, well, she knew what to do.

"I'm sure that you are aware that Carolyn is only 16? And are you aware that your constantly staring at her is offensive to me and downright lewd for her, so I suggest you take your scummy ass back to where you came from and stay there."

"Her father works for me! Do you have any idea what I could do to him? Besides, I'm only looking at a very pretty girl! Who knows? Maybe she's willing to go out with an older guy!"

"I'll not remind you again sir, she is a minor, and I am not so nave that I can't tell a leer from a look. But while we are talking, let me remind you that I am not married to Ron, so I have no tie that way. But if you do anything to threaten his job, assignments, or pay scale, I will personally see to it that you are made to pay dearly for it in court, Are we clear about that?"

"He told me who you are, you're his sister! So don't make threats you can't back up lady!"

Rose didn't say a word, she merely reached into her purse and sat the small tape recorder on the table. His eyes went wide when he saw it, then he stomped off, leaving Rose and I giggling! It was the first time I had ever seen a woman do that to a guy, and that's when I knew I could do it too, if I ever had to. Over dinner Rose told me that she always carried that tape recorder, even though she rarely used it. Then she told me it had been turned on when she and Mac were going at it, but that it didn't matter, unless Mac did something stupid! When dad got home that following Thursday evening, I was busy sewing the hem on a pair of slacks while Rose looked on. When I saw him I stood up then hugged him and kissed him on the cheek, which made him blush! Then Rose, dad, and I sat down for a chat. Rose told him all about his boss, what he said and threatened, and how she had essentially told him to take a hike.

"The guy is an asshole Ron, and worse, he likes little girls; specifically, your little girl!"

"Well" he said, "that explains a lot! I got a call from our Senior VP. He told me that Mac had turned in a report saying that I was no longer fit to be a part of the company, then he told me that he got an anonymous note about some tape in the mail. He told me that because of previous similar complaints, Mac has been fired!"

"Good! That scumbag deserved it Ron!"

"Yes, well, as good as that sounds, I have been promoted, and reassigned. I start on Monday."

"That's great!" I said, glad that dad had been promoted.

"Maybe you shouldn't be quite so happy. My new job is going to take a lot more of my time. There is one other thing. Mac made so many references to my "daughter", that our Senior VP has invited the two of us to a dinner party at his home on the10th! Do either of you have any idea what that means?"

"Sure" Rose said, "it means that Carolyn and I will have to find her the perfect little black dress!"

"No! yes! No! I mean…Dammit! What it means is that my son", he emphasized "my son", "will have to not only go dressed as a girl, he'll have to be perfect! No flaws, no mistakes at all! And on top of that, I can't just say she can't go, since it was virtually a demand!"

"So? Carolyn can do a dinner party standing on her head Ron! While you've been gone, she and I have been working on things, and believe me, she'll be fine, and better, make you look good to boot!"

"I'm going to be ruined! Taking my son, dressed as a girl to a senior executives home? I'll be lucky if I'm just fired!"

"Ronald! Now stop that! We have what? Almost three weeks to get Carolyn ready? That's two weeks more than we need by the way, so you plan on taking your daughter to the dinner party, because I'm sure that she will be able to help you in ways only a woman can! Now, settle down and relax!"

Dad left on Sunday night for a seminar for and about his new job, but while he was home, he got a chance to see how I managed as a girl, which left him only a little less concerned, but he didn't tell me to stop, so Rose and I began an intensive set of lessons on what it means to be a girl. How to walk and sit weren't the half of it! I had to learn to listen closely to what people said, never forget a name, be light hearted, and always, above all else, make sure that my dad didn’t say anything stupid, drink to much, or tell bawdy jokes, and that's on top of trying to look like a million dollars to boot! As Rose took me through it all I began to see just how important it was for a man to have a woman he could count on to help him. Going to the mall was one thing, but attending a dinner party was another, and I had my own fears to deal with. As much as I liked dressing as a girl, I wasn't a girl, and all it would take would be one mistake and my dad's career could go up in smoke. I lost my confidence several times, but Rose always brought me back, and my lessons at how to be a girl went on, day after day. The days went by quickly between school and home, then Rose and I found the perfect dress and bought lingerie, shoes, a handbag, and jewelry to match. On the day of the dinner party I drove myself to the same salon, told them what I needed, and let them begin. It was a huge step, one that would certainly cause me grief at school, but dad needed me more than the other kids did. His career might be on the line, so I lay back as the stylist began.

Three hours later, as I looked at my reflection, I knew that I had made the right decision. My dishwater blond hair had been dyed strawberry blond then set in wavy curls with bangs. Every square inch of the skin on my arms and legs had been waxed as well as my sideburns and moustache area, then my makeup had been done by a pro. My nails, merely short stubs before they worked on them, were longer and painted a dark reddish brown color. As I went home I grinned to myself, because dad was going to be in for a shock when he saw the me looking the way I did. In my bedroom I quickly undressed and filled the tub, then jumped in to enjoy about half an hour of bubblebath soaking into my skin. Then I started to get dressed. According to Rose, comfort was not an issue at an affair like a dinner party since everyone wanted to make a good impression. That's why I started by wrapping the black satin and lace corselet around myself, tightening the laces until my waist was down from my normal 27, to 24 inches. Then came the breast forms, which I used to bolster what had already been compressed into the bra cups, and gave me just the right amount of cleavage. Black panties, then my pantyhose, which I pulled snug.

Since the dress was lined, I didn't need a slip, so I slipped it over my head and zipped it up, then straightened it out before I stepped into the black patent leather heels. For jewelry, all I wore were the small gold and black button earrings, a gold bracelet, and a ring that Rose had bought for me. Then I added perfume, did my lipstick, and made sure my hair was okay before I checked that I had money in my wallet. Putting it in my handbag with the lipstick, I grabbed the white fur jacket Rose had loaned me, and walked out of my room a full four minutes before dad and I would have to leave. I hoped that my father would appreciate what I had gone through to look that good, and as I nervously walked down the hallway, I let my hips move like Rose told me. Then dad turned and saw me standing there.

"Holy shi…you look fantastic! Come over here so I can see you better." When we were face to face…"Your hair! It's more blond! I have to say, I didn't think it was possible, but…damn!"

"Thank you dad! I had it dyed because, well, blonds have more fun?" He smirked, then…"Dad, remember, tonight I'm your daughter, and my name is Carolyn, okay?"

"I'm still very concerned about all this, but to just look at you, how could I possibly convince anyone that you're my son, even if I wanted to?"

He drove us to the party, then we were admitted by a woman about my dad's age. Once they had our coats, we began to mingle with the others that were there. I met some of his friends, then the man that invited us.

"So! This is the young lady that put Mac in his place!" I said nothing, then…"Our son will be along shortly Carolyn, he's about your age. Maybe you two can be friends."

"I'll look forward to meeting him sir."

"Ron, can I talk to you for a moment?"

I was left standing there alone, and drifted towards the small bar to get a soda.

"Hi. I'm Kathy" a woman said. I see your father and my husband over there deep in conversation. Oh well, that's the way it is for us women I guess. Have you met everyone?"

"I think so, dad introduced me around."

"Oh! Look! It's our son Michael! Let me introduce you to him."

Mike was almost exactly my age, and very shy. His mother walked off leaving us together, but he didn't feel comfortable, that much was for sure. I grabbed his arm and we mingled until we came to our fathers. One looked perplexed and one looked glad as Mike quickly took me by the hand and led me down some stairs and into a small room where I saw a pool table!

"You play?" he asked even as he removed his jacket.

"Some, but…"

"That's okay Carolyn, I'm not that good either. I just don't like these get togethers my parents toss once in a while. I thought that maybe you and I could shoot some pool before we head back up."

He was a lot better than he let on, but it was fun, and I enjoyed myself. The only thing was, every time I bent over to shoot, I noticed that he was always in a position to look down my dress. Later I suggested that we rejoin the party, so he put his jacket on and we walked up the stairs. Harriet, a woman dad had introduced me to, took me by the arm and pulled me aside.

"See that guy over there by the window? He's the President of the company. Maybe you should go over and talk to him. Maybe it'll help your father's career?"

Since I don't need to be hit with a hammer to get the clue, I waved at Mike, and made my way over to the man.

"Hello! I don't think we've met! I'm Carolyn, Ron's daughter."

"Well! Hello there! I've heard a lot about what a charming young lady you are. Ron should be very proud of you." Taking my hand…"You know, that promotion we gave him is to a much larger office? It's going to mean that he'll be very busy for a while, I hope you understand."

"Oh, I do. But I'll support whatever decisions he makes; I'm a big girl now, so whatever I can do to make it easier for dad I'll do my best."

"I'm sure that you will my dear. Now, how about letting an old man get us both a drink?"

I took his arm and we walked to the bar, I got a soda, and we walked outside on the patio. We just stood there, then I heard him say something under his breath.

"I'm sorry. I didn't hear what you said sir."

"It was nothing my dear, but thank you for being here tonight. You are the one ray of sunshine at an otherwise politically filled night of back stabbing and positioning."

Dad and I left for home about midnight, and on the way I told him what the president of the company had told me. He filled me in on the latest gossip, how everyone fit together politically and why, then he grabbed my hand and squeezed it. Then he told me that the older man had lost his wife after almost forty four years of marriage, and that was probably what he was muttering to himself. Then he told me that everyone said I was beautiful, and that he should be proud of me! I never thought I would hear those words come out of his mouth, ever! In the morning I was up early, making coffee when he walked into the kitchen. My flannel nightgown went from my neck to the floor, and showed zero of my figure.

"You do realize that all of the executives now believe that I have a daughter, you, which brings up some interesting situations. For example, in my new job I'll be expected to throw dinner parties, picnics and so on, and everyone will expect you to be the hostess. If someone drops by, I can't have Ethan standing there, I'll have to have Carolyn standing there. Then of course, Stan and his wife will be doing their best to get you and their son Mike together, hoping you'll hit it off. On top of all that, you still have one more year of high school! Just how do we get past that speed bump? And even if we fix it so that you go back as a girl of course, what do we do about your school records? I don't have a clue!"

"I don't either, but we'll think of something. I had a good time last night dad. Thanks."

"Yes, well, everyone liked you honey. You made a great impression on some very important people."

I went to get dressed, just tossing on some jeans and a top, brushing out my hair and adding just foundation and blusher before I went to clean up the kitchen. Glancing up, I saw a shadow at the front door and went to see who it was. It was the old man! I let him in and took him to the kitchen and poured him some coffee.

"Thank you my dear."

"Dad's getting dressed…"

"I'm here to see you actually. If I may?" He sat and I joined him. "Are you aware that no promotions are made to the corporate staff unless I sign off on it?"

"No sir, I wasn't, should I?"

"I read your fathers file before I promoted him; his file says that he has a son named Ethan, not a daughter named Carolyn, and since he introduced you as his daughter, I can only draw one inference from that. Either you are his son Ethan, or you are another family member posing as his daughter. Since I know him well enough, I know that he would not tell us that you are his daughter unless you were direct blood, so that has to mean that you are really his son." My stomach was in knots as I listened to him shred my carefully planned charade. "Mind you" he said, "you are a charming, beautiful, very well poised young lady, with a fine sense of humor, and you have made a wonderful impression on everyone, but since nobody knows this but me, I am wondering if you will remain? What I mean is, will we be seeing Carolyn or Ethan from now on?"

"I…I'm not sure. Not yet anyway. Carolyn I hope."

"What if I could make it possible for you to attend school just as you are? Would that make a difference?"

"Sure! But documentation doesn't exist for me as Carolyn!"

"I will need to talk to your father about this of course, but maybe we can work this out to everyone's advantage."


"In your fathers new position he will be obligated to host dinner parties, much like the one we were at last night, and having a woman, or a daughter in this case, as his hostess, will only enhance his career. Many of the people on the Board want to see a stable family, and having you fill in will let them know that he has just that."

Dad showed up, and as he walked in and saw who was sitting there, he quickly joined us, but I excused myself and went to get dressed. I did not hear what was said, but for some reason I felt as if dad would agree to letting me continue as a girl. It took me about half an hour to finish getting dressed and put on some more makeup, then I went back to the kitchen where the old man and dad were still sitting. As I sat down…

"Carolyn" dad said softly, "I understand that you two had a talk. What about it? Is this what you really want?"

"You know I do dad."

"There can be other reasons" the old man said, "for you to remain as you are, but for now, lets all assume that when you move into your new position, Carolyn will remain with you as your daughter. We can work out the odd details later, but she is certainly an asset to your career Ron."

"We'll need to talk about this some more Carolyn, but Rose left a message on the voice mail, so why don't you go over and talk to her? I'll stop by over there in a few hours, okay?"

I grabbed my purse and left to see Rose. When I got there I told her everything that had happened at the party, how everyone reacted to me, then, what the old man had told me that very morning. She seemed to be pleased hearing how I managed to convince everyone I was really a girl, and gave me a hug to show it. We just talked for a while, then dad showed up and we all sat together talking about what might happen in the future. He made it clear that having me become his daughter wasn't very high on his list, but he did say that I had performed "magnificently" to use his word, then said that because I had attended the party as a girl, the question about my becoming his daughter was virtually out of his hands.

"I've told you before that I do not like the fact that you're dressing up as a girl, and I meant it. I didn't like it then, and I like it less now, but…"

"Ron" Rose said, "we all know how you feel about this, but you have to admit that Carolyn has more than held up her end of the bargain! We all know how scary it was for you to let her attend that party, but think about it from her point of view! She not only had to become a girl, she also knew that one mistake on her part could cost you your promotion, and maybe even your job! Did you even once think about that? Did you ever think about the pressure that she shouldered? Being a just boy in a dress is one thing, being a boy in a dress trying to be the perfect daughter is entirely another! Did anyone realize that she was a boy? That young man that was there for example? Or any of the wives that were there? No? Then what does that tell you?"

"I…I…I guess…"

"Ronny, you and Carolyn have the chance to start a new life! I know that you're not exactly in favor of this, but since you have made no move to find someone special in your life, and Carolyn has now found out the truth about herself, maybe you'll finally realize that every successful man has a woman behind him! When it comes time for you to host a dinner party, you'll need someone to be the hostess, and Carolyn fits that bill exactly! What more could you want?"

"I was thinking" dad said meekly, "that maybe…since Carolyn is so…new to all this, that you would move with us? What I mean is, ah…she has been a girl for a very short time, so maybe you could…."

"Help her?"

There was a long silence while everyone absorbed what dad had said. In a way, I would really like it if Rose did move in with us, yet, on the other hand, it was sort of a slap at me. I mean, I had worked hard to be the daughter he and everyone else expected me to be, and had I succeeded. Maybe more than I deserved, but dad still wanted Rose to move with us, just in case. I was crushed, because there wasn't any doubt that I wanted to be a girl, and had worked hard to achieve it well enough to help my dad. He sat there smiling, as if everything was just fine, but as I felt the tears welling in my eyes, I left the room, telling them I had to use the bathroom. I didn't want to cry in front of him. I wasn't going to let him see me do that. I had done my best, which he himself had said was "magnificent", yet he still didn't trust me enough to be myself. I shut the door and locked it, then looked in the mirror. Was I the girl I thought I was? Or was I just a sad parody of a girl? Maybe I was neither, or maybe both. A boy that desperately wanted to be a girl, someone that looked like a girl, loved being a girl, wanted to be my fathers daughter, but wasn't, and from what I heard, it didn't sound to me like I ever would be.

From the lessons that Rose gave me to what I had let them do to me at the beauty shop, I had done my very best to be the girl that my dad needed me to be. I knew that he didn't like what I was doing, yet he had allowed it to happen, maybe even forcing the issue when he brought home that fellow Mac. He knew there was a high probability that I would be dressed, yet he had done it anyway! He also had to know Mac's reputation around girls, so why was he so surprised when he hit on me? Then, to top it all off, he had allowed me to attend that dinner party! He had to know how dangerous it was for both of us, yet he had let it happen. He could have easily taken Rose instead of me, so why didn't he? Was it because, as Rose had suggested that I looked so much like my mother? As I dried my eyes I tried to figure out why dad had done all of those things…

"Carolyn? Honey? Can you come out now? We need to talk some more." I opened the door to see Rose standing there. "Come sit next to me honey. We have lots of things to talk about."


"Him too."

Sitting next to Rose, my eyes still a bit red and my makeup smeared…

"What I said, you took it wrong! All wrong!" Dad sounded…afraid? "When I asked Rose to join us, it wasn't because I don't have faith in you, it's just that we'll probably have to move to a new house, you'll be in a new school, I'll have a new job, and on top of all that, you'll have to become a girl every day, in every way! Just how easy do you think this is going to be? Everything about our family will change, not slowly, like we might want, but all at once! That's why I asked Rose to join us!"

"There are other things Carolyn" Rose added, "you'll need help fixing up the house, and of course, we have not yet talked about some other things that girls need to know, things best kept private, just between us girls."

"Both of you said that I look like mom did. I am not my mother, and I'm not going to try and become her, so if the only reason you are going to let me do this is…."

"Stop that!" Dad's voice cut through the air like a razor sharp knife. "Yes! It's true that you look remarkably like your mother, but that is not the reason I…I wouldn't think of…that's obscene, and I resent it that you would think that I would ever…I mean…"

"I didn't mean it that way dad! I never thought that!"

"Yes" he finally said, "I believe you, but if you look like your mother, and I was attracted to her, what'll happen when some boy tries to…what if you're dating? What then?"

"That's easy" I said, "I'm not going to date."

That caused Rose to choke and cough a bit, but she didn't say anything. By the time Rose and I went in the kitchen to make sandwiches, dad had made it plain that while he still didn't like me dressing as a girl, he was going to allow it, as long as I could continue to convince everyone that I really was a girl. Rose told me that since she didn't have to work, and in her estimation, I still needed her guiding hand, she was willing to move with us, as long as I could accept it.

"So, you're not going to date?" She asked smugly. "Are you joining a religious organization?"

"No, of course not! It's just that I don't think about guys that way!"

"But they'll see you for what you seem to be, and it's a good bet that one of them will ask you out. What then? Are you just going to stay at home while all of your friends are out having a good time? I doubt that Carolyn, and in your heart, you do to. That's the one part of being a girl that makes it worthwhile! Having men trip all over themselves around you? It's priceless Carolyn. That thing about your father? That was uncalled for and you know it. Ronny may be a lot of things, but that isn't one of them, and he didn't deserve that. He is more than a little confused right now. He just can't figure out why a male, any male, would want to be a woman, and you are his son, which only makes it worse! On top of that, you really are quite cute, and that has him totally stunned, because he never saw it when you didn't look like you do right now. Honey, he is doing the best he can to try and understand this, but what he needs the most is for you to go in there and tell him that one, you love him, and two, that you'll always do your best. Now, I'll finish here while you go talk to your father."

Dad saw me walk in and stood up; neither of us moved until he raised his arms, and I fell into them. As he held me I told him how I felt, that I loved him, and wanted him to try and understand. It was just as hard for me to try being a girl as it was for him to accept it, something that I know he didn't realize. I couldn't tell him why I wanted to be a girl, why I spent hours just getting ready, or even what was driving me to do it. He listened as I asked him if he really thought that I would take the risk of embarrassing both him and myself unless I didn't have a choice. Then I promised to always do my best, and let Rose help me as much as she could. Dad didn't say much, but he held me a bit tighter, and that said it all.

I finished my school year where I was, staying with Rose while dad started his new job. Rose and I packed up the house, which we sold quickly, then, the first week after school let out. Rose sold her doublewide in two days, and we had everything shipped across the county to the house the three of us had picked out. Rose and I drove the cars, packed with our clothes. Once we arrived and settled in, Rose and I went out and bought curtains, drapes, some new furniture and so on. Then she and I began to set up our house. Every day I would put on foundation, but not much else since I wasn't going anywhere, wearing jeans and a top virtually all of the time. It did not hold the same glamour my going out had, but I was content just knowing my day would appreciate what I was doing. The old man stopped by one day and handed me a packet of papers, telling me to sign them, have dad sign them, and get them back to him. Then he and I sat on the deck with a soda.

"I wish my own daughter had been like you" he said softly, "but, she was a wild girl, and it got her into some trouble; it just about killed her mother, the pain and all that stress, but that's over with now." Drawing himself upright…"I am going to retire next year. It's no longer any fun, so I think I'll just retire and let someone else run the company." Turning to me…"Carolyn, I need someone to be my hostess for my retirement party. Would you…"

"I don't think I should sir. What I mean is, if my dad were to come up for another promotion, and I were acting as your hostess…"

"Ah…yes, I see. I'm sorry my dear, it was just a thought."

"But I do know someone, my Aunt Rose. She moved here with us, and she's really pretty. Maybe, if I asked her…"

"That's a splendid idea! Why don't you let me take us all out to dinner? That way we can meet in a more casual atmosphere. Besides, I'm willing to bet that you could use the break."

"I'll ask dad, but for now, I'll say yes."

"That's fine! Saturday evening then? I'll send a car for you."

After he left I called Rose and told her what had happened, plus the fact that I had suggested her to be the old man's hostess, and why. We talked for a bit longer, then she told me that she would set up appointments at a salon nearby for Saturday. When dad got home I told him what was going on, then had him sign the papers to both change my name legally as well as all of my records. Surprisingly, he didn't flinch when he signed them. By the weekend I had most things put away, and was definitely ready for some leisure time, so I spent Friday night lounging in a tub full of hot, sudsy water and rubbing in skin lotion. It was wonderful. The next day Rose and I went to a local salon and we both got the works, from head to toe. Pedicure, manicure and new nails, the same waxing in the same places, my hair was washed dyed again, then set, all before lunch.

Being a boy that wants to be a girl isn't like taking a stroll in the park, it's emotionally painful, takes a lot of hard work, promotes violence, and even then you might fail. I felt wonderful as Rose and I left the beauty shop, feminine and pretty, yet I still suffered from the nagging doubt that I always carried around with me. I couldn't wear revealing clothes unless I wore the corselet, I couldn't wear a plain bathing suit without exposing my total lack of shape, and I didn't dare date. The price of my desire, regardless of the fun I was having, was starting to look very steep. Then I had to deal with my father. He had agreed to my change, yet there was some part of him that held back, a part that could not accept me as a girl; not now, not ever it seemed. He had caused, by design or accident, other people to think of me as his daughter, but I wasn't his daughter. I was his son wearing girls clothes, a fact that we were both well aware of. As I looked at Rose, I wondered if the day would ever come when I would be like her. With careful attention to detail and great effort I had managed to help my dad, yet no matter how hard I tried, I knew that if I stayed the way I was, I would never be as carefree as any other girl my age, and a nice haircut and some makeup wasn't going to change that. As Rose and I approached the car, I had the notion that I should quit what I was doing, purge the clothes, cut my hair, and go back to being Ethan, son of Ronald.

"You look angry Carolyn, what's the matter?"

"I'm not a girl!"

"But you look lovely! What's really bothering you?"

"I'm not a girl I said!" I fell into the car and sat there a moment, then…"I'll never be like you! Never! No matter how hard I try, I…."

"That's right! You are absolutely right Carolyn! You will never be like me, or any other woman as a matter of fact! You will never have to experience the monthlies, you'll never get pregnant, and you'll never ever have to worry about men!" That caused me to snap around and look at her. "Unless you realize that you have a lot to offer a man that is; things like love and caring, plus the kind of warmth and confidence only a woman can bring a man. Having a baby might be a goal, but I never had any children, and look at me! Am I any less a woman because of it? No? Then tell me what's really going on then!"

"Boobs" I said softly, "and hips."

Oh! I see! That's what it is! Well, I suppose that we can see what the options are, unless you already know that is. Care to tell me?"

We sat there in the parking lot as I detailed every known way for a boy to gain the body of a girl, starting with taking hormones and ending with Liposuction and breast implants. Every choice was either expensive, dangerous, took a very long time, or some combination of all of the above. Rose didn't say much as she drove us home, but I didn't feel like talking anyway. I was having a major crisis of confidence, and for the moment I was reveling in it. My self pity enveloped me like a cloud, and while I knew what I wanted, I also knew that it would take time that I did not want to spend. When I went in the house I burst past my father and went straight to my room, and in my frustration, slammed the door hard. I stood there panting, both confused and angry, at myself and my lack of will power. Undressing until I was naked, I stood in front of the mirror and looked at the girls head and the boys body, cursing under my breath. Then the door flew open.

Rose shut the door with a bang and stood glaring at me, her hands on her hips.

"So! Little missy isn't happy! So what? Not many people are happy with the way they look! What makes you think there's something special about you?" Naked, I started to reach for my robe, but Rose yanked it away. "Oh no you don't! You just stand there like that! You don't have anything I haven't seen before! That thing of yours is the only problem? I'll bet that we can fix that right now, if you're willing that is. And we can get you some of those expensive breast forms and hip pads you mentioned. Then you can start on the hormones and become the girl you always told us, and have proved that you are, but I'll not tolerate any more of this "pity me" routine you are in." Rose got up right in my face and took me by the chin. "Now you listen to me young lady, a lot of people, your father and I included, have done our best to accept you as the girl you said you were, and we are not going to let you disappoint us! Not now, and not later. So, tell me, what's it going to be? Pity? Or do you want me to help you become the girl you always said you were?"

No longer able to hold it in, I broke down and fell into her arms. Quietly, almost so softly that I missed it,

"Your name change papers came in the mail today, so legally, your name is Carolyn now." Rose pulled some papers out of her pocket, put them on the bed, and told me to lie down on my back. "I figured this day would come, so I looked up how to do it. I have to get a few things, so don't move, I'll be right back."

Using a razor, some glue and deft fingers, Rose made me look like a girl, then told me to get up and get dressed, we had an errand to run. Rose, still a little angry with me, left the room while I got dressed. Not having a lump in my panties felt great, and my spirits lifted a bit, yet I still felt incomplete. Once I was dressed, she took me to a prosthetics shop, and without any preamble at all, told the guy what I needed! You could say with some certainty that I wanted to sink into the floor, but all the guy did was smile and wave us to the back!

"Let's get you undressed shall we?" As I slowly undressed…."I'm thinking that she'll want the B package, especially if she is going to go full time. Here. Let me show you what that entails."

Not going into great detail, suffice it to say that as painful as it was, when he was done with me I had a pair of great boobs, that were touch sensitive! The fine wires that he attached to my chest wall made the difference according to what he said. The same was true for the hip and bottom padding. All of the padding had been glued on, and would last for up to six months, however he suggested that I come in once every three months had have them removed so my own skin could breathe for a while, even though they had been designed to stay attached. I stood there touching myself, in awe at the sensations I was feeling. Rose and the guy went out front while I got dressed, my self pity gone with a mere glimpse of what would someday be true. My dream had come true, and my despair floated away on the elation flowing over me as I got dressed, casting aside all of the foam padding I had used before. By the time I reached the car I had grabbed Rose twice and hugged her tightly both times.

"Are we all done with this self pity now?"

"I was angry."

"I know that, but you took it out on us, and that wasn't fair to us or yourself, was it? Carolyn, honey, we all know that you want to be a girl, and we have done everything we could for you, now the rest is up to you. Okay?"

By the time we got home I was back to my old self, and gave my dad a hug and kiss when I went in the house. I went to my room to once again touch myself, just to feel and enjoy the fact that I could, without any trouble at all, be the girl I knew that I was. After that day I no longer worried about someone deciding I was a guy, and my life became normal again. I decorated the house the way I wanted to, leaving only dad's office for him to do as he wished. I started school without any trouble, and quickly fell into a routine that felt comfortable. I made some girlfriends, met some guys, but still didn't date. Dad said I could get a job in his office, so I applied for and got approved to work, which meant half days at school.

Rose and I helped the old man set up for party, ordering the food, setting up the catering staff and so on, then two days before the party, she and I went shopping. For the first time I saw Rose in her underwear, and she had a great shape! The dress she bought fit her in ways that I could only dram of, and made her look at least ten years younger! Telling me that I didn't have to wear black, I picked out a white cocktail dress that had a sweetheart neckline, layers of chiffon and satin for the skirt, and fit me like a glove, if I wore that corset that is. We both got shoes and new jewelry, then left to get ready. Rose left in her car because she had to be there early, but as before, I waited until I knew dad was ready, then I made my entrance.

"Carolyn, I…you look just gorgeous tonight!" He stared for a moment, then…"Carolyn, you were right and I was wrong; I know I made it hard on you, but now, I can't imagine having you here with me…as my daughter. I love you dearly, and I just don't know how I would manage without you." I went to him and we hugged, and as his arms went around me, I felt as if I had finally gained his love and respect. "I understand that you would like to start taking hormones so that you can dispense with the padding, and I think it's about time, don't you?"

I almost started to cry, but that would have ruined my makeup, so I held it in, and we left for the party. Everyone was friendly, but there was an undercurrent of suspense, because they all knew the old man was retiring and would name his successor that night. Dad told me he was out of the running because he had just been promoted, and named three guys he thought had the best chance. Rose was clearly in her element as she smoothly moved between the guests making small talk, and looking more elegant that anyone else there. I was looking for a way to talk to one of the guys dad mentioned when I felt a hand on my elbow.

"Hi again! Remember me? I'm Mike!"

"Oh! Hi Mike! Of course I remember you!" He must have had a growth spurt, because he was an easy six inches taller than I was, and clearly heavier. "You look real nice tonight Carolyn, and you smell great!"

"Handsome, and a gentleman too!" I said with a giggle and a smile.

"Ah…listen, can I call you sometime? Maybe we can go to a show or something?"

"Sure" I said, and he took my hand in his and we started around the room again. I saw Rose talking to a guy about her age, saw her laugh and smile, and hoped he was the guy for her. She deserved it. Then I saw my dad and a woman in a corner, and they were kissing!

"It looks like you dad has met Janet!"

"It does look that way doesn't it?" I wasn't sure if I were jealous or envious.

I kept working for the same company as dad, and in time I did develop the body I always wanted. Rose got married to the guy I saw her with at the party, and dad? Well, he and Janet are now married. She doesn't know that I was a boy at one time, and none of us see any reason to tell her. Mike and I went out a few times, but we didn't "click" as they say, and soon parted ways. Every now and then I try on my little black dress, that first one, and I remember all of the torment we all went through so I could be what I am today, a woman, and believe me, I'm thankful for the father I was blessed with. He used to be just "dad", now he's my daddy, and I love him for it.




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