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My Life As A Baby Girl

by Tina Marie


I can hear his car pull up and my Mom say " Daddy's home ". Oddly enough we both are

excited and happy he is.I am a little groggy as I am just waking up from my nap. I peer

throught the mesh of my playpen I can see him walking in after a day at the office, Mom

there to greet him, as she does every afternoon. They embrace and Dad gives Mom

a great big kiss and hug.A warm feeling settles in me as it is nice to see two people

in love and it's a good feeling to know they are both happy. It's good for a child to know

that. Just as he promised he has flowers for Mom and a new Barbie Doll for me !

I guess he really does love me as well.I have learned to accept my situation and so has

my former wife. It really seems to be working out

It was'nt too long ago I was the man of the house. Now I am Mommy and Daddy's little girl.

I have been released from the pressures of work and my obligation to please my wife. I can

see how happy they both are and my Mommy has never been happier I can see by the way they

embrace. The only problem is even though i am not abbused and/or humiliated I am treated as

a child and if not for my dolls and the comfortof my pacifier I woulld swear i am just an unoticed

part of the scenery here. As a matter of fact i am strapped into my highchair and dinner

sure smells good. Well thier dinner really does. I'll be having Gerbers and a bottle but i love to hear

them talk about thier day and i do get a nice pat on the head and a loving look every now and then

and there is that new barbie I'll get to play with while Mom and Dad have special time together.

I do get to be close to them since my crib was moved into thier bedroom.It's a nice feeling to all

get to be together . It was real lonely in the nursery room , even though it was very pretty. I much

prefer being with my Mommy and Daddy.Well it's almost bedtime as I am placed in my crib and

Mommy and Daddy get ready for bed. they are very much into having a very romantic night of sex.

I can tell because my wife is putting on her sexiest nightgown which is a definate singnal to Daddy

she is "in the mood"Daddy wastes no time in having her on the bed, legs spread ready to make passionate

love to my former wife. "Opps" she says " I fo got the babies bottle, be right back" .Daddy rolls over

and says "Okay,but when you get back. I want you to suck my cock !" Mom replies as she wanders

off to the kitchen "Of course you do" I must admit such talk doe'snt bother me because i know how

much they enjoy eachother and it is a secure feeling to know that. Mom returns with my bottle ,places

it in my mouth and gives me a loving kiss on the forehead. Saying " goodnight babygirl"

(to be con't)




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