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My thanks to Femur for the inspiration that led to this story. It was inspired by his coverAf015.jpg. This story contains NO plot lines that use Magic, Spells R Us, or Altered Fates. This story is my own, but based on Femurs work, and in no way implies a change in Femurs pages or his fine efforts at providing us with examples of the (im)possible. His site is


My Honeymoon          by: Janet L. Stickney  


As we walked out of the church, ducking the rice and waving at family and friends, I held my husbands hand tightly, then we were in the limo, headed for our honeymoon. Excited, we both giggled as we drove home to change clothes, taking the time as we changed, to enjoy what married life has to offer. As we lay there exhausted and happy, I thought back to when I was growing up, then, how my road to being a wife all began.


I heard mom calling me, and hurriedly began to take off the dress, not worrying about the pantyhose, since slipping my jeans back on would cover them. My shirt, then socks and shoes were next, and within a few minutes I was at the table as if nothing was different. My sister, away after joining the Marines, had left almost all of her clothes at home with mom and I. That gave me enough clothes to get dressed in, and nobody ever knew what I was doing, so it was a match made in heaven! Mom and I cleaned up, then I went back to my room to put things away and take off the pantyhose. Two days later, on Friday night, I was home alone for the weekend because mom said that she was flying down to see Claire, and I took the opportunity to become the girl of my dreams once more. As I always did, I started with a long bath, a close shave, washed my hair, then covered my skin with lotion before I reached for the panties.

Claire and I are not twins, but we might as well be since we look so much alike, right down to the hair and eye color, and to my great joy, I am only half an inch taller than her, and only slightly heavier, and other than my muscles, we have almost the same build! After the panties came my only purchase, the padded pantybrief, then the waist nipper, and finally the bra. Going into Claire's bedroom, I sat at the vanity and began my makeup. After a lot of experimenting I had almost mastered the art of makeup, and when I was done, I looked as good as most girls my age. My hair, which is moderately long was just right for me to be able to use a blow dryer, a rat tailed comb and a brush to create a nicely feminine hairstyle, and when I was done, I went in the closet to pick out what I would wear that night. I took the short green skirt with a white round neck blouse and the tan sweater to my room, then, after I stuffed my birdseed breast forms into the bra, I got dressed.

It never took me long to get ready, and after I added earrings, a necklace, a watch, my lipstick and some perfume, I grabbed a purse, put my stuff in it, then slipped on the low heels and walked out of my room. I was going to the show, then maybe later get a burger, so I made sure I had my car keys and so on before I even left the house. I had gone out before, more than just several times, always for a drive or to the show, and I had even been hit on once or twice, so I was very confident about getting by, and without a thought I left the house, got in the car, and left. Unknown to me, there was trouble coming…

"Hi Claire! You look very nice in your uniform! Lets get something to eat, then we can go home and surprise your brother!"

Once again, I had no trouble at the show, then later, I stopped and got my burger by going inside, which was another first for me, then I went home. It was about eleven at night. The street was dark, but I saw lights on inside the house. I couldn't remember if I shut them off, although I usually did turn everything off, then parked in the driveway like always, went in the back door, turning right and stepping into the kitchen, only to see my sister sitting there with mom! Both of them gasped when they saw me, I froze in place, and as we stared at each other, I wanted to sink into the floor from the embarrassment. I made a move to walk past them, to get to my room, but Claire stopped me with her arm while mom motioned for me to sit down, which I did, but reluctantly.

"I thought" I said in an exasperated voice, "that you said you were flying down to see Claire!"

"I was", mom told me, "but at the last minute Claire decided to come home instead. Is that why you're dressed that way? Because you thought I would be gone?"

"No mom" Claire chimed in before I could say a word, "just look at her! Does it look like she waited for you to leave so she could go out? No way! Take a good look at her! I'll bet that she has been dressing up for a very long time, and I'll also bet that this isn't the first time she's been out!" Turning to me, Claire asked with a smile, "did you have a date? Or did you go alone?"

"I went alone!" I said with some vehemence in my voice, I always go alone!"

The minute I said that I knew that it was a mistake, because I had just admitted that I had gone out like this before, maybe even more than a few times, and sadly, mom caught it.

"Everybody is tired. We'll talk about this in the morning, and since we do need to talk about this some more, I think it would be best if I saw the same faces at the table for breakfast." Looking right at me, mom added…"The same face, understand?"

I did. She wanted me to be there, but dressed as a girl, and mom didn't seem to care what I thought about it, or wanted, she only demanded that it happen. The next morning, not having much to do to get ready for my second, and possibly last, catastrophic appearance in front of both mom and Claire, I shaved, then knocked on Claire's door. I needed her makeup. She didn't say a word as I sat at the vanity doing my makeup, merely watching as I did my hair, using a couple of small bows, then asked me what I was going to wear. I didn't hesitate. I picked out the navy skirt, then went back to my room and got dressed, wearing the same white blouse and tan sweater. No matter what happened, both mom and Claire knew, without any doubt at all that I could, and probably often did, make myself look like a girl, and also knew that I had left the house dressed that way on more than one occasion. Claire came into my room, dressed about the same way I was, smiled at me, then together, we walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. Mom looked at us, then both Claire and I poured some coffee and sat down. Mom joined us a moment later.

With a look at me…"I always knew that you two looked alike, but now that I have seen…just what do we call you? I forgot to ask!"

'I use the name Ellen" I said, with a little trepidation in my voice."

"Well" mom went on, "I never realized just how much you two really do look alike, at least until I saw you last night Ellen, and simply based on the way you look, this has been going on for a very long time, or else you would not have left the house! But, you do look very nice. Would you care to enlighten us about it?"

I did not care to enlighten them about anything, but it didn't seem like I had a choice, so…"I went out a few times…okay? But I only do this once in a great while…it's fun, and nobody has ever found out, until now that is…"

"I'm sure" mom said, "that nobody ever found out, I mean, you look just darling as a girl, but why don't I believe you when you tell us that this is a once in a while thing? What I mean is, and just looking at you, there is no way a boy could look as good as you do, dressed as a girl that is, unless he had a lot, and I mean a lot, of practice, and that means that your statement that you do this only once in a while wasn't quite as truthful as you let on, especially after what you said last night. Is it?"

I didn't say a word, sipping on the coffee to delay answering her, but mom had caught my mistake, that much was clear.

"I think that if Ellen needs to come by once in a while" Claire piped up, "then she should be able to! What harm can there be, especially the way she looks!"

I said nothing, and nobody else did either, then mom sat upright and grinned. When she told us what she wanted, Claire simply said "okay", but I swallowed hard. I had never been out during the day, and wasn't quite as brave facing the public in bright daylight as I wanted to be, but mom gave me some money and a list, telling Claire and I that she wanted us back by noon. Finishing our coffee, Claire and I each grabbed our purses, and with a bit of pushy cajoling from Claire, she and I left for the grocery store. Claire backed the car out of the driveway, and almost immediately wanted to know everything.

"I know what you told mom" Claire said, "but you've been into my clothes since we were kids, that much I know for sure, I always knew when you had been in my room, so…that means you lied when you told mom that you only did this once in a while. You've been dressing up for years! Why didn't you tell me? Why haven't I met you before this? I would have helped you! Me and you, we've always been close!"

"Just what would I say Claire? Hey! I need to borrow that cute little purple dress? I didn't know that you knew I was borrowing your stuff! I figured you would freak out on me, so I didn't say anything."

Claire didn't say anything more about it, although I knew she wanted to. Then I had my first trip out in public during the day, all without any problems, much to Claire's great glee. On the way home she asked me if I had ever had my hair done by a professional, and of course I said no. She suggested that I might want to do that, simply to make it easier when I did get dressed, adding that there were plenty of styles that could be worn both when I was a girl, and when I was a boy, and by the time we got home I was half convinced, but didn't agree to it. We took everything in the house, put it all away, then had a cola. Mom wasn't anywhere to be found, so I looked in the garage and saw that her car was gone. Mom returned about an hour later.

"I had a small errand to run" she said, "how was everything at the store? Any problems?"

"Nobody" said Claire, "except for some boys, even bothered to look at either one of us! Ellen did fine mom."

"Well" mom said as she sat back in her chair, "what do I do now? I have a son that looks very nice as a girl, and he seems to like it enough to go out that way! I'll admit that I have heard of boys like you, but I never expected you to…I mean I…, just how often would you do this if I let you? And tell me the truth Ellen. How often would I see this…new daughter I have, if I let you do it whenever you wanted?"

It just popped out. I didn't hesitate, didn't think about it, didn't ponder the ramifications or anything else, I just said it. "As often as possible I guess." Then I realized what I had said, and tried to retract some of it. "What I mean is, not all the time mom, just once in a while...once in a great while."

While neither mom or Claire said anything, but I knew that I had once again put my foot in it big time, and there wasn't any way to deny what I had said. Just then Claire simply told me to use anything of hers that I wanted, and that I should consider moving into her bedroom. She was in the Marines, and wouldn't be home very often she said, so I might as well. Then she added that if she needed anything, we could mail it to her. I kept my mouth shut, but moving into Claire's room would solve a lot of problems for me. Mom didn't say anything, but I saw that very familiar gleam in her eye.

"I think" mom said, "that having you move into Claire's room is an excellent idea! I'll turn your room into my sewing room! That way we'll all get what we want."

"Huh?" Claire and I said at the same time.

"You won't have to scurry back and forth worrying when you get dressed, Claire will have you to send her things when she wants them, and I get my sewing room!"

Mom was right, it would work out. But the question in my mind was just how often could I get dressed before mom put an end to it? Mom settled that question when she told Claire and I that we were going out to dinner that night, as a treat, to Claire's favorite place, then, looking right at me, she told me that both, emphasis on both, of her daughters would be going, and because it was a very fancy place, she expected both of us to be properly dressed! Mom also added that she wanted to see for herself just how committed I was to being a girl, and just how ladylike I could be. That was all it took for Claire to tell mom that it was high time that I had my hair styled, to which mom said not one word. It took Claire a bit longer to convince me, since I was scared to set even one foot in a salon, but she got her way because I knew that Claire was right, and I had thought of doing it many times myself, so admittedly, it didn't take much for her to talk me into it. Ten minutes later I was on my way to the salon.

I thought I knew my own mother well enough to figure out what she would do at any given time, but she had stunned me by taking the news that I liked to dress as a girl so calmly. First telling me to attend breakfast as a girl, then sending me on an errand with Claire, and finally, demanding that I go to dinner dressed as a girl! When Claire insisted that I get my hair done, I expected mom to say something, but she didn't, allowing me to do as Claire suggested. Claire drove us to the salon, telling me that I would love it, and that she could hardly wait to see me when they were done with me. Since Claire didn't seem to be the least bit put off that I was wearing her clothes, I just had to ask why.

"I know that you said you always knew that I had been into your stuff Claire, but why are you doing this? I mean, and this is between us, I'm not sure why you want to see me all dolled up! I like it, that much you already know, but why are you pushing me so hard? It's not like I do this all of the time!"

With a grin, Claire patted my hand. "Why am I not surprised is what you really mean, isn't it? I have known that you were into my things for a long time, but I always thought that you were using them to…because you were excited. A girl likes to think that they excite someone, maybe even a brother, so I never said a word about it, but now I can see that you weren't excited, not like that anyway, and when I saw you last night, I realized that you wanted to be like me!" Claire paused as she turned the corner, then…"I have to be frank Ellen, when I saw you last night I almost didn't recognize you, and on top of that, and you can believe me or not, there are tons of girls out there that would kill to look like you do, a bunch of them in my outfit! Hell! I have girls in my outfit that are more masculine that a lot of guys I know! So, if you want to be as feminine as you can, then you might as well quit denying it, and just go for it! In my mind that starts with the right hairstyling, makeup, and anything else that'll make you more like a girl than a guy!"

Claire had figured out rather quickly what I had spent a lifetime trying to hide, and what's more, she was telling me that I should simply drop all pretenses and become the girl that I wanted to be! But that would mean that I would have to publicly admit that to everyone! Claire and mom, well, they would love me no matter what, but everyone else might not agree so easily. Yet, as we pulled up in front of the salon and I looked in the window, I let my chance to deny how I felt slide away when I opened the car door, stepped out, and joined Claire as we walked inside. I cannot say that I didn't know what I was doing, I did. Having my hair styled would, as Claire so neatly put it, make it easier for me, yet I had never drawn enough nerve to even try it before, simply letting my hair grow out, hoping that I could manage it well enough to get by. The sound of women chattering, the smell of chemicals, and the bright colors made me feel like I should run out, but with Claire standing there next to me, I couldn't, and more, wouldn't.

I let Claire take charge, and quickly found myself in a chair with someone washing my hair. While that was going on, Claire found several styles that she liked, and after I agreed on one, the stylist began to cut and shape my hair. As the long strands of my hair fell to the floor, I was sure that everyone knew, and I would be found out, but that didn't happen. Instead, rollers were put in my hair, then some chemicals were used before I was stuck under a dryer. After that, my hair was brushed out and trimmed a bit more before my new hairstyle was in a cloud of hairspray . Then, as an extra treat, they did my makeup for me. When I saw the results I was stunned! I had less hair, but done in a way that was more feminine than I ever imagined myself wearing! Not only was my hair curly, it was a light auburn color, and I have to admit, I looked great! Smiling, I watched as Claire paid the bill, then, as we were walking out, she asked me if I wanted to go find a couple of really fine party dresses. Just how could I say no?

Claire and I went to a dress shop where we each picked out a dress we liked, tried them on, then went home with our prizes. I had never done as much in one day, dressed as a girl, as I had with Claire, and while I was at first a little tense, I quickly lost that feeling after my trip to the salon. When Claire and I walked in the house, mom was not to be found, but I went to my room to get ready for my outing that night, still unsure why mom was letting, or rather, insisting, that I do this. I didn't really care since it was a dream come true, but I still wondered why. While filling the tub I undressed, then slid into the hot water to once again make sure that I had smooth, hairless skin.

Then I began to get dressed, starting with a complete dusting of powder. I wore my tightest waist nipper, wrapping it around myself before I slipped on my panties, my padded pantybrief, then sat on the bed, and pulled the pantyhose on. A trick I learned from the Internet was to use tape to create cleavage, so I carefully applied the tape, then pulled on the bra. The birdseed breast forms filled the bra cups which gave me a nice shape, and with my cleavage, it looked at if my boobs were my own. Taking the dress, I slipped it over my head, zipped it up, and looked in the mirror. The shiny blue material hugged me well enough to show off my shape, all courtesy of my breast forms, waist nipper and padded pantybrief. The dress was at mid thigh on me with short sleeves and a modestly low neckline. I stepped into the shoes I had bought to go with it, the silver sequined ones and looked at my reflection once again. I was tickled pink at the way I looked, and felt a shiver run down my spine as I realized that Claire had been right when she told me to just be the girl I wanted to be, and quit worrying so much. In my haste to show Claire how I looked, I went in her room without knocking.

Claire was just putting on her bra, but didn't even pause when I walked in. Embarrassed, I started to leave, but she told me that I might as well stay, since sisters usually had nothing to hide. It did not take her long to get her makeup on and get dressed, then, as a pair, we walked out of her room, down the stairs, and into the familyroom. Claire wore a dress that was identical to mine except that hers was red, while we both carried silver purses to match our shoes. Claire and I didn't see mom, so we sat and waited. When mom showed up, all I could say was wow! She looked just terrific in a sleeveless black sheath dress, black heels, and minimal jewelry. She had not seen me since we left that morning, and by the look on her face she was just as shocked at the way I looked as I was in awe of her. When Claire and I stood up and mom could see us side by side, all she could do was smile.

"Shall we go?" is all mom said, and the three of us walked out to the car.

I knew that mom was shaken by the way I looked, but next to her and Claire I felt just like what I was, a boy in a dress. I wanted to be like them in every way, but that was just a dream, so I put it out of my mind. When we were seated, mom across from me…

"Ellen, I am just stunned by the way you look! You are every bit as pretty as Claire, and so far I have not seen you act in any way that wasn't just as feminine!" Mom folded her hands on the table, then…"You have not yet said a word about why you like to do this, but I am going to assume that it's not going to go away, especially not now, but, if you want to tell us, I would be very interested in why you think that you need, or want to be a woman."

Throwing caution to the wind I said, "I can't tell you why I feel this way mom. I don't know myself! All I know is that ever since I was real little I felt this way, and just like you suspected, I have gone out, starting way back, before I started high school, and I just never quit. I was always extra careful of course, and nobody ever knew who I was. You didn't even know, not really, until yesterday, but after Claire and I went to the salon, I realized that I simply cannot do this part time any more mother." Drawing in a deep breath, I finally told them what my dream was. "Mom, I want to become Ellen full time."

"I see." mom said, "What you're saying is that I'll have two daughters, not one. Does this mean that when you start college, you'll be attending as Ellen?"

"I guess, I hadn't thought of that, but why not? Both you and Claire have told me how good I look, and since I've never had any trouble before…"

"That's quite true honey, you are quite pretty, and I'm sure that you've never had any trouble, but…this is such a huge change in our…your lifestyle!" Mom, tense after what I had said, visibly relaxed, then, "Just how did you plan on getting into college? All of your records are in your…other name!"

"Oh that" I said with a smile, "All of my records use the first initial, which is "E", and my last name. When I requested the records from school, that's how they came! So, instead of Ethan, I'll simply become Ellen!"

"You have this all thought out, don't you?"

"Well, not completely, and not until today mom! Really! I just…hoped."

The waiter took our order, and as we ate, Claire came to my rescue by telling mom to "face facts".

"Face it mom", Claire said with a quick laugh, "Ellen will be with us, always, even if she has to wait until she graduates from college! Sooner or later, I'll have a sister, and I think the sooner that happens, the easier it's going to be on everyone, and I think you know I'm right mom."

Mom didn't say anything for a while, content to eat her dinner, then, "This is all so sudden! At least for me anyway, and I'll not try to say that I understand why you feel this way, but it does seem to me that Claire is right. You tell me that you have been going out dressed as a girl since before you started high school, now you tell me that you want to become a girl full time! Aside from all of the legal stuff, what do we tell the rest of the family? Your grandfather will blow a gasket!" Mom paused, took a sip of coffee, and added, "But, since you're 18 now, and can do as you wish, how about we try it for a while? You can become Ellen full time, for…a month? After that we can decide. That way we can all find out if this is the right thing for you. If it isn't, you can always become Ellen on a part time basis. Okay?"

Mom had agreed, and by the time we got home I was so excited that I almost wet my pants, then after Claire dragged me into her bedroom and shut the door, we hugged tightly. I went to my room to get ready for bed, and was almost undressed when a nightgown, a short, red, see through one came sailing through the door, landing at my feet. I saw Claire grinning as she went back to her bedroom. I wore that little next to nothing to bed, and the next morning when I got up, I decided on jeans with a top and gym shoes. Other than makeup, I was dressed, and went to breakfast.

Claire's plane left at two, so after I put on my face, I helped her pack a few things, then mom and I took her to the airport, waiting until her plane taxied to the runway before we went home. I was driving when mom told me that when we got home, she would help me move my things into Claire's room, telling me that I might as well try everything on for fit, and put aside anything that I didn't want or was tight on me. It took almost an hour just to clean out stuff that I knew I wouldn't use before I started moving into the room. That didn't take long since all I took was the computer stuff and some of my own clothes. It was almost eight before I called it a day and took a shower. Mom didn't say much all day, but I knew that she was worried about me, and she probably didn't know what to ask me. Once I put on a long gown and my robe, I went to find her. She was knitting again.

"Mom?" When she looked up at me…"Mom, we need to talk, don't we?"

"I guess" she said with a sigh, "I don't understand any of this!"

"Me either mom, but you can't possibly believe that I'm doing this on a lark! Why would I risk total humiliation, possibly be beat to a pulp, then risk losing you and Claire, unless I knew that this was the only way for me!? That first time I went out, back when I was 14, you can't imagine how terrified I was, and all I did was walk around the block! But, I couldn't stop myself! Once I left the house, I had to have more, and over time, I managed to gain enough confidence in myself to go places, like the show. Heck, I was even hit on a few times! You have no idea how that made me feel mom. It meant that I had become good enough that guys never figured it out, and on top of that, they wanted to take me out! After that, well, I just didn't worry about it very much. Now you're worried, about me I hope, and what everyone else will say of course. I'm worried about that too, but my only response is that for the first time in my life I feel complete, and I am happier than ever. Hiding what you feel is a bitch, and I'm glad that's over, because I need you."

I saw tears in her eyes and went to her, sat down, and hugged her to me. Our tears mingled on our cheeks as we held each other, our mother child bond as strong as ever. Then, right out of the blue, she asked me if I would show her how I managed to have a figure, meaning breasts and hips. I told that in the morning, she could come in while I got dressed. We sat there, close together, not saying another word until the news went off, then we went to bed. I lay there in bed wondering if I would ever understand my compulsion, let alone help mom understand. I wasn't sure if I had hurt her, or she was simply concerned about everything else that was sure to come from my dressing as a girl. Sleep came, and in my dreams I became a real woman, quite able to have children. It was a pleasant dream.

In the morning after coffee, mom joined me in my room, sitting on the bed watching as I showed her how I did things, including my home made breast forms. I put one in my bra, then it promptly broke, spilling birdseed out on the floor, drawing a laugh from mom.

"That wouldn't be very good if that happened somewhere else Ellen!" Grinning, I quickly made a new breast form and continued to get ready, doing my makeup after I had my bra and panties on. "Maybe" mom went on, "what we need to do is get you a pair of breast forms that won't break or fall out at inconvenient times. I'm not sure, but I'll bet they make some that are very lifelike now, so why don't you and I take the day, and see what we can find?"

I almost put my eye out with my mascara brush when mom said that, but grinned and nodded my head yes. As I slipped on a skirt, I told mom I knew exactly where to go, telling her I had been doing my research. She did not look surprised. Just as we were leaving the house, mom hugged me again, then we left. Rather than give her the instructions on where to go, I simply drove the car myself, and we were there within twenty minutes. We went in and were met by a young woman, only a few years older than I was, which instantly made me a bit edgy, but mom told her we wanted to see the very best breast form she had in the store.

"Oh" the girl said, "we make them to fit! I have a few samples to show you the texture and feel of the material we use, but that's all. We use lasers to create the perfect form, and of course, by doing it that way, they are undetectable." Smiling, the girl looked right at mom. "Can you show me what you're using now? I'm sure that we can do much better, especially in fit and presentation."

Mom looked at me, winked, and nodded her head. I opened my blouse, reached into my bra, and handed the girl one nylon clad sack of birdseed with the knot tied on top. At first the girl didn't say a word, then she began to giggle as she looked at my best effort making a breast form.

"I'm sure we can do better than this" she said with a giggle. "Come this way please."

In the back of the shop we met an older woman who, when I removed my blouse and bra, didn't even blink. She simply sat me on a stool, covered my chest with some goo, and started the laser. Within two hours I had a pair of breast on my chest that looked as if I had grown them! Mom paid the bill, and I left the shop with a feeling of great wave of femininity washing over me. The way my breasts tugged at my skin, bounced, and best of all, filled my bra, all combined to make every one of my dreams seem possible. Mom didn't say much at first, then, while we were walking out to the car…

"Those…really look real Ellen! I just can't get over it, and I never could see a seam!" Grinning at her, I said nothing. "Did you catch what she said about how she attached them to your chest?"

"Sure mom" I said, "wash them like I would the rest of me, and avoid sharp objects!"

"No dear, I meant how that mesh on the back reacts."


"She said that after a few hours they would be warm to the touch, plus, if anyone touched them you would get a sensation in your own chest, just as if they were your own!"

"Cool!" I said without thinking.

"That does NOT mean that you can go find some young man to try them out on Ellen, it only means that if it does happen, well, you'll probably feel it!"

On the way home, mom suggested that maybe, if she was with me, I might be able to get a drivers license in my new name, so that's where we went, and sure enough, based on what mom told the woman, I was issued a new license! By the time we got home I was thrilled beyond words, and ran up to my room to once again gaze at my brand new chest. As I slipped the bra off and touched one, I felt it! In my joy, I cast aside the bra, and slipped that thin top back on, and went to the kitchen, proudly letting my new accoutrements bounce and sway on their own without the restraint of a bra. That drew a very sharp rebuke from mom, who made it clear that I was never to do that again! Sadly, I went up and put the bra back on.

The next morning I went out to try and find a job, since sitting at home all the time didn't seem much fun. About all I could do was file and type, but I knew computers, so I was hoping to find on office job. Mom had gone to work, and had no idea what I was doing, but that was okay. I wore what mom called an MBA suit, navy skirt with matching jacket, a nice tailored blouse with navy heels and purse to match. The skirt was above my knees, but not a lot, and I felt like I could conquer the world, as a woman of course. The first place I tried wasn't hiring, the second had an opening, but I wasn't qualified. The third place however seemed eager to have me on their staff, and I was taken on a tour of the offices, introduced to everyone, then, back in an office, I hired in.

When I got to the point that I had to put down a social security number, I paused. The woman looked at me with a question on her face, and I had to do something. I could tell her and hope for the best, or lie, and hope for the best. Lying might get me fired, while if I told her, she might just let it go.

"Ma'am?" I said a bit cautiously, "There is something I have to tell you…"

"Yes?" she replied, "Tell me, maybe I can help you."

"I'm not a…what I mean is, I used to be a…I'm not a girl, and I'm afraid that if I put down the right number, someone will find out, then tell everyone!"

"I see!" The lady sat back in her chair, then grinned at me. "Let me see, why don't you use your first initial? That's how your checks will come, and since nobody in accounting ever comes up here, they'll never know the difference! How about that? Will that be okay?" I said yes, and filled out the form, just like she told me, then…"You're quite pretty you know. I never had a clue that you weren't a girl Ellen, and so far, you have no acted in any way that wasn't ladylike. Your mother raised you very well, she should be proud of you."

"So…my not being a real girl doesn't bother you?"

"No dear, as it happens, a friend of my sons went through the same thing, and like you, she is just a doll. Now then," she said without a pause, "three departments need help. Lets pick one for you, shall we?"

She named the departments, telling me all about each one, then together, but with her very strong suggestion, we selected the executive offices. A junior executive needed an assistant for his secretary, which was an entry level job. I quickly agreed to the job, then we walked to the elevators and went up to the office where I would be working. The secretary, Alice, was an older woman, and did not seem happy to see me, or very warm either, but she did show me to my office area, ordered a phone, then explained my job functions. What I was going to be turned out to be a glorified gopher, but they were paying me $9 an hour, so I didn't say a word. I stayed for the rest of the day, learning where everything was, who the people were, then, after Alice became used to me, I found out that Alice was ready to retire!

"My husband retired about two months ago Ellen, and he wants to move to someplace warmer. After 38 years here, I guess its time, and besides," she said with a twinkle in her eye, "I'll be able to have him all to myself, so we can…you know…a lot more often!"

I laughed with her, and all at once she seemed more friendly. That night, as I drove home, I was excited at the news that I had to tell mom. I had a job, and better, they knew my true status, and had hired me anyway! When I told mom she was at first leery, then warmed up to the idea, telling me that my real education as a girl was about to begin, laughing when I told her that I intended to wear nothing but skirts or dresses. Mom told me that the thrill would wear off quickly, but did suggest that I buy more pantyhose, keeping a pair in my desk as well as a pair of flats or gym shoes there as well. Since mom works for an Insurance company, she knew all about offices, and that night, I packed a small bag to keep in my desk. I included a pair of jeans and a sweater, just in case.

The next day, as I fumbled about, learning my way around, I quickly found out why so many women wear flats. My feet were killing me! Alice began to teach me my job, plus most of hers, telling me that if I did well, she would recommend me for her position when she retired! I met the fellow I actually worked for, who didn't look much older that I was! Bill said that he was in his second year at college, working on a Fellowship at the same time. Bill was about as tall as I was in heels, with brown eyes and a muscular build with an easy smile. I liked him right away. Over coffee, Alice told me that he was engaged already, but calmly suggested that based on the way he looked at me, I should be careful. She didn't need to worry about that, but it did make me wonder. I mean, I had not thought about guys like that. All I wanted was to be a woman. Dating, maybe more, had not been a large part of my dreams, and although I had thought of it, I dismissed the idea as ludicrous almost instantly.

The week went by quickly and I became accustomed to getting myself ready for work in a lot less time than before, mastering the art of doing my hair every day sort of forced the issue, and having breasts began to seem so natural that I quit thinking about them. Alice had me start working on cost sheets for Bill, and that engulfed my time as I waded through the morass of numbers. Bill might be smart, but he didn't have a clue on how to prep a spreadsheet, and after trying to make sense of it, I finally admitted defeat. When I mentioned it to Alice, she called Bill, and when he showed up, she chewed on him like she was his mother, then told him to work out what he wanted with me, and let me change what I wanted! I was surprised at how meekly he agreed, but said nothing. In my office, with him looking over my shoulder, he agreed to my suggestions, but with his warm breath on my face, he made me feel tense enough to keep wiggling in my chair.

"Alice!" Bill said, "I never could say no to her. My boss, Dave, he told me that Alice helped him when he first started, and made it clear that if she told me to do something, I better do more than consider it. He told me that she started with the guy that's now President of the company, but turned down the chance to work on the top floor because she liked helping the younger people. That, I don't understand Ellen. Why turn down the chance to move up and make more money?"

"Who" I said, "said she turned down any money? She probably makes more than the two of us together!"

"Yeah, you're probably right" he said with a grin, then left me to try and salvage what I could from his work.

Within a couple of weeks I had settled into a sort of routine, met the girls working in my area, and began to feel as if I were contributing. With my first paycheck I paid mom back for the breast forms, bought a few things, and put some money aside. Mom and I only saw each other in the evenings, but several times she came home very late, only telling me that she was "engaged" to use her word. Claire had been transferred to California, and promoted to First Lieutenant. That Friday at work I was invited to join the other girls for what they called a "hoot" session, so after work, we went to a restaurant for dinner, planning on going somewhere else after that. If I ever had any idea that a cluster of girls behaved like they did at work, that myth was dispelled that night. They talked about who among the junior executives was cute, had a hot body, wanted to take to bed and so on! Bill was at the top of everyone's list for all of the above, and the first thing they wanted to know was, had he hit on me yet!

Saying no did not deter them, confident that I was lying, and since it helped me to be silent, they all assumed that Bill and I had…well…done it, and if any of them had the slightest notion that I wasn't quite as feminine as they were, by being coy, I managed to make them doubt themselves in regards to me. I sat facing the door, and saw, to my very great surprise, my mother walking in, escorted by a handsome gentleman in a shiny gray suit! She didn't see me, and not wanting to embarrass her, I sat quietly watching as they were led to a table. Later we all left, going to a place nearby called "The Stud Farm". I followed inside, and was greeted by the sounds of thumping bass drums, and low lights, except on the stage, where a young guy was busy doing a strip tease! The girls I was with started hooting when he got down to his G-string. His body, covered in oil glistening in the light, exemplified how well built, well muscled, and handsome he was, and that next to nothing he wore to hide his vitals did nothing more than provoke all the women. He seemed to be well built there too.

One after another, the parade of young oily men kept on, driving some of the women into a frenzy, which I did not quite get, but went along with, just to fit in. Then one of the guys started table hopping, ending up right in front of me, his weapon a mere inches in front of me. He grinned at me while all of the girls urged me to "do it". So, I opened my purse, took out a five, and went to put it in his G-string. His hand grabbed mine and pushed the money deep inside, and for the first time ever, I touched another man. The girls went crazy, I turned red, and the guy winked. By the time we left, I was well into being accepted as a girl by everyone, but why had I blushed so much? As the teasing tapered off, I walked to my car, and with a deep sigh, went home. Of course, mom wasn't there, but I knew why.

The next day I drove to the small shop where I had the breast forms made, and talked to the older woman again. I showed her what I had printed from the Internet, and asked her if she had ever considered anything like it. When she laughed, I knew that she had. When she showed me pictures of her work, I was a believer, and asked her to make one for me. It took almost four hours to make, and another 30 minutes to get on, but it was worth every bit of time and money I spent on it, and since I would no longer need any padding, I wouldn't have to worry about an errant part getting squashed, and better, I would not have to be concerned every time I used the ladies room. Like my breast forms, it was lined with a mesh, matched my skin tone exactly, including all of the normal shading. I felt that I was as complete as I could possibly be without drugs or surgery, so when I left the shop, my next stop was at a popular lingerie shop at the mall.

I bought two low cut Pushemup bras, plus some high cut panties and another shortie nightgown. On the way out I didn't look where I was going, and ran right into some guy, knocking him flat on the floor! He rolled over, got up, then turned to face me, ready I'm sure, to read me the riot act. Then I saw his face. He was the guy from "The Stud Farm"! The very guy that I had stuffed a fiver down his pants!

"Well!" he said with a smile, "hello again!"

"Hi" I said, unsure what I should say.

"Don't let my job bother you, it's just a job. My name is Mike, what's yours?"

"Ellen" I said, relaxing just a tiny bit.

"Listen Ellen" he said as he touched my arm, "I'm a student at State. I only strip to pay for my college. I make enough in tips alone to pay for my apartment, and my salary pays for college. I'm just an ordinary guy…really!"

I finally relaxed, and when he asked me to join him for a soft drink, I agreed. Mike was funny, and smart along with having a great body. I also found out that his family was gone, leaving just he and a sister. She was married with two kids. I was stunned to find out that he was studying to be a doctor, but admitted that might not be possible, and might change to Engineering. The time flew by quickly as Mike managed to draw me to him with his charming ways, then he asked me to dinner, that night, at seven! Grinning, he pointed at my packages, and commented that he was sure that I would look good in whatever it was that I bought! He asked again, and I said yes. As a first date, he would do very nicely. I told him where I lived, then left the mall.

By the time I got home I had decided what to wear, and went to my room after a quick glance at the clock told me I had about two hours. I stripped, and for the first time saw the all new me, and just stood there grinning at my reflection. Walking around naked, I set out my dress, the new black bra, my new black panties, and a black waist nipper. I had just stood up when the door opened. There was nothing to grab, so I could not hide myself, and mom saw it all.

"Oh my!" she said, "What have you done?"

Standing up straight, "I went back to the shop that made my breast forms, and they made it for me. How does it look?"

"I couldn't tell"! Mom said, then, "I suppose it was inevitable. Where were you going?"

"I have date mom, a real date, with a guy named Mike. He'll be here at seven."

"Then you better get ready" she said, and left the room.

Just the way my bra and panties fit made me feel a lot better, and I no longer had to worry about being discovered. I did my makeup and hair, then slipped the dress over my head, zipped it up, then stepped into my heels. Adding jewelry, then perfume, and finally my lipstick, I took my purse and stepped out of my room just as the doorbell rang. Expecting Mike, I went down the stairs, a smile on my face, ready to greet him. But it wasn't Mike. It was the man I saw with mom at the restaurant.

"Ellen", mom said from behind me, "this is Grant. He and I have been seeing each other for a while now."

I shook his hand, then the doorbell rang again. Opening it I saw Mike standing there in a suit. I introduced him to mom, then Grant. Both of the guys were grinning as Mike took my hand and we left, leaving mom to the tender mercies of her date. Since she wasn't dressed to go out, I assumed that she had other plans, and it seemed obvious that her plans did not include my being home. Mike and I had a wonderful time, and I found myself, much to my shock, acting the foolish little girl. Mike took me home about one in the morning, stopping in front of the house. When he took me into his arms and kissed me I didn't, couldn't, resist, and didn't even try.

After that night I saw a lawyer on Monday, and changed my name. I saw Mike every weekend for the next three months, growing more and more comfortable in my role as a woman, both at work and with Mike. Alice announced her retirement, and I was told that I would move up to her job. With the raise, I got an apartment, moving in a few days later. Mom, while saying she didn't want me to go, didn't really fuss to much about it, and when I mentioned Grant, she smiled and hugged me. She deserved the time alone with Grant, and I was a big enough girl to manage myself.

It was two weeks later that Mike managed to get me to cave in to his demands, and spent the night at my place. I knew that I could satisfy him, but I was concerned that he would know the difference and my secret would be out. But that mesh work like a charm, and I could feel every touch, every sensation. The biggest hurdle was when my hand found him. I wrapped my hand around him, and caressed him, leaving him moaning in joy. When he finally took me, I lay there, feeling him filling my special panty, and could sense every movement. When he shuddered, I held him tightly before he rolled off, then I lay next to him in the dark, content that I had been woman enough for him. Later, after a brief break, I found other ways to make him happy, and we both enjoyed that a lot. I wore my shortie nightgown when I made breakfast, then shoved him out the door so I could clean up.

Claire sent an E-Mail, inviting me to come see her, so I made arrangements to take a long weekend, then flew out to see her. She lived on base, and was concerned about my staying with her because of my status. She didn't know about the changes, and I didn't tell her, although I did tell her not to worry about it. When I flew out, I wore a pair of tight jeans to help her figure it out. When I stepped off the plane I was greeted by Claire, who quickly realized that something was different, but didn't ask, and drove us to the base. After I identified myself to the guard, Claire drove to her housing, which was a small unit designed to hold four people, although hers only had three girls in it. After I was settled in the extra room, I held my finger up to make her silent, closed the door, and slipped my jeans and panties down. After she was done swallowing her tongue, we went outside where I told her all about it, confessing that it worked just fine….even with a guy.

Then I told her all about Mike, then Grant, and how mom acted around him whenever he was there. I told her that mom was worse than I was around Mike, the way she fawned over him! We went in and changed clothes, both of us wearing hot little dresses, then she took me to the officers club, which was wall to wall with single guys, all our age. We never bought a drink that night, and we each had a lot of dancing partners. I was sad to leave Claire on Sunday, but we had fun, and we promised to do it again.

At work, Bill had been promoted, moving up to the top floor, and asked me to join him, which gave me another raise, which I used to begin the physical changes I would need to become a real woman. Mike and I mutually broke up, and I was once again free, but spent my time at the gym to keep my figure in shape. I met, and dated a few more guys, but we always broke up after a few months, and I was beginning to think it was me. Then my chest began to expand, and within a few months I had to have the breast forms removed, using smaller ones that sat in my bra cups to fill out. By the end of the year I no longer wore any of the appliances, yet my figure was just the same as before. At 115 pounds and 5'8" tall, I had the perfect figure.

Mom announced that she and Grant were getting married, which was no great surprise, but when I told mom that I was going in for the surgery within a few months, she surprised me by telling me how happy she was. It was during the time between then and my surgery that Bill asked me out. Up to that point he and I had a working relationship and nothing more, because he had been engaged. Then his fiancé had been killed in a freak traffic accident. That was five months ago, and only then did he ask me out. Thinking that I could console him, I agreed. That wasn't what he needed. He wanted more than a working relationship with me, and he made that plain as day. We went out three times, then I had my surgery. I didn't tell anyone what it was about, only that I would be gone for six weeks.

By the time I returned to work my fondness for Bill had grown quite a bit. He had stopped by my mom's house every day to check on me, always with flowers. When we did go out again, it was as if I had started all over again, and Bill was the catalyst that brought every fiber of my being into focusing on my femininity. I was a woman, he was a man, and he was clearly in love. But I wasn't anxious to jump into anything, and it was another few months before he asked me to marry him. I accepted, slipping the ring on my finger with glee.

Mom got married first, with Claire as her Maid of Honor and me as a bridesmaid, then, two months later, I got married with Claire as my Maid of Honor. Bill and I had not taken liberties because I was, technically, a virgin, and I wanted to savor that moment. Giving myself to him in advance, well, I didn't, but on our honeymoon, I found out what it was like to make real love to a man. Bill, so gentle and kind, took me with an unexpected fierceness that drew out the animal in me, and together, we made great love.

Claire is in Greece now, part of the Embassy staff, a Major, she commands the electronic command center. Mom and Grant seem happier than ever, and I finally have a real dad. Bill and I? We still work together, but I work for someone else now. He knows that I cannot have children, so we are planning on adopting.

That's how it all began, and while the ending is not written, I just know it'll be wonderful.




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