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My Halloween Suit

by Teddie S


With Halloween just around the corner, what happen a few years ago comes to mind. My wife works in a gift shop and they do things up big for all the holidays. But, the week

before Halloween all the employees dress in costume for that week.

A little background, before I go further. I've been a crossdresser for as long as I can remember, and I'm now 35. My wife has known about it since before we were married. She had the usual questions, are you gay, do you want to become a woman, etc. I guess all my answers were the right ones, we've been happily married for 14 years. At first she didn't want to see Amy. But, over the years she has become accepting of my female side. In fact, in the past few years she had become very accepting and encouraging, helping to bring Amy out to her fullest. She has helped with my makeup, clothes, body, and voice. Yes, I can change my voice and sound very feminine. She has even taken me to her beauty shop for a complete make over. She has brought Amy to the point that we attend and help run a support group. We have gone shopping as two girl friends, and no one picked up on it. In fact I think she has more fun with Amy than I do. There has even been some love making between Amy and her. Oh, her name is Peggy.

Now, back to our story. The Halloween of 2008 was the one in question. Peggy's costume for work, was that of a French country gentleman of the 1700's, and she looked very good as a guy. And, as usual the gift shop did a land office business that week. They hold a costume party the Saturday after Halloween and as usual we would be going. I had gone before, in the usual lame costumes, cowboy, doctor, etc. This year Peggy wanted to do something extra special. She wanted Amy to come to the party. I wasn't sure about this, no one at the shop knew about Amy and I didn't know how it would go over.

Peggy really wanted to do this, to show off Amy. I finally agreed, on one condition. That Amy wouldn't go as Amy, but as someone else. In other words, I would go as Amy, but in costume. Peggy agreed to this, and said that she would find a good costume. She was great at finding just the right thing, and I trusted her fully.

She had the weekend before the party off and it was on Saturday she went costume shopping. She has a friend that works for the biggest costume shop in the state, and I knew that's where she would be going. She was gone for about four hours, which was longer than I figured. When she came home, she had a bag full of stuff from the costume shop and a little gleam in her eye.

"Wait till you see what Jill and I found for you. Jill was really excited when I told her that you were going to a party in drag."

"You told Jill? It will be all over town by tomorrow morning."

"Don't worry. I told her that there was a big prize if no one guessed who you really were. So, she said that she wouldn't tell."

"I'll believe it when I see it. Who am I going to be.?"

"Who is one of your favorite female TV people?"


"There is a lot of them. Jane Pauly, Connie Chung, Ling from Ally McBeal, not to mention the girls of Friends."

"None of them. Guess again."

"Come on tell me. We'll be at this all day if I keep guessing."


"Elvira! I can't do that. I don't have the cleavage."

"You will by the time were done."

"Oh, and just how are we going to do this. I can make it work with a blouse, bra and forms, but not with that low cut costume she wears."

"Jill and I found something in the back of the shop, that no one remembers being there."

"And, just what is that?"

"A body suit."

"A body suit?"

"Yes. According to the instructions with it, it is supposed to change who ever is wearing it into a girl for as long as the suit is worn."

"There's no such thing." This would be a cross dresser's dream come true, if it was true.

"Yes there is! Come on up to the bed room and I'll show you."

I followed her up the stairs to our bedroom. She tossed all the packages on the bed and sorted them out. One was an old looking brown box, not much bigger than a shoe box. She hung up the Elvira costume and it was really cut low. There was a long straight black wig. A pair of black high heels with ankle straps. And, a number of other items.

She handed me the brown box and said "Here, open it and look."

I opened the box, on top was a sheet of yellowed paper with what looked like instructions. Under the paper was a garment that looked to be made of a skin colored fabric. I took out the paper and glanced at it. The title said, "Body Suit - Female". Under that was a description of what the suit did, change a male body into a female body for as long as the suit was worn. It also said, that the change didn't start until the closure was fastened. I set the paper down, after just glancing at it, and lifted the suit out of the box. It had a strange feel to it, something I've never felt before.

"Try it on.", Peggy said.

"I don't know. This appears to be old. It may not work or it may not work properly."

"Don't be silly. It'll be fine."

"OK. Let me read the directions again."

"I've already done that and your 90% of the way there. You have to be hairless from the neck down. You only have that little patch around your friend. So, all you have to do is shave that off."

"What about scalp hair?"

"It doesn't matter."

"OK, I'll go shave my patch off. I'll be right back."

I went into the bathroom, and undressed. I figured that I wouldn't need clothes for this any way. I took a razor and shaved off the last bit of hair on my body. I had had a full body laser hair removal done last year, at Peggy's insistence. She said she liked my smooth body. And, I love it.

I walked back into the bedroom and Peggy was sitting on the bed. "OK, sit down and I'll help you get it to the suit."

I sat down on the bed, and she started to roll the legs up like you do with panty hose. I then put my left foot into what looked like the leg of a kids sleeper, no toes. And, Peggy started to work it up my leg until she got to my knee. She then did the same for my right leg. I asked, "No toes, this is going to look funny."

"The instructions say that the toes and fingers will form when the closure was fastened."

"If you say so."

When she got the right leg up to my knee, I stood up. We continued to work the suit up to the top of my legs. Peggy then said, "The instructions say that there is a sheath in the crotch that your friend has to go into. It's to allow you to pee with the suit on." I just looked at her. And, then looked for the sheath. I found it and put my friend in it. The sheath appeared to pull it all the way in. We continued to work the suit up my body, it was tight. We worked my arms into the sleeves, much like the legs. Except that the hands were like mittens, with a thumb. We worked the suit up over my shoulders and there was some material on the front that looked like small breasts. Also, attached to the front neck line was a hood.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?", I asked her.


"Yes. This will be fun. No one at the party will guess who you are. And, you've always wanted to know what a women's body felt like from the inside."

"OK. If your sure."

She smiled at me. I pulled the hood over my face and around in back, I couldn't see a thing. She began to close the suit up with something that looked like a zipper. I felt a tingling start through my body, starting at the toes and working up to my head.

I heard Peggy gasp, and I said, "What wrong?"

"Nothing. It's that it's working. The suit is changing you into a girl."

When I could finally open my eyes. I first saw Peggy, with a strange surprised look mixed with a smile. I then turned and looked in our full length mirror. What I saw looking back at me was a woman of about 30, maybe 5'6" tall, I'm 5'10", with a very pretty face, and breasts that looked to be about a C cup. My hands and feet had become smaller and feminine. And, I had shoulder length auburn hair and blue eyes.

"This is unbelievable!"

"What's it feel like to have a woman's body?"

"Wow. It's going to take some time to get use to this body." I started running my hands over my smooth, soft body. I felt my breasts and they were mine. They had weight and were firm. I touched my nipples and it sent a jolt through my body. I felt my smooth arms, my small firm waist. I finally got to where my friend had been, I now had a vagina. I brushed my fingers across my clit, what a feeling. I could see Peggy's reflection in the mirror, watching me explore my body. She still had that strange smile on her face. I looked away from the mirror and continued to explore my new body.

I felt another pair of hands touch my body and I jumped a little. "Let me help you lover.", Peggy said in a very sultry voice. She was standing behind me and started moving her hands all over my new body. She made it to my breasts and started playing with my nipples, she had done this to my male body, but this was so different, so much better. She was also kissing my neck, and it didn't take long before I started to feel wet where my friend use to be. She spent some time doing this and finally turned me around and gave me a very deep tongue kiss. I hadn't noticed her do it, but she was now as naked as I was. She pushed me down on the bed, and we spent the next hour or so making love like two lesbians. I learned may things in that hour.

We laid next to each other for awhile, and I finally said, "I didn't know you were built that way."

"I couldn't help myself. Your so sexy, I just couldn't keep my hands off of you. It the first time that I've ever done anything like that. What do you think?"


"I can't believe that the suit really worked. And what you have just showed me is really unbelievable. I didn't know that there could be so many sensual feelings that a woman could feel during sex."

"Well, you can spend the rest of the weekend as a woman, if you want, and really learn what it's like. Next weekend is the party and I think that you can be a passable Elvira, especially with those breasts."

"You need to ask! To be able to spend a weekend like this. Yes."

We spent the rest of the afternoon working on the Elvira look. Peggy wouldn't let me watch as she applied make up, the wig, and helped me get into the costume. When she finally let me look in the mirror, there was Elvira except with my face. I had the cleavage, the great makeup, the great looking legs, etc. Peggy had done a great job.

We went down stairs for supper with me still looking like Elvira. I'm glad I was use to wearing heels or I would have fallen down the stairs in those heels. But, the weight of the breasts took a little getting use to. We had a light supper, Peggy said that a girl has to watch her figure.

That night she loaned me a night gown. And, after another round of lesbian love, we both slept very soundly.

On Sunday morning, during breakfast, Peggy said that we need to get me some clothes that fit this new female body of mine. All of my female cloths were for my male body and would just hang on this body, except for the breasts. We found some of Peggy's clothes that would just about fit me, a little tight, but not too bad. And, we headed to the mall.

As we walked in, and I was a little apprehensive about passing, but Peggy said that no one would notice, I felt the eyes of a number of the men trying to undress me. So, this is what it feels like to be stared at by the male animal. We went to one of the better stores and told the sales lady that I had lost all my clothes on an airline flight and that we needed to replace most of them. She helped us find a number of things, like around $1,000 worth of bras, panties, blouses, skirts, pantyhose, garter belt, nylons, and a pair of slacks.. It was like Peggy was going to replace my complete wardrobe and it was going to be expensive. I ended up wearing a new outfit, since the cloths that I started with were a little tight. Next we went to a shoe store and I ended up with three pairs of new shoes.

"Isn't shopping fun?" Peggy asked.

"Yes. But, this is getting expensive. And, I'm not going to need all these clothes, they won't fit my regular body."

"Don't worry. I'm using some of my mad money. And, we'll find a use of the clothes. Let's go get you a make over. That would be fun."

"If you say so." And, we headed to the Merle Norman Cosmetic counter. An hour later I had $200 of new cosmetics and looked like a million. Peggy was on a roll and loving every minute of it. And, I was even beginning to enjoy it.

It was late afternoon when we were done and we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants for an early dinner, since we missed lunch. We go to this restaurant all the time and know all the staff. Peggy introduced me as her sister-in- law, Amy. And, no one ever guessed that it was really me. I was going to order a Scotch and water, my usual, but Peggy said a lady wouldn't have a drink like that, so we had wine. We again ate light, have to watch the figure.

That evening, it was time to remove the body suit. But, Peggy wanted some more loving from Amy. So, we spent another good hour enjoying each other.

Peggy found the zipper like device on the back of the suit and started to slide it down. The mask went opaque, I couldn't see, I felt the tingling again starting at the top and working it's way down my body. When I pulled the hood from my face, the suit had changed back, the hands to mittens, and the feet to those like a kids sleeper has. We worked my body out of the suit and just stood and looked at each other.

"I still can't believe that suit could do that.", I finally said.

"Jill said that it would work. And, I don't need to ask what you think of it. Your friend gives that away."

That evening we spent making love like a man and a woman. I had learned a number of thing while I was female and I really brought Peggy to new highs.

The next week drug by. I guess it was anticipation of the party on Saturday. I wanted to put the suit on every evening, but every time Peggy said, "No, you'll take all the fun out of it. But we can start Friday evening, if you want?"

So, Friday finally rolled around and I was wound up all day. When I got home, Peggy took my hand and led me upstairs to the bedroom. And, said "OK, go in and make sure your hairless." I went into the bathroom and did a real good shave job around my friend. Peggy then helped me into the body suit, and there was that gleam in her eye again. The suit did it's thing and I was a full female again. Peggy said she wanted to go out to dinner, so I got dressed up, she helped a little with my makeup and hair. And, off we went for a very nice dinner.

It was late when we got home. I fixed us each a glass of wine, and we sat and talked for a little while. Finally I took her hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom, and slowly undressed her. I then did a strip tease for her. We curled up together and started exploring each others bodies. Needless to say, this led to some great lesbian sex.

Peggy had to work at the gift shop Saturday until 5. The party started at 8. So, I had a big part of the day to myself. After lunch I was getting a little horny. I knew that Peggy had some sex toys, and I went and found them. She has this strap on, butterfly looking, vibrator and I decided to try it. It took me a few minutes to figure it out, but once I did. Oh my! I must have had half a dozen orgasms. I dug through her toys some more and found a large strange shaped dildo, it looked like it was a dual ended. I just sat there and looked at it, trying to decide if I wanted to use it or not. Finally I put it back.

I took a shower and just relaxed until Peggy got home around 5:30 and since she was wearing her costume, she didn't have much to do. She helped me get dressed and with my makeup. When she was done, there was Elvira again. We headed for the party at her bosses house and on the way, I got more looks than you could shake a stick at. All the guys were just staring and so were some of the women.

We walked up to the door and it was opened by a maid that looked very much like her bosses husband. Peggy told everyone that I was out of town and that she had just arrived at the same time as the girl dressed as Elvira and had no idea who she was. We mingled with the other guests, but in different directions. I couldn't believe how many times I was hit on, and not by just the guys. There was one girl dressed as a Gladiator, that just wouldn't leave me alone. I just loved it.

Peggy walked over to me and said, "I've been watching you and that Gladiator, and I'm getting jealous. But, I don't know of whom. Do you want her?"

"No, I want you."

"Do you want both of us?"

Now, I was beginning to wonder a little bit. I smiled a little. And, noticed something that I hadn't noticed before about Peggy's costume. She had a bulge, where a man would have one. Did she stick her dildo in there for effect?

Later, I saw Peggy talking to the Gladiator and glancing over at me. Nothing more was said.

At midnight the costumes were judged. I didn't win first. I think it was fixed. But, it was fun. No one guessed who I was and I didn't tell. The party lasted till about 2, and we headed home.

"I saw you talking to that girl dressed as a Gladiator."

"I know, her name is Beth and she is a friend of the owner. They went to college together. And, she told me she was bisexual and very attracted to you."

"I could tell. What else did you tell her?"

"Oh, not much."

"How much?"

"Just that you were just finding girls and might be interested."

"You didn't!"

She just smiled.

"I like doing it with you. But, you're my wife. And, that's different."

"Don't you think it would be interesting to have a threesome? You've always wanted a threesome, haven't you?"

"Yes, but with me as a guy, and with you and another girl."

"But, this would be the same. Except that you would be Amy."

I didn't say anything the rest of the way home.

Nothing more was said about Beth that night. We were very tired, Peggy had worked all day and then the party. So, we just crashed when we got home.

On Sunday we got up just in time for lunch. I slipped into a jogging suit, just to be comfortable.

That evening, it was about time to remove the suit. But, I didn't think Peggy was ready to do that yet. And, was I ever right. She said, "I have something to do upstairs. Please don't come up until I call you. It's a surprise."


I waited for about ten or fifteen minutes, and Peggy finally called for me to come to bed.

I walked into the bedroom, and she was already in bed.

"Aren't you going to help me take the suit off?"

"Later. Come on, get in bed."

I figured she just wanted another night of lesbian sex, before I took the suit off. I was close. I pulled the covers back to crawl into bed, she was laying on her back and there was a bulge under her nightgown. I looked at her, and said, "What's that?"

"Oh, something else I picked up at the costume store when I got the body suit."

"A strap on dildo?"

"Well, sort of. A type of dildo. But, not a strap on. Come here, and I'll show you."

Peggy pulled her nightgown up and I was looking at the most realistic looking dildo that I had ever seen. It looked to be about two inches longer than my cock or when I had mine, and bigger around, and a nice pair of balls. It even had a drop of pre-come at the tip.

I looked at Peggy and said, "Is that real?"


"But, how?"

"It's kind of like the body suit. There is a part that goes into my vagina and then it becomes part of me. It has complete feeling and other things, as you see. Jill gave it to me when I got the body suit and said that I might find it useful. I was kind of afraid to try it, but I wore it for the first time at the party."

"How useful have you found it?"

"It got me some interesting looks at the party. And, broke the ice with Beth, when she found out that I was really a girl. But, I thought that I might find a real good use for it tonight, before you take the suit off."

I just looked at her. She grinned at me and continued, "I just thought that you might like to find out what it's like to be on the receiving end. I know I want to find out what it's like to be on the giving end."

I smiled at her.

I laid down next to her and we started with some foreplay. After awhile she took my hand and placed it on the dildo, well really her penis. This was the first time that I had touched a penis that wasn't mine. It felt warm, hard, and jerked when I touched it. I kissed her, played with her breasts, and stroked the penis.

It didn't take long for her to get worked up. She pushed me over on my back and got between my legs. She kissed and licked my breasts, and I could feel her penis against my inner thigh. She worked her way further up my body and I felt the head at the entrance to my vagina. I was so wet that the head just slipped in. She started pumping, going deeper and deeper with each thrust. I started seeing stars, the feeling was just amazing. I started meeting her every thrust with one of my own. After what seemed hours, I felt her tense up and come deep inside me. I had had three orgasms, but also came with her for a fourth time. She collapsed on top of me, but started kissing me very deeply. She finally pulled out and rolled off.

"I love you.", she said with a very sexy look on her face.

"I love you, too."

"That was amazing. I never knew that you felt things like that."

We just cuddled and fell asleep in each others arms.

The next week went by like they usually do. Nothing unusual, nothing special.

Friday evening, Peggy said, "Well, are you going to become Amy for the weekend?"

"You took the suit back, didn't you?"

"No, it's ours. I bought it."

"You bought it? Wasn't it expensive."

"No, Jill let me have it for $40.00."

"$40.00 for a suit like that! That can't be right?"

"It is, she assured me that that was the selling price, and I couldn't turn it down. And, that included my special dildo. Go put the suit on, I want to see Amy."

I ran upstairs, with Peggy right on my heels. And, I became the new Amy for the third time. Peggy just smiled at me, then said, "You know that slutty look that you use to do with the old Amy? Do you think you could do it with the new Amy?"

"I should be able to. But, the clothes won't fit."

She walked over to the closet and brought out a bag. In it were the identical clothes that I used for slutty Amy, but in the right size for the new Amy. In the bag was a short leather mini skirt, garter belt, fishnet nylons, a pair of red high heels with ankle straps, and a very tight off the shoulder blouse. I gave her a big kiss, which she returned while squeezing my nipple. She said, "Remember, no panties." She liked the slutty Amy.

It took me the better part of an hour to get dressed and do my makeup. I then headed down stairs. Peggy met me at the bottom of the stairs. Grabbed the hem of my skirt and lifted it, saying, "Just wanted to be sure you didn't have panties on."

We had dinner like two girl friends. Then sat in the living room and just chatted. Around 8 o'clock, Peggy started getting a little nervous. "What's wrong, honey?"

"Oh, nothing."

"You sure?"

"Yep, everything is just great.", she said with a nervous smile.

A few minutes later the door bell rang. I looked at her a little puzzled. "I didn't know we were having company. I'll go change."

"No. No. Sit still. It's a surprise."

She got up and went to the door. I heard another female voice that I couldn't recognize. I heard the door close. A few seconds later Peggy reappeared with a girl that I didn't

recognize right away. It finally sunk in that it was Beth from the party.

"Amy, you remember Beth don't you?"

"Yes. Hello, how are you."

"I'm just great, Amy. And, don't you look nice."

"You like her slutty look?", Peggy asked.

"I sure do. Elvira was good. But, this look is great. In fact she looks good enough to eat.", she said with a grin.

I blushed.

"Would you like a drink?", I asked.

"A little glass of wine would be nice."

I fixed us a round of drinks, and sat down. Beth sat next to me on the couch. We talked small talk for a few minutes, but then Beth started rubbing my leg. I looked over at Peggy, and she just smiled. Beth got friendlier and friendlier, until she was kissing my neck and nibbling my

ear. I was starting to get turned on. I again looked at Peggy, and she was sitting there taking it all in and smiling. I finally couldn't take it any more, and said, "What's going on? I can't believe your sitting there watching this. We hardly know her." Beth sat back.

"I know her very well. This isn't really Beth, it's Jill from the costume shop. She supplied most of the costumes for the party and received an invitation. She wanted to see you as Elvira, but didn't want you to know who she really was. When she saw you she was really taken by you, and really came on to you. And, I loved watching your reaction. So, I invited her over this evening."

"Jill? Just how well do you know her?"

"Just about as well as I know you. We've been on again, off again lovers for three years."

"That explains a few things."

"I figured that it might."

Jill asked Peggy, "Have you told her the rest? Especially about the suit?"

"No, I figured that I wait until you got here, and you could tell her the whole story."

"Putting me in the hot seat, huh lover?", Jill replied with a little smirk.

"Yes. Go on and tell her."

"Well, I have something to tell both of you. You see, I'm not really Jill, I'm the Wizard from the Spells R Us store." With that there was a puff of smoke, and there sat the wizard, white beard, bathrobe type gown covered in pentagrams, and his pointed black hat. Peggy and I just stared at him.

"I enjoy mixing with people from time to time, and of course I have my quirky sense of humor. So, you see, I become one of the community and made lots of friends. Finding you two has been just what I needed. Taking Andy through the transformation with the suit and flirting with him at the party was a lot of fun, not to mention what Peggy and I had.", he said with a wink. "I've been visiting this city off and on for over three years, and everyone thinks I'm a full time employee of the costume shop. I've had fun with a number of people without them knowing it, and this time it was your turn."

"Now the suit. Andy you will now be Amy forever. There was a caution on the suit's instructions, that you didn't read. But, Peggy did. So, she knew the consequences. The

caution said something like, 'If you have sex with a she-male while wearing the suit, the next time you wear the suit the change becomes permanent.' So, you see, you could have worn the suit many times without it becoming permanent. But, having she-male sex with Peggy, when she wore the special dildo, set the action in motion, so that the next time you put on the suit it became permanent."

I looked at Peggy, and said, "A caution and you knew this would happen. And, you went ahead and had sex with me wearing the dildo?" She, looked at the floor and I could see a tear in her eye.

"Don't be mad at her. You should have read the directions. Typical human male. Actually this is what you both want, isn't it?", the Wizard said.

"What do you mean. That I wanted to become a full time woman? And, that Peggy wanted it also?"

"Yes. Look into your subconscious. You've always loved the feminine things. You really felt complete only when you were dressed as Amy. And, over the years Peggy has really come to love Amy. She helped Amy come out. Peggy has always been a latent lesbian, even though she loved you as Andy, she loved you more as Amy. Think back to how things were between you when you were Andy and then when you were Amy. .Which seemed to be more natural?"

I looked at Peggy and her at me. The tear was still in her eye, but there was also a little smile.

"So, I'm now a full fledge woman. I think I can handle it. I guess that I'm going to have to. And, yes things did seem better between us when I was Amy, more so when I was wearing the suit. But, what about our friends, my work."

"One thing that also happened, when the suit became permanent, was that everyone's memory of you changed. Along with all the records of your existence. Your birth certificate now reads Amy Beth Martin, female. So, does your drivers license, your college records, etc. The only people who know that you were ever a male, are you and Peggy. And, of course me."

"I have to be going. If you see the shop at your favorite mall, stop in and say hello. I'll also keep an eye on you. And, the dildo is yours. A gift from me to you. And, it won't ever become permanent, and you both can use it." The Wizard held out his hand and a glass sphere appeared, and we could see ourselves sitting in the living room with him. It then changed to the front of his quaint little shop, as someone approached the door. The Wizard said, "Really have to run. This one is really going to be fun. Have a great life." With that he was gone in a flash.

I look at Peggy and said, "I never believed in magic and wizards. But, now..."

"Are you mad at me?"

"No, Not really. It was just a shock. I wish I had had a say in it."

"Would you have gone through with it?"

"Maybe. It might have taken some time before I did. But, now it's here and I can't do anything about. So, we might as well enjoy it."

She got up, took my hand, and pulled me toward the bedroom.


Andy/Amy, Peggy, Jill/Beth/The Wizard




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