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My Godmother and a Fairy Princess

by Janet L. Stickney


"Mom, what are you going to be this year, for the party I mean?"

"I was thinking that I would go as the fairy godmother, why?"

"I can't think of anything."

"I knew it would come to this! You always wait so long to decide!"

"Yeah, but…"

"And, since I figured you would do this, I decided to be prepared this year! I already have your costume!"

"You do? That's great mom! What is it going to be this year? A spaceman? A robot? What?"

"No dear. I'm going as the fairy godmother, your father is going as the footman, so that leaves the princess!"

"Oh no! I'm not going dressed as a girl!"

"Yes dear, you are. Think of this as a reminder to plan ahead next time. Now, why don't we go upstairs so you can try on the costume?"


"Come with me."

It took almost two hours to get me all fixed up, but as bad as it was to be wearing a dress, it was worse to look the way I did. It should have been a crime. Instead of looking like a boy in a dress, I looked…beautiful! Mom had pulled my hair back, then added a wig of sorts that was all ringlets and left my ears wide open. It also made my neck look longer! I was at a total loss for words!

"God! You're lovely!" mom said, then…"I'll help you out of the dress, but rather than change, I want your father to see what you look like as a girl, so I have this that you can wear."

"This" turned out to be a sheath dress! Mom helped me get the gown off, then into the other dress. I thought she was going to faint for a minute after I had it on. The shoes she gave me were black heels to match the black dress, and once I had everything on, she left the room! Nothing other than the dress and shoes had changed, but damn! The girl I saw in the mirror didn't look like me at all, and that really scared me! What I didn't even think about was why she had that other dress, the sheath, or the shoes! Mom didn't want me to change, so I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, which is when dad saw me.


"I agree! That's what I said! It seems our son is actually quite beautiful!"

"I had no idea that he would look so…"

"Feminine?" mom asked.

"Okay already! I got it!" I said heatedly, "I'm beautiful! But this is only for the party, then it's over with!"

"Of course" dad said, "we didn't plan on anything else, but damn!"

"On the day of the party, she and I will spend a lot more time getting her ready, but it'll be worth it, especially when everyone sees her!"

"Just what are you planning on calling her?"

"Cindy of course!"

She? Her? Cindy? It sounded like mom had gone off the deep end, but after seeing her face, I let it go. After dinner I went to my room to clean up, taking a shower before I got my robe. But when I walked back in the room, right there on the bed was a nightgown! I picked it up and saw that I could almost read through it, but to humor, and maybe even provoke mom, I slipped it on. Actually, it was very light, and didn't seem that bad at all. I sat there playing on the computer for a while, then I went to bed. I had the most awful dream that night; that I liked…well, it was bad. In the morning mom did not hesitate to let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I was going to have to practice being a girl, and worse, I had a whole week. Mom ignored my protests, telling me that in order to wear the gown, which was all pale blue chiffon and satin, I would have to have a certain "stature", by which she meant that she wanted me to not only look like a princess, but to walk, talk, and act like one!

"I know that I dumped this on you at the last minute honey, but you do see why you have to do this don't you?"

"Yeah. To make you happy, but..."

"Yes, it will make me happy. I wasn't even thinking of asking, but when I saw that you were so pretty, I thought that for this one week, I would be able to see what it was like to have a daughter, but if you won't…"

"No guilt trips mom. Why didn't you just ask me?"

"You would have said no; but this way, I get my daughter for one week, and you will get the practice we both know that you need!"

"What if I say no?"

"I'll be unhappy, but only because you won't take the time to do this right; not because you don't want to be my daughter for one week. It's up to you, but I can guarantee you that this will be a fun week, if you let yourself try it that is."

"Okay, I'll try it, but…"

"Then lets do this right shall we?"


"Meaning we get rid of all that body hair you have to start with."

"Both hairs?"

"Both hairs. Shall we begin?"

She knew that I would give in, I always did, so she was relentless as she used both chemicals and a razor to remove every hair below my eyebrows, rubbing in a lotion to make my skin softer. As if by magic, she pulled out clean panties, which I quickly put on, then she sat me at her vanity to do my makeup. Telling me to watch what she used, she began with the foundation, then powder. Some eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara, then the blusher, all before she started in on my hair. I thought my hair was too short to do anything with, but mom managed to create a hairdo that was not only feminine, but looked good! Taking me back to my room, she pulled out what looked like a corset!

"Oh no! Not that! Mom!"

"You'll need it to fit into the dress after I alter it, so hush up and stand still while I do this for you. Girls have worn these for centuries, and it won't kill you to look your best, which I know is what you want, so stand still."

When she was done, it looked like I had small breasts, which became bigger after she reached in and pulled the compressed skin up, padding the underside at the same time. Then, based on the cleavage mom created, it looked like I was a very healthy girl! At the same time, my hips looked wider, but only because my waist was so much smaller. At her urging, I sat on the bed and pulled the pantyhose on, then she gave me a dress to put on. A different dress by the way. I slipped it over my head and she zipped it up, which is when I saw how low cut it was, and how my newly created cleavage made me look. The heels were pushed my way, and I stepped into them. Turning, I saw myself in the mirror, and almost fainted.

"Lets go in the kitchen honey, I'll do your nails and we can have something to drink."

By then I was being drawn into the grasp of the girl I saw in the mirror, and quietly followed her to the kitchen. After we got a soda, she started in on my nails, filing, sanding, buffing, then she used some kind of paper form to hold up the white gunk she spread on my nails.

"This is acrylic, and is extremely hard. I'll make your nails a bit longer then paint them a nice red."

"Will this stuff come off?"

"With acetate, yes, if you work at it. Now hold still."

Mom worked on my nails, making them just a bit longer with rounded tips, then painted them a soft reddish pink color she called "Carnation". When she was done I had to sit there for a while so the polish would dry, then she had me stand up, and began my instructions on how to stand like a girl, where to put my hands and so on. Bending my arms at the elbow felt unnatural for a long time, but she would not let me slack off even a little, so I sort of got used to it. I knew that she wasn't going to make me do this for very long, which made it easier for me to accept what she wanted me to do, but by the third day of practicing, I began to be able to get dressed on my own, and accepted her direction better. On the fourth day, mom laced me into the corset, and had me try on the gown once again. In every picture of the princess, the gown I had on was exactly like it, layers of blue chiffon over blue satin, with the bodice blue satin that gave way to a thin pale blue ribbon that followed the bustline. Off the shoulder with a low back, the dress was the epitome of femininity.

"You'll need to get shoes to match Cindy. I didn't buy them because the special shoes have so many sizes that are incorrect that it wasn't worth the risk. Let me help you out of the dress, you can wear that skirt and blouse, then we'll run down to the shoe store and pick out a nice shoe and bag to match."

"Outside? You want me to go outside?"

"I was hoping that we wouldn't have to go honey, but yes. You need the shoes, and given the way you look, I don't think we'll have any trouble at all; you get changed. I'll wait downstairs."

I was really worked up by the time we left the house, but just as mom said, we went directly to the shoe store, found some silver sequined heels that had two straps and a bag to match. I thought it was just a lark, but mom also tossed in a pair of plain white flats, paid the bill, and we went straight home. It was scary being outside, but in a way, exhilarating. Nobody seemed to know that I was a guy, even the clerk at the shoe store. On the way home, mom casually said that on Saturday morning, she and I had hair appointments, saying that they could do a much better job of making the hairpiece look more like my own hair. I wanted to say "hell no", but didn't, still high from being able to go out without detection. That's how, on Saturday morning, I found myself sitting next to mom in the beauty shop. As the lady worked on me I just sat there, confident that when this was all over, I could go back to being myself, which mom always said I could. But by then I was starting to like the way I looked, having gotten over the shock of it, and while I would never admit it, if she asked me, I probably would have gone a few more days as a girl.

Once she washed my hair and set the rollers, I was sent to someone else who sat me down, and started doing my makeup again! After washing off what I was wearing, she put me back in the chair a little, and started in on my eyebrows, not making an arch, but thinning them out a little, then she began the makeup.

"This is the very best on the market, and will last about 18 hours. You should be just fine for the party to night, and maybe even some of tomorrow."

With that, she put the foundation on, then powder and so on. Curling my eyelashes felt odd, but when she was done, I doubted that anyone would have said that I was a guy! I felt as if I radiated femininity! Once the rollers were taken out, the hairpiece was attached very firmly, then brushed into my own hair. Without asking, she pierced my other ear, then said I was done. One look was all it took and I knew that it was going to be a fun party. Mom and I went home, and I slipped into the tub to make my skin smooth again. Wrapped in my robe, mom and I had some lunch, then it was time to start getting ready. When I went in my room, mom was right behind me, ready to lace me into the corset again, but first….

"I bought these for you. I know it's a bit extravagant, but every girl wants to feel pretty, I thought they might do the same for you."

She handed me the box, and when I opened it, I saw the pale blue satin panties. Thanking her, I slipped them on just before she helped me get the corset on. When I was all dressed, she helped me get the dress on, then left me to finish while she got changed. When I was alone, I reached in under the corset and pulled my flesh up, moving the pads, which gave me a little better cleavage, then I used the perfume mom gave me before I put the new shoes on. The pearls were on the dresser, so I went to put them on, but that's when dad came into the room.

"I have to say, you look just fantastic! I never would have guessed! In any case, I bought these for you to wear tonight. Let me help."

Dad fastened the necklace, then handed me the earrings.

"They're real stones, so don't lose them, okay?"

"I won't, thanks dad!"

The necklace was a heart shaped blue stone surrounded by rhinestones with a modest gold chain that let the stone set just at the notch of my throat. The earrings matched the necklace, and set off the dress perfectly! I was admiring myself when it came to me. Why did dad buy me real stones? Maybe they were going to be mom's when this was over I thought. I put on the lipstick, then gathered my skirts and carefully made my way down the stairs. I felt like a princess, and as much as I wanted to deny it, I was proud of the way I looked. Dad was resplendent in his gold brocaded white jacket and knee pants, while mom was simply gorgeous in her pale pink gown. Dad helped us into the car, then at the hall, we walked in together, mom on one side, me on the other. Everyone was in costume of course, from spacemen to cowboys to dance hall girls and more. An usher led us to our table, then about half an hour after dinner, the music started. Mom and dad were dancing, leaving me alone at the table, which I didn't mind. I was happy enough just watching. Then a guy wearing a navy blue jacket that had a Nehru type collar and covered with gold braid, walked up and…

"Good evening. My name is Brixton, but everyone calls me Brix. I do believe this is our dance. Would you do me the honor of joining me?"

"I…I…I'm not a very good dancer Brix, maybe I should…"

"Nonsense! Please, may I?"

He took my hand, and the next thing I knew, we were dancing! I was very nervous about dancing with him, but he was very good, and within a few minutes, I got the hang of it. The music changed to a waltz, which many people opted out of, but Brix merely held me tighter!

"You forgot to tell me your name" he said with a smile.

"Cindy" I said, giving him the name mom had picked.

When the music stopped, he escorted me to our table. My parents were sitting there, so I introduced them to Brix. "Your daughter is a beautiful girl! I'm surprised that she does not have a date tonight."

"We thought it would be better" mom said, "if she met new people."

"Of course; I'm honored madam." Turning to me…"And thank you for brightening my day Cindy."

After he walked off…"Well! He seems like a real catch! And handsome on top of that!"


"You do have to admit that he does seem to be taken with you Cindy, and it's easy to see why!"

"Cut it out you two! You know that I'm not like that!"

I saw him dancing with several girls, then a bit later, he showed up at our table with his parents! He made the introductions, then asked me to dance again. Seeing mom's smile, I took his offered hand, and let him lead me to the floor. I saw our parents talking, but it was hard to ignore Brix and that smile of his. I knew that mom was right about him, and if I were a girl, I would have done almost anything to catch him, but I wasn't, so…

"Would you let me have to honor of escorting you for the grand promenade? It would be the highlight of my day Cindy."

"I guess, that would be fine Brix, I'll look forward to it."

What else was I going to say? No? He thought that I was a girl named Cindy, and I had let him believe that by dancing with him. When the time came, people started to parade through the hall, showing off their costumes, laughing and smiling as each person passed. My parents and I were not called and I began to wonder if they forgot us; then I heard…

"Brixton Michael, Prince, heir to the throne, and Cynthia Michelle."

He walked to our table, took my arm, then I placed my hand on top of his, both of us holding our arm out a bit, and walked all the ay around the room. We were followed by my parents, then his. We were the very last to walk around the room. When that was over, the announcer asked if Brix and I would lead off the dance, so when he bowed, I did the only thing I could think of, and curtsied, then let him lead me to the dance floor. Looking out at the crowd watching us, I saw some of the girls he had danced with, and every one of them was giving me the evil eye, or at least that's what I thought. Brix later escorted me to our car, and with a bow, thanked me for a lovely evening! I was stunned to say the least, but managed to thank him. When we got home, I realized that I had lost one of the earrings! Frantic, I checked the dress but couldn't find it! Mom helped me out of my dress, and with a smile…

"Brix seemed to be very taken with you tonight."

"That's because I was the most beautiful boy there mom!"

"Not a boy, a young lady…tonight anyway. You were magnificent tonight Cindy, especially when you curtsied prior to the last dance."

"Mom. I lost an earring! Dad said that they were real! He'll kill me!"

"We can check the lost and found honey, maybe someone turned it in."

The next day when I got up, since I still had the hairpiece attached, I wore a skirt and blouse to breakfast, and nobody said a word. Mom later removed the hairpiece, did my own hair for me, and just after lunch, I tried to be myself again, and almost made it, except for the nails, which I didn't try to get off. The day after that I got a call, but they asked for Cindy!

"Cindy? Listen, my name is Janice? We met the other night? Well, I saw that gorgeous earring and necklace set you had on the other night, and I was wondering, could I borrow it?"

"I can't Janice, it's a very expensive set, and well, I…" Mom grabbed my arm and shook her head no to stop me from saying I lost a piece. "I…well, my dad would just kill me if I loaned it out, sorry."

"Bitch!" she said, then hung up!

An hour later I got another call almost identical to the first one, and another even later that day, which made me wonder why all those girls wanted my earrings and necklace! By the time dad got home I still had not figured it out, but admitted that I had lost an earring. He took it well, but was clearly disappointed. Mom finally told me that maybe the best course was to let the acrylics break down before I tried to get them off, so I kept dressing as a girl, and by Thursday, I had gotten at least four more calls about my jewelry, and began to smell a rat. The earring had not been turned in according to mom, but she had some other news.

"It seems that Brix found the earring lodged in his jacket, and has been searching for the girl who lost it. Since he's obviously such a good catch, I'll bet those other girls found out that if they can produce the matching parts of the set, then maybe they can also have more time to work on him. The girl I talked to told me that she gave him the entire list of people that were there, but so far, he hasn't found you. She gave me his number, if you want to call him; I'm sure that he would be happy to see you again."

I sat there a moment, then I said…"You went as the fairy godmother, right? And dad went as a footman? Given the name you selected for me, obviously, I was supposed to be Cinderella. Now we have a Prince searching the land for the girl that lost an earring? Doesn't that sound a bit too much like a fairy tale? You didn't set this all up did you? What I mean is, Cindy doesn't actually exist, so how can he find her…me?"

"He can't, unless we tell him where to look, can he?"

"But that would mean…"

"That you would have to keep on being Cindy, but I know that you don't mind quite as much as you try to make us think, so why not? I can call the number the girl gave me, he'll come over and return the earring, then you can go back to being yourself!"

"Just a few hours?"

"That's what I think, yes. Will you do it? That's an expensive piece, and we would like to have it back, wouldn't you? It would make your father happy to get it back anyway."

I agreed, mom made the call, and the date was set for Saturday afternoon, which meant that I spent the morning making my skin smooth and getting ready. Mom gave me a waist cincher and a bra to wear rather than the corset, and I wore the skirt and a blouse because mom said it showed off my legs. The skirt was above my knees, a plaid print, while the blouse was white. I wore the white flats, and mom did my hair again while I did my own makeup. Promptly at four in the afternoon, a limo pulled up out front, and Brix stepped out, then his mother! He escorted her to the door, and when the bell rang, I opened it.

"Hi!" he said brightly, "You remember my mother?"

"Of course! Come in please."

He made sure that all of us women were seated before he sat down, but it wasn't Brix that was watching me, it was his mother. After some small talk, I showed him the necklace, which perfectly matched the earring in his hand. Smiling, he gave it to me.

"Her father was quite angry that she lost that piece, and I'm so glad you took the time to return it" mom said.

"You were quite hard to find young lady" his mom said, "it was as if you fell off the face of the earth! Michael just could not stop talking about you, and insisted that we find you. I think he likes you better than that other girl, the one that was assigned to be his date." What was her name?" she asked Brix.


"Can I offer you something" I asked them.

"That would be nice my dear. Something cold?"

"I'll help" Brix said as I got up.

Once we were in the kitchen…"Cindy?" I turned, and he swept me into his arms, kissing me, right on the lips! "I…I…I'm sorry Cindy, I just couldn't help myself!"

"Th…that's okay, but…"

"Okay you two! That's plenty of time to get the drinks!" Damn mom could cut through things, but I'm glad she did, because I wasn't so sure that he wasn't going to do that again!

He and I delivered the drinks, sitting across the room from one another, which meant that he was watching me very closely, so I just couldn't screw up and do something a guy would do, like spreading my legs when I sat there, especially with his mother watching!

"We're hosting a small party next week" his mom said, "and we would love it if you would be our guests, Saturday at eight?"

"I'll ask my husband, but yes. I think we would all like to be there! That's very kind of you to ask."

They left about an hour later, leaving me with a very confused set of emotions, which mom cut through as if she had been standing there. When she asked me what I felt when he kissed me, I didn't know how to answer her, and wouldn't have anyway, but the mere fact that we had been invited to their home meant that I would have to remain being a girl he only knew as Cindy, but given what had happened in the kitchen I wasn't sure that I wanted to go!

"We'll have to get you a new party dress, and shoes of course, and maybe we can get our hair done again? How about it? Can we do that…Cindy?"

"After you went to all this trouble to set me up, how could I possibly say no?"

"I…we, did NOT set you up! We do not know those people, and we had nothing to do with the rest!"

"The nails?"

"Well, okay, I knew they would come off hard, but I told you that going into this, so you have no complaints there. The only question right now is, will you go?"

Then I blew it. "He is kind of cute, isn't he?" With a sigh…"Yeah, I'll go, but this is the very last time mom."

"We'll see, but why don't we go find you a nice party dress? We have almost three hours before your father gets home, that's plenty of time."

"Why hasn't dad said anything about me dressing as a girl every day? I thought he would be more…against it?"

"You can't tell him I told you, okay?" I nodded my head yes. "You look almost exactly like his youngest sister. I know you heard about the accident, but your father was the one that was driving that night, not your grandfather, and when she died, he never forgave himself. Seeing you has allowed him to pretend that she's still here, but he would never admit that, so don't ever mention it."

I said I wouldn't, then mom and I left for the mall. The dress I bought was white with a floral print, a round neck, and was sleeveless. It was about knee length. We also bought white heels and a very full slip that I found out later was called a petticoat, plus, mom added a package of panties and two more plain white bras. I didn't bother to ask why, because if I had to wait for the nail acrylics to break down, then I would need to have clean clothes to wear. It was obvious. But just as we were about to leave I saw them.

"Are those what I think they are?"

"Yes!" mom said excitedly, "and those will solve a lot of problems! Lets see if they have your size!"

By the time we were ready to leave for the party, I had become used to the new additions, and not having to wear that corset was a relief! The padded panty and the breast forms gave me the right shape, and the dress fit me perfectly. I wore plain button earrings in a soft pastel green without a necklace, but mom gave me one of her rings to wear. Dad kept looking at me, but he was always pleasant, so I said nothing. When we pulled up in front of the mansion, a valet took the car after helping mom and I out, and we walked to the front door together. I thought I saw the flash, like a camera would make, but forgot about that the minute Brix opened the door. He smiled widely, shook dad's hand, kissed mom's, but held on to mine.

"If you don't mind sir, but would you allow me to escort Cindy into the salon?"

"Of course" dad said, making Brix smile again.

Taking me by the hand, we walked through the house and into a huge room that was already filled with guests, but he made the circuit, introducing me to people. Not paying attention, I bumped into a man, and immediately started to apologize, but lost my tongue when I saw who it was.

"Mr. President, allow me to introduce Miss Cynthia Stickney."

"Miss Stickney, I'm charmed! Brix, tell me, how do you always end up with the prettiest girls?"

"Luck I guess sir."

"Will Cynthia be your guest at the dinner?"

"I have not asked her yet sir."

Turning to me, the President of the United States smiled, and in that Texas drawl…"I cannot have you let the poor boy down my dear, so please, be my guest for the dinner."

"Certainly sir" I said, "If you like, I'll be there of course."

I didn't even think about the invitation, because when a man like that invites you someplace, you say yes! As we walked away, Brix told me that he would like to take me to the dinner, which is when I finally asked him…

"What dinner? Where? I thought it was here!"

"Oh no! It's at the Whitehouse! It's one of those stuffy state dinners, but of course, I am obligated to attend, and I would like nothing better than to have you on my arm that night. It will make all of the others jealous with your great beauty and my good fortune!"

"But…but…when is this dinner?"

"Next month, on the third. We shall fly there in our personal jet of course, but my mother will insist on a room close to ours, so she can watch over you. She likes you very much you know."

By the time we caught up with my parents, I was a wreck! I grabbed mom's arm and pulled her deep into a corner, and told her what had happened.

"Mom, this was supposed to be a one day thing, then it became a week, now two, but this is almost a month away! I just can't disappear like I did last time! I'm sure that someone will contact us, or they'll do a check on me, then what? They'll find out that I don't exist! Mom I…"

"Calm down!" mom said quickly, "We were also invited, but about that other thing…I told you before that I think that you don't mind dressing as a girl, and since you have been simply wonderful at pulling it off, why not just continue?"

"Is this why you put those nails on me mom? I mean, you had to know they come off hard, so…"

"Maybe, maybe I did, but the fact is that you have allowed this to happen, all by yourself! You could easily have told Brix what was going on when he returned that earring, not dressed as a girl or even told him right out, but you didn't do that, did you?" Mom paused, then…"Cindy, if you want to go as the guest of Brix, that's up to you, just as it has to be if you say no! You're father is starting to get a little concerned about you dressing up, but if you have a good reason…"

"Oh! There you are!" It was Brix's mother. "Can I speak with you my dear? In private?"

"I'll just go find my husband" mom said, squeezing my hand as she walked away.

"Let's go in the library. It quiet, and we can have a chat." I followed her into the library, watching as she shut the door, then sat down. "You are quite lovely Cynthia, and it's obvious that Brix thinks so to. You're all he talks about any more; but we have a problem, don't we?"


"The fact that you're not actually a girl. That's going to be a problem isn't it? Especially since my son has his eye on you. So, the question is…"

"But…how did you…what I mean is…"

"How did I know? That was a costume party we were at wasn't it? While you looked absolutely wonderful that night, and I doubt that anyone knew, or ever would, it was only when we got the list from the organizers to return your earring, that I discovered there was nobody on the list named Cynthia. Your parents were there of course, but under their names was yours. "It's really Henry, isn't it?"

Softly, almost a whisper…"Ye…yes Ma'am, but I never planned on…"

"I'm sure that this is not what you planned on my dear, maybe it was just a confluence of events that led you into this, however, the plain fact is that we are now faced with a dilemma, aren't we?" I felt tears welling in my eyes and wiped them away with my finger, unable to talk. "Tell me the truth Cynthia and maybe I can help you. Do you like being a girl as much as it look like? Or are you going to just up and disappear one day?"

It was like having my soul stripped bare. It was true that I had come to like dressing as a girl, the attention I got and even the way Brix looked at me! I had told mom I thought he was cute; what did that make me? Was I becoming so much a girl that I was starting to think like one? His mother sat there watching me as all of my conflicting emotions churned around in my head. I wanted to tell her that Cindy was here to stay, but if I did that, what about my mom and dad? What would they say? And what about Brix? Sooner or later he was going to find out, there was no doubt about it, and what then? What would he do? Slumping in the chair, my knees still locked together, my hands folded on my lap, I looked up, unable to say what I really wanted to say. Just then, the door opened, and in walked my parents! Dad was holding mom's hand as they stood by the door.

"Tell me" Brix's mom said softly, "tell me the truth."

"Oh God!" I said with a little sob, "I never…what I mean is, I like…I want to…but…"

"Let's just say that Cynthia Michelle will always be with us then shall we? Now, I think your parents have something to say."

"Cindy" dad said with a quaver in his voice, "you know that this is not what we had planned for you, it was only a party after all, but we have both been watching you very carefully lately, and even though it's as plain as day that you like being a girl, we're telling you that you can quit any time, and we'll never mention it again. But if you want to…be the girl we see sitting here, you'll have to say so. You'll have to tell me, us, that this is what you want. You're 17 years old now, and quite able to make up your own mind, so we aren't in any position to tell you what's right and what isn't."

"If" mom said as she walked over and put her hand on my shoulder, "you decide that this is for you, then we all have to know that. I promise you that we won't be angry, and we'll do everything in our power to make it possible for you to be the girl we all see sitting here, but you have to tell us honey."

"Brix? He won't…"

"He'll never know my dear" his mother said, "since I am assuming that your parents have raised you not to do…those things, not until you're married anyway, I see no reason for my son to find out, do you? If by some chance this romance blossoms, and by the time you get to that point, it won't matter, will it?"

I couldn't say the words, but I grabbed both mom's hand and Brix's mom's, and nodded my head yes, stepping off into the great unknown right at that moment. Mom pulled me to my feet, hugged me, then I saw dad, still standing by the door, and went to him. He put his arms around me, hugged me, then…

"Always be the lady that your mother is Cindy, okay?"

"I will…you know I will."

Pointing at the bathroom, I went in and cleared up my eyes before I started out of the room, but Brix's mom was there waiting. Taking me by the arm, she and I went back in the big room together. I saw my parents standing with a guy I had not met. She and I meandered around the room, then, just before she introduced me to him,

"I'm going to introduce you to the finest plastic surgeon in the country. I took the liberty of telling him that I had a young lady of my acquaintance that needed his help, and he said that he would help you any way he could. There he is now!

Tall, he had a fringe of hair just over his ears and a very nice smile. My first impression was that he was very successful, and very urbane.

"Robert, this is the young lady that I mentioned to you the other day. Would see her? Maybe you can help her?"

"For you? Anything Madeline, I am at your service!"

"I'm still married you rascal! This is Cynthia Michelle Stickney, the girl I told you about."

"I'm overwhelmed my dear; your beauty surpasses even Madeline's!" Handing me a card, he told me to call him.

I almost hugged him, but walked away, looking for my dad. I had no idea why he agreed to let me be a girl, and before I did anything, I had to know. If it was only because I reminded him of someone, I would not go through with it. I would go back to being myself before I did that. He had to have a real understanding of what I was feeling or everything I did wouldn't be worth spit. I found him sipping on a double whiskey with soda, talking to the President!

"Ummm…daddy? Can I talk to you a minute?"

"Sure honey, Excuse me sir, my daughter calls!"

I took his hand and led him back to the library, turned, and hugged him, then…

"Dad? You're not mad at me are you? I mean…I won't do this if it's only because I remind you of someone, I can't! I'm myself, not anyone else, and believe me, it's hard enough as it is! Tell me the truth dad, I told you."

He hesitated a moment…"No honey, I'm not mad at you. Your mother told you, didn't she?" I nodded my head yes. "That much is true, you do remind me of her, but that's not the reason I agreed to this. In fact, I'm against it just about as much as any father would be, but even I cannot ignore what I can see with my own two eyes. If I told you this was going to end, all you would do is start up again when you're 18, when I couldn't say anything about it, right?" I didn't say anything. "So, I would rather have you under your mother's wing and let her teach you everything you need to know about being a young lady, not out there without any…training. That's why I agreed, the only reason I agreed to this, okay?"

"Okay dad…or should I say daddy?"

"Dad is fine, lets not rush into things."

When we walked back into the big room I was holding his arm and smiling. My Cinderella story looked like it was going to have a nice ending after all, then I saw Brix dancing with another girl, one that was a bit older than I was, and one that I had not seen before, and she was very pretty. I felt the unfamiliar pang of jealousy when I saw them, but held it in. Just then a man came in a rang a bell, announcing that dinner was being served. I sat next to mom while Brix was seated at the other end of the table with that other girl. Wine was poured, then…

"Ladies and gentlemen! As you know, the President has found the time to join us this evening, and I would like to thank him for it." There was a round of applause. "Also, many of you have seen our son dancing with the beautiful young lady sitting next to him. Let me introduce our daughter, Melanie Brixton." His sister! She was his sister! "But I happen to know that he has his eye on another young lady. Miss Cynthia Stickney!" Everyone applauded, which caused me to turn red, I just know I did. "I'm sure that we'll all be seeing more of Miss Stickney, and to tell the truth, I'm looking forward to it. Maybe Brix will pay more attention to her than he does to the games on his computer!" That drew some laughter and a grin from Brix. "Let's eat" he said, and sat down.

After dinner, Brix and his sister found me, and after the introductions, she grabbed my arm and pulled me aside.

"Lordy! Brix said you were cute, but your gorgeous! Now I know why you're all he talks about!"

"As long as he keeps thinking that way…"

"Mom suggested that we talk, so can I come over tomorrow? We'll go shopping or something? Maybe we'll stop and get some lunch?"

"Sure, I guess, what time?"


Brix and I danced a few, then we walked out on the veranda, and in the moonlight, he once again swept me into his arms and kissed me, but I was no longer unsure of myself, and returned his kiss with one of my own. I felt as if that chasm of doubt about myself had been bridged, and with Brix holding me, I felt as if I had finally found the truth about myself. By the time we got home I was so wound up that I couldn't sleep, and lay there in bed wondering when the dream would fade away, returning me to my mundane life. I wasn't even out f bed when mom came into my room and sat on the bed.

"Morning honey. Time to get up!"

"Arrrgh…do I have too?"

"Yup! Melanie will be here in a while, and you have to get dressed, so rise and shine!" Once I was standing upright…"I'll call the doctor and make an appointment for you, but for right now, I think it's time we took one more step. I'll glue the breast forms on your chest. That way you'll feel at least a bit more like a girl. And also, you've never worn anything that wasn't full skirted, so you've never had to worry about bulges, but I think it's time that you did something about that. You can wear a skirt, but I think slacks would be better, so I'll loan you a pair of mine. You can get some of your own while you're out today."

By the time mom left the room, I had breasts attached to my chest, so I went all the way and used some tape to hide my male parts. I did my makeup, got dressed in a top and mom's slacks, my gym shoes, and added some jewelry. By the time Melanie arrived I was back to being a girl again. Melanie and I hit it right off, and I felt as if she were my own sister. Cruising the mall, I bought another dress, some skirts and tops, plus jeans and some shorts and shoes. Melanie wasn't any slouch, buying new shoes, some skirts and some very sexy lingerie. She told me that she had someone she wanted to impress. I could guess she had a boyfriend by the way she talked. By the time we got back to my house, she and I had bonded, and I felt as if I had known her all my life.

I went to see the doctor the next day, unsure what he knew, but he didn't flinch when he gave me a physical and found out. After we talked, he suggested something and I agreed, so he did it for me. When I got home I still had the breast forms glued on, but I also had a prescription for female hormones, and one other very special gift, but I didn't say anything. That was private.

In time Brix and I reached the point where I felt comfortable enough to let him put his hand in my sweater, and when he cupped my breast I felt a shiver run through me. He wanted more but didn't get it, and although he did have his hand in my panties once, that was as far as we went. I wasn't a girl, and wasn't about to do anything until I was. Melanie and I grew very close, while Brix, his dad and mine all got very chummy. Eventually it happened. I was 19 at the time, but with Brix away at sea, he never knew about my surgery, and nobody ever told him. Melanie was in the hospital with her mom, which meant that she knew, but for how long I didn't know, and didn't find out until a few years later that she had always known; she told me that her mom had told her. I guess it didn't matter, because to this day she and I are still like sisters.

Fairy tales are figments of someone's imagination, yet they creep into our lives without warning, the moral, or maybe even the scenario are repeated, sometimes with pleasant results. My name is Cindy, a name mom gave me to reflect my role that night, and while mom went as that fairy godmother, the true godmother was Brix's mom, and my Prince is Brix of course. Those ugly stepsisters never appeared, unless you count Janice and her friends, the ones that tried to get my jewelry, but in the end, my Prince found me, and better, I found myself.




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