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My Friend             by: Miss Deborah (Debi) Leigh Johnson



I do not know where to start. But, I guess that I should go back to the time when I first met Richard Zeran.

Richard was everything that I as a young boy wanted to be. He came from a good family, where as I did not. He lived in a nice neighbourhood. I did not. His parents really seemed to care about him and his sister Charlene. Mine did not care about me, at least I saw no real evidence that they did.

Richard was well liked at school, and he was very good athletically. I was not popular, and because of my slim short stature, I was not good at athletics.

Richard had thick red hair, a wide chest, thin waist and strong legs. He was about 5’ 9" tall. His face was covered with freckles, and his eyes always had a mischievous sparkle in them. I was not like that. I had shoulder length dark blond hair, hazel blue eyes and a remarkable complexion. In fact, at age 16, I still had not even started shaving yet. Richard had to shave twice a day. I was 5’ 4" tall and very slim. The only thing that I was any good at was shooting pool. That was the only thing that I could beat Richard at.

We first met when we were assigned to the same home room at high school. For some reason, we just sort of clicked, and we started to get along pretty well. Richard got along well with the guys that I hung out with, though I did not meet any of the guys that he grew up with.

By the time I had reached grade twelve, Richard and I were very close friends. We both loved to gamble. We loved to take risks, and skip school. We both loved girls of all shapes and sizes. We also loved to get drunk, a lot.

Richard’s girl was named Suzanne. She was a beautiful blond girl who seemed to be madly in love with him. We’d often go and spend the afternoon at her place. I usually ended up baby sitting her brother while she and Richard spent most of the afternoons in her room. He used to brag about how much money she would give him, in order for him to keep going out with her. She sure did not need to give any guy money, so she must have really been stuck on him. That was all that I could figure.

Our friendship took a strong and drastic turn the spring of our last year in high school.

Richard and I had skipped school, as per our usual practise. We’d gone to his place and we spent the morning shooting at birds with his BB gun rifle. It so happened that his parents and his sister were gone for four days. I don’t remember why, but they were gone.

Richard, as he usually did when he had some new idea for me to think about, got me a beer, and we were in his bed room, watching television, wasting the afternoon away. Then he asked me if I knew anything about hypnotism. I told him that I did not know much, but that I did not really believe that a person could be hypnotised.

Richard asked me if I wanted to try it, to see if it could be done.

Not being any wiser than I was, and knowing that I should not trust him, I agreed. We flipped a quarter to see who would hypnotise who. I lost. Richard was going to try and hypnotise me. I lay on the bed, and he started to swing a gold coin on a chain in front of my face. I knew it would not work, but I promised him that I would try hard to cooperage.




I knew that things were not feeling right, but I did not know why it was that was wrong.

I was still in Richard’s room. The television was still on. But things were different. I wondered if he had done it or not.

Richard walked into the room. I was surprised as I had not know that he had left the room. I looked over at him, and smiled.

"How are you doin’?"

"Good. Did you try it? I told you that it wouldn’t work, didn’t I?"

"Yeah, I tried it. And.... You were wrong. It worked. It worked really good."

"It did?"

"Yeah, it did. Sit up and look at yourself in the mirror over the dresser."

I giggled, thinking that he was really trying to put me on. I sat up and I stared at the image in the mirror. The first thing that I noticed was that my long blond hair was parted in the middle, and hung down on both sides of my face, in the fashion that girls wore their hair. Then I noticed that I was wearing eye makeup and lip stick, a faint pink glossy colour.

I was stunned for a moment, because I knew that I was looking at a girl, but she was me. I began to wonder what it was that he had done to me. It was then that I noticed that I was not wearing my shirt. The shirt that I had on was white. I had worn a red one. This one also had ruffles up and down the front of it. It was some kind of shiny material. It was then that I noticed that the front of it was pushed out, like I had girl’s breasts or something. But, for some reason, the idea that I might have become a girl did not bother me very much.

Curious, wanting to get a better look, I slung my legs off the bed, intending to go over to the mirror for a better look. It was then that I became aware that my legs felt very sensuous. I looked down to see that I was wearing alight brown pleated skirt, and a pair of nylons, and light brown high heeled shoes.

Astounded, but not upset, strangely, I turned to Richard. "What have you done to me?"

"When I hypnotised you, I asked you if there was any secret thing that you wanted to do that you had never told anyone about. You said that you wanted to try being a girl. So, I programmed you to go into my sister’s room and get all dressed up in her clothes."

"What else did you do to me, Richard?"

"Well, I gave you a secret word. Until you hear me say that word, you will want to wear only girl’s clothes, and you will want to act like a real girl. You will also enjoy what you do as a girl more than anything that you have ever enjoyed before. I wanted for you to have a lot of fun with this."

"Wear girl’s clothes? Act like a girl? What do you mean?"

"Well, I found out that you wanted to try being a girl. So I programmed you so that all your inhibitions about being a boy, acting like a girl are all gone, till after you hear that secret word. So, you will dress like, feel like, and act like a girl. If I, as a guy, kiss you, you will kiss me back, just like a real girl would kiss back a boy that she likes."

"I... I don’t believe you... I would never do that... I’m not a fag..."

"Yeah, you are now. You want me to prove it to you?"


"Well, when I programmed you, I wanted you to feel about me the same way that Suzanne feels about me. So, if I come over there and kiss you, you will kiss me back, just like she kisses me."


"Yeppur. I’ll prove it to you."

Richard came over to where I was still seated on the bed, and stood right in front of me. He reached down and took my hand. I did not want to, but I stood in front of him. I had never stood so close to another guy before, but I did not feel strange, like I thought that I should. I liked it. It made me feel like a girl, and I liked that feeling. I was astounded.

He placed both of his hands on my hips, and he pulled me tightly up against him. I should have hated that. I did not understand what it was, but I felt flattered that he liked me so much that he wanted to be this close to me. My hands slipped up to rest lightly on his chest. I could feel the muscles, and I could feel his heart beating. I knew that these were the kinds of things that girls felt when they were with him.

I did not want to be a girl, but I liked feeling this strange sense of intimacy that I was having with him. One of his legs moved between my nyloned beskirted legs, and he wrapped his arms tightly around my waist. I could feel his thigh press lightly against my pantied crotch, and it turned me on. My arms, as though they had a life of their own, slipped upwards, till my fingers were intertwined behind his head.

I felt like a girl, and the feeling was a very satisfying one to me. I felt strangely like I was a complete person for the first time in my life. I felt like I was attractive, and wanted.

Richard smiled and slowly, ever so slowly lowered his head till his lips were half an inch from mine. I sighed, waiting for him to kiss me. I closed my eyes, wondering why I was acting so much like a girl.

It was true, in my most secret fantasies, I had wondered what it would feel like to be a pretty girl, and have guys pursuing me all the time, but that was as far as it had ever gotten. I was too scared of how people would hate me, if they thought that I was queer. In the social circles that I travelled in, guys just did not want to wear girl’s clothes, and kiss other boys. But, here I was, wearing girl’s clothes, and anxiously waiting for a guy to kiss me.

At first his lips brushed mine so lightly that I was beginning to wonder if I was just imagining that he had kissed me. Then his lips brushed mine again. I had this strange sense that I should not like being kissed like I was a girl, but it felt so wonderfully satisfying to me. I loved it. I could feel every feminine stitch that I was wearing.

I could even feel the silk of the girl’s panties that I knew that I was wearing. I could feel the unaccustomed pulling of the bra straps under my blouse. I could feel the wonderful tautness of my nylons all over my legs, and it was delightfully sensuous. I could feel the instep of the high heeled shoes pushing up against the arch of my foot, and it felt very comfortable to me. I loved it. I also vaguely wondered how I had ever learned to stand on high heels.

I could feel a tight constriction around my waist, and I wondered if I was wearing a corset to. It was okay with me if I was. I just wanted to wear anything that a normal girl wears. I did not know or understand why, but I did.

I also became aware of the slight caress of dangling earrings brushing my neck, and of the scent of a delicate perfume from my hair. I knew that I was feeling all those things that girls feel, and I loved every second of it. This was terribly satisfying to me. I wondered mildly what else he had done to me, but I really did not care too much.

Then Richard pressed his lips against mine, in a real boy girl kiss, and I felt light headed. I clung to his neck so that I would not fall down. It was electric. I felt charged with some strange kind of energy. It was very satisfying to. I felt completed.

When I felt his tongue lightly begin to lick my lips, I opened my mouth, hoping that he would put his tongue inside of me. I wanted to feel his tongue inside of me. I wanted to be French kissed, like any other girl gets kissed.

He did not disappoint me either.

When the big thing entered my mouth, slowly at first, I was amazed at how nice it felt. I began to lightly lick it, and soon, I was sucking on it as though my life depended on it. It was so wonderful.

I felt an erection growing in my panties, and I loved the way the soft panty material caressed the hard on. I also felt Richard’s cock growing big, and pressing against my tummy. I knew that I should hate what was happening, but I was flattered that as a girl, that I was turning him on so much. "He must really like me," I kept thinking to myself. I hoped that he thought that I was pretty.

Richard kissed me like that for over half an hour, as his hands gently but firmly explored my back and my skirted bum. I was in seventh heaven. I had never felt so alive in my life. It was electric. After he had kissed all over my face, and had felt me up a bit, he stepped back from me.

"Well, do you believe it now? You are acting just like any other real girl, and I can tell by the look on your face, that you love every second of it. You feel like a girl, don’t you?"

"Yeah, I do. I do not understand it, but I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. It’s... It’s wonderful."

"Well, I got one more little surprise for you. Oh, by the way. Your new name is Debi. It is spelled D-e-b-i. You like it?"

"It’s really cute."

"Debi, you are really cute." As Richard said this, he placed the back of his left hand on my right cheek, and gently and softly caressed me in this manner. I felt that he really did mean that he really thought of me as a cute girl now. I wondered if he would ever think of me as a guy again. I also admitted that at that moment in time, I did not care if he ever thought of me as a guy again. I loved being his girl friend.

"What’s the surprise?"

"Well, remember that I told you that I programmed you to act just like Suzanne?"


"Well, one of the things that really turns me on about Suzanne is that she really gets of on giving me blowjobs."

"You made me want to give you blowjobs?"

"I made you want to really get of on doing it, that is what I did. You should really get turned on by doing it, the same way that Suzanne gets cranked up by doing it."


"That does not bother you, that I did that to you?"

"Well, I guess that it should, but I sort of feel that if that is what chicks do, then it is okay to do it, because I feel like a chick. I don’t know how you did it to me, but I like it."

"Well, you have to understand one thing, Debi. No one can hypnotise you to do anything that you do not want to do."

"Wow..? Is that true?"

"Yeah... That means..."

"I... I know what it means. It means that I am really a fairy after all, whether you hypnotised me or not..."

"Yeah... That’s it."



I stood there, held in his embrace for a long moment, as I thought over what he was saying to me. Was it really true? Had I really wanted to wear girl’s clothes, and act like a real girl, with my best friend? It must be true. That would also mean... it would also mean that even if he had not hypnotised me, that I might very well ended up at some point in time, dressing myself up in girl’s clothes, and trying to make out with a guy.

The truth of this was overwhelming, but while I was dressed as a girl, it did not bother me the way that I thought that it should have bothered me. I knew that it was because I just wanted to experience girlhood as much as I possibly could. I wanted to wear girl’s clothes. I wanted to be treated like a girl. I wanted to act like a girl. I wanted to do everything that real girls did, even the things that Suzanne did with this boy.

I made the decision to accept what had happened. I smiled up at Richard, reached up and planted a little kiss on his lips, and I told him that it was all right with me. I told him that I liked what he had done, and I thought that I would like to do everything that Suzanne did with him to.

His face split in a grin. He knew he had won. I’d become his personal boy girl, and I would do everything that he told me that Suzanne did. I thought that he was really a cute guy when he smiled.

"So, what is next on the agenda, Mr. Zeran?"

"Well, let’s get a bit of lunch first. Then..."


"Then I am going to seduce you, and I am going to make you love me, okay?"

For some reason, I felt a flush of happiness at hearing that he liked me enough as a girl that he wanted to get it on with me. I could not stop the glee from my voice, as I told him that it was okay with me. I really did not know what he meant, or what he wanted me to do to him, but it was okay with me, no matter what it was that he wanted.

He took my hand, and led me out of the room, down the hall way and into the kitchen. I was amazed to find that he had already made some sandwiches, and already had cold beer waiting for us. I may have been dressed like a girl, but I ate like a boy. I was ravenous. I ate, and every second of eating with him, I was aware that I was a girl in his eyes. I felt wonderfully strange, and happy about it. I knew to, that underneath it all, I knew that I was a boy, but that I was happiest being a girl.

When we were done, and he watched me as I put an apron around my waist, and I washed the dishes, such as they were, then he took me back to his room.

We lay on his double bed, and he placed one of his legs between my nyloned legs, and he began to kiss me all over my face and my neck again. I loved every second of it. I relished being the one who was being made love to. It was like a stamp of approval that this guy wanted to make it with me, in a strange way.

When he broke off kissing me for a while, and we were talking about all kinds of stuff, I asked him whose clothes I was wearing. He told me that they were Charlene’s. I really liked that. Charlene was only thirteen, but she was a hot little fox. I had often lusted after her myself. It pleased me to know that I was small enough to fit into her clothes.

I asked him if it would be all right for me to maybe try on some of her other things later on. At first he was a little surprised that I would ask if I could try on his sister’s clothes, but then, in a rather accepting way, he grinned and he told me that after he had made love to me, that I could do whatever I wanted to do. Then he returned to his kissing and I forgot about everything else.

I lay in his arms, feeling his strong hands gently caress me all over my back and bum and thighs, as he continued to kiss me. I luxuriated as I lay there, just feeling like I was being loved, and it was really the first time in my life that I had ever really felt that anyone had ever loved me. It was lovely indeed.

After about half an hour of kissing me like this, he asked me if I was ready for a little more of being his girl. I told him that I was ready for all the girlhood that I could handle. He was surprised by my reaction, but by now I think that he was beginning to understand that he had torn down some psychological dams that I had not even known that I had, and now the girl in me was being released.

H pushed my shoulder so that I was laying on my back. He lay on his side facing me. His hand gently moved to my chest, and he began to squeeze whatever it was that was in my bra. I loved the feeling, knowing that if I had real breast flesh there, that he would not know how strongly he was touching me, and that it would have hurt a bit, but I wished that I was really feeling my breasts being fondled the way he was doing it to me.

Then his hand went down to the front of my skirt. I nearly screamed when I felt the heat of his hand over my cocklette. I found that I could not think of it as being a real boy’s cock, so I thought of it as a girl like cock, or cocklette. That seemed to be a nice name for it.

His hand went further down to my knees, and he started to feel his way up under my skirt. I thought I would go crazy, at the thought that I was getting felt up, just like a girl get herself felt up.

His hand was very slow as it worked it’s way up under my skirt, up over the tops of my nylons, and finally up to the front of my panties. His fingers felt so big that I was sure that he could break my cocklette right off if he had wanted to. I felt utterly under his control, and it was a delightful feeling to me.

His fingers went down to the crotch of my panties, and he pushed hard, up into where my vagina should have been. I freaked. I bucked up into his hand and nearly screamed. "More.... Oh gawd Richard... Yes.... More, give me more..."

His chuckled when he saw how I reacted. He was willing to press even harder. I felt so completely liberated to have his hand pushing at the crotch of my panties like that, and I almost came. I did have some kind of emotional orgasm, I am sure. It was the most wonderful feeling that I had ever had.

His hand went back to the front of my panties where he stroked me through the silk of my panties. He told me that I really felt nice through the panties. I told him that he did to, and that I loved what he was doing to me. He smiled and told me that he was really turned on by the idea of kissing such a pretty girl, who also had a cock in her panties. I told him that I did not feel like a boy in girl’s clothes, that I felt like a girl making out with her boy friend.

He asked me if I wanted him to make me cum, and of course, I told him that I did. He told me that he would make me cum, if I sucked his cock.

I smiled up at him, wondering where the words were coming from, as I responded, "I thought that you would never ask."

I lay on my back, and Richard got up off the bed. I watched him get undressed, and I loved the way his wide shoulders and flat chest looked. He got back up on the bed, and lifted one leg over me, so that if he wanted to, he could have sat on my belly. He did not sit down though. he slowly worked his way upwards so that one knee was on each side of a shoulder. His cock was lightly brushing my face.

"Well Debi, were you serious about wanting to suck my cock?"

I did not answer him. What I did surprised me even more than it surprised him. I opened my mouth and turned my head so that I caught the head of his cock in my lips. I relaxed my lips, and I let him slowly enter me. I could hardly believe that I was actually dressed up in girl’s clothes, and that I actually had a cock in my mouth, but it felt so nice to be doing such an intimate girl thing for Richard, that I did not want to think about what I was doing. I just wanted to feel his cock as it very slowly mo ved into and back out of my mouth.

I licked and sucked on him as though my life depended on him cumming for me. I felt a strange sense of challenge. I wanted to know if I was enough of a girl to make him cum into my mouth, like Suzanne was able to make him do. I wanted to.

I wanted to taste his cum. I wanted to draw it right out of him. I wanted to look in the mirror, and know that I was looking at a sissy cock sucker. This was the real me, and I loved every second of what was happening to me.

He moaned and he started to fuck my mouth even faster. I relaxed, and I enjoyed the way his big shaft felt as it moved in and out. I loved the way it felt as it moved across my sensitive inner lips. I loved the way my mouth felt when his cock head pushed my cheeks out. I had never had my mouth so full, and it felt nice.

He at last started to moan, and to tell me that I was going to make him cum. His words were like music to my ears. I wanted to be the person that made him cum, just like his girl friend did so many times in the past.

He bucked hard, tensed, and I felt his cock swelling in my lips, and I locked my lips around him. I did not want his cum to spill out all over my pretty blouse.

When he came, it seemed like he came a quart. I locked my lips, and I licked at him, encouraging him to give me all that he had to give. I wanted the baby stuff that is a girl’s reward. I wanted all he had of it to.

Richard slowed down, and then soon took his cock from my mouth. I lay there, still astounded at what I had done, and even more so, at how I felt about it. I felt a very strange sense of completeness, and peace. I now knew who I really was, and I was a she. I liked me as a she. I had always envied girls, and now I knew that I could be one to.

Richard climbed off me, and lay down beside me.

"Damn Debi, that was the best blow job that I have ever had, and I’ve had lot’s of them. I guess that being a guy to, you must understand more about what to do to please a guy. Hey, are you going to swallow it for me?"

I had not thought about swallowing it. I had been laying there, lost on a pink cloud of bliss, letting the thick salty substance roll around inside of my mouth. I was just enjoying the feel of it. Swallow it? Sure, why not. Isn’t that what girls did with it, when they sucked it out for their guys?

I looked up at him, and I smiled. I knew that I must have a goofy dreamy girl look of adoration on my face, but that is how I felt. I swallowed it, knowing that a guy really gets off on seeing a girl eat his cum. It is some kind of ego stroker, I guessed. I’d never had a chick suck me off, so I don’t really know. I just knew what the guys in the locker room said about it. Now, I knew that I was one of those girls that those jocks always talked about. The things they said about those girls, now applied to m e as well.

Richard lay down beside me. I lay there, and I gently took his flaccid cock into my left hand, and I started to wank him, hoping to make him real hard again. I wanted to suck him some more. This girl thing that was released in me, I knew, was going to take a lot to satisfy her desires.

Richard smiled, and he kissed my lips again.

"Debi, you have got to be the hottest chick I have ever been with. Man, I can not believe how you can suck cock. Suzanne could take a few lessons from you."

I laughed at him, as I commented that I did not think that she would appreciate hearing that, especially if I wanted to borrow one of her dresses.

Richard saw the humour in it to, and he laughed with me, as his hand went back up under my skirt. I lay there, feeling utter exposed and under his control. I had never been more vulnerable, and it was a delightful feeling.

He slowly caressed me through the silk of my panties. He told me that even though he knew that he had my cock in his hand, he found it hard to believe that I was not a real girl. He sure knew how to sweet talk me, and he made me cum in a matter of seconds. When I exploded, it was unlike any orgasm that I had ever had before.

It was like some emotional kind of release. Normally, it was just sexual tension, which always felt nice, but this was very different. This time, I felt like I was a girl, the object of the lover, being pleased by her man. It was very intense, and when it was over, I felt like I was floating. I felt so wonderful that I did not want to even move. It felt so right, to be treated like a girl.

After a few minutes though, I knew that I had a serious mess in my panties, and that I had to go and change them. I excused myself. Richard wanted to know where I was going to, and I told him that he had made a bad mess in my panties, and that I had to go and deal with it.

He smiled and reminded me that Charlene’s room was right next door.

When I walked into her room, I felt as though she was there to. I felt her feminine personality in the room, and I hoped that she would forgive me for wanting to share such intimate feelings of girlhood with her. Besides, I knew that she was only thirteen. I had probably had more experience in her clothes, with a boy, than she had ever had.

I took off my outer clothes, then my panties. I was right. I was wearing a corset. I loved the way the thing pulled my waist in, to make curves at my hips. I looked in the bra cups of the corset, and discovered that I had water filled balloons in them. The water was warm, and they felt like real breasts when I explored them with my hands. I liked them.

I went to her dresser, and I found the panty drawer. She had lots of panties, but only a few pairs were the satin or silk kind. I chose a pair of pink ones, with white lace on the panty waist and leg holes. I stepped into them, and marvelled at how nice the soft delicate material felt as I pulled them up to my waist. I checked my nylons for runs, and found that I did not have any, so I would not have to change nylons.

I searched another drawer, and I found a pink, very lacy full slip, of the softest silk. I raised it over my head, and nearly feinted in bliss, as I felt her girlhood envelope me as her slip descended down over my shoulders. I was wearing that foxy chick’s most intimate apparel, and it fit me just like it fit her. I went to the mirror, and I lovingly caress the material over my thighs, belly and bum, as I admired the way it draped over my effeminated shape. I loved it.

I went to her closet, and I selected a light pink long sleeved dress with a very full skirt that I had admired on her once. I lowered it over my head, and raised the zipper up the back. I loved the way the silky material seemed to drape and cling to my girlish shape. I could not resist practising a few dainty graceful curtsies in the mirror. I stepped back into the shoes I had been wearing before, and went over to sit at her vanity.

I loved the feeling of intimate contact that I was having, as I sat in her clothes, at her vanity. She had worn the same things and sat in the same place, making herself beautiful for her boy friend, just as I was doing for mine.

The only makeup that needed repairing was the lip stick, and a fresh spritz of perfume. Soon, I was as girlified as I could be again, and I went back to the boy’s room, hoping that he was recovered enough for me to give him another blow job. I hoped that he would think that I was sexy enough for him to get turned on again. I sure felt hot enough to turn on any guy, that was for sure.


Bye for now, gentle spirits.

Luvs and embraces from Miss Debi.

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