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My First Erotic Frolic

by Karen-In-My-Dreams


What I'm about to tell you took place the summer I was 12, but erotic play has evolved over the past 30 years to become a wonderfully enjoyable and significant part of my life.

My name is Darren and my twin sister is Samantha (oh, yeah, our folks were big Bewitched fans). We have identical twin cousins just six weeks younger than we are, Melody and Kathy. We spent summers together from the time we were eight alternate years Sam and I would stay with Melody and Kathy, then they would come to visit us the next year. We live about a three hour drive from each other. There are usually long-weekend family visits at Easter and Christmas, too.

Our mothers are sisters. The families came up with this plan to give the grown-ups some time off during the summers. All four parents are teachers. Mom (Lauren) is a college writing teacher, Dad (Tom) teaches middle school math. Aunt Sue teaches high school math and Uncle Frank is a university history professor.

Our summers were mostly spent at Dad's family cottage at a big lake about two hours away. Aunt Sue and Uncle Frank have a nice home in the country on about 80 acres which they keep as a sort of nature preserve, with trails for hiking, bicycling, and cross-country skiing. Most of it is woods, but there is a small field which a farmer rents. Over the years, he's grown corn, soybeans, and hay there. Everything is posted to keep hunters out, but family friends and Scouts hike and occasionally camp overnight with permission.

The summer this adventure happened, Melody and Kathy were staying with us. Uncle Frank was teaching a course at a college in Texas, and Aunt Sue was with him, taking some classes. The four of us kids were close to best friends. My not being a girl didn't make any difference, we all pretty much stuck together all the time.

The big news this summer was that Melody and Kathy had both started their periods after last Christmas. Sam hadn't had hers yet, so this was a big deal to both of us; we wanted to know all the details! Mom and Dad had left us at the cottage for the day so they could go home to get mail and groceries, while we were free to entertain ourselves until they came back in time for supper.

Our favorite activities that year were biking to various places around the lake and sailing the 18-foot sailboat. This day there was hardly any wind, so we decided to pack a picnic lunch and ride our bikes to the old fire lookout tower that the State had opened to the public last year. We had been there once before already this year, and thought it was neat to climb to the top and pretend we were on duty, watching for smoke from a forest fire! It was a Tuesday in late June, so we weren't too surprised that we were the only ones there.

We'd packed sandwiches, chips, veggies, and pop. We ate on the shady side of the deck around the little room at the top. After we finished, Melody and Kathy said they needed to use the toilet (there was a gravel parking area, and a decent toilet building because it was a State recreational site).

As we gathered up the lunch trash to take down to the dumpster, Kathy got a small plastic box out of her backpack. Melody asked, "are there two in there, or do I need mine?" The answer was "Better get yours," but Sam and I were now very curious.

Last summer, we had done a little bit of "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours." No real sexual activity, just display and inspection. Sam and I had done the same sort of things a year or two before that, just satisfying our mutual interest in both our similarities and our differences.

This was something special and new. It was mysterious, it was something associated with adults and growing up, and it was somehow especially exciting, too. Much later, Melody and Kathy admitted to staging this to see if they could show off the fact they were superior to us in this way.

The girls said their periods had started this morning, and it was time to change their tampons before riding back to the cottage. Sam and I knew about sex, periods, and tampons, but had no first-hand experience, so Sam beat me to the punch, and started asking a bunch of questions.

The plastic cases each held three individually pink plastic wrapped objects. Each was about the diameter of a thumb, but about as long as a middle finger. Sam asked Melody to pass her one. Sam immediately tore the wrapper off, exposing something that looked like a bottle rocket with a short stick and a long fuse.

Sam was asking so many questions that Melody couldn't keep up. Finally, Kathy interrupted he, saying, "It will be easier if I just show you." She had us go into the little room for some privacy, just in case any visitors drove up. She spread out one of the picnic blankets, slid off her shorts and panties and spread her legs.

We could see one of the fuse-like strings coming from her vagina. She used her fingers to open her vulva so we could see better. Kathy pinched the end of the string, and sort of squatted down about half-way to the floor. She pulled on the string and soon the used tampon began to emerge from her vagina, then came all the way out, hanging from the string.

The end with the string was still mostly white, but the other end was pretty well saturated with dark red blood. The string end was still about the size of the tampon Sam had just opened, but the other end was spread out from absorbing Kathy's blood.

Kathy asked Sam and me if we wanted to examine the used one, and we both said "Yes." Sam was faster, grabbing it by the cleaner end. I was very surprised when she touched the other end to the back of her hand, saying, "It's very warm!" Of course, I had to check for myself, and held out the back of my hand for Sam to touch with it. She was right, it was very warm.

The tampon left just a trace of blood on our hands, it wasn't like it was so soaked that stuff was dripping off. Kathy had Sam drop it in an empty chip wrapper, Then she took several moist wipes out of her pocket, gave us each one to use to clean our hands, and then used another to wipe her vulva.

Next, Kathy lay on the blanket, with her knees up in the air. She took the new tampon, pulled the string out straight, saying, "Watch how I use it." She used the fingers of her left hand to separate her vaginal lips, exposing the opening. Her right hand pinched the back of the bigger part of the new tampon, and then she slowly eased it into her vagina. When it was as far in as she could manage, she used the pointer finger of her left hand to push the end of the stick down. Then she pulled what we learned later was the applicator (we read the instruction sheet back at the cottage lather that afternoon) out of her vagina, leaving the string visible, She sad, "there, that should be good until just before supper."

Kathy got up, and it was Melody's turn to remove her old one and put in a new one. Instead of laying down, she squatted like she was sitting on a toilet to pull out the old one and replace it with a new one.

I was fascinated, and jealous! I wanted to be able to do that, too! When I said so, Sam said she had an idea how I could. I first thought they were going to have me put one in my bottom, and started to protest that it would hurt and be messy, and I wasn't going to ride my bike home like that. Mel and Kathy asked Sam what she had in mind. Sam said she thought my mouth would make a close-enough pretend vagina, and the rest of us agreed that would be something to try.

I was so excited at the idea, that I got an erection, which I had to adjust so it wasn't uncomfortable. Kathy asked what I was doing, and I told her I had an erection. Her reaction was, "Can we see, please?"

I pulled off my shorts and underpants, and lifted the bottom of my shirt so my erection was visible. All three girls asked to touch it, and I said. "OK." At first they just touched it with a fingertip, but then Melody squeezed it gently to see just how hard it was, so of course, Sam and Kathy had to try that too. Sam said it was as warm as Kathy's tampon!

The girls asked if this happened a lot. I told them it was something that started last year. Sometimes I would have one in the morning when I woke up, and sometimes they would happen during the day. I told them I was more interested in learning about their tampons than talking with them about erections, but I would do it some other time.

I put my clothes back on, and said that I was willing to try the tampon in my mouth, but wanted either Kathy or Melody to put it in because they knew what to do. Sam said that if they were going to do it to me, they had to do it to her, too.

Melody took another tampon, unwrapped it, and pressed the plunger so that the actual tampon popped out into her hand. We carefully examined all three pieces, even reassembling and using it over again several times.

Kathy said that a vagina was not hollow, but was soft and flexible and would allow an object to enter. The vagina would gently surround and grasp whatever entered, not squeeze it hard. She thought that the mouth and tongue would work similarly. She said she would put a tampon in Sam's mouth, while Melody would put one in mine. Both Sam and I liked the idea of having this done at the same time, each watching the other.

Two more tampons were unwrapped, then the cousins each slid one in their own mouth several times.

Next, it was our turn! Sam and I sat on the blanket, facing each other. Our cousins brought the tampons to our lips, teasing us by just gently touching and rotating them without any pressure to insert them. Sam and I each applied some lip balm, and licked our lips as well. My erection was very firm, and Sam said later she had an unfamiliar pleasurable sensation that made her vagina sort of tingle.

Kathy said that on the count of three, she was going to gently and slowly press the tampon into Sam's mouth, and that Sam should softly press her tongue towards the roof of her mouth, putting a little sideways pressure on the tampon. When we heard the word. "Three," I felt the most wonderful sensation as Melody slid the tampon into my mouth at the same time I saw Kathy insert the one into Sam's mouth.

The cousins pulled the applicators out of our mouths, and repeated the insertions twice more. I was so happy! I was sharing this experience with my sister and our cousins; I felt I was a fourth girl right then.

Kathy said it was time to actually insert the tampons and remove the applicators. Once more the plastic slid between my lips, but this time, Melody gently pressed on the stick, pushing the tampon out of the applicator and just a little deeper into my mouth. I made sure that I pressed my tongue against it so it would stay in place as the applicator slid back out. It was so special watching Sam do the same thing. I was feeling exactly what she was feeling, something I had always liked. She and I stood up and hugged each other. We were both very happy.

Melody said that before the tampons were pulled out of our mouths, we should swallow some water or pop, to moisten and soften them. We did, then Sam reached for the string between my lips, and I reached for hers. Kathy softly counted, "One, two, three." We pulled very gently at first, then just a little more firmly, until, finally, I felt the tampon in my mouth starting to move. Sam kind of pulled he head back just a bit to get hers moving at the same time. When they popped out, I started crying, I was such a special thing we'd just experienced together.

I had always wished in the back of my mind that I had been born a girl, so Sam and I could be identical twins, like Melody and Kathy. This was the first time I'd had that dream come true.

I asked Melody and Kathy if they could teach me other things about being a girl. Kathy asked what sort of things I meant. I told her that from the time I was maybe four or five, I was very attracted to the feel of Mom's legs while she was wearing stockings and a slip as I would stand next to her, hugging her. I said that I thought some of their clothes were so pretty and soft, things like skirts, slips, nighties, one piece bathing suits, dance leotards, and panties. I even confessed to sometimes wishing I had hair long enough to brush and wear in braids or a pony tail.

All three girls giggled and said they would love to see me in some of their clothes, even suggesting we had time to have a fashion show that afternoon, before our folks came back, if we went back to the cottage right away. I was so excited, I think we were on the way in less than a minute! I think it was the fastest bike ride I ever made between the tower and cottage.

That was the first mutual truly sexual activity the four of us ever engaged in, but it surely wasn't the last! We did lots of other things that summer, and during most summers ever since.

Let me know if you liked this account, and if you would like to hear about some of our other activities over the years.

Karen Darren's alter ego.




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