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Before I begin, I would like to say that this story is 100 per cent true! I still can't believe it actually happened to me though!


My First Cock

By Jessica-Lou


Me and Tom had been best friends for a while now and in that time he had come to know everything there was to know about me. Well, almost everything. You see, for a long time now I had been wondering what it would be like to be a girl, and for the last week or so I had begun to have odd feelings around him. When I was around him I would get terribly aroused and he had started to be a regular participant in my fantasies! In fact, I’d tossed off thinking about him that very morning!

He was a very nice looking guy. He was slim and well muscled and very sensitive towards me! I think that is why I had started to like him so much.

Any way, he had invited me to stay round at his house that night, and of course I said yes – although I was a little nervous about it! His mother was going out for the night with her girlfriend and his sister was going out to celebrate her birthday. So, as we had his house to ourselves, we scraped together what money we had and got some drink. Nothing much as neither of us had ever really had much to drink before but still quite a bit!

As soon as we heard the front door shut behind his mother we were running to get the drink and the bottle opener! That wasn’t all we managed to find around the house though! His mother had forgotten her cigarettes and soon we were smoking away, each trying not to show the other how much it was making him cough and choke etc.

Needless to say, the combination of the alcohol and the nicotine soon had us quite out of it and we started talking to each other about more and more personal subjects.

Soon I was feeling very loose indeed and let slip that I had often thought about being a girl! Almost immediately I realised what I had just said and sat there in shock, waiting for the inevitable outbreak of disgust which was sure to come, but somehow never did!

Instead, he reacted in a completely different way! He said that if I had thought about it that often then maybe I should try on some of his sisters clothes to see if I liked it. Naturally, I was a bit hesitant but all for the idea so we went upstairs to her room with me taking off my clothes as we went. The first time I saw the inside of her room, I could only think that I wished I had grown up in an environment like that! It was so pink and feminine!

Without pausing to wait for me, tom went to one of the drawers an removed several objects from it and placed them on the bed. From the angle that I was standing at, I couldn’t quite see they were but as I moved to get a better position, so did he.

‘Now J,’ he said, ‘you cant wear these clothes with that hair all over you, go into the bathroom and shave everywhere!’

I was to into it by now to say no so I went into the bathroom and finding a razor, began the task of shaving my legs, arms, armpits and taking what he said literally, my groin!

Then when I was finished I went back into the bedroom to find that Tom was now naked as well and laying on the bed slowly stroking his winky. The sight of him laying there naked nearly drove me wild with desire and he couldn’t fail to notice the effect that he had had on my little friend! He was hard as a rock!

Moving to the side where the clothes had been layed out for me, I finally saw what he had chosen for me to where! Practically nothing! Just a matching set on thong, a little bra with padded cups an pink, and some white silky stocking!

Moving quickly and as I had seen my mother do on several occasions when I was younger I rolled up the stockings and then rolled them up my legs. The feeling of them against my newly bared legs was just too much and I came stood there with tom watching me!

‘Careful you don’t make too much of a mess J, I’d lick it up if I were you before it dries and makes a stain on the carpet!’ and without pause I promptly fell to my knees and lapped it all up! It wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be, a little salty but quite nice!

Having done that I looked up only to see toms cock close up to my face! It was huge! A lot bigger than it had seemed earlier. Without thinking I slowly reached out and wrapped my hand around it, stroking it gently, and then, acting on impulse I slowly put it into my mouth. It was hard at first but I managed to stretch my mouth wide enough in the end. I had heard about what I was doing, a girl at school once told me that she had given her boyfriend a blowjob and when I looked at her blankly she had explained it to me. So I knew what to do and I started sucking on it.

In no time it had started to twitch in my mouth and soon it spat his man milk into my mouth and all over my face and lips.

I swallowed it and stood up smiling at him. When we kissed it was almost electric and instead of trying to avoid his cum on my face, he just ignored it.

‘Well then’, he said ‘ if you are going to be my new girl friend I cant very well be calling you J any more can I?’


‘So what should I call you?’


‘Just Jessica?’

‘Jessica-Lou’ I said giggling.

‘Well Jessica-Lou, we’ve got lots more to do tonight so we had better get a move on hadn’t we?’

‘We have? what are we going to do?’

‘You will see Love, you will see.’

And see I did! we made love for the rest of that night with the pain that he caused in my anus soon giving way to pleasure.’

And so Jessica-Lou was found.

And so also we fell asleep together and were found by his sister in the morning. Me with his cum dribbling out of my ‘pussy’ and him with my hand wrapped around his now limp penis. Fear in our eyes as we woke up to see her looking at us, but also a longing to do more in my heart.


The End




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