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My Fantasy

by Tanya Lynn


I was 11 when I began to find out the truth about myself. I was a very withdrawn child, and didn't handle school well. I was overweight and didn't do well in gym. I had fleshy breasts that were made fun of as well. I just hated my life. My mom and dad did their best, but could tell that I was miserable. I was very emotional and cried easily. The only friend I had was the daughter of my mom's best friend. She was a year younger than I was, but it didn't matter. Her mom babysat me all the time. Once, when I was seven, I got caught in the rain, and had nothing else to wear. She was also overweight, so I wound up in a pair of her panties and a soft robe. We played that day and I never realized until much later how happy I was. I came home one day from school at age 11 and threw my stuff on my bed and cried. It had been a particularly bad day of bullying and I wanted to be alone. Little did I know that my mom and dad already had a theory on what was wrong and on how to cure it. My mom came in and I hid my tears. I had taken my shirt off and she said soon I would need a bra for my tits. It hurt at the time, but now, I see the plan and understand why she did it.

A week later, she asked me to fold the laundry while she was at work and I had a day off from school. Sitting on top of the pile was one of her bras. Her comment kept ringing in my head and I decided to try it on. It took me a while to figure it out, but it fit. It felt really good, so I decided what the hell and put on a pair of panties as well. It helped that she was a small adult and I was so big. I found a T-shirt and jeans and wore them over the bra and panties for the rest of the day. I had them stashed by the time mom got home. Why I thought she wouldn't notice, I don't know. But, I stashed them.

Then, we got told that my friend and her family were going to be out of town for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the summer. We still looked to be about the same size, so I started to fantasize about what I would do. When I saw her at school, I thought about wearing the dress or outfit she had on. Then, the day came. Since my parents both worked, I was glad to volunteer to go over everyday to water the plants and feed and play with their cat, which I loved. In my paranoia, I waited a day before I even went into her room. Then, I went to her drawer. I found the drawer with her bras and panties. Because of her size, she had developed early, so I found a bra with light padding that fit right away. I found a lacy pair of hi-cut panties and put them on. There was a matching blouse and skirt that I really liked and put them on. I pulled on the knee socks she normally wore with them and did my chores and sat and watched TV for a while before going home. When the two weeks were up, I couldn't help myself and took a pair of panties and a bra and stashed them. These felt more comfortable under the clothes I borrowed from my mom. I would dress everyday while they were at work.

Then, one day, Patty walked in on me. Since I had on one of my mom's dresses, it was hard to deny what I was doing. I started to cry and begged her not to tell. She asked me if I didn't think she would notice that I had worn her clothes? She was already keeping my secret. I changed and we went to her house. She gave me a slip to wear and then I put on one of her dresses. I wore my hair a little long anyway, and it was easily brushed to a girl's style. A little makeup and I would have made a pretty girl if I lost some weight. She told me that she was planning on losing weight, and if I wanted to continue to fit into her clothes, I would need to lose it too. This was all the motivation I needed. When I told my parents what I wanted to do, they were delighted. We both decided to take Karate for exercise mom even arranged for me to take diet pills. Over the next several months, we both started puberty and lost weight. But, my breasts not only didn't shrink, the nipples got real tender and didn't feel good unless I had the bra on. Our shapes were even similar. I noticed it was easier to conceal my penis when I dressed up as well.

Then, my mom and dad said they were going on a second honeymoon. They said they could trust me to stay alone and that Patty's parents would keep an eye out for me. They left first thing on a Saturday morning and Patty was over an hour later. I was dressed and made up quick and we went to the mall on the other side of the city where we wouldn't know anyone. I was starting to realize how feminine my shape was. I had on a tank top and a short skirt and tights. I looked just like a girl and got a lot of stares. Nobody blinked an eye as I shopped for girl's clothes and went to the ladies bathroom. I went home and laid out a dress for the next day. I put on a baby doll nightie that I had bought and Patty and I painted our toenails. I redid my fingernails in pink and went to bed as she went home. I awoke to someone gently shaking my shoulder. I woke with a start when I saw it was my mother.

She told me not to change but to come downstairs. I was ashamed as I stood before my mom and dad. Except for a slight bulge in my panties, I looked like a girl. Then, they blew me away with what they said. They had known all along about the cross-dressing. In fact, the diet pills they had given me were female hormones. My jaw must have dropped, because they said that the signs were there at a young age that I was a girl in a boy's body. They, with the help of Patty and her parents, had just helped me along. I knew that the way they did it was right- if they had just come out and told me, I would have said no way. Then, even better news. They were going to move because the company that mine and Patty's Dads worked for was expanding and wanted them to take over the new division in Florida. They were going to arrange, if I wished, to change my identity completely to a girl. I asked them what about this? I pointed to my penis as I said it. Then, they brought out a box that was gift-wrapped and told me to open it. Inside was what looked like a vagina. Unlike ones I had seen on the web, this was designed for long-term use. Mom helped me to get it on and then I put on the bikini I had bought the day before and a pair of shorts and a tank top. I ran over to Patty's house. Her Dad answered the door and said "hello, Tanya Lynn". This was the name I had for myself. Apparently, Patty had shared that. I smiled and said hi back and ran to her room. I immediately pulled down the shorts and showed her the lack of bulge and she thought it was great. I pulled off the bikini and she said she couldn't tell it wasn't real. I told her that if I lived for a year as a girl, my parents said I could have my penis tucked in surgically until I was 18 and could truly become a woman.

The next few weeks flew by as I helped get ready to move and lived full-time as a girl. There was so much to learn. Plus, I could only go where I wouldn't be recognized. Then, moving day came. My parents had donated my old boy's room stuff to charity and said I would get a surprise in Florida. I hadn't seen the new house yet, and when we got there, it was a dream. It had a living room, dining room, a den, and three bedrooms and 2 and a half bathrooms. I had my own bathroom. The bedroom was full of lacy curtains and girl's stuff including a vanity. Best of all was the pool. It had its own pool, and a screened in porch around it. I knew that I had finally found myself and would have a chance to truly live. To me, this truly was paradise.

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