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This story is meant for the reading enjoyment of adults only. It contains forced feminization, bisexual male male sex and female domination. If those topics offend you, don't read it. All others enjoy. Please send any comments to I love to hear from you.


My Fantasy Becomes Reality

by 4play


On Friday afternoon my wife Pat told me that she thought it was time to get a little kinky again. I was delighted to hear her express such thoughts! Usually it was me that had to ask, plead and beg for a little exotic sex before we would do anything other than tender lovemaking. It had been a long time since we'd played kinky sex games and I was more than ready to go along with her suggestion. She led me into the bedroom and had me remove my shirt while she got the arm restraints from under the bed. She secured each of my arms to one of the vertical bedposts so that I was facing the bed. Once I was firmly secured, she smiled sweetly at me and said, " You've been wanting some kinky sex for quite some time and now you will get your wish fulfilled and then some!" Grasping my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, she firmly squeezed and twisted them causing me to wince in pain as she informed me, " Tonight you will not speak except to respond to my questions or orders and then you will refer to me as Mistress!" She twisted my nipples again as she asked; " Do you understand?" "Yes Mistress." I gasped in stunned surprise at her unexpected display of aggressiveness. My normally sweet wife was determined to play the dominant role completely tonight. She smiled approvingly at my meek response. The very act of my submitting to her demand that she be called Mistress helped her gain confidence in her new role. She stripped off my pants, shoes and socks and walked out of the room leaving me naked and helpless. As she left she coyly told me; " Don't go away, I'll be back." I could hear her chuckling to herself as she walked down the hall.

Pat stayed gone for awhile, which gave me time to wonder what she had planned for this evening. When, at last, she returned the first thing she did was to put the black hood over my head and tighten the laces leaving me blindfolded. She said, " I want to preserve the element of surprise, I'll take the hood off when I'm ready for you to see what I've got planned for you." The next thing I felt was her soaping up my nipples and underarms with shaving cream. She began shaving the hair from around my nipples and then continued on to shave my underarms. I squirmed a bit as I realized that with summer coming on, I would be unable to go shirtless during the hot weather. I guessed that her plan was to feminize me for the night {a game that I loved) which was fine with me, but I didn't want to look like a fool in front of our friends. Once she was finished shaving my armpits, she sat on the bed and lifted one of my legs across her knees. She spread foam all over my leg and quickly shaved it clean before setting it down on the floor and grabbing the other leg. As she shaved the other leg, I realized that wearing shorts outside of the house would allow everyone who saw me to notice my shaved legs. Things were getting out of hand, but there was little I could do about it now! I felt a tug at my pubic hair and then both felt and heard the snip of scissors as she cropped short the hair above my genitals. Soon she spread foam in that area as well as on my scrotum and shaved both areas completely bald. She got behind me and even shaved the hairs from around my ass and between my legs. She stood back and said; " Now your body is as smooth as a baby's bottom. I guess it's time to turn you into my slave girl." I shuddered with a mixture of fear and eager anticipation. I knew that this session would have repercussions that would haunt me over the warm months to come, but loved it when she dressed me up and used me as her slave girl.

Pat lifted each of me feet in turn and painted my toenails a bright red. Even though I couldn't see the color, I knew the color was bright red. The long fake fingernails were next applied to each of my fingers and a fresh coat of polish put on them. Pat then left the room to smoke a cigarette while the polish dried. When she returned she forced my feet into high-heeled shoes. I had repeatedly urged her to wear very high-heeled shoes, telling her how sexy they would look. " Now let's see how sexy you think they are when you try to walk in them!" she said. She laughed when she saw that I could barely stand up in them. " After you wear them for an evening, you'll understand why I don't wear those damned high-heeled shoes." I murmured," Yes Mistress." She took the nipple chain out and slipped the noose on each end over each of my nipples, put a drop or two of super glue on each nipple and pulled the nooses snugly tight. I thought of how difficult it would be to get that chain off and how she might use it to lead me around with.

About this time, I heard the doorbell ring! I wondered who would possibly be stopping by at this time. Pat gave me a slap on the ass and said, " Stay right here while I answer the door." " Very funny." I thought. Here I stand naked, shaved, helplessly tied and wearing these shoes and she says stay here! As if I had any other option! I heard Pat talking, but so quietly I couldn't hear what she was saying. After a couple of minutes, I heard the door close and she came back to the bedroom. I asked her who was at the door and received a swat on the ass in reply. " Remember slave, you are not to speak unless I tell you to!"

" Yes Mistress, please forgive me" I stammered. With my bare ass hanging out there, I didn't want her to get too upset with me. Pat smeared a heavy coat of lipstick on my lips, which I knew would also be a bright shade of red. She rubbed my freshly shaved parts with a sweet smelling lotion and then said, " I think it's time for the hood to be removed so you can see how much trouble I've gone through for you."

She untied the hood and slipped it off of my head. Once I could see again, I looked around and saw our friend Rhett was standing in the doorway of our bedroom!

Rhett went to Pat and kissed her warmly for a couple of minutes before turning his attention to me. He looked me over closely and told Pat what a wonderful job of getting her slave ready she'd done. He reached down, fondled my hairless balls and gave them a menacingly meaningful squeeze as he asked me, " You are going to be an obedient slave, aren't you bitch?" Feeling totally helpless, I meekly replied, Yes Sir." Rhett tugged at my nipple chain and rubbed his other hand over my ass cheeks. He told me, " You're going to serve us in any way we desire tonight. We will have some fun with you tonight slave." The matter of fact tone he used sent shivers down my spine. He and Pat had definitely discussed their plans for this evening and I was obviously going to be their play toy. Pat placed a lacy apron on me which covered my newly shaven genitals, but left my ass bare. She and Rhett looked me over as she stated, " I think our maid looks good enough to serve us now." Rhett agreed with her and they decided that if I were released I could begin to serve them. They unfastened my hands, which left me wobbling on those ridiculously high heels. Without my hands firmly fixed in place, it was difficult to stand. "Go get a glass of wine for us slave." Pat commanded. I replied, " Yes Mistress." I took great care in walking, and found that I could manage those heels if I kept most of the weight on the balls of my feet. It wasn't easy, but I managed to fill two goblets with wine and return to the bedroom. Rhett and Pat were busy fondling each other as I handed them their wine.

Rhett ordered, " Undress your Mistress for me Slave." I went to my wife and started by unzipping her dress down her back. After I lowered the dress to the floor and she stepped out of it, I laid it carefully on the upper crosspiece. My hands unfastened her bra and it was also removed allowing her breasts to be exposed. I slipped down her panties and hung them over the crosspiece also. Rhett gazed lustfully at her naked body and exclaimed, " You look very beautiful tonight Pat darling." She stood there proudly for a moment and then told me, " Now slave, you can undress your master for me." I sure hadn't expected this! I dutifully went to him and began unbuttoning his shirt. I removed it, exposing his hairy chest and thought of the contrast between his hairy body and my own hairless one. I carefully hung the shirt over the crosspiece. I had to kneel to untie his shoes, but soon had his shoes and socks off. I unfastened his belt and unzipped his fly hoping that he would finish the rest of the job. Rhett snapped, " Go ahead slave, do it!" Having no choice, I lowered his pants to the floor and looked up to see his cock staring me in the face! He wore no underwear! Pat laughed at my discomfort at being on my knees inches away from another man's cock.

Looking at my situation gave her a sudden inspiration and she commanded, " Go ahead slave, suck his cock to get it hard for me." I looked at her in disbelief, my eyes pleading for mercy that was not forthcoming. Rhett took my head in his hands and pulled it closer to his crotch saying, " Suck it good bitch, I intend to make love to your Mistress and you will get me hard for her." I took his cock in my hands and as I put it to my lips, my red painted nails clearly showed my new status. I lightly kissed the head of his cock, then parted my lipstick-covered lips and took it into my mouth. Fortunately, he was already somewhat turned on and it only was a matter of a few minutes before he was rock hard and starting to thrust deeply into my mouth. He pulled my head back away from his crotch exclaiming, " This bitch has one hot mouth. If she kept that up I'd have wasted the orgasm I was saving for you Pat." Pat smiled coyly and said, " If I know you, you have lots of them in you."

Pat sat on the bed and ordered, " Come here slave and lick me to get me ready for Rhett." I crawled over between her legs and she spread her legs and lay back on the bed. I began to lick lovingly at her vaginal lips as she placed her legs over my shoulders. She kept me at this task until she was literally squirming with lust. She finally swivelled around to lie completely on the bed and said, " Come Here Rhett darling, I want to our maid to see how a real man pleases a woman." Rhett happily climbed into bed with her and began kissing her breasts as I knelt beside the bed. When he was ready to enter her, he told me, " Ok slave, take your hand and guide me inside your wife's wonderful pussy." He was doing his best to make my humiliation complete by making me help him use my wife for his pleasure. I took his rock hard cock in my hand, placed it at her opening and quickly withdrew my hand as he thrust himself inside of her. As they began their trip to ecstasy, Pat reached her hand over and grabbed my nipple chain. By holding tightly onto the chain while she thrashed wildly on the bed, the tempo of her pleasure was painfully transmitted through my nipples. When, at last, they reached their orgasms and lay relaxing in satiated satisfaction; I was left kneeling beside the bed with throbbing nipples.

Rhett rolled off of her and swung her back around so that her legs were again over my shoulders. He sarcastically said, " We don't want to leave you out of the fun, so be a good maid and clean up your Mistress with your tongue." I found myself looking at his come slowly draining out of her vagina. Never before had I tasted come, not even my own and yet here I was being forced to lick up what he had left there. Pat took my head in her hands and placed my mouth on her crotch and I began licking away. A couple of times she quivered with additional orgasms as I lapped up his semen. Finally she'd had enough and pushed me away. She lay there for several minutes in satiated bliss before she said; " Now you can lick my juices off of Rhett's magnificent cock." I moved over to where Rhett sat on the edge of the bed and began using my tongue to clean his cock. The strong scent of recent sex assailed my nostrils and the humiliation of kneeling there licking this man who had just made love to my wife was overpowering. I knew that I had to comply with Mistress's wishes and slavishly obeyed. Rhett fondled my aching nipples as he praised my efforts saying: " That's a good bitch. Clean it up nicely for me." He kept me licking away at his cock and hairy balls for several minutes to demonstrate his control over me before pushing me away. He took Pat's hand and said, " Come on Dear, let's go to the hot tub for a bit." She kissed him and they walked out of the bedroom, leaving me behind. Pat told me to refill their glasses and bring them to the tub. I was being treated like their maid. In my fantasies this degradation had seemed exciting, but the reality was horrible.

Walking in those ridiculous high-heeled shoes was very tricky. It took great care not to trip or twist an ankle. I managed to make it to the refrigerator and refilled their glasses with wine. I sneaked a gulp of wine for myself to help get the nasty taste out of my mouth. After straightening my apron, I took the glasses out to the hot tub. Pat and Rhett sat there pleasantly chatting and lightly caressing each other as my heels resounded off the wooden deck. He was sitting there enjoying my woman while I was reduced to nothing but a servant. In order to hand them their glasses, I found it necessary to curtsy to get low enough.

Rhett remarked, " What a nice feminine gesture that bitch used." Pat reached under my apron and fondled my hairless balls before saying, " Yes, I think she should be made a real woman." Rhett reached up and fondled my bare ass. " She does have a nice ass." He said. They both chuckled as I blushed. They were talking about me as if I was an object instead of a person.

They sat there enjoying the warm water and each other's company for some time as I stood there meekly awaiting further orders. I envied Rhett enjoying the perks of being a man while; I was being treated as their servant. When they were satisfied with their soak, Pat told me to bring them some towels. I dutifully went into the house and returned with two bath towels. Pat emerged from the tub and told me to wipe her body dry. The beauty of her sexy body seemed overwhelming as I wiped her dry. I wanted to take her to bed right now, but knew that was impossible in my current state. Rhett got out of the tub and ordered me to wipe him dry also. As I obeyed, his hairy body sharply contrasted to my pitifully hairless condition. He seemed to take particular pleasure in having me pat dry his genitals. He told Pat, " I think our maid likes my cock." She chuckled and replied, " She should, I know that I sure do." Then she kissed him. They wrapped their towels around themselves and walked into the house leaving me to totter along behind them.

Once inside, Pat said sweetly, " Rhett darling, I know that you love anal sex. I can't stand that stuff, but we do have a sissy bitch available for you if you'd care to use it." He smiled and said, " That's right, we do." His hand reached out and fondled my bare ass. Pat sat down on the couch with her wine glass and said, " She wants to be a woman, let her be used like one! I want to watch the bitch squirm." He took this as his cue to order me to my knees. I hadn't expected anything like this, but true to my slave role I knelt in front of him. He dropped his towel to the floor and put his cock to my lips saying, " Suck me hard bitch, then I'm going to fuck your sissy cunt." I looked pleadingly at Pat, but she sternly said, " Go on, do it. Remember this kinky sex stuff was all your idea!" Having no choice I opened my lips and took his cock into my mouth. Rhett remarked, " This bitch is getting to be a good cocksucker." With a little sucking on my part, he was soon hard again. I thought, " This guy is like a machine." When he started hitting the back of my throat, he decided it was time to fuck. He pushed me down on my back and motioned for Pat to sit on my face. She straddled my head and lowered her pussy down onto my mouth. She ordered me to lick her as her hand grabbed onto my nipple chain. Rhett raised my ass by bending my legs over his shoulders and slowly entered my virgin hole. My moans were muffled by her pussy, but it hurt a lot. With my tongue working on Pat's bottom, every thrust Rhett made was instantly transmitted to her pleasure zone. Soon she was squirming to the rhythm of his thrusts, and jerking on the nipple chain to torment me in the same tempo. By the time Rhett emptied his balls in my ass, Pat had achieved orgasm also. I lay trapped with throbbing nipples, weary tongue and a sore ass while they kissed and caressed each other. In my fantasies, the submissive role had always seemed like such sexy fun, but the reality was horrible!

We stayed in this bizarre pose until they had both recovered from their sexual bliss. They stood up and Pat even helped me to my feet. She told Rhett, " That was great my lover. I really enjoyed myself, and I hope you did too." He answered, " I loved it too honey. I'm not sure our slave did though, but that doesn't concern me much." Pat laughed and said, " The bitch has been bugging me for a long time now to get into kinky sex games. I kept resisting, but now I'm glad we did this. I loved it and we'll do this again soon." Rhett kissed her deeply.

Pat untied my apron and left me standing there naked and hairless in those damned heels. She told Rhett, " The only one who hasn't come is our maid. Shall we let her have one?" He replied, " Sure, why not? It might be fun to watch." He looked me in the eye and ordered, " Go ahead slave, play with yourself." By now, I was totally humiliated and having lost my will to resist reached down and began to stroke myself. They seemed to enjoy watching my pitiful efforts to arouse myself. With all of the degrading things I'd been through my cock wasn't responding like it should have been. Rhett said, " I guess the bitch is only good for being used as a sex toy. I can't imagine ever being able to please a fine lady like you with that thing." Pat put her lips to my nipple and indicated to Rhett to suck on the other one. Despite the throbbing ache in those nipples, I started to get aroused. They kept sucking until Pat sensed my imminent orgasm, when she held her empty wine glass at the tip of my cock catching my spurts as they gushed out until not a drop remained. She lifted the glass to my lips saying, " Drink it down you slutty little cocksucker." I looked at her in shocked disbelief, but, when she began squeezing my hairless balls, I drank every drop as it ran from the glass. Pat grinned at Rhett and said, " Now that this slut is a cocksucker, she might as well get used to swallowing cum. I'll have her service you whenever you drop over and if you like, you can bring other guys over to use her too." She kissed Rhett warmly.

Rhett pinched my ass while telling me, " I'm going to enjoy using you." Pat just stood there smiling sweetly, enjoying my discomfort. She took Rhett by the hand and led him towards the bedroom. As they walked away leaving me standing there naked, my cum in my mouth and Rhett's cum leaking from my ass, I heard her saying, " I loved having him as my husband, but having a slave around here could be fun too." In a few minutes I heard them summon me to the bedroom. When I walked into the room, Pat was already in bed. Rhett took the roll of duct tape and used it to tape my hands to my thighs, wrapped a few more turns around my body at the elbows and finally tied my ankles together also. He then lifted my naked body into bed on the opposite side from Pat. He crawled into the middle of the bed and turned out the light. He and Pat kissed and caressed for a few minutes before she rolled over and went to sleep. He then reached over and pinched my nipple with one hand while fondling my bald privates with the other. Once he had me aroused he whispered, " Sleep tight bitch, we'll have more fun in the morning." Then he turned over to sleep, leaving me with an erection and a mindful of worries. What had I gotten myself into? This was supposed to be just a " game". I hadn't even considered the possibility of Pat liking this so much that she would want to continue it, much less repeat it. With such disturbing thoughts running through my mind, it took a long time before I finally drifted off to sleep.

The sun was streaming through the windows when, Pat and Rhett talking next to me in the bed awakened me. Pat was telling him how much she enjoyed watching me being fucked like a woman. She said, " He has had fantasies about being forced into the woman's role for a long time and now he knows what it feels like." She noticed that I was awake and asked me, " Was it as much fun as you thought it would be slave?" I meekly shook my head no. Rhett told her; " Since you enjoyed it so much we might as well do it again. We have a slave right here, awaiting our pleasure." To my surprise, Pat replied, " Why not? Let's make the bitch please us both again." She crawled over and straddled my face. Rhett untied my ankles and forced my legs up and apart. He shoved his cock up my ass and began slowly moving it in and out. Pat was forcing me to lick her pussy while he was fucking me. His hands were caressing Pat's breasts and they kissed each other as they both rode my body. Rhett ordered, " Wrap your smooth legs around me bitch and wiggle that ass for me." Pat added, " And keep licking too! Don't let what Rhett's wonderful cock is doing to you distract you from pleasing your Mistress." Her hands went down and she began stroking me with one hand while tugging on my nipple chain with the other. With all the intense stimulation I was getting it wasn't long before I spurted come all over my own stomach. Seeing that she had accomplished her plan of draining me, she soon reached her own orgasm. She kissed Rhett, got off my face and began scooping my come off of my belly and putting it in my mouth. She told Rhett, " Go ahead, make the bitch moan." He was willing, and began ramming himself in rough strokes until I was moaning and groaning. He finally spurted deep inside of me. He pulled out and gave me a slap on the ass saying, " Not too bad bitch." Then he and Pat kissed and caressed each other leaving me to lie there feeling very used and abused. My nipples hurt, my ass was sore and my mouth tasted of my own come.

After they had cuddled for a bit discussing me as if I wasn't there, they finally untied me. "Go clean yourself up bitch and then you can make us some breakfast." Rhett commanded. Pat added, " And put on fresh lipstick too." I hobbled out of bed and into the shower. After I was clean and dry, I applied another thick coat of the red lipstick. As I went to retrieve my nightie, Pat said, " Forget that, You might as well stay naked." She and Rhett went out to the hot tub while I fixed a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, toast and orange juice. When the coffee was done and the table set, I went out to inform them that breakfast was ready. They were laughing and enjoying themselves in stark contrast to the misery I felt. I helped my naked wife out of the hot tub and dried her with a towel. She wrapped the towel around her and walked into the house. Rhett had emerged from the tub on his own, but insisted that I wipe him dry also. He really seemed to enjoy my humiliation as I dried his genitals. He took his towel, wrapped it around himself and walked into the house leaving me to follow behind.

While I served their meal they chatted merrily, savoring the fun time they were having. I stood like a servant refilling their coffee when needed and awaiting any orders. I know that my fantasy of being submissive seemed great, but the reality was quite unnerving. Watching my wife fawning over this guy while treating me like her slave was very humiliating. They had towels wrapped around them while I was naked. My painted nails clearly symbolized my new status. As I refilled Rhett's coffee cup, he reached his hand out and fondled my hairless balls. He told Pat, " Our slave's hairless body looks so cute, don't you think Dear?" She smiled and sweetly replied, " Oh yes indeed so. I always loved him as my husband, but having a slave can be lots of fun too. Having him fix breakfast was so nice that I think I'll come up with lots more duties for him." I just stood there in his grasp blushing.

Pat was smoking a cigarette after they finished eating when Rhett asked Pat, " Would you mind if I had slave give me a blow job before I go?" She answered, " Of course not Rhett honey. I told you that his mouth is yours to use whenever you want." She looked at me and ordered, " Get to it slave, and be sure you swallow every drop of his wonderful come." I looked at her with my eyes pleading for mercy. She merely laughed and said, " Remember being a slave was all your idea, now you'd better enjoy it." Of course, she was right, this slave scene had been a fantasy of mine for years. I had been asking her to try acting out a similar scene for a long time and now that she had finally done it, she wasn't about to let me off the hook. Realizing the hopelessness of my situation, I knelt in front of Rhett and undid his towel. My painted fingernails contrasted with the color of his cock as I put it to my lips. I lightly kissed the tip, ran my tongue around the base of the head and took it into my mouth. Rhett tilted my head upwards a bit and told me, " Keep looking at my eyes slave." As I stared at him, he began thrusting his hips. " That's a good bitch, keep sucking while I fuck your mouth." Pat encouraged him saying, " That's it Rhett darling, fuck that sissy mouth." She was clearly enjoying my degrading humiliation. She wondered why she had resisted the idea for so long now that she was getting all the pleasure she wanted, while I was made to perform the sex chores she disliked. Rhett was delighted with the total freedom of being able to have loving sex with her and use me to satisfy his kinkier desires. I was the one who had gotten into a bad situation. His hands grabbed my head and held it firmly in place as he began ramming into my mouth more forcefully. I was gagging and had tears streaming down my cheeks when he finally shot his load into my mouth. He held me in place until his spasms stopped, then pushed me to the floor. " You're getting to be a pretty good cocksucker." He said. Pat nodded her agreement before saying, " We'll just have to make sure slave gets lots more practice." She leaned over and kissed him lovingly as I sat stunned and naked on the floor.

Rhett told me to clear off the table and clean up the kitchen while he and Pat finished their conversation. I got to my feet and resumed my maid's duties. While I worked, I could hear them talking like lovers. I did manage to sneak a drink of orange juice to help rinse the taste of semen from my mouth. About the time everything was cleaned up, they walked by me on the way to the bedroom. Pat ordered, " Slave come here and dress your master." I meekly walked into the bedroom and picked up Rhett's shirt. I slipped it on him, but before I could start to button it up, he pulled my head to his nipple. " Suck my nipple like a good bitch." He ordered. I sucked his nipple while he tugged on my nipple chain. He pulled my head to the other nipple so I could give each equal time. "Very nice, but I really have to get going. If I get hard again, I'll have to fuck your "pussy" again." He said pushing me away. I got his pants and after he stepped into them pulled them up to his waist. He demanded, " Kiss my cock goodbye slave. After all, it's been in your mouth and up your ass and is worthy of great respect from such a slut." I kissed his cock, which brought a round of applause from Pat. I zipped up his pants and then bent to put on his socks and shoes. When he was dressed, he told me to put my nightie on. I was glad to, being the only naked one was uncomfortable.

He gave me a loving pat on the ass and said, " It was fun sweetie." He went to Pat, kissed her deeply and thanked her for a wonderful time. " We'll have to do this again, real soon." Pat stood there glowing with pleasure for a few seconds and then said, " For sure! I can hardly wait Dear."

She walked him to the door where they kissed again and he left. She came back into the bedroom and looked at me. " Just look at yourself, painted nails, lipstick, no hair and wearing a nightie. You wanted to be a sissy slave, now you are one! Did you enjoy acting out your fantasy?" I shook my head no. "Well that's too bad, because I had a wonderful time. Things are not going to be the same around here now that I've lost respect for you, but having a slave is fun." She sat on the bed, spread her legs and pointed to her pussy. " Lick me slave, pleasure your mistress. " she commanded. I'd expected the game to be over long before this. Obviously, Pat no longer considered this slave thing as a game. As I knelt and began licking her nether lips, she lightly tugged on my nipple chain. She continued talking as I licked her towards orgasm, " It was so sexy watching Rhett fuck you like a bitch. I loved having you suck him hard so he could make love to me; even more I loved it when you licked his come from me afterwards." She was breathing hard now and her hips bucked as I tongued her clit. Her orgasm left her exhausted. She stroked my head idly saying, " You make a good slave." She brought my face up to hers and kissed me.

Pat had me lie on the bed beside her and fondled my hairless balls telling me how cute they were. She fondled my tits as if I was a girl. She got of bed and got out the double-headed dildo, put a bit of lube on it and slowly shoved one end up my ass. " You will be my little lezzie toy." She purred. Putting the other end inside her hot pussy, she began to fuck me. " Moan for me baby, put your legs around my back and move your ass; I'm doing all the work here." She began masturbating me as she rode me towards another orgasm. When I spurted onto my stomach, she intensified her tempo and reached her climax. She scooped up my come with her hand and placed it in my mouth. She had me lick her fingers clean, then pulled herself off the dildo leaving the other end still inside of me. " You know," she said, " this being dominant is really great." She patted me on the ass saying, " I'm going to take a nap now, just leave that dildo in there, we'll play some more when I wake up." With that said, she rolled over and went to sleep.

While she slept, I reflected on my new situation. Here I was lying there with a dildo still in me, wearing a nightie and nails polished. I had experienced a long awaited fantasy, but it seemed to have totally changed our relationship. Pat had discovered the thrill of having power over me and didn't appear anxious to relinquish it. Could acting out my kinky fantasy really change our relationship so drastically? Was Pat serious when she told Rhett that he could use me whenever he stopped by? What other duties for me was she referring to? I hoped that when she awoke the "game" would be over, but feared that it was no longer a game.




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