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My Daughter Tammy

by Janis Elizabeth


I was surprised that Friday afternoon when I walked into my bedroom and saw my son Tommy sitting in front of my vanity while dressed in some of my satin lingerie. He was oblivious to my presence as he looked at himself in the mirror. While I was surprised at what I saw, I was not shocked by Tommy's appearance. Over the last few weeks, since school had let out for the summer, I thought I had noticed my lingerie somewhat disarrayed in my dresser drawer from how I had thought I had put it away. Even a few of my satin blouses and skirts in my closet appeared to be hung up slightly incorrectly and even in a different place from where I thought I had placed them. I had simply attributed these things to my being hasty or on having my thoughts elsewhere as I hung up my clothes or put away my lingerie.

As I stood there watching my son, I noticed that he had on a knee-length white satin full slip, which was one of my favorites. With a dreamy look on his face, he was gently fondling the lace on the bodice of the slip that obviously covered a bra well filled with something. I assumed he had on the white satin bra and panties that matched the slip. However, detracting from this feminine image was a very unladylike bulge that was evident in his crotch. After a few seconds of observation, I spoke up softly and asked if he would like me to help him with his makeup. My poor Tommy was so startled at hearing my voice that I thought he was going to jump out of his skin. He turned toward me and was really quite embarrassed as he attempted to stammer out an explanation. I gently quieted him and asked him to come over and sit on my bed next me.

Hesitantly, he made his way to the bed. He would not look at me but kept his eyes glued to the floor. As I sat next to him, I noticed that he was also wearing a garter belt and a pair of my stockings. I lifted his chin so that he could look at me and asked if he liked wearing my clothes. Even though he was embarrassed that I caught him, he replied, "Yes Mom, I do like wearing them. I promise you though I will never do it again."

I put my finger to his lips as a hushing gesture and then told him I wasn't asking him to give up something that he obviously seemed to enjoy. I simply wanted to know why he had done it. Slowly and haltingly, he told me that he had always admired the clothes that I wore, especially the satin outfits and lingerie. He felt that I always looked so sensuous and classy when I was dressed that way. Tommy had an urge that continued to grow within him to try on some of my things, to see how they felt. One day, about six months ago, he felt that he really had to wear something of mine and see what it was like to wear satin. He went into my room and tried on a pair of satin panties, which he absolutely loved. Since then he had been going into my room and dressing in various items of apparel.

After listening to his explanation, I put my arm around him, pulled him close to me and gently stroked his hair. I told him not to be upset and that what he did was just a part of his natural curiosity. As he calmed down and looked at me, he asked if I was upset that he was wearing my things. I assured him that I wasn't at all mad at him or displeased with what he had done. He then said something that was totally unexpected to me and was a complete surprise. Tommy said, "Mom, your things are so nice, I wish I could wear them all the time. In fact, I wish that I were your daughter rather than your son, so that I could dress and be like you all the time."

I sat silently thought about what he had just said. Deep down, I had really wanted a daughter who I could dress in pretty things and help to grow into a lovely young woman. However, I had been blessed with only one child and that was my son Tommy. Before speaking, I considered carefully what I would next say to him.

I again told him that I was not upset or distressed with him. I paused briefly to organize my thoughts before proceeding, knowing that if I stopped now, I would not be able to continue with what I wanted to say. I asked Tommy if he would, with my assistance, coaching and support, like to become my daughter Tammy, if not fulltime then at least on a part time basis. He looked at me with awe and wonderment on his face as he asked me if that would really be possible. I assured him that it would be our little secret. After he heard my assurance, a broad smile covered his face and he hugged me tightly. When he asked me when he could start being my daughter, I looked lovingly into his eyes and said that right now would be a good time to start. Needless to say he was very enthusiastic about it.

My first question to her was how had she managed to fill her bra so nicely. Tammy smiled sheepishly and said that she had used several pairs of her socks to give her some shape. While not giving her the heft of real breasts, they did fulfill the intent of filling up her bra cups. I smiled at her and said I would give her something better. First, she needed to remove her slip and then take the socks out her bra cups. While she was doing this, I went to my dresser and found a pair of realistic b-sized breast forms. Returning to Tammy, I carefully placed them into her bra. She could notice the added weight of her breasts now in her bra. Also, Tammy could see them jiggle as she moved about. This caused her to smile broadly. She then looked at me and asked how I happened to have breast forms. I replied that I had been in a hurry to develop and my mother had gotten them for me to "fill in" until nature caught up.

I told Tammy that our next act was to lessen the unsightly bulge in her panties. She blushed and asked me what to do. I indicated that she should go into the bathroom and relieve herself into some tissues. She must make sure that she cleaned herself carefully afterwards. Tammy quickly headed to the bathroom where, even with the door closed, I could hear her loud sighs and moans as she pleasured herself. When finished, she came back into the bedroom with a broad smile on her face. I then proceeded to show her how she could maintain a smooth looking front on her panties. After tucking her in properly, I positioned a clean maxi pad in her panties. This, I assured her, would keep things in place and give her the look that she desired. I then had her put her slip back on.

Tammy then looked at me and asked if my offer to assist her with her makeup was still open. I smiled, nodded my head and indicated that she should sit down in front of my vanity. I reminded her to smooth her slip under her when she sat and to keep her legs together in a ladylike position. As I started doing her face, I commented that, since she was a teenage girl, her makeup should be done in moderation. I told her that too many young girls tended to go overboard with their makeup, thus cheapening their looks and hiding their own natural beauty. I applied a little foundation and powder to her face. Next, came a little pink blush on her cheekbones and some pink eye shadow on her lids. After a moment's thought, I felt it would be acceptable for her to wear mascara. I applied it to the upper and lower lashes. Lastly, I applied some pink lipstick to Tammy's lips. I made them as full as possible. Tammy was watching my every action intently. At last, when I had her blot her lips on some tissue, she looked at herself intently in the mirror and felt that she looked pretty. I assured her that she was very pretty and would look so much nicer once I did something with her hair.

Fortunately, she had tended to wear it longish for a boy, even though it looked somewhat unkempt. I covered Tammy with a pink shampoo cape and spray misted some water on her hair. I carefully combed the damp hair until it was hanging straight. I first trimmed up the ends and then applied styling gel to her hair. Using some rollers, I put her hair up and covered it with a pink hairnet. I put the plastic bonnet of my hair dryer on her head so she would dry. I then cleaned up her fingernails. Before I could apply the matching pink polish, the dryer shut off. Removing the hairnet and the rollers, I took brush and comb and styled Tammy's hair into a lovely style, one perfectly befitting a teenage girl. I then sprayed some hairspray to hold her hair in place.

Lastly, I coated her fingernails with two coats of the pink polish. Tammy absolutely loved the way her nails looked after they were polished and told me so. I used my blow dryer to help speed up the drying of her nails. Tammy continued to admire the new reflection gazing back at her from the mirror as her nails were drying. She smiled shyly as she took in her new feminine image. She tilted and turned her head to look at herself from different angles. When she was dry, I removed the protective cape and put away my dryer. Before I would let her stand though, I took my best perfume and sprayed some on her. As she breathed in this scent, she looked at me, smiled and said, "Mom, this perfume is heavenly."

So that I would know what to have her wear, I asked her what she would like to do this evening. She looked at me and asked if I thought she could go out in public. I assured her that she was very pretty and the only attention she would get would be from the boys, giving her the once over. This caused her to smile and blush at the same time. She then said that on her first night out, she would like to go to a nice restaurant with me and have dinner. If we could, she wanted us to dress as much alike as possible. With that in mind, I went to my closet and selected two satin sheaths, alike in every detail except for the color. One was in dark green and the other was in royal blue. Both had short sleeves, a high neckline and a belt.

I held them up and asked Tammy which one she would like to wear. As she looked at them, she said, "Mother, they are both very beautiful. However, I would like to wear the royal blue dress tonight." I assured her that was fine. I unzipped it, removed it from the hanger and handed it to her to put on. Once she had slid it over her head and down her body, she turned her back and asked, "Mother, would you zip me up, please?" I was taken briefly by surprise. I never expected to hear my daughter say those words to me. I quickly zipped up the dress for Tammy and then helped her with the matching belt. She commented on how nice the dress felt on her body. I had her wear a single strand of pearls around her neck along with pearl clip-on earrings. A gold watch went around her wrist.

I brought out matching shoes with a three-inch heel. I asked Tammy if she had worn my heels before. She smiled and said that she had worn only those with a one-inch heel and had managed. I had her sit while I put them onto her feet. I then held onto her while she stood and got used to walking in them. She had the tendency to want to lean forward, which I assured her would only cause her to fall. I had her stand straight so that her weight was more evenly distributed and then held her arm as she slowly walked around. Soon she was able to walk without any difficulty.

I asked her to sit on the bed and talk with me while I changed my clothes. I noticed that she carefully smoothed the skirt of her dress under her as she gently sat down. I removed my black full, satin skirt, my white blouse and heels. It felt strange standing there in my lingerie in front of my femininely dressed son. As I refreshed my makeup, Tammy and I talked about her feelings now that she was properly dressed. I put on my dress and asked Tammy to zip me up. She smiled as she zipped the dress and said, " Did that feel as strange to you as my asking you earlier to zip me up?" I looked at her and nodded my head. I reached out and gave her a big hug.

Before we departed, I made sure, I had my purse. I also gave Tammy a black satin clutch purse and a pair of white satin wrist length gloves to wear. As she put them on, I looked at her and told her how pretty I thought she was. Tammy asked if she looked out of place in any way. I assured her that she was lovely. Tammy blushed, picked up her purse and followed me to the car.

During the ride to the restaurant, I coached Tammy on the type of items a woman orders to eat. I reminded her that a fork was not a shovel as Tommy seemed to think and that she should lightly dab at her lips when she used her napkin. We arrived at the restaurant and pulled up to have the valet park the car. I reminded Tammy how to gracefully exit the car, which she did flawlessly.

As we walked into the restaurant, I noticed that Tammy was smiling. I asked her what was pleasing her so. She answered, "Mother, I love the hearing the sounds of my heels striking the pavement. I love the feel of my slip and dress moving around my legs. I love the feel of the satin against my body. But most of all, I love being able to experience all of this as your daughter Tammy. This is so exciting for me." I reassuringly touched her arm and indicated that she would experience many, many more such times, each hopefully as enjoyable as this evening. I did notice that several young men took a second or a third look at Tammy as we entered the restaurant. I was not sure if she was aware of their admiring glances.

The hostess greeted us with a smile and immediately took us to a table. Our waitress also greeted us with a smile and asked what we ladies would like to drink. Inwardly, I could see that Tammy was thrilled to be referred to as a lady. When she returned with our iced tea and water, I was pleased to see Tammy get a small salad and a fish dish, something she would never have done as her prior persona. During this delightful dinner, we chatted, as a mother and daughter would normally do. At one point, I whispered conspiratorially to her that everyone seemed to be accepting her as the young lady she was. I also pointed out that she was turning several heads of the young men there as they tried to get a better glimpse of her.

After dinner, we were about to leave, when Tammy gently tugged on my sleeve and said she had to use the restroom. I smiled and quietly guided her to the Ladies Room, while reminding her in a low voice how she should handle herself in her dress in the stall. I waited patiently while she took care of her business. When she emerged from the stall and had washed her hands, I reminded her to check her makeup and freshen it if required. She smiled and watched carefully as I checked my makeup and then mimicked my every action. As soon as we were both satisfied with our appearance, we left the Ladies Room to claim our car.

All the way home, Tammy kept up an excited chatter, telling me how much she had enjoyed her first time out as Tammy. I then asked her if she would like to experience the joys of being pampered at the beauty salon. She looked at me and asked excitedly, "Can we, Mommy, can we? I would just love to have my hair and nails done in a beauty salon." I said that I would call early in the morning to see if we could get appointments.

Once at home, I helped Tammy remove her things and properly hang them up. I had her keep her bra and panties on while she slept. I then picked out a peach satin waltz-length nightgown for her to sleep in. I showed her how to cleanse the makeup from her face and how to take proper care of her skin. Lastly, I handed her a white satin sleep bonnet to protect her hair, which she quickly put on. I asked her if she wanted me to tuck her into bed. Tammy looked and me and said, "Oh yes, please."

As I tucked my daughter into bed, I asked her if she would like to start changing her room some and have it more feminine looking. Tammy nodded her head eagerly and asked what could be changed. I replied that minor things would be changed first, like having a pink area rug, pastel sheets, a more ladylike bedspread, lacy curtains, etc. Then we could make other changes, like getting Tammy her own vanity and, if she desired a four-poster bed with a canopy. Just before I left, she reached out and gave me a big hug and thanked me for everything from today, including being so understanding when I found her dressed. She admitted shyly that she did want me to catch her and she hoped that my response would be exactly as it turned out to be. I hugged Tammy and bid her pleasant dreams. I said I would try in the morning for our beauty salon appointments. As she lay her head down on the pillow, I heard her say, "I hope you are able to get us appointments."

That night, in my dark green satin nightgown, I slept as soundly as I ever had. I was even awake early, feeling refreshed, revived and renewed. I put on my matching satin robe and my slippers and went downstairs. It would still be an hour or so before I could call my stylist. I realized that I would have to take her into my confidence, since she knew I only had a son and not a daughter. I hoped that she would accept Tammy graciously.

I sat in the family room and read, while waiting for the time to pass. I was amazed that Tammy was sleeping so late, since usually, as Tommy, she was an early riser. Finally, I figured that my hair stylist was at the salon. I called and did indeed find her there. I asked Joan to keep entirely confidential what I was about to tell her. Since we had known each other for years, she readily agreed. I briefly explained about finding Tommy dressed in my lingerie yesterday. I went on to say that we were both in agreement that she could become Tammy for a while. Joan listened and seemed to be very understanding. Finally, I got to the point of my message. I asked if she could fit Tammy and me into the schedule for hair appointments and manicures. Joan said that she could schedule us at noon. However, since she wanted to do Tammy's hair, would I mind having Linda, her next best stylist, take care of me. I assured her that it was fine with me to have Linda this time. She cheerily said that she would see us at noon. She said she was looking forward to meeting Tammy.

After I hung up the phone, I went back and checked on Tammy. She looked so adorable in her nightgown and sleep bonnet, snuggled up in her bed. As much as I was enjoying that picture, I knew I had to get her up so that we could be dressed and ready to go. Since Tammy was still new to dressing, I wanted to allow some extra time to get ready. I opened her curtains, letting the morning light into the room and then I called out her name to wake her up. She opened her eyes, smiled and told me how nice it was to be awakened as Tammy. She told me she slept well and had very pleasant dreams. I told her that she could lie there for a little while longer while I showered but then she had to start moving so we wouldn't be late for our appointments. When I said that, she smiled and squealed with delight. She asked what time our appointments were and what were we going to have done. I told her both the time and that we would be having shampoos and sets and manicures. I then admitted to her that I had to let Joan, my stylist, in on her secret, since she knew I didn't have a daughter. I asked Tammy if this bothered her that someone else knew that she was not what she seemed. She replied that she was happy to be able to live her life as Tammy and that hopefully people would just accept her as she was.

I left her room and went into the bathroom to take my shower. I put my robe and nightgown in the hamper, put my shower cap over my hair, and enjoyed the warm water splashing over my body. When I was done, I dried off, applied some lavender bath talc, and wrapped my towel properly around me. I went into Tammy's room to get her moving. I told her to wear my shower cap, dust herself all over with the talc and then wrap her towel around herself as I had with mine. Tammy headed for the bathroom while I headed for my bedroom.

I quickly slipped into my black satin lingerie, including my garter belt. I was just putting my stockings on when Tammy came into the room, looking like a sweet young girl who had just finished her shower. She sat neatly on the bed, while I finished putting on my stockings. I then handed her tan stay-up stockings, a lacy white satin bra and matching panties for her to wear. I also handed her another maxi pad. As I moved to the closet to select our outfits, Tammy removed her towel and started to get dressed. I selected a nice gold satin blouse and black knee length satin skirt for me and a pale blue satin blouse and a navy knee-length satin skirt for Tammy.

As I handed the outfit to her, Tammy looked at me and again said she thought I always had the prettiest clothes in the world. She carefully dressed in her skirt and blouse while I did likewise. I selected two-inch heels for me to wear and one-inch heels for Tammy. She pouted good-naturedly about not being able to wear higher heels today. I reminded her that there was a difference between daywear and evening wear.

When she was dressed, I gave her the once over to make sure everything was proper. I then had her again sit at my vanity while I did her makeup. Tammy was an intense student and I knew that she would be doing her own makeup before too long. As I was applying her foundation and powder, I mentioned that we would get her some makeup of her own after our hair appointments. I reminded her that a young lady doesn't need to use much makeup to highlight her own natural beauty. I lightly applied some blush to her cheeks and mascara to her lashes. Lastly, I did her lips with some pink lipstick. Tammy was very pretty and had a natural beauty about her, if I do say so myself. Tammy smiled as she looked at her reflection. She said she was ready for her beauty salon appointment.

We were just about to head out of the house when the heavens opened and rain came down heavily. I knew Tammy was looking forward to this outing, but I didn't want her to get her outfit wet going to and from the car. I only had one lightweight raincoat and one would not do for both of us. Then I remembered that I had an old clear plastic raincoat in the back of my closet. I asked Tammy if she would mind wear this type of woman's raincoat to protect her outfit. She said that she would be happy to look like a retro woman in the plastic raincoat and hood. I quickly went to get it and returned in a few seconds with it draped over my arm. Tammy took it and put it over her satin outfit, while I put on my modern teal raincoat.

Tammy was laughing as she referred to us as the old and the new. I told her to be happy that she had a raincoat, regardless of whether it was modern or retro, to protect her during the storm. She thanked me for making sure she would stay dry in the rain. With that, we made our way to the car and drove to the beauty salon. Our mood was light as we chatted about our appointments. Fortunately I was able to park in front of the salon and Tammy and I quickly made our way inside.

As we were removing and hanging up our raincoats, Joan came over and greeted us. She gave me a quick hug and then turned to Tammy. She hugged Tammy, told her how pretty she was and that she had heard a lot about her. Tammy blushed over Joan's kind words. She led Tammy to the shampoo bowl to begin her appointment. I followed along as I saw Linda there waiting for me. When we were seated, our stylists put pink shampoo capes over us to protect our outfits and fastened them around our necks. I watched Tammy out of the corner of my eye as she leaned back for her shampoo, her purse sitting on her lap. Joan kept up a stream of friendly conversation as she wet Tammy's hair, shampooed it, rinsed it and then repeated the process again. She then worked some conditioner into Tammy's hair while Linda was doing the same to my hair.

Once the conditioner was rinsed out, Joan squeezed the excess water out of Tammy's hair, wrapped a dry towel around her head and led her to her styling station. A few seconds later, I was seated at the next station as Linda started to roll up my hair. Joan had combed all of the tangles from Tammy's hair and had trimmed the ends more neatly than I had done yesterday before starting to put it up on rollers. With care but with a speed born of having done many sets, Joan soon had Tammy's hair covered with rollers. A pink hairnet was tied in place and she was led to a dryer. Linda seemed to be a little behind so I had to wait for a minute or so before I joined Tammy under the adjacent dryer. As I was seated, I noticed that Joan had already rolled a manicure table up to Tammy. Before the dryer hood was placed over my head, Tammy leaned over to me and said she felt so feminine. I smiled in response.

Both of us had manicuring tables in front of us. We soaked our nails in the solution to soften them and allow for proper cleaning and for the removal of any old polish. While Linda worked on cleaning each of my cuticles and rounding the tips with an emery board, Joan was doing the same for Tammy. My nails were going to receive a lovely coat of red polish that almost looked wet even when it was dry. Joan selected a luminescent pink polish for Tammy's nails. I watched Tammy as each of her nails was covered with the lovely pink polish. Joan then applied a second coat before applying the clear topcoat and sealer. We than had to wait for our nails and our hair to finish drying.

It wasn't long before Linda and Joan removed us from under the dryers and returned us to their styling stations. It was then simply a matter of removing the hairnets and rollers and working with brush, comb, styling mousse and hairspray to finish our new hairdos. Joan did Tammy's hair in a soft outward flip and had it framing her face. Additionally, she combed some of it forward to give Tammy delightful bangs. Hairspray was then applied to keep Tammy's new style in place. Before removing the protective cape, Joan reminded Tammy to sleep in a satin protective bonnet and to use a shower cap when she bathed. This way, her set would last longer and continue to look nice. After moving to the counter and paying for our styles and manicures, I first tipped Linda and then gave Tammy money to give Joan a nice tip. Joan proceeded to hug her again and whispered to her that she was happy she had the chance to do Tammy's hair the first time and that she looked forward to having Tammy as a regular customer for any beauty service in the future. Tammy smiled and said she would like that also. Joan said to return anytime.

We put on out raincoats and made sure our hoods were covering our new styles. Joan commented on how cute Tammy looked in her retro plastic raincoat. As it was still raining, we made a quick dash to the car and got in. I looked at Tammy and asked if she were up to one more girlish experience today. Tammy smiled and said, "Mother, I am up to as many girlish experiences as we can fit in today. What did you have in mind?" I suggested that we go shopping and get her some things of her own, especially some soft, silky sleepwear. Tammy said that she would like to do that with me. The mall we were going to had a covered parking garage, so we could escape from some of the rain. I told Tammy that she could leave her raincoat in the car, like I planned to do. She pretended to pout and told me how she loved her plastic raincoat. She was sure she would turn the heads of a few individuals who enjoyed women's plastic raincoats, either wearing them or seeing others wear them. She then broke into a smile and said that she would just have to be a tease some other time and would leave her raincoat in the car.

We entered the mall from the garage and headed for the lingerie store. On the way, we passed a photo studio. I glanced in and noticed that they were not busy at that moment. On an impulse, I guided Tammy inside. I wanted some individual pictures taken of Tammy and then some mother-daughter pictures of the two of us together. I watched Tammy as the photographer posed her. She seemed to emanate a certain glow of a self-confident young woman. The photographer posed Tammy three different ways. Of course, when I viewed them on the computer, all of the pictures were beautiful. We were then posed together, with Tammy standing behind me while I was seated. After the last shot, I decided which pictures I wanted, the sizes of each and the quantities. It seemed strange to be ordering mother and daughter pictures. As I paid for my order, the assistant said when the pictures would be ready. She then added that both mother and daughter looked so lovely. The pictures would be a nice remembrance for us. We thanked her and continued on our way to the lingerie store.

Tammy asked if she could pick out her own sleepwear and some panties. I agreed to the request only if I could offer my comments on her selections. She looked at me and said, "Mother, I wouldn't have it any other way." Once in the lingerie store, Tammy made a beeline for the sleepwear. She selected two soft pairs of baby doll pajamas, both with ribbons and lacy panties. One was in pink satin and the other a pale yellow satin. She then picked out a waltz-length nightgown in mint green satin. Lastly she looked at an ankle-length form-fitting gown in black satin. Tammy was just about to walk away without selecting this lovely nightgown when I spoke up and said that she should get it. Without a moment's hesitation, Tammy picked out the nightgown in her size and included it in with our proposed purchases. She then selected several pairs of satin and lace panties in a rainbow of colors. She had a few in pastel colors of pink and yellow; some in brighter colors of red and emerald green and the old standbys of black and white. I felt she had made thoughtful selections on all of her lingerie and told her so. Just before we were to pay for her lingerie, Tammy caught sight of the slips and headed straight for them. She selected three satin, lacy creations in red, black and white respectively. As she handed them to me, she said, almost conspiratorially, that even a developing young woman needs nice lacy slips to feel pretty under her clothes.

We left the lingerie store with several bags, which contained Tammy's purchases. As we walked back to the car, I noticed that Tammy seemed to be so happy that she was almost floating on air. At the car, I told her it was all right for her to put on her raincoat again as it seemed like it was still raining. She put her packages in the back and the carefully put on her clear plastic raincoat. As we started to drive away, Tammy asked me if she could inquire about a few other items of apparel that she would one day like to add to her wardrobe. I told her I would consider her requests.

She began by telling me that, after she had started to wear my lingerie, she had surfed the Internet to see what different types of apparel would be available to her. She said that four items really caught and held her attention. I listened attentively as she detailed the items she wanted. The first one was a satin corset, either front laced or back laced. She wanted to feel the restrictive form-shaping garment molding her body and giving her more of a feminine shape. The next one surprised me a little when she said she would love to have a satin French maid's uniform. She said that she could wear it and do the housework as my maid.

The third item that had gotten her attention was a long, satin formal gown with elbow length satin gloves. She said that a gown was so elegant and so feminine. Lastly, she said she would like, if possible, to have a satin and lace wedding gown and veil. She wanted to experience what a bride felt like in her lovely white dress.

When she paused for breath, I commented on her wish list. I said that a corset would be very appropriate for her and provide her with excellent figure training. I smiled as I thought about Tammy's next item. I agreed that she should help with the housework and was pleased that she would want to dress like a French maid while she did it. I would be happy to get her the uniform and all of the appropriate undergarments she desired. The long formal gown, I felt, was also something that would be very appropriate for her wardrobe and said we would go shopping for one soon.

Before I could say anything more, Tammy asked expectantly, "And the wedding gown?" I looked at her and said that it was every mother's dream to someday see her daughter wear her wedding gown on her special day. I told her that I would love to see her wear my wedding gown any time she desired. It is packed away in the attic and preserved for just such an occasion, one that I never thought I would experience. Everything was there for her including my bridal lingerie, my veil, slip and shoes and, if she wanted, my wedding negligee. I had looked so beautiful in these things and I was sure she would look equally as beautiful. By the time that I finished, Tammy was beaming with delight. She couldn't believe that I would offer my wedding gown and my wedding negligee to her. I said that is what mothers do for their daughters.

We arrived safely at home and while Tammy put her new things away and changed into a nightgown, I went about getting us something to eat. As I was finishing our tuna and tomato plates, Tammy walked in wearing her new pale yellow baby dolls. She looked absolutely darling in them. She came over and gave me a big hug and thanked me for everything from today. As we ate, Tammy looked at me and said, "Mother, I hope you do not think I am rushing into my femininity. It is just that, after being dormant for so long, I just want to experience everything at once." I took her hand and said that I understood her desires and she would experience it all in due time. After we cleaned up, I tucked Tammy into bed, gave her another hug and turned out the light. As I left her room, my head was swimming with all of the possibilities for my lovely new daughter. In all, I think I wanted her to experience everything as much as she did. It was going to be an interesting and a lovely summer for Tammy and I.




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