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My Crucifixion Fantasy


Hiliary Mariadubh nicSeamus



Why Does it Excite Me?


I have a confession - I want to be crucified en femme. Not nailed - roped. This is a life fantasy - not a death wish.

This is not due to any religious reasons, though I am of a denomination where the Crucifixion is the center of my belief - my wish is purely ..... I don't know - sexual is a great part of it, maybe just the idea itself -- I don't know, and can't figure why, so feel free to go figure if you want.




These sheets are self-explanatory. The top of the desired cross should be about 8 feet off the ground if a Crux Commissa (Tau Cross) or 12 feet of the ground if a Crux Capitata or Crux Simplex. If it is impracticle for the cross to be on the ground, then the base of the Stipes Crucis should be set into a 5-gallon bucket of cement and buried one foot under ground (top of bucket one foot under that is). Otherwise have a 2-foot length of 6-inch pipe and several wooden wedges at hand, the pipe capped and cap bottomed in the hole and hole filled-in and packed firm, preferable with rocks and gravel. No maatter which type is to be used, the Patibulum (crossbar) is to be on the ground next to the Stipes when we arrive at the scene (It is to be assumed that I will help prepare these, besides purchasing the materials for Them).

The second page shows different types of crucifixion on various crosses, however, main interest is the second one top row, and second one, bottom row.

This is a fantasy scene if enough crux and bd t-girls can get together in a remote, secluded location. We would run my game "The Challenge", and in addition to the listed penalites in the game, the girls would also be crucified for 1 minute per demerit earned in the game - crucified while dressed as described in the fantasy.


The Fantasy - My Crucifixion


Dressed in my finest for the weather - bra, thong panties, corset, camasole and half-slip - micro or mini length, blouse, skirt, pantyhose or stockings gartered to my corset, vest and jacket (if not too warm), 5-inch spiked "fuck-me-now" heels with ankle straps - I am led, bound (wrists bound behind my back, elbows pulled inwards, touching when bound if possible, but otherwise as taut as possible, and bound,) as described at wrists and elbows, with wrist rope going around my waist to secure arms to torso. My ankles are hobbled 1 foot apart with rope, insuring with my high heels that my walking will be somewhat perilous. I am blindfolded and gagged, and led either by a lead and collar, or a collar and rope or a rope tied in a non-slip know around my neck.


At the desired location, I am tethered until time for my crucifixion. Simplest way would be to secure my lead to either a tree, the Stipes of my cross or some other means.

When the time has come, still blindfolded and gagged, I am to be stripped to my bra, panties and arms released from behind my back, after being given a sharp blow to my solar plexis to stun me (or a stun gun used) and placed face-down on the Patibulum of my cross and my arms at wrists and elbows and shoulders securely bound to the beam and my legs pulled tight and secured with a rope joining my hobble to a stake several feet behind me, pulling my body as taut as possiable. Here I am given the 50% of my flogging for demerits in "The Challenge which have not been administered earlier.


My arems are released from the Patibulum and I am allowed to sit and my camisole and half slip are restored, my half slip is to be pulled high enough so that the slit is in back and my entire buttock area is available from back. I am then seated on the ground in front of the Patibulem (or on the cross if feasable to have it on the ground) and numbly, hurting, wait my fate. During this time, if others with to abuse/use me in any pre-agreed upon way, it will occur - only thing is my feet are to remain bound, and my elbows will be re-secured as before with excess rope around my torso under my breasts - this will help prevent escape-sturggle and with my wrists again bund together behind my back but not to my torso, allow me to support myself. If other t-girls are to be disciplined, this will occur first and I will have to sit and listen, and await, ready for my turn.


Finally the time comes. My elbows and wrists are freed, and I am pulled onto my back on the cross (if it is on the ground) and with my ankles held down with the aid of one person, another holding my left wrist down and with another holding down my right arm, my executioner begins to bind my right wrist to the cross, my arms being pulled tight as possible, and bound at wrist, above elbow and just short of my shoulder and arm-pit.

Then my left arm is bound in same manner.

At this point, my slip is lifted exposing my crotch, and a point approaximately 4-inches below my crotch is marked. This will be the spot where the top of my "horn" will be secured to the Stipes.


The horn is secured at the marked spot, with my legs straddling it (of course, this will be different if it is not practicle for the cross to be on the ground) and my ankles freed from the stake after one is bound to the side of the stipes, and the hobble passed under the stipes, the other ankle bund to the stipes and the hobble secured to the other ankle, then both ankles freeded from the stipes.

At this time, if desired by the executioner, nipple clamps can be secured under my breast forms and forms and bra and camasole resecured. My gag is to be replaced with a bag of salt - a cloth bag made to fit snug in my mouth and secured with first a 1-inch wide strip of cloth and then a 4-inch wide stirp around my head reaching from under my nostrils to the tip of my chin


Now I am lifted. If the cross is on the ground, a couple of people pulling on ropes from the front and a couple in back pushing and lifting will do it. When upright in the pipe, wedges will be driven on all sides to keep it upright.

If upright had to be set previously and only Patabulum is on ground, then after I am bound to it as perviously described, I am backed against the Stipes, rope secured to top of cross and pulled tight keeping me erect. Then my ankles are freed (one of them) and hobble passed behind Stipes and resecured to my ankle. Then I am pulled off the ground as per illustration 003, second row, second illustration until Patabulum is at desired height (in this case, if Roman Cross - either Crux Simplex or crux Capitata - or to top if Crux Commissa) it is to be secured. Preference isa to be with rope, but if Crux Commissa, slot in top of Sripes to allow Patabulum to sink in and then be secured with rope -- in this case, now is time to mark location of my horn and mount it in place.


I am allowed to hang for aproximately 15 - 20 minutes in this manner. Then my executioner pulls aside the crotch of my thong, freeing my asshole, and lubricates the horn and my asshole freely. I am lifted and the tip of the horn placed in my sphincter and then I am allowed to settle down on it. Then my feet are secured to the cross with my knees bent slightly (allowing me to lift muself to approximately 1/3 the free height of the horn within my rectum) and bound to the sides of the Stipes. At this time I cannot raise myself so the bonds on my arms will work to keep me erect. The executioner will pass around my waist a doubled rope with the bight centered in front of me, just under my navel, passing the running end through and then forming a "v" just above my pubic arch (to do this my half slip is pulled up to just under my breasts) and the free ends passed through my crotch and up my back to the stipes where pulled as tight as possible and secured - this with the arm binds will keep me erect and free from asphyxiation.


Now I am made to hang thus for an undermined time (unknown to me - determined by rolling a d6 and dividing by 12 to determine how long I am to hang in this manner).

During this time, my half slip is restored to cover my groin area, and any frontal tortures desired are done - including cock and ball torture if I am not tucked and taped JoAnne Roberts style


Now the ropes secureng my arms at elbows and shoulders are removed and I am allowed to totally sink onto the horn (needless to say, it rapidly widens so I really know it is there). After this, I am left alone for another period of time as determined by another dice roll. When this is over, my ankles are freed from the Stipes and and bound together tightly and secured to the stipes with approximately 6 inches of rope between the Stipes and the ankles.

Now a final roll is taken - 3 or 5 on odds I am to be left and no one returns. 1 on odds or any even and another roll is taken to determine how long I will hang. In this case, I am to become the slave of the group (or my executioner if only one person here) after I am released.




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