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My Consort            by: Rachel Ann Cooper      1998


I didn’t hear her. She was supposed to be bowling until 8 o’clock. I had dinner almost ready as she walked up behind me and slid her hand up my skirt while I was standing at the sink. I was so startled, I really banged my knee hard on the cabinet.

"Well, I’m glad to see you at least put on an apron over that knit dress but the red heels are no good without a red belt to match, CLEO honey."


"Tell me you look like a ‘Leo’ and that’s what I’ll call you but as long as you are dressed like a woman, you ARE a woman. When the hell did this start?"

"Uh, I was watching one of those talk show programs that had a bunch of sexy looking girls who aren’t girls on it and I don’t know what came over me Gwen. I just couldn’t help myself. I just had to try it. I must look like hell. I’m sorry honey. It won’t happen again."

"Don’t make promises you may not be able to keep Cleo. If we let your hair grow some, put you in a corset for some figure training, teach you about makeup and get you some proper fitting girl clothes, you can be a girl once in a while, if you get off on it. I’m not a prude."

"I’ll even order some sexy 5" heels from Frederick’s so we can be the same height when I’m wearing my 3" ones. How about that? See. You really didn’t need to have a heart attack. Do you like the way dressing like this makes you feel. Be honest."

"I’ve got a raging one going on over it Gwen, if you really want the truth."

"Well then, by order of the new boss of this house, namely me, I now ORDER you to dress as a woman and keep house and be my sexy consort. I will turn you into the girl of your dreams, or maybe, the girl of MY dreams, and you are going to make love to me as a woman too and come to love it. My friend Angela is a nurse. She can get me what we need to change that little body of yours for you."

" You’re just going to love having real breasts aren’t you darling?"

"Now wait just a minute Gwen. I never said I wanted to change sex."

"I never said that either Cleo but that’s where you may end up. People desire change you know. Besides, you don’t have to change sex to have a nice bosom. Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be a real girl and wear makeup and pretty clothes and heels to work?"

"What the hell. Sure, but I never imagined you’d end up not wanting to kill me."

"Cleo, murder is against the law. Taking charge and turning your husband into a sexy girl, however, well, that just comes under the heading of good clean fun. I’ll have your hormones for you in a couple days. In the meantime, we need to go shopping. I don’t want you ruining and stretching my clothes and shoes. By the looks of it, you need nines instead of my eights. When we go, you will wear hose and try the shoes on so they fit right. Do you understand, Cleo?"

"Yes, ma’am."

"Alright, now I’m going to sit down and you can serve me like a good wife. You obviously need the practice."

We went into the bedroom and I redid Cleo’s makeup. Huh! Not too bad. Maybe I WILL turn him into a girl. I was just trying to scare the hell out of him but all of a sudden, this idea is beginning to appeal to me. I really could be boss around here. I really think I’d like that. Boy, that would sure be a welcome change.

That was the scariest shopping trip I was ever on. She made me try on about six pairs of women’s shoes and we bought four of them and Walmart actually had the sexiest spike heeled patent pumps you ever saw and in my size and with about 4" heels. Boy did I get a lump in my shorts trying THOSE on in the store. But it was such a turn on I got lost in the experience and almost walked out of the department with them on hoping no one would notice them under my slacks.

Then she took me into lingerie, skirts, dresses, blouses and foundations holding everything up to me trying to gauge my sizes. Boy, I hope no one I know saw us. I’m sure glad she got me a control panty and made me put it on before we went because I was out of control and the constriction of it made me quiet down. It was just too uncomfortable otherwise.

She made me try everything on and model for her when we got home. We would have to take a blouse back. Everything else was perfect. She told me that next time we did that, I was going as Cleo and somehow, I just knew she meant it.

After she did my makeup again and had me in a dress and those patent pumps, I just knew I had the virus that turned boys into girls. I looked at myself in the full length mirror and fell in love, not with myself but with the idea of becoming her for real. Shit! If only I hadn’t watched that program and gotten caught. Now I was hooked on that girl in the mirror and I didn’t care if I had to do housework in four inch pumps or not. If Gwen wanted to turn me into a girl, I just knew I was going to let her. All of a sudden, the tables were turned. I was no longer the master of the house. I had become the mistress and she was master over it and me as well.

Beginning that night, I never had another stitch of boy about me when we went to bed or under my outer garments when I went to work. She pierced my ears and put studs in them and covered one up with a dab of makeup for work. She made me wear lipstick and perfume and a sexy nightie to bed with a sleep bra and we began having the wildest loving we ever had. She was a wild woman and the more she feminized me, the hornier she got. She made me wear my corset that we got over the Internet all the time. I’m just lucky it didn’t have cups. As the weeks passed, I began to overflow it more and more until the sleep bra became a welcome accessory though.

The way it pushed my chest up was bad enough for Leo and when we added a bra, well, I had a good start on a pair of breasts. It was a good thing I worked in an office where I had to wear a suit coat. I bought larger shirts and finally had to acknowledge my bosom and began to wear man tailored blouses. Heaven help me if I ever had to take my coat off. The corset and my camisole would show right through. She already had me wearing girls penny loafers to work too and gave me a rather feminine manicure with clear polish. I tried to keep my cool. Of course, that was BEFORE the hormones kicked in full force. About three months into that, I wasn’t so sure about Leo any more. He was losing ground and Cleo was screwing with my head. I thought this was all about the clothing but all of a sudden, it wasn’t anymore.

I hadn’t had a hair cut since day one, just a trim as I carried more and more hair. A couple of the girls in the office remarked on my earring and nails in a complimentary way. "Thanks. Do you really like them?"

"Yes, Leo. Just be yourself honey. We’ll look out for you if you want to join us."

Oh wow! They’ve read me. I’m afraid I just stared wide eyed at them in response. I sure hope they meant that remark. I could use a couple friends right now.

"Hey, could I take you two to lunch sometime?"

"Sure hon. Today all right?"

"Yes." "12:30?" "Fine." So we three went to Bennigan’s my treat.

Then it all came out. They saw the shoes, nails, ears AND my breasts pushing at my suit coat when I unbuttoned it but they were very sweet and gentle. And they had not missed that unmistakable walk one gets from prancing around in 3-4" spikes. My feminine gait was, to my surprise, very much in evidence all the time now. Leo walked loose with small steps like a girl. That was something the whole office must be noticing.

Penny and Alice just wanted to know what I was up to. I had to tell them something so I told them I had seen that program and had thought it might be fun to try on femininity on for size. But when Gwen saw me so obviously enjoying myself in feminine clothing, she became very dominant and insisted that she was going to change me into a girl. Pretty close to the actual truth.

I could not have been more surprised. They both were very supportive and told me that if I needed anything at all including someone to spend girl time with to call on them.

"We’re going to be seeing a lot more changes, aren’t we?"

"I’m afraid so. In about six months, I doubt either of us recognizes me any more and I just don’t know what I’m going to do about my job."

What does your wife call you?"


"Alright Cleo. We’ll look into it for you. Maybe there is a favorable company policy. We won’t make any waves while we are doing the investigation either. I can sneak in and out of the personnel program and download their policies onto a floppy before they even know I’m there. By the way, why don’t you pluck those eyebrows.? They could use some work."

"OK, I will. Thanks."

This was amazing to me and very touching. I was almost in tears over their sincerity and wanting to help me and look after me. Out in the parking lot, we embraced as girls do and then went back to work.

Gwen, in the meantime had actually gotten me into some kind of program for pre-operative boy/girls and I was seeing a psychiatrist, for all the good it would do. I now, thanks to the hormones and her constant tutoring, really wanted to be a girl and everything Gwen did was re-enforcing to that end. I don’t know where all this femininity had been hiding but I certainly had a liberal dose of it just waiting to get out, or so I thought.

She kept teaching me womanly ways and how to modulate my tenor voice using a feminine cadence and making it come more from my throat, softly, and pretty soon even my speech fell into the ‘I’m really a girl’ category; either that or gay.

She was very pleased with herself and her ability to make me subservient to her. I began to get ‘miss’d’ on the telephone, which was at once scary and rewarding if I was going to be Gwen’s consort and housewife. I never told them down at work how really domineering she had been about all this but I was now four months into my hormone replacement and feeling very little like Leo anyway. He was soon to slip quietly into the night, I was afraid.

I had now gotten a legitimate script from a doctor and was on massive shots every week and my progress became, for want of a better work, exponential, not 1+1+1 but 1x2x3x4x5. I blossomed. My face, now in electrolysis, was more a woman’s face, soft, round. I had lost weight and the corset and midsection exercises Gwen made me do had taken a whopping 8 inches off my waist. I was 5'8", weighed only 135 lbs and had a body that now measured 36B 26 37 even without the corset. I liked to wear the corset though. It was very sexy with the garters.

Tuesday, I got an e-mail over the intranet at the office.

It read: "Cleo, I have looked into the company policy on your problem. In section 35.135 and in section 102.111 you will find that they will not fire you, constrain you from or interfere with your year of living as a woman before surgery and they claim you will not become a victim of the ‘glass ceiling" due to your switch of gender. I am sending the disk with the files by inter office messenger so we won’t be linked to knowing these things. However, should you be put on the spot, knowing these two files could save your bacon. Memorize them. Love, Penny. I penned a quick, ‘Bless you my child’ and sent it off.

I was now finding it increasingly difficult to present myself to the world as Leo. Gwen had made me have permanent eyeliner done a couple weeks ago along with permanent eyebrows and a second set of holes in my ears where I wore cute little emeralds with diamonds in the bottom ones and yes, I was now wearing four earrings to work. My lashes were always mascara’d and my nails, now a quarter inch past my fingers... well, these were now a woman’s hands even with clear polish.

Underneath, I was all girl from the skin out and down to my pink toe nails. I’ve been using Coty 24 lipstick and found that no amount of scrubbing can get the basic tint out of my lips so I’ve also had to endure that extra color in Leo’s face every day although there is no luscious shine to them. I now had my ammunition if they tried to fire me and was in a legitimate program in case they checked. What next I wondered?

My boss, Harry, seemed to take it all in stride. He treated me like he always had. I was his 2nd in command and the best systems man/woman that Compudyne had. Then I found out the reason.

I got a telephone call from Mr. Talbot, Chief engineer and Vice President to come into his office. I went at once.

"Good afternoon Leo. Have a seat. We don’t get to talk enough. I like you and I think we should spend a little more time bouncing around ideas."

"Why, thank you sir. I’m flattered. I had no idea you were even paying attention to my work."

"Well, you are coming up for an evaluation soon Leo and there was something that we need to discuss privately."

Oh my God. Here it comes!

"Leo, we are aware that certain physical changes have been going on with you for some months. Under different conditions, we might think you gay, but you are not are you?"

"No sir." "Right. Hell, Leo, let me cut to the chase. You barely look like a man anymore. There, I’ve said it."

" If I had to guess, I’d say you were in a program to have a sex re-assignment. Am I right?"

"I’m afraid you are sir. It just took over my life about six months ago and I’ve been in the program for five. My beard is gone and my body has only a vestige of maleness about it, if you get my meaning."

"Leo, we’re behind closed doors. Take off that suit coat and put your hands on your waist."

"Oh my! Are those real?"

"B+ sir."

"Amazing. Put your coat back on. I’m calling a meeting for 7:45 tomorrow morning. A memo will go out to all upper staff to attend as well as everyone in this floor. It will be in the auditorium. I can see that you are very uncomfortable. What is your feminine name?"

"Gwen calls me ‘Cleo." "Good. That will be easier for them to remember."

"Now, tomorrow, I want you to look like and wear whatever would make you the most comfortable right now and I am sincere. I want you to enjoy a smooth transition with us. You know we have a policy about this and besides, we all like you Cleo, so don’t worry about it. Everyone is going to meet the new you tomorrow and you begin your year of working as a woman. Does that squirming in you chair mean you are excited about that?"

"It’s everything I can do to keep from jumping up and giving you a kiss, Mr. Talbot."

"Well, save that for tomorrow at the podium. You can do it then. Wear something nice but business like, alright?" "Yes sir and thank you so much."

"Alright Cleo, that’s all. See you tomorrow."

I was going to call Gwen but I was too excited to talk to her. I did send an e-mail to Penny and Alice. They rushed over to my desk and gushed. Everyone around must have heard them call me Cleo. That night I got into the tub and began preparing myself. I was meticulous. I semi dried my hair and put it up in curlers and then gave myself a manicure with hardener, clear, three coats of Loreal ‘simply rose’ enamel and then another top coat using Kwik dry between all of them. I hate to wait for nails.

Then I turned my attention to my eyes. The liner was there. I did a really feminine plucking job and chose a respectable pair of dangles for tomorrow. Gwen was very happy for me and now her precious little creation was earning a living as a woman. She had won her right to wear the pants in the family. The thought of me going to work all dolled up made her horny and she attacked me. It was really fun that night. I have come to like being the receiver.

The next morning, I got up a little early, did my eyes up in what I call subdued dramatic, put on my foundation and blusher and earrings. Lipstick is the last thing before the door. For work, I chose my tan ladies slacks, brown pumps with 3" heels, a plain white silk blouse with a rather open vee neck that would show a little cleavage with my push up pads. I couldn’t hide my permanent nipple erection either. They showed through the bra, camisole and blouse.

Over that I chose a blazer that matched the pumps. I put my company service pin in the lapel. "Well, what do you think of your little creation now, Gwen?"

"Honey, you’re gonna knock ‘em dead. I’m very proud and happy for you." We finished breakfast, I brushed my teeth and applied my lipstick with a brush after lining as usual after powdering my face and then brushing it almost all off. It was perfect. Leo was dead. Long live Cleo, Amen! "Alright Gwen, I’m off. See you tonight honey."

And the next thing I knew, Mr. Talbot was saying...

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today to re-introduce you to one of our most valued employees who has served us well for these past six years." (Whispering---Stand beside me ,Cleo) I arose to stand next to Mr. Talbot. "I want to take a little survey first. There are about 45 people here. How many of you know Leo Atkins?" Most of the hands shot up. "And how many of you have been noticing the changes that have taken place in his dress and deportment?" Again, most of the hands shot up. "Alright, now. I want to announce this morning that from this day forward, there is no Mr. Leo Atkins only MISS CLEO ATKINS and she has the full support of management.

She is a transitioning transsexual and we expect that you will all treat her with the respect that you treated Leo. This is a trying time for her and she needs and wants your help and support. I hope that those of you who called Leo friend will remain so. She is still our #2 in systems until such time as she becomes #1." Then Mr. Talbot turned to me and gave ME a kiss and a hug. A second after that, the room was filled with applause and ‘way to go Cleo,’ ‘you’ve sure got guts, etc." Mr. Talbot and I formed a receiving line as they filed out of the room, most of them, especially the other women, giving me a hug or a kiss or at least a handshake and a smile.

"Well, I thought that went rather well, don’t you Cleo?"

"Amazing. Thank you so much Mr. Talbot."

"Call me Bob. Alright missy, you are just another female boss around here now so get out there and get to work he said with mock authoritarianism." We smiled. He gave me another hug. I left.

It was hard concentrating on my work that day, what with all the new sensations of walking around the office in high heels and showing cleavage with full makeup and totally feminine hair. I was in seventh heaven though. My brains were in my head, not my we-we, so I should still be as sharp as Leo and now I had to prove it. That thought straightened me out and the rest of the day, my sexual sensations were pushed into the background. I felt like I wanted to rape Gwen tonight. Yes, I’ll strap on that thing in place of poor dying little Leo and do it to her. She’ll love it. A feeling just came over me, a tiny thought. I never even knew I wanted this and now here I am, a full time, attractive, employed woman. God, thank you. I love this!


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