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My Choice

by Jennifer Allison


A scream vibrated through the mall.

"My wife must have just woke up from her hypnotic trance," a man said to himself, sitting on a bench near the ladies bathroom.

I was the one who let out this loud scream. I awoke from a sleep looking at someone I had never seen before. Staring back at me in the mirror.

What I found staring back at me was a beautiful twenty-four year old woman. Wearing a blouse showing off plenty of cleavage. Wearing a mini skirt showing off an hour class figure. My very feminine looking legs were incased in a pair of sheer black pantyhose. I was wearing on my feet a pair of high heels with 4 inch heels. When I lifted my skirt to see if I lost anything else. I found I was all woman. I could even feel my slit and see some pubic hair through my lacy top panty hose.

What the problem was:

The last thing I remembered was that I was a twenty-three year old male, with a nine inch dick.


My memory started coming back to me.

It started by finding an advertisement in one of those smut magazines I like reading. I found it in the Boys Who Want to be Girls magazine.


It Read:

Become the Girl of your Dreams

the cost will be reasonable and six years of your new life.

Please send a legal Stamped Self Addressed Envelope with a recent photo.

Expect a reply from us within four weeks. We will inform you of your acceptance or denial in our program.


Figuring I would never be accepted I sent in my envelope and photo.

Four weeks to the day. I received my SSAE back. I had been accepted. In the letter was a bus ticket to a city out of state. A letter stated if I wanted to continue the program, or seek more information about the program. I should use the bus ticket, if not return the ticket with the provided SSAE. They also asked for to me call a 1-800 number and leave a message with my arrival time if I was coming. It also stated to bring enough money to pay for the return ticket if I decided not to go through with the program.

It took me six weeks to work up enough courage to make that call.


I left the next morning. Arrived at three in the afternoon. A very good looking woman in a mini skirt and showing off a lot of cleavage was holding a sign with my name on it.

"I am Dean."

"I am Tina, please come with," she didn't say another word to me.

I was taken to a place in the country about five miles outside the city limits. Tina escorted me to an office where I meet a Kenneth Sawyer.

"Hi, my name is Ken Sawyer."


Mr. Sawyer must have heard something in my reply.

"May I ask you a question?" he asked. "Why did you send us the SSAE envelope?"

"I don't really know. I just wanted to see what would happen. To tell you the truth I didn't expect to be accepted," I replied to his questions.

"Did you bring enough money for your return ticket?" he asked.

"Yes I did."

"What I would like to do now is explain what Dream Girl is. How we plan to make you a dream girl. How much it will cost you in the long run."

"What about my old life and how will you make me a dream girl. Will I just walk out the door, a boy dressed up as a girl?"

"I will explain everything. When I am done you will have until eight o'clock tomorrow morning to make up your mind if you want to be a dream girl."

"What will happen if I decide against your proprosal?" I asked.

"You'll be taken back to the bus station. But, before you leave you'll be put in a hypnotic trance. In this trance, you'll be given commands that will make you forget everything dealing with Dream Girl. This way we can control who knows anything about Dream Girl."

"That is okay with me."

"First you'll be given one of three choices. 1- Stay as you are and leave in the morning. 2- Become all woman with all the right equipment. 3- Become a she/male. A woman with a body of a woman with a dick between her legs.

"Would you like to see some of our handiwork?" Ken asked.

"Yes, please," I replied.

"Tina could you come in here, please?" Ken said over the intercom. Turning back towards me, "Tina just completed her program. Tomorrow she will start her new life on the outside."

The same gorgeous chick that had met me at the bus station walked into the office.

"This is what Tina looked like a little over a year ago." Ken said, handing me a picture.

I found myself looking at a picture of a guy, with acne scars on his face. We all know the type. If he had ever been on a date, it was a blind date, because he couldn't get a date any other way. If he had gone to his prom, he would have gone alone.

"Tina, show Dean what you are hiding under your skirt?" asked Ken.

Tina proceeded to pulled up her skirt and pull down her panty hose.

To my amazement I found myself staring at an eight inch dick at full erection..

"Tina decided to become a she/male. You may leave until I call you again, Tina."

"Dream Girl can do that for me?" I asked, sounding almost like I was begging.

"Yes we can."

Thinking over what I had just seen. I had to ask a question that had been bothering me ever since I received the letter of acceptance from Dream Girl.

"Something has bothered me since I received your letter. Why Me?" I asked. "With all the people in the world. Why did you pick me in just four weeks from just my photo?"

"Your photo was used for the decision if you were going onto the next step, only. Step 2 was an investigation into your life. The PI we use in your area just finished a case and she was able to start looking into your case right away."

"That still doesn't answer my question, why me?"

"Why is from what the PI found. You are a loner, with few friends who would worry if you disappeared suddenly. Same as at work. If you don't show up at work in two days, they will just figure you found something better and didn't tell anybody. You also have no family to speak of. So you are just prefect for our program."

"So what will happen if I do decide to become a dream girl?"

"Tomorrow morning you will be put in a hypnotic trance. You will stay in this trance for a year. Just like Tina has done. During this year will be made the required changes in your body structure. While we are doing this, you will be learning how to pass as a woman in public. If you decide to become all woman, at the ninth month you will have your operation."

"What if I decide to be a she/male?" I wanted to know both sides.

"The same except for the tenth month you have a minor surgery regarding your dick."

"My dick? Why would you do something to my dick," I wanted to know.

"We make it so you have a hard on all the time. Almost all of the she/male's husbands want a hard on, on their wives all the time."

"Husbands, you make the she/males get married?" This came as a complete shock to me.

"All of our Dreams Girls will be married when they leave here. That is part of the deal.

"I think you had better explain these marriages in more details."

"Dream Girl isn't a nonprofit company nor it is run by some rich millionaire. There are men out there who want to marry women who were once men, or those women with dicks still between their legs. They will pay handsomely for their special woman."

"So if I decide to do the program. I can plan on being someone wife with no way of getting out this marriage."

"No, you will have a chance to get out of this marriage. All that is required of you is: Spend five years married to husband. At the time of the marriage your husband and you will sign a prenuptial agreement. Saying that if the marriage doesn't work out he will pay you $20,000 a year for each year of the marriage."

"So I will become someone sex slave for at least five years," I inquired.

"No you will become someone's wife with all of the wifely responsibilities: kitchen, the house and the bedroom. Just like a normal wife, unless you decide to do something else."

"What about a she/male marriage?" I wanted to know both sides.

"There are some men who like to fuck and be fucked to. The difference between the two choices is what happens in the bedroom."

"What happens after the five years?"

"You can stay married if the your husband and you decide too. Otherwise, anything you want. Are there any more questions?"

"No, I have all I need to make my decision."

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. There are five other men making the same decision you are making tonight."

Speaking into the intercom. "Tina, could you come here. Tina will show you to your room. Then show you how to make your decision."

"Will I see you again?"

"Not really. No if you decide to go home. If you decide to do the program, I will be around but you won't know me."


Tina didn't say a word as she lead me away. After walking for about five minutes, we stopped by a door. It had no doorknobs. Tina opened the door with a pressure switch in the door jam.

"This is your bedroom for the whole time you are with Dream Girl. One night or the whole program. The door switch will not work after midnight, unless there is an emergency." Pointing down the hall. "The common room is down the hall. The other doors in this hall lead to the other bedrooms."

"What do I do to let my decision be known?" I asked.

"Do you see the two teddies laying on your bed? One is pink the other blue."

"Yes I do," I replied.

"If you decide to become a she/male like I am. Put on the blue teddy. If you want to become all woman, put on the pink. You will given until six in the morning to make up your mind."

"What do I do with the clothes I am wearing if I decide to join the program?" I asked.

"You will find a laundry chute in the bathroom, use it."

Tina then left me standing there, with the biggest decision in my life.

So I procrastinated. I decided to head for the common room instead, to meet the others.

What I found was five different clicks. Five different people doing five different things.

"Hi, my name is Dean." I said.

I was ignored.

I could see that two of them had already made their decision. One was wearing a pink teddy and the other was wearing a blue teddy.

An hour later Tina and another dream girl came back with our supper.

"I know there isn't much. The girls starting the program will need to start their diets," said Tina, when she was asked why there wasn't much on the plates.

Fifteen minutes after we finished supper one the those still dressed in their manly clothes left. He or should I say she returned ten minutes later wearing a blue teddy.

By nine-thirty I had decided I wanted to be a dream girl. My problem was I couldn't decide which one I wanted to be. A woman or a she/male.

After spending another thirty minutes tying to make up my mind. I decided to let lady luck make up my mind for me.

So I returned to my room. Then took off my clothes and dropped them down the laundry chute. Then taking the two teddies and then turning off the light, I then twirled the teddies so I couldn't tell which one was which. I stopped after a minute and dropped the teddy in my left hand done the laundry chute. Then I climbed into the remaining teddy.

Turning on the light, I found myself wearing the pink teddy.

When I returned to the common room. I found the others had gone to bed.


"Time to get up girls. We need to get you all started on the road to womanhood. There are four of you in the class."

It took a couple moments for me to realize where I was.

"Before serving breakfast we need to get you started on the program. So what I want you to do is: walk down the hallway from the door you entered the sleeping quarters until you reach a door blue in color. Enter this room and sit down and then wait until you are called into the other room."

The others just glanced at my direction as I joined them outside my bedroom.

Entering the room of the blue door, we found a room with six chairs and another door.

As we sat down, a voice said, "Richard, please enter the other room." Richard was one of two dressed in a blue teddy.

Fifteen minutes later Richard returned. He had taken off the teddy and replaced it with a training bra and a pair of lace panties.

He came over to us and said. "Hi my name is Elizabeth and I am a girl."

"Sam." Sam was the other pink.

As it happened with Richard. Sam returned and announced. "Hi my name is Suzanne and I am a girl."


Fifteen minutes later. Veronica announced herself to us.


I knew what was going to happen to me, but I still walked thru that door.

I notice at what looked like a dentist chair in the middle of the room, but without dental equipment. Laying on the chair was a set of ear phones.

"Dean, the first thing I want you to do is take off your teddy, then come over to audio tapes and pick one and put it in the cassette recorder. Then lay down in the chair and put the earphones on."

As I did this, I wondered where would I get my feminine name from.

Three minutes after I put on the earphones I was in an hypnotic trance.


"Hello Melinda. I want to welcome you to Dream Girl.

"Who are you? What are you?"

"My name is Dean. I am a boy."

"No you are not. Your name is Melinda and you are a girl."

Over and over the tape kept repeating.

"Your name is Melinda and you are a girl."

Finally it asked. "Who are you? What are you?"

"My name is Mean and I am a goy."

"Your name is Melinda and you are a girl." over and over again it went.

Then those two questions again. "Who are you? What are you."

"My name is Melan and I a giry."

"Your name is Melinda and you are a girl." again it went over and over again.

"Who are you and what are you?"

"I am Melinda and I am a girl."

"Who are you?"

"I am Melinda and I am a girl."

"Good girl. I now want you to do something for me. It will show the trance is in effect."


"Shoot a load of cum."

Without touching myself I started squirting cum.

"Now Melinda I want you put on your training bra and panties and go out and announce yourself to your girlfriends."

"Hi, my name is Melinda and I am a girl."


It is now a year later. I find myself in the ladies room at the mall staring at one beautiful woman. Looking at my left hand I found an engagement and wedding ring on my ring finger.

Knowing my husband was outside waiting for me. I still walked out of the ladies room.

I found a man in his mid-thirties, slightly overweight standing just under six foot waiting for me.



"I am Victor your husband. Lets go home."

He then bent down and kissed me full on the lips.

Wanting to know, I asked. "Have we done it yet?"

"No we haven't. Dream Girls didn't want us to have sex, until you where out of the trance.

"That is one of biggest reason I want to get you home. Ever since the day I met you, I have dreamt of fucking your brains out. It has gotten so bad. I had to start masturbating before I went to sleep at night."


We didn't even make it to the bedroom. As we walked through the front door, Victor pushed me to the floor. Standing over me, he started unbuckling his pants.

"I can't stand it any longer," he almost screamed.

"Then don't." As I said this, I pulled down the zipper to my mini skirt.

We did right there in the hallway by the front door, the first time. We then proceeded to spend the next two weeks in bed enjoying each other bodies. The only time we got up from the bed was to eat or go to the restroom.


That was eight years ago. Victor and I are still happily married.

I still see the other Dream Girls.

We meet every Thursday afternoon. We call it the bridge club.

The only time we touch a deck of cards is to cut to see who our sexual partner is for that day of fun and games. Our husbands don't mind our Thursday afternoon get together. As long as the eight of us get together for more fun and games on Friday evening. I like seeing my husband as he fucks me. Have a dick up his ass and one down his throat. Or the pleasure I received when I have three dicks fucking me at the same time. Pussy, ass and mouth.






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