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My Changing Life

by Catherine Murray


Quan was real happy to be in the USA. He and his family all worked hard to get here. The language was impossible but Quan mastered it before even his sister who was the smartest in the family. He got a job at the burger shop over by the freeway. The smell was bad but Quan knew that by working he was making the life for all of his family better. He worked the closing shift because no one else wanted to. He wanted to make a good impression on his supervisor.

The rain would not stop. It had been raining for weeks. There were floods everywhere. Quan knew that his family was safe living on the third floor, but his supervisor did not have that luck. His house was flooding and his wife called him home early. He left Quan alone with the keys, trusting him completely. The resturant was empty at the time and it was only another hour until closing time.

Drew Harrison was high as could be. He lit another pipe at the red light. "Fucking rain ain't never going to stop." He loved to bitch at Dave Murphy his partner. "Fuck you asshole, pass that pipe." They had just robbed a convience store. Drew shot the idiot that worked there just because he didn't like the way he looked at him. The take was almost three hundred. That would pay for a weeks worth of drugs for the two of them. Monday they would hijack a truck they had been waiting for. That would get them twenty five large. Then they could pick their jobs.

"You hungry asshole?" Drew asked getting a little hungry from the drugs and thirsty from the pipe. "Fuck yea, I could go for a burger pull in. The parking lot was empty. Drew dodged the larger puddles and parked close to the door.

Quan had hoped that no one would come in tonight. He wanted to close, clean up and show his boss that he was capable of more responsibility. When the two large men walked in Quan hoped that they would want an order to go.

"Well look at the pretty little gook slit" Dave Murphy wasn't queer he was just real high and confused, not seeing well. Drew was not in as good of condition as Dave. Quan was also confused. Sure his hair was long, near as long as his sisters but he never thought he looked like a girl. His slight frame shivered as he tried to remain professional as he was taught.

Dave ordered a couple of burgers, fries and a large soda for each of them. Drew just sat at a table and put his boots up. "Fucking hard work, driving around shooting idiots." He said to no one in particular. "Hurry up with that grub whore".

Quan wanted to hurry. He got the order in front of Dave in record time, all bagged ready for the road. "Six fifty please" Quan smiled. He was terrified of these men and wanted nothing more than for them to leave. Murphy put a ten spot on the counter. Quan took the bill, set it on the shelf and opened the drawer to get change. He never saw Murphy pull the pistol.

Step back honey and the only thing this Smith and Wesson will do is go back into my jeans. Quan looked up and wet himself. He knew things had been going to well for him. His luck just ran out. He hadn't heard or understood anything that Murphy said to him but he got the idea. He watched as Murphy hopped over the counter and pulled all then greenbacks out of the register. He motioned to the next register. Quan opened it. They emptied all five registers. Another $225.00.

Quan stood there while Murphy moved around the counter and gave the suprised Drew the cash. Drew pocketed the money with the take from the convience store and pulled his pistol. "You gonna shoot this one or can I do it." Drew aimed his pistol at Quans head and cocked it. "Fuck you Harrison!" Murphy said, "This ones going to give me a blow job first." He grabbed Quan by the hair and pulled him out to the car.

Drew got behind the wheel again and Murphy got into the back seat dragging Quan with him. In two minutes they were on the freeway again. "Fuck Yea" Murphy screamed as the accellerated into traffic. "We doubled the take and got our own piece of ass to boot". He pulled down his jeans and jammed Quans face on his dick. He placed the pistol on Quans temple and said "You need to hope you do this good and I better not feel any teeth"

Quan was overwhelmed. Five minutes before he had a job and a family, now his world was crumbling around him. He tasted the urine on Murphy's cock. He wanted to live. He must have been good.

When Quan woke they were still driving. It was just starting to get light out. Traffic was very light on the freeway. It was still raining. He had no idea where they were or what was going to happen. Drew was still driving. Quan could see the tin foil on the seat next to him. There were white pills and red pills. Murphy was still passed out on the back seat. Quan remembered when Murphy came in his mouth. He could still remember the feeling of the sperm shooting into his mouth and down his throat. He washed his mouth with the warm soda he had sold them.

"Get up here bitch!" he heard Drew yell. "My dick is hard." Quan crawled over the seat. Drew slapped him on the head. "You heard me, take out my dick and suck it!" Quan started to undo Drew's jeans. Suddenly they veered onto an exit. "Here we go. Real close to home. Quan undid Drew's jeans and took out his cock. Quan didn't think it would fit in his mouth. He lowered his head on the knob. Quan knew how dangerous these huge white men were and he did want to live to see his family again.

They make several turns. Quan could not see where they were going but he did feel the car turning. Drew Harrison shot his load just before they stopped. Quan got up and looked around. All he could see was a farmhouse, a barn and a lot of nothing.

"Hey shithead wake up" Drew yelled at Murphy. He dragged Quan into the barn. He rivetted a collar around Quans neck and attached a chain. He left Quan alone.

"OK asshole, what are we going to do with the gook." Drew asked Murphy after they had eaten. Murphy was coming out of the drug haze. Drew was still as high as a kite from all the pills he had taken during the night. "I don't know. We could have her cook and clean, then fuck her." Drew rolled his eyes."You propose to keep her as a house slave. I don't think so. OK lets fuck her, but then we kill her and bury her out by the other ones." Quan was the third victim of Drew and Dave. The other two were buried in graves about 100 yards south of the barn. "I haven't had a gook suck me off since "68" I have sort of missed it." To look at them both side by side one would think that Drew was mean and heartless. Compared with Dave, Drew was the easy mark. Murphy was coldblodded. The only thing that kept him in line was his fear of Drew. Most of the time they agreed on everything, but when there was a differing of opinions, Drew usually won out. They started to plan the truck heist.

Quan had tried to get the collar off but had no luck. He could hear the dogs barking


Quan slept, then woke many times before the duo came back to the barn. They were obviously high or drunk, probably both. Murphy pulled Quan upright by the chain and Drew stood back laughing.

"Take it off honey, take it all off." Murphy said as he pulled the chain across Quans neck, choking him. Quan started to take off his shirt and Murphy let the chain go. He walked over to stand by Drew as Quan removed his shirt.

"Look, not even a lump. "Where are your tits, honey" The two laughed again as Quan started to undo his trousers. In a moment of false bravado he kicked off his sneakers and removed his pants and boxers. He stood nude in front of the two killers.

His fear was overwelming. He thought he was going to pass out. He wished his penis and testicles would disappear. He thought maybe they didn't notice until Drew walked up and pulled his testicles out painfully squeezing them as he pulled. "Lookie what I found here."

He looked at Murphy and laughed. "See, I told you you were a faggot. You grabbed a boy." He released Quan and told him to turn around for him. Quan complied. "He is little though and he does look like a girl." Drew grabbed Quan's ass cheek as he continued his assessment. "He has a girls butt." I am going to fuck him before we kill him." He pushed Quan to the floor and took off his pants. Quan looked up at the large white man through his tears. He didn't want to die, but had resigned himself to his fate. Drew grabbed Quan's ankles and pushed his feet over his head, exposing his asshole. The large white mancame down on Quan. The slight boy was immoble. He felt the large erection pushing against his tender hole. It took several painful thrusts. The first didn't hurt much, just felt wrong. The second forced some of the head into his rectum..This hurt a lot. Quan screamed. He could hear the two laughing at his struggles and cries. The third burnt and tore. Quan mercifully passed out. He felt the invasion even though he was not conscious. The pain was not any less, he just couldn't scream.

He didn't feel Drew's load going into his guts.

When he woke he was still chained. His ravaged bottom burnt like hot coals were there. The two were passing a bottle back and forth. "Look Murph, your little boy is awake." "Don't call him that asshole, I ain't no fucking faggot." Murphy walked towards Quan and he reached down and grabbed Quan's little penis and balls, pulling it up and away from Quans body. "I will make him a girl before I say I fucked a boy. You are the faggot. You fucked him not me. I only made him suck my dick." Quan was in agony from the reaming he just received, but that pain dulled compared to the pain from the pulling he was now getting. He felt something tear inside of him. He passd out again.

When he woke this time the two were fighting, calling each other faggots. Drew pulled away and said he was going to make him a girl and stop all of this faggot shit. He turned Quan over and pulled him to his knees. He started to push him with his hard cock against his little sack. Quan was pushed into harder and harder.He felt more tearing inside and felt himself being turned outside in. He felt himself being fucked where he had no hole. Drew whooped and said "I did it god damn it. I turned him into a girl. He continued to rutt against Quans bottom until Quan felt him come. Murphy came up and said "Let me see." There was a moment of silence followed by drunken giggles. "Let me try that new pussy. Quan was pulled over onto his back again and Murphy started to rutt against him. This didn't hurt like before. Quan was raped twice more that night in this new place. He also was forced to suck the two of them to orgasm again. Then they both staggered out of the barn and left Quan alone to assess the damage he had suffered.

There was bleeding from his rectum and his testicles were gone. In their place was a void. His sack had been pushed inside of him. His once small penis was pulled in also so there was just the tip sticking out. Quan tried to stand, but was unable to move. The pain kept him down. He passed out there on the floor.

He woke up hungry and thirsty. He was able to reach a dish of water, but there was no food. There were no noises other than the normal natural sounds like birds and breezes. Ocassionally there was a dog barking in the distance. Quan was alone and chained. He was that way for three days.

The large truck stired him from his daze. The sound got louder and louder. He heard the truck stop outside the large barn door. The door opened and Murphy ran in moving objects from the path of the truck. It was a tractor and trailer. The tractor was painted red with the logo of "Midwest Freight" on the drivers door. The trailer was white and had no markings on it.

Drew stopped the truck and helped Murphy close the two huge doors behind the trailer. They tossed Quan a sack of cold burger and fries, then they went outside leaving Quan to his meal.

The next day there was a lot of activity in the barn. The two were in there opening the trailer. They used bolt cutters on the lock, and removed several boxes from the truck. There were cases and cases of pills. Quan had no idea what they were, but from the actions of the two killers they were much more than were expected. Murphy was scared. "This is to big for us." He kept repeating again and again. Drew was the other side of the coin. "This will make us triple the money we thought."

The two left again and returned shortly. They unchained Quan and took him outside. The weather had finally cleared up and the sun was shining. Quan was taken over to the side of the house. There was a hose there. He was told to wash. They left him with a towel and instructions to come into the house when he was done.

Quan was grateful for the water. He drank until his thirst was gone then he ran the water over his sore bottom. His testicles had not fallen out and his penis seemed to be gone, but other than that he was in better shape than he thought. The water revived him. He looked around and saw nothing but raw prairie. He knew he would not be able to escape without being tracked down. He towelled off and went into the house.

It was a typical farmhouse. The front door let into a hallway. The sitting room was off to the right. The second doorway led to the dining room. There were stairs to the second level, Then the kitchen.

Murphy yelled from the sitting room. "Its about time you got in here bitch. Get into the kitchen and fix us some grub. After we eat I am going to fuck you again and I better not see any nuts there or I will cut them off this time."

Quan went into the kitchen. It was a mess and smelt like something had died in there. Quan started to clean. He was from a family of modest means, but their home had always been spotless. His mother and grandmother and later his sister worked many hours to keep it that way. Quan could not stand filth. When he finished the kitchen looked much better.

He had found some potatoes and frozen trout. Quan knew how to cook fish. He cooked enough for the two killers and an extra large portion for himself. He didn't expect to live through the night. He would have a full belly when he died.

He served the meal in the dining room. The two killers ate everything and asked for more. Quan kept the food comiong, saying all of the time that they were low on this spice, needed that spice, saying he could cook a better meal if the kitchen was supplied better. He also kept the whiskey pouring. Almost a full bottle. He thought that if he got them drunk enough they would pass out. They didn't.

Drew grabbed him as he passed and tore off his trousers. His underwear had been lost somewhere, he was lucky to have his glasses. Drew grabbed at his groin roughly. There were no testicles and only a minute trace of a penis. Harrison stuck his finger into the void and felt around. "To damn dry." He smeared some olive oil on his finger and tried again. This time he smiled and said "Just like a gook pussy." Quan stood still for the humiliation. The sensation of having a finger inside there was strange, but it didn't hurt at all. Murphy was pulling off his pants. Quan watched as his erection sprang free. He knew what would happen to him. Drew pushed Quan over to his partner. Murphy caught Quan and pushed him onto the table on top of all the dishes. He felt Murphy penetrate him and start to rutt. It didn't take long. Drew took his turn next. Quan felt the pressure of the penetration, but no pain. Drew shot his load and the two of them went back into the sitting room.

Quan raised himself up from the table and started to clean up the mess from the sex and the meal. When he was finished he stayed in the kitchen until Murphy came in and took him to his bed.

The bedroom was almost as dirty as the kitchen. Quan could smell the dried sperm and sweat in the room. Murphy forced Quan to suck him to orgasm and fell asleep in a drunken stupor. Quan despite the filth slept also.

He was kicked out of bed sometime after sunrise. "Fix breakfast."

Quan went down to the kitchen and started to fix a meal with what was left. The two men came down qfter about thirty minutes and ate. They left together right after eating. Quan returned to the bedroom he had shared with Murphy and cleaned it. Then he went into the other bedroom and cleaned it also. He washed linens and aired out blankets. He had no idea where he would be this night so he cleaned everyplace he could think of.

The two returned after dark with bags of groceries. Quan put the food away and he was told to remove his clothes. Thinking the two wanted him for sex, he took off his clothes and looked at the two wondering who would be first. Neither approached him, but Drew tossed a bag at him. "This is your new clothes. You wear them from now on."

Quan caught the bag. It was full of womans clothes. There was a housedress, three tops, two skirts, shoes and various pieces of undergarments. It was all used, some of it dirty. Quan put the cleanest there was on. It didn't fit well, but it was better than his clothing that had been repeatedly torn off him. "Throw that other shit in the trash. You are a girl now. Murphy said as he tossed him another bag. This one had cosmetics and toiletries in it. Quan went into the kitchen to prepare the evening meal in his new outfit. A brown mini skirt with a white top. There were red silk panties and a matching bra. Quan brushed her hair as she prepared the meal as he had seen his sister do.

The meal was served with much groping and fingering. Quan didn't struggle or avoid it in any way. After the meal was over and the kitchen put in order Drew took her to his room. He literally threw Quan on the bed fully clothed and tore off the red silk panties and fucked Quan repeatedly. After he finished they both slept.

This was the routine. The two would go off during the day and return at night. Quan would cook, clean and have sex with both of them sometimes seperate sometimes together. His rectum healed and that gave the two another place to fuck. Quan got more clothing and became good at applying cosmetics. His hair grew long and straight. He kept clean and quiet. He never struggled or tried to escape.

Murphy tossed him a bottle of pills and told him to "Take these, lets see if you grow any tits." Quan took them everyday.

Winter turned to spring and spring turned to summer. When he was alone Quan would sit in front of the mirror and practice his cosmetics, trying different combinations. From the magazines he was given to read he learned what each item was and how to apply it. He pulled stray hairs as soon as he noticed them and soon looked like an attractive asian girl. His nipples became much larger and puffy, but his breasts never grew to any size. He started a garden of flowers and vegtables in the yard and kept the house clean and cooked what the two wanted to eat. He became proficient at sex with them. They stopped threatening him with death.

The first truck was emptied and a second took its place. Quan shuddered when he thought of the former drivers fate.

Soon after the second truck, they had a visitor to the farm. He came in a dark Mercedes and went with the two to the barn where the truck was stored. They stayed in there for a time then they came into the sitting room and talked. He was obviously a buyer for some of the product in the truck. Quan served drinks. Drew reached up Quan's dress and winked at the stranger. When Quan served the stranger his hand also reached up the dress. Quan stood still as he did for Drew. The man rubbed his thigh up to the junction of his legs and rubbed his pussy through the panties. He grabbed Quans hips and pulled him onto his lap. Quan could feel his erection on his bottom and he spread his legs so the man could feel him. "Quan, why don't you show our guest a good time."

Quan rose and took the strangers hand and led him up the stairs to the spare bedroom, undressed him and dropped to his knees in front of him and sucked his erection into his mouth and sucked him until he was stopped and laid gently on the bed and was fucked in his vagina until the man came. Quan then sucked the man to erection again and straddling him, inserted his penis into his bottom and rode him until he came a second time. He closed the deal.

Both Harrison and Murphy were very happy with the way things went. Quan suspected that they made a lot of money from the deal. "You did good bitch." Harrison told Quan as he buttfucked him later that night. "We need to improve our investment in you. There are possibilities we never considered."

The next day Quan was taken to town. A small city actually. There were strip malls, grocery stores, clothing stores, everything you would expect. Quan got to go into a clothing store and pick out his own clothes. Murphy told him to "Hold off on buying a bra." Quan was then taken to a doctors office where he was taken into an examination room. Murphy was with him when the doctor came in.

"So we want to make some modifications do we?" The doctor said as he examined Quan's chest. I would recommend a B cup." He said as he handed Quan a pair of inserts. The jell filled orbs rolled in his palm. Quan held them up to his chest where they would live. He looked at Murphy with a questioning look in his eyes. "Lets see the bigger ones." Murphy was a breast man even if Harrison wasn't. The doctor handed over the next larger size laid out on the table. Quan held these up to his chest. Murphy just smiled.

"Of course you will have a chance to discuss this with your lady as the surgery will need to be scheduled. We normally have a two week cooling off period between the initial consultation and the surgery. Murphy looked suprised. "This is going to happen today doc. I told you this was part of the deal. So put her under and get started." The doctor was visibly shaken. "I don't even do the other surgery you want. There are procedures that need to be followed." Murphy got real close to the other man. He was a stone killer to be sure and everyone in the exam room knew it. "Doc, are we going to have a problem here?" Quan left the doctors office with C cups embedded in his chest.

The swelling went down after a week of ice packs. After another week the bruising started to fade. Quan got accustomed to carring around the extra weight. He liked the way his clothes fit now. He looked forward to play time with the two killers. He enjoyed the feel of being penetrated by anything the men put into him. When there were guests Quan made sure they always left happy.

The doctor sent over different pills for Quan to take. He also sent over papers that needed signing. Quan started to sign them "Lisa Quan". He was told he would be going to Thailand for another operation in March which was only a few months away. Lisa got a passport and Visa. Both Murphy and Harrison were going to accompany Quan on this trip. They both had been there before and knew of some wild party houses there.

The third hijacking didn't go as planned. Drew was shot in the chest. Murphy dragged his partner back to the ranch. He lived for three days. During this time Murphy was a wreck. He took a lot of drugs. He had trouble buring his partner, so Quan had to finish the job. Quan was beaten by Murphy. Murphy was high on speed when the police came. He was shot dead after a three hour shootout.

The police questioned Quan and released him. He had done nothing wrong. He denied knowing anything about the hijackings. The police searched the house and barn. Quan told them about the other bodies buried on the ranch. This tidbit extended the police stay by three days.

Lisa Quan was left with her clothes and no cash. She did have the passport and ticket to Thailand. She returned to the ranch after dark and raided the stash she kept secret from the police.

As luck would have it the airport was of course in Quans old hometown. She directed the taxi to drive past her old home.

She saw the rundown place where her family lived. She considered stopping, but so much had changed. She knew she could not be the person that used to live here anymore. She told the taxi to wait for her as she went into her former place of employment. Her former boss was there. Still yelling at everyone and trying to be important. Lisa ordered a large lemonaide and drove to the airport.

She would be back, but she would be changed again. She could feel the male eyes on her as she walked through the airport towards the assigned gate. Being a girl was better and Lisa Quan liked it more everyday. Yes she would be back.....




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