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My Best Friends Girl

by Jennifer White


Why did Brian get to be the lucky one? From the first time I laid eyes on her, I was madly in love with Kate. I wanted her for my own. But this was her fifth date with Brian, and she was holding his hand, leaning in close to him, and they even kissed in front of me.

I was heartbroken. She was *perfect*. Ideal. Let me describe her to you. She was five foot eight, slim, but not skinny. She had jet black hair, like a raven, which was curly, and hung down to just below her shoulder. Her hair looked so full, so pretty, I just wanted to run my hands through it!

Her face was that of an angel. Well, a naughty angel. Her skin was so clear, so soft looking, and I just wanted to feel my hands on it. Her eyebrows were dark like her hair, nicely plucked into two distinct curving lines, that brought attention to her eyes.

Her eyes! They were so amazing! I couldn't help but to stare at them. They were dark an mysterious, yet they twinkled in the light, as if to show the mischievous little vixen that she really was. She didn't need much makeup to make her eyes look amazing, nor did she wear much on her face other than a touch of lipstick to make her lips look more red and kissable.

Today, Kate was wearing a read and white striped sweater. The neckline was not revealing at all, but I wished it was. That was because under the sweater, there lurked two of the most fantastic breasts I had ever seen! Just their size and their shape, they were so perfect! I just felt such an urge, an inner *need* to touch them. I couldn't help but to get hard from seeing them reshape her sweater.

Kate was wearing blue jeans today, which really helped to accentuate her curves. I would have died to get a look at the panties that I knew were hiding underneath them. If only I could open up her jeans, and get a good look inside. The way she moved! Her easy smile! She was just so awesome.

I couldn't fault Brian for wanting her. She *was* perfect. But it wasn't right that he got her, while I had nobody. Kate should have been mine. She was just so right for me, that it *had* to be that way. Almost immediately, as we ate dinner together, I started thinking of a plan. One day soon, she would be mine. She just didn't know it yet.


* * *


Now I knew I couldn't just talk to Brian, and say "I want Kate, give her to me." That wouldn't ever happen. So I had to do something sneaky. Brian was my friend, and I hated to be like this, but it was all his fault for getting Kate before I did. So whatever he got, he deserved it.

I thought about tricking her into thinking that Brian was cheating on her. But then she would just run away, and I'd probably never see her again. So I needed to find something more devious. Something that would take longer, so that she'd get a chance to know me better. Then when I sprung my trap, she'd leave him, and who would be the kind, loving, supportive man who was there to help her get over her breakup? Me!

I went through dozens and dozens of scenarios, before decided exactly what I was going to do to Brian to get him out of the picture. A plan that I was going to make it so that she wouldn't want him anymore. An plan that would help bring Kate to me. I was going to turn Brian into a woman.

It was quite clear that Kate loved being a woman, and she loved being with a man. You could see it in her eyes, and how she melted when Brian kissed her. If I could turn him into a girl, then she wouldn't want him anymore. She'd want someone manly. Someone powerful. Namely: me.

And so I started out by gathering the necessary supplies, buying some books, some pharmaceuticals, and all of the other supplies I'd need. I read and reread the books, and did the final detailed planning. Now I was ready. It was time to start turning Brain into a girl.


* * *


The first thing I needed to do was to knock down Brian's desire for her. Make him less attracted to her. I read that the human body is driven by hormones. If I could get Brian onto a drug that neutralized testosterone, the male sex hormone, while simultaneously starting him on estrogen, the female sex hormone, then a number of things would happen.

First, his body would gradually change. With enough time, he'd grow real breasts on his chest! His skin would get softer, he'd start storing fat on his hips. It would change his body to look more and more girlish. But not only that: the lack of testosterone in his system would knock down his sexual appetite for women. He'd have a harder and harder time getting it up. And eventually, as the estrogen worked on his brain, he might even start having female sexual feelings. He might even end up wanting to be with a man!

Oh, this was so perfect. It did two jobs for the price of one. Start him on his transition into womanhood, as well as lessening his desire for Kate. I decided right then and there, that I'd get him on the drugs ASAP. I even had a female name picked out for him: Erica. There had been a girl I was after one time, who he got to first. Her name was Erica. Since this was almost the same thing all over again, what name could be more fitting for him, once he did become a woman?

Next, I read up more about psychology, and about hypnosis. It was quite fascinating. Have you ever seen a magic show, where the magician does something to an audience member, to make the bark like a dog, act like a rooster, or something like that?

I read how with the right technique, you could turn off the conscious mind for a time. And with the conscious out of the way, the subject became very open to suggestion. When you brought them out of their trance, the would remember *nothing* of what had gone on while they were out.

This was so cool. If I could get him into a trance, then I could start forming his female inner self, and he wouldn't even know that I was doing it. I'd build 'her' up more and more, in ever increasing quantities. Then eventually, I'd train her to take over for him. He'd be powerless, as his inner woman complete took over his mind.

I imagined what it would be like the day that Brian fully became Erica inside, and told Kate that it was all over between them, because he was a woman now. Oh how sweet that would be!


Brian came over to watch the baseball game with me on Saturday afternoon. Of course, he had a date with Kate that evening. But we were going to hang out for a while.

"I love your big screen TV Mike" he said.

"Thanks!" I replied. "What better way to watch the game. Hey, do you want beer, or a scotch?"

"It's early, I'll go with beer."

"I just got some imported beer. Lets try that. It's supposed to be really good."

"Cool" he said.

What better way to deliver his first dose of drugs, in a glass of beer? Not only that, it was an import, and it would taste a little funny to him. So he'd never suspect that besides the lager, he was getting dosed with a drug that would help me put him into a deep trance.

And just as expected, after thirty minutes (and two beers laced with the drug), Brian was starting to get woozy. Now was the time to act. Following the detailed instructions I had read over and over, I began to put him into a trance. He was already very tired, on the edge of losing awareness. It didn't take very long for him to be 'in the zone'. I had him in a deep trance! It was working! Now for the fun part.

"Brian" I said. "You hear my words, and you will obey."

"I will obey" he said, almost in a mumble.

"Brian, you are not a man. You are a *woman*. All your life, deep inside, you have always been a woman. Tell me what you are Brian."

"I am a woman" he mumbled.

"Yes Brian. That is right. On the inside, you are a woman. When you see a pretty girl, you wish that you were her. When you see her long hair, you feel a desire for your hair to look that way. You want to wear makeup, so your face can be pretty, like hers. You want to be a woman on the outside, as you are on the inside. You are a woman."

"I am a woman."

"When you see a girl in a pretty skirt, you wish that *you* were wearing a skirt. You want to wear heels. You want to wear blouses. You wish you were wearing a bra and panties. You *want* to dress like a woman, because you really *are* a woman. Tell me that you want to wear a skirt."

"I want to wear a skirt" he said.

"When you see a woman's chest, and you see her lovely breasts, there is only one thought in your mind: you wish that *you* had breasts like hers. Tell me that you wish you had big breasts."

"I wish I had big breasts" said Brian.

"When you see her pants laying flat and tight on her crotch, you feel a longing for yours to look the same way. You want to have a pussy between your legs. Tell me!"

"I want to have a pussy between my legs."

"The thought of making love to a woman doesn't excite you anymore. Now that *you* are a woman, it just doesn't seem right for you to be in bed with another woman. Tell me that you don't want to be with a woman."

"I don't want to be with a woman" said Brian.

"Yes. Now you understand. You are a woman on the inside already Brian. You want to become a woman on the *outside* too. You want to be pretty. You want to wear makeup. You want to have boobs. You want to be in skirts, panties and dresses. You want long hair. You want to make yourself look completely feminine, because on the inside, you *are* female already. Tell me again that you are a woman."

"I am a woman" he said.

"You want to have female hormones coursing through your bloodstream. Tell me that you wish you had real female hormones in your body."

"I wish I had real female hormones in my body" he said.

I nodded my head. He asked for it. Now I could say I just doing what Brian had asked me.

"Take these" I said to Brian. "These are estrogen pills. This one is progesterone. And this is an androgen blocker, to counteract your male hormones. Take these, and you will start to be come female in body, as you are in your mind."

Brian took the pills form me, and the glass of water. He gulped them all down. Wonderful! But I knew time was running out. And his mind could only absorb so much in this first session. Now was the time for one last step.

"Now you have female hormones in your body" I said. "Tell me that you are a woman."

"I am a woman" he said, once again.

"You are a woman, and your name is Erica" I said. "Tell me your name."

"I am Erica" he replied.

"And what are you Erica?"

"I am a woman."

"Yes Erica. You *are* a woman. But if Brian finds out about you, he'll try to destroy you. Do you want to be destroyed Erica?"

"No!" said Brian.

"Then you must hide yourself from Brian. You must not allow him to see you or hear you. You will remain silent and hidden, until I tell you to come out. Then you will be in charge as you are now, and Brian will not be able to harm you. You will only come out, when I say 'Erica, where are you?'. Do you understand Erica?"

"Yes" said Brian.

"Very good. Now when I snap my fingers, you will remember all you have learned today, but you will not allow Brian to find you. I will see you soon Erica. You are a woman. You are a woman. You are a woman."

I snapped my fingers, and Brian's face changed.

"Up from your nap?" I said.

"I fell asleep?" he replied.

"Yup. Boring game. Pitcher's duel. You had two beers, and you were out like a light. Up late last night, huh?"

We talked for a while, then he told me he had to run, because he had a date that night. I said good-bye, and watched him leave. Little did he know what I had just planted in his head. Little did he know, he had just taken his first step towards womanhood.


* * *


I had given Mike a pretty strong dose of female hormones. I read that it took about five days for the body to use them all up, and flush them out of its system. So before five days were up, I needed to get Brian alone again, so I could put him under, and have him take his next dose.

The good news was that since I had already put him under the first time, it would be really easy the next time. I wouldn't need the drugs again. Just relax him, the hit him with they key phrase. Erica would emerge again, and I could reinforce 'her' training.

It was the next Monday, when I had my shot. Brian had invited me to dinner with Kate and himself. I was driving. On the way there, I pulled into a parking lot by a park. We often came there to smoke or to pound a beer. So why should this be any different? He didn't suspect a thing, as I lulled him into his trance.

"Erica, where are you?" I said.

"Right here" he replied.

"Hello Erica" I said.

"Hello Mike" he replied.

He didn't sound nearly as groggy as before. Now he sounded almost normal. Almost.

"Erica, what are you?" I said.

"I am a woman" replied Brian.

"Yes Erica. You are a woman. Now tell me, woman, do you want more of your female hormones? Do you want them to make your breasts grow? Do you want them to alter your body, so you can be more and more female?"

"Oh yes, please!" said Brian.

"Here you go" I said, handing them to him. "I also bought you birth control pills, so you can have even *more* hormones. That one is the little pink pill. Make sure you take them all."

Brian gulped down all of the pills, with a bottle of beer I had at the ready.

"Erica, you are a woman. You want to dress up in women's clothes. You want to have long fingernails, so you can paint them pretty colors with nail polish. You want to wear earrings. You want to wear makeup. You want to be a pretty girl. Tell me what you want to be Erica."

"I want to be a pretty girl."

"Yes Erica. You are a woman. You want to be pretty. You want *so* much to wear a skirt. You wish with all your heart that you had big breasts, so you could wear a bra. Tell me what you want Erica."

"I want big breasts, so I can wear a bra" said Brian.

"Tonight, we will go out to dinner with another woman. Her name is Kate. You want to be *just* like her. Study her. Everything she is, you wish that *you* were. You want to sit like her. You want to move like her. You want to dress like her. You wish that you were Kate. You will absorb everything about her, so you can make yourself become like she is. You have no interest in her, because you want to *be* her. Tell me you wish that you were just like Kate. In every way."

"I wish I was just like Kate, in every way" said Brian.

"Tell me you have not desire to go out with Kate."

"I have no desire to go out with Kate."

"Good, Erica. You are a woman. You are a woman. You grow stronger every day, and you want to take over Brian's mind. You are a woman, and you grow stronger. Now there is more Erica, and less of Brian. Soon, he will *be* you, as you take over his mind. You are a woman, and you are strong. Tell me you are a woman."

"I am a woman."

"Yes Erica, You are a woman. You have female hormones in your body. You wish you were just like Kate. You want to dress up as she does. You want to be pretty. You are a woman. You are a woman. You are a woman. Remember not to let Brian detect you yet, but you my start take over tonight, as long as he does not notice. You are a woman. You are a woman. You are a woman."

I snapped my fingers, as I drained the last of my beer.

"Come on dude, slam your so we can go. You're drinking so slow, it's like drinking with a chick."

He gave me kind of a funny look, then he slammed the rest of the beer in his bottle.


We arrived at the bistro, and went inside. Kate was already there, at the bar. She was talking with a woman, and she had a glass of red wine in front of her. Today, she looked even extra hot. She was wearing a black skirt that didn't even come down to her knees. Her top was white, with thin straps going over her shoulders. You could see all of her bare arms, and a lot of her leg. Wow.

"That's a really nice outfit" said Brain to her. "I'd like..."

"Like what?" she said.

"Oh, it's nothing" he replied, shaking his head.

I smiled. That must have been Erica, inside of him, wishing for an outfit like that for 'herself'. I also noticed that Brian hadn't greeted her with a kiss, as he usually did. And as we sat at the table, he wasn't always touching her, like normal. It was working! He was already losing interest in her. I was able to dominate the conversation with Kate, almost pushing Brian to the side. He was very passive, and showed little or no interest in Kate.

I was able to manipulate the situation, and get everyone to come back to my place after dinner. As with the dinner, Kate gave *me* most of her attention. I was elated. I was with her almost every moment, except when I was getting drinks for everyone, or when I got a phone call, and had to go into the den to take it, so I could hear the phone better, since we had dance music on by that point.

What a night! I was starting to move in on Kate, and Brian's programming to become a woman was coming along wonderfully.


* * *


Bonus! Two days later, as I was at home by myself, I got a phone call from Kate! She asked if she could come over and see me. I hurried to tidy the place up, and make it look nicer for her. I knew she liked red wine, so I ran to the corner store, and bought a couple of bottles. I had one of the bottles opened, and was pouring out two glasses when she knocked on my door.

She sat down next to me, and we talked. How wonderful it was to be with Kate! Time just flew by, and before I knew it, it was already 11:00. Wow. It almost seemed like she arrived, we had a glass of wine, and she was already going. I was walking on air though. This was the most wonderful night of my life.

And to top it all off, she gave me a peck on the cheek at the end of the night! I went to bed that night happier than I could ever remember being. Kate was already pulling away from Brian, and moving to me. Now all I had to do was to keep turning him into a girl, and soon, she'd leave him for good, and she'd be all mine.


* * *

From that day on, Kate started spending a lot more time with me alone. It was so wonderful. Sometimes she'd come over with a movie she had rented. Or we'd meet for dinner. She was still with Brian, and I was still going full steam to turn him into a woman. I could see signs of his feminization all the time, but he didn't even seem to notice. One time, he was staring at Kate's generous rack, and he put his hands on his own chest, as if he was cupping them around large boobs. Awesome! He wanted to be her. Everything was perfect.


By the end of the month, I was with Kate so often, and we barely ever saw Brian. I think that by then, she had all but given up on him. Especially the one night he showed up to meet us for dinner (*I* picked her up), when he sat down and we both noticed he was wearing makeup. I looked at his hands, and his nails were painted. I couldn't believe he did that, and went out in public. Kate was too nice to say anything, and I was quiet too, since I had put the idea in his mind in the first place. But Brian didn't seem to act as if he was doing anything different from any other night. Erica was starting to take over, and he didn't even notice.

Anyway, that night, I went home with Kate to her house. We had been making out, and sometimes we'd fall asleep on her couch as we made out. I'd wake up in the middle of the night on the couch, covered (thoughtfully) by a blanket, while she went to her bed. Oh how I wanted to be in that bed with her!

As we drew closer and closer together, I felt like the time had finally come. Tonight was the night when we would make love together. Or so I thought. As we made out, I took off my shirt, and she put her hands on my chest.

"Mike?" she said.

"Yes my love" I replied, trying to get her shirt off.

She pulled my hand down, and looked me right in the eye.

"You have a nice body" she said, "but I have to tell you something. All that hair you have really turns me off. If you are to ever be in my bed, you are going to need to get rid off all that body hair. Chest, arms, legs, armpits...everything. If you have any hair on your body other than your head and between your legs, you'll never get to be in *my* bed."

Well, that put a damper on the night! But as usual with her, we talked, and before I knew it, it was really late. Wow, the time really flew when I was with her. But I guessed that was part of love. I'd never get tired of her! And how could I be? It seemed like I was with her for fifteen minutes, but it turned out to be hours.


So the next day, I went to the store, and bought myself some hair removal stuff. I took a shower to get wet, then put the stuff all over my body. It kind of stunk! Then after letting it work, I rinsed it all off. Away went all of my body hair, some of which collected in the drain. I have to say that I felt a lot *cleaner* when I was done with my shower. With no body hair anymore, anywhere, somehow I felt better, now that my skin was all smooth and soft.

When I bought the hair removal stuff, I was afraid I'd feel all itchy afterwards. So on an impulse, I also bought some skin cream, which I now put on everywhere. It had a lilac scent, which reminded me of Kate, so it made me smile. I rubbed all over, and when it absorbed in right away, I put on a second application.

I got dressed up for my date with her. I spent a lot of time brushing my hair. I hadn't been cutting it since I started seeing her, and it was getting longer. But she liked it that way. That's why I had been using the special tonic to make it grow faster. It would look good all curly and full like hers, but it just wasn't long enough yet.


I was full of excitement when I went to Kate's place that night. This would *finally* be the night that I got into her bed. I was all smooth and hairless all over, just like she wanted. She was waiting for me, with a glass of wine. I drank it down, and we talked and talked.

"It's 9:00 Mike. Are you ready for dinner?" she said.

Nine O'clock! How did it get that late! I had just arrived. Wow, this was getting almost weird. How could a five minute conversation have taken three hours? I shook my head, but didn't think of it anymore. I was looking at her, and how perfect she was in every way. I ran my fingers through my hair, and batted my eyelashes at her, to give her a bit of a flirting look. She smiled.

We ate our dinner, and I offered to clean up the dishes. She handed me the apron I wore when I did her housework, so that I wouldn't get my clothes wet or dirty. I did the dishes and put away the leftovers into the fridge. Then I washed my hands, to get that "dish scent" off of them. I didn't want to smell like a kitchen when I was trying to get into her bed!


We had a glass of wine, then we made out. She made a big deal about how smooth and soft my skin was. And before too long, she stood up, took me by the hand, and led me into her bedroom! We kissed, and then Kate reached forward, and unbuttoned my shirt. She pulled it off, and ran her hands up and down my smooth chest.

Then she got on her knees, and undid my belt buckle. And unzipped my fly. And undid the top of my pants, which now fell to the floor. She tossed them aside, and giggled, as she started to pull off my socks. Lastly, using her teeth, she pulled off my boxers. I was now naked, but she was fully clothed.

First, Kate reached behind her, and unzipped her black knee length skirt. She took it off, and very carefully laid it on the side of the bed, so it wouldn't get wrinkled. Then she took off her black tank top, laying it next to the skirt. She was wearing a black lacy bra, with matching panties, along with dark thigh high nylons that had a four inch wide band of lace around the top. She was wearing a black lacy garter belt, which was holding up the nylons. With her black hair, she looked so lovely! An image of perfection.

Kate first undid her bra behind her, and eased it off. She handed it to me. I could feel her warmth in it.

"You want to know how it feels, don't you?" she said.

It seemed a strange question, and I didn't really know what she meant by that. But immediately, I shot back with my answer: "Yes!"

"Go ahead" she said. "Put it on. I'll help you."

I slipped my arms into the loops, and pulled the bra closer to me. Now the lacy cups were against my chest. She was behind me, fastening the band She let it go with a snap, and now I was in her bra.


I should have felt embarrassed, or kinky for doing this, but it was somehow the most wonderful feeling in the world! A wave of almost orgasmic pleasure swept over me, as I felt myself wearing her bra. I couldn't believe what was happening to me.

She walked back in front of me, holding her garter belt and her nylons, which she had removed as I stood there trying to understand why I was feeling such pleasure from wearing her bra.

"You want these too, don't you?" she said.

"Oh, yes! Please, can I wear them?" I begged.

"Only if you tell me that you are a girl, and that your name is Andrea."

"I'm Andrea!" I said automatically, as if I had been saying that as my name all my life. "I'm a girl! I'm a girl! Please now, can I wear your garter belt and nylons?"

"Go ahead Andrea. Put them on."

I put the garter belt around me, and felt the four dangling straps. I pulled on the nylon over my left leg, and attached the straps. Then I did the same for my right leg. I was now in Kate's nylons, with the lacy garter belt.

"You look very pretty Andrea" she said.

I blushed, with such high praise from Kate herself! I watched as she removed her panties. Now she was naked before me, and I only had one thought on my mind: I had to get into those panties.

"Please Kate, please can I wear your panties?"

"Only if you tell me your name, tell me what you are, and if you promise to call me Mistress from now on."

"Yes Mistress" I said. "I am Andrea, and I am a girl."

"Very good Andrea. Okay, you may wear my panties now."

Before the last of the warmth from her body escaped the panties, I pulled them up. I had to close my eyes, as the waves of pleasure washed over me. I felt *so* wonderful, so excited, so feminine. I looked at Kate, but I didn't speak. I knew that I was hers, she was my Mistress, and it wasn't my place to talk. Slaves should only speak when they are spoken to. I would be a good girl, for her.

Silently, she handed me two breast forms. Without speaking, Put them into the cups of my bra.

"Andrea, get on your knees, and beg me to wear my clothes."

"Please my Mistress!" I said, once I was on my knees, "please let me wear your skirt! Please, let me wear your top."

"And why do you want to wear my clothes Andrea?" she said.

"Because I want to be like *you* Mistress, in every way. You are perfect. You are a woman. I want to be a woman, just like you."

"Arise Andrea" she said. "You may put my clothes on now."

I took her top, and pulled it over the 'breasts' that my bra was holding up. It looked good, sticking out in front like that. Then I pulled on her skirt. I had a little trouble getting it to zip closed. but eventually I had it. I was now in her clothes.

I turned to see her going to her closet. She put on a pink nightie, so she wouldn't be nude anymore. Then she pulled a box down from her closet shelf. She opened it up, to reveal black pumps.

"These are in your size, Andrea" she said. "You may wear them, if you beg me, and tell me that you are my slave."

"Please Mistress, please can I wear those shoes? I promise, I will always be your slave. Please, my Mistress, I beg you!"

"Very well, slave" she said. "Put on your new shoes."

I was so excited as I put on the shoes. They would really compliment the rest of the outfit. I felt very pretty once I had them on.

Now Mistress Kate had me beg her to wear makeup. And then I begged her and pleaded with her to let me wear her jewelry. And then to get my nails painted. And to have her fix my hair. She was allowing me to become more and more like her. I almost cried when I looked in the mirror, and noticed how much like her I was now. I hadn't even noticed that I had been dying my longer hair black, so it could be like hers. Oh how I wanted to be her!

"You are now in my clothes Andrea" she said. "You are now nothing but a reflection of me. And just as my reflection does exactly what I do, from now on, so will you. You will do what I want, when I want. You will do nothing, but what I tell you. You are my reflection. You have no control. All you can do, is to reflect back. If I tell you to jump, you will jump. If I tell you to eat, you will eat. Tell me that you understand."

"Yes Mistress" I said. "I am completely yours."

"These are female hormones" said Kate. "And this is a testosterone blocker. These are birth control pills. These will all help alter your body, so that it become like *mine*. From this day forward, you will always begin your day by taking these pills."

"Please Mistress, would it please you if I took them now?" I begged.

"No" she replied. "You've already had your dose for the day. You've been taking them daily for well over a month now. Your body is already changing. You just haven't noticed it yet. Soon, you will be like me, with full breasts, wide hips, and soft skin. Soon, you *will* be a woman."

I almost cried, feeling the warmth of such a lofty promise! I would be like her! I felt so happy.

"I know you cannot understand, because you are only a slave" she said, "but I discovered what you were doing to Brian. I wondered why he was acting so strange. Then I found the books at your house. You shouldn't have left them out like that. Because once I found the, I read them. And ever since then, I've been doing to you, what you did to Brian. I've been turning *you* into a woman. You are completely helpless now. You are mine. You are Andrea. And your only desires are to serve me, and to become like me."

"I am yours, Mistress" I said. "Please, how may I serve you?"

"Wait there a moment" she said.

Kate picked up her cell phone, and dialed a number. She had only one word to say: "Now."

A minute later, there was a knock at the door.

"Andrea, go get the door" she said.

I was *so* glad to have a task, so that I could server her, and show her just how obedient of a slave I was. I hurried to the door, taking tight little steps in my heels. I opened the door, and saw a woman standing there. She looked familiar. Then I realized: it wasn't a girl. It was Brian! He was dressed up as Erica, and had fully feminized himself. He almost looked pretty.

"Come in" I said. "Mistress Kate is waiting for you. Please have a seat."

I went to the bedroom.

"Erica is here to see you, Mistress" I said.

"Good. Come with me, Andrea. Always walk two steps behind me, to show your proper place."

I followed her into the livingroom. She sat down next to Erica.

"Andrea, get us both some wine. But none for yourself. You are my slave, and slaves do not get to drink wine with guests."

"Yes Mistress" I said.

I went to the kitchen, opened a bottle of wine, and returned with it. I handed the first glass to my Mistress (of course), and the other glass to Erica.

"Andrea, you have a power over Erica. That will stop, as of now. I want you to command her that she is now free from your influence, and that *I* am her Mistress now."

"Yes Mistress" I said.

I walked over to Erica.

"Erica, where are you?" I said, using the key phrase I had implanted.

"Right here, silly" replied Erica. She was already in control of Brian's mind. She didn't need coaxing out.

"Erica, up to now, you have belonged to me. You have responded to my commands" I said.

"I hear, and I obey you" she replied.

"From this moment on, you no longer belong to me. Instead, you belong to Mistress Kate, as I do. You belong to *her* now, and you will obey her in all things."

Erica got a funny look on her face, then turned to face Kate.

"I am yours" she said. "Command me in all things."

"Remain seated" she said to Erica.

Then Kate turned to face me.

"Andrea, order Erica to stand up."

"Yes Mistress" I said, nodding. I turned to Erica "Erica, stand up. Now!"

Erica remained motionless.

"As you can see Andrea, Erica is no longer under your control at all. She belongs to *me* now."

"I am yours" said Erica, in full agreement.

"Now Erica" said Kate tenderly, "we have much work to do. Slave Andrea has been very unkind to you. I will help you, and I will bring you back to where you were. I will turn you into your former self. But Andrea will be punished for what she has done."

Now Kate turned to me. I was flushed red. I felt *so* terrible that somehow I had offended my Mistress! What had I done? I was a good slave. I wouldn't do *anything* she didn't want.

"Slave Andrea, stand up!" she barked at me.

I stood up straight, and faced her.

"From now on" she said, "you will serve not only me, but you will also serve Erica. My orders always come first, but when you are not doing *my* bidding, you will server her. You will help her become Brian again, and even then, you will continue to serve her. Now get on your knees in front of her, and tell her that you belong to her too."

I moved in front of Erica on the couch, and got on my knees.

"I am your slave" I said. "I serve Mistress Kate, and I serve you."

Kate whispered something in Erica's ear, as I stayed on my knees. I had not been ordered to arise, so I wasn't going to move a muscle!

Erica smiled at me. She pulled back her skirt.

"Pull off my panties, slave" she said.

I reached forward, and pulled them off of her, as she stood slightly, to make it easier.

"Now slave, go down on me" she said.

"Yes Mistress Erica" I said, obediently.

I moved forward, to bury my face in her pussy. But she didn't have a pussy at all. In between her legs, she was like a man! Yet she had just ordered me, and I could not disobey. I opened my mouth, and did as she had ordered. As I did my work, Kate talked to me.

"Today Andrea, you have become a woman" she said. You no longer desire women. You're one of *us* now. From this moment forward, you only want a man. A man of your own."

The task I was doing had seemed awful and terrible a moment ago. But now, suddenly I liked what I was doing. I was pleasing my Mistresses both, and I felt a surge of pride within me.

"You are a woman Andrea. Now, and forever. You will stay on female hormones for the rest of your life. You will get breast implants later this year. And soon, we will send you in for surgery, so you can become a woman completely in your body, as you already are in your heart, your mind, and your soul. You are a woman now, and your life will be spent serving me, and serving Brian. You are our slave, and you will be happy for the rest of your life, because we allow you to serve us."

At that moment, there was a warm spurt in my mouth, which I swallowed down.

"Like it clean, then go brush your teeth" said Kate.

I did as she commanded, and stared at myself in the mirror as I brushed my teeth. I was such a pretty woman. I wished I did have real boobs like Kate did. But between the hormones and the implants she just promised me, soon I would have them. And then she'd fix me between the legs. I couldn't wait. I wanted to be just like her, in every way.

I came out of the bathroom, and Erica had changed into the clothes I had worn earlier that day. Kate was talking to Erica, saying that she wasn't a woman anymore, and that she was a man named Brian. I just stared at them, waiting my next instructions. I was a slave, and that was my goal in life: to serve. I would wait patiently for them if I needed to. And then I would do whatever they asked of me. I could hardly wait. I would make my Mistress proud.




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