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As long as I can remember, I have held a deep appreciation for the feel of nylon. The soft texture, the feel of the silkiness, the sheen on a woman's legs. Fascinated by the magic it held, I started experimenting at a young age. These are a few of my accounts of the fun I have had with nylon and the pleasure it has brought to me over the years. This is the first installment of a journey spanning 19 years. Be gentle, this is my first try at writing an actual story. I hope you enjoy.


My Adventures in Nylon

by Colorado Leg Man


High school

My days of high school were both fun and frightening. I always knew I was a little different. Tall and handsome though a little on the thin side, I had my pick of the girls. With a personality and great sense of humor, I had no problem bedding the girls I lusted after. I kept finding though, something was missing in the sex I was having. Leave it to the experimentation phase of my life and a little bit of smoke, all became clear and set me on my path for life.

It all started with a boy named Kelly. Not the most popular, not even considered cute. He was a real nerd by most people's standards but for some reason we clicked. My other friends would laugh at him and make fun of him behind his back. Me, I could never see the point in berating someone who already had so little going for him. It was in this that we became friends.

I liked to smoke a little now and then, and I found that getting high with Kelly was always good for humor value. He and I liked to pick up some grass and go back behind my house and smoke, then go back inside and watch cartoons and try and find the deeper meeting of Bugs Bunny. It wasn't until one day that my parents were going to be gone for the weekend, and my older sister was "supposed" to be watching over me and keeping me out of trouble. Nice thing was, she was so involved with her boyfriend that she was never home. Good for her, great for me.

I told Kelly at school that Friday that my parents were going away and I had scored some really great weed the following day. He was more than welcome to come over and partake, eat tons of food and we didn't have to worry about parents coming home and finding us high. The wheels were set in motion.

Friday afternoon, after saying goodbye to my parents, and then watching my sister leave shortly after that, Kelly came over. On the back porch we smoked a little and then decided to go into the house to watch TV. Being one of the few families with cable back then, we turned on HBO and were watching one of the cheesy semi-porn movies that showed a lot of skin, but no real action. Of course being 16, anything that showed a naked woman got me hard. Kelly and I were transfixed on the TV, watching a beautiful red head simulate sex with a totally buff guy. I couldn't figure out what held my interest more, the sight of the red head, the outfit she was wearing or the simulated sex.

Kelly was the first to speak up when he commented on how sexy women in lingerie were, especially in black or tan. I commented that I also found the women in lingerie sexy and I had had a couple of girl friends that had donned a pair of stockings and then let me have my way with them.

Pressing me for details, he asked the colors and what we had done. As I related the story, I could feel my pulse quickening and making my jeans a little snug due to my rapid developing hard on. I could see that my story was also having the same effect of Kelly.

Trying to get comfortable, I asked him if he had ever been with a girl and his reply was no. Pressing him further, I asked if he even liked girls. He answered "yes" but then trailed off as if he was thinking about how to answer and not reveal too much. More curious than ever, feeling very horny, I blurted out the question of "did he like guys". He stopped in his tracks and started to stutter. "Tell me", I asked again. It must have been the pot that loosened his tongue, because he told me of a friend of his from last summer who when they got together he would put on his sisters lingerie and then they would jerk each other off. He couldn't decide if he was gay, because after all, it was a boy, but he liked the look of him dressed as a woman. It was my turn to be curious now and probe for details. What did he like? What colors would his friend wear? What all did they do?

Stammering he related that his favorite outfit was sheer to the waist tan pantyhose and a peach colored camisole. The way it looked, silky and soft, then when he could see his friends cock straining against the fabric would get him all hot. Running his hands across the fabric would get his friend all hot and then they would jerk each other off. In the end, comparing the amount of come each would shoot into their hands.

"Would you ever do it again?" I asked? He answered, "Sure, what did you have in mind"?

I will be right back was my reply. Excited, I rushed upstairs into my sister's bedroom. Knowing that she was a clothes queen, she would have exactly what I was after. Looking into her drawers, I found what I was looking for. Her hosiery drawer was full of different types of nylons, in every color imaginable. Digging through them, I was glad that she didn't keep them orderly, it would make stealing a pair that much easier. Finding a pair of tan hose I pulled them out. Damn! I saw that they had the reinforcement on top. Not good. Digging around some more I found another pair of tan hose. The second pair I pulled out I hit pay dirt. They were very light tan and had an almost gauzy feel to them. They were so soft and SO sheer! Best part is they had no cotton gusset in them just a thin nylon seam. I went to the next drawer and looked feverishly for anything peach. No such luck. Finding just about every other color, I placed them in memory because one never knows when they might need to look for a certain color. Finally, after debating over the royal blue, the black, white and emerald green I chose the red satin camisole top with red lace trim. At this point I was so excited that my hands were shaking. Was I doing the right thing by doing this? What would Kelly think? Finally, my hard on and being a little high decided for me. What the hell, and I stripped out of my clothes.

Pulling on the camisole, what my sister had in a chest, I had in height, so the fit while snug, wasn't the worst in the world. As I pulled it down, the silky fabric caressed my nipples bringing them alive for what seemed like the first time. I had never really noticed them before now, but with the satin caressing them, I couldn't help to run my fingertips across them sending small shivers down my legs. When I moved, the camisole moved, caressing my skin, setting it on fire with energy. I was getting harder by the minute. I was really starting to like the sensation of this fabric on me! Next I sat on the bed and rolled the hose into a ball like I was pulling up socks. The only thing I knew I that both my mother and sister would often complain that they tore so easily when they were putting them on that I took extra care pulling them up.

The feeling was incredible as the nylon caressed my legs. It started at my ankles and as I pulled the nylons further up, the feeling went up too. Finally getting the all the way up, I was in heaven. The hose caressed my legs, smoothing them out and the feeling! Like little static shocks all over at the same time. I couldn't help but to run my hands on them, move my legs against each other just to try and create more of that wonderful friction. They were so sheer that they left nothing to the imagination. One could see my stiff prick pressed against the thin nylon, and if they happened to look a little closer, could see the first bead of pre-come forming at the tip of my prick. Turning and looking in the mirror, I liked what I saw. The red matched with the tan, the way the light shone across the glossy fabric highlighting, defining…I was really liking the "new" me.

Taking a deep breath, I headed downstairs. The moment of truth was approaching. Was I being foolish? Would he freak out and leave? I was soon going to find out….

Kelly was sitting there, eyes glued to the TV. He had dimmed the overhead lights and the only light came from the glow of the program he was watching, As I stood there watching him from the shadows, he was intently watching the screen, and rubbing himself through his jeans.

"Want some help with that," I said, and with a jolt like he had been caught doing something bad, turned and faced me. I was standing there feeling a little foolish, and all of the what ifs came rushing into my brain. His smile was worth the apprehension.

WOW! Was his reply, come here and let me see you. I approached him and he moved to the front of the chair he was sitting on. "Come here and stand in front of me," he asked. I approached him and stood there in front of him not really know what I should be doing. My cock had gone from hard to semi hard at this point, but when he stared at my legs, and then ran his hand up my leg, all the blood rushed right back to it. A small moan escaped me. "You like that" he asked, all I could do was nod. He slowly turned me around and kept caressing my legs and then running his hands across my ass. The feeling was electric, and when he got bold enough, he reached around to the front of me and ran his fingertips against my shaft. I thought I would pass out from the caress of his hand against my swelling member, coupled by the feel of the nylon was almost too much. What came next even surprised me. I thought we would mutually jerk each other off, but when I could feel his breath against my skin, I knew it was going to go a lot further that I originally had planned. Facing way from him, I could feel his breath on my ass, then, I felt him kiss one globe, then the other. Chewing, kissing my cheeks through the nylon, stroking me through the front, I was leaking so much it was actually showing through the hose itself. Slowly turning me around, rubbing his face on my hose as he did so, he was soon burying his face against my cock.

It is then I started to tremble, not from fear, but from lust. I wanting this boy, and it was apparent he wanted me too! I was going to give him anything he asked for and when I thought it couldn't get any better, he was kissing my cock through the hose! I was so wet at this point and he could see it. "Looks like you like dressing up" he said. I told him that I did and I owed to him and his story. He asked if I wanted to see what my outfit was doing to him. "Yes" was my reply. I couldn't believe the words were coming out of my mouth. Yes I wanted to see another boys cock! He stood up and unzipped his jeans, kicking off his shoes, he pulled his pants completely off and I could see a familiar bulge in his underwear. "Are you sure you want to see this", he asked again. "Please" was my reply. Hooking his thumbs into his underwear, he pulled them down. His cock sprang free and what a cock it was. Nearly twice as thick as mine and almost a full eight inches! A thick tuft of black pubic hair surrounded it and boy was he was HARD! He was so hard in fact that I could see the veins wrapping around it, making it appear even larger. I could see the first drop of pre-come form at the tip and instinctively I reached out and wrapped my hand around it, using my thumb to smear it across his large head. It was his turn to moan as my hand softly stroked him. "I have never done anything like this before" I said. He said we would go slow and try things, as we felt comfortable.


Leading me into the spare bedroom off of the family room, we fell onto the bed. I was clutching his hard cock and he was stroking my legs and then it happened, we kissed. Softly at first, then as we grew bolder, our tongues playing in each other's mouth. The more he stroked my ass and legs, the bolder I became. I was stroking him and feeling the precome flow more rapidly from his hard cock. "I can't believe how much you are leaking," I told him. "You don't know how horny your outfit has made me" was his reply. Show me I countered and before I knew it, he was at the end of the bed kissing my ankles and licking my legs through the hose. I was moaning and thrashing around, stroking my cock through the pantyhose, letting the nylon caress the sensitive areas and he was pleasuring every other inch of my nylon covered legs. I was in heaven. Working his way up my leg, his hands and mouth working in unison, pleasuring me, exciting me further, making me want more and more.

When he finally reached my cock. I was a short fuse. He licked and nibbled on me though the fabric and I warned him that I was on the verge of coming. With that, he tore them open his took my cock into his mouth. I couldn't hold back and I started the climb to my orgasm. He took me deep into his mouth and started pumping my cock with his hand. Unleashing what seemed like a gallon of my come into his eager mouth, I moaned and all the while he stroked and coaxed even more of my seed out. When I was done thrashing around, and started to calm down, he raised up and kissed me. I could taste my come on his lips and it made me want more!

Coming up and laying next to me, he asked if I enjoyed myself. Panting, all I could do was smile. He reached out and felt for my hand, placing it on his hard shaft, I instinctively knew what he wanted and I wanted to give it to him.

Moving down on the bed, I kissed his flat stomach and was faced with my first cock. It seemed even larger up close. Softly at first, I licked the underside, making it jump. He moaned and ran his fingers through my hair, softly pressing me onto his cock. A little braver now, I took the head into my mouth and felt for the first time the power of a mans muscle inside my mouth. Salty and sweet at the same time, I was not expecting the amount of pre-come he was emitting. Coming off him, I asked, "What turns you on the most?" He said that he always fantasized about having a woman kneel in front of him while she sucked his cock and then when he came, he could see it spurt onto her waiting tongue. Without words, I slide off the bed and knelt on the floor in front of him. He immediately sat up swung his legs off the bed and presented his beautiful cock to me. Stroking it a couple of times for effect, it released a large dollop of his excitement. I crawled between his legs and licked it off the tip. Mmmm I commented, you taste really good and with that I once again took his cock into my mouth. Placing his hands on both sides of my head, he guided my actions as I slurped my way up and down his cock. Moaning and telling me how good it felt, served to encourage me on. I could feel and taste his fluid growing in quantity and knew that the moment of truth was rapidly approaching. Using my hand, I stroked him, licked him and them would take him back into my mouth. His moans were getting louder and he was starting to move his hips back and forth. He was on the verge and he let me know. "I am going to come!" he panted, I pulled off to tell me that he better not close his eyes and watch what I was doing for him.

I looked up at him, locking our eyes and with a mouth full of his fat cock; I stroked him harder and faster. Pulling my mouth off, I kept stroking him and I think that is what sent him over the edge, because I felt the first pulse of his cock and opened my waiting mouth. The first shot didn't even come close to hitting my tongue, it landed squarely on my cheek and he wasn't even close to being done! I directed his cock more into my mouth and then he got the visual he was after because the next rope of his spunk landed directly on my tongue, and what followed could best be described as a flood. I didn't come that much when I had jerked off, but Kelly was incredible! Rope after rope of his seed shoot out, then dribbled out and then shot out again. I lost track after five thick ropes landed on my tongue cheeks and chin. Smiling at my success, he dropped back and was panting like a dog and between gasps of air, said that was the most insane orgasm he had ever felt. Wiping of my face, I told him that I also enjoyed it and I hoped we could do it again soon. He said that he would gladly play with me anytime I wanted.

It was late and his parents were expecting him home, so I watched him dress. He asked of he could stay over the following night, and if so, would have a surprise for me. Eagerly I accepted and kissed him softly on the lips. As I watch him walk across the street towards his house. I started planning on what I was going to wear Saturday night, and then I wondered…what would he have in store for me??


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