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Mummy’s ‘Girl’          by: Amanda Walker


John’s mother returned home, she had planned to be away tonight but her meeting had finished early. She entered the house quietly, the TV was still on, she called John but there was no reply. His mother looked into her son’s bedroom in shock and amused wonder. This was quite a surprise for her. On the bed, fast asleep, lay her 16-year-old son wearing one of her older party dresses, a burgundy full length with scalloped back, shimmering black tights and a pair of matching court shoes. His face was made up and his hair styled, he had obviously assumed she would not return tonight. She wondered what to do, she had not disturbed him and didn’t really want to. She wasn’t cross just pleasantly surprised and after a bit of thought a plan formed in her mind. She left the house and checked in to a local hotel.


Two weeks later.

John and his mother were driving through the Yorkshire Dales en-route to a holiday cottage just outside Richmond. His father was away on business and his mother had decided that they should have a week away and have a look around the area where she grew up.

John was pleased, he enjoyed his mothers company and it was a long time since he’d been back to Yorkshire. They enjoyed fell walking and the freedom a cottage holiday gives. The weather however was typical Yorkshire, gloomy and occasional showers, the rain increasing as they reached the farm to collect the key.

It was quite late and going dark as his mother popped in to contact the owner and get the keys, they then continued to the cottage a few hundred metres down a track. As his mother opened up the cottage John began to unload the car, he had retrieved a couple of bags before the rain became torrential and his mother called him inside.

"Oh look at you, you’re soaking wet. Get upstairs and change out of those clothes, there is a shower in the bathroom."

"But mum I don’t think I got my bag out of the car" said John.

"Don’t worry, you brought my bag in. I can lend you something to sleep in. Wash your hair too I’ll dry it when you come down."

"What have you got that I could wear? A nightie?"

"Wait and see! Don’t worry no one will see, you’ve got to wear something. Now off upstairs with you."

He went upstairs and left his clothes on the rack to dry. He had a nice hot shower and returned to his room, on the bed lay a full-length satin nightdress and matching robe. It was in a beautiful dark blue and had a high neck and short cap sleeves. He was surprised, he really wanted to wear it but couldn’t believe that his mother was prepared to offer it to him, he also didn’t remember seeing it amongst his mother’s things before.

Don’t pass up your chance he thought and you can’t spend all evening in a towel. He slipped on the nightdress, it fitted perfectly. He put on the matching robe and looked in the mirror, with his hair still wrapped in a towel he looked quite, well no very, feminine. His emotions were somewhat confused as he went down to meet his mother.

"Oh don’t you look lovely!" said his mother.

"Thanks a lot, are you sure about this?" he replied.

"Don’t be silly, now sit here and let me dry your hair."

He allowed himself to relax and let his mother comb and dry his shoulder length hair, not really noticing how she was putting a gentle wave into it.

After they had had watched a little TV and had a late night drink they retired to bed, John felt very comfortable and slept deeply. In the morning he was pleasantly surprised to feel the silky nightwear around his body. As he had nothing else to wear he went downstairs wearing the nightdress and robe, he had already heard his mother preparing breakfast.

"Sleep well?" she asked.

"Fine, it’s great to get away, the country is so quiet."

At that moment a figure came through the door. "Good morning ladies, I thought I’d bring you some milk for your breakfast. Terrible weather last night, but it should be OK today. Morning to you!"

With that the farmer left.

"Mum he thinks I’m a girl!"

"Oh don’t worry, you can’t blame him. Look at you, you do look lovely."

"Well I’m going to get changed!"

"Yes dear I’ve laid some clothes out for you on your bed."

With that he went to his room.


"What dear?"

"What are these clothes you’ve put out for me? They’re girls clothes."

"Yes dear, get changed now."

"Into these clothes?"

"Yes. Now realise dear I know about your hobby, and I think it’s quite fun. This holiday is a chance for you to do a bit of dressing with my help. Now do you want any help or can you dress yourself?"

"I’m not sure. I didn’t mean to upset you."

"Don’t worry I don’t mind at all. I was surprised, we’ve always been so close I didn’t know you felt like this. Is this a problem for you?"

"No Mum, I mean thank you for your understanding, you sure it’s alright?"

"Everything is fine, I packed your bags after you’d finished, you have no ‘boy’ clothes with you. This week you will be my daughter Joanne! Now come on you can get dressed, I have a few things for you that you haven’t seen before."

With that she asked him to undress and sit on the bed.

"First let’s hide that unsightly bulge. These flesh tone control panties have a pocket for Mr. Happy that will keep it between your legs. Now dear lie down on the bed and close your eyes."

He felt the cool gel on his chest and thought it was some beauty treatment, his mother then held something against him and then fitted a bra. "Lie still dear" she said. After a few minutes she asked him to sit up and then stand and look in the mirror. A teenage girl with beautiful breasts and smooth front looked back at him. With his hair already styled and legs and arms having little or no hair he was absolutely convincing.

"I think you can get dressed now, Joanne"

First she gave him some black opaque Lycra tights with a light sheen, he was used to putting these on and his mother was impressed with the care he took getting them straight and smooth. He was a little unsteady as he stood to let his mother slip the black cotton/lycra body over his head. The ‘breasts’ with their weight and warmth were quite unlike the tights or padding he had used in the past. When the poppers were clipped shut the body felt like a second skin. A black suede miniskirt that came to mid thigh, a matching suede jacket and black court shoes with a 1.5" heel completed the outfit.

"Now for a little make-up. Would you like to do it yourself, I have seen that you can. I’ll advise if it’s not right."

He sat at the dressing table mirror as if this was the most normal thing and applied light daytime powder and paint. His mother brushed out his hair again gave it a little spray to hold the wave and they were done.

"Now look again! "

The figure in the mirror was a teenage girl, no sign of the boy within. He now was ‘Joanne’.

"Thank-you mum, I’m sorry about doing this behind your back I thought you’d be mad."

"It’s OK don’t worry. I love you dearly, you know that. I would love to have a daughter as well. My friends tell me of their relationships with their girls, I’d love to experience that, will you be mine?"

"Oh! Yes I will. I’ll be Joanne for you."

"Now as I understand it what do mothers and daughters do?"

"Shopping?" laughed Joanne.

"Shopping! Now it’s my turn to get ready. You wait downstairs, I’ve left a handbag on the table for you."

Joanne went down to the living room.

A rucksack style bag was on the table, inside were cosmetics, mirror etc. A wallet purse contained money and ID cards in the name Joanne Walsh. Mother had been busy and very thorough in her planning. John now Joanne was still in shock at the transformation of himself and the relationship with his mother. The clothes felt so comfortable, he was delighted with the feel of his new breasts, which had now taken on his body heat. He was familiar with walking in heels as he had dressed whenever his parents were out, and as both were busy business people that was quite often, but he needed to compensate for the weight on his chest. He had never been so perfectly dressed having had to borrow his mothers clothes but these clothes had been bought for Joanne and fitted perfectly also suiting his age group better.

Joanne’s mother came downstairs and was pleased to see her new daughter walking about acclimatising to her new existence.

"OK then dreamy, off we go."

The weather was now fine and there was no need for another coat so they set off to the car. It was only when the gentle breeze enveloped Joanne’s legs that she realised what was happening and she hesitated.

"Mother I’m frightened. Excited but frightened. I’ve never been out in the light before."

"Don’t worry dear, no one could possibly realise you are anything but Joanne. You look better than many a girl, I’m so proud. Hold your head up and say to the world I am a confident young lady and the only attention you will get will be admiring glances. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, if you are unhappy just say and we’ll come back. I’ve got a change of clothes for you and you can be John again."

"I’ll be OK mum, just stay close to start with."

With that they got into the car. Joanne loved the feeling of her Lycra clad legs beneath the short skirt and seeing those legs stretching out in the car. There was also the unusual feel of the seatbelt on her chest, strange sensations!

It was only a short drive to Richmond and they were able to park in the cobbled market square famous for the James Herriot TV programmes. There aren’t many shops but this was a first test for Joanne and she felt at ease window-shopping. The chance to look in dress and lingerie shops without worrying about being thought strange, wonderful. 

Joanne enjoyed looking in the shop windows and eventually they came across a school outfitter with the local girl’s grammar school 6th form uniform on display.

"I used to wear that!" said his mother.

The uniform consisted of a white blouse burgundy blazer and short grey pleated skirt. The finishing touches were matching burgundy opaque tights and a striped tie. Joanne was captivated, he had only had access to his mothers clothes and had never really dressed appropriately for his age.

"I’d love to see my daughter, following the family tradition. I went there, as did your gran and great grandmother. Would you like to try it on?"

Joanne was tempted but this dressing in public was still new, he hesitated.

His mother could see Joanne wanted to try it but realised it was too soon.

"OK don’t worry we can come another time."

"Yes later" said Joanne wistfully.

"I know, let’s get ourselves a bit of pampering, I made a tentative appointment at the local beauty parlour."

She set off without giving Joanne a chance to argue. The assistant welcomed them and asked them to wait it would be 10 minutes, would they like a coffee? All the standard greetings for a mother and daughter. Joanne realised quite quickly that no one was paying any special attention to him and relaxed.

The stylist came over and mother asked for Joanne to be given a trim and light wave along with a manicure and a facial and she would have the same.

Joanne floated into the feminine feelings as he was treated to the full beauty experience, reading 17 and Mizz magazines while his hair was drying. The manicurist shaped and painted his nails with a clear varnish, the beautician cleansed his face then added a very subtle light makeup, a hint of foundation and a light pink lipstick.

Joanne only saw the full effect as they were leaving, mother had done a good job this morning but this look was so subtle, so convincing he felt complete.

"OK gorgeous let’s get a coffee and a cake."

They went into the Royal Hotel, which had the best café in town. Waitresses in black and white uniforms flitted around. There were several other ‘mothers and daughters’ already there. Apart from a few glances Joanne attracted little attention.

"I never dared to go out you know. I was so afraid that I would be discovered. Now I’m sat here with you and no one knows but us. I still feel tingly all over but I’m so comfortable dressed this way, you’re sure you don’t mind?"

"Yes I do mind! I wish I’d known earlier! I always wanted a daughter as well as a son. Mothers can share things with their daughters that they can’t do with their sons. I’ve now got the best of both worlds. Now how about some shopping, I’ve only got you two outfits so far, you’re going to need a lot more."

As they left the café Joanne asked to go to the toilet, another first in the feminine experience. Touching up the makeup in the mirror afterwards, the other women there acknowledging and not questioning.

Then there followed a visit to a small department store where Joanne chose her own underwear, several matching bra and panty sets, tights plain and coloured. Mother suggesting the sizes. They chose another body, some blouses and a denim skirt.

They returned to the main shopping square and once again passed the school outfitters. Again Joanne hesitated and after exchanging glances her mother led her inside.

"My daughter would like the Wensley Girls 6th form uniform please."

"Of course madam, I’ll get the school list." Replied the assistant.

She returned with a form containing all the compulsory items including sportswear and the normal day uniform, specific even down to the underwear.

"If the young lady would come through we can complete the measurements and get on." The assistant took Joanne through to a large changing room with her mother and was asked to undress. At first she was reluctant until her mother said, "go on no one can tell, keep your knickers and bra on".

After the measures were taken they began with sportswear, thick material running knickers and a top, short pleated netball skirt, each time Joanne coming out to show her mother. She was in heaven. Something she wasn’t expecting was the exercise suit of Lycra tights and leotard in the school colours of burgundy with a grey strip down the side. The leotard had long sleeves and a high neck and she felt encased in the stretchy and cool material. When she went to he mother this time she said "Mum why don’t you get an outfit like this we could go to aerobics together?"

"OK I will that’ll keep us both trim!" I think I’m about the same size as you.

Finally they came to the day uniform. Regulation grey knickers, Burgundy opaque tights, regulation white bra, white blouse and mid thigh pleated grey skirt. As Joanne fixed the tie and then pulled on the blazer she felt marvellous. The pleated skirt swished against her legs and she felt every inch the schoolgirl.

As she came out of the room she heard her mother speaking.

"Oh Miss Perkins it’s so good to see you after all this time."

"And you too dear it must be over 20 years since you were in my class. This must be your daughter! Just as beautiful as her mother."

"Joanne you look stunning, and so much like me when I was your age. May I introduce my form tutor from when I was at Wensley, Miss Perkins."

"Very pleased to meet you Miss Perkins." Replied Joanne.

"I saw your mother in the window, I couldn’t believe it after all these years so I had to come and chat. You’ll be going to the induction event this afternoon then? You are leaving things a bit late getting your uniform young lady."

"Erm, er Yes of course that’s right, it’s my fault I hadn’t been watching the time and forgot about the requirement to attend in uniform." Joanne’s mother was always quick on her feet. Joanne looked a bit surprised. Her mother gave her a let me do the talking look.

"You’ve not changed then, everything at the last minute. You’d better get a move on my dear, also could I impose on you for a lift? I was going to get a cab but they are so expensive. I love to attend this event to see what each new intake is like, I still take a classics lesson every week, supplements the pension you know."

"It would be a pleasure, just let me settle up here. Joanne go and get your new clothes, the assistant has packed them with your non-uniform clothes."

There was no discussion, a decision had been made, Joanne felt out of control but her mother was with her what could go wrong? She just felt her fantasy was running away before she was ready.

They returned to the car placed the clothes in the boot and with Miss Perkins set off for the school. Joanne had no idea what would happen next.




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