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Ms. Ashton

by Jennifer White


From the moment that I first laid eyes on Sarah Ashton, I was in love. Her perfect body, her golden hair, everything about her was picture perfect. Add to that the fact that she was intelligent, witty, fun, athletic, and adventurous, and I decided that I had just found the perfect woman. Within six months of our first date, we have moved in together, into her apartment. Why should we both pay our own rents, when we both knew we would be together forever? I was *so* fortunate to have found her, before some other man snapped her up!

It was a Friday night, after a long week of work. She had cooked a fabulous dinner for us, and after we did the dishes, we sat on the couch, listening to her favorite music (light classical), and sharing a bottle of wine. She sat up next to me, and started to rub my shoulders. It was so relaxing, between the soft strains of the music, her rhythmic fingers rubbing my muscles, and of course the wine. I couldn't help but to get a little sleepy as she relaxed me further.

"Relax" she said. "Take a deep breath. Close your eyes, and feel your heart beat! Concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing. Breathe in, breathe out. In, out, in out, in out...."

I was blissfully relaxed now. I closed my eyes as she suggested, but it was more out of feeling like I was falling off asleep than anything else.

"Open your eyes" said her voice.

My eyes opened, staring at her, unblinking.

"You are in your trance again" she said. "It is time for you to remember again. I will help you remember your true past. I will help you recall the memories you have been hiding inside your mind. You are ready to remember."

"I am ready" muttered my voice, automatically. I could only stare at her. I couldn't move. She looked into my eyes, then smiled."

"All of your life" she said, "you have wished that you had been born as a female. With all of your heart, you wish that you were a woman. Remember when you were a young boy. You used to wear your mother's clothes whenever she wasn't around, because it made you feel special to be dressed as a woman. You wanted to be a woman when you grew up! You wished you were a woman, and you cried at night because you were a boy. You *hated* being male, and in your heart, you know that you *must* become a woman some day."

"I must become a woman" I mumbled.

"When you think back to your parents house, remember how much time you spent dressed up as a girl. You did not play sports with the other boys; you played with dolls. You didn't like getting dirty and smelly. You wanted to wear your mother's perfume, so you could smell like flowers. You wanted to be pretty. You wanted to be a girl."

"I wanted to be a girl" I mumbled, as I continued to stare ahead into space.

"You have dressed up as a girl all of your life. In college, you used to stead your girlfriend's clothes, so you could wear them. Even now, when you see a pretty woman, you wish that it was *you* inside the skirt, and that *you* could have boobs, supported by a bra. Oh, how you've always wanted to have boobs! You can't look at mine, without thinking about how you wish you were built like me! You're afraid to tell me though, but you want to be exactly like me, in every way. You want to have boobs like I do. You wish you had a pussy like I do. You always have, for all of your life. You wish that you were a woman!"

"I wish that I was a woman" I mumbled.

"On the inside, you already *are* a woman" she said.

"I already *am* a woman" I repeated.

"When I snap my fingers, your eyes will close. Your conscious mind will forget our conversation. But deep inside you, it will remain, a memory waiting to be triggered. When I say 'padded bra', you will remember. You will remember. You will remember."

Sarah snapped her fingers.

"Oh, that feels good" I said, "Keep rubbing."

"Yes, dear" she replied.

I was so relaxed that I must have nodded off for a few moments. It was a different song playing now. It was so nice that Sarah would do something like this for me, rubbing my back. She did this for me several days a week. Ah, it was so relaxing! I was so tired that I didn't even ask her for sex. We just went to bed, and I fell asleep with my arm around her.

* * *

"My poor man has been working so hard. Let me get you a drink" said Sarah.

It was Wednesday, and I had been complaining to her about work. She was so understanding! She poured me a tall scotch on the rocks, and as I drank it, she gave me one of her nice neck and shoulder massages. My cares melted away as the tension relaxed, and soon I was calm, listening to her melodic voice as she whispered into my ear, and the soothing music played in the background...

"Open your eyes" said her voice.

My eyes opened, staring at her, unblinking.

"You remember how you used to dress up as a girl, back when you were a boy."

"Yes" I said.

"You remember how you wished with all of your heart that you were a girl!"

"Yes" I said.

"You remember how you've always wished that you had boobs, so you could wear a bra!"

"Yes" I said. "I remember."

"Think back to high school when you went to the prom. Remember how you looked at your date, and you were so jealous about the pretty dress that she got to wear. Remember that as you danced with her, you imagined that it was *you* in the dress. You imagined that *you* where the prom queen. You wished that you were the prettiest girl in the school."

"I remember" I said.

"Remember the day you first saw me. Remember how you looked at me, and immediately you knew that I was the woman you should have been born as. You worship my, my female form, my breasts, my pussy. You wish above all else that you were me! You would do *anything* for me. By serving me like a slve, you show me how much you love me, and how much you want to be like me. You can only be happy if you are serving me. You feel guilty for all that you take, and you desire *so* much to serve *me*. You want to be me. And you want to be my slve."

"I want to be you, and I want to be your slve" I echoed.

"You cannot stand it any longer, not being able to wear woman's clothes. You *need* to wear my things! If you're alone, even for a moment, all you can think of is putting on my clothes, so you can feel as if you are like me. You *have* to feel feminine. You *have* to feel like you're a girl. And you want *so* much to be my slve! Only by wearing my clothes can you feel that way. You *must* be my slve girl."

"I *must* be your slve girl" I said.

"The moment that you put on my clothes, you will feel *so* good. All of the fond memories of yourself dressing as a boy will return to you, and you will never want to wear men's clothes again. You want more than anything to be me. You want to be me!"

"I want to be you" I said.

"You *must* wear my clothes!"
"I *must* wear your clothes" I said as I stared at her with my unblinking eyes.

"Remember all of the things I've told you today, and for the past months. Remember and obey me."

"I must obey" I said.

"When I snap my fingers, your eyes will close. Your conscious mind will forget our conversation. But deep inside you, it will remain, a memory waiting to be triggered. When I say 'padded bra', you will remember. You will remember. You will remember."

Sarah snapped her fingers.

"Thanks so much for the back rub" I said. "I feel so tired. I think I'll go to bed early."

"Sure, dear" said Sarah, as she smiled her perfect smile at me.

I felt something stir within me. She was so perfect. So perfect.

* * *

On Thursday night, when I got back to our apartment, there was a note on the table from Sarah. Her friend Jenny was having a shower, and she would be home late. Dinner was in the microwave for me. I zapped it, and sat down to eat. I was so lucky to have a perfect woman like her, taking care of me.

But I felt so guilty. She did so much for me, and what did I ever do for her? After dinner was done, I did the dishes, then I decided to do a few of the household chores, to help her out. I changed the sheets on our bed, then I took the dirty sheets to the laundry room. I was about to throw them in the hamper with the other dirty clothes, when I noticed quite a few things were in there. I decided to do a load of wash. For her.

I ran the hot water, and tossed in some bleach with the detergent. Then I put our white sheets in, followed by dirty white clothes from the hamper. I tossed in socks, T-shirts, my boxers, and more. But then I picked up one of Sarah's bras, and I froze. As I looked at her bra, I suddenly had a strange urge to *wear* it.

Why would I do *that*? I loved how they looked on Sarah, but why would I want to try one on myself? Yet it seemed tempting for some reason. There was something on the edge of my mind, but I couldn't quite remember. Something about.... when I was a boy. Suddenly, I remembered. I *had* worn a bra before. When I was a boy, I had done it all the time! That was back when.... when I first knew that I wished I was a girl. A girl like Sarah.

She was so perfect. And I wanted to be just like her. If I wore her clothes, I could be more like her! I took off my shirt, and fumbled with the bra to get it on. As soon as it was on me, wow, I felt so good! If only I had big boobs like hers, so my bra had something to hold up. Her boobs were perfect. I wished.... I wished that I had real boobs, just like hers.

I used a couple of towels to stuff full the bra cups, so they wouldn't hang there sad and empty. I put on one of Sarah's skirts, and a pair of her white panties I found in the hamper. Then I continued with the chores. She would be pleased with me, that I had done something like this for her. It felt so good to wear her clothes! Why had I never had the courage to do this before? I wanted to wear them every day. I wished I could be just like her.

I remembered back when I first realized that I wanted a pussy. I wanted a pussy? That came as a bit of a shock to me. Why hadn't I been thinking of this before? I could remember now, when I was little, how much I wished I was a girl. I had cried myself to sleep, wishing I wasn't a boy. It felt so good to be a girl. A girl like Sarah. I wanted to be just like her. In fact... I wanted to *be* her.

As I remembered all of this, I cleaned the apartment, dusting, vacuuming, and picking up. It felt so good to do things for *her*. I would show her how much I wanted to be like her. I would do whatever she asked me. That would feel so good to serve her! I folded the clean laundry, and put it away in our bedroom.

Sadly, I took off her clothes. She would be home any moment, and I didn't want her to see me dressed up in her things. I hid her bra in my clothes drawer, and put her panties and skirt back into the hamper. Mmmm. They still smelled like her.

About half an hour later, as I was sorting out and throwing away old magazines, Sarah returned home. She was very pleased to see all that I had done around the house, and she praised me again and again. How good that felt!

"Is there anything else that I can do for you?" I asked.

"In fact, there is" she said.

She whispered what she wanted in my ear, and I smiled. I went with her to the bedroom, took my clothes off, and got on my knees. She laid on the bed and spread her legs open for me. I put my face up there into her pussy, and went to work with my tongue. A pussy was such a wonderful thing! I wished that I had one, so I could be just like her. I used my hands on her perfect boobs, while my tongue went at her clit, and I made her come again and again. It felt so good to serve her like this, on my knees! I wanted to so much to do this for her every night.

I went to bed with the wonderful taste of her perfect pussy still in my mouth. She was whispering something into my ear, and I fell asleep with her melodic voice talking to me....

* * *

After that day, whenever Sarah was out, I would almost always put on her clothes. I would cancel things I had planned, just to get a chance to wear her things! I would usually do some sort of housework when I dressed up as her. I even started to put on some of her makeup, because it made me feel more like a girl, more like *her*.

It just felt so good! I couldn't believe that I had never thought of wearing her things before. I would get so aroused from it, that I would need to go masturbate myself. I did that so often, I wasn't having much sex with her anymore, other than the five or six days a week when she would ask for me to go down on her. I gladly did it. It was like worshiping her pussy!

One day, I had a great idea that popped into my head. When she was out shopping, I of course put her things on, as usual. But when it was time to undress, rather than taking them all off, I kept her bra on underneath my shirt. She would never notice, I decided. I was quite nervous when she came home, but she didn't notice! That made me tingle all over, thinking that I was just like her. I had the same bra on. I was just like her.

I put away the groceries while she read the paper, then I cooked our dinner. After we ate, I did the dishes. It felt so good to do all of this for her, after all she did for me! And it felt twice as good, because I was secretly wearing her bra. It made me feel so feminine, as if I was just like her. I wished that I had been born female. I wished I was just like Sarah. In fact, I wished that I *was* her.

"Can I go down on you?" I asked, eager to worship her pussy.

"Sure!" she said, delighted.

I didn't need to come; I had already made myself come twice that day, since wearing her bra turned me on so much. I did a very good job, and made her come again and again. When she had enough, she invited me up into the bed with her. She kissed me, and I felt such a thrill to touch her all over. I wished I was like her!

I was scared at first that she'd feel that I had a bra on, but she didn't notice. I was so relieved! Soon I felt tired, and as she held me in her arms, she whispered into my ear. I felt calm all over, as I started to slip out of consciousness.

"Open your eyes" said Sarah. I did.

"You have been a good girl" she said. "It pleases me how feminine you've been feeling and acting. You will be rewarded for your girlish behavior. You *like* feeling feminine. You *need* to feel like a girl, so you can be like me. You wish you were me."

"I wish I was you" I said.

"Remember that since you were young, you've always wanted to be a woman. You have always wished that you were born with a pussy. You wished since you could first remember that you had boobs. You *must* become a woman."

"I must become a woman" I repeated.

"When you worship my pussy, it makes you feel like you're a girl. You want to wear my clothes, worship my pussy, and become my slve, so that you can feel like you are female. You *need* to serve me, so you can feel like you're a woman."

"I need to serve you" I intoned.

"Remember that you've *always* wanted to be a woman, and you've *always* wanted to be my slve. You first came to me because I seemed so strong, and you wanted to show me how weak you were. You *must* obey me in all things. When you obey me, it feels so good. You *need* to become completely mine."

"I need to become completely yours" I repeated.

"You can no longer stand to go around without wearing my bra and panties. If you don't have them on, you feel so sad. You just can't bear not to wear them! You *must* wear my clothes! You *must* be in my panties all the time! You *must* always wear my bra."

"I must always wear your bra" I repeated.

"You want to become a girl. You *want* me to call you by a girl's name. Remember back when you were just a boy. You came up with the name 'Traci'. You've always known that to be your true name. You are a woman on the inside, and your real name is Traci. You are Traci."

"I am Traci" I said.

"You want to feel just like I do. You want to feel what I feel inside. You want to have womanly feelings and thoughts. You have a need to make yourself look like a woman on the outside, so you can feel like one on the inside. You need to feel like a woman."

"I need to feel like a woman" I said.

"You can't stand that hair on yourself. You *must* remove it all. You *must* shave your legs tomorrow! You can't feel like a woman if you are covered in body hair! You *must* removed it all. You *need* to shave your legs."

"I must shave my legs" I said.

"Remember that last week, you started to think of admitting your feelings to me. You've been thinking of coming out and telling me that you want to be just like me. You want to share your deepest emotions with me, and admit that you want to be a woman. You've been wanting to tell me about all of this. You've been wanting to let me help you. You want to tell me everything."

"I want to tell you everything" I said.

"When I snap my fingers, your eyes will close. Your conscious mind will forget our conversation. But deep inside you, it will remain, a memory waiting to be triggered. When I say 'padded bra', you will remember *everything*, and you will become Traci in your own mind. Your programming is now nearly complete. You will remember. You will remember."

Sarah snapped her fingers.

I sighed as my eyes closed and I fell into a peaceful sleep.

* * *

The next morning when I woke up, I felt very good. That was because I was still wearing Sarah's bra from the night before. It felt so exciting that I had worn it, and she didn't even notice! I went and took a shower. As I ran Sarah's pink shaver down my legs, I felt so much better. All that yucky hair made me feel awful. I shaved my chest and armpits too, just for good measure. Now I was nice and smooth. Like her.

I put her bra and panties back on, then I was going to put on my clothes. But she was out for a long time. I would be alone. I had this urge to try on *her* things. Then I would feel as if I was *her*. I wanted that so much! I had always wanted to feel as if I was a girl. Ever since I was young, I've always known it. Sarah was perfect. I wished I was her!

As I thought all of this, I found myself pulling on a pair of her pantyhose, followed by a green sleeveless top and a brown knee length skirt of hers. How wonderful it all felt! But my chest just looked too flat. I took the top off, and stuffed my bra full. Then I replaced the top, and I felt much better. Except that my face was so naked without any makeup on!

I sat down at Sarah's makeup table with the lighted mirror. I started to apply lipstick to my face, followed by mascara, and some pink powder onto my cheeks. There. That felt much better! I was smiled and whistling as I mindlessly put on one of her necklaces.

I went to the livingroom to tidy up a bit. I vacuumed the floor and dusted. I made myself a salad for lunch, and read Sarah's copy of Glamour as I ate. I cleaned up the dishes, then sat down to take a break. I was reading intently on new looks for the fall, when suddenly the door burst open. And there was Sarah! She had returned early, and caught me dressed up in her things! I turned to run.

"No" she said, in a tone that was surprisingly sympathetic. "Don't run. Sit down so we can talk. This is something we really need to discuss."

I nodded, although I was scared stiff! I enjoyed wearing her things *so* much, but I didn't want her to know! I had been dressing up like this since I was young, but nobody had ever discovered my secret. But there was something else too: she had asked me to sit with her. I couldn't say 'no' to Sarah, my perfect woman! I wanted to be her, for crying out loud. Now could I ever say no to a request from her? I sat down next to her, and crossed my legs like a lady.

"Ever since you moved in with me, I've suspected this" she said gently, putting her hand on my knee.

"How did you know?" I asked, astounded.

"Oh, lots of little things here and there. I just noticed that your behavior, your mannerisms, everything has drifted further and further from the man you were when I met you, as you've gradually become more and more feminine."

It felt like a compliment, calling me feminine, particularly when it came from *her*!

"I'm *so* sorry I didn't tell you" I said. "All my life I've wished I was a girl, and I've been dressing up as one ever since I was a lad. I can remember all the times I wore my mommy's things! I've always felt this way. I've just never told anyone before...."

"Well I'm glad you can tell me" said Sarah. "When you're dressed up as a girl, is there a name you have for yourself?"

"Traci" I said. "I imagine I'm a girl named Traci."

"I see, Traci" she said, sending shivers of pleasure coursing through me. She had called me by my feminine name!

"I promise, I won't wear your things again. I just *needed* to feel what it was like to be in them."

"I understand" she said, gently. "I'm not mad at you. I want to help you, Traci."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes" she replied. "Let me help you to do it *right*. I'll teach you how to be a woman."

"I love you so much" I said, as I gave her a hug. She was so perfect! I leaned over to kiss her, but she held out her hand to stop me.

"You're a *woman* now, Traci" she said.

I nodded. It wasn't right for me to kiss her, when I was dressed up in her things.

"Listen. I'll go out shopping for some special things you'll need. You stay right here, and don't worry about a thing. Tomorrow, take the day off of work, and I'll spend all day helping you learn about being a woman."

I was crying now, tears of joy! We hugged again, and after a while, she left to go out shopping to get some things for me (whatever they were). I was so excited! After she left, I stated to cook dinner, did the laundry, and washed the windows. By the time she returned, I had everything cleaned, and I had everything ready.

I served dinner, and poured her a glass of wine. We ate, talked and laughed, and finished off the bottle. After I put away the leftovers and did the dishes, we watched the tele together. She was rubbing my shoulders, her fingers working around the straps of the bra I was wearing. She started to rub my neck, and I felt so relaxed. My eyes started to drift shut, as she whispered into my ear.

"Open your eyes" said Sarah.

My eyes opened. I stared straight ahead, almost unblinking.

"I am very pleased that you are becoming a woman" she said. "You want to please me by becoming more and more feminine."

"I want to please you" I said.

"You *need* to have boobs. You *need* to feel like you are a girl. You *wish* with all your heart that you were female!"

"I wish I was female" I repeated.

"Dressing up isn't enough, you need to feel more. You need to feel like a woman on the inside!"

"I need to feel like a woman on the inside" I intoned.

"Think back to the first time you ever came. Remember that you were dressed up as a girl, and you were so aroused! Remember how it felt to be in a long skirt, with your bra stuffed full, surrounded by silk and lace. Remember how you wished you were a girl, and you were so turned on that you couldn't stand it! Then remember how you saw a picture of the man on the poster on your wall, and your heart beat faster. You were a girl in your mind, and you realized that you wanted to *kiss* him."

"I wanted to kiss him" I said.

"Then remember how you imagined you were kissing. You imagined him touching your full firm boobs, and you imagined that you were making him get all hard. Remember how you imagined spreading you legs wide open for him, and pulling up your skirt. Remember how you started to touch yourself, as you imagined him sliding his big hr. penis up inside of your willing wet pussy. You imagined he was making love to you! You imagined that you were a girl, and you had a man on top of you, inside of you, banging you hard. Remember, you imagined having sex with a man!"

"I imagined having sex with a man" I said.

"Remember how you imagined him kissing you hard, holding you down, as you melted in his arms. Remember how you kept touching yourself as you thought about his wonderful dick, and how you suddenly exploded in your very first orgasm! You came for the first time, imagining yourself with a man. You came with a man."

"I came with a man" I said.

"Remember how you used to make love to *me*. You used to imagine that *you* were the woman, and *I* was the man. You used to imagine that *I* was the one with the penis. You imagined that I was penetrating *you*. You wanted to feel my dick inside of your pussy. You did this, because you can only come if you are with a man. You can't come thinking of a woman. Ever since you were a boy, you've only been able to have an orgasm if you imagine you're with a man. You can only have an orgasm with a man."

"I can only have an orgasm with a man."

"You want to be with a man. You desire only males. You want to be a woman, and as a woman, you can only be with a man. You want to be with a man. You are turned on by the very thought of a penis. You love how the look, and you crave them. When you see a penis, you want to suck on it. You want to make it hard. And you want to feel it up inside of you. You desire men. You desire men. You desire only men."

"I desire only men" I said.

"You don't want *me*, you want a man. I am like a sister to you. You don't want me, you want a man."

"I don't want you, I want a man" I said.

"You are doing very well, and you are pleasing me. It will give me great pleasure to see you admit that you desire men. You have *always* desired only men, ever since you were young. You wish you were me, and you want to worship me and be my slve. You want to please me in every way. And it would please me greatly if you admitted to me that you desired men. You *must* obey me in all things. You *must* obey!"

"I must obey" I said.

"Very good. Remember, you are a woman on the inside. You wish you were me. You *must* please me, in every way. You *must* obey me in all things. You *need* to feel feminine. You have *always* felt that way. And you desire only men. Remember. Remember, remember! When I snap my fingers, you will wake up. You will not remember our conversation, but you will remember all that I have told you. It will please me greatly for you to remember *everything*.

I heard Sarah snap her fingers, and I woke up.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"It's late. You had better get to bed" she said. "Tomorrow is a big day."

I smiled. She was right. I got undressed, and Sarah handed me an old nightie of hers to wear.

"Would you rub my feet?" she asked. "They're a little sore."

"I'd be glad to" I replied.

I fell asleep rubbing her feet...

* * *

When I woke up the next day, Sarah was already gone. I got dress up in my things (except of course a pair of her panties and her bra stuffed full... I just couldn't bear not to wear those). I did some housework after I ate breakfast, waiting for her to return. I was giddy with excitement! What was she going to buy for me?

I felt so relieved. All of my life I had wanted to be a girl. And she was kind enough to want to help me. That made me love her even more. I wished that I was her! She was perfect in every way.

Sarah returned to her apartment, her hands full of shopping bags.

"From now on, you can wear your own things" she said. "You can keep a few of my older bras and panties. But everything else, you can wear things from your new wardrobe. Get out of those silly male clothes, so we can get you dressed up properly."

I was so excited! She was going to help me!

We went to the bedroom, where she had me strip down to just her bra and panties.

"Take out those towels" she said. "I've got something much better."

I removed the towels from my bra, and it looked sad, to be sitting there empty, with nothing to hold up! Sarah removed a box from one of the bags, and opened it up. Inside appeared to be two gigantic female breasts! The box was labeled "breast forms", and I immediately realized that she wanted me to put them in! I almost cried when I saw how perfect they were, just like hers. They even had a large stiff nipple, surrounded by a darker ring of color! I put them into my bra, and I loved how I could feel the weight of them making the straps over my shoulder get tighter.

"There. Now you have much nicer boobs, Traci" she said.

"Thank you so much, Sarah" I replied.

Sarah bought me a pink girdle, which she helped me into. Next, she had for me a pink sundress that was nice and tight in the middle, but flared out very wide below. I felt so special once I was in it! She had me sit, as she did my makeup, and gave me a lesson in doing it the right way. I was mesmerized as she pained my nails a bright red, and my toenails to match.

Once the nailpolish was dry, she gave me a new pair of pumps, in just my size! I practiced walking around the room, although I had to hold her hand at first since I had some trouble gaining my balance. It took a few minutes to feel more comfortable walking in heels, although I could tell they would make my feet sore if I wore them too long.

Next, she helped my style my hair to look nicer. She put in a barrette, and then she showed me hair extensions she had bought. She showed me how to put them in. There was a longer one in the back, and two for the sides so I would have longer hairs to frame my face. They looked so good, I was giddy with how much I was looking like a *real* woman now!

I had never felt so feminine in all my life. This is what I had dreamed about, since I was young. I looked at Sarah, and she seemed more like a sister to me now, than a lover. She teaching me to be a girl, like an older sister would. I loved her so much! She was perfect. I wished that I was her! I wanted *so* much to do something for her! I *needed* to do something to show her how much I appreciated what she had done for me. I got down on my knees in front of her.

"Sarah" I said, "I don't know how to begin to thank you. I want to do something for you. Anything! Tell me what I can do for you."

"Traci, I want for you to admit your true feelings" she said.

"About what?" I asked.

"About men" she replied. "Tell me what you feel about *men*."

I thought about it for just a moment, and I was going to say something, but I was suddenly confused. I had conflicting emotions on the inside. I could remember all of the girlfriends I had, and how much women turned me on. But there was this memory about the first time I had ever come... it had been when I was dressed up, and I had imagined I was with a man!

It seemed so wrong though. How could I have ever done that? I couldn't... *like* men! That just seemed so wrong. I could remember how I sometimes pretended I was with a man, and how I couldn't come inside a woman unless I imagined that she had a penis, and it was inside of me...

"I...." I started to say. I knew it would please her so for me to tell her, but it seemed to go against everything inside of me to say it.

"Why Traci" said Sarah, "It looks like you're wearing a *padded bra* today."

Padded bra. Padded bra. I felt strange. I felt... something... something I couldn't quite describe on the inside. I looked up to Sarah, who was unbuckling her jeans. She reached inside, and pulled something out. I large, realistic looking penis! It looked as if she had a dick!

Immediately, I felt my mouth drool, and I wanted to much to suck on her dick.

"I want to suck your dick" I said. to her.

"What do you feel about men?" she asked again.

"I only desire men" I replied. "I always have, all of my life."

"Good Traci!" she replied. "I'm so glad that you can admit that to me. You shall be rewarded. You may suck my dick."

I quickly reached up to take it in my hands. It was such a wonderful, perfect shape, just like that of a big man who was fully aroused. I opened my mouth, and slid it in. I got lipstick on it, but I didn't care: I would suck it right off! I let out an "mmmmm" sound as I began to use my tongue on it, as I sucked as hard as I could. I imagined that it was *real*, and I felt a wave of pleasure surge through me.

"I know you wish you were a woman" said Sarah. "And I know you wish that I was your man. I'm going to make you feel like a woman, Traci. You are my woman now. All mine, to command in any way I wish. You can feel it that you want to serve me, and do my bidding. You *want* to be my slve. You *want* for me to complete your feminine self, and make you become a *real* woman. suck my dick Traci, and show me that you want me to turn you into a real woman."

I sucked harder, more desperately. What she said was true. I wanted to much to serve her!

"You're a woman now Traci. *My* woman, to command as I see fit. You will serve me as my slve, my maid, my plaything. You will do everything that I command, and you will like doing it. In return, I will turn you into a real woman. Now stand up, get out of your dress, and put on your uniform."

I let her dick out of my mouth (somewhat sadly... it felt so good to suck it!). I took off my dress as she had ordered, and put on the uniform she handed me. A very skimpy, sheer French maid's uniform, with frilly white lace trim and a white apron. She had me put on dark thigh high stockings, then replaced my four inch heels with ones that stood a full six inches tall!

All the while, her large fake penis was pointing right at me, making me feel so turned on.

"How may I serve you, Sarah?" I asked.

"To begin with, you may call me Ms. Ashton from now on."

"Yes, Ms. Ashton" I said. "How may I serve you?"

"I am turning on the video camera" she said, pointing to the one attached to the computer on her desk. "Please answer a few questions for me, so I can capture them digitally."

"Yes Ms. Ashton" I replied, as she turned the camera on.

"What is your name?" she said.

"Traci" I replied.

"Tell me Traci, who am I, to you?"

"You are everything!" I replied. "I live to serve you."

"Traci, am I in any way forcing you to be mine?"

"No Ms. Ashton, I am yours because I want to be."

"Traci, is it true that you *want* to be a real woman?"

"Yes Ms. Ashton, I really do want to be a real woman. I have for all my life."

"So if I were to do something to help you become a woman, I would be helping you?"

"Yes, Ms. Ashton" I said truthfully.

She reached over, and pressed a few keys on the computer.

"There. Now I have the file, just for historical purposes" she said. I couldn't take my eyes off of her strapped on penis that was still poking out in front of her. I looked at it with hungry eyes. But I didn't dare ask. I wanted for her to tell me what to do.

"Beg me to turn you into a real woman" she said.

"Please Ms. Ashton, I beg of you! Please turn me into a real woman" I cried out.

Ms. Ashton was very kind to me. She handed me a disk with markings for 1 to 31. She explained that it was used to dispense birth control pills. I was to simply take one every day, rotating the disk so that the day of the week matched up with the number.

"Today is the 5th, so you can take the first five now. They contain female hormones which will trick your body into thinking it is pregnant."

I took the pills with a glass of water she had sitting on the counter. Next, she handed me a tube from a shopping bag, that was labeled "breast cream".

"This will make your boobs grow. Every night and ever morning, you are to apply it onto your chest. Along with the hormones from the pills, it will make your boobies start to develop. Soon, you *will* need a bra."

I took it from her, excitedly. I listened, as she gave me jars of herbal supplements. Black cohosh, lavender and other "phytoestrogns", which she said were plants that naturally created compounds very similar to female hormones. women took them at menopause to help reduce hot flashes and other symptoms. I would be taking them with every meal from now on.

Lastly, she gave me a device called a breast pump. She said that nursing mothers used it to milk themselves, but it could also help me. I was to use it for an hour every night before bed. It would stimulate my mammary glands, and in time I would start to lactate! The hormones that would make my body think it was pregnant would contribute, and in time, my breasts would begin to produce milk! I would be just like a real woman.

"Traci, do you want me to fuck you with my hard dick?" she asked.

"More than anything, Ms. Ashton" I replied.

"Beg me for it" she said.

"Please Ms. Ashton. fuck me. Put your dick into me!"

"Bend over Traci, with your hands on the bed."

I felt her pull down my panties. I felt her put a dab of a lubricant onto my behind. It was cold at first, but it quickly warmed up. Then I felt her start to push her huge fake penis up into me.

"This is what you've wanted, all along, isn't it?" she said.

"Oh yes" I said.

"You've been *craving* dick, haven't you, Traci?"

"Yes" I replied as I moaned with pleasure. "I crave dick."

"Whenever we've had sex, you've always imagined me as a man."

"Yes Ms. Ashton, I have" I said, as I recalled it.

"Now I *am* your man, Traci. And you are my woman."

"I am your woman" I said, as she thrust deep into me again.

When Ms. Ashton was through, she had pounded me so hard that it was difficult to walk right. She proudly walked around, her huge penis still showing through her pants. She undid her pants, and took off the straps holding it in place. She handed it to me, and told me to insert it back into myself. I did as she requested as she stood above me, her pussy now exposed.

"Start licking, Traci" she said. "Now its your turn to make me cm."

I put my mouth onto her, and worshiped her pussy, even as I felt the large fake penis up inside of me. I did everything she asked me to, and I made her come several times. I could feel her juices dripping down my chin when I was through. I felt so happy!

Ms. Ashton had me clean off her penis, then place it on the bed stand to dry. She gave me a list of chores to get working on. I loved doing things for her! I loved serving her. I couldn't wait to go to bed, so I could put on my breast cream, and take my pills. I couldn't wait to be a real woman!

* * *

About a month after the first time that Ms. Ashton fucked me with her strapped on dick, I was instructed to set up things for a nice dinner. She had convinced me to quit my job, and to stay with her all of the time. I spent all day, every day now, working for her. I quite enjoyed it! It was fun serving her, as she helped me become more and more feminine.

I had dinner all done, the table set, and a bottle of her best champagne on ice, waiting for her to arrive home. Imagine my surprise when she showed up not alone, but with a man! A tall, handsome man at that. I took his coat, then served him a drink while Ms. Ashton went to freshen up.

"Traci, this is Mr. Peters" she said.

"Hello Mr. Peters, I'm Traci, and I am at your service" I said, as Ms. Ashton had taught me to do for guests.

"I'll take another drink Traci" he said in his deep commanding voice. I hurried off to get it for him!

I served them dinner, and only after I had cleared the table was I allowed to eat the scraps which she had left on her plate for me. I needed to cut back to improve my girlish figure. Ms. Ashton had said that once I was on the hormones, I would gain weight more easily. When all was set in the kitchen, I served them drinks as they sat and talked. As she had trained me, I stood silently at attention, waiting for her to tell me what to do next. I would not act unless she told me to. I must be good and obey Ms. Ashton.

"And so you're saying that Traci was once a man?" asked the gentleman.

"Yes" replied Ms. Ashton. "Isn't that right Traci?"

"Yes, Ms. Ashton" I replied.

"But you're a woman now, aren't you?" she said.

"Yes, Ms. Ashton" I replied.

I watched as she whispered something to Mr. Peters.

"Traci, how does it feel, knowing that Sarah did all of this to you?" he asked. "How does it feel to know that she turned you from her lover into her slave, and that she *made* you become a woman?"

"I've always wanted to be a woman, Mr. Peters" I replied. "Ms. Ashton helped me become more feminine. I have always been this way."

I didn't mean to sound disrespectful, but I could not tell a lie. I watched as she whispered in his ear again. He smiled. They both stood up. Now Ms. Ashton turned to me.

"Traci, come into the bedroom with us" she said.

I followed, one step behind. Once we got into the bedroom, both Mr. Peters and Ms. Ashton began to hug and kiss. Soon, they were taking off each other's clothes, until they were both naked. I stood there, waiting for orders.

"Traci, take off your panties" said Ms. Ashton. I quickly complied with her order.

Mr. Peters sat on the bed. She pointed to the foot of the bed, in front of him.

"Traci, kneel down. I want for you to have what you've been desiring. Tonight, you get to suck on a *real* penis."

I knelt before Mr. Peters, who was already hard. Just as I had done for a month with Ms. Ashton's fake penis, I took him into my mouth. As I did so, I felt the coldness as Ms. Ashton smeared the lubricant on my behind. Then I felt her slip inside of me, as I continued to suck.

"Now you've got a penis in *both* ends of you at the same time" she said. "And tonight, you're going to make a man come for the first time in your life. That's right Traci. You're going to make a man come."

I used my tongue and sucked as Ms. Ashton had taught me, while she thrust into me from behind. I could feel her massive dick, as I continued to work on Mr. Peters. I wasn't very surprised when I felt a warm splash inside of my mouth. I swallowed, and kept going to make sure he was nice and clean before he pulled out. Ms. Ashton didn't let up, she continued to pump me harder and harder.

Ms. Ashton whispered something in my ear, and I froze. I could only stare ahead as she whispered something into Mr. Peter's ear, and he too froze. She came around to where I was, her large strap-on penis pointing right at my face.

"Traci, from now on, you are in love with Mr. Peters. You will love him, and be *his* slve from now on. You will make me happy by serving him. For the rest of your life, you will only love him. For the rest of you life, you are his woman."

"I am his woman" I said.

"Frank" she said turning to him, "From now on you are in love with Traci. Remember, you can only get hard when you are with a feminized man! From now on, she is your love slve, and you can only love her."

"I love Traci" he intoned.

"When I snap my fingers, you will both awaken. You will not remember this conversation. You will rush into each other's arms, and go home together, lovers forever."

Ms. Ashton snapped her fingers. I looked up at Mr. Peters, and felt my heart throbbing. I loved him so! I rushed towards him, and we fell into each other's arms and kissed.

"I love you, Traci" he said.

"I love you, Mr. Peters" I replied.

"Lets go home Traci. I want to make love to you, all night long."

"I want whatever you want" I said. "I am all yours."

Ms. Ashton handed me a suitcase.

"I have your things already packed, Traci. Have a good life. I will always think fondly of you. You have been one of the best feminized slaves I've ever had."

"Thank you, Ms. Ashton" I replied, proud that she gave me such lavish praise.

I held out my hand for Mr. Ashton. He took it in his nice strong, large warm hand, as he picked up my suitcase in the other. We went out the door, towards his car, so I could go home with him. I had everything now. Love. A man. Everything. And I owed it all to Ms. Ashton.




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