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Mrs. Maxwell

by DeeDee Pauca


One of the neat things about our neighborhood is that there’s very little traffic. We’re kind of a secluded section in the small town of Grayson – nice homes on big lots with hundreds of trees. And the lack of traffic means you can ride your bicycle right down the middle of the street and seldom worry about a car getting in your way. And if a car does come up the street….well, everyone knows everyone else, so the driver just slows down till you move aside.

Like Mrs. Maxwell. As I was speeding down our street, not really paying much attention, she came up behind me in her big Lincoln. You know how sometimes, you just sense something’s there? Well, I sensed that I should look back. And there she was.

I gotta tell you about Mrs. Maxwell. She’s unbelievable! I mean she’s utterly gorgeous. All the guys think so; all the fathers do, too. There’s been more cum shot in honor of Mrs. Maxwell than Pamela Anderson and Brittney Spears combined. I just turned 14, and I have to say that she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. And nice. Mr. Maxwell owns the local hamburger franchise, so they know everybody in town – they’re always serving as sponsors of this event or that event. And Dad says that the Maxwell’s are pillars of the community. All I know is that my "bigboy" becomes a pillar every time I’m around Mrs. Maxwell.

Anyway, I turned and there’s Mrs. Maxwell. So I pulled to the side of the street, expecting her to whiz right by. But she pulled along side, rolled down her window and called out.

"Ron, could you meet me at our house? I’d like to hire you for a small job."


She was just getting out of her car as I pulled in behind her. Wow. First things I saw were her feet and legs – white high heels, really high heels, with long, smooth, bare legs. When she stood, my heart beat increased 100%. She had on shorts, really short shorts, tiny short shorts, some kind of shiny blue, satiny material, and a white top that just barely managed to cover those beautiful, big breasts.

Instantly, I was as hard as a rock. Then she hit me with the most dazzling smile. And all that wavy, long blonde hair was moving in the breeze. And for just a second, I think I almost passed out. Well, I really didn’t, but she looked so absolutely beautiful, and she was standing so close to me, and I just felt like life couldn’t get any better.

"Hi, Ron. Long time, no see. Honey, I’ve got a car full of packages and groceries. If you’ll help me unpack and put away, I’ll pay you $5.00. Are you interested?"


I jumped off my bike and turned back to her car just in time to see the camera – aimed and shooting my picture. I briefly wondered why Mrs. Maxwell would want my picture, but her smile quickly brought me back to the moment.

She had lots of packages in the back seat, and her car was a two door, so she bent over and reached in to begin handing bags out to me. Well, you can imagine what I had to look at – the most gorgeous, round butt imaginable. Honest, the shorts were so tiny that I think I could just see the edge of her pussy, but I’m not sure. I’m really not sure of much of anything, I was in such a state of bliss. But I sure took advantage of standing behind her and admiring the view.

Mrs. Maxwell carried two small packages – I was loaded down. But as she opened the door, she stepped into the doorway to hold the door open for me, and I bumped right into her. Actually, into her breasts. I mean, there just wasn’t enough room for me to squeeze by with all the packages I was carrying. So my upper arms pushed all along those magnificent tits as I passed by. I turned ten shades of red.

"Oh, honey, what a help this is. For now, let’s just stack things on the kitchen table." She wasn’t mad! She didn’t even mention it!

It took us five trips to empty the car. And twice, we bumped into each other accidentally. Once, she backed into me as I was waiting for her to hand things to me. And her soft, shiny bottom pushed right into my lap. I’m serious, she had to feel my "bigboy" mashing against her cheeks, but she didn’t say a word. Then, as we put the last load on the table, a small box fell out of a bag I was carrying, and she tried to catch it, and her hand brushed right across the front of my shorts, and she absolutely had to feel how excited I was. But she didn’t say a thing. Well, I mean, we talked a lot, but she didn’t say anything about the touching.

We got the groceries put away quickly, then we gathered up the bags and packages and headed down the hall. I knew we were going towards the back of the house, but I was unprepared for the room we walked into. It was obviously the master bedroom and it was huge. Well, it had to be huge – the bed itself was the largest bed I’d ever seen. I mean, four people could have comfortably slept there. There was a huge mirror behind the bed and I realized that the mirror was reflecting the huge backyard pool. I turned to admire the pool, and took in the rest of the room – a large lounger chair in the corner, two larger dressers and a beautiful makeup table and chair. What a room! Then I realized Mrs. Maxwell was sitting on the edge of the bed, just smiling at me.

"Do you like my playroom, Ron? You look like you could spend hours just looking around. Well, let’s get these packages sorted out, and we can relax and talk about it."

Clothes. Women’s clothes, and lots. As she opened the bags, I was treated to an array of fabrics and colors that I never knew existed. I was feeling kind of embarrassed, because lots of the packages were lingerie – stockings, bras, panties and other soft and pretty things. But Mrs. Maxwell didn’t act as if anything was unusual. She just chattered away about how I had really grown in the last year, did I have any girlfriends, and so on.

But once, as she was putting some panties in her drawer – the top drawer on the right – she selected an especially pretty pair and held them to her waist. They were pink, very sheer and with lots of lace on the front and along the leg openings. "What do you think, Ron? You’re getting to be a young man; do you think these are pretty enough to get a guy all excited?"

I was floored. I was so shocked, and red, and yes, so damn excited. So I did what you’d expect, I made a fool of myself.

"Gee, Mrs. Maxwell, I think anything you wore would get a guy excited."

Oh, cool, Ron. The minute I said it I knew it was stupid. But she acted like it was just what she wanted to hear.

"Oh, honey, you’re so nice. And so complimentary." And she reached over and put her hand on my cheek and drew me closer to her and kissed me on the lips. Just a little bitty kiss, but on the lips! "But, Ron, you’ve got to drop the Mrs. Maxwell stuff. Please, just call me Sonia."

Then she brushed my cheek with the panties before turning and placing them in the drawer.

The afternoon went by in a blur. We sat by the pool and drank cokes and talked about what we liked. Well, actually, Sonia asked questions and I answered and by the time I left, she knew as much about me as I did.

I hated to leave, but I knew my mom would be wondering where I was, so reluctantly, I thanked Sonia. Gallantly, I refused the $5.00, telling her that the coke had been plenty.

"Well, then, Ron, now I really do owe you. So tomorrow, you come over about noon. I’ll fix sandwiches and we’ll swim all afternoon. Deal?"

Since we didn’t have a pool, that sounded great, so the deal was made.

On the way home, I realized that Sonia would have to wear a bathing suit. I prayed for a bikini.

And the minute I got home, I added to the gallons of cum that had been offered in Sonia’s honor.


Sonia met me at the door, wearing a very sheer, short, see-through black pool jacket. The see-through part was the part I noticed right away. The bikini underneath looked – well, wonderfully revealing. I couldn’t wait to get to the pool and see her take off the jacket.

As I followed Sonia through the house, I watched her hips move – softly, gently, seductively – as she clicked over the wood floors in black heels that must have been at least five inches tall. As we entered her bedroom, she turned quickly, and I’m sure, saw where my gaze had been centered.

"Just drop your towel here on the bed, sweetie. This bathroom is the most convenient for the pool; I’ll just leave the door open and we can come in here any time we need to." And with that, she removed the jacket.

Oh, God. My "bigboy" jumped to attention – thank goodness I’d chosen a loose fitting pair of trunks, because my Speedo’s would have been too embarrassing. The top was just wonderful….her breasts were spilling over the tops of the cups, revealing just a bit of her dark aureoles. The bottoms were cut high at the bottom and low on top…just a bit of cover for her pussy and rear end. I’d never seen a bikini like this one, ever. And Sonia made it worse by striking a pose, smiling, looking right at me.

"Well, Ron, do you like it? Do I pass inspection, honey?"

Loose trunks or not, she had to be able to see the tent I was making of my front. I tried to look casual, but I know she could tell I was flustered as could be. My voice was almost cracking as I answered.

"Mrs. Maxwell, er…Sonia, you look great! You’re the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen. And I think your suit is, uh, uhhh, super."

Man, I must have said just the right thing. She took two steps to stand right in front of me, threw one arm around my neck and the other around my waist, and gave me the warmest hug and kiss. I melted against that superb body; her breasts pushed against my bare chest and I could feel her lower body covering, caressing my "bigboy." There was no way she missed it, and I felt her tummy area move, not to get away from my hard erection, but to smother it even more.

"Oh, sweetie, you say the nicest things to me. I just love you to pieces. I’m so glad you like the way I look."

Her arms were still around me, and by now I had recovered enough to tentatively put my arms around her waist. I expected her to move away, but she didn’t. In fact, I felt her begin to move gently against my cock, swaying, with a smile on her face as she gazed into my eyes.

"Ron, you and I can have an awful lot of fun together this summer. But you’ve got to keep it our secret. Wouldn’t you like to be my special friend this summer?" And now she was positively grinding against my cock. Oh, God!

I wasn’t going to be able to last. The dream woman of half the neighborhood, and she wanted me to be her special friend? I was grinding back, my eyes locked on hers, the perspiration gathering on my body. And she made it even more wonderful by lifting her right breast out of her bra, and offering the hard nipple up towards my face.

"Kiss it, baby. Suck it. Let me know you want me. Oh, yeah, baby, that feels so good."

And as I took her beautiful breast into my mouth, I exploded. What felt like gallons of cum shot up my cock and into my swimsuit. And I cried out around her warm, wonderful cone of woman-flesh. No fourteen year old had ever exploded like I did. Not with such a beautiful woman holding me and as I began to re-enter the world of the living, I heard her cooing.

"That’s it, baby. Cum pretty for me. Give Sonia that lovely white cream. This is just the first time, honey. I’ll teach you all about girly-love. We’ll be soo good together, Baby."

Slowly, she led me back to the bed, where I collapsed, wrapped in her arms.

After a time, my breathing returned to normal. I felt Sonia gently pull away and go into the bathroom. I heard water running; then she returned and opened her top dresser drawer. Finally, she came back to the bed and dropped a wet cloth and what looked like a pair of black panties on the bed.

"Sweetie, let me take your trunks off and clean you up a bit." Without waiting for my response, she pulled my wet trunks over my hips and down my legs. Then, gently, she used the cloth to clean the remaining cum off my body. When she finished, she took the panties and slowly pulled them up my legs and snuggled them in place. I was dumbstruck – what was she doing putting me in panties?

But before I could object, she was laying beside me and caressing my cock through the silky material. And my body was responding – I felt my cock lengthen and harden, pushing against the wispy nylon.

"Oh, Roni, you look so pretty lying here in just a pair of my panties. I’ll never let you go – I’m going to make you my girlfriend and keep you here in my bed all the time. Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful idea?" And all the time her hand was moving and her breasts were just inches from my mouth, and I would say anything she wanted me to say, just to be able stay like this.

It was a wonderful idea!


Do I need to tell you that we stayed in her bedroom all afternoon? That within a few minutes she was wrapping a lacy satin garterbelt around my waist and rolling a pair of sheer black stockings up my legs? Do you understand the feelings that coursed through me as she pulled the stockings taunt with the tiny, dangling garters? And when she had me place my arms through the strap of the matching bra – do you understand the confusion I felt/ I was dressed in absolutely gorgeous lingerie and I felt wonderful as the silky fabrics caressed my body. And Sonia made sure that her hands kept my cock in constant erection. Can you even imagine how confused I felt? A boy, being treated like a pretty girl, and yet all my boy parts were being entertained by a woman that any guy would die to be with.

If you can understand any of that, then maybe you won’t be surprised when I didn’t object to the four-inch high heels or the creamy red lipstick. Maybe you’ll understand that the lipstick made our kisses even more earth-shattering. Maybe you’ll understand why I quickly learned to walk in her four-inch high heels.

Why did she do all this to me? In her words, because "I just love to see a pretty boy wearing my pretty undies. And Roni, honey, you look so pretty. And you make me so horny, I just can’t keep my hands off my pretty boy."

Why did I let her do it? Because she rewarded me every step of the way as she feminized me – she kept me as hard as a rock, playing with my new "clitty," as she called it, until I had to change panties twice. And each pair of panties was more sheer and lacier than the previous pair. And while she played with my clitty, she taught me to play with hers.

I learned where to stroke, and what my fingers were to search out. And what was just the right amount of pressure and just the right speed. And later, I learned how to do the same thing with my tongue.

Any fourteen year old boy would have done exactly what I did, and become her girlfriend.


She had it all worked out. The Maxwell’s were about to paint a number of rooms in their house, and I was to tell my folks that they wanted to hire me to help Mrs. Maxwell box up the small items, take down the pictures and move stuff into rooms that were not to be painted. That work, of course, had already been done, but the excuse would give us lots of time to be together.

So as she kissed me goodbye late that afternoon, as she caressed my tired cock through my dried swim trunks and fed her beautiful breasts to my mouth one last time, she purred in satisfaction. Of course, I thought she was purring because I’d made her happy; she was purring because another pretty boy had succumbed to her charms and joined a long list of her "girlfriends."


That night, after telling my folks of my new "job" and getting their enthusiastic approval, I lay in bed, sexually exhausted but still semi-hard…dreaming about tomorrow and what Sonia might have in store for me.


I couldn’t wait. The morning seemed to drag as I waited until 10:30 to go to the Maxwell’s. But finally, I was knocking at the front door. But when it opened, no one was to be seen. I walked in and called "Sonia, are you home?"

She was standing behind the door. And the way she was dressed explained why she didn’t want to be seen by anyone walking or driving past. Oh, man! All in black – a bra that held up the bottoms of her breasts, leaving her nipples completely bare, a lacy garterbelt holding up long, sheer black stockings, and panties – panties that were so sheer that you could see every hair of her beautiful mound. And black high heels – mules – with 5 inch heels. Lots of flashing jewelry and long, dangling earrings. And heavy, sexy perfume. Every boy’s ultimate wet dream.

She opened her arms and I stepped into her embrace. Her lips opened and her tongue thrust deeply into my mouth. Her hands roamed shamelessly over my butt and then around to clutch at my throbbing erection. Her lessons from the previous day weren’t wasted, as my fingers moved inside the tiny panties and began to stroke her hot, wet entry. And she was wet! I’ll bet she’d been playing with herself as she got dressed, because her pussy was soaked in love juice, and my probing finger found her erect clit immediately.

"Com’on, baby, let’s get you pretty! Hurry, I’ve got the sexiest things picked out for you; you’re going to be the sexiest girlfriend I’ve ever had!" And down the hall we went, her arm around my waist, her hand cupping my ass – rubbing and caressing and urging me on.


Laying on the bed was the most delicious collection of lingerie. Red bra and panties with black lace trim and a matching garterbelt. Black stockings just like Sonia’s, and red mules with 4 inch heels.

But first came a bath in the Maxwell’s huge tub. I watched as she poured a cap of bath oil into the steaming water. "This will make you as soft as a baby’s bottom, sweetie. And then wait till you feel that soft lingerie against your skin." I soaked in the tub for ten or fifteen minutes while Sonia shaved my legs and every inch of my body. I’m sure she didn’t rid me of very much hair – I just hadn’t started growing much yet – but the shaving did make my skin feel smoother. After patting me dry, she used a fluffy, soft pad to cover me with a scented body powder. I felt like the most pampered boy in the world.

But as we went back into the bedroom, and I again saw the delicate lingerie laid out, I realized that I wasn’t going to be a boy very long.

Dressing me was heaven to Sonia. She made it the most sensual experience I could imagine. First she fit the garterbelt around my waist. I sat on the edge of the bed as she rolled a stocking up each leg, and then stood for her to attach the stockings to the garters. Her face was right at the level of my waist, so I was given my first reward of the day. Her lips closed around my cock and her tongue bathed it, so gently that I almost swooned.

But as soon as I was rock-hard, she pulled away and lifted the dainty panties. I stepped into them and pulled them up over my "bigboy." As tiny as they were, they couldn’t cover me and the last inch of my cock jutted out above the waistband.

"Oh, baby, we’re going to have fun today. Yesterday you soiled three pairs of panties – want to try for a new record?"

Finally the bra. But then Sonia opened a box on her dresser and removed two "breasts" and tucked them in my bra. They were heavy, but extremely soft. Breastforms.

"Now you look like my girl, baby. Do you like them?"

I looked at myself in Sonia’s dresser mirror. I looked like a boy, except I had some decent size boobs and was wearing the sexiest underwear any boy had ever worn. But, yeah, everything felt really nice, and Sonia sure liked me wearing her things, and my "bigboy" sure seemed to like being encased in nylon and lace. "Yeah, Sonia, it really feels good, but I don’t look like a girl."

"All right, honey. Just slip on your heels and sit down here at my dressing table. I’m going to cover this mirror with a towel so you can’t see till I’m through. Now, you’re really going to become my girl."

First came a wig. Long blond hair with tons of curls. And then the makeup. I couldn’t describe all the lotions and powders and colors, but I know I sat for a long time as she worked on my face. Finally, she finished with my lips; bright red lips outlined in a slightly darker color. And then perfume. On my neck and wrists and my inner thighs above the black stockings.

And then she stepped back and looked at me. I was nervous – did I pass her inspection? Was she going to let me be her girlfriend? She pulled the towel off the mirror.


Ohhhhh. I was a girl. A very attractive blonde. Very attractive. As I stood up, I seemed to assume a feminine pose, a pose I’d seen girls at school take. And my cock, which had become relaxed while Sonia worked on my face, began to rise. Obviously, he liked how I looked, as well.

"Roni, you look fabulous. I knew you would. I knew you’d be my prettiest girlfriend ever. Come give me a girly kiss."

A girly kiss, with luscious red lips caressing luscious red lips, with soft breasts mashed against soft breasts, with nylon-encased legs rubbing together. I was in heaven as our tongues danced and our hands raced.

Sonia broke away. "Wait just a moment, honey. Right there, and give me that model pose again." And I smiled as Sonia took my picture. Now I knew what that first picture had been for – before and after. Neighborhood boy to Sonia’s girly-boy.

Sonia encouraged me to pose even more, to reveal the head of my clitty sticking out the top of my panties, to smile suggestively, pouting, strutting, emphasizing my girly qualities. And her camera recorded it all - me standing in exaggerated, openly sexual poses…lying on the bed, stroking the front of my panties…and finally, erupting in a arcing stream of thick girly-boy juice.

Leaning over the bed, Sonia eagerly licked away the strands of cum from my stomach and the front of my garterbelt. Before joining me on the bed, she used a damp cloth to clean away the residue. And then we lay together, intertwined, kissing and petting and exploring. I felt her hands softly pushing on the top of my head, urging me downward, and I knew that her pussy was demanding my attention. So for the next twenty or thirty minutes, I was her lesbian girlfriend, servicing her, adoring her female essence, bring her to numerous small climaxes until finally she moaned: "Do me hard, baby. Suck that clit and make me cum hard. Now, Roni, now!"

I must have done it right, because God, she loved it. Her legs locked around my head and held me in place while her body spasmed and jerked on the bed. And her loud moaning and her heavily flowing girl juice made my penis grow so hard that it almost hurt.

Slowly, Sonia came back to life and relaxed her legs so that I was able to crawl up beside her. The kisses I received showed me that she loved the attention I’d paid to her shrine. "Oh, baby, that was divine! Just lay here in my arms for a few minutes and I’ll give you a reward you’ll never forget."

So I laid back with her arm around my neck and her fingers stroking my arm. And we rested.

Suddenly I heard a noise in the hall – high heels clicking on the hardwood floor. And a gorgeous brunette entered the bedroom. A tall woman, but her height wasn’t what I stared at. She was also dressed in a beautiful sheer, red lingerie set – bra, garterbelt and panties with black stockings and heels. Covered, slightly, in a sheer red peignoir that reached to the floor.

I’m sure I stared at her with my mouth open, but Sonia quietly said "Roni, meet Tanya. Tanya was my very first girlfriend, and I still love her a ton. Isn’t she beautiful?"

Yes, she was beautiful, and my eyes slowly moved from the lovely hairdo down over her beautifully made-up face, over her large breasts and thin waist to…..

Her clitty was pushing proudly against the lacy panties, clearly visible through the sheer material. Long and hard and thick. She was really a man, and she sure was beautiful. She moved gracefully to the bed and sat on the edge, right next to me. Her hand, with long, red nails, reached and gently touched my cheek, caressing my face before moving down to cup my new breasts and then, slowly and softly reaching my panties. She began to stroke my erection through the silky fabric.

"You really are a pretty boy, Roni," she purred. "Sonia’s told me all about you, and I just had to come and see if you were as pretty as she said. Oh, sweetie, she wasn’t kidding." And with that, her soft hand cupped my clitty and she lay down next to me and kissed me.

On the lips, with her tongue invading my mouth and her hand gently exciting me to new heights. Suddenly I knew – I just knew – that "she" was Mr. Maxwell. But I didn’t care, she was gorgeous and she was making me feel wonderful. And I threw my arms around her neck and passionately returned the kiss.

I felt Sonia pushing up against me and her hands sliding over my body, making me the middle of a delicious sandwich. Tanya and I continued the exciting kiss and her hand grew more insistent and demanding. Demanding that I give up another load of my girly-boy juice. And I cooperated. I came, pushing against the soft and loving caress, crying out into Tanya’s erotic mouth. Spasming again and again into my pretty red panties.

Gradually, slowly, Tanya broke the kiss and I fell back to the pillow and luxuriated in the feeling of well-being. My eyes were closed and I drifted like Sonia had drifted earlier. I felt Sonia get up and retrieve the damp cloth and felt gentle hands remove the soaked panties and wipe the warm cum from my body and the front of the garterbelt. Then my feet were lifted and a fresh pair of perfumed, red silk panties were pulled into place.

Sonia returned to lay beside me. Her kiss was soft and gentle and I opened my eyes to gaze into her smiling face.

"I’m glad you and Tanya like each other, Roni. Someday, I’m sure, you’ll like playing with her just as much as you love playing with me. But right now, you and I have some unfinished loving – I’m horny as hell for that cherry you’re carrying around in those panties. So Tanya, you go sit down in the recliner and watch – you’ll get your turn some other time."

With that, Sonia took me into her arms and began to kiss and pet me until my clitty was once again erect and straining against the soft silk. Gradually, she moved down on the bed, kissing and licking across my stomach and then lowering my panties until she was able to take my throbbing cock into her warm, wet mouth.

And across the room, Tanya pressed the camera release, adding to Sonia’s collection.


For long minutes, hours, I don’t know how long, Sonia led my on her joyous path of seduction. She kissed and licked every inch of my body, teaching me all the erotic places that I’d never even suspected. And as her tongue pushed into my asshole and her long fingernails moved sensuously across my balls, I came for the third time. But this time, Sonia’s tongue licked away all the cum, and her lovemaking never stopped.

Then it was my turn. Everything that she had done for me, I did for her. Her hands moved constantly, urging me to explore, to kiss, to touch and caress. And finally, her hands moved my head down to her shrine. And my red lips and tongue worshipped. Kissed and licked and sucked until she exploded and squirted her hot love juice right down my throat. And I drank it all.

But Sonia wasn’t finished. I was going to be her girlfriend. Completely. So while she was still sexually charged from her strong orgasm, she pushed me back on the bed and sucked my clitty into her mouth. And when I was as hard as I’d ever been in my young life, she lifted one stockinged leg over mine and rubbed my erection along her soaking wet pussy.

"Now, Roni, baby. Now you’re mine, my girly-boy girlfriend." And with that, she sank down, impaling her beautiful body on my long, hard clitty-cock.

And Tanya took pictures with one hand and played with her own clitty-cock with the other.


It was absolute heaven. I’m sure that every boy’s first fuck is wonderful. But you have to understand that I was being fucked by the most gorgeous woman in town. And the sensuous rubbing of our silk and lace-covered bodies, the caress of our nylon-covered legs, the deep-tongued kisses of our red lips…all combined to make the experience utterly unbelievable.

Sonia rode me beautifully. Each time I was about to cum, she stopped until she had talked me down. And then resumed her leisurely pussy caresses and the in-and-out sawing that soon had us both panting and moaning in unison.

And when she finally allowed my to cum, I filled her with spasm-forced showers of my love cream, while she worked her cunt muscles to completely milk me dry.

Sonia climbed off and rolled me over on my stomach. Dreamily, I felt her rubbing a smooth lotion around my asshole. Then her finger moved inside, spreading more lotion. But before I could react, she stopped and climbed off the bed.

Because I was so relaxed and in almost a dream world, I didn’t realize that I was being fucked until the cock of her strap-on was buried in me.

"Oh, Roni, now you’re really my girlfriend. Forever. I’ve taken your clitty cherry, and now I’m going to take your pussy cheery. Sweetie, you’re such a pretty girl and you’re all mine." And gently, slowly, she began to move.

Yes, there was pain. A lot for a while. But Sonia used a small dildo with lots of lubrication, and she was slow and gentle. And soon, I began to feel pleasure, and my cock got hard again and I was moving my ass back, asking for more. And the panting and moaning returned; and again, I was in heaven.


I saw all the pictures later. Pictures that Sonia and Tanya took that day, and pictures that they took in days to follow. Pictures of me with Sonia; then pictures of me with Tanya. All mounted on a leather scrapbook, with gold lettering on the binding.


And my picture book was kept on a wide bedroom shelf near the lounge chair. Along with "Denise" and "Bobbie" and "Tommie" and many others. Many others. All young teenage boys who were girlfriends of Sonia…and Tanya.




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