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Mr. And Mrs. Claus at the Children's Ward....     by: Lorraine B.


I had just moved Back to the Windy City Chicago from New York City. I was previously the Assistant Director of Nursing at Beth Israel Hospital. Now I am the Director of Nursing at a Class I Trauma Center linked to a Major Teaching Hospital.

I departed New York primarily due to a disastrous relationship breakup with my live in boyfriend. He is an attending physician at Beth I. We have been together ever since I started at the hospital in the Emergency Room.

Yes I am a Registered Nurse in my early thirties 5'7' at 125lbs. With a Masters in Nursing Administration.

During the month of December at my new hospital it is required of the D.O.N. to portray the likeness of Mrs. Santa Claus. It is a hospital tradition that has been around since the Dawning of Man.

The thing which I didn't state before is I am also biologically a male that has never been married. I consider myself to be Transgendered as a Ts and I love men. What a dream come true!

Although I am technically in the Medical Profession I am extremely careful as to not show any female characteristics. Believe me in hospital politics it could be the kiss of death to your career as well as your sanity.

That was how I wound up in the Big Apple.

I have always known that I was a TS since the age of 3. I grew up in Chicago on the South Side Near 35th Street and Halsted Avenue an area called Bridgeport. Until I started school I was always dressed as a girl. Things changed, as I progressed in higher school grades. I had to limit my dressing activities to summers, holidays and after school. My name is Alexander Paderevski so everyone called me Alex or Alexis.

Since my sisters and I associated with the same group of children (Both male and female) no one ever ostracized me. Their parents also accepted my as a girl. I really never realized how fortunate I was.

My mother was quite open-minded. She never criticized me but encourage me to be the best person I could be whether it be male or female. She never said so but I believe now mother enjoyed having three girls around the house.

My father was never home enough being too busy making a living for us. When he was home all of us were careful that he would never find out. Until the day he died of a fatal Heart Attack, he never knew.

Although all the neighbors and both sides of our relations did know of my secret. Not once did they ever tell him or slip in a conversation about me.

I also have two sisters older than I am that have always protected their Baby Sibling. We always did everything together including going to dances and to Nursing School. I eventually wanted to be a M.D. but I could not afford it then.

As a prank the beginning of our final semester before receiving our B.S.N.'s and pins. I was dared by them and other classmates to attend classes as a female student. It was the best kept secret of the Senior Class. (At the time we had only four male students and I was one of them. Three were in the "closet" gay and one TS. God what a combination!) I was caught during the Final week of the Semester.

I had always used my initials in registering for classes and the student roster did not reflect our gender. One of my Instructors had called me "She" to the Dean of Nursing Students in a conversation. The instructor had recommended I give the Graduation Address for our class. Sister Mary Laurence (Yes! the school was run By a Roman Catholic Hospital) didn't give the instructor any indication of my true gender. All she told the instructor is she would take her recommendation under advisement.

Not five minutes passed when I was summoned to the DragonLadies Den of Inequity. Sister made me wait in her outer office for two hours before calling me in.

As I stood before her desk all I could think about was the Catholic Church's participation of the Spanish Inquisition.

The perspiration was flowing quite profusely from my 5'7" frame. My white uniform dress was starting to lose its starched crispness. My bra, panties, garter belt and white stockings were saturated.

What felt like an hour was only a few minutes of measured time. Sister finally looked up from the file she was reading.

"I cannot believe you, of all people have done this. It is Not Halloween! "What in Gods name ever possessed you to be attired as you are? Are you trying to mock women?" "Your grade point average is one of the highest that has ever been achieved. Academically you have been an asset to this school." Sister said.

I then proceeded to tell her of the dare I had received from the Senior Class and especially my own sisters. I explained that on the contrary I in reality had always respected women and finally told her I wished that I was female. I have prayed to God that he would work a miracle to make me female. Although God never did but, I still retained my faith. I confessed to her about my childhood and my desires to be female. As I spoke her face was a mask carved in stone. Not once did she give any indication as to what she was thinking or feeling until she spoke.

"Miss. Paderevski, I will have to contemplate what your punishment will be. Up until that time you are to remain dressed as you are for the duration until graduation. You will also be required to be attired as a female for any graduation festivities on or off hospital property. This is to prevent any foreseeable problems with your instructors that might occur since you have been attending classes as a female. Am I understood!" Sister Mary L. said.

I could not believe I heard what Sister DragonLady had said to me. This was a lifelong dream. So I asked her to repeat what she had said.

"Alexis! you heard perfectly well what I said. I will not repeat it! Now go back to your class." She said with finality.

After reentering the classroom I received a great deal of pitying glances from my fellow students. My oldest sister Irene, had tears in the corners of her eyes.

When the class finally ended I was suddenly surrounded. Everyone wanted to know what had happened. After I told them, they all suddenly approved of what had transpired By a thunderous applause.

The joyous moment did not last long as I was called Back to Sister Mary L's office.

This time she met me at her office door.

The DragonLady in her usual stone face and manner said, "Alexis, Please be seated. After careful consideration and advisement from the Chief of Staff you will be placed on rotational duties in the hospital from 3:00pm to 11:00pm. Starting in the Children's Ward today. You will also be paid as a R.N. for your shift hours.

Nurse Paderevski, we also received the results of the State Nursing Exam. Everyone has Passed in your graduating class, congratulations."

The smile across my red painted lips must have been infectious. I had never seen the DragonLady smile but, she did. She even came to me giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I was in shock due to Sister's show of emotion. I had finally seen her human side which no one else had.

As I left Sister's office I could see my two sisters and my classmates waiting for me. They were told of Sister's decision. Many thought I had received unfair treatment until I told them that I was to be paid as an R.N. and was to be treated as such By the hospital staff and not a student nurse.

There was a great deal of disbelievement until I told them they were no longer student nurses but Registered Nurses. They had all Passed the Boards.

I finished my punishment receiving the praise of the Staff for my work. I thought that perhaps I might have a chance at a nursing position at that same hospital after graduation. My spirits were soaring!

At the Graduation Ceremony I complied with the DragonLady. My sisters and myself came in newly purchased white uniform dresses, white stockings and new white floor shoes. All of the females were dressed the same way. The male students wore white pants, a white button down coat (similar to the old "Ben Casey" coats), white shoes and socks.

The Ceremonies were boring as usual with the multitude of droning speakers. Then the commotion started!

I was called By my male name to give the Commencement Address. As I stood up i could hear the whispers from both the Stage and the Audience. Some saying loudly is that a girl or a boy!

As I climbed up the stairs and reached the podium to give my speech I could see many of the guests still whispering to each other. I ignored everyone! I gave the speech getting congratulations from everyone on the stage.

Sister DragonLady even placed and pinned a traditional nurses cap on my head.

The Chief of Staff pinned my school pins on giving me a kiss on the cheek. That's when the hoots and howls started from my classmates. The Chief turned red, he forgot that I was a male in female clothing.

After graduation for six months I tried to get a nursing position at every hospital both in the city and suburbs. Even though there was a nursing shortage I was receiving letters declining my services.

Although my sisters went to work less then a week after graduation. The word about me was out in the medical community!

Mother finally made the suggestion to try other hospitals in other cities. I really didn't want to relocate or change my profession. Logic told me I had no other recourse.

Every letter I sent out to the Nurse Recruiters was answered. Just about every hospital I wrote to wanted me.

It really felt good to be wanted.

After speaking to many hospital representatives I was New York bound. The Die had been Cast!

The Staff at my new hospital was great! I had been working every department on a rotational basis. This was to get me acclimated quickly to it. Finally I was sent to the Children's Wing. For some unknown reason the Supervisor requested to the Scheduling Supervisor that I be assigned to her on a permanent basis and the Memo was sent to me.

I had just gotten off the elevator and reported to Audrey the Floor Supervisor.

The first words out of her mouth were "Your Ass is mine now! These kids really missed you and so did the Floor Staff. Now get to work, Bed Pan Commando!"

All I could say was, "Gee it's nice to be wanted!" and left Audrey to her dementia.

Time really went By fast. It was the beginning of October. We were decorating the Floor for Halloween. This was an important time for many of the children. Audrey and many of the nurses including myself were making costumes for the kids on our days off. The girls couldn't believe that I could cut and design a pattern, sew or operate a sewing machine. They kidded me that I would make someone a good wife. All I could think of at that time was, I wish.

Late one night at Audrey's house in Queens(How appropriate that name is.). We had just finished making all the costumes.

As we sat and relaxed Audrey told me she shared the house with her 10 year old daughter. Audrey was a widow raising her daughter alone. Her daughter was out for the evening with her sister and her children. They took in a movie at a local theatre complex.

As we talked I started to relax even more. It seemed Audrey was asking more about me then disclosing more about herself. Suddenly she dropped the inevitable bomb.

She asked, "Honey, is it true what I heard you did at school?"

"What did you hear and from Whom?" I said

"Well Alexis, I heard that you impersonated a female during your last semester before graduation on a dare from your class. I really can't say who told me." Audrey said.

The minute I heard her call me Alexis I knew I couldn't fabricate a story. I told Audrey the truth saying, "Yes I did, but the dare was from my sisters then the class got involved."

"Honey, you're one of the best nurses I have. The children love you and the female staff treats you as they would another female. I can tell your love for everyone on that Floor. In case you don't know it you display a maternal instinct. You should consider yourself very lucky to have that instinct." Audrey said.

"Audrey all I want to do, is to see people get over their sickness. I take pride in our profession. I feel it is our responsibility to also show compassion in a place that frightens most human beings." I said with pride in my voice.

"Dear, what costume are you going to wear for the children?" Audrey asked.

"I really don't know yet." I said in all honesty.

"Well, Nurse Alexis Paderevski you will be the real you. You will be the perfect 1940's wartime U.S. Navy female nurse. I still have my mother's old uniforms that should fit you well. How about it?"

"Audrey I really don't know if I should do it. I was really blackballed because of that stunt in school. It seemed like it took forever to find a hospital that would hire me." I said.

"I'm going to level with you. Sister DragonLady, my cousin told me what happened and what you did. I said that person is either crazy or the type of person I want on my floor staff. Camilla also told me about your punishment and the Progress Reports she received about you. We were praying that you would relocate here and work for me." Audrey said with a twinkle in her eye.

I was totally speechless when she made this revelation. My mouth was moving but nothing came out of it.

I decided when I went Back to Chicago I would go back to the school and kiss that nun.

The next thing I started to do was grab Audrey and cry. Not in sadness, but for joy. Someone actually thought I could and would succeed in the nursing profession.

Audrey pulled a lace handkerchief from her pocket and dried my tears of happiness saying, "I promise you that no one will think the worse of you dressing as a girl again. Will you do it for me and the Children? All I ask is that you don't kiss the Chief of Staff.

When Audrey said Chief of Staff I knew immediately who BlackBalled me. I made a vow that I would avenge myself for my exile from Chicago. I nodded yes to Audrey that I would do as she asked.

"Good. Well come on girl. Let's go try on those uniforms right now." Audrey said with enthusiasm.

I followed her up to her attic. There must have been at least twenty trunks stored up there. Audrey found the right trunk on the first try. We brought the whole trunk downstairs to her living room. She closed her blinds and drapes making sure no one could see into the room from outside.

Audrey looked at me saying, " Okay girl strip! No backtalk everything comes off right now."

AS she opened the trunk I removed my outer garments and loafers. Her eyes grew extremely wide when she noticed the white lace bra and panties set along with the white tights I was wearing. It wasn't so much the tights or panties, but the overflowing "B+" cups of my bra.

"My God! Are those really yours?" pointing to my breasts.

"I guess so. All the girls in my family have them including me." I said with a smile.

"Smart Ass! No wonder you've been wearing oversized clothing until you receive your "Scrubs". I ordered you women's scrub suits and nurses floor shoes. I still can't believe those babies are bigger then mine! How long have you been on Hormones?" Audrey asked in a motherly tone.

"Since I turned 12 or 13 and there are home grown. No implants for me! Before you ask I had them removed about the same time. My Penis is about 1 inch with no erections that I can remember.

When I go to work I usually bind them. but my babies are an awful lot to bind. By the end of the shift they really hurt." I said.

"Alexis they are magnificent! Don't bind them anymore! No one at the hospital will say anything."

"Are you out of your mind! Five minutes after walking in the door the Pipeline Rumor Machine will going full steam ahead. Every person in the hospital will know about my breasts. I'll be known By some derogatory name given to me by some bigot." I said.

"How in the world did you ever pass the physicals we're required to take? Never mind I know how. As long as you have two hands, arms, and are ambulatory they'll pass you on the condition all clinical work ups are alright.

Camilla was right when she said there was something special about you. Wow! Can I ever testify to that." She said.

Audrey began pulling clothes from the trunk. A white uniform dress, panty girdle, full lace slip, nurses hat, white 2" pumps, and a navy blue cape. Audrey laid everything out on the couch.

When she finished she said, "Alright sister, everything goes on except the girdle. Also please put your hair in a bun."

As I was getting dressed I noticed that Audrey was watching me quite closely. Mom used to do the same thing when I and my sisters were small. The difference was that Audrey about the same age as my oldest sister. I love her as if she was my sister. My respect for her was continually growing.

I finally finished dressing saying, "Okay Sis, how do I look?"

" Does everything fit alright?"

I told her the uniform dress was a little loose.

"Its supposed to be that way. I don't know, there's something missing. Oh! I know what it is. Come with me." Audrey said.

I followed her into her bedroom.

Pointing to a vanity saying, "Get your makeup on girl. I need the full effect. While you're here fix your hair properly young lady."

As I was applying my makeup I glanced into the mirror, noticing that Audrey was not watching me anymore. It only took me about twenty minutes to apply my warpaint and do my nails in the same color as my red lipstick.

I Next put my long Auburn hair into a bun. My hair was always body permed. My hair at work was always in a pony tail reaching down to my shoulder blades in length.

I checked myself in the mirror finally seeing a very familiar woman that was me. I was happy with my results.

As I came into the living room Audrey put her magazine into her lap and did a wolf whistle.

"My God Alexis, I look like a boy next to you. Honey you're gorgeous. Do men fall at you feet in reverence?" Audrey said.

I countered by saying, "Only when they fall over a rock. I really haven't had a relationship for awhile."

As we were speaking I could tell I was being watched very closely by Audrey. It was as if I was being tested but for what I just didn't know.

Since I was standing I decided to sit down in a close by very comfortable living room chair. I could feel Audrey watching every move I made all the way from straightening my dress to crossing my legs while I sat.

We were still talking when the back door suddenly opened. The house was filled with the sounds of children.

Two young girls that could have passed for twins entered the room going directly to Audrey. Both of them gave Audrey a hug and kiss. The difference was that one of the girls called Audrey mommy and the other girl called her Auntie. Another woman entered the room she too had a striking resemblance to Audrey. She also looked very familiar to me.

"Alexis, may I introduce my twin sister Abigail, her daughter Charlene and my daughter Gail." Audrey said proudly.

"I don't believe it! Do you mean to say I am finally meeting the famous Alexis from Chicago. Girl, it's glorious to meet you at last. Camille was right, she is strikingly beautiful. By the way, if you call me Abigail there is going to be trouble. The name is Abbi." Abbi said.

"It's my pleasure to meet all of you. Abbi, don't tell me you talked to Camille too? I said to her.

"Of course Darling. Audrey and I share everything." Abbi said with a large smile.

"In case you didn't know. Abbi is the O.R. Supervisor at BI" Audrey said.

"Yeah c'mon down I'll get one of the Reco Docs to give you a boob job sometime." Abbi said smiling.

"Believe me Sis, She doesn't need it." Audrey said emphatically.

All I could do is smile at Abbi. I could see the look of shock on her face and her eyes begging for more information to be disclosed.

Apparently Audrey did too saying, "Girls why don't you go to Gail's room and play for awhile until Auntie Abbi is ready to leave. We have to talk about the hospital. Okay."

The two girls took off like rockets to Gail's room on the second floor. They knew it was safe to talk after hearing the door slam shut.

"You're kidding aren't you Sis. I think I need a very tall alcoholic drink!" Abbi said still dumbfounded.

We all went to the kitchen each having a glass of Chablis wine. I decided to take the heat away from Audrey. I explained everything to Abbi that I told to Audrey.

"No implants Huh! Those melons are your, Huh! Well I think that Audrey is right about Binding them. I guess we're just going to have to adopt a new baby sister into our family. My God! three nurses in the family and all girls. If Dad were alive he'd have a Stroke after what we put him through." Abbi said.

"I Guess so Sis. Well Alexis, welcome to the family." Audrey stated.

We all got up and hugged and kissed each other with tears streaming from our eyes. As I recomposed my self I said "If you adopt me it comes with my two sisters and mother. Boy! Will she go into shock getting two more daughters and two grandchildren." We all started laughing and crying at the same time. It was a real emotional mess for all of us.

We finally managed to calm down. Audrey was the first to speak saying, "How much are you paying for that shithole efficiency you're living in Alexis?

"$1200.00 a month. Why?" I asked.

"Well, I have a mother in law apartment downstairs that's not being used. It has two large bedrooms with walk-in closets, full luxury bath, living room, dining room, and Kitchen. There is also a separate entrance. It's completely furnished and very feminine.

I could use some help around here as well as the company. I'm sure Gail would love another Aunt to bother and love. We could split the costs of upkeep. How about it Sis?"

I thought a few minutes and said, " Damn! I was just starting to like my shithole. I even started naming my pet roaches."

"Sorry no more pets allowed. Two Siamese cats, a malamute, six ferrets and all the kids in the neighborhood. I should think it's more than enough."

"Wait as minute! I didn't see any animals when I came inside. I said.

"The malamute, she's downstairs. Her names Klondike and she is a big baby. All the others are in Gail's room.

"since you told her about the dog. Don't forget my brat!" Abbi said.

"I already included our niece. She's also in Gail's room. When Abbi has to work Charlene stays here or vice a versa. By the way they live next door." Audrey said.

"Everything sounds fine but what about my alter ego?" I asked.

"The only male clothing allowed in this house is what your boyfriends wear or leave behind after a night in the throes of passion." Audrey said smiling.

"Audrey are you sure about this? You hardly know me other then at work." I said.

"I'm going to be honest and very truthful. Camille asked that both of us watch and take care of you in the Big Apple. Your mom and sisters even asked we do the same. The baby of the family is very special to a great deal of people. You have touched and brought a ray of sunshine into a lot of lives." Abbi disclosed

My B.P. was high as was my anger when this information was disclosed to me. I was an adult woman not a little girl, Damnit! After calming down I said, "What the Hell! So you spoke to the whole family, Huh! Well I guess Auntie Alexis better move in and take care of her new family."

The anger in me had dissipated the only thing I had was love in my heart. Love for both my blood family and my extended family. That also included the DragonLady!

"Mommy will you send Auntie Alexis upstairs to tuck us in please." The sweet voice of Gail said over the intercom.

"Well Auntie Alexis, your nieces await your presence. Don't let them con you into reading them a story. It's why too late." Abbi said with a smile.

"Yeah Sis you better get them sweet cheeks moving. Those two can be real hellions." Audrey said.

As I left the kitchen I pondered my faith. I left the city of my birth. My blood family and friends. My life as such back then was not perfect but worth while.

Now I'm looking toward a new life. I now have an extended family of two more sisters and two nieces. One Alaskan Malamute, two Siamese cats, and six ferrets.

I have many more friends at work. Life seems to be getting better. All I need now is to complete SRS, find a husband and have our own children by adoption. Life is good like I said maybe the DragonLady is psychotic. Whoops! I mean psychic.

As I entered Gail's bedroom I couldn't help but notice the immense size of it. You could fit four of my efficiency apartment into her room. I was a little apprehensive at first until I saw their smiling faces and the cats lying by each of the girls.

I guess Audrey was right I do have Maternal Instincts my heart melted seeing them. Gail was the first to speak, "Auntie Alexis are you really going to live with us? Gee! We hope so. Do you have a boyfriend? Are you going to live in the apartment or up here?"

It was one question after another from both girls in rapid succession. I really didn’t have anytime to think about my answers. The only thing after tucking them in I gave each a kiss and left the room.

Abbi and Audrey were waiting for me at the foot of the stairs. Both had smiles on their faces. I told them everything that the kids asked and my answers. They seemed satisfied with my answers.

I was told that I would be staying with them that night. Tomorrow would be my moving day. They had arranged for several maintenance men from the hospital and a vehicle to move me last week. These two sure take a great deal for granted. I think they would have wore me down if I had said no at the beginning.

As Audrey and Abbi led me to the room I was to use. I explained that I wasn’t prepare to spend the night or be ready for tomorrow.

As I entered the room that Audrey said was mine I noticed there was a nightgown and robe on the bed and slippers on the floor. On the extremely large dresser was a complete set of clothing for tomorrow including shoes.

Damn, those two think of everything. It was scary! I looked around making sure that the DragonLady wasn’t around.

After cleaning up in the attached Bathroom I crawled into bed. It was wonderful! I fell asleep almost immediately.

I awoke at 6:00am and just laid in bed thing about all that has happened since moving to New York. I decided to thank the Creator for all my blessings.

There had been many times I had thought of my Transexualism as a Curse. I had even contempleted suicide many many times. My own family does not know this. I went to a Shrink one time and was diagnosed as Gender Dysphoric. That is a term I absolutely Abhor, it sounds like an incurable disease.

When I dated earlier in life there were times I never mentioned I was a TS. When they were told or found out about my secret it was a distinct turn on to them.

On the other hand men that I have dated were itimidated when I told them I was TS. Some I have dated came extremely close to violence or committed violence to my person. These are the ones I consider Gender Confused. To be quite frank honesty Does Not Pay if Violence is the end.

I know who I am and what I am! I don’t need a Shink or Quasi Medico such as a Psychologist to tell me what I am! I am a Human Being so Fuck everyone and the World!

I am a Female with added parts if you wish to share my Love or have sex with me then let’s do it. If you don’t want sex with me don’t try to Bully, Beat me or Verbally Abuse me.

I have a tremendous amount of Love in my heart for the human race. All I need now is to share it! That is one reason why I became a Nurse. The tradition of Florence Nightingale lives on in every Nurse. She lives in me.

As I contemplated I heard my door open ever so slowly and quietly. Two heads popped in looking at me in bed. One head was Charlene’s and the other was Gail’s. They started to whisper to each other "Do you think she’s awake" I heard Charlene say. "I don’t Think so." Gail said.

"Come in girls." I said.

That was the worst mistake I ever made. They both came running in, jumping into the bed with me. My sisters and I always shared a bed. It was a time to talk about anything and everything. It was also used to console each other or to show our sisterly love for one another.

My bed became the same for Gail and Charlene. They both gave me a hug and kiss. They both hung on to me for dear life. I felt love for them and for everyone at that moment. We all cuddled until the door opened again.

Audrey stuck her head into the room followed by Abbi. The next thing I knew we had a sandwich going and I was in the center. I enjoyed every minute of our communal bed. The only ones missing were the two cats and the dog. My God!

I felt the pressure building on my bladder telling me to relieve myself. I resigned myself to the fact that it was time to get up. I tried not to disturb anyone as I managed to disentangle myself from the various appendages crisscrossing my body. To quote a most Famous, Great, and Loving man; Martin Luther King "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty Free at Last!" Although I put a different meaning to what his meaning was intended.

I put on my robe and slippers, grabbed the clothing from the dresser and ran like the wind to the Bathroom.

I didn’t even take notice of the Bath last night. I surely did this morning. As I lifted my nightgown and sat I noticed it was huge.

It was Mostly done in pink and a bluish/gray colors. It was ultra feminine. A large four person Jacuzzi style Tub, separate shower stall, double sinks, a sit down vanity, plenty of mirrors and lights and a walk in closet that was lined in Cedar wood. I thought I had died and went to heaven. The bathroom in my apartment that I shared with my pets was a very small closet in comparison.

I ran the water for a very hot bath adding a violet scented foaming oil to the water. I took off my nightgown and climbed into the tub. It was luxurious! I was totally relaxed.

As I relaxed in the perfumed water there was a knocking at the door. It opened slightly, I guess I forgot to lock it. "Alexis may I come in?" It was Audrey.

"Sure Sis." I said.

"Sorry but nature calls." As she sat on the commode to relieve herself.

Out of curiosity I asked her about the house. Audrey said originally there were seven bedrooms up here and two for servants downstairs. All the bedrooms were suitable but the baths were atrocious. Originally the basement was a recreation room.

When my mother and husband passed on I decided it was time to remodel. That was just before I found out I was pregnant with Gail. The house was totally gutted.

The house was completed one year after Gail was born.

What you see is the end result. A true labor of love.

Abbi purchased her house from the previous owner. That lived in it for thirty years. Their children didn't want it but Abbi did. At the time she was married to a man that could afford it.

It is basically the same inside as this house. When her husband was caught with another woman by us in her bed. Abbi took him to the cleaners. She took and received everything from him. If she could have taken his manhood she would have taken that also and fed it to the fish."

"Hey Sis, you two can have whats left of mine if you want!" I said with a smile.

"I don't think you want that removed with a rusty knife." Audrey said.

"Holy Christ! What kind of family did I get into? Are you both into sadism?" I said with a smile.

"Sis, when you see me in my leather Cat Suit, 5 inch heels, and a whip in my hand you better run for you life. I'm the meanest, nastiest Mistress Bitch in the Big Apple." An evil grin spread across Audrey's face as she left the Bathroom.

After seeing that grin I had no doubt that Audrey could be as she said if push came to shove. She was a lady to be respected and loved by all.

The bath was refreshing and so was the talk with Audrey. I dried off and got dressed in the clothes she loaned me. A new pink lace bra with matching panties, a pink low cut v-neck sweater, pink colored jeans, black belt, pink knee highs, black patent Mary Jane's with a 2" heel, and a black patent nurses shoulder bag. I looked like a Pink Factory offset by black.

I felt really good and after I put on makeup at the vanity I felt and looked even better. I brushed my hair out and touched it up with a curling iron. I felt even more feminine.

I felt like my old self. It was just like years ago when my sisters; Irene and Katherine and I would go to dances together. We would attract the attention of every single male there. We would also attract the envy of every female there.


To Be Continued Soon


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