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Mother’s Love Doll                 by: Darlene LeQueene


It all started when I was fifteen. My father died in a car accident. My mother never really seemed all that upset although at the time I didn’t understand why. My mother was now reasonably rich in addition to my father’s stocks and stuff he had two large insurance policies. One on his own and one from where he worked. I never really knew how much money was involved, but I don’t think I my mother was ever going to have to work.

My mother was very much into extreme femininity although I never really paid much attention to that or understood it. I just know she always wore more make-up then the other mother’s and she always wore high heels and dresses. I got the feeling that the rest of the family thought she was wacky but nobody ever said anything to me. Unfortunately I didn’t know the half of it.

Two weeks before the end of school I got suspended for smoking in the boys room and then giving the teacher a hard time. My mother was surprisingly calm when she announced my punishment. 'If you think your going to spend the summer playing with your hoodlum friends now you can forget it.' 'You’ll be spending the summer in a home North of San Francisco with my friend and I where I can keep and eye on you.' 'My friend is a doctor and we’re planning a lovely summer vacation.'

I wasn’t crazy about this plan but all things considered I thought it was a light punishment and I was getting off easy. Boy, was I wrong. By now I had just turned sixteen and my little hormones were raging. The thought of a new environment and maybe some new girls sounded pretty good to me. When we arrived at our new summer residence I found Dr. Denise, as she asked me to call her was a very beautiful woman. I must admit she made my dick hard and I was entertaining fantasies about her within the first fifteen minutes.

When we were ready for bed that first night Dr. Denise said she was going to give me a vitamin shot 'O.K.', I said, 'No big deal.' That was the last thing I remember. One minute I was standing there answering her and the next thing I knew I was waking up in a chair. Slowly I began to be aware of movement around me. A thousand questions filled my mind. Where was I? What had happened to me? How long had I been past out.

As the haze began to clear I saw mother’s face peering down at me. She seemed so much taller. She told me to relax, everything was all right. I began to feel a little better and mother told me I was safe and that I was in Dr. Denise’s room. Dr. Denise then entered and asked me if I was strong enough to stand. I nodded and the two women helped me to my feet I felt so strange. Mother and Dr. Denise were smiling at me, no actually not smiling but smirking. I couldn’t understand why my passing out made them so happy. Dr. Denise then took me by the arm and led me to the other side of the room where a white satin sheet was draped over something standing against the wall. My mother held me up supportively while Dr. Denise went to the wall a whipped the satin sheet off of the object there. It appeared to be a large wall mirror, but I stared blankly in a fog. Then as reality set in I gasped. I was completely frozen in shock over what I saw in the mirror.

The reflection in the mirror showed a creature I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams. The face was almost masklike it was so heavily made-up. Huge bright red feminine lips as red as a brand new fire engine. Huge eyes, heavily but very artfully made-up. Bright blue eye shadow fading into lavender, fading into white just below my brow. Thick heavy false eyelashes that must have been over and inch and a half long and very thick. My eyebrows where gone, in their place I had unbelievably high thin arched black eyebrows that were painted on. Black liquid eyeliner surrounded my eyes giving and outrageously feminine look. I had platinum blonde hair that was set in an extremely high updo with blonde banana curls hanging off the back. Massive dangling rhinestone earrings hung from each ear. There were the largest earrings I’ve ever seen. I also had a nine-tiered rhinestone choker around my neck almost like a collar.

It was then that I realized that this doll like creature I was staring at, was me. I tried to break free but I couldn’t seem to move my arms. I turned to the mirror to see that my arms were encased in shoulder length black leather evening gloves. They were so tight I was barely able to move my arms back and forth. A red chiffon and lace blouse covered my top. Tightly fitting, it revealed the black satin and lace bra I was wearing. My breasts were huge massive torpedo shaped melons while my waist seemed to be so tiny. My hips swelled out into full feminine roundness. I didn’t know it then but Dr. Denise and my mother had altered my dimensions to an incredible 60MM-22-36.

I was also wearing a black leather mini skirt that was so short it revealed the eight attached garters from my corset. The garters were attached to black seamed nylons and on my feet were black patent leather spike high heels with a 6 inch spike and ankle straps.

'Well how do you like your new self, Miss Love Doll.' 'That’s what we’re going to call you from now on Darlene the Love Doll!' 'What have you done to me', I keep asking over and over. Mother came close to me and with a big smile declared, 'Why darling, you’ve been transformed. Turned into the cutest little love doll that any man could want! Darlene Love Doll!'

'But I don’t like it. I don’t want to be a girl, I don’t want to be busty and I don’t want to be a love doll. Dr. Denise came close and almost with a snarl declared, 'Too bad Miss Love Doll. 'From now on you are going to be a lovely little dolly for us, and your going to enjoy it. 'If not, we’ll make you learn to love it.' 'Soon you’ll be begging me to make you up and dress you up and play with those huge tits' 'After a little training, you’ll see!'

The rest of the day I was kept on a very short leash, literally. My mother and Dr. Denise forced me to walk in my new high heels and tight mini skirt. Making me practice over and over. Then they would give me a break and let me sit in a chair but I had to practice posing like a woman. Mother informed me that all my clothes were gone, and there was nothing in the house except ultra feminine garments. That the house in the woods had only a gravel road leading down the mountain and that walking 2 miles downhill in 6 inch spike high heels on a gravel road would be impossible. The shoes had tiny little padlocks on the ankle straps so getting out of them was impossible too. I had no I.D. and dressed like that I’d be arrested, then she’s have to come bail me out. Dr. Denise said, 'Don’t bail him out, dressed like that I’m sure the inmates would love to use him as they ‘Wife’.

With that last line, I gave up all hope of escape. This was bad but the thought of being in jail dressed like this even if I could escape was chilling. So I spent the day mincing and prancing about to their amusement posing and acting just like the little love doll they wanted.

At bedtime I was allowed to undress and mother helped me remove my make-up. I was allowed to shower and then placed in a feminine baby doll nightie. I was getting ready to climb into bed when mother said, 'Wow, not so fast.' Dr. Denise produced another pair of 6 inch spike high heels, these in red and locked them onto my feet. 'Now you can go to bed', mother said. 'We don’t want you getting into any trouble overnight, do we.' 'Besides, it takes a lady years to learn to walk perfectly in high heels that high and we don’t have that much time to waste so we’ll just have to accelerate your training.'

Dr. Denise gave me a glass of milk to drink and I knew better than to protest, I just drank it. They turned out the light and left. As I lay they in the dark I tried to think of ways I could escape, but every idea only seemed to lead to maximum risk and trouble. I closed my eyes and remembered how pleased I was to see my normal face again when I was coming out of the shower minus my missing eyebrows of course. I lay there touching the huge breasts I now sported, by now I’d realized that they were some sort of latex attachments but you couldn’t even feel a seam. I dropped off into a deep sleep not even realizing that Dr. Denise had slipped me a sleeping drug.

A half hour later my mother and Dr. Denise were back in the room staring down at my sleeping form. 'Have you got the tape ready', my mother asked. 'Oh, Yea', said Dr. Denise. A pair of headphones were placed over my sleeping head and the tape was turned on. The voice on the tape was my mother’s and she spoke to me of all the feminine delights of being a woman. She talked for hours about how pretty and sexy I looked all dressed up today. She talked to me of how she understood that I was humiliated to be dressed and made-up like that, but that the humiliation was good it would remind me that I would never be a real woman, but I’d always look like one. She told me that when I felt humiliated I would be close to tears but that I’d never cry because that would spoil my beautiful make-up. I would whimper and sob, but no tears.

She told me my humiliation would always be accompanied by excitement and even though I hated being all made-up and dressed up I’d always be sexually excited by my beautiful image and I’d want to continue to dress like this. She told me that nothing in the world excited me like beautifully made-up older dominant women and that I’d do anything to please them, anything if they would just keep me dressed like this and always make me up beautifully like a gorgeous lady. She told me that every time I saw myself in the mirror and looked upon my heavily made-up face and big tits my penis would get rock hard and I’d want to play with my wonderful tits and masturbate, but that I must never do this unless it was for some lady’s amusement. She told me I would always crave the humiliation of having a cock lease attached to my shaved groin but the excitement of mincing around displayed like that would excite me even more so I would always ask to be displayed in front of my Mother and other ladies just like that.

The tape repeated over and over all night long reminding me of how humiliated I was, but how excited I was also at being dressed like an exotic lady. At 6:00am Dr. Denise came in and removed the headphones. In the morning when I awoke I remembered nothing unusual. After breakfast mother prepared my outfit for the day and I can’t help remembering that I felt so humiliated being put into it, but that I couldn’t wait to see myself in the mirror and she how beautiful I’d become.

My new costume to the day was even more exotic that the last one. Mother called it my racy red outfit. A red & black satin corset pulling my waist in until it was 22' tiny inches again. My huge black lace bra with the MM cups giving me a completely top heavy appearance. Dr. Denise said to me, 'By now you’ve figured out that they’re not real but some we’ll solve that problem later.' There was that crazy emotion again. I was so humiliated at the thought that they might become real I was almost on the verge of tears but instead I stood there whimpering and wondering why my dick was getting hard at the thought of seeing myself with real breasts that large. The tapes had done their magic and I didn’t even know about it. I had visions of standing in front of a full length mirror with nipple clamps and a decorative chain attached to my huge swaying tits while I stared at my exotically made-up face.

Mother placed a red lace blouse over my huge tits and button it up in the back then she produced a scary looking skirt. She called it a hobble skirt to help train young ladies like myself to walk properly like a woman. The skirt was mid-calf and red patent leather but there was so little room in it that I could only move my legs a little bit. Combined with my red 8 inch platform spike high heels I could only mince forward a few inches at a time as mother lead me over to the make up table.

She proceeded to make me up again like the previous day. She worked on my foundation and powder Dr. Denise produced a set of 2 inch long nails and proceeded to attach them to my fingers. My mother did her thing with lilac and white eye shadow and tons of eye liner while Dr. Denise now painted my now 2 inch long nails with a nail polish called Chinese Red. Mother glued on my long thick false eyelashes again and then when to work on my lips. She outlined them with a dark red pencil over extending my lip line to make the lips look like very full feminine lips. Then she filled it in with a lipstick called 'Vixen'.

A long flowing over the shoulder red wig was added along with a huge dangling pair of red earrings and a red necklace. A half dozen assorted ladies cocktail rings were added to my hands along with multiple red bracelets for each wrist and I was pronounced ready for the day’s training. Dr. Denise added a 4 inch wide red patent leather belt with a huge rhinestone buckle in the middle pulling in my waist even tighter if that was possible. I didn't realize it then because I could barely see my waist with those big tits, but the rhinestone belt clasp actually spelled out a word in rhinestones. Just one word, "Slut". I felt like I couldn’t breath. Dr. Denise stood me up and turned me around to face the mirror. I still couldn’t believe it was me under all that make up and padded tits. The face was ultra feminine and exotic a girl who's every breath spelled sex. I brushed the shoulder length red hair back with my 2 inch long nails and I trembled. I was so ashamed. They’d turned me into some bizarre painted whore, but I continued to look at the exotic image in the mirror my dick growing harder by the minute. I couldn't seem to tear myself away from that glorious image. While staring at myself it was then I noticed the rhinestone clasp on my wide red belt. Looking at it backwards in the mirror it took reality a second to set in and then I realized it spelled "Slut." I felt like I would burst if I couldn’t come but my dick trapped in its hobble skirt prison pressed up against the front of the skirt causing a little bugle only left me aching. I found myself to my surprise asking to be put on a cock lease. "Why of darling anything to please you." Since I could barely see the front of my skirt because of the huge tits I didn't realize it had a little zipper opening. The zipper was undone and my cock pulled free. Dr. Denise attached a red leather cock lease and adjusted the zipper back up leaving just a little hole for my cock to stick out of.

Dr. Denise led me into the living room and there I went, mincing along a couple inches at a time one hand on my hip and the other held out with a limp wrist mincing and swishing my way into the living room the way I was instructed being pulled along on my cock lease. I was led over to a long rolling mirror on a stand. There were holes in the heavy ornate metal at each side of the mirror and on the left and the right at the bottom. My hands were shackled with red leather cuffs to each side on the mirror and my legs received the same treatment on the bottom.

I was now forced to stand immobile in front of this big full length mirror my big tits pressed up against the front and my made-up face only inches from the mirror. I started my whimpering routine again. 'Ah, what’s a matter baby is little Darlene the love doll afraid.' 'Yes Dr. Denise', I replied. Well this a necessary part of your training but how bad it is depends on you. If you a VERY VERY cooperative and do everything your told than it will go a lot quicker otherwise You’ll be standing here in those lovely red high heels all day.

Mother came in carrying an assortment of S & M equipment and my nylon clad legs started to tremble in their spike high heels. 'Look at yourself in the mirror Darlene and tell me how beautiful you look. How you love looking like a painted slut, mother said. 'Oh, please mother, please don’t do this.' I quickly learned that this is not what she wanted to hear. Dr. Denise produced a large leather covered paddle and started to spank my skirted ass with it. After tens slaps with that I was ready to say anything she wanted. 'Yes mother I’m very beautiful.' 'No darling say to whole thing just the way I said it', mother instructed. Dr. Denise proceeded to give me ten more. When she stopped I looked at my exotically made-up up face in the mirror and said, 'Oh yes, Mother I love looking beautiful. I love looking like a painted slut.' To my surprise Dr. Denise gave me another 10 whaps from her horrible paddle. Mother said, 'That was good darling, but you have to say it in a nice sweet high pitched feminine sissy girl voice.' I was made to repeat it again and again until mother was satisfied that I was saying it like a sweet submissive girl.

Each hesitation was rewarded with a stinging slap from Dr. Denise’s paddle. 'Now Dr. Denise and I are going to take a break and while we’re gone I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and say I love being a sexy painted whore.' 'If we peek in and your not looking at yourself in the mirror and saying that in a nice little high pitched girlish voice we’re going to start using some of those other things on you.' "Oh yes, I think we need just more little thing to help you to feel really girlish." A zipper on the back of my skirt was undone and my skirt was pulled down. I could hear Dr. Denise doing something behind me but I couldn't see. All of a sudden I felt her pressing something against my ass. I let out a squeal is it penetrated me. "There you go little girl, now you're really a girl with a nice dick up inside you. That should help you to feel very girlish while you stare at yourself in the mirror." I couldn't of course see it but apparently Dr. Denise had shoved a lubricated small butt plug up of ass. Mother zipped my skirt back up once again confining me. "Now blow that sweet little sissy girl in the mirror a big kiss and tell her you love her before we go." I puckered my big red lipsticked lips into an "O" and blew a kiss and said "I love you, Darlene." "Very good darling now we'll be back don't forget what we told you."

I had no choice; I didn’t want to feel the sting of that paddle again or even worse

Some of those other things mother brought in. I knew they would try to trick me by slipping back in unnoticed. So as the ladies left the room I stared at my heavily made-up face and kept repeating 'I love being a sexy painted whore.' 'I love being a sexy painted whore', over and over. After a while I even started to believe it and even later I started to want it. I didn’t know it but from the kitchen Dr. Denise and my mother where peeking around the corner watching me and laughing. 'He’s coming Along nicely, my darling, tomorrow we’ll start him on some sex practices and soon he’ll be the lovely painted whore he’s telling himself he is'

That evening being put to bed after a long hard day parading around in my heels again I took the offered glass of milk and was out like a light. Mother came in later and started the tape rolling. Her soft sexy bedroom voice crooned on about how much I loved dressing like a slut and being made-up up like a whore. How much I enjoyed mincing about in my high heels and being led around on a cock lease. She spoke of how I just loved being locked in front of the mirror today and how excited I was to have that nice cock up my ass. She reminded me that since I liked it so much I should always asked Dr. Denise to put one in me so I could feel like a girl getting fucked. She said however that I needed to feel even more like a sissy girl. That I should beg her to help me feel more like a sissy girl. I need to suffer the humiliation that a girl would go through and that I should beg her to please let me feel like a submissive little bitch. I should want to feel completely used sexually the way a girl is. Mother talked of my deep seated need to be humiliated like a transvestite slut.

The tape repeated over and over how much I needed to feel like a girl even though I was a boy. It told me to beg to be treated like the whore I really wanted to be. I was told I would never really be happy unless I was made up and dressed up to play the role of a cheap transvestite sissy whore. In the morning the tape had done it’s worst again. At breakfast I begged Dr. Denise to make me feel more like a girl. I wanted to feel like a submissive whore. I wanted to be used like a little sissy by the ladies. I told her I needed to feel humiliated and used sexually like a girl. Mother smiled and whispered something to Dr. Denise. 'We’ll make sure you get your wish Darlene."

Back in Mother’s bedroom the ladies proceeded to dress me for the day. This time a black satin corset and my black lace huge bra. Black fishnet stockings with seams and no panties. 'You want to feel more like a girl, darling', Mother asked. 'Oh, Yes, Please Mother help me to feel more like a girl.' "Well you'll never actually be a girl, just a feminized sissy faggot, but you'll always look like the image of a girl." 'Are you ready to do whatever it takes to achieve that feeling?' 'Yes mother' 'Well then bend over the bed there we have a nice little friend for you."

As I bend over Dr. Denise produced another small pink rubberized vibrating butt plug. She lubricated it and handed it to my mother. 'This will help you to feel just like a girl, darling', mother said as she worked the plug into my ass. I was very uncomfortable but not painful as it went all the way in this time and past the widest part, my muscles closed around it trapping it in my rear. 'Stand up straight', mother ordered. 'Now you should feel more like a girl...A girl getting fucked. And since you like to feel like a whore you can wear that up your ass all day. Wherever you go walking, sitting, standing you’ll feel just like a little whore getting fucked isn't that wonderful Darlene?" "Yes Mother it's wonderful", I dutifully replied in the nice high pitched little sissy girl voice I knew they expected. "Isn't she sweet", mother said, "She likes that cock inside her so much, what a wonderful little sissy slut you make Darlene."

Now they put me in the day's dress. A black satin French Maid’s uniform complete with little matching white lace apron, matching white lace cuffs, voluminous petticoats and ruffled white lace cap. My shoes were 8 inch spike high heel pumps with 3" platforms and apparently they thought it wasn’t necessary to lock them on me any more because these had no ankle straps or locks. They where just standard pumps, if you could call extreme high heels like that standard. But apparently they were my new standard!

Mother made me all up with the usual assortment of cosmetics. The only thing different is that these false eyelashes seemed to be even longer and thicker. They felt so heavy on my eyes and part of my vision was blocked they were so big. Mother placed a brunette pageboy wig on me and huge very heavy gold hoop earrings in my pierced ears. She pronounced me ready for the day’s activities.

Led back to the living room I was made to prance about in the spike high heels for their amusement. I was taught to walk with a swishy little wiggle like a French Maid should so my puffed out petticoated skirt would sway, and how to curtsey properly like a good maid. After about an hour of this I was again locked in front of the mirror and my petticoats raised. I no longer dreaded the face in the mirror, I longed for it. Under my petticoats my dick was rock hard while looking at my lovely made-up face. Such luscious red lips, such gorgeous long lashes, such beautiful red blushed cheeks, and I was in ecstasy. Oh how beautiful life was to be a painted little sissy slut.

Mother start to smack my ass with a black leather riding crop. 'Tell me you like that butt plug up you ass, slut. Tell me you like feeling like a whore. Beg me to get you a bigger one so you can get fucked every day like a woman.' 'Oh yes please mother, please get me a bigger one. Please fuck me like the whore I am. Make me take it like the submissive slut I am.' The blows continued to rain down on my red ass as mother whipped herself into frenzy. 'Look at yourself in the mirror Darlene, look at the made-up little slut you are. Blow a kiss to that sexy bitch in the mirror, go on do it', Dr. Denise said.

There I stood in my French maid’s outfit puckering my lips and blowing big kisses to my image in the mirror with my huge glossy deep red lips. Over and over, while the women taunted me and urged me on to a better performance. 'Make nice little kissy-kissy Darlene, that’s right so us how girlish and feminine you are', Mother said. I had no choice. My pouty red lipsticked lips blowing kisses, my hoop earrings swaying back and forth banging against my powdered and rouged cheeks, wiggling my little ass like a bitch in heat my huge tits 60MM tits bouncing up and down. Go ahead Darlene kiss that girl in the mirror, you want to kiss her don't you? More slaps from Dr. Denise's riding crop rained down. Kiss her Darlene, press your lovely lipsticked lips to that beautiful painted sluts lips. I was trembling all over, my legs felt weak in their high heel prison as I pressed my lips to the mirror kissing my own image and leaving a huge lipstick imprint on the mirror. Oh wasn't that sweet, Mother said. She's so in love with her new image she kissed herself in the mirror. What a good little painted slut you are Darlene. "Remember that Darlene, the only one you'll ever want to make love to is another sweet painted little sissy whore just like yourself, just like the girl in the mirror, isn't that right?" "Yes Mother, another sexy little painted sissy whore just like me."

They released my hands and feet from the locks on the sides of the mirror and I was told to masturbate for them. I was so humiliated to stand in front of my mother and her friend dressed like a French Maid and masturbate but I felt if I didn’t cum my dick would explode. So I stood there holding my petticoats up and jerking off. It only took a few seconds before I came. Dr. Denise caught most of it with her fingers. She placed her fingers to my mouth and said, 'Suck it off slut, lick up all that good cum it’s something you should get used to.' As she slide her finger between my lipsticked lips I tasted my own cum. 'That’s a good girl lick it all up Darlene, show us what a good whore you are', mother said.

Day after day continued with me dressing in every conceivable feminine outfit. Little girl party dresses, French Maid costumes, hooker clothes, evening gowns, tight skirts. All leading up to mother’s real goal. The perfect fetish model. Outrageous in every way. A woman whose only purpose in life was to tease then suck and fuck. Everything about me was going to be over the top when mother was done.

The tapes continued every night. Telling me all the things the women wanted me to do for their amusement and how much I wanted it. Oral sex on both males and females was now a daily requirement. Others sissy whores were brought in, made-up and dressed up similar to me and we had perform for the dominant ladies. Tied together in various humiliating bondage positions forced to suck each others cocks or fuck each other while the women played lesbian love games with each other on the sofa, always watching us though and issuing various instructions. I took Dildos up my ass, dildos in my mouth I sucked and fucked on command. Dr. Denise said she was training me to be a good little sissy cocksucker. And she was right I loved it. Nothing got me more excited then seeing my red lipsticked lips sliding up and down another sissy whore's cock leaving a trail of bright red lipstick. Mother said it was time for my unveiling to the outside world. She proposed a little Saturday night party for a few of her intimate friends and a few of Dr. Denise’s friends too.

To present her little love doll to the world my costume had to be special. I was placed into my usual corset reducing my waist down to a little below 22 inches. Then my outrageous bra with its 60MM cups was placed over my latex breast forms. Black seamed nylons were slid up my legs and attached to the garters on the corset. Dr. Denise helped me into a red transparent nylon blouse that only enhanced the display of my tits. My pink butt plug was inserted and a harness held it in place. Dr. Denise said I should feel like a girl all night long getting fucked with a hot little dick up inside me at all times. While my mouth was available to whoever would like to use me.

Then they went to work on my face. Layers of cover base, then foundation and still farther pressed powder covered my face and neck. Mother penciled in outrageously high pencil thin sort of quarter moon shaped feminine eyebrows with a black eyebrow pencil. A deep dark navy colored eye shadow blended into a mauve color and then pearl white just below my brows. Created a whole color palette on sensual tones. Long very thick black false eyelashes that were and inch and a half long were glued do my eyelids and then mother when to work outlining my eyes with black liquid eyeliner. Lastly Dr. Denise drew the outline for my lips with a dark red pencil. I could feel how far over extended it was from the feeling of the pencil moving across my mouth. She filled it in with a deep dark red lipstick producing what she called the perfect cock sucker mouth. Enough to make any little sissy boy's dick hard.

A huge platinum blonde wig was pulled tightly onto my head, and in spit of the fact that this was already large and teased. Another wiglet was pinned into placed on the top and back with a whole series of banana curls hanging down. Mother re-did my all ready 2 inch long nails adding more polish and a clear coat. I was stood up and placed into my skirt. A red patent leather mid-calf hobble skirt that was so tight I could barely move. Dr. Denise added red 10 inch spike high heel pumps with a 5 inch platform and ankle straps and started covering me with jewelry. Beautiful large cocktail rings on my fingers and rhinestone bracelets on each wrist. A massive rhinestone multi-tiered necklaces that covered most of my chest and neck. And of course those huge dangling rhinestone Chandelier earrings. They felt like they weighed 5 pounds each all though that seemed impossible.

Every movement of my head set them in motion banging against my powered and blushed cheeks and neck as they swayed heavily. I was sprayed all over with large doses of a very sweet perfume. Mother repeated the process several times. She said, 'Wherever you go darling you'll be enveloped in a lovely cloud of feminine perfume. All of these things from your tight skirt and spike high heels, to your massive tits, to your swaying earrings and exotically made-up face will be a constant reminder to you that you are now dressed like a lady even if you're only a boy underneath it all. I was lead mincingly over to the mirror. Mother added a 4 inch wide black patent leather belt around my waist with a blazing rhinestone buckle. The rhinestones on this buckle spelled out only one word "Cunt". And so I was. As I gazed at the bizarre love doll I had become I couldn't tell if my legs were trembling from the high heels or the excitement. Never has there been a sexier, slut-whore in the whole world. I had become the ultimate in a world of ultra femininity.

Gone were the days of me resisting or even thinking of resisting. As I viewed my image the only thing I could think of was the fact that I looked fabulous. I was truly Darlene the Love Doll. Every inch of me screamed sinful sex. Outrageous hourglass figure. Bright dramatically painted face. Dazzling, blazing jewelry and the scent of paint, powder and perfume everywhere. The smell of lipstick, perfume, hair hairspray and a dozen other feminine products swirled around me. Mother handed me a long jeweled ladies cigarette holder which I had been practicing with all week and lit a cigarette for me. I was told to use the cigarette holder seductively like a sexy femme fatale. I was to use it to excite and entice the other sluts at the party. I was lead out to the party mincing along. One hand on my tiny waist the other held my long cigarette holder displaying my long red nails. There I was wiggling along in a skin tight red leather skirt and 10" high heels a more outrageous sex doll the world has never seen.

My outfit was so restrictive I couldn’t even get down on my knees for sex. Instead a platform was set in the middle of the living room about 3 feet high and chair was placed in the middle of it. Two small steps at the back allowed the user to climb up on the platform and sit in the chair. I was then led over to it. Mother or Dr. Denise helped all the other little sissies free their penis and I was ordered to stroke this cock lovingly. My long nails slid up and down his shaft until the other sissy was hard. Then mother said 'O.K. Darlene, now it’s time for you to do your new job in life, suck that cock!' Dr. Denise placed her hand on the back of my neck and pressed me forward. His sissy cock slid into my dazzling red lips and I started to suck the other slut off.

It was obvious my appearance excited her because almost immediately she started to breath real heavy and I knew she was going to cum in my mouth. Dr. Denise’s hand held my head in place while she pumped a huge load into my waiting mouth. 'Oh, what a good girl Darlene, shallow it all sweetie', mother said. My lipstick covered her dick everywhere but as she climbed out of the chair Dr. Denise re-did my lips again with even more lipstick and another sissy like a little girl replaced the first one. This continued all night while all the ladies watch and commented on my peformance or issue instructions. I was given several breaks to have a cigarette and a drink, but these could hardly be called breaks. I was made to walk around in my 10 inch high heels smoking from my long jeweled cigarette holder, mincing and swaying about a few inches at a time. My huge heavy tits bouncing. The women and other submissives were encouraged to caress my massive tits and I was ordered to caress their cocks with my jeweled fingers and long red nails through their outfits while I smoked. I went from one little painted whore to the next stopping to caress the front of their skirt or dress to see if I could get a nice big bugle going. Of course my outrageous performances always did. Soon I was back in place in front of the platform chair sucking off yet another little painted sissy whore. My legs screamed from having to stand in those horrible 10 inch spike high heels all night. My earrings swayed back and forth bouncing off my cheeks and neck. My huge tits swayed like a tidal wave while bend over I sucked one sissy cock after another. My corset and belt tortured my waist with their confinement but never was I happier. I loved Darlene the painted little whore sucking cock for a living. As yet another sissy took her place in the chair I day dreamed about how long it might be before mother gave me real tits this size. I day dreamed of them swaying back and forth as some nice TV fucked my little sissy slut ass. I dreamed of being tightly bound and gagged clamps dangling from my massive tits and fucked just like the little whore Darlene I had become. Actually Mother had hinted that next week she's have a new pair of chandelier rhinestone earrings ready for me but they weren't for my earrings. How exciting, I wondered how they'd look swaying and blazing away hanging from my tits.

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