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Mother’s Daughter                   by: Dee


(part 2) Melissa’s First Period

Mother led me out of the reunion hall back up to our rooms. The manner in which she held onto me suggested a mother who loved her daughter, yet at the same time was angry that I had taken away from her right to be with her old high school friends. I knew that I was in trouble, yet at the same time I also knew that mother would be fair and forgiven. I can not explain how I knew this, I just did. Maybe it is the same with all mothers and daughters relationships. When we arrived at our suite of rooms mother took me to my room, sat me down on the bed and took a seat right next to me.

"Melissa," she began. "You know that when mommy and daddy brought you along that you had strict rules you had to follow. One of those rules was that you were not to disturb us while we were at the reunion. I can understand that you had a very bad dream and I can understand that you needed my comforting arms around you, but there are two main problems that I can notice right off the bat with you. Young lady you are not even dressed for bed and you were also told earlier that if you had a bad dream to call the front desk and let the hotel people get in touch with us. You did neither of these things that I set for you and you, once again have disappointed me by not following your father’s and my guidelines."

"Ohhh boy..." I thought to myself. "was I ever in trouble now." I knew that there was no explanation for not being in my nightgown, ready for bed. I also knew that mother did not like it when I did not follow the rules she and daddy set down for me. At the same time that these thoughts were rushing through my pretty little head one other thought came forward. For a very brief moment I recalled the time in that little room away from the reunion hall and the changes that had happened. But that fleeting image shortly disappeared when mother took me over her knees and raised my dress.

"Young lady," she stated. "This spanking will teach you that you must follow the rules that you daddy and I set forth for you." With that mother paddled my pantied covered ass ten firm, quick times. With each paddle of my ass tears were forming. By the time mother had slapped my pantied ass ten times I was sobbing uncontrollably. I was crying for two reasons. First the spanking had hurt and secondly I knew that I had been bad and had caused mother grief. When mother was done spanking me she sat me up on her lap and I could see the pain in her eyes. I knew the pain was due to my behavior and also knew that the pain was due to the fact that she had to maintain control of me, her teenage daughter. That control meant that when needed she had to provide discipline and that discipline normally was in the form of a good spanking, which no mother really wished to give to her daughter, especially a daughter entering her teenage years. After the spanking, while mother had me sitting on her lap, she held me close hugging me and letting my crying fade away. My head was resting on her shoulder and I could feel the warmth emanating from her flowing over me. Mother was now holding me -her baby girl (albeit teenage baby girl) - and taking away the pain of the punishment that she had to give. After several minutes of holding me and comforting me, mother moved me back onto the bed and told me to sit still for a minute. While I was sitting there mother went over to the dresser and removed my pink nightgown from the top drawer. She came back over to the bed, sat down beside me again and unzipped my dress. After unzipping my dress mother had me stand up and raised the dress up over my head and took it off me. With my back to her mother then unhooked my bra, slipping it off my shoulders and placed it on the bed. When she removed my bra, my perky titties became firm due to the slight chill in the air. Mother also took out the silk blue ribbon which was holding my hair in a single cute ponytail. She then slipped the nightgown though my arms and up over my head, letting it gently fall down over my titties and down to my waist. She did not let it fall any further for she set me down on to the bed and began taking my shoes off and pulled my tights down away from my ass down towards my knees and continued to remove them from my legs. After taking off my shoes and tights mother stood me back up and let my nightgown fall the rest of the way down to my ankles. Next mother reached over to the nightstand and picked up my hairbrush. She opened her legs wide enough for me to sit down on the bed between her legs and after I had done so she began to brush the tangles out of my hair. As she was doing this she mentioned how lovely my hair gleamed and how she could not get over how much like her I looked. These comments in and by themselves were great words of praise for me her teenage daughter, but they still felt as if she had knowledge of something which worried my pretty little head. That worry went way however when she continued to comfort and brush my hair and the tiny little voice deep inside of me failed to gain strength to warn me of the changes which had occurred and which would occur if I did not find a way to stop and reverse them.

After getting me ready for bed, mother pulled down the covers and I got into the bed. Mother then brought over my favorite doll - Raggedy Ann - and pulled the covers up to my neck after placing the doll in my right hand and I was holding the doll close to me. She gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and said good night. As she was leaving and turning out the light she glanced over at me with a look of pure love for her sweet daughter Melissa. That look of pure love enabled me to close my eyes and rest in peace until both mother and father returned from the reunion two hours later. When they did return they each gave me another loving kiss goodnight and father murmured how peaceful and sleepy I looked. Aunt Beth was with them and she decided to cast one final spell which would take its toll on me within days of arriving home in New Mexico.

The following day mother decided that she and I Was going to go shopping to pick me up some new clothes so that when we returned home and I began school I would be one of the prettiest dressed girls there. The first groups of items mother wanted me to get was some new panties, bras, slips, tights, and shoes. Mother led the way and picked out a whole slew of matching bras and panties for me. There were seven complete sets that she picked out which ranged from light pink with a very small amount of baby blue heart silk ruffles in them, to the basic white cotton panties and bras with the bras having a little extra padding to help make my titties look just a tiny bit larger then what they were. Mother decided that none of my bras had to have any under wiring because my titties were firm and did not need to be lifted upwards, besides as she reasoned a 13 year old girl did not need to look sexy, just the prettiest that she can be. The slips, tights and shoes mother picked out for me were just the type of underclothes that a normal teenage girl would wear. Nothing was to flashy or suggested a sex appeal which I would begin to exhibit in the coming years. Shawna was determined that the spell which Aunt Beth had cast over me would in no way cause mother to give up the right to bring up me - her teenage daughter - as she saw fit. What neither mother nor I knew was that Aunt Beth had a hidden agenda behind her spell. I would learn of that hidden agenda only when Aunt Beth was ready for me to and not a moment to soon.

From the lingerie department, mother brought us over to where the dresses, skirts and pantsuits were. I tried on several dresses, skirts matching blouses and pantsuits and each time I came out of the fitting room I would twirl about in happiness when I loved the outfit that mother had chosen. There were two outfits mother had chosen which I did not like and like the teenage daughter I was becoming I pouted and would not present the outfit in a proper ladylike manner. When I did this mother’s eyes flashed me a message which said that I would pay for my indiscretion later on. Ouuuuch I knew what that meant. I few swats on my backside for being such a spoiled, rotten teenage daughter. I also was allowed to pick out a couple of jeans and jean shorts and when we went to the counter the sales slip came up to almost three hundred dollars. When we departed the store mother and I met up with Aunt Beth for lunch and the three of us girls (okay one girl and her mother and Aunt. The Aunt came from the fact that Beth had been chosen by mother to be my godmother or that is what mother’s and my memories were designed to believe) had a lite lunch of salad and a tuna fish sandwich with a diet drink. As girls we would always remember that we had to watch our figures and as mother’s teenage daughter she had passed the knowledge on to me. Mother had not forgotten (even though I wished she had) the fact that I had acted in a poor manner in the clothes store and when she saw that there was a ladies room in the restraunant, she took me by my hand into the room. There mother once again took me over her knees and like the night before hiked up my dress and spanked me several times. Shawna was bound and determined that I would never have my punishments put off for a period of time and like the night prior after punishing me took me into her arms to help me overcome the pain that she had to dish out. Mother would always follow a spanking with this comforting soothing warm motherly affection to help me grow to be a proper young lady. It would also reenforce the fact that even though she had to be strict with me she still would give me her love that I as her teenage daughter needed after my paddlings. After spending another night at the hotel mother, father and I returned home to New Mexico. I went racing up to my room with my suitcases and instead of following mothers and fathers advice immediately called up my best friend in the whole world. Tina and I had gone through elementary school and we were just entering the 8th grade. In a couple of weeks I would celebrate my 14th birthday and I wanted to tell Tina all about my trip. Wow did we talk for what seemed like hours. I told Tina how mother and I went shopping - of course I left out the fact that I had to be spanked for being soooo rotten -, we chatted about how she would help to set up my birthday party, and we even talked about having a pajama party the night prior to my birthday seeing as how my birthday was falling on a Saturday this year. Mother and father came into my room about fifteen minutes into the phone call and each gave me a look which I knew from experience meant that their little girl was being disobediant. Father came over to the phone, found out that I was talking with Tina and told her I had to hang up. When he handed me back the phone Tina said "Girlfriend are you in trouble again!" I knew that the way she said it that she was speaking the truth. I hung up the phone and father who just glanced at mother unplugged my phone and said I would have to do without it for the next couple of days. I just looked at daddy with a panged pouting look and stated that "It is not fair, I was just talking with my best friend daddy, mother told me how she did that often when she was my age and never got into trouble for it." Oooppss...maybe that would not have been the right thing to say I thought for father became angry and without a moments hesitation flipped me over and spanked me three time fast and firmly. I had never before been spanked by daddy and knew that I never did again after those three slaps on my ass. I stayed the way I was as father marched out of the room and therefore I did not see the tears forming in his eyes. If I had seen them I would have known that the pain that I had caused him when he had to dish out my punishment was one that would stay with him for a long time to come. Mother just looked at me when I rolled over and said "Young lady you are grounded for the next week. I will drop you off at school and pick you up from school for the next week." When she finished with this statement mother turned around and left my room. She had not taken me into her arms to provide me comfort after daddy’s spanking, instead she went to find daddy and provide him comfort for having to discipline their teenage daughter.

The next couple of weeks flew by. The first week Tina and I and several of our girlfriends settled into school and we tried out for the cheerleading squad. Both Tina and I made the squad and would practice each day for an hour with the other members of the squad. True to mother’s word the first week back to school she drove me to and picked me up from school. Each day both mother and father would ask me how my day had went and they were both really pleased that I and Tina had made the cheerleading squad. Father though seemed to have a little apprehension when he learned and it was only through the looks that mother gave him that turned him towards not only accepting the fact that I was on the squad, but to where he would give me several tidbits of advice to help me be the best cheerleader I could be. I thought this funny at first because daddy was definitely not a girl and only us girls knew about cheerleading. WOW was I ever proven wrong when father’s advice did help me to improve my cheerleading abilities. My birthday was fast approaching and mother and father had agreed that us girls could have our pajama party the night before my birthday. That night we all got together around 5PM and set up shop in my bedroom. Tina had probably been the only girlfriend that had seen my room prior to this occasion but even she was shocked when she saw my brand new four poster white full size bed. The lacy baby blue curtains which hung down from it were all picked up the day before by mother and while I was at school today mother had put them up. Ohhhhh how I loved mother’s touch to brighten up my room for this special night. Us girls had a quick dinner and returned to my room where we all jumped into our nightgowns taking turns to use the shower. Seeing as how there were ten of us al told we took showers in pairs and when it came to my turn I was paired up with Linda. We washed each others back and commented on how our titties were growing and even how we were noticing a small hint of hair around our vaginas. After toweling off we rejoined the other girls and shared comments on how we were growing up. We watched several movies that night which brought tears to our eyes for they were the lovesick happy movies that teenage girls were taught to watch. Around mid-night father and mother came into the room - after asking to - and wished us a good night. They came over to me and like every other night planted a kiss on each of my cheeks. Tina and several other of my girlfriends commented on how I was still such a daddy’s and mommy’s little girl needing there loving kisses to help settle for bed. Even though they had made these comments in jest they all knew that they received the same treatment at home and loved every minute of it. We would always be little girls to our mothers and fathers.

In the morning I was one of the first to get up. I slipped on my hot pink bikini bathing suit and a pair of blue jean shorts which showed the firm roundness of my tight little teenage ass. Tina and my other girlfriends got up and each of them also slipped on a bikini and a pair of shorts. We all commented how firm our asses looked and once again how we were growing from pre-teens into sexy teenagers. It was the morning of my 14th year as a girl (or so I could remember) and I wanted it to be one of the best birthdays ever. Through-out the day we went swimming in the pool, had a wonderful time playing games and right after lunch I received my presents and a large birthday cake. Boys and girls from around the neighborhood who I had been friends with for several years came to the party and the time just flew by. Before I knew it, it was 8PM and my friends started leaving. Tina was the last to leave and she gave me a quick peek on the cheek saying how we had to do this again for her birthday in two months. After cleaning up the house mother and father brought me upstairs and this time when they spanked me it was not a firm punishment type of spanking. It was a birthday spanking which brought forth the warmth and love that my parents had for me. I was their teenage girl who was growing up. Father stated that I need not ever be in a hurry to grow up.

Around two in the morning I awoke with a start. There was something wrong I hurt sooooo belly felt like it was on fire. My vagina felt sore and tenderand when I reached down between my legs I felt a wetness I never felt before. When I noticed what was on my hand -BLOOD - I was terrified. I screamed and screamed and screamed. I thought I was going to die. Mother and father came rushing into the room and I blurted out between tears about the blood which was coming out of my vagina. I did not mention where the blood was coming from because daddy was in the room, but mother sensed what I meant and giving daddy a quick knowing look pushed him out the door. After closing my door, mother came over to me, pulled back the sheet and comforter and noticed the moderate amount of blood on my bottom sheet. She also noticed how my panties were sopping wet with blood. She coaxed me out of bed into the shower. While I was showering, mother changed my bedding. When mother came back into the bathroom, she had in her hand a small package, another pair of panties and another nightgown. Mother opened the package and removed a pad which she peeled off a strip of paper from. She placed the pad into my panties and had me put my panties on with the pad pressing up against my still dribbling vagina. It wsa still dribbling blood. After helping me into my nightgown, mother took me back to my bed and began to explain how I was experiencing my first menstrual period. As she explained this to me she pointed out a box of the same type of pads on my night stand. She had still another pair of my panties and showed me how to open the package and place what were now my pads into the bottom of my panties which would nestle up against my bleeding vagina. Mother settled me back into my bed, and stayed with me for another hour helping me to understand the changes I would be going through. She explained to me that for a long period of time many years to come I would have to use these pads whenever my period began. Mother said I was now entering womanhood. I did not understand much of what she was saying and was really angry, hurt and grouchy thinking that I ws still going to die from this terrible curse. Mother laughed this away, but even in the laughter she provided me with comfort saying that this was all part of what I would go through with each and every menstrual period. I finally fell fst asleep and mother went back to father who understood that the time mother spent with me was part of my learning process in being a girl. Across the country, Aunt Beth had been worken up at the same time I had and smiled knowingly. This was part of the second spell that she had placed on me. On my 14th birthday I would start my period and it would be one which would produce a copious amount of blood. For each and every time I had my periods start she would be awaken and I would have a very heavey flow of blood for the first 24 hours. It was all part of her plan. A plan which would in the end draw me into her web and make me her obediant littl lesbian love slave. But that was something that I would not learn for a couple of years to come. Not until I reached my 18th birthday and was ready to join her would the fianl part of her second spell take hold.



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