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Mother’s Daughter                by: Dee


(part 1) - The Renuion

Fifteen years is a long time and to be attending the year high school reunion I did not believe that I would encounter the numerous changes which were to change my life forever. I had a crush on the prettiest girl in the school constantly wishing to get to know her more fully. Shawna as I had remembered her from high school was a sensual bright fun loving girl, with everything in her favor. For the past several months I re-examined the years of high school and the time leading up to this reunion. It would be interesting to re-new old acquaintances and remember how we had been back in those glorious days at our old alma mater. I did not believe that I had changed much in those years. I still wieghed in at around 140 and did not appear to age that much. No chest hairs were growing, no mustache or beard were evident, and no bald spots were appearing. I was completing my shower and daily hygien ritual getting dressed in a medium blue suit, wondering again why I never thought of marriage and the lonely existence I led. These thoguhts and many more were racing through my head as I completed preparations for the reunion this evening.

Seven-thirty, time to head out to the ole car and take the highway back in time to my high school years. I arrived at the club where the reunion was to be held a little early and ordered a light beer. Some of my high school compardres were as early as I was and we chatted about high school, what we were doing now-a-days, and lost loves we fondly remembered. We each had picked up our name tags so that others may identify us if we had changed to much and for us to identify them if they had changed also. The reunion was just starting to gather strength when she minced in. I knew her then and remembered her as if time had stood still. Shawna did not look to have aged much either. She was still as beautiful as she had been in high school, only now she was lightly holding onto the arm of a tall muscular guy who held her attemtion. We met briefly and she murmmered hello while I stumbled over the greeting. The rest of the evening ran pretty well and I had very little chances to speak with her. She was the center of attention now as she had been back in high school. I caught some of her conversations with her old high school cheerleading squad about how she was sorry that she was not able to have a child, especially a daughter to which she could pass on her sense of life, her motherly and feminine charms. Upon hearing this little snippet of a conversation I felt very sad for Shawna and wished that she could have her fondest wish, her greatest desire. Unknown to me one of the members of her old cheerleading squad was able to read my mind and knew what I was thinking not only about Shawna, but also about my own lonely existence. She was Shawna’s best friend in school and had kept up that friendship through the years. The one item she had held back from Shawna though was the fact that she was a wicca - a witch -, who had been trying to keep her powers a secret so as not to cause any one individual harm.

Around eleven, Beth - the witch - pulled Shawna away from the reunion and met with her briefly away from prying eyes and ears. She explained to Shawna aobut her life as a witch and how she could help her with her greatest desire, that of having a daughter. Beth did not explain how she would go about doing this, just promising Shawna that it would happen before the night was over.

At close to mid-night Beth walked over to me.

"Dave," she said. "Shawna and I would like to speak with you for a couple of minutes if you can spare the time."

I was flabbergasted. I once again stumbed over words and said something meaningless like "Ummmmmm okay, Beth when would you....." I never finished the sentence for she was already leading me out of the room towards a small room where no-one was around, but me, Beth and Shawna.

"Shawna," Beth begain. "This is the time of the change,. Dave will become your daughter, your 13 year old daughter that is." "When we leave this room in a little while everyone, including your husband Shawna will only remember that which will give your daughter her life." "Only you and a very small part of Dave will ever know the truth prior to the changes." "And that small part of Dave which will know will be completely under your control, for he will be your totallly loving and devoted daughter, always there to receive you motherly advice, love, attention, and discipline."

"WHAT THE HELL," I began to say. "When something caused me to lose the power to speak." What was happening I tried again to speak but no words were coming out. I was really angery and now I was also frightened. Whatever Beth was doing, was not going to sit well with me and I did not want to be here any longer. I attempted to rush out of the room, but found that not only could I not speak, but I also could not move. Beth glared at me for one quick moment and explained that she had placed a quick spell on me to stop my escape.

"Dave, I know that you have led a lonely existence, that you have very little friends around, no family to speak of, and would not be missed in this world of ours today." she stated matter-of-factly. "On the other hand as Shawna’s daughter you will not lead a lonely existence, you will have many friends, you will have a strong family relationship, especially with your mother who you will love and obey without question." "You will lead the life of a very normal beautiful girl, who will grow into a loving, sexy woman, of course still under the strict control of your mother Shawna though."

Beth turned her gaze to Shawna. Shawna you must now choose a name for your daughter, and then I will complete the spell."

Shawna looked over at me and for one moment I thoguth she would say that she did not wish to do this to me, but instead she said. " I choose the name of Melissa." "Melissa will be my daughter’s name."

Once again Beth turned towards me, only this time she moved her hands up over my head, down around my back and sides, all the way down my chest, my arms, my legs and my feet. She did not leave any area free from her wandering hands, but at the same time there was no physical touching of my body. Within seconds I felt a charge of currents surging through me and changes began to take effect. First I began to lose the height that I was, I shrank down from a height of 5’7" to 4’9". As I was shrinking the hair on my head began to change also, from a light brown to a coal black color, growing in length until it reached down to my shoulder blades, and gaining in thickness and a wonderful lusterous appearance. My legs and arms changed also, they too shrank down in size to begin to match the outward appearance of a girl entering her teen years. The changes did not stop there thoguh and soon I began to feel a tinglying around my chest. That which had been firm and had some muscular appearance began to pres outward until the noticeable telltale signs of small firm breasts took shape. They were about an A-cup size with perky nipples. The changes continued onwards to include my face which softened in texture, taking on the appearance of a sweet teen girl who has still not entered full puberty stages. My god, I thought this needs to stop, but it did not for the tingling continued downwards again and settled around my manhood. Within seconds it too was gone and I could feel the changes taking place. In place of my manhood was now a smooth, bald, vagina. My internal organs shifts and I could sense the growth of a uterous and the attached ovaries. All outward and inward appearances of manhood had shifted and changed to become the form of a thirteen year old girl, one who had not even started her menstrual cycles and would not for some short time to come. The changes to my also had an affect on my clothes. In place of the suit a dress appeared. It was light blue in color with ruffles and came just above the knees. My socks changed from a black color to a pale blue and grew upwards into tight meeting my undershorts which changed into powder blue panties, growing upwards over the panties to become tights. My shoes shrank downards to a size 4 girls shoes with straps around the ankles. My undershirt also changed and became a powder blue bra, matching the powder blue panties and gently holding my perky breasts in place. Tiny little earings formed and gently pierced my lower portions of my ears. When the changes were completed what Shawna observed was a younger version of herself. What she saw was what I now was her 13 year old daughter Melissa, in body only for now. Beth motioned Shawna aside in a minute later the exited the small room leaving me still frozen in place, unable to speak. I had no idea what they had just said but I knew it would not bode well for me.

About three minutes after they had departed I was still attempting to move and finally noticed that I could. Boy was I mad I was sooooo angry, I was going to march back into that renuion hall and give both Beth and Shawna a piece of my mind. I did not even hesitate. I marched out of that small room into the renuion hall and looked for Beth and Shawna. I was just getting them into my sight when a strange thing happened, I was feeling a weird moment passing through my mind and when I recovered, I rushed over to where mother, father and Aunt Beth were with tears in my eyes.

"Mommie, I cried. "I’m scared. I had a bad dream.

Daddy looked over at me and pulled me into his arms. "Melissa sweety what is the matter."

I gazed up at daddy and told him I had a really bad nightmare. Mother knelt down in front of me and near daddy and said that all was going to be okay. She looked at daddy and said that she would bring me back upstairs and help me to resettle in bed and would be back down shortly. Aunt Beth just smiled sweetly, kissed me on my cheek and mother led me away back up to our rooms. My life had changed and somewhere in the back of my head a small voiced tried to push outward to warn me of something that I would not listen to. I was my mother’s daughter and she was holding me in such a loving tender embrace, that I did not wish to heed to tiny voice in the back of my mind.

End part 1.



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