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Mother In Law

by Jennifer White


What a crazy six months it had been! Ever since I had married Evelyn, time just seemed to fly by. We dated for a year, fell in love, then got engaged. The nine months leading up the wedding were crazy. There were so many details to plan, and she wanted me to be involved with all of them.

Then the actual wedding week was wild too, with relatives from both our families flying in to see us, my bachelor party, and her girl's night out (she refused to call it a bachealorette party, because it implied certain activities she didn't want to be associated with). She did give me a hard time about having a party myself, but I had to assure her that I didn't do anything wrong that night. But I don't think she really believed me. And she never really liked my best friend Fred, who was my best man, and planned the whole outing.

So anyway, the wedding went off without a hitch, and the two week honeymoon in the south of France was wonderful. Back home, we both sold our little houses, and bought a bigger house together. Conveniently (for her), it was only half a mile from where her mother lived.

Evelyn's father had passed away before I met her, but Regina, her mother, was alive and well. Evelyn was 23 years old when we married, and Regina was 48. But you would have guessed that she and Evelyn were sisters, because she looked very young for her age. You could definitely see where my Evelyn got her good looks from. She had her mother's face, and almost the same body, although Evelyn was a couple of inches taller than her mom.

I mention Regina, because being so close to her, we saw her a lot. My folks lived across the country, so we'd see them once or twice a year at most. But it was rare that a week went by without Regina coming over for dinner, or us going over there. She wasn't too bad as far as mother in laws go, but she never really seemed to accept me. I discussed this with Evelyn one day.

"Your mom just seems to give me the cold shoulder a bit. I've tried, but she just doesn't seem to like me."

"Well, you took her little girl away from her. She'll warm up to you. Listen, next time we're over there, why don't you volunteer to help her with some chores? I'm sure that living alone she needs help with some odd jobs that a man can do."


So when we went over there a few days later for dinner, I asked her if there was anything I could help with.

"Well you know, the sink in the basement bathroom has a slow drip. Could you look at it?"

I went down there, and determined that she just needed a new washer. But she didn't have any, and the stores were closed. So I would have to come back the next day to do it. And that was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life, but I didn't realize it until much later.

* * *


That next day, I went to the hardware store after work, picked up a pack of washers, went to Regina's, and fixed her sink. I left the rest of the pack in her cabinet, and told her that if it ever happens again to another sink, just call me and I'll put in another one.

When I got home, I was surprised at how late it was. I hadn't realized how long I had been there. But Evelyn wasn't mad.

"Mom told me how nice you were to fix her sink, and what a good talk you two had."

She kissed me on the cheek. I didn't think we had much of a talk, but hey, if Regina was happy with me, and Evelyn was happy about that, then it was win-win, right?


Over the course of the next month, Regina had a lot of odd jobs for me to help with. I thought it was funny that she'd only give me one task, but then a day or two later, call to ask for something else. Why not do them all at once? But whatever the case, I was glad to help.

We'd talk for a while after I was done, and we'd drink of cup of her favorite tea. She was growing on me, and I was beginning to like her more and more. But as my relationship with Regina finally started to warm up, for the first time I started having little problems with Evelyn at home.

For one thing, there were a couple of times that we got into bed, messed around, and I found that I couldn't get it up.

"You don't think I'm pretty anymore" she whined.

"No! It's not you, it must be me. I don't understand this! I feel so frustrated!"

"Then you're bored with me. You want someone else."

"Please, Evelyn, I want *you*. There is no one else for me."



And from that night on, there was a small wedge between us. Another time when I had the same problem, she asked me if I was seeing a stripper that I met at my bachelor party. Her resentment from that night poured out. I took it without accusing back, or starting a fight. I just let her vent on me, then walked away.

Another time when it happened, she told me that if it's not mental like I claimed, then it must be physical.

"Go get a prescription for Viagra, if you're not man enough to get hard anymore" she said.

That was a really low blow to me. And how could I, a guy in my late 20s, go see a doctor and tell him to look at my dick because I was having an 'old man' problem? No way! We had an argument, and went to sleep mad at each other.

* * *


As luck would have it, Evelyn had to go on a business trip to take an education class for some new software product. She had to fly out to San Francisco for a whole week. She was leaving on Sunday morning, so she could see the local museums before the classes started on Monday. She would leave on the 'red-eye ' flight on Friday night, and arrive back home early on Saturday morning.

Regina came over, and we drove her to the airport together. You couldn't go past security anymore, so we said our good-byes at the curb side luggage station, where the redcaps checked her bags.

"Good-bye. Call me when you get in" I said.

"I will. I'll call every night. I love you" she replied.

"I'll miss you" I said.

"I'll miss you too."


It was the first time that we were spending a night apart since our wedding.


I was sad as I drove Regina back. I missed her already. But perhaps if we were having these little problems, then maybe a week apart would actually help our relationship. I pulled up at my driveway and let Regina get into her car.

"Oh Donald, I need your help today. Can you come over now to fix something for me? I'll make you breakfast."

"Sure Regina. I'd be glad too."

"Great. Then after we eat, I want to talk to you about something."

"I'll be right over" I said.


Fifteen minutes later, I was sitting at her kitchen table as she prepared bacon, eggs, and toast for me. We ate together, chatting about little things like the weather, airline travel, and such. After we were done, she poured us each a cup of her tea, and invited me to sit on the couch as we talked.

"Its so much more comfortable than these wooden kitchen chairs" she said.

"Sure" I replied.

"You never knew my husband" she started. "But he was a very interesting man. He would be 50, if he had lived."

"You never told me how you lost him" I said. I knew how to talk to older folks. Get them started on a topic they liked, and they'd go on for a long time, relieving me of having to talk. Hey, I'm a guy! What can I say?

"Well" she started, "he had an interesting career choice. He worked for the government for a few years, but then transferred to the CIA."

"The CIA?"

"Yes. He spent most of his time in the Soviet Union, the Czech Republic, and East Germany. It was hard on me at first, having him gone for six months at a time, on a dangerous mission where he couldn't communicate home very often."

"It must have been terrible" I said.

"Yes, it was. But eventually, I got used to it. He gathered information for our government, and he brought back with him lots of interesting things that he stole from the Russians and the East Germans."

She opened a drawer, and pulled out a clear glass vial, with a dropper screwed on to the top.

"Like this for example. The KGB invented this. They used it for mind-control. When the subject takes this, it immediately effects their brain. You can then reprogram the subject, and force them to do things they would never do on their own. They developed it for interrogations, but they found that it was even more useful for reprogramming people. What better way to get rid of someone? There is no body, and even the subject themselves doesn't remember their former life."

"Wow, that's fascinating. Like something from a Tom Clancy novel" I said.

"But this is *real*" she said. "It works. I know, I've used it."

"On who?" I asked, curiously.

"On *you*" she said, standing up.

Me? Fear spread through my body. I tensed up. My heart raced. What had she done?

"Ever since the first time you came over by yourself, I had been administering this to you. You don't remember what happened, because I programmed you not to be able to consciously recall it. By now, you are completely subservant to me, and I don't even need to administer any more of this to *make* you do things."

"No..." I said. She just smiled. It sent a chill through me. She was serious!

"I can see that you don't really believe me. So it is time for a demonstration. Follow me" she said. We went upstairs, to her bedroom.

"Take off all your clothes" she said. I didn't want to strip in front of my mother in law, but I soon found myself standing naked in front of her, with my clothes piled on the floor. I tried not to do what she told me, but I couldn't stop it. I was helpless. She *was* in total control of me.

"Now undress me" she said.

I didn't want to, but I found myself taking her clothes off, just like I would do to my wife. When she was naked, she rubbed up against me.

"Look at my breasts. Don't take your eyes off" she said.

I found myself looking at them, and getting aroused.

"You are very turned on" she said. "You are so excited! You can barely contain yourself."

I was. It was terrible, but I was being turned on by my mother in law, even more than I was by my wife!

"Make love to me" she said.

She laid back on the bed, and spread her legs wide. I mounted her, and plunged deep inside. I really went at her, like an animal. I lasted a lot longer than I normally did, but when I finally climaxed, it was a big one. She seemed to enjoy it too, but I was wracked with guild. I had just cheated on my wife, with her own mother!

"Very good. Now lets get a nice bath to clean you up after all that dirty sex."

I followed her to the bathroom where she filled the tub with hot water. She took a bottle of a clear liquid, and poured it in. The strong smell of roses filled the room.

"I love this bath oil. It makes your skin so soft, and it has such a nice floral smell. You will come to love that smell too. Now get in, and wash up."

I climbed in the tub, soaped up with her pink floral scented soap, and washed myself off.

"Very good. Now you need a shave" she said.

"I just shaved this morning" I replied.

"That's not what I mean" she said. "I'm talking about your *legs*. Look at that awful hair! You need to remove that, right away!"

She handed me a pink colored disk, with a twin-blade razor at one end. A lady's shaver. I didn't want to, but I found myself shaving the hair off my legs!

"Very good. Look how sexy and smooth your legs are. Now your chest. Get rid of all that hair!"

I almost cried as I ran the razor across my chest, cutting off all my hair. It got clogged up easily, so I had to keep rinsing it off. It was slow going, but eventually, I got it all off. My chest was now as sleek and smooth as my legs.

"And your underarms too" she ordered. That was even harder, with more thick matted hair there. But in time, that came off too. I now had no body hair left.

"Very good. Now drain the tub, and rinse off in the shower."

I did as she ordered.

"Dry off!" she said, and I did so with the pink towel.

"Now look at all that hair in the tub" she said, shaking her head. "Clean it!"

She handed me a tissue, and I got on my hands an knees to clean the hair out of the trap, and out of the tub. There was a lot of it, and it took some time. But soon, it was clean.

"I bet you feel cold. You want some clothes, don't you?" she said warmly.

"Yes" I replied.

"Follow me"

I went with her into the bedroom, then into her large walk-in closet.

"Put on your panties" she said, handing me a pair with a pink floral print on them.

"Panties! I didn't wear panties! I'm not going to put them on!" I thought to myself. But as I thought that, I stepped into them, pulled them up, and let the elastic waistband snap closed.

"What are you doing?" I said, frightened.

"Isn't it obvious? I'm turning you into a girl."

I was reeling inside. Turning me into a girl? No! Panic swept over me, and I couldn't even think straight. I just stood there, unable to move as she handed me the bra.

"You've been taking female hormones since you've been coming here" she said. "You may have noticed some difficulty getting aroused by my daughter. That is because your body is confused inside. The female hormones are telling your body one thing, and your male hormones another. That's why I also started you on a male hormone blocker. It attacks your testosterone, and converts it to estrogen. Along with the other female hormones you've been taking, it won't be long before your boobs start to grow, naturally. You're going to be stacked! Like me. Or like Evelyn. You wish you had the same chest size as Evelyn. You want to be just like her."

"No..." said.

"Oh yes" she replied. "And there is nothing you can do to stop it now."

Regina took out a white tube off the shelf. She squeezed out some white cream, and started to rub it on my chest, around my nipples.

"This is breast cream. It will help your boobs grow more quickly. You will apply this three times every day. Do you understand?"

"Yes Regina. I will use it three times every day" I said, much to my own surprise.

"This is your purse" she said, showing me a black bag with a long thin strap. "I will put it in here for you, so you always know where it is."

My purse? Me, about to grow boobs? This was very bad. I was so upset I didn't know what to do. And no matter how hard I tried, I could not run away from her. I was completely in her power. She controlled my mind.

"Now put on your bra" she said.

As I struggled to get the little hook things into the loops on the back, Regina told me that from now on my name was going to be Amber.

"I always wanted another daughter, and I was going to name her Amber. But after Evelyn, I never got pregnant again. So *you* will become that daughter I never had. Evelyn's sister. *You* are Amber now."

"I am Amber" I said obediently. And the scary thing was, I *meant* it! It was my name, and I *knew* it! "I *am* Amber" I said again.

"Very good Amber. Now put the nylons on, over your smooth legs."

I slid my legs into sheer nylons for the first time. I felt excited about it! They felt so soft as they enfolded me from the tips of my toes to my belly button where the control top ended.

"You need a skirt to show off those pretty legs of yours" said Regina, selecting a navy blue one from the ones hanging in the closet. "Put this on."

I stepped into the skirt, and pulled it up. It wrapped all around me. Every way I looked, I was surrounded by a skirt!

"Twirl around Amber" said Regina.

I did, seeing it flare out all around me as I twirled. As it came to rest, it brushed against my nylons, tickling my legs. It felt *wonderful*! I looked up to her.

"You enjoy wearing skirts. You hate pants. You only want to wear skirts and dresses" she said. Her orders went right into my brain, and I found myself nodding in agreement with her. I *did* love this skirt, and I vowed from then on only to wear skirts and dresses.

Part of me cried out 'No!!!', but I was too weak to fight back. I could not help it. I could only obey her. It sunk in that I would never wear men's pants again.

"This is the new birth control patch" she said, as she pulled off the backing, and attached it to my shoulder blade. "It will slowly release more female hormones into your bloodstream, making your body think it is pregnant. You will start to get wider hips, and your boobs will start to grow, preparing to produce milk for the baby that your body thinks it is nurturing."

She didn't even have to tell me to put on the top she handed me, a white one that was sheer enough to see my bra underneath. Nor did she have to tell me to put on the FM pumps that she handed me. She had bought a pair in my size, and the fit perfectly. I was a little wobbly, but she told me that in time I would get used to them.

"Grab your purse, and follow me" she said. "You are a woman now Amber, and you don't ever go anywhere without your purse."

I took it, and put the strap over my shoulder. I clutched it near to me. It was *my* purse, and I would never let it out of my sight.


Regina picked up the wireless telephone receiver from the cradle it was recharging in, and handed it to me.

"Call work, and leave a message for your boss that you are taking vacation all next week. Then call Evelyn's cell phone, and tell her that you'll be out with your buddies all night, and that you won't be home until very late. Tell them both your name is Donald, even though we both know that you are really Amber."

I made both calls, but only because I could not resist her instructions. Both would get me into trouble. I lied to both of them, saying that it was 'Donald' calling. I was really Amber. Why did she make me lie to them? Why was she tormenting me like this? How in the world was I going to get out of this?

"All right Amber. Now I'm going to teach you how to put on makeup."


An hour later, my face was painted with a variety of different sorts of makeup. With each one, Regina would show me how to use it, then have me practice with it. I did very poorly the first time, but she was very supportive. I used makeup remover to clear my face, and try again. But the third attempt, I did all right, but still not as good as she did.

"Don't worry Amber. You'll do this every day from now on, and you'll get the hang of it. You feel naked if you're not wearing makeup, so you will never go without it, except when you sleep."

She was reprogramming me, training me to be a girl. And there was nothing I could do to stop it. I put on the last touches, and looked at the final results in the mirror. Not bad. I was starting to look pretty. Regina had me put the essentials into my purse, so I'd always have lipstick, mascara and a little mirror with me, if I ever needed to touch it up.


We worked on my hair, which wasn't long enough to do much with.

"You will let it grow out long" she ordered. "Then we can make it look pretty. We will go buy you a wig later today, so you have something to hold you over until your own hair gets long enough."

Then she taught me how to paint my nails, and how to select a color that complemented my overall skin tone, and matched the makeup on my face. As my nails dried, she clipped earrings on me, telling me that we'd get my ears pierced soon, so I could wear real earrings.

Then she had me put on several rings (which she had resized to fit my fingers), a bracelet and a necklace. Then she sprayed me with a strong smelling perfume. With each little addition, I started to feel more and more like I really was a woman.

"You are a girl now Amber. Look in the mirror at yourself! You are pretty, but you wish that you were more like your sister Evelyn. You want to be just like her. You want to dress up in *her* clothes instead of mommy's. You want to be just like her, in every way. I am your mommy now, and you are my daughter. You are Evelyn's sister."

I just stared at her, as these new instructions were implanted into my brain, and soaked in like the gospel truth. I loved my sister Evelyn, and my mother Regina.

"Come downstairs Amber. It's time for lunch, and your hormones."

"Okay mom" I said, following her down the stairs, holding the hand rail so I wouldn't fall over in my high heeled shoes.

* * *


The week that followed was quite hectic. First of all, there were a lot of things that mom taught me. Like how to walk, how to sit (with my knees together, or my legs crossed), proper posture, and lots of other little details. She showed me how to pluck my eyebrows, so that they tapered down to a fine point on the outsides. That made my face look even prettier, but I wished I could look as good as my sister Evelyn.

We went to the mall, and found a lovely wig for me. I felt much better with long locks of auburn hair falling around me. I vowed to let my own real hair get long and pretty, like my wig. Mom also let me get my ears pierced. I put in three holes on each side and found pretty earrings.

We stopped by Evelyn's house, and I borrowed several of her outfits. I loved my sister's fashion sense, and enjoyed wearing her clothes much more than I did mom's. Mom was a bit of a fuddy-duddy, and dressed to conservative for my tastes.

I did a lot of work for mom that week too, washing her windows, dusting, weeding the garden, and scrubbing the floors. I ruined my manicure, but she treated me to a professional one at the salon, which was wonderful because they did a hand and wrist massage on me too. I also sprang for a pedicure, so my toenails would match my fingers.

We went shopping together, and I got several new pairs of shoes, since my feet were too big to fit into Evelyn's. I wished my feet were small and petite like my sister's, but I was a big girl. Her clothes were too small for me really, so I bought a girdle, which helped a bit. Mom had an old-fashioned corset, which hurt to put on, but did a much better job of shaping me. I wished my boobs were as big as my sister's though. Maybe I'd go get implants.

* * *


I had stayed at mom's house every night that week, but on Friday she said that I should go to my sister's house, and clean it for her.

"Dust, do the windows, vacuum everything, wash the floors, clean the burners on the stove, and mop the floors" she said. She also gave me a hanging clothes bag, which she said to put in Evelyn's closet.

I cooked dinner for us after I did all the chores. My sister would be happy that I cleaner her house for her. Mom talked to me after dinner, but I can't really remember all that she told me. I do remember that we talked about dating and stuff, but the specifics are hard to remember.

I slept in Evelyn's bed that night, and Mom went home. She said that she would pick up my sister at the airport, and bring her home around 10am.

I got up at 7, stripped the bed, and washed the sheets. I thought that Evelyn would appreciate a freshly done bed when she got home. I also washed the towels in both bathrooms, and even cleaned out the sink and the toilet bowls.

I ran to the store while the dryer was on, and bought food for a nice brunch. I made a fruit tray, sliced up cheese and fresh baguette bread I bought. I got cheese, eggs and veggies ready to make omelets when the arrived, and prepared a pitcher of orange juice. I set the table, and even folded the cloth napkins fancily, like mom had taught me. All was really for my sister's return.


A few minutes after ten, I heard a car in the driveway, and my heart raced. My sister was home! I unlocked the door (mom said to always keep it double locked, because women had to be careful these days), and opened it when they got to the porch.

"Evelyn! How was your trip!" I said as they walked in, excited to see my sister.

"Who are you?" she said, staring at me. Then the look on her face changed, and her mouth hung open. She covered it with her pretty hands. I wished that my fingers were as small and delicate as hers.

"Donald? What are you doing dressed in my clothes?" she said.

"Donald?" I said, feeling hurt. "Who's that? Don't you recognize your own sister?"

"I don't have a sister. I'm an only child" she said.

"Evelyn, it's me! Your sister Amber! What's the matter dear? Don't you know me?"

"Mom, what's going on?" said Evelyn.

"Donald, what are you doing? Why are you dressed up like a girl?" she said, taking a step back.

"Why are your calling me Donald ma? I'm your daughter Amber. What's wrong with you two?"

I started crying. My own mother and sister didn't recognize me. And they kept calling me by some guy's name. Who was this Donald anyway? I looked up and my sister was crying too. Mom whispered something in her ear. She looked up at me.

"You really think you're my sister?" she said.

"I *am* your sister" I replied. Duh!

"Why are you wearing my clothes 'Amber'?" she said.

"Because I always loved how you dressed. What's wrong with borrowing your sister's clothes? I always did it when we were little girls growing up. But you always got mad at me then too. We're older now. Do we have to still argue about it? We're women now, not little girls."

They both kind of stared at me.

"Come on, I have brunch ready for us. Have a seat."

"You've cleaned up in here" said Evelyn.

"A present for my sister, upon her return from her big trip. Now tell me all about it! How was the museum? How was your class? Did you have fun?"
Evelyn proceeded to tell us (slowly at first) all about her trip, as I prepared the omelets.

"Oh, I should have got gyro meat" I said. "I forgot. It's your favorite."

"That's okay, a veggie omelet is good for me too" she replied, seeming surprised.

We ate, and I listened to her tell us all about the class. She stood up and grabbed a plate.

"No sis, I'm taking care of you today. Sit down with mom, and I'll clean up in here. Would either of you like coffee?"

"Um...I'll take coffee with..."

"With cream but no sugar" I said, cutting her off. "What, you seem surprised that I know how my sister likes her coffee."

"I'm just surprised that you're offering to serve me coffee" she said.

"He...uh she...seems lot like serving you" said Mom quietly to Evelyn, but I could hear her well enough. I guessed it was true. I did like doing things for my mom and my sister. I loved them, and wanted to be nice to them. I poured their coffee, then went to clean up the dishes and the pan from the omelets. They whispered something back and forth as I worked.


When I was done, Evelyn asked me to come sit at the table with them.

"Isn't there anything I can do for you first?" I asked, eager to please her.

"No, please sit Amber."

So I sat down with her.

"I've talked about this with mom, and decided that you really do think your my sister. So I'm going to test you. I know a couple of guys from work, and I'm going to call them up now. I'm going to set up a date for tonight, for both of us."

"A double date? Cool! I always wanted to do that with you."

"So you're okay with going on a date with a guy you've never met before?"

"If he's a friend of yours, then I'm sure he's nice. Tell me about him. Is he cute? What does he look like? What's his name?"

"Hold your horses!" said Evelyn, with a look of shock on her face. "You really want to date a guy?"

"Of course!" I said. "Why wouldn't I?"

Evelyn looked up at mom.

"He really thinks he's a girl" she said, shaking her head.

"Why not take advantage of it?" she replied, as if I wasn't even in the room.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, she wants to please you. Let her be your maid around here. Let her serve you. Make her go week the flower beds, do the grocery shopping, and massage your feet. You can relax, and have fun while she does all the work around the house."

"What about Donald's job?"

"You can get by with just your income. Or you can make her get a side job as a maid or something, to bring in a few extra bucks every week."

Evelyn looked at me, and shook her head.

"What if he snaps out of it?"

"It doesn't seem to me that he is going to."

"Should I take him to see Dr. Nichols?"

"Do you want to? Look Evelyn, you know that I never really liked Donald. But it seems to me that you have a unique opportunity. You have a silly girl here, who is putty in your hands. You can make her do anything! She is happy to serve you. Just use her, and enjoy life."

"But Donald..."

"But Donald nothing. You told me when you called that he was out running with his wild friends as soon as he dropped me off. No doubt going to strip clubs and getting drunk. Who knows, maybe the strippers did this to him."

"I don't know..."

"And you told me how your relationship has been strained. And how he's not attracted to you anymore. I bet he was like this all along, and just pretended to be straight."

"I guess so..." said Evelyn. I really didn't understand what all they were saying.

"So" I butted in, "are we going out on a date tonight or not?"

"Test him!" said mom. "Make him do something for you!"

"Amber, unpack my bags, put the clean clothes away, and do my laundry."

"Sure thing sis. Anything else?"

"When you get done with that, you can give me a foot massage. And the flower beds really do need to be weeded."

"Sure thing. I'll be there as soon as I get that laundry going."

I started to walk off, then looked back at them over my shoulder. They were looking at each other and giggling. I had made them happy! That made me feel good. I promised myself to do a really good job on my chores, to make my sister happy. Then I'd ask mom if there was anything I could do for her.

There were always a million chores to do around the house, so I was sure that there was plenty I could do for them. But I hoped that my sister had meant what she said. It would be really cool to go on a double date tonight. So I had better hurry if I was going to get all this work done.

As I put the white clothes into the washer, mom came up to me.

"Amber, remember the hanging bag I gave you yesterday before you left?"

"Sure mom" I said.

"Go open it, and put it on."

"Sure thing" I replied.

I went upstairs, ripped the plastic along the dotted line, and pulled the wrapper off. Inside the bag was a black outfit, along with a white apron and matching cap. A maid's outfit! Cool. I took off my skirt and my cami top, and put on the maid outfit instead. I tied up the apron, and put the little white cap on my head. Then I fixed my makeup. I put on some more sensible shoes, since heels didn't go with this at all. Satisfied, I returned downstairs to get back to my chores.

Mom seemed delighted to see me in my outfit, but Evelyn looked surprised.

"Here's a list of chores I thought of for you today" said mom, handing me a notepad with a very long list on it. "I know you can't get all this done in one day, but do your best. Then you can come over to my house tomorrow."

"Sure ma" I said. "Anything else?"
"No, that's it. Now get to work!"

I happily started on my chores. Evelyn would be very pleased if I did a good job, so I made sure to really concentrate and do my best. Not one spot of dirt would be left on the floor when I was done with it!

"It looks like you have a live-in maid now instead of a husband" said mom to Evelyn as I scrubbed the floor. "I think it's more than a fair trade."

"It will take some getting used to" she replied.

"But I'm sure that you'll quickly get spoiled. Think of it! No more housework. No more cooking and cleaning! She'll do it all for you."

"What bed."

"I talked to her when she was doing the laundry. She said she's on hormones, and that she wants to get breast implants. I don't think she's interested in you anymore, but I bet that she'd pleasure you if you told her to."


"Sorry, but if a mother can't talk to her daughter about sex, then who can?"

"I guess."

I just smiled and continued to clean the floor. I didn't understand them again, which I thought was funny. When they talked about stuff like that, it was just kind of over my head. I concentrated harder on my job. I didn't want to slack off, or miss a spot.

I looked up, and Evelyn was standing there.

"Amber, when you get done with the floor, come upstairs. We'll set up the spare bedroom as servant's quarters for you to live in. Then we'll start to throw out Donald's old clothes and possessions. There won't be anything male left in this house."

"Sounds good sis" I said, as I looked up at her. I loved her so much! I wanted to be just like her.

"And then we'll talk about those implants you want to get."

"Oh thank you!" I said. I was so lucky! I felt like the luckiest girl in the world to have such a loving and understanding sister. I cried a tear of joy. From my knees I looked up to her again.

"I love you" I said.

"I love you too sis. Now get back to work. Then we'll dispose of all traces of Donald."

"Sounds great!" I said, getting back to work. There was much to do, and so little time. I turned my attention back to the floor...




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