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Mother and Daughter

by Weirdy Gill


- Maybe we can speak business, now, I said

My business is girls. If you need girls, talk to me: I provide girls for about any circumstances. Girls to dance at your parties, waitress for your weddings, or girls to welcome customers in your office. Last years, I provided 1000 girls to the Frankfurt auto show. All young, beautiful, well behaved, speaking at least 3 languages. But if you need girls for any other things that go beyond pleasure for the eyes, then, don't talk to me. My girls don't sleep. Well, except with me sometime: I am 20 and I am kind of a cute boy. It is only normal to take some benefit out of my business, isn't it? This business works well and I have a pleasant life, full of work, sex and money.

- Business, she answered in a dreamy voice. Yes, business.

Mme de Breuil is a handsome woman, in her early 40s. I don't usually go to bed with women that old, but she was worth it. She had asked me to come to her place to discuss a party she wants to organise, and for which she would need girls. She wanted me to see the place, because it was a special place. She thought it was necessary so that I could choose girls that would fit in. And she was right. Her place is not one of those big modern houses. It is an old castle from the 17th century, in the middle of a huge property. I will have to carefully choose the girls.

So I came to see the place yesterday evening, and we are now at breakfast time. We talked about many things so far, except business, and we had a busy night together. We had good fun but it was time to go back to work: I had some other appointments today and although breakfast was good, I was not planning to spend my morning on it.

One of the two maids took my empty plate away. Slim, young, tall and beautiful. A maid that I could use for my business.

- How many girls will you need?

She smiled. 'Just one' she said

I stood up, upset. I had wasted enough time. Providing girls one by one is not worth the effort, and she knows it.

- Well, I don't do 'just one', you know. I think I should leave now. If you could give me my clothes back.

I was wearing one of her nightgown: the maids had taken my clothes to clean them. I am cute but not strongly built; I am 1.74, for 65 kg, which is about the size of the woman in front of me. Her nightgown fits me comfortably well.

- Sit down, young man, she said, let me explain.

She opened a drawer in the table and pulled out the picture of a young girl.

- Do you know this girl, she said,

- Astrid? Sure, she worked for me quite a lot.

- Well, 6 months ago, my husband left with her. They met at a computer fair where she was hosting the bar. And she took my husband away from me.

She had not raised her voice; she had not expressed any feeling. Just spelling out the facts. The impossible facts.

- I had a lot of problem with that girl, I answered. She was sexually harassing all the other girls. She is gay. She can't be with your husband. She is a man in a girl's body.

- She is with my man, I have proofs of it. Do you know that other girl? She said, handing over another picture

- Liza? Sure. Another one of my girls. She fell in love with an Australian farmer 3 months ago. They met in a stand at the Paris farm show. One hell of a crowd at that show…

- She moved with him in the middle of Australia, in an impossible place to visit: From Sydney, it takes 24 hours to go to her place.

- I heard she is happy there.

- She is, but I am not. She is my daughter. She used to leave here.

She was starting to get excited.

- I am sorry, I said, stupidly

- Because of you, in 6 months I lost my husband and my daughter. You are going to replace them!

- Listen, life has....

- Shut up, don't give me lesson. I hoped you could replace my husband, but obviously you can't. You have been real bad this night!

That hurt my pride. I thought I was quite good in bed. I did have quite some training. But I didn't care much about what she could think of me anyway. All I wanted was to get away. I was wasting my time and I did not want to face her upcoming nervous breakdown

- And therefore, she continued cold as ice; you are going to replace my daughter.

At first, I did not realize what the true meaning of her sentence was.

- That's why you want me to provide you with just one girl?

- YOU can't replace my husband, so YOU will replace my daughter. You dig?

I stood up and opened up the nightgown, showing her my hairy body.

- If you didn't notice, I have too many things here, I said, showing my sex, and not enough there (I was now showing my hairy breast) that may go against your wishes.

- We shall see. Girls she said to the maid, enjoy.

She left the room. One of the maid walked over me. She was as tall as me, heavy breasted. Both maids were dressed like cartoon French maid. Short black skirt with a white apron, tight blouse, high heels. One was blonde and very sensual. She pulled the tip of her tongue to lick her lips in a very sexy move. Whatever was going to happen next was making her excited. The other had dark hair, and blue eyes. Cold eyes. She was doing business. The two of them were in their early twenties, strongly built. They were probably as strong as me. Their face, their body, the way they walked made them real beauties

The blonde maid took my hand and put it between her legs

- You are wondering if I wear stockings. Why don't you check by yourself?

At the same time, the other one went into my back and pulled the gown away. Her right hand reached to my sex while the other was reaching my breast.

- We have some surprise for you, said the blond one. She took her blouse off showing me her d size breast. She grabbed my head and pulled it right between her two tits. The other released my sex that had grown bigger than ever. She put a blindfold on me but I was so excited that I did not mind. The blonde one made me sit on the floor and then sat on me, taking me in in one go. She tied her two legs in my back. She started to go back and forth while the other one was doing me things I couldn't understand at first. I could feel the contact of soft fabrics over my naked body, on my breast, on my waist, on my back. She was dressing me up with light clothes. I thought it was part of the sexual game. Then she went to work on my legs, dressing me with some more clothes. I was now lying on my back, still blindfolded. I finally came with great pleasure.

As I was catching my breath, my lover moved to sit on my belly. At the same time, I could feel the other one sliding something along my two legs, I felt her hand on my sex, pushing it back between my legs. Something slapped in place and my balls were held tight. She did something on each side of my body, I could feel that she was then putting my feet into something, shoes probably. And then:

- Done, she said

The weight moved away from my belly. They helped me to stand up, while I was starting to realize what had really happened. They had dressed me up while having sex with me. I don't mind this type of weird things, but the question was: how did they dress me up? I moved my hand to the blindfold to take it off but one of them stopped me.

- We are not ready yet for your big surprise.

I heard a few more noises then I heard Mme de Breuil's voice.

- Not bad, she approved. There is some work to do, but not bad.

She took the blindfold away from me. Blinded by the light, it took me a few seconds to come back to reality. The three women were standing in front of me, watching me from top to bottom. I looked at my arms, my legs, and my body with horror. I was wearing a knee high pink dress, and shoes with medium high heels. My legs were black. It took my brain a few second to understand, to accept that I was wearing… wearing what exactly?

- You are wondering if these are pantyhose or stockings don't you, said the blonde maid.

Mme de Breuil took a long stick and used it to raise my dress high enough to see the garter.

- Pantyhose are forbidden in this house, she said.

Quickly I pushed the stick away in a very modest move. That was humiliating.

- So that you know, you are wearing a shiny pink bustier with a panty to match. Your garters are white with pink ribbons. Your stockings are black with a thin line along the leg in the back and your shoes are medium high heel ones. Your dress is also pink, as you noticed.

I just couldn't believe it.

- Mme de Breuil, I said, I think you should stop this before I get upset.

- You should call me or mother, you know. And if you get upset, I'll have to punish you. Now my two maids are going to show you to your room. They will teach you how to get dressed, how to walk, how to...

I was not listening. She was mad. Raving mad. I had to find a way out. As she was talking, I started to evaluate the situation. There was a windowed door opening on the garden. If I could get there, if the door wasn't locked, I could run into the park to the front door. That was worth the try. I started to walk around the room, in every directions as if I was overly nervous. My dress was a bit tight, limiting my leg movements, and the heels would make it difficult to run fast. But the two maids had even higher heels and could just about walk with them, and Mme de Breuil was not the kind of lady that would want to be seen running. I was feeling so awkward in those clothes: on one hand they were girl's clothes and I knew I was looking silly in them, on the other hand, I was feeling so warm and comfortable.

I went closer to the garden door. They hadn't noticed anything. Suddenly, I reached to the door. It wasn't close. I opened it and ran as fast as my outfit would allow, my hands way aside on my body so as to keep as much balance with the high heels. The gate to the road was in sight, about 200 meters away.

Two dogs appeared, out of nowhere. I had seen them the day before. They were golden retrievers. Nothing like watchdogs. They ran with me, begging for a cuddle. They were not trying to stop me nor to bite. They were just expecting to have fun, but they were slowing me down. I had to stop to tell them off. I watched behind me: the three women were not following. They were looking at me from the house. I raised my hand to give them a finger and started to walk as fast as I could. I could now feel the sweat run over my body, soaking my clothes. I felt the silk of my drenched bustier stick to the little of my back. The dogs were still jumping around me, but it was easier to contain them, walking. They were a pain, trying to sniff under my dress all the time, from the side, from behind, from the front.

Suddenly, one of them jumped on my back, from behind and I fall on my four. Before I could even make a move, he was on me. Standing on his back legs, he laid over my back, his front paws clamped around my breast. I could feel his heavy breathing on the back of my neck. I tried to shake free, but he started to growl. Through the fabric of my dress I suddenly felt something hard and pointy, pushing, searching his way between my buttocks. A wave of panic went over me, an awful cold shiver ran through my spine. The damn dog was trying to fuck me. I was protected by my clothes but the other dog was now taking my dress in his mouth, furiously trying to tear it apart. The fabric started to give. Suddenly, there was no dress anymore between the dog and me. I tried again to shake free. The dog opened his mouth and grabbed my neck, holding it tight, making it tighter at my every move.

I screamed for help, screamed as I had never screamed before. Mme de Breuil's face appeared in front of me.

- Do you need help my dear daughter?

- Please, get it off me. Please.

- Please who?

- Mme de Breuil, please. The dog is about to...

- I know, he is been educated to do that. I would not want my daughter to be fucked by a dog. You know. But any other person, I wouldn't care less

- pleeeeeease. The fabric of the panty was about to give.

- Do you want to go back to the castle?

- Yes, pleeeeease

- please who? She insisted kindly, as if trying to teach something to a five year old girl, it was maddening.

- Mother, please.

She stood up, and yelled at the dogs. Immediately they walked away from me.

The two maids helped me up.

- We used to have nasty dogs, said the blonde one, like Doberman or Rotweler. It never worked against thieves.

- So said the other one, we changed tactics. And it works well: no thieves anymore.

- It was my idea, said the blonde. Her tongue came out of her month, licking her lips, slowly.

I was in shock, barely standing up. I was a mess, my stockings had fallen on my ankles, my dress was completely torn apart, only the top remaining. Kindly, my mother took my stockings and attached them back to the garter. She undid the zipper of what was left of my dress and made it fall on my feet. The two maids helped me to walk back to the castle. I was shaken by what happened, feeling humiliated to be around those three women, wearing nothing but a shiny pink bustier, in a middle of an open garden where anyone could see me.


They took me to a room. A big room with a big bed. The room was all pink, decorated with posters of male actors: Tom Cruise, Brad Pitts, etc. There was a closet full of woman's clothes and a bathroom. By the time we had come back to the castle and to the room, I had calmed down a bit.

- This is your room, said the blonde maid. And my name is Tricia

- I am Julia, said the other one. You will find in the closet the necessary clothes for you to change. Your mother's instructions are for you to wear anything you like as longs as you wear a bustier or a corset, stockings, and either a skirt with a blouse or a dress. Lunch is at noon, be ready by then. If you need help to get dressed, to sort out how it works, just give us a ring. There is a bell button by the bed

- You can't force me to stay here and dress like that, I said

- We didn't stop you from leaving

- You bitch! You tricked me!

- You know more about being a bitch than we do, said Tricia, laughing

- They're fucking dogs aren't they, said Julia

They burst out laughing and left the room.


I t was a nightmare. It couldn't be true. Yesterday evening I was having a business dinner with that woman. 12 hours later I was in pink woman underwear in a Barbie room. That couldn't be.

I shivered. I had to take those damned clothes off. I easily figured out how the garter was holding the stocking but taking off the bustier turned out to be much harder. At first, I couldn't find how it was attached, but then I figured it would be like bras. I have undone enough bras of enough girls to know how that worked, with tiny little hooks. Reaching my back with my two hands, I slowly, painfully started to unhook the damn thing. I'd never though that would be so hard. Each hook was difficult to undo and if the bottom one were easy to reach, the top ones, in the middle of my back were almost impossible to get. My arms twisted in my back, using the bathroom mirror to watch what I had to do, I finally managed to undo the 15 hooks and to get it off.

By the time I had taken a bath, it was 11h45. The two girls came into my bedroom, to find me naked with just a towel around the waist. Julia took the pink bustier, the panty and the stockings.

- do you need help to get dressed she asked, casually

- I am dressed already.

- You are not dressed for lunch. You heard your mother's instructions. If you have difficulties to dress, we are here to...

- Bring me lunch here, maids, and tell Mme de Breuil to get fun with her dogs.

Julia made a quick step toward me and slapped my face twice, back and forth.

- This is not a way to talk about your mother. And don't you call us maids anymore. Besides you can't eat in your room. You can only eat with your mother and properly dressed.


I resisted three days. Three days without eating anything. The maids were coming every morning at 8 to wake me up and clean the room. Then they would come at every meal to check whether I was ready or not , would find me in bed or naked and then would walk away. Breakfast was at 9, lunch at 12, and dinner at 8. But not for me.

At the morning of the fourth day, I was feeling so weak, that it scared me. I could just about stand up when the two girls woke me up. I resisted breakfast but then I gave up. I rushed into the closet, took any underwear I could find and spent the rest of the morning trying to dress. It took me a good hour to tighten the bustier in my back, and then a good thirty minutes to put the dress on and close the zipper in the back. I then put on the stocking, struggling a bit with the garter attach. I didn't want to look at me in the mirror.

At 11:45, the two maids came in, and without any comments took me to my mother, for lunch.. She did not do any comments either. I ate as I'd never eaten before. All I could eat. My 'mother' was talking about silly things like the weather, the news and her garden. I was just not listening. After lunch we moved from the table to the sofa for coffee. I hadn't said a word from the whole meal. But now that I was fed, I was starting to feel angry against her

- People are going to worry about me, I said, taking my cup of coffee

- This is not the way to hold a coffee cup, she said. You need to hold it by the handle and slightly raise your little fingers. And don't worry for people worrying about you. It's all been taken care off.

- What do you mean? I asked, abruptly

- Good daughters end up their sentences with mother, or mommy. You can call me mother if you want but I would prefer mommy, you know.

- WHAT DO YOU MEAN? I insisted, raising the voice, almost yelling

- We informed your office that you needed vacation. We provided them with a medical certificate that shows you have had a nervous breakdown and that you require a long rest. Then we have hired a replacement manager, so as to allow your business to run.

Damn. That was both good and bad news. The bad news was that no one would worry about me for a long time. The good news is that she wanted to preserve my business, and if not for me, why should she do that?

She rang the bell to call the maids. Julia came in and took the coffee away.

- Can you bring us a mirror please? Asked my 'mother'

- yes ma'am

Mme de Breuil turned to me. 'You see, I'd like to show you a few things about the way you are dressed, a few tricks'
Julia rolled a 6 feet tall mirror in the room. It was probably a few centuries old, with a wooden carved frame, gold plated. My 'mother' made me stand, facing my image in the mirror. The vision of myself made me shiver. I had randomly chosen a black short strapless dress, the fabric was light and semi transparent. It was the type of dress that hides the minimum to let men guess the maximum. The bustier was green, the shoulder straps were wide and strangely contrasting with the black of the dress. As the dress was too short, the top of the brown stocking was below the dress, making the garter attach completely visible. Through my brown stockings , my hairy legs were especially ugly and if there was any doubt left about my sex, the bulk between my legs was clearly making the point. In her instructions, my mother had forgotten to mention I had to wear a panty... My face was hairy, as I hadn't shaved for three days. I'd never been so ugly in my whole life. Tears of shame filled my eyes, I tried to hide them but women have a sense for those things.

- don't cry, said 'mother', it could be worse. I will teach you. When you are dressed, the first thing you need to do is to watch yourself in the mirror and ask the question: do I like my image? So I am asking you. When you look in the mirror, do you like your image?

I didn't answer. That was such a stupid question, and I was feeling so tired after three days of starvation.

- Do you like your image? she insisted

- No, I whispered.

- No who?

- Leave me alone, you bitch, of course I don't like my image of me being dressed like a sissy. I said, in a last attempt to save my pride

She slapped my face twice, with enough strength to make me lose my balance. I fall on the floor. I'd never been slapped in my whole life and that was the second time today.

- Listen she said speaking fast, you don't talk to your mother like that. Now if you don't want to cooperate, I am going to drive you to Paris and leave you in front of your office at rush hour, dressed as you are.

I stood up, shaky from the blow. That was a vicious threat. I would lose any credibility. I looked at her straight in the eyes. She was not lying. She would do it. I faced the mirror again. And the question came again.

- Do you like your image, my dear?

- No, I said, tears coming again in my eyes. Tears of humiliation.

- No who? she insisted

- No…Mother.

- Gooood. You see, I don't want you to dress like a sissy. I want you to dress like my daughter. As such you need to be somewhat more... Feminine. You understand?

- Yes, mother.

- But I understand you can't figure out everything by yourself. And that's what your mother is here for. Let me explain. First, if you have a strapless dress, you should have a strapless bustier: if you want to show your shoulders, show them all. However, if you have a light breast, it is better not to do that. Many girls who have small breast stuff their bras with socks, stockings or prostheses. If you need it to adjust your image, there is no shame.

For the rest of the day, she explained me everything. How to match the length of the garter and the length of the dress, so as not to show the garter attach, how to match colours, what jewellery to wear with what. And I was listening. I couldn't believe it, but I was listening. As she was talking, she was showing me pictures, dresses, underwear so as to match her point.

- Now, she said, you have the theory. You can dress properly. The important thing is to like your image

- Why do you want me to wear those silly underwear, I had to ask.

- There are not silly. First, you must feel sexy. And only sexy underwear make you feel sexy. Second, with your body shape, you need to have a bustier that shapes your waist. A corset would even be better.

- But, it is so difficult to put them on.

I blushed. Immediately, I knew I should have shut up

- Oh, OK. Let's see how you do it. Take your dress off.

- But....

- I am your mother you know. I can see you in underwear.

I was in for another wave of humiliation. I jerked my hand in my back to reach the zipper of the dress. After a few trials, I managed to reach it, and to zip it down. It fell on my feet. I just didn't want to look at myself in the mirror, but she was pitiless

- do you like your image in underwear? It is important as well.
- No I said

- No who?

She was maddening.

- No mother.

- OK, now take your bustier off, darling

My hands went to my back, and painfully I started to take the hooks off, one by one. For the last ones she helped me out. The bustier went off, it fell on my feet, still attached to the stocking

- To take it off, you should first remove your stocking. If you have difficulties, you may ask for help to Julia, Tricia or myself. But there is a trick. Undo the garters and put the bustier back on, but rather than putting it with the hooks in the back, put it the other way around, hooks in the front. No, don't put the shoulder straps on yet

I raised my head, cautious

- is that a dirty trick?

- It is not, my dear

I started attaching the hooks, one by one. The bra of the bustier in my back, the back in front of me. It was much easier this way of course, but I was wondering what her point was. When finished she said:

- Now, you need to pull on the sides, to make it turn, so that it ends up in the right position.

The bustier was a bit tight and making it turn was not that straight forward. But it worked, and quickly, the bustier was in the right position.

- Now the hardest part: you need to put your arms through the shoulder straps. The trick is to make them as loose as possible and tighten them after.

I did as she said, and, to my amazement, I figured I had put the damn thing in just a few minutes, instead of the half hour it took me previously. She made me put the stocking back on, then the dress for which she helped me with the zipper.

- Bustier are usually quite elastic and you can do that with most of them. Corset can be different. The tighter ones are attached in front, you then need someone's help to tighten the lacing from the back. You can do the same with skirts but it is more difficult with dresses. In any case, do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it. You understand?

- Yes mother, I said, almost happy to have a solution to this issue.

- We have worked well today, she said. I'd like you to go to your room now and get ready for dinner. Just make sure you like your image. Don't worry for your hair problem: we will fix it later. And please, wear a panty and shoes. It is not convenient for my daughter to go around like that, ass in the air. And remember, if you like yourself, you will feel good.

- Mme de Breuil, I said with a sorry smile, how do you want a man to feel good in girl's clothes?

- If you call me again Mme de Breuil, you will be punished. Don't forget I am your mother. And I am not asking a man to feel good in girl's clothes. I am asking my daughter to feel good with the clothes I gave her. The sex of my daughter is just not relevant. I am telling you that you must do with what you have to feel good, because if you feel good, you have a good life. You may leave, my dear.

I walked back to my room, disturbed. She was dragging me into her madness, she was treating me nicely, focusing me on a result, not on the situation. I had to like my image: she was calling upon deep rooted feelings: everyone tries to like its image. She was not questioning the fact I was a man. She just wanted me to be a good daughter, and to behave as such. She never told me to be a woman, or a girl. Just to look a bit more feminine, to like myself and to feel good.

It was 6 O'clock and I had a bit more than an hour to get ready for diner. I took a shower and then went into my wardrobe. Looking at the different clothes, her lessons were coming back. 'You may wear a skirt, but skirts are best fitted for a body shape with a bigger bottom than yours'. I looked at the dresses, avoided the strapless one, and choose a red one, tightened at the waist by a large belt, but then expanding around the legs, like dresses of the mid 50s. The top was covering the whole upper part of my chest. It looked comfortable. Then I choose black stocking. As dark as possible so as to hide my hairy legs. I took everything else red: red bustier, red panty, red shoes, with medium high heels. All shoes had heels that were at least 2 inches high anyway.

The bustier was comfortably tight. Not too tight, not too loose. My legs, under the soft pressure of the stocking were feeling soft and warm. I sat as girls do, one leg on top of the other. The contact of the two legs, through the light nylon stocking was soft and delicious. I stood and walked around so as to get used to my heels. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was still unshaved: there was nothing to shave in the bathroom.

Suddenly, I couldn't help it. I walked to the wardrobe and took two pairs of stocking. I took my dress off, and stuffed my bra with them. My no size breast turned immediately into a C-size one. I put my dress back on and walked back to the mirror, in the bedroom. The change was amazing, my body had taken a fully different shape. The fair size breast was making the waist tighter in comparison, and although my bottom was not as wide as a woman's one, the shape of the dress was helping hide this fact. Of course, I still had a growing beard, and hairs on my legs and arms. I looked at my image from different angles, amazed. But there was no way anyone would see me like that.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened. I had forgotten about the time. It was time for diner already. Julia and Tricia entered, looked at me, and turned around me, inspecting me under all angles. Caught in the act, I was.

- Wahoo, said Julia

- Nice meal for the dogs, said Tricia.

They were turning around me, endlessly. Tricia raised my skirt to look at my underwear. I felt embarrassed, really embarrassed. I blushed

- All red under, all red above.

- Even her face, added Julia.

- She needs a bit of lipstick, said Tricia.

Saying that, she took my face between her hands and crashed her lips on mine. She forced her tongue into my mouth and she slowly raised her right leg between mine. She pushed it all the way, taking care not to push to hard on my balls, but just enough to press on my bended penis. She started to move her leg back and force, softly. The feeling of her leg between mine through the stocking was exquisitely delightful. Julia, from behind, started to put her hands all over me, cuddling my waist, my breast, my legs.

- raise your leg she hushed in my ear.

I raised my left leg and she made me cross it around Tricia's waist. Tricia's hand went on my hips. Her leg still pressing on my sex. I couldn't have a full erection, with my penis bended between my legs, but it didn't stop me from being fully excited. My hands were all over her as well, pressing her breast and her bottom. She was real hot. Her lips were soft, she had closed her eyes, breathing heavily. She started to push me over to the bed, when the bell rang, bringing us all back to reality.

- You need to go said Julia, your mother don't like to wait.

Tricia was looking desperate, she had gone even further away than I did. I started to walk to the door but stopped. Each step was pressing the fabric of the panty between my legs, on my overexcited sex. The feeling of pleasure was just unbelievable.

- What's up asked Julia

- I am probably covered with Tricia's lipstick I said, to gain time.

- Tricia, she said, clean her up. I'll tell Mme de Breuil that you are helping her daughter to dress.

She walked away. Tricia pulled a paper napkin, spat on it and cleaned my face. She didn't say a word. She was having difficulty to come back to reality. We started to walk to the dining room. I had to stop again after a few steps.

- What's up?

- I... I can't walk

- Why?

I just couldn't say it. She looked at me and saw how desperate I was. She understood, and she smiled, viciously.

- Ohhh, little girl is all excited and gets even more when she walks? How fun it is going to be to walk by your side. Little girl is gonna be all wet soon.

Saying so she put one arm around my waist and started to walk, forcing me to take a step, then another, and again.

-Pleaase , I said, stop it

- You are such a dear, such a pleasure ball. Keep going, you'll have the climax of your life.

I took another few step, we were just at the dining room's door. My heart was pounding, my breath was heavy

- Say Hi to your mother hushed Tricia in my ear, and she pushed me into the dining room, all shaky, all sweaty, all desire.

My 'mother' stood up, looking at me in disbelief. I thought she had understood my state of excitement, but I had forgotten that I had dressed in a much better way than before, and that I even had stuffed my bra with stockings. She ran at me and hugged me.

- Oh my dear, you are so beautiful this evening

Her arms closed around my shoulder, she pressed her body on mine in a friendly hug. That was too much.

.And then it came. A wave of sheer pleasure, taking over all my senses. It was so good that I had to hold on to something. I put my arms around my mother and just let it go. I let myself turn all soft in her arms, as I was experimenting the first orgasm of my life in girl clothes. And in the arm of my would-be mother. So good, so sick.

The rest of the evening went by as in a dream. My mother was overly excited to see I was playing her game. Me, I felt dizzy for a good hour, from what happened. I had no energy left to fight my mother back, and I played the game for the evening.

Another day went by. The afternoon was spent on walking. She made me walk with different heel sizes, different dresses and skirts. Short ones, for which you had to be careful not to show the top of your stockings, knee high wide one, that a slight wind could blow up and reveal your underwear, tight ones, that were real sexy but were limiting your leg movements. Now if you want a challenge, try to walk with a knee high tight dress and high heel. You can just about keep your balance on the high heels, and you can only make little steps because of the dress. It is a challenge, but I have to admit that when mastered, it gives a very nice walk. Even when executed by a man.

I had been here almost a week, and if I now knew how to get dress properly and how pleasant it could be, I was still thinking that it was nothing but a painful joke Mme de Breuil was playing on me. So, at noon, on the sixth day, I decided that it was time to stop the game. I was all black that day. Tight black dress and black underwear. I had asked the maids to help me with the dress, as it was quite difficult to zip it in the back. That gave the opportunity for some more fun, with Julia and Tricia. They were really enjoying me, packaged in girl clothes. I had stuffed my bras with stockings again: I was looking much better that way. I liked my image much more.

- I ordered some nice prostheses for you, started mother, they will be better than those stockings you stuff in your bra, said my mother during lunch. They do real nice one, you know.

- I am not sure I...

She interrupted me

- It will be much more comfortable. You will just have to wear them for a few months, until you grow your own breast.

I shivered. I still had my beard unshaved, and she was talking about growing a breast. It was time for a reality check. I swallowed and started.

- Mme de Breuil, I said, it is time to stop it. I have played the game for the last three days, but now you need to set me free. I am not going to be your daughter any longer.

She put her fork down and watched me, in disbelief. Her blue eyes were reflecting her anger. I could not resist them and turned my eyes away.

- Tell me, she said, in a cold soft scary tone. If you had a brother, how long this brother would be your brother for?

- That was a silly question, I said, I don' t see the point

- ANSWER!!, she yelled,

- Forever, I guess, I whispered, a bit scared

- Forever, who?

- Forever… mother...

- Now how long do you thing my daughter will be my daughter?

- But, but.. I stuttered, caught by the argument. I am not your daughter I finally said

- You have been for the past three days, and so you will for the rest of your life. She had said that in an ice cold voice. She was scary.

- You are mad. You know it is not possible.

- I know it is and you don't believe me. Probably think I am crazy. We can do it the easy way as we did those past three days. That was a real pleasure for me and apparently for you as well. But if you keep spoiling it as you are doing now, we will have to do it the hard way. And to teach you who your mother is, you are punished, for treating me like you just did

She rang the bell, and Tricia popped in.

- Make sure my daughter shuts up and prepare everything so that we take care of her hair problem.

- The easy way? Asked Tricia

- The hard way.

She smiled. "Will you let me do it?" she asked

- Sure, unless Julia wants to play to

Julia strongly took my hands and brought them to my back where she handcuffed them. Then she took a two inch plastic ball. The ball had a string going through it. She put the ball in my mouth and attached the string in the back. Before I could realize it, I couldn't move, couldn't speak.

And I watched my mother finish her lunch, with growing anxiety.

After her lunch, the three women took me down in a cave of the castle. It was an old torture room with old instruments, dirty and rusty hanging from the ceiling. The only light was coming from the red flames of a small fire. Just by the fire was a table, with knifes, pliers, and tools I had never seen before. I did not want to know what they were used for. Unlike the one hanging on the walls, those tools were looking clean and in working order. A pan was heating on the fire. They attached my arms to chains hanging from the ceiling and my legs to the floor. Tricia took a knife. A wide, sharp butcher knife.

- It's gonna hurt she said

She put the knife between my two false tits. I tried to move back, shaking my heads back and forth, moaning through the gag. I was starting to panic. She swiftly moved the knife down. The bustier and the dress fall on the floor, cut in half. She then took my stockings off. I was almost naked, with just my black panty.

- Scary isn't it? she said, smiling.

My mother lit up a torch and walked over me.

- I am sorry for what we gonna do, we could have done it with a cream, but you have forced me to punish you. The good thing about it, is that your beard is likely to never come back. It is supposed to be the reason why Indians have no beards

Alicia took the pan and put some of the stuff that was in on my leg. It was hot, real hot.

- Hot enough to be painful, she said, but not hot enough to hurt.

I felt that most of my legs, from top to bottom were covered with the stuff. I was starting to understand. The stuff was looking like wax. I knew wax was used by girls to take their leg's hair off.

She waited a while, for the wax to cool down.

- do you want to hear her scream, asked Tricia to my mother

- Not really. We will let her talk after, I want to hear her beg for mercy.

Tricia went in front of me, her tongue licking her lips.

- So you keep the gag.

She went to work on my leg, taking the wax off, pulling off all my hair at the same time. The pain was awful. She took her time, to make sure I'd suffer as much as possible. When she was finished, she took the gag off my mouth.

- Please, I said, please, no more

- Please who, asked 'mother'

- We are only half way done anyway said Julia. She took a spray and sprayed some stuff on my legs. That was alcohol, and it was just as if I was burning. I screamed, screamed and screamed again.

Then they did the face. I knew now why mother hadn't give me the opportunity to shave. I needed to have beard hair long enough. The pain in my leg was just nothing compared to what happened on my face. I thought I was going to die. I fainted twice, threw up many times and screamed as I never did. When they did the rest of my body, I was not conscious of what was going on, laughing, weeping and screaming, all at the same time. Raving mad.

They took my unconscious hairless body back to my bedroom, gave me a few pills to make me sleep and left me there, in agony until the pills would send me into oblivion.

That's how I lost my hair.
And a lot of my pride too. I learned that day that pain is much worse than humiliation.


Indeed, I was looking much better hairless. Of course, my legs and arms were much more feminine this way, but now that I had no beard anymore; I could start wearing make up. And if some stocking in my bra changed my overall body appearance, make up completely transformed my face. I was absolutely amazed to see how a bit of lipstick could change my smile, and to see that a slight touch of make up in the eyes could make them look deeper and wider. I spent a good part of my time playing with make up. My mother explained me everything, all the tricks.

Then came the problem of my voice. It was to low for a girl. Mother made me work on it, making me push my voice just enough to speak more like a girl but not too much to avoid shrieking.

More and more, I was using Julia and Tricia to help me dress. That was the opportunity to chat a bit and for me to try to learn a few things. Besides, my mother was requesting me to wear corsets from time to time: she loved to see me with a tight waist. And I needed help to tighten them. I couldn't make the girls to speak about my mother. I tried a few time to see if they thought she was crazy or weird or anything, but they'd never say a bad thing on my mother, I understood. They were more willing to talk about her husband. I learned he was a famous biochemist, and that his many patents had made him very rich. They told me he was a perfect man. Good in bed, loving his wife. He and his wife were a happy couple. Mr de Breuil had just one minor vice: he loved to dress as a woman. He loved the contact of the soft fabric, the move of the skirt, the walk with high heel. I could understand that... He had invented what he called a magic panty. It was like a thick panty that would give a man a bigger butt and a false vagina. With it, a man could dress as a woman, and wear any clothes, even a string panty. The magic thing about it is that it would take the colour of the skin and be invisible. It had just one drawback: it could be worn for only two hours. After, it would start to itch. Itch real bad. If not removed immediately, the itching would turn into burns, severely damaging the skin.. He had made two.

The day he left, he was dressed as a woman, wearing one of the magic panties. That could explain why Astrid may have gone with him. It didn't explain everything though, because for sure, Astrid would never have gone to bed with a man, even if he was dressed as a woman.

- And the second Magic panty? I asked

- I can give it to you if you want

- Why not?

She brought it the next day. The thing had the size of a biking short, covering the body from waist to just above the knees. The fabric was skin brown, with a touch very close to human skin. It was filled with something, probably silicon, so as to give the body a wider shape at hip level, a nice meaty butt and nicer thighs. It left room for the balls and the penis. A false vagina was fitted inside.

- put it on said Tricia

- I don't need a false vagina

- Mr de Breuil was saying it was much more comfortable for the balls, and that you could wear more sexy things.

I went into the bath room and put it on. The colour of the device adapted to my skin, and it became invisible. I was left with the impression I'd never been a boy. I put it off, then on, then off, then on. Amazing. Scary but amazing. I decided to keep it on. I had to get used to it. Not that I wanted to look more like a girl. Not at all. But that was surely my best escape solution to pass the fucking dog. I did not mind to be fucked by anything with a false vagina.

I had to find a way out, to escape because I had noticed disturbing changes in me: I was starting to grow tits. I just couldn't explain why it was happening, but my breast had started to swell. I was probably discretely fed with hormones. I walked back to the room. The two girls turned around me, as surprised as me by the result.

- I'd never seen the effect. Mr de Breuil wouldn't let us see

- Surprising. Do you mind?

Before I could answer, she had put her long finger into the false vagina.

- How does it feel?

I couldn't feel she was moving her finger inside it, I was feeling something like a distant comfortable feeling, but there was nothing sexual.

- Not bad, but not good either. I wonder how deep it is.

- knowing Mr de Breuil, it is deep enough. As a scientist he must have planned for all possibilities

- And how does that feel?

Tricia was now putting her hands on my butt, on my hips. Well, all over the magic panty. That felt good. The material was conveying the feeling to my real skin. The device was comfortable, amazingly comfortable.

- Dress me up girls, I said. I'll keep it for the day.

- Two hours only reminded Julia, after that, it starts to itch badly. Mr de Breuil tried to keep it on for more than two hours. He suffered like hell, and when he took it off, it was as if his skin had been burned.

They dressed me up as a college girl. A white blouse over my stuffed corset, and a Scottish skirt. The skirt was knee high, my stockings were attached at the middle of the thighs. I had cute shoes with three inches heels. I put some light make up on my eyes, and a lipstick just a bit too red. A wide gold plated necklace around the neck for only jewellery. I looked at me in the mirror. With the magic panty and my stuffed bra, my body was quite nice. The blouse was strapless, showing my shoulders and arms, a bit bulky for a woman. The make up was light and I still had a face with masculine features. My cheeks were too wide, my chin too strong, my nose too long. That was reassuring. It was the proof that despite what I was going through, the fundamental me was not being changed. Yet.

I walked to the dining room, trying to control the move of my new butt. I could feel the skirt hanging behind me, a bit further away than usual, making wider moves. The first surprise of the day was waiting for me. The table was made for three.

- How beautiful you are today, my dear, said mother when I got into the room. Let me introduce you to my friend Doctor Dickstein

That was the first time I was confronted to a man. I mean, as a woman. I decided to take the high road. This man was probably my mother's new lover and it was the best way to get on my mother's nerves. I looked at him, straight in the eyes

- Hello, doctor Dickstein I said in a soft, low tone voice Are you a close friend of my mother?

- Hello Valerie. We are just old friends

- Not too old for me. I answered, and I did as Tricia loved to do. I pulled a bit of my tongue and rolled it over my lips. Then I turned away and walked to the dining room rolling my butt. I sat, pulling up my skirt just enough so that he could guess I was wearing stockings. My mother sat by my side. 'Behave yourself, she whispered in my ears. Those are not good manners'

During lunch, I kept staring at him, as if I was highly attracted. My mother was getting quite upset by my manners which is exactly what I wanted. They started to talk business at desert.

- What do you think of her, said mother, pointing at me as if I were a thing.

- She is... amazing. Really

- can you do something?

- I can soften the chin and the cheeks. The nose can be modified, but it is not mandatory

- What about the shoulder

- I can make them look better. Take some muscle off, modify the shape a bit, and….

- Are you talking about me? I asked angrily

- don't you interrupt us please, said mother

- Mother, I said, calmly but coldly; may I ask if you are talking about me

- Sure we do, my dear. Doctor Dickstein is a plastic surgeon, the best. He has accepted to modify some of your masculine features. You are so beautiful otherwise, that it is a pity not to change what could be changed.

I felt like a hand crunching my stomach. A wave of panic overtook me. Surgery meant no way back. And if she was starting to use surgery on me, how far would she go? I turned all white, speechless, dead scared.

- Don't be afraid, said the doctor, it is a small intervention.

I stood up, all red now, shaking on my legs, and walked to my mother. She pushed her chair a bit away from the table, ready to stand up as well.


- It is for your own good said my mother

- You old bitch, face it. I AM NOT ...

I couldn't finished my sentence. She had reach to my necklace, and pulled down. Strongly. I lost balance and fall on her laps, hands in front, my chest hanging, my belly on her laps. Swiftly she unzipped my skirt, ripped it off and threw it away across the room. I tried to move up but she had put her elbow in the middle of my back, pressing hard on me.. Her right hand went to work on my naked butt: with the magic panty, Julia had convinced me to wear a string. She spanked me, strongly. The harder I would try to break free the harder she would hit. Tears of pain filled my eyes.

- Please, pliiiize, stop it. It hurts.

- Please who?

- Please mother

- Will you apologize, she asked

- I will, I will.

She finally released me.

- Apologize NOW!

I was feeling miserable. My stockings had fallen on my feet, my garters were hanging on my side, useless, ridiculous. And I had nothing to hide them from the doctor's interested eyes. A wave of shame filled my eyes.

- I... apologize...Mother

- Why ?

- Because I have been a naughty daughter

- Good. Now put your stocking back on,

I did, shaking of shame and humiliation. I put one leg on the chair, attached my garters, then did the other legs. I walked to my skirt but...

- Don't put your skirt back on. You'll stay in underwear. If you complain, I'll make you take your shirt off.
That was a mean threat: that would expose my faked breast. I sat back on the table. I couldn't help tears from rolling on my face. They kept talking about me as if I were a thing. I just did not know how to stop crying, from all that shame and humiliation. Shame of being treated like a little girl, of being spanked in front of a man, of being sitting there in underwear. Any woman would feel the same shame. But on top of it, shame of being a 20 years old boy, feeling all this shame as a woman.

Shame became even worse when we moved from the table to the sofa, for coffee. I just did not know how to sit, so as to hide my tiny string. I pulled my shirt as down as possible between my legs, Hands on the side, to cover my garter. I stayed like that, refused to take coffee, to avoid moving. Suddenly, the magic panty started to itch. Big time. The two hours had gone by real quick. I stood up to leave.

- I didn't give you permission to leave, my dear

- I... I.. ? Damn, I was so scared, so ashamed that I was stuttering. I was standing there, my stocking at exactly eyes level of the doctor, who was not hiding his interest. I need to go to the toilet, I finally managed to say

She stood and gave me a hug. ' You are a good girl, you know, but I have to educate you and sometime, I have to be tough with you, do you understand?'

More shame, I didn't answer

- do you understand? she insisted

- Yes mother, I do, I said, looking at my feet

- look at me when you talk to me

I raised my head and looked at her. I could not stand it anymore. I wanted to yell at her, to hit her, to kill her. But instead, I heard me said

- Yes mother, I repeated, showing my face, tears of shame coming back.

- You may go now..

I didn't walk away: I ran away. Tears drenching my face..

I came back to my bedroom, trying to convince me it was my best day since I got napped. After all, I had this magic panty that would allow me to pass the dogs, and if my swelling breast was not enough, the threat of surgery had scared the hell out of me and that made me decide to leave that same evening.

For dinner, I dressed nicely in a classic dress and played the sorry-girl. The doctor was gone. Mother and I discussed surgery. I did not get upset, recognized my cheeks and shoulder were a bit masculine for a girl, that some surgery could fix it. I just wanted to get it over with. I accepted everything she wanted: I was already gone in my head.

By 11:00, the whole castle was dead silent. I took my baby-doll off and dressed for escape. Out there I had to look like an attractive girl, at least until I'd reach my apartment or the police. It is easier for an attractive girl to find help. I put the magic panty, a comfortable bustier, my tits prostheses, for a fair C-size, black stockings, a black knee high skirt, not too tight so that I could run and a black blouse. No panty, just one in my handbag: if the dog ended fucking me, the faster would be the better. Then I took the shoes with the lowest heels and started my escape, carrying my shoes in my hands. I silently opened up my bedroom door, walked in the doorway. Far in the distance, I heard Julia and Tricia arguing.

- You love him!, was saying Julia

- I only love you, you know that

- I have seen the way you kiss him... You never kiss me like that

Good, they were having a lover dispute over me. A few minutes later, I found myself in the garden, and put my shoes back on. I was becoming myself again, feeling like a hunter in the nights. I needed a fight.

The dogs came at me, nice and friendly to start with, as they always do. The first one put his paws on my shoulder and started licking my face. The other one had already his nose under my skirt. But thanks to the magic panty I was not scared and fully confident with what I could do to the dogs, because I had nothing to fear from them. My left hand went right to the throat of the first one and I raised it above the ground, crushing his flesh as hard as I could. I hit its head with my right fist , hard and fast. One, two, three four times. The dog went all soft in my hand and I dropped it on the grass. The other one had gone for its favourite move: catching me from behind. I turned just as it was on its back legs, jumping on me. I threw my fist in his belly, hitting it in the air. It fell on the grass trying to catch its breath. I hit it on the side of the head until it stopped moving.

It had been so damn brutal. I was breathing heavily in my bustier, sweat was rolling along my spine. But it did feel good. I was back in business, back in my manhood.

I crossed the garden as fast as I could and got to the main entrance. I could see in the distance the shadow of the two girls, at the window of their room, kissing each others, as if it was the last time. The door to the road was closed, and I had to go over it, which wasn't too difficult.

By 11h15, I was out on the road, hitchhiking my way back home. I knew that at this time of the day, there wouldn't be many cars, but I knew also that most cars would stop for a lonely woman, lost in the night in the middle of nowhere.

And indeed, it worked. It was not a car, but a camping car, driven by a lone 40 year old. Not the best driver, but that was better than no driver. The man was tall and strong, cleanly shaved. One of those guys who run around the country and make a living out of robbery, and petty larceny.

I told him that I had been abducted, forced to do things and managed to escape. I asked him to drop me at any police station, but by the look of him over my body, my leg and my tits, it came obvious that if I didn't use the magic panty for the dogs, I was going to use it with him. I didn't have to wait too long: he quickly stopped in a small alleyway.

- Listen, he said, I am not a bad guy, but I have to say you turn me on

- don't you dare touch me, I answered, without moving. That was the standard answer in this case, I guess

- We can do it the easy way or the hard way, but we are going to do it

He pulled me by the arms in the back of the camping car, and dropped me on the bed. I took my skirt off, revealing my garters and my naked pussy. His face turned violin. In a blink he was all over me. His sex was a king size one, but it went all the way into the magic panty. As he was going up and down in it, I was whining, breathing harder, and all those things I had seen women do in my arms. I crossed my legs around his body and started to move as well. The feeling was weird. I should have felt nothing, it should have been all very unpleasant, but it was actually very pleasant. Having this guy all excited in me, his hands all over, his tongue in my mouths, I was finding it, ... comfortable. Yes, I was feeling comfortable, safe and warm. Nothing like a sexual pleasure, just feeling well, happy. And when he came, I felt satisfied as if I had done what I had to do. I didn't want to dwell too much into analysing those weird feelings, because I had business to do.

- Please I said, some more. That was just to make him feel he was needed.

- Later, honey. Later, and he fell asleep. Just like that. I felt that was rude.

I stood up and looked around the place. I found a sausage pan and hit him hard on the head, a few times, then dragged him out of the camping car. I got back in, put my skirt back on, adjusted my make up, and cranked the engine.

The damn camping car was of a slow kind. One month earlier it took me and my Porsche one hour to drive from my place to the castle. With that old heavy thing it took me twice as much, but I finally reached my apartment at 3 0'clock in the morning. Exhausted but happier than I had ever be. It was all over, I was free.

I dropped the camping car a few roads away from my place, walked to my building in the dark empty street and punched in the door code. I took the elevator to my floor. I always have a spare key hidden on the top of the entry door. It was till there. My heart was pounding hard. I still couldn't believe I had made it so easily. I opened the door and closed it as fast as I could and sat on the floor, my arms around my knees, trying to catch my breath in the darkness of my apartment. I stayed there a few minutes, then thought it was time to burn all those silly clothes I was wearing. I stood, switched on the lights.

And the nightmare started!

I couldn't help but scream A deep, long shrieking scream.

They were there. The three of them, waiting for me, watching me. Unreal.

- Surprise, surprise, hushed Tricia, while Julia was moving behind me to block the door.

- Take your skirt off said mother softly

As I was not moving, Julia pulled it down, making it fall on my feet.

- No panty! Is that what I taught you?.

- Waooo said Tricia; she still has the magic panty on. How long did you have it for?

I just couldn't talk, I just couldn't move. I was petrified.

- She left at about 11:00. That's 4 hours. It is amazing. Said Julia

- We'll see later. For now on, come over here for a spank.

I don't know what was worse. The fact they had known about my escape all the time, that they were waiting for me or the upcoming spank. A spank! No. Not again. But I couldn't move, I was stone solid, as if my bustier, my stockings and my garters had frozen, turned to rock, with me trapped inside.

Julia pulled me by the hair and forced me onto my mother's lap. She went on spanking me, even harder than what she had done in front of the doctor. In front of the doctor, her goal was to humiliate me, now it was to hurt me. Despite the magic panty, the blows were burning my ass, shaking my whole body, hurting like hell. Tears , pain. I couldn't move: Julia had not released my hair and was pulling my head down. My mother stopped.
- say you have been a naughty girl

I just couldn't. She went on spanking me. But suddenly, the magic panty started to itch. It was like a burn all around the waist.

- Mother please, it hurts

- I know it does. This is what spanks are for.

- No, the magic panty. I have to take it off.

- tell me what you have been today, first

Tears of shame replaced the tears of pain.

- I have been a...a naughty girl... mother

- Apologize!

- I regret, I won't do it again. I promise. Please mother, I swear. Pleeease

Julia released me. They had seen the effect of the magic panty on Mr de Breuil, and they were respecting the fact I had to take it off. I rushed to the bathroom. Tricia followed me and helped me undress so that I could take the damn stupid magic panty off. Tricia took it, and put her finger in the false vagina. She brought her finger to her nose, smelling.

- Hmm, she said. You girl have been around it seems.

- Please, I begged, please, don't tell anyone.

- You are so lovely. Promise me to spend some time with me, to let me toy with you with your magic panty on

- Anything you want.

- I am glad Mme de Breuil choose such a nice girl like you to replace her daughter.

They took me in the car. Each of the maids holding me by one side, my mother walking upfront. They forced me in the rear sit. I was desperate, all my hopes, all my dreams, my manhood. All was gone. As we were driving back to the damn castle, I fell into a dreamless sleep, which was the best thing that could happen to me. There were no more dreams for me.


- Wake up my dear, wake up, it is time.

Mother was by my side, shaking my shoulder.

- Come on, our guests are here, you have to get ready. Look at what I have prepared for you.

She was showing me a black dress, with a golden ribbon around the neck and around the bottom. It had a cut on the side, going all the way to the middle of the thighs. The front was covering the breast but not the shoulder. It was all gold and black.

- Nice, I said, real nice.

- And look at the underwear

It was a cute little corset, coming high on the breast with no strap on the shoulder. It was black with laces on the side, and golden garters. The stocking were bright gold, with a thin black line in the back.

- do you like them

I was trying to recover, to wake up. Trying to figure out what was going on. But truly, that stuff was nice.

- I do...

- Girls, make her ready.

Tricia and Alicia started by my hair, they did my make up. They helped me take off my baby doll and to put the magic panty on. Then they dressed me up, top to bottom. Tricia took care of the corset, tightening it just a bit too much, as always.

- Wahoo, you are so wonderful. Come on now. They are waiting for you.

They took me by the hand to the castle's ball room. When I got in, I saw all those young and wealthy faces turning over to me, watching me. How many were they. 50? A hundred? It was all like in a dream. Silent fell over the room. They made me walk across the crowd, and I could hear people whispering on the way. 'Beautiful'; 'lovely dress', 'what a girl'.

My mother was waiting for me by the bar, with a gift. A nicely wrapped gift, the size of a laptop computer. She took me by the waist, made me turn to face the crowd and handed over the gift to me.

- Happy birthday, my dear she said

Was it my birthday? It couldn't be. But the crowd started to sing 'happy birthday to you'. I unwrapped the gift and opened a box. A glittering diamond necklace, two earrings with diamonds the size of a small peanut, and a little golden crown with some more diamond! It was beautiful. Before I could do anything, she had taken the necklace to put it around my neck, then she took the earrings and put them into my ears. That was just not possible. My ears had never been pierced. But she did it anyway, then mother took the crown and put it on my hair.

- You are the queen of the night, she said.

A photographer appeared out of nowhere, my mother kissed me, I kissed her, we smiled, he took pictures. It was all so weird. Who were those people?

Music started and a young man invited me to dance. He was cute, real cute. The type of magazine boys. It was a pleasure dancing with him, I'd never been a good dancer but he was driving me very well, and it seemed so easy. We danced together some songs and he offered me a drink at the bar. It was all so magic. I was feeling so well, so girlie. But as I was drinking and trying to make sense of all this, I noticed a girl staring at me. She had a familiar face. She was, she was... Yes. Memory from a distant past, of a different life. I still had no idea of what was going on this evening. But I knew what I had to do. As I walked over to her, memories came back all of a sudden. Who I was, where I was, who my mother was, and all the dirty tricks. I knew I was most probably being watched.

- You are Stacy, I said smiling

- You look a lot like John, she answered, are you his sister?

Stacy used to work for me when I started my business two years ago. One of the very first. At the time, shake hands were used as working contract and hard cash for payment. No one could know she had worked for me. My mother had probably organized the party through an agency like mine, which explained that Stacy was here. Was she another trick from my mother or a real opportunity?

- Listen, I said, still smiling. I can't talk to you, I am being watched. Is there a boy you can trust that can make me dance? I am John, not his sister and I have a big problem, I need your help.

She stared at me in disbelief.

- You are so much alike, but so different

- Any boy? I insisted

- The one who made you dance. He is my boyfriend. I'll tell him to invite you again

The guy invited me again a few minutes later. Between dances and drinks, I told him my whole story. I gave him many details on Stacy to make sure she would believe my story, details that only she and I would know, details from when she worked with me. I asked him to call the police and to get to Mrs de Breuil's husband who was probably the only person who could reason her. I gave him the address of Astrid. Then I had to go. Magic panty was calling for an early retirement.

As I was going back to my bedroom, I was feeling tired again. The strangeness of the situation stroke me back. Last thing I could remember was the spanking in my apartment, now it was my birthday, with all those people I'd never seen before. I had been the queen of the evening. I heard Tricia's footstep behind me.

- You are leaving us?

- I need to take that damn magic panty off

- Ooh, she was disappointed, I was hoping you could wear it for 4 hours like…like…

She didn't want to finish, to call back unpleasant memories.

-Let me help you, she said. Her tongue rolled slowly over her lips. She took a deep breath and added: I feel like being real nice with you tonight

As we walked into my bedroom, the itching was starting to be unbearable. Still, I wanted to have a look at me, with this nice dress, this beautiful jewellery and so on. I went to the bathroom to watch myself. I looked at the image in the mirror. The girl in front of me was beautiful indeed. Amazingly beautiful. It was looking like me, but it wasn't me. Stacy had told me the same thing: so much alike but so different. Had I been born a girl, this is probably the face I would have. The same with masculine features turned into feminine ones. It was just If... My brain just refused to accept it. I fainted.


When I woke up, I was in my bed, dressed in some usual sexy nightwear. I laughed. It had all been a dream. The party, the jewellery, Stacy. All a dream. It had to be. Clothes had been put on the side of the bed. I was feeling good, and hungry. I decided I'd dress, have breakfast and take my shower later on. I started to put the panty on, then the corset and the dress. I attached my stockings to the garter, and put on my high heel shoes. I was feeling almost comfortable: it was a routine day. I thought I'd put some make up to start the day. Well, I also wanted to check my face. Make sure it had all been just a silly dream.

I went to the bathroom and looked at me. It had not been a dream. I had undergone plastic surgery. My male features had vanished, my chin had been smoothed, my cheeks soften. My shoulders and arms had been touched as well: my muscular mass had been reduced and my biceps were not bulky muscles anymore but elongated muscles. My ears had been pierced.

Sure, I was now much more beautiful than before, but this surgery was for me like a one way ticket to hell. Hell of having to be a man with a woman's face for the rest of my life. She just had no right. That was way over board.

I rushed out of the room and crashed into the dining room where my mother was having breakfast

- Hi beauty she said, glad to see you back

I tried to speak, but I was breathless. I had rushed here without any plan, just to spell out my anger. I was just so appalled by my new state, that there were no words strong enough. I just couldn't contain myself, but I couldn't express myself either. I managed to calm down a bit. I put my hands on the table, in front of her, and bend over, my face at the same height than her.

- Listen, you silly old bitch, you had no right. NO RIGHT, I yelled

- No right to do what, she said as if nothing

I pulled the napkin off the table, throwing all the plates, dishes and teapot all over the room.

- MY FACE, you bitch, what have you done to my face?

- I have made it beautiful. I thought you would thank me for that

I slapped her in the face twice. I pulled my dress up and ripped my panty off. I took her by her hair and forced her down to her knee. I put her face right in front of my sex

- Have you seen this, do you know what this is? I was completely out of control

- calm down my dear, calm down. We will deal with it as well, but it is too early. You need a longer hormonal treatment first.

I stepped back, stunned by what she had said. It was already all planned.

- You have it all planned, haven't you, I asked, coldly

- Well of course. She said, standing up. What do you think it means to be my daughter? You have to be a girl at some point. It's been all planned right from the start, with all the best doctors.

That was just too much.

- This time I'll kill you, I said, coldly, hatefully.

I jumped at her, my two hands clenching at her throat, raving mad. I started to squeeze. She tried to push me back but my rage was making me stronger than her.

- don't push me she whispered between her teeth

- I'm going to kill you, and the last thing you'll see is your daughter's dick. As I was saying so, I started pushing her down to bring her face between my legs.

- You... you will be punished.

- shut up and die, die, DIE!!

She found the strength to throw her right fist in my belly. I went breathless, gasping for air. But I managed to hold onto her throat. She sent her fist again, between my legs this time, crashing my balls, sending agony all over my body. I dropped on my knees, in pain, my hands on my ball, protecting them. My 'mother' stood up, catching her breath. I had been so close, so close from killing her, so close from setting me free. She called the two girls.

They took me in the castle caves, in the dungeon. They dressed me down and made me wear another corset, which was taking me from the top of the breast all the way down to my bottom. It had 4 garters on each side that they used to attach my stockings. Then they called my mother.

- You are going to be severely punished for what you did she said. Her face was very white; her neck bore the red mark of my fingers as if they were printed in her skin. She looked tired, much older suddenly. "You will stay in this cell for two days, in the dark. It is a hidden cell, hidden in the thickness of the wall. Just whish we won't forget you because no one would ever find you here..."

- go to hell, I said

- push her face against the wall she asked the girls

They pushed me hard on the wall. Gone were the soft hands going all over my body, gone were the silky legs between mine. Mother put her knee in the middle of my back, and started pulling on something. As she did, I felt the corset going tighter, tighter, tighter.

- This is a modified corset from the 19th century, explained my mother. The lacing allows for a fair squeezing of your waist, as you are noticing.

I couldn't breathe anymore but I wouldn't give her the pleasure of complaining.

- I had it modified however. There is a knob in the back. Once the lacing is attached, the knob can tighten the corset even more, as you can see. She did something in the back, and the corset became even tighter. I couldn't help but let a little scream out.

- Turning the knob will squeeze your guts and push them up, limiting your lung capacity. It also pushes on your coastal bones and makes them bend inward. Can you feel it?
I could indeed. The thing was hurting like hell. I couldn't breathe, my heart was pounding, my legs were getting shaky.

- Now I am going to turn the knob, until you cry for mercy. If you do that well enough, I may loosen it a bit before I leave.

She stopped talking and started squeezing. The pain was awful but I was decided to die rather than cry for mercy. She squeezed until I fainted. I came back to my full sense a few minutes later. They were gone. I was lying on the cold floor. Darkness was absolute. The pain was also absolute. My whole body was squeezed by the damn thing. I had cramps in my back muscle, any move would make me scream.

How long did I stay like that? When you hurt that much a minute is like a century. I was starting to think that I only had one way out of this mess. Die. I had reached this sad conclusion when rushing footstep took me out of my thought. Tricia crashed in, tense.

- Tricia, please, loosen the cors...

But she had already gagged me. Then she tied my legs together at ankle level, and tied my hands in my back. Then she put a rope between my hands and my ankles. She pulled a few chains, and I felt my weight was being lifted by the rope joining my feet and my arms. I was now hanging in the air through this rope, my arms painfully pulled back, my body bended backward, the corset killing me even more. Tricia loosen the corset a bit

- don't tell anyone she said, and went away

A few minutes later I heard voices in the doorway, on the other side of the prison's wall. Two men were talking to my mother

- We are sorry Mme de Breuil, but we have to check

- And you are right to do so, was saying my mother, if someone accuses me of retaining someone against his will in the castle , it is only normal to let you check by yourself

The cops. Stacy had done her job. Desperate, I listened to them going back and forth, visiting the cave. I tried to make some noise. I shook my head, trying to hit a wall or something, I tried to balance my body hoping to make noise, to make a chain cling. Anything. But only silence and pain were the reward of my desperate movements. Tricia had done a good job: hanging in the air, I had no way to make the smallest noise.

They finally left. I stayed a few more desperately painful hours, hanging in the dark. Finally the two girls came back in and took me to my mother's room. They attached me in the shower to handcuffs hanging from the ceilings.

- do all she asks, hushed Tricia in my ears, she is gone mad. I don't want you to be hurt

- She's right, whispered Alicia. Beware. You shouldn't have called the cops

Mother came in upset.

- So you managed to inform the cops... How did you do that

- I won't tell you

- You will soon beg me.

She put a gag in my mouth and turned the shower on. Cold shower fell on my naked shoulders, making me shiver. She stopped it and turned the hot water tap fully on. My full body reacted to the heat. It was hurting like hell. She left the water on for a few minutes, then back to cold. Then back to hot. The only good thing about the water was that the drench fibber of the corset fabric were loosening, lowering the pain. She left the hot water on and left. The water was maybe at 45° not enough to burn, but enough to hurt.

When she came back, 15 minutes later she switched the water off and took the gag off.

-So she said, how did you do that

I did not answer

-I don't care anyway. It is probably this boy you talked to at your birthday. You noticed the water has loosened the corset?

I nodded.

- So you know what's next? I am going to tighten the corset back to be as tight as it was. You know, up to the point where pain is so hard that you faint. Now the good thing with tight corset is that your body adapt, you get used to the pain. I mean, the pain doesn't get worse, and after a few hours, it gets better. Your bones start to change shape, your guts start to feel at ease . At least with a dry one. A wet one is different, because it keeps shrinking as it dries. The body never adapts, and pain grows, grows grows, until you scream for mercy. Most resistant girls will resist one hour, after one hour they will accept any thing to stop the pain. Let's see how long you resist..

While she was talking she had squeezed the corset back to an already unacceptable level of pain. I was biting my lips to avoid screaming.

- call me if you need me. I am in the bedroom.

- I'd rather die, I managed to whisper.
- There are better ways to die than that.

Pain was unbearable, and it was not going away. It was growing, as if there would be no limit to pain. I tried to ease it up by changing the way I was standing on my feet, but each move would only make the matter worse. I resisted, resisted. My lung capacity was now so limited that breathing would not bring enough air to my body. I was breathing faster to compensate, but, breathing would contract some bruised muscles. Pain became stronger than my will.

- Mother, I managed to whisper

She came in the bathroom

- yes my dear

- I, I regret

- You regret! Do you think that it is enough, to regret.?

- I am..So sorry.

- This is not what I want to hear. It is too easy. You just say that because you are in pain. But I don't want you to think about how to get out of trouble. I want you to think about this: why don't you want to be my daughter?

She left me with that. Pain is sometime a good way to make you accept what you wouldn't consider before. She was right. What was wrong in being her daughter? After all she was nice with me most of the time. Only when I was mean would she be meaner. But wasn't it her role? And wasn't it fun to be a girl? To wear all those silky clothes? They were so soft on the skin. And having sex with the magic panty had been fun, hadn't it?

- Mother, I called again

She took her time to come this time. I jus almost couldn't breathe anymore.

- have you been thinking?

- It is hard for me, you have to understand. I like being a man. I don't think a man can ever be a girl. A real girl that has big tits, and can make children.

She frowned. This is not what she wanted to hear

- do you like being a girl?

- Yes, of course yes

- Do you like me?

- Yes, I do yes

- Well, I think you'd say yes to any questions I'd asked, just to get out of trouble. Right?

She was right. I nodded, desperate.

She softly touched my cheeks with her palm

- Honey dear, you have to do better than that. I'll be back in 10 minutes. In 10minutes, I won't ask you questions, you will tell me why you like being a girl.

She left. The corset had shrunk some more. My legs were starting to feel weak, I couldn't feel my feet anymore. Blood was not getting there any longer. I tried to take some weight off them by pulling on my arms. The contraction of my arms pulled on my back muscle. A wave of sharp pain ran all over my body. I wanted to scream but a miserable moan got out of my mouth. I tried to catch my breath but the pressure on my lung was unbearable. I could only gasp very little air. I had to give her something, I had to give her all I could so that she would set me free. I forced myself to think positively over what had happened, to consider it was all a fairly interesting experience, I tried to forget I was being forced, and that after all mother was a decent mother. This is the good thing about pain: it makes you accept things you'd never accept otherwise.

She came back, all smiles.

- Have you been thinking she said for the second time

- Mother, I like all those clothes. They feel comfortable. I like the soft touch of the silk. The stocking and the corset, they make me feel warm, comfortable…special.

- And?

- And … sexy. It did hurt to say that, all the more as it was true.

- I think you need more thinking

- wait mother, wait. It is so hard. I love it when I feel Tricia's leg between mine, softly moving on my stocking. It is so good to feel her hand attaching my garter to my stocking

- Tricia is such a sex addict. I don't want her to turn you away from men

- She did not. When I escaped, a man screwed me. I had the magic panty and I didn't feel much, but…

- But?

It did hurt more than the damn corset to admit it to her. But I had to give her all I had

- I felt good … I liked it. I felt as if I had done something great. And for my birthday, everybody watching me, me being so beautiful. I felt real good, real special.

- Glad to hear all of that.

I thought that would be good enough, but she was waiting for some more. She waited, silently

- And, you…if I forget that you are forcing me to do it, if you were my real mother, you would be a good mother. You are good with me, you have been teaching me many things, gently. You are sometime hard, but I am also hard sometime. All those clothes you bought for me, I know you did it with feelings, I know you care.

That did hurt as well. Because as I was saying it, I was admitting it was true, accepting the unacceptable. I was forgiving.

I saw I had hit a nerve. Her eyes went wet. But she stayed still.

- Mommy, please, please, it hurts so much. Forgive me.

Calling her mommy did the trick. She finally loosened the corset. I fall in her arm when she removed the handcuffs. I started crying, emotionally and physically drained. She hugged me and as I was crying on her shoulder, she started crying to.

I laid in bed during three days. My whole body was trying to recover from the damages created by the corset. My back was bruised as if I had been beaten, my lower coastal bones were bended inward and would never come back to their original shape. It would give me forever a narrow waist. My guts had been pushed up and down and they needed some time to come back to their normal place.

My mother was real nice with me: she was afraid she had been too far. Tricia told me that she had never seen anyone supporting the corset for so long, that usually the more resistant people resists one hour before admitting anything. I had resisted two hours and a half. I did not want to dwell too much on the fact she had all this knowledge about wet corset used as torture device.

I didn't know what to think myself. All I told my mother was true, all those were things I did not want to admit, but to spell them out had changed my state of mind. I was calling her mommy, and I didn't have to force myself. Did I want to return to my previous life, or did I want to remain here, and live a girl's life? Was it realistic to think I could become a girl anyway? There are some good surgeons, but was it worth it to become a faked woman? Will I ever grow real C-size breast and a real bottom, or will I always need a Magic Panty and silicon tits?

Could I come to a compromise with my mother, like being a man outside the castle and a girl inside? I could accept that. But could I still dress as a man after the facial surgery I underwent? Or would I look like a girl dressed like a man?

A week went by, with no answers to all those questions. I was slowly getting back in shape, looking more like a girl than ever. The hot topic at the castle was my new request: I wanted to go shopping and choose myself the clothes I would wear. My mother was reluctant to take the risk of letting me out but glad I had expressed such a girlie requirements, Tricia had volunteered to come with me, and Alicia was sure I would try to escape.

After 10 days I had fully recovered. My mother had been worried all this time. She was probably having the same type of questions I had: could I really be turned into a happy daughter?

. Then suddenly her mood changed. She became happier than she ever had been. She accepted to let me go shopping, as long as I would go with her or Tricia, she accepted to let me jog around the castle, thing she had refused all the time, she also accepted to let me use the gym and exercise. Everything was accepted. We were Friday: we set the date for shopping on Tuesday. She had a surprise for me on Sunday, and asked me to wait for Monday before jogging or exercising. All that was really turning out well for me; strangely well..

Saturday went by quietly, then Sunday turned out to be like any other Sunday until the end of the afternoon. At about 7:00, Tricia entered my room with a beautiful evening dress. It was a long tight, very tight dress, shaping the body. It had long sleeve and a round collar, at neck level.

- Big surprise for you tonight she said. You need to make yourself the best girl you can, with magic panty and all.

- What's up, Tricia?.

- I don't even know myself. Your mother said it is a big surprise to us all.

She was not very good at lying: when she was, she would look above my head, avoiding eyes contact with me. She helped me undress, and then dress back on. Over time, I had gotten used so much of being dressed by her that I was not paying much attention to what she was doing.

- Did you do anything to the magic panty, I asked, it feels unusually soft..

- Does it she said? She had spoken a bit fast, but I didn't pay attention. Her tongue went out of her mouth, licking her lips. I just washed it, she finished.

- Do you remember your promise, she added

- To let you play with me sometime?

- Why not tonight?

- After my mother's surprise?

She took a deep breath, nodding. She was all excited already.

She finished to dress me up. I made my face up while she was doing my hair, and then looked at me in the mirror. I was so beautiful. The dress was white, almost a wedding dress, except it had the shape of an evening dress. It was quite tight from the neck to the knees, and my leg movement was very limited. Walk was not made easier by the heels, higher than usual. The dress was hiding nothing of my body shape. My waist was real thin, thanks to the punishment with the corset, and the magic panty was giving me a very nice butt. My breast, had grown naturally to B-size but I had padding in the bras pushing them to C-size. I smiled, a bright smile. I just couldn't figure out why, but I was feeling so comfortable

- Sometime I wish I'd stay like that forever

- So do I, said Tricia, tears in the eyes

- Wouldn't Julia be jealous?

- I'll love Julia forever, but I can also love others from time to time…

- Do you love me, I insisted

- When you are like you are tonight… she started, then she took a deep breath again and added: I hope you'll understand, that you'll forgive me.

With this enigmatic comment she turned away. I followed her, trying not too fall over. This dress was made to be really beautiful, but it was not made to be beautiful and walk.

And so we went. I was hoping that my mother's surprise wouldn't last too long, because my magic panty would allow me for just a bit more than one more hour of beauty. She was waiting for me in the dining room. When I entered she staid a few second breathless. I was a damn beauty apparently. She hugged me, strongly, tears in the eyes, moved.

- My dear, you are so beautiful, it is almost unfair to have so much beauty.

- Thanks mommy. But what's going on?

- Sit on the sofa, please

I did. By the sofa, everything was set for a drink: champagne toasts and a… Damn, a dildo, in the middle of all that stuff. I felt a dirty trick coming. My mother took it and started to explain:

- This is Alicia's, you see. It is remote controlled. Look, here is the remote control. . She took what looked like a Lipstick. She started playing with it, explaining me as she was doing it.

- You see the dildo has a ring here that goes up and down. She did something to the lipstick and a ring started to go up and down the dildo. The thing was about 20cm long, with a diameter of 4 or 5 cm. The ring's diameter was about 1cm bigger.

- Then the top moves up and down as well

Now the top of the Dildo was going up and down by a good 10cm, straight out of the main body.

- And it vibrates as well.

The thing started to shake on the table, while the ring and the top were making their movement.

- Speed adjustable

She made the movements go faster. Real fast. That was one hell of a joy toy. And remote controlled…Was Julia holding the remote control or was it Tricia? What was the point anyway?

- Girls need to have fun mum, I said Personally, I think it takes real sick people to design such things, and even sicker people to use them. Can you imagine having such a thing in your own body, and having it controlled by someone else? This is real sick. But why do you show it to me?

- I found it funny, do you know they both have one? You should see them play together…But you know we have big news today. Well actually, it was Friday that we got the letter. The letter was for you actually, but as your mother I thought I would open it. God, you are so beautiful.

A letter for me, who could it be?

- May I read it? I asked,

- I'll read it for you. Listen.

"John, she started, this is Stacy".

So Stacy hadn't forgotten me. That was good news. The bad news is that our communication was not really a secret apparently. My mother was continuing.

"I've been to the cops and I know they came to the castle but didn't find you. I went back there and they gave me a hard time. They had looked like fools at the castle, but the worst is that they had made further enquiries about you. Officially, you are dead. You left the hospital where you were being treated and had a car crash in your Porsche.

My mother paused, and looked at me, smiling:

- My girls are real good. They don't only cook you know, they have amazing skills. She went on with the letter.

"I went back to the castle in daytime, and talked to a blonde girl". Tricia, I thought. "I made her talk a bit about you and apparently she's very found of you. She said she couldn't do much but that she would pass over to you any letter I would have for you."

I stood, upset.
- Tricia, I said loudly, is that you who gave that letter to my mother

- Yes, she admitted, looking at her feet, I hope you'll understand. I hope so much.

- Let me finish please said mother. The more interesting is to come.

"I went to Astrid as you told me the husband of your so called mother was leaving with her. And indeed he is, except he is more like a woman than like a man. He told me he was sorry for you but that knowing his wife there was not much he could do. But he told me his story and I think you need to know. As a man he used to dress as a woman, not that he was gay or anything, he just liked it. He had invented this magic panty you talked to my friend about. It is not filled up with silicones as you thought, but with some kind of artificial female cells that he invented. He had it on when he met Astrid. She just fell for him immediately. She took him to the lady's room and they did to each other what girls do to each other. He had a good time, but he did not feel much, just that it was comfortable and warm to have sex as a girl. They spent the evening together then ended up in her apartment. To the amazement of Mr de Breuil, his body was not rejecting the magic panty. They made love all night, and he had more pleasure during that night, wearing the magic panty, than he ever did in his full life. Astrid left him in the morning to go back to her work. He found out he couldn't remove the magic panty anymore. It was as if it had never existed. He told Astrid the whole story, and she said he'd better not find a solution to remove it, because she'd never let a man touch her. So he stopped trying. After a week, he had lost all his body hair, and had grown a fair size breast. As far as anyone can tell, he is a woman, by any mean. He explained me that having sex with the magic panty had probably triggered nervous connexions between the artificial cells and his. It is why he thinks he could wear it longer than two hours. Having more sex, he thinks, permanently connected his body to the artificial female cells, and that the female proteins and hormone generated by thiese cells had transformed him in a real woman. "

My mother raised her head from the letter.

- Then she tells you to watch for yourself, beware of me, that she regrets she can't do more

And all this kind of blablabla. So you see, I am glad to learn what really happened to my man. Not entirely your fault after all. For sure, he couldn't come back here as a woman.

She was staring at me, with a wide smile. I was supposed to understand something. The guy had turned himself in a woman with the magic panty. That was probably that…

- You smile because you think I'll do as your husband? Wear the magic panty to turn myself in a girl?

- I have a gift for you, she said, putting on the table a small packet, wrapped in a nice red paper and a golden ribbon. I didn't move

- Is that what you expect? I insisted, is that your surprise? Your man has found a way to turn himself in a girl, and you think I would do the same?

She kept smiling mysteriously. I looked at the girls, but both avoided my eyes. They knew, but what did they knew? What was there to know? What exactly happened tonight? The answer was there. It was a puzzle but I was not sure I wanted to play game. I wanted to take that magic panty off and destroy it forever. The damn thing was dangerous.

My mother was still looking at me, with her burning smile and facetious eyes. What was it all about? She had make me dress like a queen, she had demonstrated the dildo, then read the letter. I was wearing the magic panty, which was feeling so comfortable tonight. Comfortable? Could it be…

I stood, white, my eyes widening in horror. My brain had figured it out, but it was so scary that I didn't want to understand it. I was trying to convince me they wouldn't dare.

- Tricia, I called, as calm as I could, will you tell me something

She raised her lovely head. Her eyes were full of tears.

- Mother said you both had one of those remote control dildos. Where is yours?

She burst in tears and felled on her knees, crying like a baby.

- They asked me to do it. I thought, I thought it would be good for you, that if you could remain…so beautiful you would be happier.

- Do what I insisted, but I knew the answer

- Put my dildo in the magic panty and dress you up with it. Please. Forgive me. I love you so much

Tricked by Tricia. She had put that thing in me, and that's why I was feeling so comfortable. I had to undress and take that stuff off me, out of me. And quick. I looked at the clock on the wall. 10 to 9. I had about 10 minutes to undress, more than enough. My hands went in my back to reach the zipper of the dress, I found it and tried to pull it down. But it wouldn't. It was stuck. I pulled harder, hard enough to tear down the fabric, but it didn't give. I tried again desperately. My mother walked over to me, as if to help me. She went to my back and just made some adjustment to my dress.

- The zipper of the dress has a lock, you know, and you can't take it off by yourself. The fabric is real robust and you can't tear it. Even if you could, you are wearing a white leather panty that goes high on the waist. On top of it is your corset. A white corset that holds with a white strings in the back that you can't undo without help. Now you noticed your dress is quite narrow on the upper part of the legs. It makes you beautiful indeed, but it also removes any chance for you to roll it up and have access to your panty. You couldn't remove it anyway…Basically, it is impossible for you to undress without help. Why don't you open your gift? You will love it.

Trapped. Trapped in that silly dress. I had to find a way to get rid of it. Cut it off. That was the way. I rushed to the table to take a knife, but my mother had it all planed: there was only fish knifes. Scissors, then. In the corner of the room there was a desk with office materials. I knew they were staples, letter paper, pens, and probably scissors. I opened it and threw everything away. Nothing. The kitchen then. I rushed as fast as my high heels and my evening dress would allow me to the door. Suddenly the clock started to ring. 9 O'clock. My time was up. I turned back to them

- You are not going to do it, I said in a shaky voice, are you, mommy? You wouldn't dare

- I would dare, but you are a grown up she said, pushing her damn gift over to me. That was no time for gifts.

- Julia, I said turning to her, you can't do that to me can you
- Same as Mme, she answered

I walked over to Tricia, who was crying, back in the room. As I walked, the comfortable feeling coming from the panty started to change into a more delicate feeling. Each step would make the dildo shake in my artificial vagina sending signals that were no more just comfort signals..
- Tricia, please take my dress off. Now, I ordered

- You promised you'd let me toy with you she said. You promised we'd do it today.

- Undress me, let me take the magic panty off for an hour and then I'll be all yours.

Mother had joined us and was giving my gift to the girl who stopped crying.

- If you promised to Tricia, then, a promise is a promise. You gonna have a nice start in your knew life. Tricia is an expert.

Tricia ran away from me and opened up the gift and pulled out a lipstick. The remote control. She opened it. Immediately I felt a warm feeling. Something was inside me, moving slowly up, somewhere between my legs. The feeling was extraordinary pleasant, calling for more of it. I didn't want it to stop but it had to. I started to move toward her, to take the damn remote control out of her hands. Each step was shaking that thing inside me, sending waves of raw pleasure to my brain. I resisted. A new thing happened and I had to stop. The thing inside me was growing longer. Slowly reaching new area, new nerves, new pleasures. I stayed breathless for a moment. The thing was now vibrating slowly. Then, it all stopped. Tricia had closed the lipstick. The pleasure went away, leaving me unsatisfied, my body wanted some more. But not me.. Cautiously I started walking again, part of me wanted to run to feel this extraordinary sensation again, part of me trying to keep control. I was just a step away from her. She was licking her lips, with the tip of her tongue, enjoying every second. Suddenly she opened the lipstick and started the ring movement, much faster. A wave of uncontrolled pleasure ran all the way through my spine making me shiver. I screamed and fall on my knee. That was just too much. She stopped the device and gave me her hand to let me stand up. I made a desperate attempt to catch the device but she was faster than me. She put the vibration on, softly, then the ring on softly, then the up and down movement. Without any conscious decision, my pelvis started to move back and forth, while I started to moan.

- You are so good to toy with she said turning around me. You react so well

I tried to put my hand between my legs but the damn dress was in the way.

- undress me, please I whispered.

She kissed me on the cheek.

- It is part of the game my dear.

She made the thing go faster. Pleasure wave took me by surprise, and I fell on my knee again. But I couldn't even stay like that. I laid on the floor, face down, my bottom going up and down endlessly. I turned to be on my back. I wanted to spread my leg apart, to hug something, someone. But the damn dress was still in the way. I was now screaming with every breath, and breathing faster and faster. A huge wave of pleasure was coming, I could feel it. It would come as the mother of all pleasure waves. I was waiting for it, expecting it, ready to die for it.

Tricia stopped the device.

The promise of the pleasure wave went away.

I stood up all shaky. So that was it? It couldn't be. I deserved more. I wanted more. The only thing that mattered now was to get more

- Tricia, I begged please

- please what she asked innocently

- do it again, please

- On your knee and kiss my feet

I went on my knee and bended over to her feet. As I did so, she made a step toward me and locked my neck around her ankles. I tried to move but I was stuck there, on my knees, bottom in the air and head locked.

- I heard you like being spanked.

She made the dildo vibrate and started spanking me. Each blow would shake the dildo inside me, and each blow was getting me higher, closer from the ultimate pleasure.

- Faster I begged, please Tricia, spank me more, more, mooooore.

She went on an on, brought me at the edge and then stopped.

- Stand up she ordered and go sit on the sofa. I want you to take a drink and discuss with your mother as if nothing.

- Tricia, I begged

- do it

I walked to the sofa, as fast as I could, to get maximum pleasure out of it and sat. I wanted to take my clothes off, put my hands between my legs and, and…But I was feeling so trapped, so enslaved, so dependent. Possessed. Why was it feeling so good?

- Tricia likes playing doesn't she, said mother casually

- Yes mum, I answered, shaky

- do you want a drink?

- Mum, do you love me?, I asked desperate,

- Well sure I do

- Then, please, ask Tricia not to stop. Ask her to… to let me come

- Oh dear, you promised Tricia to let you toy with you. That's exactly what she is doing. But I have to admit she knows how to toy with someone.

- OOOOOOOOh. I jerked back in the sofa; she had put full speed all of a sudden. Then she went back to real slow speed. I could feel the ring going up and down and the top moving back and forth slowly, real slow, going on my nerves, delivering each second just a bit more pleasure than the second before. But never enough, never.

- She can drive you mad, you know. She'll drive you so high you would do anything for her to finish you off. You should have opened your gift and do it by yourself. It might not have been so good, but for the first time it would have been good enough.

Tricia sat by me on the sofa, staring at me. This was maddening. Here we were chit chatting while I had this vicious remote controlled dildo inside me. Having a casual drink while I was trapped in my clothes at the very edge of having the biggest orgasm ever. She sat on my knees, locked my arms in my back with her strong hands. She then turned the buttons to max speed and threw the lipstick over the room. She was heavy on me, and I couldn't move. I wanted so hard to move, to spread my legs apart, put them around someone's waist, put she was holding me hard, stopping me from having all the pleasure I thought I could have. She crashed her lips on mine and her tongue entered my mouths. My whole body was vibrating along with the dildo. It was Tricia who had set it on, it was her who had tricked me, it was her who was locking me on the sofa. It was her who had been possessing me all the time. As this though occurred to me, I came. I felt my eyes widen, my whole body contract and it was as if the world had disappeared. I stayed in a state of total pleasure. I heard me scream, and scream. My body contracted so much that I managed to free my hands from Tricia and hug her. My legs spread apart so hard that it tore off the dress, I crossed them around Tricia's waist, moving my basin up and down with no control. My headed tilted backward, my whole body bended backward. The huge pleasure wave intensified again, again, so much that I thought I would die of it. I fainted.

I came back to life a few minutes later, surrounded by the face of three worried women. Julia was arguing with Tricia.

- You did not need to be that mean with her

- I haven't been mean! I have given her more pleasure than she had in her full life. You are jealous.

- I am not. You almost killed her.

Tricia went to me. I was back to reality, feeling fully energized, ready to do it again. I was happier than I had ever been. If being a girl meant so much pleasure on top of all the nice dresses and underwear, then who would want to be a man?

- Are you all right she asked, a bit worried

- It was wonderful Tricia,, thanks, thank you so much. I said, all smiles, hugging her

- Will you forgive me? She asked worried. I started to remember all the nasty tricks she had played on me: Stacy's letter, the dildo in the magic panty. I frowned.

- Is it always that good I asked?

- I haven't done all I could, she said blushing, because it was the first time. But yes, with me it is always at least that good. Don't you think Julia?

Julia blushed. That was her only answer

- I forgive you everything, I said, but only if you let me toy with you

She smiled, and pulled out her tongue to lick her lips.

We had diner, then it was Julia's turn to play with me. I then asked my mother to give it a go. Then, they insisted that I would also do it to me, and they gave me the lipstick, and I started toying with myself, under there very interested eyes.


From this day on, everything turned out to be much simpler. Within a week, I grew a fair D-size breast, which I like quite much. I have a wonderful body, shaped by the corset punishment, and a wonderful face, shaped by one of the best surgeon. The castle is my home now, and my mother and I are like we had always been mother and daughter. I took back my business, but I am now providing mostly boys. And I need quite some for my own usage, I can tell you that. Tricia and I are now playing dirty games quite often, toying one with the other. I sometime play with Julia, but she is only half as pervert as Tricia. All in all, my life is back to were it was before, full of sex, money and work. After all, not much has changed.


Weirdy Gill, Nov 2004-11-30

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