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Morph Fun

by Jennifer White


Ronald had to go out of town for a whole week on business, which really bummed out his wife Tina. She hated it when he had to go. She missed him so much, and it felt so cold sleeping alone in their queen sized bed, with only her cat to keep her company.

In fact, on Monday night, she didn't even feel like going to sleep, so she pulled out their laptop computer, which was on a wireless network. She went to check her email, but the web browser gave her a strange error. She clicked on it, and then hit the "page back" key.

The browser shifted to a different web site; one she had not seen before on their computer. It was a web site that showed pictures of nude women engaged in all sorts of unspeakable acts. Some alone, some together. Some were using dildos on themselves; some were kissing other girls.

She felt sick by what she saw. She also felt an inner anger surge up. With only her and Ronald in the house, that meant that he had been going out on the web, looking at porn! That was like cheating on her. As much as she loved him, with all she did for him, he would do this to her?

Her anger grew, as she looked back through the web history log. Her husband had spent hours online looking at the disgusting garbage! Hours! That was like adding insult to injury. No doubt he had downloaded it so he could take it on his laptop with him, so he could ogle these women when he was away from her. That was no way to treat a wife!

Tina poked around on the computer a bit more. Ronald was really stupid for doing this. It wasn't like she had no computer skills. In fact, as a graphic design artist, she spent most of her time on a computer! It didn't take long for her to find a directory that he had marked as "hidden". Duh! That was simple to find!

And the cache of pictures in his hidden directory made her shake her head. He had hundreds and hundreds of them! Tina decided to zap them all, to teach him a lesson. She was just about to hit the delete key, when a different idea popped into her head. One that made her smile.

She went back online, and did a search for the free porn site that Ronald had been going to. It had category after category of pictures. She went one list, which showed pictures of naked men posing! She downloaded a few dozen of those (ogling them herself, for "quality control" purposes of course!).

Then she found a site with men who were masturbating themselves. Perfect! She downloaded a bunch of those. Finally, she found a site that featured men kissing other men, and she grabbed a handful of those pictures too.

Tina thought about just replacing all of Ronald's pictures, with those of the men. That would sure freak him out! But after a couple, he'd get disgusted, and stop. No, she needed to do something even worse to him. As she stared at the picture of a naked guy, his manhood fully erect, the idea struck her. She would use her skills to really teach Ronald a lesson.

Tina opened up one of her graphic programs, used for editing and retouching photos. She blew up the picture of the guy, and carefully traced around his gigantic manhood, pixel by pixel. She copied it onto the clipboard, then she went to open up one of Ronald's pictures of gorgeous women.

She pasted the man's penis onto the woman's picture, then moved it until it was in just the right spot. A little work with the air-brush tool, and she was able to blend it in so well, that it looked like the blonde chick in the black lingerie had a penis, not a pussy!

Quite a success! But not good enough. She had to do more. Now she opened up another picture of a man. In this one, he was admiring himself, as if he was surprised how big he was between the legs. She copied his head to the clipboard, then found a picture of a hot babe. She used the airbrush to erase the long hair and cover most of her face, so that when she pasted in the man's head and adjusted it, it looked like his head with her body. Of course, a little touch-up was needed to make it look natural, but that was easy. She did things like that all day at work.

For her next picture, she cut a woman's pussy, and pasted it onto a man, right between his legs! She also cut the picture of the dildo the woman was holding, and placed it in the man's hand. Now he looked like a man with a pussy between his legs, who was doing himself with a dildo!

This was wild. Tina felt thrilled. She also felt strangely aroused, and she just could not stop. In fact, she stayed up until 2:00 in the morning, altering picture after picture, until she was exhausted, and had to call it a night.

* * *

Every day, while Ronald was on his trip, Tina had at it with his collection. She left some of the male pictures untouched; the ones of them kissing each other, holding each others dicks, or masturbating themselves. Those were great. But the rest, she combined with female pictures, making a strange cross between male and female. The more she did it, the more she got turned out. Seeing a man with a pussy made her feel so aroused, that she had to go get her own dildo out, and do herself!

She also really enjoyed seeing women with a penis and balls between their legs. One of Ronald's pictures had two lesbian women making love, using a strap-on. She went out to the web, and found several pictures of women wearing them, posing. She added these to the growing collection, and they didn't even need touch-up!

She enjoyed what she was doing so much, that she copied the best pictures to a flash-drive, so she could keep them for herself. Then she hid the directory again, so he wouldn't know anything was up until it was too late.

* * *

Ronald came home from his trip on Friday. Tina was there to meet him at the door, and she hurried over to kiss him. She was quite excited to see him back! They made love that night, and he felt glad to be home.

On Sunday, Tina told him that she was going out shopping for a few hours for clothes, and that she might have lunch with the girls too. That would leave him alone for three or four hours. And by good luck, she didn't give him any chores to do either!

That meant one thing: he'd go onto his computer, and look at some pictures! He was frustrated however, when he couldn't get the wireless internet connection to work for some reason. Perhaps Tina had changed the password on him? She was always talking about security holes on computers, and all that.

Oh well, that wasn't a big drawback; he had the stash of pictures he had downloaded before he left, which he hadn't had a chance to look through yet. He unhid his directory, and smiled. There they were; hundreds of them!

He opened the first picture, and drooled over the platinum blonde. He quickly moved to the next one, which had two hot brunettes kissing. Wonderful! He was getting hard already. He clicked to view the next picture, but he was in for a shock. The chick in that one was really hot, with long blonde hair. She wore a tight lingerie set. But there was something wrong: between her legs, she had a dick! And it was as hard as a rock. Ronald's stomach turned.

Maybe she was a lesbian with a realistic strap-on, he decided, even though he couldn't see any harness over her legs. He quickly went forward to the next picture, to get away from that one!

But this was even worse: it was a guy! And between his legs, he had a pussy! Ronald quickly moved to the next one. Two guys kissing, and holding each other's dicks in their hands! No! What was going on? He moved to the next one, which featured a hot nurse, baring her breasts. Okay, that was better.

But the next one had a woman with a man's face! He was looking down at himself, as if shocked to see that he had become a woman! Ronald quickly went forward to the next picture, then the next. One was worse than the other, showing men with women's parts, or women with men's parts. He didn't know which one was worse.

He was about to delete everything, but something stopped him. It was the fact that while his mind reeled from seeing the images, for some reason, his penis was as hard as a rock. He didn't want to be, but somehow, he was aroused by these images!

He hid his directory again, and went to the bathroom, so he could jerk himself off.

* * *

Over the next week, Tina was on the net a lot, when she had time alone. She was downloading pictures of women doing each other with strap-ons, or posing in them. She was also downloading pictures of men and women, which she could then blend together. She even found one web site that featured women in strap-ons doing their men! She stored them all in Ronald's "secret" hidden directory.

* * *

Ronald had no doubt of it now; the list of files in his directory was growing. Surely, it couldn't be Tina doing that! It must be some sort of virus or something. But how would the files know to go there? But it wasn't as if he could ask her what she was doing. Then he'd have to admit sneaking around behind her back, looking at porn in the first place.

And then, there was the fact that he somehow liked the pictures. They turned him on, now that he was past the initial shock. He was becoming addicted to them in fact. Every day, when he could sneak it in, he'd ogle them, and feel turned on.

* * *

Tina was fascinated with her new hobby. Almost daily, she was busy downloading and morphing pictures together, combing elements of male and female together. She was particularly proud of a new photo she had just retouched. She took a bride and groom, and swapped their faces out. Now it looked like a man's face on the bride's body, about to kiss a male body with a woman's face. She gave the man's face lipstick for good measure. The final result was a real turn-on for her.

She had also discovered a couple of web sites that featured pictures of she-males. These were exciting, because they often needed no enhancements from her. But all often, their faces looked to male for her tastes, so she'd morph that part anyway. The result would be a nearly perfect female body, with a man's private parts.

Tina was contemplative one night, while Ronald was yet again out of town. Why did these pictures turn her on so much? She had always through of herself as being 'straight'. But there was one incident once.

Back before she married Ronald, Tina had played on a volleyball league. One of the players, Jody, befriended her, and they soon started hanging out together. One night, when it was just the two of them at Jody's place, her new friend made a confession.

"I can't stand not telling you any longer" Jody had said.

"What is it?" Tina had replied, supportively.

"I am a lesbian" said Jody firmly. "That's right, I like girls."

"Wow" said Tina, stunned at this revelation.

"By not telling you, I felt like I was lying to you" said Jody. "And from the moment I saw you, I felt something. You make me feel so wonderful to be around? All my life I've been searching for the right girl. And now I think I've found her."

"Me?" said Tina.


"I'm so sorry Jody" Tina had said, "But that just isn't for me. I respect your feelings, and I don't mean to sound unflattered at what you said, but I'm not that way. I'm dating a guy. His name is Ronald, and he's very cute. Maybe you'll get to know meet him one day."

"Oh dear" Jody had said. "I am so sorry! I thought you were one of us."


"I'm usually right about these things. I just sensed that you were playing for our team. I didn't mean to offend you. I'm so sorry!"

"Don't be sorry" Tina had said. "And I'm not offended. I'm flattered. But that just isn't for me. I hope this doesn't stand in the way of our friendship."

"It won't" promised Jody. "I love you, and I always will."

In fact, it hadn't. Jody was one of the bridesmaids for Tina in her wedding. Now that she was married, Tina didn't get to see Jody all that often. But now seemed like a good time to call. Back then, Jody had sensed something about her, and now it seemed to be manifesting itself. Tina had to know what she saw, and what she could do about it.

And so, Tina found herself standing on Jody's doorstep, holding a bottle of wine. Jody was all smiles, as she showed her in, and showed off the newest additions to her collection of antique tea cups. They drank the wine, and caught up with where they were in their lives.

Jody served veggies with dip, as Tina opened up a second bottle, this one a red. She sat on the couch close enough to feel Jody's body heat. Tina's heart was pounding. She wasn't sure if she could go through with this.

"Jody, do you remember that day back when we were on the team, when you told me you loved me?" said Tina.

"Of course. How could I ever forget that day? I think of you all the time Tina."

"You said you saw something in me. Something that made you think that I.... liked girls. What was it?"

"I don't know. Just something about you. I can't tell you how I know, but most of the time, when I meet a person, I just can tell if they're like me or not. And from the first time I saw you, I just knew that you with us."

"What about Ronald?"

"Oh yeah, him too! He just doesn't know it yet."

"I think he might" said Tina.

"Oh? He's met a boy?"

Tina explained to her old friend what she had been doing. At first, it was as revenge on her husband. But now, she was doing it for fun. And the fact that he didn't delete the files told her that he must like them. In fact, Tina had snooped on his work machine, and found a large cache of them there too. He was as into it as she was.

"I'm sure that the reason you two were so drawn together, was that you both somehow sensed something in each other" said Jody. "Although it wasn't awoken in you yet, both of you knew in your hearts that you had another side to your attraction. And now you've let it come out. Now you know who you really are. Do you still love him like you did at first?"

"Yes" replied Tina. "But Ronald cheated on me, by going behind my back with those pictures. He owes me one."

"Yes?" said Jody.

"And you told me once that you loved me, and you thought I was your perfect girl. I need to find out just how far I swing that way, now that I realize that I'm not as straight as I thought. So I want to make you an offer: show me what its like to be with another girl. Take me. Make love to me. Live out your fantasies. I need this Jody. I need your help."

"I don't know" said Jody. "Things might not be the same with us anymore, if we 'do it' together."

Tina laughed out loud.

"You sound like a typical girl, trying to turn down her guy. Do you think that I'd be the 'guy' if we were together?"

"There's only one way to tell" replied Jody, putting her hand on Tina's face.

Tina leaned forward, and soon the two shared the most delicate and tender kiss. Tina put her hands onto Jody's chest, and started to gently rub her there, just the way she liked to be touched. Jody responded by kissing her harder and harder.

Tina felt a rush all over, a feeling of anticipation and excitement. It was like the time as a teenage girl that she had woken up with her hand touching herself between the legs, and how she had rubbed her special spot until she exploded with her first orgasm ever. Or the first time she dated a boy. Or the first time she made love. This was just as exciting. She didn't think that anything would ever make her feel that way again!

It wasn't long before they were taking each other's clothes off. When Jody pulled Tina's panties off with her teeth, Tina felt a shiver all over, as Jody's long hair brushed down her long smooth legs. Jody eased her back, until Tina was sitting on the couch. Jody spread Tina's legs wide open, as she lowered herself down to put her mouth down there.

Tina's eyes rolled back in her head, as Jody expertly applied just the right pressure on her clit to make her come again and again. Jody knew just where to touch her, how hard, and just what to do. The intensity of the orgasms blew away anything that Ronald had ever done for her! This was by far the best sex she had ever experienced in her life!

Now it was Tina's turn to use her tongue on Jody. She was tentative at first, a little afraid. But Jody gave her loving encouragement, and soon, Tina was into it. She thought that Jody tasted a little strange at first, but it wasn't unpleasant. Certainly better than Ronald tasted down there! And she wasn't about to get a mouth full of come either, which made it much less of a chore. In fact, she was able to get into it, and feel a thrill, seeing what her tongue was doing to her friend.

Tina thought it was all over. But she thought wrong. Because now Jody opened up a drawer next to the couch, and pulled out a leather harness, which she attached around her waist, her legs going through leather hoops. The front of the harness was flat, right over her private area, except for a little nub.

Now Jody took out a large pink dildo, which she screwed onto the nub. It was one of those ones with a large main branch, similar in shape to a penis. But it also had a smaller shorter branch on the top. Tina realized that when it was plunged in all the way, the second branch would stimulate her clit, while the main part was in her vagina. Why couldn't Ronald had been endowed like that?

She was almost breathless, as Jody carefully inserted it up into her pussy. Tina was so wet now, and it slid in with ease. She was very receptive to Jody's touch, and the gentle trusts she applied sent Tina over the edge again, and then again! There were some smaller orgasms, but there were devastatingly large ones that took her breath away, and made her scream aloud in pleasure. When Jody finally pulled off of her, she was a quivering mass of jelly.

They kissed and touched, as Jody told her to undo the straps, and remove the harness from her.

"Its time to see if you are the man" she said, as she fastened it onto Tina. Tina felt so strange standing there, as Jody got on her knees and sucked on the dildo. What an odd feeling it was! It was strange enough to look down and see something poking out of her there, almost like one of her pictures. But to have a woman going down on it? That felt very odd indeed.

Now Jody laid on the floor, and spread her legs wide open.

"Mmmm, I'm so ready for you. You're so big! Come and get me. Take me. Make me your woman."

Tina felt so strange, as she positioned her dildo to penetrate into Jody's pussy. And it felt so wired to thrust forward, and see it slide in deeper and deeper, filling Jody's vagina, and filling her with pleasure.

"Again! Harder!" said Jody.

Tina thrust forward again, harder, sending Jody over the edge.

While she wasn't receiving physical pleasure herself, it made her feel so wonderful emotionally, knowing the pleasure that she was delivering. She had a power now, the power to make Jody feel overwhelmed with love and pleasure. Tina's pace grew faster, as she came to accept her place and her power.

"Touch my chest" she ordered, wanting to feel Jody's hands on her. Jody quickly obliged, touching her gently. It was at that moment that Tina realized that she was fully in control. Jody would do anything she asked of her. Tina swelled with the feeling of power and control. With each thrust forward, she realized more and more that she did feel like the man. And she did like it!

She realized now that she loved to morph the pictures, because she was wishing that it was her. She wanted to be the man in the relationship. She wanted Ronald to be the weak one, to be the obedient one. And she came to the only conclusion possible: she was going to have to turn Ronald into a woman. Then she could become the man of the house.

* * *

Ronald was due home on Friday night. That left Tina with just a few days for all the shopping she needed to do. She bought the new outfit she needed, and then headed to the adult store for several more purchases. When Ronald came home on Friday, everything would be ready.

She emailed him a ZIP file, filled with her latest picture morphs.

"Tell me how you like these" she said in the note.

"I love them" replied Ronald, a few minutes later. He of course knew that it was Tina putting those pictures on his system. Now he had a confirmation of it.

"I'm sending you one more picture" she said. "I want you to stare at it, and to masturbate yourself until you come. You are to look at this picture every moment that you can, until you return home."

She pressed 'Send', shooting the note off to him. It contained just one picture, a very special one she had just put together. She had taken a photo of her own face, and had pasted it onto a picture of a perfect nude woman. It made it look as if she had a perfect body. But then, she cropped the largest erect penis she could find, and pasted it onto the image. Now it looked like she had a penis, and she was erect.

Ronald needed to learn that she was the man now.

* * *

It took Tina quite a bit of time to prepare herself. First, she had her hair appointment, so she could have her long locks cut off. She had them give her a short, almost boyish haircut, with a part to the side. Where a man would have sideburns, she left her hair longer, the strands tapering down to a point.

Next, she went home and got dressed. She put on a pushup bra, to maximize her cleavage. Then she put on one of Ronald's old button-down shirts. She wondered why the buttons were on the wrong side. Tina had washed it the night before, putting it into the dryer to shrink it down as much as possible. She hummed as she buttoned it up, then put on one of his red ties.

Next, she prepared her biggest surprise for him. She took off her panties, and pulled on her own brand new strap-on harness. Instead of the fanciful pink dildo that Jody had used with her, she had purchased one that was very realistic looking, even including balls underneath it. She attached it, and admired herself in the mirror, before putting on a pair of Ronald's briefs. Just for fun, she undid the fly, and let her dildo hang out for a moment, just to see what it felt like.

Now she put on a pair of Ronald's pants, which she had taken it a bit to fit her. She put on one of his belts, although she had to cut it down and punch a new hole, for it to fit on her. She put on a pair of dark socks, and a new pair of men's shoes which she had just bought for herself.

Already that day, she had removed her nail polish, and had cut her nails down shorter than usual. She also had removed her earrings and her necklace. She put a man's watch onto her wrist, then went to the bathroom to start with her makeup.

First she applied a brush across her eyebrows to make them stand out more. Next came light mascara on her eyelashes, followed by crimson lipstick to really make her lips stand out. And that was it. She splashed on some of Ronald's cologne, and basked in the manly aroma. She reached down and grabbed her crotch, and practice posing like a man would. As a final touch, she put on the suit jacket that matched the pants. She went down to the livingroom, and waited for her husband to arrive home from his business trip.

* * *

Ronald's mind was racing as he turned the corner onto the street where he lived. He wondered what Tina was going to say to him. The last email from her had been quite strange, and quite arousing! She had confirmed that she was the one feeding him with the strangely exciting pictures. But what was she up to? Why was she doing it? And how did she know that it would be such a turn-on for him?

The last picture she had sent, with herself morpheme with a man's parts, had been such an exciting thing for him! He did as she ordered, and he had made himself come. Again and again. Splat! It was so exciting that he did it twice that night. What was she going to do to him now?

Ronald parked the car in the driveway, took out his suitcase and briefcase, and walked up the steps to his house. He opened the door, and walked in. There, facing him, with her hands on her hips was Tina. But she didn't look like herself at all.

Gone was her long tresses, replaced by a short cropped head of hair that looked more suitable for a boy. Although she wore dark lipstick, her face was almost bare otherwise, which looked strangely exciting. She was wearing one of his suits and a red tie. But his suit jacket could not hide the bulges on her chest which seemed to be straining to push out against the jacket.

Below, she was wearing the suit pants and men's shoes. Ronald couldn't help but to notice the bulge in her pants. His heart beat faster. It looked like she was transforming herself, like she had been doing to the pictures on the computer. If she had transformed herself, what was in store for him?

"Come upstairs darling. I've missed you all week, and I can't wait to make love to you."

Ronald put down his bags, locked the door, and followed his wife up into their bedroom. There, the lights were off, and a glow of candles flicked filling the room with a warm dim light. There were fresh cut flowers in vases, filling the room with a soft sweet aroma, although he thought he smelled his own cologne somewhere too.

On the bed was a set of pretty lingerie all laid out, along with a blanket over a pile of something. Tina was taking off his clothes, and now he could tell that she was wearing his cologne. He just stood there, as she removed his tie, his shirt, his pants, and everything. Soon, he had nothing left on.

"A pretty girl like you deserves pretty clothes" said Tina, as she picked up the pink frilly bra from the bed, and started to put it onto his body.

"Tina..." he said, unsure that he wanted to go through with this.

"Rebecca! Don't you recognize your own husband? I'm Troy. Now apologize to me!"

"Um, I'm sorry... Troy" he said, shocked not only that she wanted to be called by a man's name, but that she had called him 'Rebecca'. It was clear: she wanted to be the man, and that would make him the woman.

Tina put the bra onto him, then lifted the blanket off the pile. There, he caught sight of two large fake breasts, perfectly shaped and sculpted to look like the real thing. She slipped them into his bra, then gently put her hands over them, the way he liked to feel her up. She gave him a hard kiss, then returned to the clothes bed.

She put a garter belt onto him next, then had him step into dark nylons, which she attached.

"There is a surprise for you under the bed, Rebecca" she said. "Go get it out now."

Ronald bent over (making Tina laugh inside at the sight), and pulled out from under the bed a pair of black pumps. They were very large in size... in fact, special ordered to fit his feet! He felt all wobbly as he put them on and stood up in them for the first time.

Tina pulled a teddy over him, short enough that it didn't even really cover up his fully erect penis. Then she put a wig on his head, and fastened it in place. She pulled him by the hand over to the mirror, and made him watch as she applied a full compliment of cosmetics to his face, gradually softening his features, making his eyes look wide and alluring, and moving his appearance one more step closer to the feminine side. He didn't even try to protest as she clipped earrings on him, and put a sparkling diamond necklace on him too.

Now she came over and kissed him hard again. Her body pressed into his, and her hands grabbed at his large fake boobs, like she was an animal. Ronald felt a shudder; he could feel something hard inside her pants poking him.

Tina pulled him over to the bed, and she started to peel off her own clothes. When she removed the jacket, her own impressive pair of boobs made the shirt look so sexy on her. The buttons seemed to strain to hold her in, and there were gaps in between them, where he could clearly see what she had on inside her shirt. She loosened her tie, then undid her belt.

Ronald could only stare, as Tina kicked off her shoes, removed her dark socks, and then unzipped her pants. Underneath, he caught sight of a pair of his own briefs. They covered a very large bulge; much bigger than he was. Tina turned her back to him, and gently worked the briefs down her legs, until they were completely off. He could see that she was wearing a leather harness around her legs and her waist.

She turned to face him now, and he gasped. The strap-on dildo she wore was so realistic, and so big! It made it look like she had the biggest hard-on in the world.

"Oh baby, you're such a pretty girl, you've got me all hard" she said. "That's right Rebecca. You're a girl now. And you're about to learn just how a woman feels in bed."

She took out a tube of some kind of gel, and she applied a large glob to her hand. She put it onto the strap-on she wore, and started to rub it all over. She made a circle out of her first finger and her thumb, and pulled it up and down, as if she was a man jerking himself off!

"I want you so much babe!" she said. "Put your hands on the bed, and bend over for me."

She sounded so authoritative! Ronald didn't want to do that though, and he hesitated. She gave him a quick hard slap on his rear.

"Now! You will obey your man! Don't make me have to punish you!"

Ronald was almost in tears as he bent over. What happened to his Tina? She had completely transformed somehow, and she seemed so in control now. He felt like he didn't have a choice. All that he was wearing made him feel so weak. Seeing her look like she had a huge penis (one far larger than his!) made him feel inadequate. As he bent over, he did feel like a woman.

With the lubricant applied, Tina's strap-on slid easily into Ronald. She was very soft and gentle at first, using very slow shallow thrusts, so she wouldn't hurt him. But once she was all the way in, she really let loose, and started to thrust into him harder and harder. She felt so in control! She was so turned on!

Tina reached around her husband, and grabbed onto his erect penis. She used her hand on him, which was still covered with the residue of the lubricating gel. She rubbed him there, harder and harder.

"You're a woman now" she said. "*My* woman. You belong to me in every way. Bit by bit, I am going to feminize you, until even you will think you're a woman. That's right dear. I'm going to make you grow boobs. I'm going to make you become pretty. You're going to dress like a girl, even in public. From now on, you'll always be in panties. You'll always wear a bra, even when you're off on one of your business trips. There is no going back; you will become a woman for me."

"I...." started Ronald in protest.

"Silence!" said Tina, squeezing his manhood so hard that it hurt. "I am fully in control of you. If you even dare to disobey me in anything, I will leave you forever. And not just that; I'm going to leave you for another woman. That's right. All of your friends will know that you drove me over to the other side. You'll never get laid again, once everyone knows that I left you for another woman. Or we can stay together, as I slowly alter your mind and your body, just like I did to your pictures."

"I can explain those..." he started to say, before she cut him off again.

"That does not matter Rebecca. That is in the past. I will forgive you. All I need for you to do now, is to admit to me that you want to be a woman. Admit to me that you want me to control you and every aspect of your life. Tell me that on the inside, you are already female. Tell me that you want to be my woman."

"I want to be your woman" said Ronald in a whisper. "I want you to control me, and turn me into a woman. I want to be a woman. I want to be your woman."

"Very good" said Tina. "Now tell me what your real name is."

"I am Rebecca" said Ronald.

"And one more thing Rebecca. I want you to tell me that I am your man. I want you to tell me that you want for me to be your man."

"I want you to be my man" said Ronald.

"Yes darling Rebecca, I am your man" she said. "I will be your man. As you become more and more feminine, I am going to become more and more your man. I'm going to transform myself, to become strong and masculine, in looks and in personality. Maybe when you get your dick cut off, I'll have them create one for me."

She gave one final deep thrust, and applied just the right pressure on his penis, that he couldn't help but to come in a massive eruption. She made him lick it up, then get a towel to clean up the rest. When he was done with that, she put panties on him for the first time, removed his teddy, and then covered him up with a pretty yellow floral dress.

She laid back on the bed, and spread her legs wide open. Her strap-on still stood up at attention, but now he noticed that there was a slit below it, exposing her pussy. She pointed down there, first making him suck on the strap-on.

"Don't worry dear, I changed it out for a clean one. Suck me there, then you can move down and suck my pussy."

He felt like gagging with the large dildo in his mouth. She held his head, making sure he got it all the way back in his throat.

"That feels so good Rebecca!" she said in a low moan. "I promise I won't come in your mouth baby."

When she thought he had enough, she let him move down and lick her wet pussy. But she made him take his hand, and move it on her strap-on did, as if he was jerking her off. She told him how good that felt for him to jerk her off like that, and she told him that he'd be doing that a lot, from now on.

* * *

When Ronald finally got into bed, he noticed that Tina had close to sleep with a shirt on, but with no pants, so he could see her strap-on. She had him put his hand around it, as she kissed him goodnight.

"We have a busy day tomorrow Rebecca" she said. "We've got to get rid of all that awful hair on your legs and your body. And then we'll go get your nails done, your eyebrows plucked, and pick up some birth control pills, so you can start getting the female hormones you need in your body. You've taken your first big step towards womanhood today. But tomorrow, we'll pick up the pace. I love you Rebecca. Good-night."

"Good night" was all that Ronald could manage to say, as his wife touched him on the chest, placing her hand on his large fake boobs which she said he'd always be wearing from that day forward.

The End?




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