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More Than Valentine's Day
By Janis Elizabeth



In a golden oldie, the singer, a young man, proceeds to tell his girlfriend how they are going to celebrate each of the months of the year. Each month, they will have a special celebration featuring her in some way, whether it is with her being his date to the Senior Prom, being Romeo and Juliet on Halloween, having her be his Easter bunny at Easter or planning her Sweet Sixteen birthday party. He refers to the young lady as his Calendar Girl.

Valerie had just provided my femme persona, Jennifer with a Valentine's Day that I will always treasure. The experiences that she provided would be everything that a cross dresser like me could want and more. Little did I know, after Valerie's most exceptional Valentine's Day treat, that she was planning for me to be her unique Calendar Girl in the upcoming twelve months, as we celebrated holidays or special occasions in an extraordinary way for my feminine alter ego, Jennifer.




Valentine's Day was but a pleasant but now distant memory in my mind. After that singular experience, Valerie had hinted about her idea of having Jennifer, my femme alter ego, enjoy a special feminine experience each month in conjunction with a holiday or special time. Although her idea intrigued me, I really didn't know how she could achieve her goal, even though I was ready to be a willing participant in her plans. At first glance at the calendar, there just seemed to be too many months lacking some special observance or event. Valerie, though, was a very resourceful individual and I knew, in my heart, that she would provide Jennifer with a year to remember.

Valerie always worked on Saturdays as a hair stylist and makeup artist at Women's World Hair Salon and Spa. Even though St. Patrick's Day was considered to be a holiday by some, there was no exception to Saturday's work schedule at the Salon. She did allow for a small change in her routine by wearing something green on this day, in this case, a light green blouse. Since Valentine's Day, while Valerie worked on Saturdays, I would don my white satin lingerie, crinolines, stockings and my red satin maid's uniform and would clean the house and do some laundry. I know that it was a help to her and I know that she appreciated it.

This morning, I was already up and had begun cleaning the house prior to Valerie leaving for work. I reveled in the feel of my satin lingerie under my maid's uniform and the tug of my stockings on my garter belt. The sound of my five-inch heels echoed off the floor as I moved about. Just before she left for work, Valerie stopped and chatted briefly with me. She complimented me on my appearance this morning and said that we would have to add some different color uniforms to my wardrobe. I smiled and said that would be nice. She then asked me if I would stop whatever I was doing in the house by three and get myself cleaned up. She would be home around then and had a surprise planned for the evening. I indicated that I would do as she asked.

When three o'clock rolled around, I had accomplished everything that I had wanted to do. I returned to our room, removed my satin uniform and carefully hung it up. I stepped out of my heels and crinolines and then removed my lingerie. I had just settled into my bath when Valerie got home. She smiled and said for me not to linger too long with my bath, as she had to get me ready for tonight. Upon hearing this, I quickly completed my bath and dried myself off.

Returning to our room, I found Valerie dressed in light green satin lingerie and stockings. On the bed was a matching set for Jennifer to wear. I changed into the green bra, panties, garter belt and slip and put the green tinted stockings on my legs. Valerie had me sit in front of the vanity while she quickly styled my longish hair. She then did my makeup so that it was a match for hers, right down to the green eye shadow on my eyelids. I felt so feminine as she applied several coats of the creamy red lipstick to my lips and then had me blot the excess on to a tissue.

I sat there while Valerie went into her closet and removed two garment bags and two shoeboxes. Each garment bag contained a skirted knit suit in Kelly green (naturally) and a light green, long sleeve satin blouse. I took my garment bag and proceeded to put on my blouse. I slipped it over my head, being careful not to muss up my hair or makeup, and then put my arms into the sleeves. The collarless satin blouse had a single button closure in the back, which I carefully fastened after I buttoned the cuffs on the sleeves. I stepped into the straight, knee-length skirt and drew it around my waist and zipped it up the back. I slid my feet into my new green four-inch heels.

Valerie and I were dressed identically. Green, whether light or dark, was absolutely her color. She looked striking in her green suit. She then handed me my gold necklace, earrings, bracelet and watch to put on. Wearing the clip-on earrings served as an on-going reminder that I should get my ears pierced. Two or three times, Valerie had tried to convince me to have my ears pierced. She said that there were so many more pairs of earrings for pierced ears and that many of the styles looked adorable. I would take care of this oversight soon.

After I was dressed and had my jewelry on, Valerie used her favorite perfume and sprayed us both with the nice feminine scent. As I put on my matching suit jacket, Valerie was preparing my purse. She handed me a matching Kelly green clutch purse for our evening out. We looked like twins identically attired. She drove us to an authentic Irish pub for dinner.

We ordered a traditional meal and had our first glass of green beer that evening. When I put my glass down, I noticed that I had left a trace of my lipstick on the edge. It was still a thrill seeing traces of my lipstick left on my glass. After our meal, we listened to traditional Irish music, sang some of the songs, danced an Irish jig or two and consumed our fair share of green beer. Naturally, the beer required one or two trips to the ladies' room. After each trip, both Valerie and I would check our makeup in the mirror and refresh our lipstick.

Back at the table, we had one of the other patrons take a few pictures of two fair Irish lasses, dressed in their green outfits, enjoying the evening out. Valerie and I beamed as our pictures were taken. We continued to enjoy ourselves at the pub, participating in the singing and dancing until around eleven when Valerie suggested that we return home.

At home, we carefully removed our clothes and hung them up. Valerie produced two light green satin nightgowns for us to wear. As I was putting mine over my head, Valerie adopted an Irish accent and said, "Did my wee colleen Jennifer enjoy her feminine self this evening?" I assured her that I had a wonderful time and thanked her from the bottom of my Irish heart. That night, clad in a green nightgown, I enjoyed snuggling up with Valerie, my satin clad Irish colleen.




When Valerie embarked on her yearlong endeavor to provide a special feminine event for Jennifer, she had set one basic ground rule down, with which I wholeheartedly agreed. We would not have a feminine celebration around a religious holiday, which included Christmas and Easter. However, without centering on a sacred day, she still found a way for Jennifer to experience a special event during the month.

Shortly after Easter, Valerie came home from work, asking me if I could take the entire day of the 25th off. As it was the last Wednesday of the month, I didn't see any problem but checked with my boss to make sure. He said that there was no problem with me taking off the 25th.

The Tuesday night before, Valerie and I wore white satin nightgowns to bed. I tried to get an indication from her as to what was planned for tomorrow. All she would tell was to be patient and see what tomorrow brought for Jennifer. With that, she kissed me good night and snuggled down for a nice night's sleep. I enjoyed having her next to me, our satin clad bodies in close contact as we slept.

The next morning, Valerie had me up and moving early. She told me that a working girl had to be on time for her job and had to present a neat appearance daily. Since I had taken my shower the night before, I just ran a wash cloth over my face. Valerie was starting to put out my outfit. My white satin lingerie and taupe stockings were awaiting me. I quickly had these items on my body, enjoying the sensations as the satin caressed my body. Valerie gave me a quick styling of my hair and did my makeup. Next were a blue skirted suit, a white satin blouse and blue two-inch heels. The skirt again was knee-length. She handed me a matching blue shoulder bag containing my makeup, keys and other necessities.

Valerie then drove me to an office building near her salon. I was to go up to the tenth floor and ask for Mrs. Bauer, who, it turned out was a regular customer of Valerie's. As she kissed me good-bye, she wished me a Happy Secretary's Day. I thought about how would I be a secretary as I went to the tenth floor and located Mrs. Bauer. After I introduced myself to her as Jennifer, she took me to a secretary's desk located just outside of her office. I was to type her correspondence, fortunately on the computer, answer her calls and generally act as her secretary for the day.

I put my purse in the bottom drawer of my desk and started right in. During the morning, several of the girls that worked in the office came over to introduce themselves and to make me feel comfortable on my first day at work. Around ten, one of the girls brought me coffee and we chatted briefly. The typing seemed to be going okay. I would create a letter in standard business format from Mrs. Bauer's notes and, after printing it on company letterhead, put it into a folder for her signature. Answering the phone as Jennifer was something that took me a while to get used to doing. I would either forget the area of the company where I was working or Mrs. Bauer's name as I answered the incoming calls. I put through those calls that my checklist indicated should go right through to her and took messages for Mrs. Bauer's attention for the rest.

At noon, several of us girls went down to the first floor cafeteria for lunch. I picked up a salad and a glass of tea and sat with them, while we ate and chatted. The girls all seemed very nice and were very accepting of me, despite my true lack of secretarial training.

Late in the afternoon, Mrs. Bauer called all of the girls in the office together. She presented each of the girls with a pretty corsage in honor of Secretary's Day. She even presented one to me. She explained to the girls that Jennifer was experiencing her first Secretary's Day. As a matter of fact, Mrs. Bauer continued, she was experiencing her first day working as a secretary. Mrs. Bauer complimented me on how efficiently I handled all of my duties. She felt that I had put in a good first day as a secretary. She took my corsage and carefully pinned it to the lapel of my suit jacket.

Just at that moment Valerie walked in to the area, camera in hand. She took pictures of me, sitting behind my desk, typing on my keyboard. She also took pictures of Mrs. Bauer standing behind me and then took pictures of all of the girls surrounding Mrs. Bauer and I. After the picture taking ended, I reached into my bottom desk drawer for my purse. Mrs. Bauer commended me on a job well done. She looked at me and said that anytime I wanted to be Jennifer full time, she would be happy to have me as her secretary. I thanked her for all of her kindness and said I had enjoyed my Secretary's Day employment.

Valerie thanked Mrs. Bauer for helping out. We then left the office and headed for the comforts of home. What a nice occasion Valerie had arranged for me. While I wasn't a secretary by training, I had managed to do a creditable job in the performance of my duties. It was a special and enjoyable experience for Jennifer, being a secretary and working as one on Secretary's Day. I will also have the dried corsage to as a reminder of this special time.




May presented some problems for Valerie in trying to provide Jennifer with a feminine holiday. The two observed holidays, Mother's Day and Memorial Day were not the type of days that you could really tie in with a unique feminine experience, like she had done for me on Valentine's Day. While I hoped otherwise, I realized that this might be the month that really ended my Calendar Girl experiences before we could get too far into them.

Shortly before Mother's Day, Valerie assured me that Jennifer would have her feminine experience for the month and that it would not involve Mother's Day. Valerie kept me guessing right up to the last weekend of the month. When I started to express my concerns on the Saturday before Memorial Day about a special time for Jennifer, she simply smiled and said that there was still plenty of time left in the month. I should just be patient and see what happens. I reluctantly agreed with her and went about cleaning the house while wearing my red satin maid's uniform and matching lingerie. I must admit that the sound of my heels on the floor did take my mind off of my concerns. After Valerie came home, I changed into a simple skirt and blouse and enjoyed the evening with my lovely wife.

On Sunday morning, Valerie informed me that Jennifer was going to celebrate her special feminine time on Monday. While I knew that Monday was both Memorial Day and my birthday, I had not thought that it would be the special day for Jennifer. I must admit I was a bit surprised when she told me that my birthday was Jennifer's special time. She noted my surprise and just smiled at me when I tried to get more information from her. I would simply have to wait until the morning to find out what was in store for Jennifer.

Monday morning started out as a beautiful, sunny day. Valerie kissed me to wake me up and wished me a happy birthday. I needed to quickly get cleaned up and get dressed for what was ahead. My shower was soon out of the way and I appeared in our room to find out what Valerie had planned. First, she had laid out a white satin bra, panties, garter belt and nude stockings for me. Next, there was an ankle-length, white satin slip that hugged my body as it slid into place. After I donned my lingerie, Valerie took over, first doing my hair in a delightful style using brush, comb and mousse and then doing my makeup. When I looked in the mirror at her completed handiwork, I realized how glamorous and beautiful she had made my face.

Valerie produced a garment bag with a full crinoline and a lovely light blue gown. Before donning the crinoline and gown, I slid the matching four-inch heels onto my stockinged feet. Next, I stepped into the crinoline and had Valerie adjust and secure it around my waist. She then helped me into my gown, a lovely satin creation, sleeveless with a square neckline, fitted bodice and a full skirt. After zipping up the back of the gown, Valerie helped me put pearl studs into my ears and a single strand pearl necklace around my neck. I was then sprayed with some perfume. Finally, Valerie helped me into a pair of white satin, elbow length gloves.

I looked absolutely stunning standing there in my gown before the mirror, but I had no idea what I was experiencing. At Valerie's direction, I carefully sat at her vanity, smoothing the gown under me as I sat. Valerie produced a tiara and fitted it on my head. Next, she produced a sash proclaiming me "Miss ----------." She put it over my head so that one end rested on my shoulder and the other rested at my waist.

Valerie told me that parades are usually held on Memorial Day in our community. Beverly, the Chair of this year's event was another of her regular customers. After giving her a brief overview of Jennifer and what Valerie was trying to do, she had asked Beverly if I could ride in this year's parade as a beauty queen. After giving the idea some thought, she agreed to Valerie's request. She took Valerie's assurances that I would truly look like a beauty queen. I would be in today's parade, sitting in the back of an open convertible; smiling and waving to the crowd like a regular beauty queen. I reached out and hugged my wonderful wife for her absolutely unique idea.

Valerie drove me to the assembly area for the parade. Beverly saw us approach and greeted Valerie warmly. As she looked me over, she smiled and nodded approvingly at my appearance. She led me over to my car and helped me get into the back. I actually sat on the back deck, with my feet planted firmly on the rear seat. This gave me some elevation so that all of the parade watchers would be able to see me.

I didn't have long to wait for the parade to begin. I was beaming as I rode down the parade route, cheerfully waving to everyone. Valerie had a good position near the beginning of the parade and took several pictures as I slowly rode past. After passing the reviewing stand, anyone that was riding in a car, as I was, got out and joined the reviewers on the stand. I lifted the full skirt of my gown and my crinoline as I carefully climbed the steps of the reviewing stand. Beverly had a seat reserved for me, right beside her. I smoothed my gown under me and carefully sat. After I was seated, she leaned over and told me that I made a lovely beauty queen in my gown. I blushed at her comments.

After the parade ended, we all left the reviewing stand. Again, I carefully held my gown and crinoline as I descended the steps. When Valerie arrived to pick me up, Beverly said how nice it was to have Jennifer as a part of the parade. With that, she turned and gave me a big hug and thanked me for being a part of the Memorial Day festivities. Again I blushed over her kind words, although I did express my thanks to her for allowing me to be included.

When we got home, Valerie wanted to take a few close-ups of me in my gown before she would allow me to change. Posing for Valerie as a beauty queen was enjoyable. When she finished the roll of film, I changed into a comfortable skirt and blouse. We just took it easy the rest of the day, going out for a light dinner early in the evening. That night, before I fell asleep, I thought about Valerie and marveled at her resourcefulness. So far, she definitely had given Jennifer a special feminine experience each month.




When I first looked ahead to June, I wondered what Valerie could possibly have in store so that Jennifer could celebrate a holiday. Clearly, Father's Day was out of the question although, after Memorial Day, I thought there might be a possibility for something on Flag Day. However, I did overlook the most obvious of events usually associated with June.

During the first week of June, Valerie asked me if I would be able to take off that following Wednesday. I told her that I didn't see a problem, as I was caught up on all of my projects at work. However, I would check with my boss and make sure. My boss didn't have any problem with me taking off then so I told Valerie that Wednesday was fine. I asked her what she had planned. She gave me an impish smile and said that I would just have to wait and see.

Wednesday morning, I was up bright and early, although not of my own choosing. Valerie told me I had to get up because we had a lot of things to do on my day off. I grumbled good-naturedly about the early hour of the day, but I willingly headed into the bathroom for my shower. When I returned to our room after my shower, I had my towel around my body like a woman and I smelled of lilac bath talc, a nice feminine scent. Valerie had laid my outfit on the bed.

I put on my white satin garter belt, fastening it around my waist. Satin panties were next, along with the necessary sanitary pad. I carefully slid my nylons up my smooth legs and fastened them securely to my garter tabs. Just as I was finished putting on my satin bra and adjusting my breast forms when Valerie walked into the room. "My lovely Jennifer. I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised with your special holiday." I just looked at her quizzically, not sure where she was going with this. However, I put on my straight skirt, my satin, short sleeve blouse and my two-inch heels. I was ready to begin my makeup when Valerie told me not to worry about that for now. "Just get your purse and let's go."

Valerie drove, as I had no ID for Jennifer. The ID that I carried in my purse was for my male being, Ray. Neither of us wanted to be stopped for a traffic violation with me en femme and not having valid identification. Soon, we pulled up in front of the Women's World Hair Salon and Spa, which was where Valerie worked. When I looked at her, she assured me this would be a part of my holiday. Amy, my stylist from Valentine's Day, was waiting for us. She gave me a big hug, told me how nice I looked and said that she had missed seeing me. With that, she took me to the changing area, where I took off my skirt, blouse and heels and put on a pink salon smock and pink slippers. When I emerged, Valerie, armed with her camera, took a few pictures.

Amy proceeded to cover me with a shampoo cape and then washed and conditioned my hair. While she rolled it up, she told me how lovely my hair was. She asked if I would consider having it permed and lightened one time. I told her that I would definitely consider taking advantage of more of the salon's services, including having a perm. Amy smiled at my answer. While I dried, I read an article about choosing and using proper makeup during the summer. I had to remember to ask Valerie what Jennifer's makeup should be for the summer months.

When I was dry, Amy started working her styling magic, first on my face and then on my hair. My makeup was expertly applied. My blush covered my cheekbones. Mascara was combed onto my lashes, making them look fuller and longer. Eye shadow was applied to my lids and highlighted my eyes. The creamy red lipstick that was applied gave my lips a fuller appearance.

Amy removed the rollers and started to brush and style my hair. When she finished and had applied hairspray, I saw that she had styled bangs over my forehead. My hair had fullness and body and framed my face. It had been styled so that the ends flipped under. I was amazed when I viewed the finished product. Valerie had been taking pictures throughout. She looked at me and told me how great I looked. Naturally I beamed at her compliment. I settled my bill with Amy, making sure also to give her a nice tip. I thanked her and told her that I would set up an appointment for some additional services.

Valerie then drove us home. I was still unsure of the holiday we were celebrating, but I was going to enjoy it regardless. Valerie had me wait in our living room while she got out my outfit. After an interminable wait, which actually was no more than five minutes, Valerie told me to come back to our room. When I walked in, I saw the bed covered with white. Valerie smiled at me and told me that I was going to be a June bride. Not only that, I was going to wear her wedding gown. I stopped for a moment and thought back to our wedding day and how beautiful Valerie looked in white as she came down the aisle toward me. Now, she was giving me the chance to wear her wonderful dress.

Valerie helped me remove my clothes, making sure I did not ruin my hair or my makeup. She did have me keep the white satin garter belt and bra on. She handed me a pair of white satin and lace panties that were covered with wedding bell satin appliques. I put them on, making sure to properly tuck myself in and then position my pad accordingly. Next was a pair of white bridal stockings, covered with doves and wedding bells. I carefully slid them up my legs and fastened them to my garters. Before proceeding, I put the blue bridal garter on my leg and positioned it at the top of my stocking.

I put on white four-inch heels and then a luscious ankle-length white satin slip that was covered with lace at both the bodice and at the hem. I inadvertently shivered as the slip slid into place on my body. Valerie had me step into her bridal crinoline, which she helped position around my waist and secured it in place. Finally, the moment that I had desired all of my TV life. I would be wearing a satin and lace wedding gown. Valerie lifted it up and helped to lower it over my head and down onto my body. She lifted the front of the gown so that I could put my arms into the short sleeves. She then patiently buttoned up the back of the gown, while I fussed with the skirt and the crinoline. When she finished, she had me carefully sit down in front of her vanity while she attached my headpiece and veil. She pinned the Juliet cap headpiece to my hair and then straightened out the veil.

When I stood to look at my reflection in the mirror, I looked and felt so totally and wonderfully feminine. The bodice of the gown was covered with lace and seed pearls. The sweetheart neckline gave a brief glimpse of my cleavage. The full skirt flowed over the crinoline. My veil had a fingertip blusher. After giving me the once over, Valerie told me that I looked as beautiful in her gown as she had. I disagreed with that because Valerie was absolutely gorgeous in her wedding gown. Nevertheless, I thanked her for her compliment. Valerie then helped me with my gloves and my accessories. The gloves were white satin and elbow-length. My earrings were pearl studs and my necklace was a single strand of pearls that had belonged to Valerie's grandmother.

After applying perfume, Valerie went through the bride's checklist with me. "The something old is your pearls. The something new are your satin gloves, as mine had yellowed from age and did not look right. The borrowed, of course, is your gown. The blue is your garter. You are all set to be photographed."

She led me to the living room and posed me many different ways while she took pictures for my album, including the bridal portrait that usually appeared in the newspapers. It felt so heavenly wearing Valerie's gown and veil, being photographed as if I were a true June bride, smiling and feeling very pretty with my hair and makeup professionally done.

Valerie shot two rolls of film while I was dressed as a bride. However, with the last of my bridal shots, it was time for me to change out of our wedding gown. I was disappointed that the time had flown by so quickly. However, with the number of pictures Valerie had taken, I could at least relive the experience. She also hinted that we might take turns wearing her wedding gown in the future. As I got down to my bra and panties, Valerie produced a box from her closet. When I opened it, I found a lovely white negligee, with a sheer peignoir and a fitted white nightgown with spaghetti straps. Needless to say, I wore that to bed that night as Valerie and I reenacted the first night of our honeymoon.




When you look at July, you naturally see the major holiday as Independence Day. However, when the Fourth passed with no feminine holiday experiences for Jennifer, I was a bit perplexed. Granted it was a midweek holiday, and we did the traditional things like have a cookout for some of Valerie's co-workers at the salon, attend the local parade and watch the fireworks, but there were no feminine fireworks for Jennifer.

I figured that Valerie just had no idea how to celebrate a feminine Fourth. While Jennifer was now a regular part of both of our lives, I was a little disappointed that July would hold nothing special. One day, maybe I would learn to be more patient and trusting in my wife's talent and ability, for she had a true feminine Independence Day experience planned for Jennifer, only not on the Fourth but on the fourteenth.

I had forgotten that July 14 was Bastille Day, or more appropriately, the French Independence Day. However, Valerie had not forgotten and planned accordingly. She awoke me at seven, telling me that Jennifer had a big day planned and we had to get moving. After my shower, I put on new white satin lingerie, loaded with lace, French lace, of course. I put on a red satin blouse, a straight blue knit skit and a white belt and white heels.

Valerie told me that the first part of my holiday experience was "for her pretty French Girl to have a new coiffure." She took me to her salon, where Amy was waiting for me. She had me change into the salon smock and slippers, making sure I removed my stockings when I changed. She then led me to her private styling station where I was covered with a shampoo cape. Amy reclined me so that my neck rested on the shampoo bowl. She then proceeded to give me a very relaxing shampoo. After rinsing out the residue, she applied a hair rinse to my hair to lighten the color a little. After leaving that in for a while, she rinsed my hair, conditioned it and wrapped a towel around it.

Amy faced me away from the mirror while she worked on my hair. She had my feet soaking so that she could do my pedicure while my perm took. I handed her the end papers she needed each time she was ready to put another perm rod in place. She asked me if I was enjoying all of Jennifer's experiences. I assured her that every one of them, so far, had been wonderful. She then wrapped cotton around the outer edge of my perm rods. After handing me a towel for my eyes, she proceeded to saturate each perm rod with solution. When all were soaked, she covered them with a large plastic bag that she held closed with a large hair clip.

Amy set the timer and then started on my pedicure. She cleaned and filed each nail, finally applying two coats of red polish. My perm had processed so Amy applied the neutralizer to my hair. Again the timer was set for the neutralizer. Amy had just finished my pedicure when the timer rang. She then removed the perm rods and rinsed the rest of the neutralizer out. Using her blow dryer, brush and comb, she styled my freshly permed hair into a fluffy, curly style. She finally allowed me to see the end result. My hair was very curly, full and several shades lighter than when I had come in. In a word, my hair looked GREAT!

Working quickly and carefully, Amy then did my manicure, painting my fingernails the same color as my toes. Finally, she did my makeup to perfection. I loved the look of the blush coloring my cheeks and the mascara and eye shadow highlighting my eyes. As always, I enjoyed the creamy feel and taste of the lipstick that covered my lips. Amy had outdone herself in making me look pretty and I thanked her for her talent. Again a nice tip was included to show Amy that I truly appreciated what she had done for me.

Valerie met me at the front, telling me how nice I looked. She had marked off of her book early today, so that we could leave together. Still, she had managed to work on several of her regular customers.

As we walked to the car, I am not sure that I heard the sound of my heels hitting the pavement. I surely must have been floating on air. When we got home, Valerie had a big box waiting for me. Inside was a lovely set of white satin lingerie including white ruffled panties, a red crinoline, red apron and maid's cap, red stockings and a royal blue satin French maid's uniform trimmed in white. Also, there was a pair of matching blue five-inch heels.

My questioning look caused Valerie to explain that today was Bastille Day. My uniform was in the same colors as in the French tricolor. I was celebrating a French holiday by being a French maid. I quickly saw the logic of her reasoning and went to change into my pretty new clothes. I was quickly back in the living room, every inch the proper French maid. My new uniform fit perfectly and looked and felt great. My starched crinoline kept my skirt out so that my garters and the tops of my red stockings were visible.

Valerie posed me in different positions, pretending that I was cleaning the furniture using a big feather duster. She took one picture after another, making sure to get an occasional picture of me stretching up to reach high or bending over, so that my pretty panties would be seen. After the picture session, I stayed in the uniform for the rest of the day serving as Valerie's personal maid, a task that I simply adored. I enjoyed the softness of the uniform and the lingerie on my body. At bedtime, Valerie and I donned satin nightgowns covered with French lace. As she kissed me, she asked if my French celebration was enjoyable. I looked in her eyes and said, "Oui, Madame, your lovely French maid Jennifer enjoyed her new uniform, lingerie and especially her new coiffure. Thank you, Madame, for the wonderful day." We then spent the rest of that night being as amorous as the French.




Valerie and I had coordinated our schedules, so that we were able to schedule a week's vacation at the ocean. We had rented a place near the beach, where we could be by ourselves if we so desired. As the time approached for our vacation, I wondered to myself how Valerie was going to define a feminine holiday for Jennifer in a month that had no truly defined holidays.

Valerie had packed our suitcases. As I loaded the car, I asked Valerie if she had packed a few things so that Jennifer might appear during our week away. Her response was simply an impish and enigmatic smile. I then proceeded to drive us to the beach. We arrived safely and unpacked the car. After we were settled in, Valerie suggested that we change our clothes and go out for dinner.

I went to our room and opened the part of the dresser that I thought was mine. When I saw that it contained what I presumed were Valerie's things, I started to close the drawer. Valerie stood there smiling and said that I was looking in the correct drawer and those were Jennifer's things for the week. She then explained that she had to come up with a unique idea for Jennifer's feminine holiday in August. She reminded me that the British referred to their vacations as holidays. Valerie had simply borrowed the term holiday and applied it to our vacation. I was going to be Jennifer for the entire week. The mere thought of enjoying this pleasure thrilled me beyond words. Now you understand one of the reasons why I am so madly in love with this woman. She is constantly thinking of new experiences for my Jennifer.

I quickly changed out of my male attire. Since we were at the beach, I chose not to wear stockings or a garter belt. Instead, I wore my satin bra and panties and a nice light blue shirtwaist dress. Instead of heels, I wore nice open toed sandals. It was a thrill to look down at my feet and see my bright red toenails through my sandals. After applying my makeup and quickly doing my hair, we were off to dinner.

Valerie asked if I was surprised that our vacation would be Jennifer's feminine holiday. I indicated that I was surprised but very pleased that Valerie and Jennifer would be able to spend the entire week together. She smiled at me and said she couldn't wait to see me in a one-piece bathing suit. I told her that I was looking forward to it. We then had an enjoyable evening, first at dinner at a restaurant within walking distance of our cottage and then enjoying the ocean breezes blowing around our skirts as we strolled the Boardwalk. When we went to bed that night, each of us wore short satin nightgowns, both for the feel and for the comfort.

The next morning, we moved about rather leisurely. After a simple and easy breakfast, we prepared for the beach. My bathing suit was a print with a small attached skirt at the waist. The back had a deep U-cut so that you could tan more. After properly tucking myself in, I stepped into my first women's bathing suit. I felt wonderful as I pulled the straps up onto my shoulders and inserted my breast forms into the lightly padded bra cups. Valerie complimented me on my feminine appearance. I then put on a very lightweight top and skirt as a covering over my suit.

Valerie had packed a bag with our towels, sunglasses, magazines and books, some snacks, her camera and some sun lotion. She also had two old-fashioned, white, rubber bathing caps if we wanted to go swimming and not get our hair wet. We spent the day on the beach, soaking up the sun. Valerie took a few pictures of me in my new bathing suit. She even had me don one of the bathing caps for a picture or two. Late in the afternoon, I moved the straps of my suit a little. There were tan lines outlining my suit. I was so happy to have tan lines that were defined by my women's bathing suit.

The rest of the week flew by all too quickly. Valerie had gotten me a second suit that I could alternate with. This one was a solid color in pink with high leg cutouts. It felt so nice to wear either of these feminine suits while reclining on the beach. When not on the beach, we wore skirts and blouses or simple shirtwaist dresses with our satin lingerie. Valerie and I were like two women, whether it was lying on the beach, shopping or feeling the gentle ocean breezes swirl around our skirts as we walked. Valerie also shot five rolls of film during the week, recording Jennifer's different outfits and activities at the beach. By the time we had to leave, Jennifer had enjoyed a week of freedom; Valerie had enjoyed a week of Jennifer; and I had enjoyed being Jennifer for the entire time. I was sad to see the end of such a wonderful week. However, I knew that Jennifer still had many feminine holidays to experience.




Labor Day, the traditional end to summer, is a holiday established to honor all of the working people for their contributions to society. When I looked at this holiday, I was hard pressed to figure out how Valerie was going to create a feminine experience for Jennifer. Obviously, I had taken the wrong meaning of the word "Labor."

Valerie and I slept later than usual that first Monday. When we awoke, she suggested that I take a leisurely bath while she prepared for Jennifer's holiday. I readily agreed and headed for the bathroom. With sweet smelling bath oils in the water and several aroma candles lit around the tub for atmosphere, I relaxed in my bath. Finally, when I felt the water temperature cooling down, I decided to end this delightful experience. Drying and dusting myself, I proceeded to our room with a towel wrapped discretely around me. Valerie had gotten dressed, straightened the room and was waiting there for me.

She handed me my lingerie for me to put on. The panties had an extra stretch panel in the front, the bra was a nursing bra, the stockings were support stockings and the slip did not flow in the straight smooth lines that my slips usually did. I was really wondering what was up when Valerie produced the empathy belly for me to wear. This is a device that can be worn, sometimes by the expectant mother's significant other, to give the person a sense of what the body feels like when one is pregnant. An inflatable bladder can be filled with various amounts of fluid to simulate the different stages of the pregnancy. Valerie smiled and told me that she was starting me off three months pregnant and I would advance through my pregnancy from there.

With the empathy belly in place, Valerie had me put on a white satin maternity blouse with a big floppy bow and a green maternity jumper. She suggested that, since I was now pregnant, I might want to wear lower heeled shoes, maybe one or two-inches. I said I would consider her suggestion. She then combed my hair into a delightful style and applied light makeup.

Throughout the day, she increased the fluid in the bladder so that I moved through four, five, etc. months. She neglected to tell me that the pressure from the belly would put added pressure on my own bladder. I think I spent more time in the bathroom that afternoon, with my maternity dress and slip up and my panties down than I had the previous week.

In the late afternoon, Valerie suggested that I put on a pretty maternity dress and that we go out to dinner. She was already in a lovely pale yellow satin sheath that fit her well. She helped me change into a green, short sleeve maternity dress with white smocking. She also inflated the bladder to where I was simulating being eight and a half months pregnant.

I moved slowly, and with great difficulty toward the car. I felt like a blimp as I tried getting into the passenger seat. I was having renewed appreciation for what women went through when they were pregnant. At the restaurant, I ate and drank lightly so as not to have to spend too much time in the ladies room. Several of the women we met asked when I was due and if it was my first. I answered as best I could. They wished me a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

When we got home, I finally knew what the "Labor" in this day meant. Valerie helped me get ready for bed, including helping me out of the belly. That night, I even wore a nursing nightgown to bed. However, in bed, I was treated as the newborn as I spent the better part of the evening nursing on my wife's lovely breasts.




The traditional month of goblins, ghosts and witches had arrived. What could be better than having Jennifer dress for a costume party? Although Halloween fell during the middle of the week, I was sure that we would work around that. Valerie not only shared my idea of a costume party but also planned to have the party the Sunday before Halloween at our place. We would have several of her co-workers and their dates over for an evening of fun, games and costumes. Valerie and I agreed that we would hire a caterer who would take care of the food and cleaning up afterwards. All we had to worry about was cleaning and decorating the house and selecting our costumes. I would handle the cleaning and the decorating while Valerie chose our costumes.

The day before the party, while Valerie was at work, I dressed in my new royal blue satin French maid's uniform, matching satin lingerie and heels and proceeded to clean the house and make it ready for the party on Sunday afternoon. I still had no idea what Jennifer's or Valerie's costume would be. As I moved through the house, first cleaning and then hanging the decorations in place, I enjoyed the feel of my crinoline as it brushed my stocking tops and the tug of my stockings with each step. I loved the way my heels made my legs look. Every so often, I would pose in front of the mirror, admiring my legs, my stockings and the view of my panties as I bent over. Valerie liked the way the house looked but absolutely loved me in my new blue uniform. I sighed as she slid her hand under my skirt and caressed my pantied bottom.

The next morning, we started getting ready for the party. The caterer arrived early so that she could set up everything. Valerie and I went to put on our costumes. The first garment I saw was a full white satin corset. Although I had some doubts about a corset, I knew that Valerie had made Jennifer look special in the past, so I was going to trust her. Valerie wrapped the corset around me. Once it was hooked, she started lacing me into it. As she drew it tighter, she told me to take shallower breaths, so that I could breathe and would not pass out. I could feel my flesh being squeezed down to my hips and up into the bra portion of the corset. By the time Valerie was finished lacing me up, my waist had been reduced to 24 inches and enough loose flesh had been squeezed into my bra that I had a naturally filled C-cup without the need for my breast inserts.

Since I had difficulty bending, due to the corset, Valerie bent down and helped me with my stockings and panties. She drew the nude stockings up my leg and attached them to the garters of the corset. The white satin panties were drawn up my legs and positioned properly. The required pad was properly positioned between my legs. Valerie then started to help me into the rest of my costume. A blue satin camisole covered the upper part of my corset and a pair of blue satin bloomers covered the bottom and extended to below the knee. My shoes were two-inch heels. I then stepped into two crinolines that were piled together on the floor. Valerie positioned each at my waist and secured them in place with the drawstring. Finally, Valerie helped me into my dress, an antebellum satin gown with v-neckline that was worn off the shoulders. The narrow waist and full skirt gave me an indication of why I had to wear the corset and crinolines. With the heavy dress, I moved very slowly. Valerie caressed my satin covered sides and complimented me on my very small feminine waist.

In a half-sitting, half-standing position, I allowed Valerie to put a wig on my head and to do my makeup. The wig was styled in the same manner that women of the late 1850's would wear their hair, complete with large curls throughout. My makeup, however, made my face look like the current time rather than the antebellum period. She handed me a matching silk parasol, "to keep the sun from freckling my skin." The finishing touch was the silver locket that Valerie placed around my neck.

Valerie quickly changed into her costume, which was a light blue satin French maid's uniform with matching heels and lingerie. She looked absolutely great. I loved the look of her uniform and could not wait to try it on later. She was ready a few minutes before our guests arrived. Five of the girls from the salon and their dates showed up. The girls' costumes included a flapper, a nurse, a harem girl, a witch and a devil. Their dates showed up in super hero costumes. All expect Jack, who was Sally's date. He came dressed as Cinderella wearing a white satin gown, satin elbow-length gloves and a tiara over his curly blond wig. While he tried to claim that Sally had been behind his wearing the gown, I could see that both were enjoying having him en femme. Although he had doubts about how he would look, Sally assured him that he would look great. She had done his makeup perfectly. I asked if he was wearing satin lingerie under the gown. He blushed at first and then nodded, saying how wonderful it felt against his skin. Jack did admit that, even after Sally overcame his initial reluctance to wear a gown, it took a few minutes to learn to walk in heels. I smiled in silent understanding.

The rest of the party was uneventful. We talked. We played some games like charades. We enjoyed the wonderful refreshments that had been supplied. I was enjoying wearing my gown and I loved the feel of the crinolines as they moved. Valerie filled her maid's uniform well and looked good wearing it. Sally and Jack were the first to leave. Sally confided to Valerie and I that she had a lovely white satin negligee that she was just dying to have Jack wear. She even had a matching set for herself. We nodded in understanding and said that she had to tell us how he looked wearing it. She said she would.

Soon, the other couples left. The caterer quickly cleaned up and departed and my lovely maid Valerie led her Scarlet O'Hara back to the bedroom to change. She helped me out of the gown and crinolines. At last she loosened the corset so that I could breathe. I told her how much I enjoyed the party and that my costume was simply wonderful. With a tinkle in her eyes, Valerie looked at me and said, "Well, tomorrow is another day." Scarlet's closing line from GWTW was our closing line for our Halloween observance. Changing into satin nightgowns, we snuggled down under the covers. Yes, tomorrow would be another day, for Ray, for Valerie and for Jennifer.




November, the month of the traditional Thanksgiving celebration, was now under way. This year, I had even more than usual to be thankful for, especially with the way that Valerie had been supportive of Jennifer and had provided her special feminine experiences.

Early in the month, Valerie told me that Jennifer's feminine experience would be in celebrating Thanksgiving while dressed as a Pilgrim woman. She also said that we would be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. The five couples that celebrated Halloween with us would also be coming over for Thanksgiving afternoon. We both agreed that if we could contract with the caterer to prepare the meal, we would be happy to clean up afterwards.

Valerie and I discussed the things that needed to be done. I would take off the Wednesday before and get the house ready. I would be wearing the light blue satin maid's uniform that Valerie had worn at Halloween while cleaning.

With Thanksgiving occurring at the earliest possible date in the month, it meant that the day bore would get here more quickly. I was up early to bathe and then dress in my new maid's uniform. This was my first chance to wear it since I had seen Valerie wear it last month. I put on the matching lingerie, crinoline, heels and the uniform. It felt as good as it looked. I quickly set at my tasks to clean the house and set the table while Valerie was at work.

Around five in the afternoon, the caterer dropped by with the turkey and all of the fixings for the meal. She gave me specific instructions of time and temperature for cooking what needed to be cooked. The turkey was already sliced and arranged on a platter, which I slid into the refrigerator. All of the dishes were in aluminum pans that could be heated and then discarded after use. Everything was properly refrigerated until it was needed tomorrow.

I had finished preparing the house and had started dinner for us. Since there was time, I changed into a red satin, long sleeve blouse and a full knit skirt in navy that fell to below my knee. I donned a frilly white apron while I finished preparing dinner. Valerie arrived home after a long and tiring day. She was grateful that dinner was ready and that she did not have to worry about anything for tomorrow. After a leisurely dinner, I cleaned the kitchen and then joined Valerie in the den to watch a movie. We retired early, because tomorrow was going to be a busy day.

The next morning, refreshed by a good night's rest and an invigorating shower, Valerie and I started to get dressed. As she got our clothes out, she admitted that she had made certain concessions to today's fashions instead of being completely authentic. She handed me a set of gray satin lingerie and taupe stockings for me to wear. She had a matching set to wear also. We quickly dressed in our new lingerie.

Valerie then produced two long, gray satin petticoats for us to wear. We then did our hair and makeup, competing for the available space in front of the vanity as we always did on these occasions. With hair and makeup finally done, I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as Valerie removed two garment bags from her closet. In each bag was a typical gray dress for a Pilgrim woman, although instead of being made out of cotton, the dress was made of satin. Mine was fitted to the waist with long sleeves and a full flowing skirt. There was a white satin yoke over the top of the dress. Valerie buttoned the back of my dress and then I buttoned the back of hers.

Valerie tied an ankle length white apron around my waist and I did the same for her. Our shoes were four-inch gray heels instead of the more traditional footwear. I was glad that Valerie had changed the fabric to satin and that we could wear heels under our dresses. Lastly, a white cap, usually worn by the women went on my head. Valerie was my mirror image in her attire. Of course, several pictures were taken of me in my outfit to commemorate the day.

We then went out to the kitchen and started to prepare what needed to be for the meal. Our guests started arriving shortly thereafter. Four of the guys were dressed as their Pilgrim forefathers had. All of the girls were dressed in a satin Pilgrim dress, similar to the ones Valerie and I were wearing. Jack, or should I say Jacqui, Sally's boyfriend, was the only guy not dressed like one of the Pilgrim forefathers. Instead, he was wearing the same gray satin dress, makeup and heels that all the rest of us girls were wearing. On his head was a nicely styled blond wig and his Pilgrim's cap. Sally was simply beaming over her Jacqui and his feminine appearance. Jacqui admitted that he had found wearing the Cinderella gown at Halloween to have been a real pleasant experience for both of them. Since then, Sally had helped Jacqui discover the softer, more feminine side of his existence, both through the clothes and through his feelings. While Jacqui still had doubts about what Sally was helping him achieve, he was willing to see how things progressed.

Dinner was your typical feast. None of the guys remarked about either Jacqui or Jennifer's appearance, perhaps having been warned by their girlfriends, perhaps just accepting it without comment. Regardless, there was ample conversation to go along with the fine meal. Afterwards, all of the girls, including Jacqui helped us clean up and put things away. I was enjoying the sensation of the full satin skirt and petticoat moving across my legs as I moved. I could tell that Jacqui was enjoying these very same sensations. Before we rejoined the guys, all of the girls gave Jacqui a big hug of understanding and support. Sally appreciated our expressions of encouragement for her Jacqui.

Finally, everybody felt it was time to leave. Unlike Halloween, Sally and Jacqui were the last to leave rather than the first. The four of us talked about Jennifer and how Valerie had come to accept my femme persona, realizing that there was more to my total being than the clothes that I wore. Sally commented that Jacqui was beginning to enjoy her feminine experiences. For his part, Jacqui said that it was nice to know that there were people that he could talk to about things feminine, such as Valerie and I. Sally said that they were going home and changing into negligees. I could almost see Jacqui beam at the thought.

After bidding them a good night, Valerie and I retired to the den, where we simply sat there in each other's arms, being thankful for all of our blessings. Additionally, I was thankful that Valerie had fully accepted Jennifer and had helped her to have special feminine experiences on so many occasions.




Valerie informed me early in the month that Jennifer's special feminine holiday would be celebrated on News Year's Eve. She told me that we would be going out and celebrating the end of the old year and the beginning of the new one. Our reservations for the evening were already made. When I asked her what I would be wearing, Valerie smiled at me and said that Jennifer would receive her New Year's outfit at Christmas.

The weeks until Christmas flew by. We were both busy, between work and decorating the house. Additionally, I spent some extra time trying to find Valerie the perfect gift for Christmas. Finally, I settled on several things including her favorite (and mine also) perfume, several sets of satin lingerie and two lovely negligees. Especially in shopping for the negligees, I simply bought what I would have liked to wear, because Valerie and I shared the same tastes, not only in sleepwear but also in all of our clothes.

On Christmas morning, we arose from our slumber clad in form-fitting, white satin nightgowns. Valerie, as always, looked terrific, whether it was in an evening gown or a nightgown. We put on our sheer peignoirs over our nightgown and went to exchange our presents. I handed Valerie hers to open first. She loved the lingerie and thought the negligees were absolutely beautiful. She always appreciated receiving her favorite perfume on any occasion.

Valerie then handed me a big box, wrapped in silver paper and tied with pink ribbon. She told me that my New Year's Eve attire was inside. I quickly and carefully removed the ribbon and paper and removed the box lid. First, I found a set of golden satin lingerie, including a strapless bra/slip, garter belt and panties. I kidded Valerie about whether Jennifer would be able to wear strapless undergarments. She smiled back at me and said that I could probably manage it.

Next were a pair of gold colored shoes with four-inch heels, a gold evening bag, gold jewelry, white satin, elbow-length gloves and a sheer golden shoulder wrap. Finally, there was a gold lame` column gown. The top of the gown was created toga-style with a single wide shoulder strap flowing into the bodice of the gown. I reached over and hugged Valerie for her wonderful presents. I could hardly wait for New Year's Eve so that I could wear my new fashions.

New Year's Eve fell on a Monday this year. Normally, Valerie would be off as Mondays were her regularly scheduled days off. However, this Monday, everybody was working because all of the customers wanted special hairdos for the evening's festivities. However, Valerie informed me that we had our appointments for two in the afternoon for our special hairdos. The salon would be closed then and all of the girls in the salon would be doing each other's hair. Amy would do my hair while Sally did Valerie's hair. All of the girls in the salon knew about Jennifer and how, in fact, Jennifer was actually Valerie's husband en femme. They all just accepted me as another of the girls.

I arrived just before two. Some of the girls already had their hair up on rollers and were sitting under the dryers. Valerie was getting her long hair rolled up by Sally, whose head was also covered with rollers. Amy proceeded to wash my hair and roll it. We talked about our New Year's plans. Amy said that she and her boyfriend were just going over to a friend's house to await the New Year. She asked about our plans and seemed quite happy to hear that Valerie and I were dressing up and going out. She said she would ask me about my gown after I was dry.

I sat beside Valerie, who had been under the dryer for some time while my hair was being rolled. We sat there holding hands while our hair dried. All of the girls smiled at us as they walked past. Sally took Valerie to finish styling her hair while I finished drying. Amy came and got me and took me to her styling station. As she styled my hair, she asked me about my gown. I described both the lovely gold gown that Valerie had gotten me and my new gold satin lingerie. Amy told me how nice my gown sounded and she wanted a complete rundown on our evening during my next appointment including seeing a few pictures. I smiled and said there might be one or two details that I might leave out. She laughingly agreed to that condition.

My hair was styled with the ends curled under, bangs over my forehead, my hair framing my face and off of my ears. Valerie had a more elaborate style complete with curls and ringlets cascading down her head. As we left, Amy reminded me that she wanted to hear all the details about tonight. I simply smiled at her.

At home, Valerie and I started to change into our evening attire. She put on silver satin lingerie complete with the strapless bra/slip while I put on my gold satin attire. We competed for space at the vanity as we did our makeup. I had become somewhat proficient at doing Jennifer's makeup over the last few months. Valerie offered me an occasional suggestion as I applied my cosmetics. After I carefully applied my lipstick and blotted my lips, I looked at my face to make sure that I had not used excessive makeup. I felt that I had created a feminine appearance with powder, blush, mascara, shadow and lipstick. Valerie complimented me on how nice I looked.

I slid my heels on my feet and then put on my gown. While it was not skintight, it did fit snugly. Although I was a bit apprehensive about wearing a strapless bra, Valerie assured me that I would have no problems. Valerie was wearing a gown that matched mine, except hers was in silver. Our jewelry, even down to our pierced earrings matched our gowns, mine in gold, Valerie's in silver. Putting on our gloves and placing our wraps over our shoulders, we were off to party into the New Year.

The dinner that was served that evening was excellent. After dinner, the band started playing a variety of music ranging from the old standards of the 40's to some of today's up-tempo hits. Since it was a big party, nobody seemed to notice or care when Valerie and I would dance together. I enjoyed dancing with her on some of the slow numbers, although I had to get used to having her lead. On a few occasions, as we held each other, I could feel her hands slide down my back and caress my bottom. I sighed gently in her ear at each of her touches. As we moved about, I loved the way the golden fabric seemed to shimmer over my body. The effect was the same observing Valerie's silver material shimmer on her.

At midnight, we celebrated with horns, noisemakers, confetti and a champagne toast. Valerie and I proceeded to dance to various numbers for another hour before we left to return home. While I carefully smoothed my gown under me as I gracefully entered the car, I looked at Valerie and thanked her for the wonderful New Year's Eve. At home, we changed into new negligees, Valerie's in silver satin, mine in gold satin and snuggled up next to each other in bed. Valerie had continued her calendar experiences and had given Jennifer a delightful New Year's Eve.




The New Year dawned bright and sunny, although not too early for some of us after having celebrated New Year's Eve into the wee small hours of the morning. While I loved every opportunity that I had to be Jennifer and I appreciated Valerie for giving Jennifer more feminine experiences on holidays and special days, I was hoping that this holiday would be one where I would be allowed to catch up on lost sleep. Valerie, though, woke me at the unearthly (?) hour of 9:00 am and reminded me that Jennifer had another feminine holiday to experience today.

I gradually roused myself from bed and slowly headed for the shower to revive. Fortunately, the shower helped get me awake. It then dawned on me that Jennifer was going to have another big day. After I dried myself off, I applied a generous amount of the lilac dusting talc. It smelled so nice and made me feel so feminine each time I used it. Again Valerie was waiting for me in our room as I returned.

White satin panties and a white satin bra were already laid out on the bed for me. I put them on, adjusting my breast forms in the bra and properly tucking and padding myself in my panties. A lacy, white satin camisole slid over my upper body. Valerie sat me down at her vanity and addressed my hair and makeup. Using her blow dryer and a comb, she quickly had my hair styled. She then started to do my makeup, trying to give me a youthful appearance. Everything was put on my face in moderation except for my lipstick. Valerie applied several creamy coats to my lips, had me blot, applied several more coats and had me blot again.

Valerie then indicated that I was ready to get dressed. She went to her closet and removed a garment bag. Inside was a complete cheerleader's uniform. She explained that New Year's Day usually had a lot of college football games on television. One of the staples of college football was the cheerleaders on the sidelines, in their cute, short uniforms, cheering for their teams. Jennifer was going to experience being a cheerleader today.

The white satin uniform blouse was put on my arms and buttoned across my chest. I drew the short, pleated green and gold skirt up around my waist and fastened it. The uniform also had a pair of green colored shorts, almost like a pair of panties that matched the rest of the uniform and covered my satin panties. The green uniform sweater with the gold trim went over my head and was drawn into place. Nylon anklets and white tennis shoes completed the uniform. My earrings bore the image of the mascot of the school that my uniform represented.

When I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I realized that, except for the fact that I did not look young enough to be a teenage college cheerleader, I looked pretty good. Valerie took numerous pictures of me in various cheerleader poses. While we watched some of the games, I tried to imitate the cheerleaders I saw, either with their cheers or with their youthful exuberance. Valerie was enjoying seeing me behave like one of those young ladies cheering their team on. We both agreed that some of the balancing acts that the cheerleaders performed were best left to the young and the agile.

However, somewhere around 8:00 in the evening, we both got tired of televised football. We turned off the set and proceeded to turn on each other. Valerie and I sat on the couch necking like a couple of lovesick teens, touching and caressing each other all over. Finally, we decided that this activity would be better if we were dressed in our satin nightgowns and in our own bed. As we retired to our room to prepare for bed, I reflected on the year that had transpired and all of the wonderful feminine experiences that Jennifer was able to go through. Hopefully, the coming year would have more fantastic feminine experiences.



Epilogue - February

It has been a year since Valerie truly approved of my femme persona, Jennifer. Valentine's Day a year ago was the start of a wild and wonderful year with Valerie. She provided Jennifer with many different happenings where she could experience the full range of her femininity. The roles were as varied as the months, whether it was as a secretary, beauty queen, bride, cheerleader or Pilgrim woman. I know that it will be impossible to duplicate the last twelve months. However, the remembrance of all of the events will stay with me forever. Right now, Valerie has a new and different feminine experience in store for me. I will be her labor coach to help get her through labor and delivery of our firstborn in six months time. For a while, Jennifer's presence will be taking a back seat to the needs of my wife during her pregnancy. However, we have both agreed that once she has completed her pregnancy, we will again have Jennifer's presence with us. At this point, all I can say is, that when the time comes, I hope my Valerie presents me with a beautiful new daughter.


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